연습문제 Do you remember the childlike joy you felt the last time you found a parking spot at the mall on a crowded day? When you finished shopping, you m

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1 햇님쌤의빈칸풀이법 I 빈칸주변문장만잘읽어도! 수특 11-1 A dentist friend of mine is famous for being one of the few pain-free dentists in the country. People flock from everywhere to come and see him. In his office he has a button on the dentist s chair which you can hold on to during treatment. Whenever you feel the slightest discomfort, you can push the button and he will respond to your pain. He has fewer requests for painkillers than any other dentist. The truth is that people very seldom make use of the button. The reason behind this is that, by having access to the button, people feel they have. They are not helpless and, because of that, the biggest pain-inducer of all, anxiety, disappears. ➀ praise ➁ control ➂ dignity ➃ reward ➄ reputation

2 연습문제 Do you remember the childlike joy you felt the last time you found a parking spot at the mall on a crowded day? When you finished shopping, you may have left the spot with a certain hesitation, particularly if someone else was waiting for it. Studies have shown that people take longer to leave a parking spot when another driver is waiting, even though they predict they will not. It s as if the space suddenly becomes more valuable once another person wants it. Strictly speaking, it is no longer valuable to the person leaving it. After all, it seems that our brains are so that once we have been given something, we are hesitant to give it up. After all, it seems that our brains are so we have been given something, we are hesitant to give it up 평 that once 1 sensitive to loss 2 resistant to order 3 receptive to new ideas 4 easily exposed to illness 5 reluctant to deal with time 정답 : 3 빈칸문장을잘읽어보자. 결국, 우리의두뇌들은너무 해서일단우리가무언가를받고나면, 우리는그것을포기 하기를주저한다. 빈칸문장내에 so ~ that 을활용한인과관계가있으므로, 무언가를포기하지않게만들조건을완성시 키면된다.

3 햇님쌤의빈칸풀이법 I 빈칸주변문장만잘읽어도! 수특 11-2 A common myth most of us intuitively accept is that there is a negative correlation between intelligence and belief: as intelligence goes up belief in superstition or magic goes down. This, in fact, turns out not to be the case, especially as you move up the IQ spectrum. When people with above-average IQ encounter claims that they know little about (which is most claims for most of us), intelligence is usually not a factor in belief, with one exception: once people commit to a belief, the smarter they are the better they are at rationalizing those beliefs. Thus, smart people believe weird things because they are skilled at beliefs they arrived at for nonsmart reasons. *intuitively 직관적으로 ➀ analyzing ➁ defending ➂ identifying ➃ challenging ➄ abandoning

4 연습문제 People seem to be more motivated by the thought of losing something than by the thought of gaining something of equal value. According to some researchers, college students experienced much stronger emotions when asked to imagine losses as opposed to gains in their romantic relationships or in their grade point averages. Especially, under conditions of risk and uncertainty, the threat of potential loss plays a critical role in human decision-making. In this vein, physicians advice to smokers, describing the number of years to be gained if they do quit, might be somewhat as compared with advice describing the number of years of life to be lost if they do not quit 평 1 abnormal 2 inaccessible 3 immeasurable 4 uncomfortable 5 ineffective 정답 : 5 빈칸전문장과빈칸문장을잘읽어보자. 특히위험과불확실성의조건들하에서는, 잠재적손실이인간의의사결정에중대한역할을한다. 이런맥락에서, 만약금연을한다면몇년을더살지를묘사하는의사들의흡연자에대한충고가금연하지않는다면몇년을더일찍죽을지를묘사하는충고와비교해약간 할지도모른다. 빈칸전문장에서 손실 이인간의의사결정에중대한역할을한다고했고, 빈칸문장으로연결될때, 이런맥락에서 라고했으므로, 그논리적의미가그대로연결된다고할수있다.

5 햇님쌤의빈칸풀이법 II 자주나오는소재는익혀둬야! 수특 11-3 Scientific experiments should be designed to show that your hypothesis is wrong, and should be conducted completely objectively with no possible subjective influence on the outcome. Unfortunately few, if any, scientists are truly objective. They have often decided long before the experiment is begun what they would like the result to be. This means that very often bias is (unintentionally) introduced into the experiment, the experimental procedure or the interpretation of results. It is all too easy to justify to yourself why an experiment which does not fit with your expectations should be ignored, and why one which provides the results you hoped for' is the right one. This can be partly avoided by conducting experiments ' ' and by asking others to check your data or repeat experiments. ➀ approved ➁ blinded ➂ deceived ➃ informed ➄ isolated

6 연습문제 * 다음빈칸에들어갈내용을생각해봅시다. Scientists should be careful to. A bias occurs when what the scientist expects changes how the results are viewed. This expectation might cause a scientist to select a result from one trial over those from other trials. Scientists can lessen bias by running as many trials as possible and by keeping accurate notes of each observation made 수능 정답 : reduce bias in their experiments 과학자는자신의편견, 기대감이연구에개입되지않도록조심해야하며, 그래야믿을만한 (reliable), 객관 적인 (objective) 실험결과를얻을수있다.

7 햇님쌤의빈칸풀이법 III 구체적예시를잘파악해야! 수특 11-4 Even if you have cast-iron willpower, the mere fact that the Internet is lying in wait on your computer causes damage to your work performance. The very act of eats up concentration and leaves you mentally exhausted. Psychologists demonstrated this in a 2011 study. Participants at the University of Copenhagen were told to perform a computer task. Afterward, some of them were allowed to watch a funny video, while the others were faced with a play button for the video, but had to resist pressing it. When confronted with an additional task afterward, those who had to resist the video performed worse than those who were allowed to watch it. ➀ increasing noises ➁ starting new tasks ➂ using computer ➃ resisting temptations ➄ repeating the same thing

8 연습문제 The price of an autograph depends on. For example, famous people like Angelina Jolie and Matt Damon sign a lot of autographs. Therefore, their autographs are common and are not worth much. On the other hand, Madonna and Gwyneth Paltrow seldom sign anything. This makes their autographs more valuable. Similarly, Queen Elizabeth Ⅱ almost never signs autographs. Therefore, something with her signature on it might sell for around $3,500. It doesn t matter if the person is dead. Elvis Presley and Napoleon signed many things. Their signatures are only worth $1, 평 1 how old it is 2 what talent one has 3 how rare it is 4 which job one has 5 how famous one is 정답 : 3 빈칸에서는싸인의가치가어디에있는지를묻고있고, 다음의예시 (For example) 에서, 싸인이흔한가 (common), 흔치않은가 (seldom sign) 에따라그가치가결정된다고했다.