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2 CONTENTS Global Social Economy Forum Organisations Round Table Participants Session Speakers Exhibition Companies The participant directory of GSEF 2013 is translated by "Translation Cooperative"


4 Organisations AGF SCOP ENTREPRISES (REGIONAL UNION SCOP RHONE ALPES) Tel Address Union Régionale de SCOP Rhône-Alpes Immeuble Woopa 10 avenue des canuts Vaulx-en-Velin Homepage The Regional Union of Cooperative Companies federates, represents, and advises the cooperative companies (Scop and Scic) of Rhône-Alpes and their employees, through various human, institutional and financial means. It ensures the promotion of cooperative entrepreneurship, the exchange between cooperative companies and their institutional representation. To lead these missions, the Regional Union of Cooperative Companies offers a complete support through every step of cooperative creation or buyout projects, and enforces its expert assessment to confirm ideas and their feasibility, to answer any legal question and to finalize every detail of upcoming cooperative operating life. It has its own financial tools available to give every type of project fitted solutions. For every of its cooperative company member, the Regional Union of Cooperative companies provides its administration tools and permanent monitoring to deliver advice and support, and to offer relevant financial solutions when necessary. On September 30th 2013, the Regional Union of Cooperative Companies counts up 351 cooperative members, employing 5298 persons in all sectors of activity. Their number and staff doubled since year 2000, giving Rhône-Alpes the status of first French cooperative region. Directory 005

5 Organisations Asian Coalition for Housing Rights (ACHR) Tel Address 73 Soi Sonthiwattana 4, Ladprao 110, Ladprao Rd Bangkok 10310, Thailand Homepage Association of Korean Local Governments for Social Economy and Solidarity Tel Address Bldg #21, 5 Nokbeon-dong, Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul , South Korea Homepage The Asian Coalition for Housing Rights (ACHR) is a regional network of grassroots community organizations, NGO's and professionals actively involved with urban poor development processes in Asian cities for more than 20 years. Within this regional network, there is one program called Community Architects Network or CAN which aims to give opportunities to young professionals and academics to actively work with urban poor communities give the technical supports to community-driven process and housing and community development in 17 countries in Asia. Community Architects Network (CAN) is a regional network of community architects and planners, engineers, young professionals, lecturers and academic institutes in Asian countries. Established in 2010, the network has been supporting communitydriven projects under the Asian Coalition for Community Action programme (ACCA), which supported and facilitated by ACHR regarding people housing, citywide upgrading, and recovery from disasters. We believe the role of community architects is to build the capacity of people, by participatory design and planning process to make people be their own solution. The Association of Korean Local Governments for Social Economy and Solidarity is a membership organization which consists of 27 local governments (Si, Gun, Gu) in Korea. The mission of the Association is to foster social economy as a strong policy agenda and to develop a cooperative network among local governments for the benefit of local communities as well as Korean society. The Association was established in March 2013, based on Article 152 of Local Autonomy Law, and the membership is voluntary. The current president of the Association is Chung Yeap Rym, Mayor of Wanju-gun, and seven mayors of other local governments serve as vice presidents and a general secretary. The current members of the Association are : Seongbuk-gu, Dobong-gu, Nowon-gu, Eunpyeonggu, Seodaemun-gu, Gangseo-gu, Geumcheon-gu, Gangdong-gu in Seoul; Seo-gu in Daegu; Nam-gu, Namdong-gu; Bupyeong-gu in Incheon; Gwangsan-gu in Gwangju; Yuseong-gu in Daejeon; Dong-gu in Ulsan; Suwon-si, Bucheon-si, Gwangmyeong-si, Osan-si, Siheung-si, Seongnam-si in Gyeonggi-do; Hongcheon-gun in Gangwon-do; Asan-si, Nonsan-si, Seocheon-gun in Chungcheongnam-do, Naju-si in Jelloanam-do; and Wanju-gun in Jellabuk-do. Core Businesses To achieve this mission the Association has set itself five key areas: 1) Facilitating and supporting capacity building in local governments for social economy 2) Encouraging better community understanding of social economy and increased participation 3) Collaborating in developing influential social economy policies 4) improving the institutional environment for social economy: collaborating with local councils and the National Assembly for laws that help local governments adopt more aggressive social economy policies such as socially responsible procurement and social financing. 5) Building a strong network with key stakeholders in social economy to promote social economy agenda 006 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 007

6 Organisations The Asian Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN) Address 33A Circular Road, Singapore Homepage Bologna Tel Address Piazza Maggiore, 6 Homepage The Asian Venture Philanthropy Network (AVPN) is building a vibrant and high impact venture philanthropy community across the Asia Pacific region. AVPN has more than 130 members from over 20 countries. See the Member Directory and listing of Events at We promote venture philanthropy in the broader philanthropic and social investment communities and provide specific networking and learning services to meet the needs of our members. AVPN is a non-profit organisation based in Singapore with membership across the Asian region. We are supported by grant funding, sponsors and partner organisations. We are building a cross-sector network bringing together organisations and individuals from finance, business and the social sector. Our members include venture philanthropy organisations as practicing members and associate members that bring different networks, expertise and experience. Associate Members include private equity managers, private banks, wealth managers, other financial services organisations, professional service firms, family businesses, corporations through their CSR activities, foundations, universities and government related entities. Bologna, with around inhabitants in the city and 1 million in the metropolitan area, is located in a strategic position in the heart of Italy. Its University is the oldest in the world (founded in 1088) and is attended by over 87,000 students. Alongside its cultural tradition, Bologna is one of the most important business cities in Northern Italy, mainly because it is a crossroads of goods and people, thanks to its role as a mobility hub. The significant number of associations in the city testifies to the strong, effective and active participation by citizens (1,400 associations, of which 400 are related to social and health issues). They are directly and indirectly supported by the Municipality and represent a major resource for social policies. The Bologna economy is dominated by the service sector, but agriculture and industry are also widely represented (in packaging valley and several other industrial districts). The social economy is well embedded in the Bologna metropolitan area with a large number of private organizations established for social purposes. These include voluntary organizations, social cooperatives, social enterprises, NGOs and foundations. In addition to the scale of the city s social economy, it is worth underlining the vital role that these organizations play in the delivery of services, intervention and specific projects that are all aimed at the active inclusion of the disadvantaged. It is estimated that some 500 of the organizations above are working with Bologna municipal services. We are the hub for news and events focused on venture philanthropy to develop shared learning and best practices. Through our Knowledge Centre we will be developing practitioner oriented resources to help scale the practice of venture philanthropy across Asia. Please visit to learn more and contact us at if you have specific enquiries. We encourage you to engage with us and support our field building activities through sponsorship, grants, donations, or joining as a member or partner organisation. 008 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 009

7 Organisations Chantier de l économie sociale CICOPA Tel Address rue Adam Montréal, Québec H1V 1S9 Homepage Tel Address avenue Milcamps Brussels, Belgium Homepage The Chantier de l'économie sociale is an independent organization whose goal is to promote and develop the social economy as an integral part of Quebéc s socio-economic infrastructure and as an essential component of a new model of development. A non-profit corporation, Chantier brings together a wide range of stakeholders who work in partnership and collaborate with government to build a strong social economy in Quebéc. The Chantier has a broad membership based on existing networks and territorial structures. The Board of Directors of the Chantier is composed of 35 elected representatives from networks of social economy enterprises (associations and cooperatives) representing various sectors of the economy, networks of local development organisations in urban and rural areas, social movements including labour and women organisations and representatives of the research community and Quebéc s First Nations. The Board plays a role of guidance and strategic positioning. The Chantier de l économie sociale has strong ties with the regions of Quebéc through direct partnership agreements with 22 regional poles mainly composed of social economy enterprises and the regional organizations that support them. The poles mission is to promote the social economy and to enable dialogue and partnership between local and regional stakeholders of the social economy in order to coordinate actions and maximize the impact initiatives of and for the SSE. In October 2013, new framework legislation on the social economy was adopted by the Quebéc National Assembly. The new Social Economy Law recognizes the Chantier de l économie sociale as one of the two principal partners of the Quebéc Government to continue to support and develop the social economy in Quebéc. The International Organisation of Industrial, Artisanal and Service Producers Cooperatives, or CICOPA, has been a sectoral organisation of the International Cooperative Alliance (ICA) since Its full members are representative organisations of worker cooperatives, social cooperatives and artisans cooperatives. CICOPA currently has a total of 46 members in 31 countries. KASEE (Korea Association of Social Economy Enterprise, Korea Federation of Alternative Enterprises) is its Korean member since Its secretariat is located in Brussels, Belgium. Impacts Since its creation, the Chantier has been instrumental in building a strong movement in favour of the social economy through promotion, mobilisation and networking. The focus of its work is to create favorable conditions for the development of social economy enterprises in communities across Quebéc. It has played a leading role in the co-construction of public policy in favour of the social economy with the Quebéc government and with municipalities. In 2009, it was one of the signing partners of the City of Montréal s Partnership for the Social Economy in Montreal. Its members are responsible for many of the advances in the Quebéc economy such as the development of new services, access to culture, poverty reduction, the revitalization of communities, workplace democracy, environmental protection and improved inclusion of young people. The Chantier has developed several tools to create favorable conditions for the development of the SE: In 1997, it initiated the creation of the CSMO-ESAC, the Workforce Development Council for the Social Economy and the Community Sector. In 1997, it created the first investment fund dedicated to social economy enterprises, RISQ (Social Investment Network of Quebéc) and in 2007 it created the Chantier de l économie sociale Trust, an innovative investment fund that offers patient capital to collective 2012, it launched a new initiative to support commercialization through a transactional platform, Commerce solidaire. The Chantier has also been deeply involved in international exchanges and is a member of RIPESS, an intercontinental network dedicated to the promotion of the social and solidarity economy. After organizing a major International Forum on the Social and Solidarity Economy, in 2011, it created the International Centre for Referencing and Networking on Public Policy for the SSE (RELIESS) and continues to participate in the promotion of the social and solidarity economy at the international level. (In Quebéc, the social economy consists of approximately 7000 enterprises; these are cooperatives and non-profit organizations working in 20 economic sectors (arts and culture, food, retail, the environment, collective real estate, leisure and tourism, information technology and communications, media, manufacturing, personal services, etc.). 010 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 011

8 Organisations Consumers Union (USA) City of Yokohama Tel Homepage Tel Address 1-1 Minato-chō, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-ken Homepage Consumer Reports is an expert, independent, nonprofit organization whose mission is to work for a fair, just, and safe marketplace for all consumers and to empower consumers to protect themselves. The organization was founded in 1936 when advertising first flooded the mass media. Consumers lacked a reliable source of information they could depend on to help them distinguish hype from fact and good products from bad ones. Since then Consumer Reports has filled that vacuum with a broad range of consumer information. To maintain its independence and impartiality, Consumer Reports accepts no outside advertising and no free samples and employs several hundred mystery shoppers and technical experts to buy and test the products it evaluates. Consumer Reports, is one of the top-circulation magazines in the country, and, has the most subscribers of any website of its kind, in addition to two newsletters, Consumer Reports on Health and Consumer Reports Money Adviser. They have combined subscriptions of more than 8 million. All of Consumer Reports work is informed by the more than 1 million readers who respond to our Annual Questionnaire, among the largest and most comprehensive consumer studies in the world. In 2008, Consumer Reports also launched several initiatives, including the Consumer Reports Health Ratings Center, which serve to educate and empower consumers to make more informed health-care decisions and to help change the market. To further advance its mission, Consumers Union, the policy and action arm or Consumer Reports, employs a dedicated staff of lobbyists, grassroots organizers, and outreach specialists who work with the organization s more than 1,000,000 online activists to change legislation and the marketplace in favor of the consumer interest. The organization generates more than $200 million in revenue, and a staff totaling more than 600 work at Consumer Reports 50 state-of-the-art labs and offices in Yonkers, N.Y.; its 327-acre Auto Test Center in East Haddam, Conn.; and our three advocacy offices, in Washington, D.C., Austin, Texas, and San Francisco. Consumer Reports is governed by a board of directors who are elected by Consumer Reports members and meet three times a year. Yokohama Beautiful, Creative City of Culture and Art Sure to Capture your Heart Yokohama Makes it Possible! Taking Up Many Challenges Growing with the International Community At the Forefront on the Environment Investing for Future Economic Growth Supporting Child Care and Women s Social Advancement About Yokohama Population : 3,702,551 (October 1, 2013)* Households : 1,606,256 (June 1, 2012* Registered foreigners : 77,906 (end of May 2012) from about 150 countries, primarily in Asia Offices : 123,277 (July 1, 2009) Employed population : 1,552,882 (July 1, 2009) Foreign companies with Japan-headquarters in Yokohama : 174 (March 2011)* * Largest number in Japan next Tokyo s 23 wards 012 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 013

9 Organisations Co-operative Education Trust Scotland (CETS) Tel Address Newhouse Distribution Centre, 401 Edinburgh Road, Newhouse, ML1 5GH Homepage Emilia-Romagna Regional Government Tel Address Viale Aldo Moro 52, Bologna Homepage CETS is an educational charity registered in Scotland and regulated by the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR). CETS aims to imbed co-operative values and principles and the co-operative model of enterprise at the heart of Scottish education. In its early years that was focused on primary and secondary schools but since 2010, with the Knowledge Transfer Partnership support, it has developed resources for higher education. All CETS resources are free downloads under the Creative Commons license. CETS also works directly with students and schools, occasionally providing grants, and helping make connections to co-operative businesses. CETS is sponsored mainly by the Co-operative Movement in Scotland with The Cooperative Group and Scotmid (both Global 300 co-ops) being the main contributors. Co-operative Development Scotland &SAOS have also supported individual projects in recent years. There is currently no direct funding from either Scottish or UK Governments. The name Emilia-Romagna is a legacy of Ancient Rome. Emilia derives from via Æmilia, the Roman road connecting Rome to northern Italy, completed in 187 BC and named after the consul Marcus Aemilius Lepidus. Romagna derives from Romania, the name of the Eastern Roman Empire applied to Ravenna by the Lombards when the western Empire had ceased to exist and Ravenna was an outpost of the east (ca ). Before the Romans took control of Emilia Romagna, it had been part of the Etruscan world and then that of the Gauls. During the first thousand years of Christianity trade flourished, as did culture and religion, thanks to the region's monasteries. Afterwards the University of Bologna - arguably the oldest university in Europe - and its bustling towns kept trade and intellectual life alive. Its unstable political history is exemplified in such figures as Matilda of Canossa and struggling seigniories such as the Este of Ferrara, the Malatesta of Rimini, the Popes of Rome, the Farnese of Parma and Piacenza, and the Duchy of Modena and Reggio. In the 16th century, most of these were seized by the Papal States, but the territories of Parma, Piacenza, and Modena remained independent until Emilia-Romagna became part of the Italian kingdom between 1859 and The region of Emilia-Romagna consists of nine provinces and covers an area of 22,446 km2 (8,666 sq mi), ranking 6th in Italy. Nearly half of the region (48%) consists of plains while 27% is hilly and 25% mountainous. The Regional Government (Giunta Regionale) is presided by the President of the Region (Presidente della Regione), who is elected for a five-year term, and is composed by the President, the Ministers (Assessori), who are currently 12, including a Vice President and one Under-Secretary for in President's office. 014 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 015

10 Organisations Ethical Fashion Forum Tel Address Unit CO2, Rich Mix, Bethnal Green Road, London, E1 6LA, UK Homepage Ethical Fashion Network Ethical Fashion Network Tel The Ethical Fashion Forum (EFF) is the not for profit industry body for sustainable fashion. Our mission is to support and promote sustainable practices, facilitate collaboration, raise awareness and provide the tools and resources needed to reduce poverty, reduce environmental damage and raise standards in the fashion industry. The Ethical Fashion Forum was launched in 2005 by a group of twenty founding member businesses dedicated to best practice in fashion and sustainability. They saw that their impact could be multiplied through a unified approach, better communication and dissemination of information, pooled resources and shared practices. An ethical fashion network would open markets for fair trade, organic and ethical suppliers, and make it easier for fashion businesses to source and produce in a sustainable way. The Ethical Fashion Forum now has over 8,000 members in more than 130 countries; up to 150,000 visits to the EFF s SOURCE web platform every month; a global network of over 15,000 fashion professionals and businesses; over 50 partner networks including leading industry bodies globally; and connections with over 50 universities and colleges worldwide. From global corporates, to pioneering brands, to hundreds of suppliers, EFF members share a commitment to combining sustainability with commercial business goals. The Ethical Fashion Forum also has a consultancy arm, SOURCE Consultancy, bringing together the foremost experts and leading practitioners in fashion and sustainability globally. Core Businesses The work of the Ethical Fashion Forum and its consultancy arm includes running events and training programmes, working at a strategic level with businesses and trade organisations, and co-ordinating the SOURCE platform, launched in SOURCE is a groundbreaking online solution that makes it easier to source, produce, and do business in the most sustainable way. The site was created in collaboration with other leading bodies such as the Fairtrade Foundation, World Fair Trade Organisation, and GOTS, The SOURCE platform includes a sourcing and business database, online network, business intelligence and training platform, and global programme of events. SOURCE Events put the spotlight on best practice and forge connections across the industry. Our annual event programme includes: SOURCE Expo (October): The online trade event connecting sustainable suppliers and factories with thousands of brands and sourcing professionals. SOURCE Brand Preview (February): The online trade event connecting sustainable brands with thousands of multi-brand buyers globally. SOURCE Summit (June-July): Uniting industry leaders to collaborate on sustainability in the fashion industry. SOURCE Awards (December) Celebrating best practice in the industry, from field to final product. Through its consultancy arm, the Ethical Fashion Forum has delivered market access, strategy, training and research for diverse clients including the International Trade Centre, Commonwealth Foundation, BBC, Fairtrade Foundation, and numerous fashion trade bodies and businesses of all sizes and from all over the world. Ethical Fashion Network Five social fashion enterprises, which are realizing social values such as ethical production, fair trade, eco wedding, and recycling, gathered to establish the network in Intent To seek developmental direction between the social enterprises in the ethical fashion network and create foundation for the creation of the ethical fashion ecosystem by making an effort for consumer spending revitalization. Goal We will convey the contents and meaning of ethical fashion to the citizens, and cooperate for the development of the ethical product and service market. Affiliated group - Orgdot: clothing made of recycled fabric - Sewing for the soil: eco wedding dress and baby products - Fair Trade Korea gru: fair trade products - Reblank: up-cycling bags and accessories - Cornsox: socks made of corn thread 016 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 017

11 Organisations Groupe SOS Tel Address 7 bd. Voltaire, Paris, France Homepage Hankyoreh Economic Research Institute Tel Address 3F Gongduk-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea, Homepage Groupe SOS is a non-profit social enterprise. It comes to grips with all forms of social poverty, from health and housing issues to unemployment, dealing with health and social services, children s rights and training, social and professional inclusion, accommodation for low-income workers, sustainable development and fair trade. In all its activities, Groupe SOS conveys the respect of the beneficiary as its core value. Groupe SOS was established in 1984 and now counts employees, over beneficiaries, USD 800 million annual turnover, activities in more than 30 countries and a proven track record on the field of social integration. The impact² forum is an international event series and network committed to fighting against poverty and exclusion by engaging business leaders, policymakers and financial institutions to promote social enterprises worldwide. The impact² events are organized by Le Comptoir de l Innovation (CDI). 1. Mission and Vision Mission a think tank for a 'responsible market economy' Vision We Become the bridge between a business and society by providing the finest knowledge and indicating the right direction toward coexistence of enterprises and societies. 2. History Date Details Founded Hankyoreh Economic Research Institute Published the first issue of HERI REVIEW Jointly hosted the Asian Social Entrepreneurs Summit Developed HERI cases on social enterprises Held 2010 Asia Future Forum Evaluated social responsibility management of Korean Chinese Japanese enterprises, East Asia Core Businesses to HERI's core businesses HERI (director, Hyeonsuk Lee), the subsidiary research institute of The Hangyoreh (newspaper), is a think tank pursuing a 'responsible market economy' and conducts research, consulting, education and publishing businesses in various fields including social economy, social enterprises, cooperatives, sustainable management and policy ecosystem. HERI Research Social enterprises management case, social economy, Korea-Chinese-Japanese joint research on CSR, CSR of enterprises and public institutions, etc. HERI Consulting Advice on and verification of sustainable management report, social enterprises management strategy, management public announcement, etc. HERI Training Social entrepreneur training, training on cooperative, training on social economy, training on sustainable management, training on youth economy & finance, etc. HERI Assessment CSR assessment East Asia 30' social enterprises, social accomplishments, etc. HERI International Forum Asia Future Forum HERI Contest Ethical consumption contest, social contribution program contest 018 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 019

12 Organisations Hansalim Coalition Tel Homepage Happy Consumers Cooperative Union (Happy Coop) Tel Homepage Hansalim is a living cooperative association organized by the customers who buy and use the goods filled with the producers caring attitude towards nature. As the climate change and natural disaster occur more often than ever before and the markets around the world are being opened rapidly, the self-sufficiency of our agricultural structure is undermined and thus it makes harder for many to set a healthy table. Thus, Hansalim is spreading the movement that encourages direct dealing between producers and customers so as to save the earth through putting a lot of effort into living together with poverty-stricken neighbours, restraining excessive consumption and creating a culture of harmonious living with nature. Happycoop was established in 1989 with the aim of promoting the values of coordination, cooperation and equality in order to endorse the women s happiness in a societal perspective. Indeed, Happycoop has been operating its businesses in various sectors that has not only promoting to purchase environment-friendly agricultural products, female rights, but has also to preserve the rights of the producers as well as labours in terms of encouraging ethical consumption among its members. Additionally, Happycoop is keen on preserving the eco-system. For Happycoop, pursing values described above are of paramount importance. With these in its minds, 22 March 2012, they initiated Korean Womenlink Cooperative Association to pursue setting up the role to enhance the core values of the cooperative. Happycoop is currently expanding its businesses in term of providing its services to more consumers with nine regional consumer cooperatives, which are located in city of Seoul, Goyang and Jinju. Visions "Promoting happiness - Subject of women - Alternative economy - Regional community - Environment-friendly agricultural products - Welfare What We Primarily Do 1. Promoting transparency among every level of production cycle to bridge the relationships between producers and consumers 2. Promoting Food Safety 3. Promoting to consume environment-friendly agricultural products and daily supplies, non-gmo foods 020 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 021

13 Organisations The Hong Kong Council of Social Service (HKCSS) Tel Address 11-13/F, Duke of Windsor Social Service Building, 15 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong Homepage Hyundai Motor Group Corporate Responsibility Team Homepage eng/ The Hong Kong Council of Social Service (hereinafter called "the Council"), is an umbrella organization over 400 Agency Members, that provide over 90% of the social welfare services for those in need through their 3,000 service units all over Hong Kong. Our Position The Council represents, with clear vision and professional expertise, non-governmental welfare agencies committed to sustain and develop social welfare in Hong Kong. Our Values The Council and its member agencies believe in social justice and equality, and the intrinsic rights of every individual. While society is obliged to provide individuals with the basic social and economic resources to develop their potentials, individuals in turn should carry out their responsibilities towards their families and society, to be self-reliant and to achieve self-actualization. Main social contribution businesses of Hyundai Motor Group - Support for youth social enterprisers such as 'Seocho Creativity Hub,' 'H-On Dream Audition,' etc. - Support for social enterprises; Easy Life Incorporated Association, Easy Move Co., Ltd., Jayeonchan Distribution Industry - Happy Move Global Youth Volunteers (nurturing global youth leaders) - Gift Car (automobile support for small business founders) - Hyundai KOICA Dream Center (establishing school of automobile maintenance in developing countries) - H.Art Dream Festival (fostering college students majoring in dramatics/musical) Our Vision To build a welfare sector that is highly accountable, efficient, effective and responsive to social needs, upholding the long-term sustainable development of society and the well-being of our citizens. Our Mission To promote the development of social welfare together with its member agencies, through: Enhancing accountability of social welfare service agencies; Promoting improvement of social welfare services; Facilitating agencies to better serve the community; Advocating equality, justice, social integration and a caring society; Setting the local welfare sector as a model of excellence in the international community Core Businesses Service Development to promote service excellence and innovation to address social needs Policy Research & Advocacy to advocate for social justice and social development Sector & Capacity Development to build strong NGO sector, promote international and regional collaboration Public Engagement & Partnership to promote caring society, CSR and philanthropy 022 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 023

14 Organisations icoop KOREA Tel Address 3F, 171-9, Singil-dong, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul Homepage Innovation Cluster for Housing Regeneration (representative organization: Toadhousing Inc.) Tel Address 1F, 52, Eunpyeong-ro 21-gil, (86, Nokbeon-dong), Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul Homepage icoop KOREA is I_ the principal agents of I Ideal_ for the ideal (sharing and cooperating) of coop Innocence_ without forgetting our first resolutions Innovation_ do cooperative movement through endless innovation COOP (co-operative)_a consumers cooperative where icoop KOREA is a consumers cooperative where approximately 77 member cooperatives across the nation, 190,000 members, 3,000 activists, 2,900 producers and 2,500 employees work together in order to make our lives happier and our society better. Core Businesses icoop KOREA is a cooperative which put in practice ethical consumption and production based on the businesses run by both member consumers and producers. Our members develop ideas to solve problems and demands in peoples lives into campaigns and projects through cooperation and participation. icoop continues to improve the food safety standards in Korea as its members select products by themselves and the organization transparently releases information and utilizes a rational management system. icoop practices ethical consumption that saves me and my neighborhood, and the Earth, in order to make all its members happy. We are creating a livable village community by building village with people. Toadhousing Inc. improves housing environment through repair and maintenance of detached houses and multiplex houses, and protects resident settlement to restore local traditions, alley culture, and vanishing local community. We provide stable occupation to the low-income vulnerable social group, make efforts to vitalize local economy with local businessmen, put in practice the principles of participation, revealing and transparency and perform social responsibility by reinforcing business ethics. Toadhousing Inc. is a social enterprise specialized in urban regeneration. We create a livable village community in a safe, comfortable, and beautiful village based on village plans led by residents, and have experts in architecture and housing welfare as well as field workers who fix and renovate cold and uncomfortable houses. Affiliated group Community building with residents Eunpyeng housing welfare center Housing management Energy diagnosis/design/construction Interior Public service house repair Number of member cooperatives (as of 2013) 77 Number of members (as of 2013) 189,589 Number of activists (2012) Approximately 3,000 Number of producers (2012) 2,909 Number of employees (2012 / including member co-ops) 2,476 Number of stores (as of 2013) 136 Business Estimate (2012) 344.9b (won) 024 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 025

15 Organisations Japan Organic & Natural Foods Association (JONA) K2 International Group Tel Address Kyobashi, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo, Japan Homepage Tel Address 2381 Philmont Avenue Suite 101 Huntingdon Valley, PA Homepage JONA has been conducting third-party, organic certification since Its certification currently covers mainly, for the domestic market, organic JAS Certification and JONA Original certification and, as international organic certification Including those for the U.S.A., EU, and Canada, and JONA IFOAM certification. K2 International Group is an organization that has provided supports from basic life support to economic independence to the vulnerable social group who cannot adjust to the society, such as school refusal and hikikomori (odd one out in seclusion) since JONA is recognized as a trustworthy certification body that can certify to International standards as accredited to IFOAM (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements). JONA has a plenty of know-how from its long certification Experience that started even before JAS law on organic products started to be Implemented. JONA conducts regulatory certification for the U.S.A., EU, and Canada as well as Japan (JAS). JAS-certified operation in Japan are able to export their products after Completing procedures necessary. JONA is also open to overseas operators seeking Organic JAS certification. Core Businesses It is mandatory for an operator, including producer and processer, to obtain organic JAS certification from a registered certification body by having their operation inspected in order for their products to claim Organic on crops or proceeded foods in Japan. It is not allowed to put organic JAS marks on the products and/or claim organic if the operator is not certified to JAS. An operator that illegally labels products is subject to penalties in line with JAS law. National organic standards are set as Japanese Agricultural Standards (JAS) of Organic plants, JAS of Organic Processed Foods, JAS of Oragnic Feeds, JAS of Organic Livestock, JAS standards lay down production/ processing methods of organic food. As a private organization, we are providing supports, in association with the existing education and welfare services, to the vulnerable such as hikikomori (odd one out in seclusion) and NEET s, who are uneasy and suffer from unemployment, development disability, mental handicap, and painful life, and who eventually hurt others around them. We are pursuing sustainable social businesses with 3 mottos including building a community where you can live with an easy mind, providing a place where you can work even in difficult circumstances, and making our community a place where people help each other and voluntary work comes full circle. In Yokohama, we are creating jobs in other types of businesses such as restaurants, cleaning and infant care and developing different types of residential environment based on independence. In addition to Yokohama, we are giving support to the devastated areas in Ishinomaki, and creating a communal living and employment opportunities for the vulnerable social group in Australia and New Zealand. 026 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 027

16 Organisations Karl Polanyi Institute of Political Economy, Concordia University Tel Address Concordia University 1455 de Maisonneuve West Montreal, Quebéc, Canada H3G 1M8 (Mailing Only) Homepage Korea council of Fair Trade Organizations (KFTO) Tel Address Consultative Group Office, Seoul Social Economy Center, TongIl-Ro 684, Eunpyeong-Gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea Homepage The Karl Polanyi Institute of Political Economy, dedicated to the memory of Karl Polanyi ( ), was established in 1988 and is located at Concordia University in Montreal, Canada. Karl Polanyi is considered one of the most important contributors to the social sciences in the 20th century along with writers such as Max Weber, John Maynard Keynes, Joseph Schumpeter, and Gunnar Myrdal. According to the Social Science Citation Index, Polanyi s 1944 masterpiece, The Great Transformation, is among the most cited works in the Social Sciences. The mission of the Institute is two-fold: to preserve the intellectual legacy of Karl Polanyi and to contribute to urgent policy debates on new development strategies locally and internationally and on the new or reformed multilateral institutions required for the global order. The centrepiece of the Institute is the Karl Polanyi Archive. This rich and vast collection of material includes unpublished papers, drafts of manuscripts (published and unpublished), notes, lecture notes and outlines, published articles, papers by others, correspondence with important European and North American intellectuals, political figures, some of whom were former students of Karl Polanyi, and memorabilia. The archive is available to the public for consultation. The Institute has established a wide international network of debate, dialogue and scholarly exchange that contributes to the global discussion of a vision of democratic social and economic development appropriate for the 21st century through its publications, international conferences, research collaborations, public lectures and seminars. Polanyi s influence continues to grow across disciplines in the social sciences, humanities, among legal scholars, scientists, policy makers, activists, international political economists, and increasingly, students of comparative politics, policy makers and civil society organizations. The Institute convenes an international conference every two years, alternating between host countries and Canada. The Twelfth International Karl Polanyi Conference on Karl Polanyi and Latin America was held at the National University General Sarmiento, Los Polvorines-Buenos Aires, Argentina, November The event was co-organized by the Conurbano Institute, National University General Sarmiento and the Polanyi Institute. The next international Polanyi conference will be held in Montreal in the fall of For further information please visit or contact us at Korea council of Fair Trade Organizations (KFTO) is the country network of leading Fair Trade organizations in Korea, being established in It has been taking progressive steps to promote Fair Trade in the country. KFTO has been hosting major Fair Trade events and campaigns such as World Fair Trade Day festival in Korea since 2008 and it is also working very closely with many local communities for a Fair Trade Towns movement. Core Businesses KFTO runs various fair trade projects including its major business, <Fair Trade Towns Movement>. Its current projects include 1) support for producers in underdeveloped countries, 2) cooperation for international exchange and development, 3) solidarity activities among fair trade organizations, 4) fair trade campaigns (promotion, education, support, and research), and 5) businesses related to fair trade communities. In particular, the Fair Trade Towns Movement is an international campaign in which 24 countries, and 1,310 towns and cities participate. It is also a joint fair trade movement which involves municipalities, various organizations, and civil groups, aiming to help people participate in and understand fair trade by using fair trade products in their daily lives. 028 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 029

17 Organisations Korea Federation of Alternative Enterprises Korea Federation of Worker Cooperatives Tel +82 (0) Address COMWIN, , Seokpo-ri, Jangan-myeon, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do Homepage The Korea Federation of Alternative Enterprises (KFAE) was founded in It aims to enable the labor cooperative movement which have continued since the early 1990s and social enterprises which have emerged since mid-2000, to provide a solution for social polarization by expanding alternative economic fields and to promote sustainable methods of economic activity that support people and the environment; and aims to develop an growing business model of employment and distribution based on participation and cooperation. KFAE s visions are to discover and support alternative businesses; expand the alternative economic movement field; and expand solidarity for an alternative society. As of 2012, it has the member of 128 firms including 4 federations in each business category. KFAE has been a member of the International Cooperation Administration (ICA) and International Organization of Industrial, Artisanal and Service Producers' Co-operatives (CICOPA) since its foundation in Core Businesses - Support member enterprises - Represent various economic organizations that pursue alternative values; workers cooperatives and social enterprises in particular - Solidarity activities to vitalize the socio-economic sector - Research and study - International cooperation The Korea Federation of Worker Cooperatives (KFWC) was founded in 2003 by enterprises with the aim of promoting job creation for vulnerable social group (the poor, the disabled, the aged, the long-term unemployed, etc.) in order to deal with the poverty and social problems. In October 2007, KFWC changed its name to Korea Alternative Enterprise Association (KAEA) (president: Gwon Unhyeok, CEO of social enterprise Comwin) for resolving problems associated with the lack of legal grounds and participation among the society. Alternative enterprise means that the goal of alternative enterprise is social, economic, and eco-friendly value, i.e. not just profit, but more than that. KAEA is having business associations including recycling, housing welfare, care service, cleaning, and individual enterprises (105 enterprises and 2,100 employees) as its members and joined International Organization of Industrial, Artisanal and Service Producers Co-operatives) (CICOPA) in December 2008, and is currently an associate member of International Co-operative Alliance (ICA). We organized Federation of Worker Cooperatives Promotion Bureau with a group of members that seeks worker cooperatives among KAEA members as the Framework Act on Cooperatives took effect on 27th August 2012 and launched Federation of Worker Cooperatives Promotion Bureau in January In May 2013, we resolved to change Federation of Worker Cooperatives Promotion Bureau to Korea Federation of Worker Cooperatives Preparatory Committee which is an independent body from KAEA, considering qualitative growth and vulnerable set-up supporting environment of cooperatives, and we have organized the preparatory committee. 030 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 031

18 Organisations The Korea Social Economy Network Tel Address Seoul Mapo-gu Mangwon 1-dong Royal Plaza 803 Homepage café Korea Women Peasant Association (KWPA) Tel Homepage 1. History The Korea Social Economy Network (KSEN), established on November 21, 2012, is a solidarity organization which consolidates <Solidarity Meeting for Enacting the Cooperative Act> composed of non-governmental organizations for the purpose of enacting the Cooperative Act and <Korea Social Economic Solidarity group> which had been active for the past 6 years for the correct enactment of Social Enterprise Promotion Act. 2. Purpose The purpose of KSEN is to maintain autonomy and initiatives of social economic movement, in the activities of solidarity and cooperation of the organizations, including cooperatives and social enterprises, in the field of social economics. Mother peasant who are well-rounded person for producing heavenly foods, taking care of her family and in charge of all household matters. Mother peasant who is working daily so as to protect the farmlands on the brink of becoming desolate with determination. KWPA was established to make the world that acknowledges the female peasants to be the owner of history and production so as to maintain our farming regions with vitality. 3. Organization There are currently 40 active organizations in KSEN for the vitalization and continuous improvement of Korea s social economic movement. - allied organization (19), specialized/research organization (11), environmental/financial organization (8), local network (2) 4. Structure - Representative Congress (consisted of 40 organizations, biannual) - Delegates (5 personnel, 3-year terms, and Oh, Mi Ye, the president of icoop, as the standing representative) - Operating committee (17 personnel, bimonthly) - Executive committee (consisted of the directors of departments and the director of the committee, monthly) - 5 departments (policy, system improvement, federation construction, training, local network) Core Businesses Building a strong solidarity network of cooperative and social economic movement Local meeting for local solidarity / annual convention / annual event for cooperative Planning educational programs and support activities to strengthen core capabilities Development of training courses for cooperative and social enterprises / support for counseling and consulting for establishment of cooperative Focusing on information sharing related to social economy Open communication for on-the-spot news of cooperative and social economics Conducting investigation and statistical researches on cooperative and social economics Demand survey of members, statistics, analysis, evaluation Suggesting policies and system improvement in social economy Policy and laws researches and government relations 032 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 033

19 Organisations Kyoto City Legacoop Bologna Tel Address Public Relations Section , 488, Teramachi-Oike, Nakagyo-ku, Kyoto-city, Kyoto, Japan Homepage Tel Address Legacoop Bologna, Viale Aldo Moro 16, Bologna, Italia Homepage Kyoto, the ancient capital of Japan, is situated in a basin surrounded by mountains on three sides. Through its long history of more than 1,200 years, Kyoto has blended diverse cultures, and is called the spiritual home of Japanese people. In central Kyoto, streets and alleys run east-west and north-south, forming a grid pattern. While featuring a total of 14 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, including Nijo Castle, Kyoto is also home to more than 2,000 shrines and temples. Mountains and forests account for roughly three quarters of the municipal area, which extends longitudinally. The remaining fourth of the land area comprises the urban district, centered on the Imperial Palace. Due to its basin-specific climate, Kyoto undergoes drastic temperature changes between day and night, and between the hottest and coldest periods of the year, so is renowned for the beauty of its clearly defined seasons. Legacoop is a member of the International Co-operative Alliance and Cooperatives Europe, the largest European co-operative representative body set up in November 2006 in Manchester. The associative structure of Legacoop is organised at national, regional and territorial level. Each level has an autonomous legal status. The associative structure is also divided into autonomous Sector Associations, which organise their co-operatives depending on their sector of activity. Legacoop Bologna is one of the main local unit in Emilia-Romagna. It represents 200 associated companies with a production value of more than 9 billion, 500,000 members and 16,500 employees. Some of the co-operatives members of Legacoop Bologna are leader of the market in the social, consumers and services sectors. 034 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 035

20 Organisations Legacoop Emilia Romagna Locality Tel or Address Viale Aldo Moro Bologna Homepage Tel Address 33 Corsham Street, London N1 6DR Homepage Legacoop Emilia Romagna is the main organisation representing co-operatives in Emilia Romagna and uniting co-operatives and their economic subsidiaries in various sectors. This Italian region is home to the country s highest rate of co-operation. Legacoop Emilia Romagna brings together 1,500 enterprises, representing more than 2.5 million members, 156,000 employees and 30 billion of production value. The current co-operative enterprise situation is the result of a process which began in the 1850s. Legacoop Emilia Romagna covers the entire region and all economic sectors (industrial, agricultural and service sectors), responsible for organising co-operative - based solutions to meet the needs of their members (producers, workers, consumers, inhabitants, users, retailers), with a carefully structured network of local and sectorbased Legacoop units which work in a co-ordinated fashion. Legacoop Association represents co-operatives in dealing with the authorities, other business organisations and workers trade unions. One of the missions of Legacoop is to promote the co-operative movement. For that purpose, Legacoop Emilia Romagna has recently launched a dedicated website, through which it proposes a path for approaching cooperation for all of those people potentially interested in obtaining more information, and also for all individuals who are ready to take direct action. The association is also tasked with qualifying and innovating its own enterprise system, through high standard services supplied to the co-operatives by the consulting structures for economic and entrepreneurial development. Locality was launched in April 2011 following the merger of the Development Trusts Association (DTA) and the British Association of Settlements and Social Action Centres (bassac). Locality is now the UK s leading network of community development trusts, settlements, social action centres and community enterprise practitioners and our members include some of the country s most ambitious and innovative community-led organisations. We now have over 700 community organisations in our membership across the UK (450 in England) as well as over 3,000 other organisations and individuals who support our movement. Locality s vision is to make every community a place of possibility and we believe in fostering a new spirit of enterprise that can deliver the practical change that lies at the heart of building and rebuilding communities. We want to see communities where people can take control of their lives, where they can feel happy and safe, and where they can feel a sense of pride and ownership. We aim to build a movement based on values of social justice and community selfdetermination and are dedicated to changing the world one neighbourhood at a time, encouraging people to get involved, to build community pride and to be proud of where they live. Locality aims to: Be a voice for our movement: ensuring the views of our members are heard at the highest levels of government and by other decision-makers; Provide hands-on support to members prospective and existing: helping to build stronger organisations, acquire new assets and develop new trading enterprises; Facilitate peer-to-peer learning: helping community organisations to network, share experiences, learn from and support each other. Through Locality, this unique knowledge base can be shared across the public and third sectors, disseminating learning from each new success and each new achievement, and encouraging communities to take control of their own futures. Building on that experience, and involving our members in everything we do, has allowed us to rapidly position Locality as an innovative and influential player within the public and third sectors: For further information, please visit: Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 037

21 Organisations Montreal Nekodasuke Tel Homepage Tel Homepage A CITY LIKE NONE OTHER IN THE WORLD In terms of statistics, Montreal is the 16th largest city in North America and the world's second-largest French-speaking city. In human terms, it is a dynamic cultural metropolis. Founded 400 years ago on a 500 square kilometre island (nearly 10 times larger than Manhattan), today it combines old-world charms with North American efficiency. Its values and creative energy are a promise of success for the city s firms, investors and professionals. ELOQUENT FIGURES 1.8 million residents (3.6 million in the entire metropolitan region) 1 international airport 33 hospitals and 210 research centres 166,000 university students, including 17,000 foreign students 73 university institutions and colleges 14 million visitors a year 362 hotel establishments, with 24,000 rooms STRONG VALUES Knowledge, creativity and innovation Sustainable development Quality of life, solidarity and inclusiveness Democracy, equity, transparency and openness to the world AN AVANT-GARDE PERSONALITY Montreal has been designated a Design City by UNESCO. It is creative in every sense of the word, in every field imaginable. Its artists, including the Cirque du Soleil, the Montreal Symphony Orchestra, Celine Dion, Robert Lepage, La la la Human Steps, Leonard Cohen, Arcade Fire and countless other performers and companies, enjoy international acclaim. The city also shines in all areas where creativity and innovation are key success factors, from video games to animation and pharmaceutical and medical research. Nekodasuke is a NPO corporation advocating for animal life and animal protection. It strives to preserve an environment including urban areas for humans and animals to coexist, through various activities focused on the cohabitation of people and cats. The work of Nekodasuke includes promoting city clean-up and environmental conservation, along with networking, advising, and supporting the relevant organizations in terms of their operations and activities. We started as an alley cat rescue volunteering group, Nekodasuke in 1997 which networks individual rescue activities. The year after, due to the increasing number of individuals, groups, and organizations engaging in local development activities, a secretariat was needed. In 1999, when there were more than 350 members in the group, the necessity of a secretariat management system arose. In response, Nekodasuke was established as an NPO corporation. Nekodasuke s major businesses include: publishing newsletters and developing promotional materials for the members and administrative divisions related to animals nationwide; online PR activities; co-hosting local cat seminars and consultation sessions with local and district administrative agencies; advising service on measures for local cats via telephone or ; lending capture tools for TNR (Trap-Neuter-Return); various field activities related to measures for local cats A CITY THAT IS DECIDEDLY INTERNATIONAL With 85 consulates and trade delegations, Montreal is the largest consular city in North America after New York. In addition, it is home to 60 international organizations, including: ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization), IATA (International Air Transport Association), the UNESCO Institute for Statistics, the World Anti-Doping Agency, and the Institute of Cultural Affairs International, which moved to Montreal from Brussels in August AND MULTICULTURAL Ethnic diversity is one of the city s hallmarks, contributing to its cultural and economic vitality. More than 500,000 of its 1.8 million residents are from ethnic communities. 038 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 039

22 Organisations Québec Quezon City Tel or Address 2, rue des Jardins C. P. 700, succ. Haute-Ville Québec (Québec) G1R 4S9 Homepage Tel Address Quezon Provincial Government Center Lucena City, Quezon, Philippines 4301 Homepage Located in the northeastern corner of North America, Québec is a land of contrasts, both in terms of its geographic diversity and the variability of its climate. With a land mass of almost 1.7 million square kilometres, Québec is the largest of Canada s ten provinces. The Saint Lawrence River runs through Québec and is the gateway to the continent. Québec has a population of eight million people. Most live along the Saint Lawrence River, primarily in the Montréal region, which accounts for almost half the population. Most of the population is of French descent, but many Quebécers are also of British or European descent. With a high proportion of immigrants who now hail from around the world, Québec is likewise home to ten Amerindian nations and one Inuit nation that make up 1% of its population. A distinct and dynamic society Québec is primarily a French-speaking society and French is the official language of Québec. Québec s population is also the most multilingual in Canada. Since Québec is the only predominantly French-speaking territory on the North American continent, arts and literature form the cornerstone of its identity. As such, they enable Quebécers to assert themselves and thrive by actively contributing to Québec s influence and reputation on the international scene. A high-profile international identity Québec has complete legitimacy to act abroad within its areas of jurisdiction. Therefore, Québec promotes its interests by actively participating in resolving important current issues. To accomplish this, it relies on a network of some thirty government offices in 16 countries. A high performing and cutting edge economy Québec companies everywhere innovate and stand out for the quality of their production, particularly in aerospace, life sciences, clean technologies, and information and communication technologies. Québec is the Canadian province with the highest level of investment in R&D (in proportion to its GDP) and venture capital. The social economy: a vital sector The social economy is an essential aspect of Québec s socio-economic structure. Although it is not a recent phenomenon, its role in the economic and social landscape is growing. This year, Québec became part of a major international trend by adopting framework legislation on the social economy. In this respect, the province is a pioneer in North America. Cooperatives, mutuals and non-profit organizations (NPOs) included in the social economy are characterized by entrepreneurial pursuits that focus on a social purpose. They do not seek profits at any price but rather exist primarily to fulfil a social mission and consequently must be economically profitable. They have principles and operating rules that define them in specific ways. I With an area of 16, hectares, Quezon City is the largest city of Metropolitan Manila, which is an urban agglomeration of 16 cities and 1 municipality. Otherwise known as the National Capital Region (NCR), this region is the political, economic, social, cultural and educational center of the Philippines. Quezon City is more than four times the size of Manila, nearly six times the expanse of Makati and more than 14 times bigger than Mandaluyong. Quezon City also has the biggest population in the metro, which the 2007 census has placed at 2,679,450 million and which, based on annual growth rates, is estimated to have reacged 2,960,627 in 2010 or 24% of the regional population. Quezon City is growing faster than the average for Metro Manila and the entire Philippines, with a population growth of 2.92% annually, while the national average is 2.04% and Metro Manila s is 2.11%. Quezon City is one of the fastest growing metropolitan areas in the Philippine today. In a survey of 200 Asian cities conducted in 2007 by the AsiaBiz Strategy, an investment and trade promotion consultancy based in Singapore, as commissioned by the London Financial Times, Quezon City joined the ranks of Hong Kong, Singapore and Taipei, as one of the top 10 Asian Cities of the Future. It was ranked no. 7 Hong Kong, Singapore and Taipei were the top three. Consistently, figuring in the top 10, and practically outranking other Philippine cities except in one category, Quezon City was assessed No. 5 in the category, Best Economic Potential. It was third best in Asia, in terms of Cost Effectiveness, sixth best, in terms of Human Resources, and tenth best, in terms of Quality of Life. In a local survey also conducted in 2007 (the last local ranking of Metro cities), Quezon City was regarded as the most competitive city in Metro Manila and the 2nd most competitive city in the Philippines, based on the responses of businessmen surveyed by the Asian Institute of Management, using the same methodology as the Swiss-based International Institute for Management Development which prepares the World Competitiveness Yearbook. 040 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 041

23 Organisations Ritsumeikan Center for Korea Studies Tel Homepage Seed:s Tel Address Seocho creative hub 114-3, Banpo-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul Homepage As a global hotspot, the Korean peninsula has come to receive substantial attention not just with regards to the peace and security of North-East Asia, but of the world. Within this context, Japanese-Korean relations are continuously overcoming previous animosities and strengthening in rigor, whilst on the other hand foregrounding serious issues. However the rigorous development of Korean-Japanese relations is essential on both accounts, and in future prospects for a cooperative and communal North- East Asian region which accomplishes the world's most dynamic developments, the importance of relations between both countries is increased still. Ristumeikan University, with a focus on professors within the Faculty of Law, has since 1998 on its receipt of a science research subsidy promoted large scale collaborative research over a number of years with energetic Korean researchers, such as the "Socio-Legal Research of Democratisation and the Formation of Legal- Political Bodies in Contemporary Korea", as well as established "The North-East Asian Specialists Meeting", and has come to undertake research into contemporary Korea within the context of its connections with the North-East Asia region. In June 2005, having acknowledged the importance, and the urgency, of research into the contemporary North and South Korean peninsula, as well as of research into Japanese-Korean relations, Ritsumeikan Center for Korea Studies; as a centre for the holistic academic research of contemporary Korea, as a centre for educational exchange relating to North and South Korea, and as a regionally accessible centre for the understanding of the Korean peninsula. Seed:s is a nonprofit corporation to raise young social entrepreneurs, create an innovative model of social enterprises and study the future. We are promoting training of young social entrepreneurs, creation of Korean social enterprise development model, creation of civil base for social enterprise, practice study of social enterprise to settle Korean and sustainable social enterprises based on self-motivation and creativity of the civil society. Core Businesses 01. Foster social enterprise and young social entrepreneurs 02. Create a civil base and build investor networks 03. Mediate resources between sectors 04. Develop a localization model 05. Distribute the Korean social enterprise model to foreign countries 06. Study social enterprises and create development models 042 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 043

24 Organisations Seoul Metropolitan Government Seoul Citizen Solar Power Plant Tel Homepage Tel Address 1F, unit 18, 5 Nokbeon-dong, Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul Homepage Located to the west of the central region of the Korean Peninsula, Seoul, the capital city of the Republic of Korea, has been the center of the country in its long history from the prehistoric era to the present day. Now in its 600th year of official history, Seoul is a city where Korea s traditional and modern cultures coexist. Geographically, it is an extraordinary example of good location, as mountains, rivers and urban spaces all combine to produce a pictureperfect city. Ever since the social designer Wonsoon Park became the Mayor of Seoul City, the focus of the Seoul Metropolitan Government has been on building a citizencentred administration. The social innovation strategies of Seoul City focus on 1) opening up information to citizens and enabling active engagement of citizens, 2) using innovative technologies to tackle social challenges, 3) facilitating crosssector collaboration and co-developing solutions with different stakeholders, 4) restoring community relationships within an urban setting through urban village communities, and 5) making Seoul City a Sharing City (not only sharing information but also under-utilised spaces and daily objects). Objective Our objectives are to promote our members welfare and a balanced growth of the national economy through cooperative movement of mutual assistance with the spirit of independence, autonomy, self-reliance and self-governance; to recover a friendly and hospitable community by expanding sustainable renewable energy plants in order to establish an self-reliant energy saving system in Seoul and to realize a cooperative and peaceful social economy in response to the times of energy & resources depletion and climate changes. History Established Seoul Citizen s Solar Power Coop Made coalition agreement with Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education Registered as Seoul Citizen s Solar Power Coop Hosted Citizen Contributory National Forum The Present and Future of Solar Power Development Seoul Citizen s Solar Power Plant launching conference hosted by the Seoul Federation of Citizen Development Cooperatives (preparatory) Held a workshop for foundation of Seoul Federation of Citizen Development Cooperatives (preparatory) and examined the validity of its building Site Core Businesses 1. Provide the coop members and staff with counseling services, education & training programs and information 2. Businesses for cooperation between cooperatives 3. Businesses for promotion of the coop and the local community 4. Building sustainable renewable energy plants in public institutions and schools in Seoul as part of Seoul City s policy of reducing a nuclear plant 5. Sell electricity produced by the business stated above (4). 6. Promotion and education on the renewable energy and environment 7. Other businesses related to those stated above 044 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 045

25 Organisations Seoul Council of Social Enterprise Seoul regional Cooperative Association (SCA) Tel Address F, Unit 1, 684, Tongil-ro, Eunpyenonggu, Seoul Homepage Seoul Council of Social Enterprise is a nonprofit corporation aiming to contribute to social unification by creating a new economic model, forming social capital and establishing a new economic community through the expansion of the social economy based on the cooperative network among the social enterprises. Seoul Council of Social Enterprise, as the center of the social economy, executes diverse activities, such as mutual exchange among social enterprises, discussion and mediation among private and private organizations or private and public corporations, policy proposal, research and study, and education, for the growth and development of the social enterprises. Goal To strengthen the unity of the (preliminary) social enterprises in Seoul through solidarity and exchange. To contribute to the growth of the social enterprises by cooperating with the government, enterprises, civil society, and other fields. Core Businesses Organization strengthening Research and investigation Market support Education and publicity Organization strengthening Expansion of membership Support network building by regions and types of businesses Exchange among networks (link among areas/types of businesses/supporting organizations/ social and economic organizations) Market support Social product and service fair Conference/discussion for social enterprises public market expansion Research and investigation Classification of status and DB of goods and services purchased by public organizations Consulting for preliminary social enterprises Education and publicity Training the public organizations budget analysis Social enterprise academy Promoting social enterprises products and services on our homepage and newsletters Necessity and Purpose of Foundation Necessity Form private camps by inheriting the Korean cooperative movement results and cooperating among cooperatives to vitalize privately led cooperative movement and establish the identity. Carry out the cooperative associations common tasks which cannot be solved by individual cooperatives (cooperative fund, vitalization of internal transaction, annual development strategy and planning of cooperatives, system improvement, etc.) Respond to cooperative-related issues and establish a legal and administrative support system by forming horizontal public-private partnership based on private-private cooperation Goal Grow to be the cooperatives that respect cooperative values and 7 principles Lay the foundation for sustainable growth through cooperation among cooperatives Core Businesses 1. Organization Business * Supporting business for vitalization of local council formation - Form more than 5 local cooperative councils within 5 years - Conference of regional cooperative councils activity cases * Expansion of council membership and strengthening of network - Expand the membership of regional cooperative councils and have meetings by types of businesses - Monthly cooperative member s day: holding conferences and workshops, etc. (collection of new cooperative difficulties, to new cooperative local networks, discussion of pending issues and policies, etc. /July, September, October, November) 2. Education Business * Development of education program * Beginner education for cooperative members after a new cooperative is established: conduct as a part of local businesses hosted by local cooperative councils (August ~ December, hold every month). 3. Research and Study Business * Research and study for vitalization of internal transaction * Research main businesses of cooperatives, demands for internal transaction, and available products and services, and suggest action plans 4. Form a policy partnership with the Seoul government * Hold a conference with Seoul s social economy division quarterly or when required * Hold a policy discussion with the Mayor of Seoul once or twice a year 046 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 047

26 Organisations Seoul Social Economy Center Tel / Address 1F, #1, Tongilno 684, Eunpyeng-gu, Seoul , Korea Homepage Seoul Social Economy Network (SSEN) Tel , 4404 Address Bldg #21, 5 Nokbeon-dong, Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul , South Korea Homepage Seoul Social Economy Center was established on January 23th 2013 with the aim of endorsing social enterprises and intermediaries to cooperate in the context of promoting one goal; creating social values for the betterment of society. The Center also stimulates building an independent and self-supporting ecosystem of social economy through backing up its organizations in different industries and sectors for helping them to cooperate and band together, moreover, the center plans and operates comprehensive programmes which are difficult to be dealt by one single organization. At this stage, winners of Seoul Social Economy Idea Competition, social enterprises, cooperatives, fair trade organization are settled in this centre to endow with various businesses, which include youth mentoring, business start-up, financial support and consulting services. Expanding common resources for Creating a sustainable ecosystem Dilating social economy principal agents and spreading of bond of sympathy Developing socioeconomic policies and research projects Supporting the cooperation between different industries and sectors Establishing a platform for resource sharing network Operating social economy co-working office Preparing a market base through vitalizing public purchase and other strategies Supporting linkages of social investment Developing social franchising models Promoting talent training programmes and devoting its activities to educational assistance Constructing social economy online network portal increasing public awareness of social economy through publicity Committing socio-economic policy researches Setting an appropriate valuation standard of social economy Vision Seoul Social Economy Network is a private organization established by individuals and groups which have been participating in social economy to lay a foundation for promoting social economy not only in Seoul but also in South Korea. Forming networks with various social economic institutions, the organization has been carrying out various projects to allow the basic spirits of the social economy - reciprocity, solidarity, communication, and innovation - to be understood by citizens and take root in Seoul. Seoul Social Economy Network has been establishing cooperative system among private sectors in the process of social economic policy making in Seoul City, through which the organization has been playing a critical role in building private-public governance. Socio-economic bodies such as social enterprises, cooperatives, selfsufficiency businesses, and community businesses and their consultative groups have joined the organization's efforts, where related laws and regulations are revised to build local governance and promote social economy. In cooperation with the businesses, the organization has also facilitated exchange and cooperation with the National Assembly, local governments, and local councils to boost social economy. In particular, Seoul City chose the institute as the operator of the Seoul Social Economy Center where the organization also makes contribution on the ground. Seoul Social Economy Network will strive itself to let the economy structure take root in Korea, where everybody is happy based on social economy. Core Businesses 1. Enhancing the ecosystem of social economy through solidarity among private social economy networks 2. Designing policies and pursuing revision of related laws and regulations to promote social economy 3. Establishing and operating private governance of social economy in Seoul City 4. Boosting capacity of social economy institutes through exchange and joint projects 5. Laying a broader foundation for social economy through establishment and operation of a nationwide network of social economy 6. Promoting and providing education to raise public awareness of social economy 048 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 049

27 Organisations Seoul Urban Agriculture Social Economy Network for Urban Ecosystem Homepage Vision Urban agriculture network where Eco11 plays a key role prepares Global Social Economy Forum along with Women s Job and Future, Seoul Urban Agriculture Network, and Seoul Agro-Fisheries & Food Corporation. There was little effort to regard the urban agriculture as social economy and to secure sustainability by having social relations even though the urban agriculture in Korea is rapidly growing quantitatively. We will search for diverse social economy cases of the urban agriculture through this global forum and find a way to secure sustainability of the urban agriculture in the social economy. We will work with the following visions for 5 years. First, the urban agriculture begins as a social economy, Second, the urban agriculture grows as a social economy, Third, the urban agriculture blooms as a social economy, Fourth, the urban agriculture bears fruit as a social economy, Fifth, the urban agriculture expands as a social economy. Core Businesses Urban agriculture network where Eco11 plays a key role prepares Global Social Economy Forum along with Women s Job and Future, Seoul Urban Agriculture Network, and Seoul Agro-Fisheries & Food Corporation. Eco11 is a preliminary environmental social enterprise. It supplies resource recycling agricultural materials such as coffee compost, up-cycle kitchen garden, and microbes for compost production, and studies enterprise CSR and school kitchen garden program. Women s Job and Future operates green gardening business society and resource recycling school to provide women with jobs, and runs various kitchen gardens such as Sangam kitchen garden and Samgakji kitchen garden. Seoul Urban Agriculture Network expands the urban agriculture by running the regional urban agriculture school and training kitchen garden instructors in each unit of gu. Seoul Agro-Fisheries & Food Corporation revitalizes the urban agriculture in communities by creating kitchen gardens with recycled waste wood and supplying the gardens to the communities, and supports the social enterprises in the urban agriculture. < Social Economy Network for Urban Ecosystem > is a network organization, formed by many social economy organizations that try to protect and take care of companion animals and abandoned animals. Social economy organizations such as companion animal medical cooperative and animal behavior therapy social enterprise, and animal protection groups and animal protection policy study group are participating in this network. Social Economy Network for Urban Ecosystem studies animal protection, local community, and social economy in common. We are preparing a session with the theme of Community for All life for 2013 Global Social Economy Forum which will be held in Seoul from November 5 to 7. to Network-affiliated Group 1. Our Animal Life Cooperative (OALC) : Veterinary clinic cooperative, founded by local residents in Mapo-gu, Seoul Site: 2. Eunpyeong Companion Animal Community Half- and -Half : Local companion animal community, organized by local residents in Eunpyeonggu, Seoul Facebook: 3. Social Enterprise Polangpolang : Social enterprise that provides animal behavior psychology education, and service program Site: Facebook: 4. Twinkling Animal Medial Living Cooperative 5. Coexistence of Animal Rights on Earth : Nation-wide Nonprofit Organization (NPO), rescuing abandoned animals, and protecting animals Site: Facebook: Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 051

28 Organisations Social Traders SungKongHoe University Tel Homepage Tel Address SungKongHoe University 320, Yeondong-ro, Guro-gu Seoul, , Korea Homepage Social Traders is Australia s leading social enterprise development organisation. Established in 2008, it is dedicated to supporting the development of commercially viable social enterprises. By providing social enterprises with the capability, investment and resources to startup, access markets and grow, Social Traders: Increases awareness and understanding of social enterprise Builds investment readiness of social enterprises by developing their trading capability Grows the market for social enterprise products and services. Social Traders has developed tailored tools and resources including an online business planning guide, The Social Enterprise BUILDER, and an online directory of enterprises, the Social Enterprise FINDER and several social enterprise case studies. Social Traders provides tailored business development and coaching programs for start-up and early stage social enterprises. It also provides start-up investment to new social enterprises in partnership with other social investors. Social Traders conducts social enterprise workshops, tours and conferences and presents the annual Australian Social Enterprise Awards Program. For more details, go to SungKongHoe University was established in 1914 by the Anglican Church in the form of the Saint Michael s Theological Seminary. In the early 1990, the school became a comprehensive university, teaching a wide range of subjects not only in Christian theology but in humanities, social sciences, area studies, management, electronic engineering, information technology and computer science. The university was increasingly considered by students, parents and mass media to be a unique institution: open, progressive, inclusive, innovative, socially committed, and boldly experimental. The university believes that by sharing, helping and supporting others we can create a much better society than we pursue our own self-regarding interests individually. We believe that all of us should be servants of ourselves so that everyone is at once the master and the servant all at the same time. The university has broken grounds in innovative curriculum development along the line of the above principles and goals: human rights, peace, gender studies, social economy, international development. Due to our emphasis on these subjects, the University is widely known as the university of human rights and peace. We aim to study and find ways to contribute to the building of strong civil society, local community and a better Asian society on the basis of the practical frame of human rights and peace. 052 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 053

29 Organisations SungKongHoe University Social Enterprise Research Institute The University of Bologna Tel Address Floriana Naldi Largo Trombetti, Bologna, Italy Homepage Sungkonghoe University Research Center for Social Enterprise is a research center affiliated with Sungkonghoe University and was founded in September 2007 to develop education programs for researches on the development of social enterprises and social job policy, and social entrepreneur human resources development. We are conducting studies and researches on social enterprises, and development project of education program for fostering of social entrepreneurs; supporting overseas training for fostering of social enterprise researchers and social entrepreneurs, civil social welfare graduate school s connected project with self-support and social enterprise major courses; holding domestic and foreign symposium and seminar; carrying out solidarity and cooperative project with social enterprise-related civil society movement organizations, and exchange and cooperative project with overseas researcher regarding social enterprises. Term Present Project Opening ceremony of the center (The first director of the center: Lee Yeonghwan, professor of social welfare in Sungkonghoe University) Overseas training related to social enterprises and social economy (UK, Japan, India, Russia, Vietnam, Canada, France, etc.) -105 people participated The University of Bologna was probably the first in the western world. Its history is one of great thinkers in science and the humanities, making it an indispensable point of reference in the panorama of European culture. The institution that we today call the University began to take shape in Bologna in 1088, when masters of Grammar, Rhetoric and Logic began to devote themselves to the law. The University s fame had spread throughout Europe and it was a destination for many illustrious guests. Famous scholars and students included Pico della Mirandola and Leon Battista Alberti, who devoted themselves to canonical law. Nicolò Copernicobegan his astronomical observations while studying pontifical law. Paracelso, Raimundo de Pegñafort, Albrecht Dürer, St. Carlo Borromeo, Torquato Tasso and Carlo Goldoni all spent time at the University. Today, 87,000 students have chosen the University of Bologna, making it the most popular university in Italy. Teaching and extra-curricular activities take place in 934,000 m2 of space in the campuses of Bologna, Cesena, Forlì, Ravenna and Rimini. The staff is composed by 6,000 persons, that work in 33 Departments and realize 12,000 research products every year. The library system offers access to 24,000 online periodicals, 150,000 e-books and 500 databases, while 70,000 computers are connected to the university network Present 2008-Present 2008-Present ~Present Domestic training related to social enterprises and social economy (Kangwon, southern province, Chuncheong, Jeju, Jeonnam, Busan, Taebaek, Asan, etc.) 180 people participated Sungkonghoe University s social enterprise academy (beginner course, start-up course, professional course, etc.) about 1000 graduates Researches on social enterprises (about 7 tasks in progress) Run a social entrepreneur school along with Guro-gu District Office, Geumcheon-gu District Office, Namyangju City Hall ~ ~Present Conduct a study on social enterprise model development, provided by Gyeonggi-do social service The second director of the center is appointed. (Jung Wono, professor of social welfare) 054 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 055

30 Organisations Urban Informatics Research Lab Tel Address Urban Informatics Research LabQueensland University of Technology130 Victoria Park RoadKelvin Grove QLD 4059Australia Homepage World Fair Trade Organization Asia, Inc. (WFTO ASIA) Tel +63 (02) Address Ground Floor Marisan Building, No. 48 West Avenue, Quezon City 1104 Philippines Homepage Since 2006, the Urban Informatics Research Lab has conducted research and development across people, place and technology with a focus on cities, locationbased services, and mobile technology. Our team is transdisciplinary in that it comprises and collaborates with architects with degrees in media studies, software engineers with expertise in urban sociology, human-computer interaction designers with a grounding in cultural studies, and urban planners with an interest in digital media and social networking. Part of the QUT School of Design in Creative Industries Faculty, our research lab embraces the creative energy of a range of disciplines across technology, social media, digital fabrication, and urban design. QUT s Creative Industries Faculty is pioneering international research initiatives in creative industries policy, applied creative industries research, digital media design, and the creative and performing arts. The regional branch of World Fair Trade Organization in Asia, WFTO ASIA is a consortium of over 150 producers and marketing and development organizations in 18 countries (Bangladesh, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Laos, Mongolia, Nepal, Pakistan, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, Timor Leste, and Vietnam) in the Asia Pacific region. The World Fair Trade Organization (WFTO) is a global community of pioneering and passionate change-makers, responsible for the development of the sustainable Fair Trade economy, for the good of us all. WFTO ASIA communities has a whole range of Fair Trade products both food and crafts such as muscovado sugar, coffee, dried fruits, coconut sugar, coconut oil, nuts, puree, local wine and fruit juices and many more as well as artisans of handmade products using local natural and recycled materials for their crafts for home decorations, and daily use, fashion and accessories, and gifts. Vision-Mission and Goals We envision WFTO ASIA to be a means of further strengthening the global WFTO, its structure, goals and objectives. We further envision WFTO ASIA to be a dynamic and relevant organization with a strong Asian collective identity striving to: Increase awareness of fair trade principles among producers and consumers at grass roots, national and regional levels; Strengthen cooperation among fair trade groups in the region towards cultivating domestic and regional market linkages and networks; Create an impact on and influence policy-makers at regional level on trade policies which will stimulate South-South trading activities; Promote cooperation among member-organizations in the areas of skills development, technology transfer and access to information; Expand membership to all countries in the region Core Businesses WFTO ASIA commits itself towards enabling small farmers and artisans to improve their livelihoods and communities through sustainable Fair Trade. It does this by delivering market access through policy, advocacy, campaigning, marketing and monitoring. 056 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 057


32 ROUND TABLE PARTICIPANTS Claire DERONZIER Quebéc Delegate General, Government of Quebéc, Quebéc/Canada Education Université Laval 2012 Certified Corporate Director (ASC) Collège des administrateurs de sociétés 1983 B.A. (major in Communications; minor in Film Studies) 1980 Certificate in History Professional Experience Québec Government Office in Tokyo Since 2013 Québec Delegate General Ministère de l'immigration et des Communautés culturelles Assistant Deputy Minister for Immigration Assistant Deputy Minister for Integration Director General, Integration and Intercultural Relations Director, Public Affairs and Communication Acting Assistant Director Advisor, Communications Branch Ministère des Affaires municipales, des Régions et de l'occupation du territoire Assistant Deputy Minister, Metropolitan Region Ministère de la Métropole Advisor, Public and Institutional Affairs Branch Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec Information Officer Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux Information Officer Institut québécois du cinéma Project Manager Regroupement des départements de santé communautaire du Montréal métropolitain Communications Consultant Verdun Hospital Centre 1987 Investigator, Health Promotion Folie/Culture international festival 1987 Coordinator and Director of Communications 1984 Co-Director, Press Office Manager Zone Productions 1986 Coordinator Quinzaine de la radiophonie internationale 1985 Publicist Obscure Administrator, Coordinator, Communications Director Festival international du nouveau cinéma de Montréal à Québec 1983 Director Directory 061

33 ROUND TABLE PARTICIPANTS David BROOKES Managing Director of Social Traders Ltd, Austrailia Giovanni MONTI Chairman, Legacoop Emilia-Romagna, Italy David Brookes was appointed as Managing Director of Social Traders Ltd in January He is the Executive Director on the Board and has responsibility for organisational management and strategy, corporate governance and stakeholder engagement. Social Traders has developed a number of unique social enterprise programs and services. David has led social enterprise sector development initiatives, including the launch of the Australian Social Enterprise Awards program in He has been a member of the Social Enterprise World Forum (SEWF) Steering Committee since David has over fifteen year of senior management experience in the business sector having held a range of corporate affairs roles with Rio Tinto, Toyota and Amcor. At all three companies he was closely involved in the development of strategic business community-partnership programs and was a strong advocate for social and environmental responsibility over this period. David also has policy and economic development experience having worked with a major industry association and local council in NSW. He has a Bachelor of Commerce (Economics) from the University of Wollongong and is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors (AICD). Giovanni Monti has been Chairman of Legacoop Emilia Romagna since 9 October Born in Ravenna (Italy) in 1956, Monti joined in the Cooperative Movement in 1989 as Agricultural Cooperatives Manager for Legacoop Ravenna a provincial network of the National Legacoop after has significant work experience in large agricultural companies located in the Emilia Romagna area. He held this position until 1998, when he was appointed Chairman of Legacoop Ravenna. In 2011 Monti took over as Vice-chairman of Coop adriatica one of the most important cooperatives that are part of the COOP network, the most important Italian distribution chain, and the largest consumer organization. In 2012 Coop Adriatica had a turnover of EUR 2.0 billion, thanks to its network of 176 stores located in different regions of Italy and its 1,210,760 members. In December 2012, Coop Adriatica listed 8,974 employees. Giovanni Monti also sits on the boards of directors of several other leading Italian organizations and since April 2013 he has been Vice-chairman of Unipol Banca S.p.a., an Italian bank related to the cooperative system established in 1998 by Unipol, one of the leading insurance groups in Italy. On the 9th October 2013 Monti was appointed as Chairman of Legacoop Emilia- Romagna, an association of enterprises operating in Emilia Romagna one of Europe s top regions in terms of its number of co-opaeratives, representing over 1,250 companies with a total of nearly 150,000 employees, 2,800,000 members and a turnover of 32 billion euros. 062 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 063

34 ROUND TABLE PARTICIPANTS FUJITA Hiroyuki Deputy Mayor of Kyoto City, Japan Jacques CHAREST CEO, Fiducie du Chantier de l économie sociale, Canada After resigning as the head of Ukyo-gu, Kyoto which he has been for 3 years since 2010, the deputy mayor of Kyoto, Fujita Hiroyuki is currently assisting the mayor of Kyoto, Kadokawa Daisaku since April, Based on the valuable experiences he has acquired while working in the administrative affairs department in the ward office, he is contributing to the municipal administration of the mayor in order to make the citizens in Kyoto enjoy living in the city. After graduating from the university, the deputy mayor of Kyoto has taken charge of the educational administration affairs for a long period of time. Based on the career, when he was the head of Ukyo-gu, he contributed to make Ukyo-gu a good place to raise children by cooperating with educational committees, schools, parents and other various organizations in the region. After taking office as the deputy mayor of Kyoto, he has continued to generally oversee all important policies of Kyoto in various fields of education, health and welfare, culture and sports. His hobbies are playing piano, listening to classical music and using SNS (facebook). Hoi-wai CHUA Chief Executive-Designate, The Hong Kong Council of Social Service(HKCSS), Hong Kong Mr. Chua Hoi Wai will assume the position of the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Council of Social Service in December 2013, and is now its Business Director (Policy Research and Advocacy). He set up the HKCSS HSBC Social Enterprise Business Centre in 2008 to provide capacity building, joint marketing and an exchange platform for local social enterprises. Mr. Chua has participated in a number of advisory or statutory bodies of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. He is currently a member of the Commission on Poverty and chairs its Special Needs Group Task Force. He is also an Associate Member of the Central Policy Unit. Mr. Chua is a social worker by profession. He was the President of the Hong Kong Social Workers Association ( ), Founding Director of Hong Kong Social Entrepreneurship Forum and Dialogue-in-the-Dark Hong Kong. - Bachelor s degree in sociology, University of Montreal, MBA, École de gestion, Université du Québec à Montréal, 1994 Mr. Charest has 30 years of experience in financing, development and management of social economy enterprises, as well as in urban development and project management. He is CEO of the Chantier de l économie sociale trust. From 2002 to 2007, Mr. Charest was responsible for the project of the Chantier del économie sociale Trust. He has been in charge since its creation in 2007 for the implementation and the operationalization of this trust. This investment fund dedicated to social economy enterprises, with an initial capitalization of $53M. This venture capital fund innovates with the type of financial product that is now available to social economy enterprises. & uid = 611 He was also responsible for the TOHU, la Citédes arts du cirque, to ensure benefits to the local population of this major develop- ment comprising a permanent big top and circus facilities. These benefits have materialized among others, by an innovative policy of local hiring, with pre-employment intensive training for a population severely affected by unemployment and social exclusion. From 1996 to 2002, as Director, Real Estate and Finances of the Société de développement Angus, he participated in the implementation of the first phases of development of a Business Park controlled by a non-profit organization. This project has been revitalizing an important industrial wasteland in the heart of Montreal, according to the concepts of social economy and sustainable development. Finally, for a period of 15 years, he worked and assured the coordination of a nonprofit organization bringing together a multidisciplinary team of architects, urban planners, project leaders, and trainers with a primary mandate of co-operative hou-sing and urban redevelopment projects. This organization was involved in the realization of several thousand housing for low-income and moderate income households. 064 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 065

35 ROUND TABLE PARTICIPANTS Iwamoto Mami CEO of NPO Human Fellowship General coordinator of Shonan Yokohama Youth Support Station, Japan CEO of NPO Human Fellowship General coordinator of Shonan Yokohama Youth Support Station Born in 1971 (Born in Kanagawa City) While working in Nomura Securities Co., Ltd., she started going voluntary work at Columbus Academy which is the predecessor of K2 INTERNATIONAL. Then, she participated in the communal living adventure school staff in New Zealand. After coming back to Japan, she stared to work at the co-living adventure school. She has run 4 stores in total, including restaurant, bookstore for employment support while living together with children who refuse to go to school in New Zealand and Australia for 10 years from 1997 to She returned to Japan in August, She participated in establishment of Y-MAC, youth self-reliance academy, and as the general director, has supported selfemployment for more than 170 young people. She is generating jobs for youth who cannot be hired easily, through revitalization of local community and solving of local challenges. Jess STEELE Associate Director: Community Organising, Locality, UK Jess bridges policy and practice to develop new intellectual territory, ventures and programmes to support community organisations and neighbourhood regeneration. She initiated and led the national Community Organisers programme and is currently Associate Director for Community Organising with Locality. As a community activist and entrepreneur in SE London Jess founded a creative outreach charity, led the award-winning Get Set for Citizenship regeneration programme, established several local social enterprises and published extensively on local history. She was Deputy Chief Executive at the British Urban Regeneration Association, before joining the Development Trusts Association in 2007 where she established the practitioner consultancy service and the Meanwhile Project. Jess is based in Hastings and has been the Treasurer of the Hastings Pier & White Rock Trust since After a long campaign the trust successfully raised 14m to rescue and renovate the pier. Work starts in July Over the past year, Jess has been developing the concept of self-renovating neighbourhoods and recently launched Jericho Road Solutions, echoing Martin Luther King that playing the Good Samaritan is only an initial act; instead we must transform the whole Jericho Road so that men and women are not beaten and robbed as they make their journey on life s history. Jericho Road Solutions specialises in unlocking the hidden resources that can make this possible. Creating jobs in association with stores, supporting housing and employment in connection with Kotobuki-cho (a borough in Yokohama city) and welfare work, cycling agriculture and youth support program, etc Awarded Social Business Competition STYLE excellence prize 2008 Awarded Woman of the Year award by Nikkei Woman 2010 Awarded People Ability Grand Prix 2008~2009 Social Security People Conference Member of Income Secure Guarantee Branch 2010~ Member of Youth Support Council, Yokohama City 2011~ Member of Children Issue Council, Fujisawa City 2012~ Member of Research Committee for children youth poverty support Johanne LAVOIE Social Economy Commissioner, City of Montreal, Canada Johanne Lavoie has worked for the City of Montreal public service since 2005 within the Economic Development Service as Social Economy Commissioner. She is responsible for Montreal s Social Economy Partnership For Community-Based Sustainable Development. Under the leadership of Johanne Lavoie, representatives of the social economy sector and the City of Montreal worked together to produce the first canadian municipal public policy on social economy. Since its approval in 2009 she has worked with the community, researchers as well as entrepreneurs, to develop social economy enterprises in Montreal. She frequently welcomes international delegation interested to foster the social economy sector. She is also involved in local funding committee and local coordination committee. She was nominated Practitioner of the Month by the Canadian Social Economy Hub in February She holds a B.A. in Sociology from Université du Québec à Montréal and a M.A. in Geography from Université de Montréal. Prior to this, she was the general manager of a social economy business localized in the Technopôle Angus in Montreal. 066 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 067

36 ROUND TABLE PARTICIPANTS Joy G. BELMONTE Vice-Mayor, Quezon City, Philippines Kyong yong SONG Co-chairman of the Organizing Committee of GSEF 2013, President of Seoul Social Economy Network, Korea Ma. Josefina (Joy) G. Belmonte-Alimurung also serves as Presiding Officer of the Quezon City Council, Officer-in-Charge of Tourism Development for Quezon City, Chairperson of Anti-Poverty Task Force, Vice-Chair of the Quezon City Disaster Risk and Reduction Management Committee, Vice Chairperson of Quezon City Housing Board and Co-Chairperson of Quezon City Film Development Commission. She is an advocate of women empowerment, the promotion of children s development, and social entrepreneurship. She is also the President of the Congressional Spouses Foundation, Inc. She founded the Quezon City Performing Arts Foundation, a pool of world-class talents performing and winning competitions all over the world. Through this foundation, she provides young people from the poorest communities opportunities to uplift themselves through the performing arts. Vice-Mayor Belmonte has an M.A. in Public Administration and Development from the University of Birmingham. She is an archeologist and museum manager by profession, and heads the conceptualization and design of the Quezon City Museum which will soon rise at the Quezon Memorial Circle. Kyong yong Song is a natural-born helper. He has spent most of his life in helping the poor and the disadvantaged. He started a number of shelters for the poverty-stricken people of urban area, House of Sharing, in early his career. He led many initiatives to solve social problems such as the poverty and the unemployment, collaborating with numerous partners around the world. Rev. Song played a key role in National Basic Living Security Act, which was a major leap in the social welfare system in Korea. Several social cooperatives and self-sufficiency enterprises in Korea were established by him and his colleagues, therefore he is considered to be one of early pioneers in the Korean social economy. As an established thought leader and respected practitioner on social economy and social innovation, he has advised governments, multilateral organizations, communities and enterprises throughout the world. He is now the president of Seoul Social Economy Network, which is a network of networks of social economy organizations in Korea. He also serves as a chairperson of Sharing and Future. He is leading many advisory groups for government, including Social Economy Policy Planning Group for the Seoul Metropolitan Government. Rev. Song founded Walking Church, an Anglican church in Kevin TEO COO at Asian Venture Philanthropy Network(AVPN), Singapore Kevin Teo is COO at AVPN. Prior to that, he was a Co-Founder of Volans, a Social Innovation company with offices in London and Singapore. Kevin was previously Head of East and Southeast Asia at the Schwab Foundation of Social Entrepreneurship and Global Leadership Fellow at the World Economic Forum. Prior to that, Kevin had a nine year stint in the enterprise software arena in Silicon Valley, Irvine and Austin. This included work at two Sequoia Capital startups that were acquired by Sun Microsystems and Symantec respectively. Kevin is a Trustee of the Southeast Asian Service Leadership Network (SEALNet), a non-profit he co-founded in He is also Adjunct Senior Research Fellow at the NUS Business School s Asia Centre for Social Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy where he leads a research initiative on social enterprise patterns. Kevin sits on the evaluation panel of the Ministry of Social and Family Development s ComCare Social Enterprise fund. Kevin graduated from Carnegie Mellon University with an MS in Information Networking, and holds a BEng with Honors in Computing from Imperial College, London. 068 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 069

37 ROUND TABLE PARTICIPANTS Marguerite MENDELL Director, Karl Polanyi Insitute of Political Economy at Concordia University, Montreal, Canada Nancy NEAMTAN President/Executive Derector, Chantier de l Economie Sociale, Quebéc/Canada Marguerite Mendell is an economist and Professor, School of Community and Public Affairs, Concordia University. She is also Director, Karl Polanyi Institute of Political Economy, Concordia University. She has published widely on the social economy in Quebéc, local development, social finance, economic democracy and on the work of Karl Polanyi, especially as it relates to contemporary democratic economic development strategies. She has collaborated with social economy actors in developing public policy proposals at the provincial and municipal level in Quebéc. Professor Mendell co-founded the first microfinance organization in Canada, the Montreal Community Loan Association (ACEM) in 1990 and collaborated recently with practitioners to establish CAP Finance in 2009, a network of solidarity finance and development capital, following several years of partnership research (ARUC en économie sociale). Professor Mendell has written extensively on the evolution of socially responsible finance in Quebéc and on the evolution of social finance internationally. She is a member of the Board of Directors, Chantier de l'économie sociale, the Advisory Committee of the Social Economy Partnership for Communitybased Sustainable Development for the City of Montreal and the Advisory Policy Committee for the development of the social economy, Government of Quebéc. Professor Mendell s recent international research includes a study on Improving social inclusion at the local level through the social economy (OECD-LEED) that examines public policy enabling the social economy in South Korea, Poland, France and Slovenia. She is also a co-founder of ReCo, a continental network of researchers, practitioners and policy makers on the social economy in Quebéc and in Argentina, with participation by other Latin American countries. Margie Mendell co-directed the CURA-Social Economy partnership research on finance and on the Montreal region and is currently co-directing the Impact investing stream of a CURA partnership on Responsible Investment. Professor Mendell was awared the inaugural Prix Pierre- Dansereau in 2012 from the Association francophone pour le savoir (ACFAS). Sponsored by Radio-Canada, the prize is awarded to an individual or organization that best exemplifies a commitment to improving society. Mrs. Neamtan is President/Executive Director of the Chantier de l économie sociale, a Quebéc-wide non-profit organisation representing networks of social enterprises (cooperatives and non-profits), local development organisations and social movements. The mission of the Chantier de l économie sociale is the promotion and development of collective entrepreneurship. Ms Neamtan was the founder (1997) and President of RISQ (Réseau d investissement social du Québec), a 15$ million investment fund dedicated to the non-profit and cooperative sector. Since November 2006, she is President of the Fiducie du Chantier de l économie sociale, a 53$ million investment fund for social enterprises. From 1999 to 2009 Ms. Neamtan was Co-Director of ARUC-ÉS (Community University Research Alliance on the Social Economy She is presently co-president of a new organisation, TIESS, a centre for knowledge transfert in social innovation, the social economy and territorial development. Prior to the creation of the Chantier, Ms. Neamtan was Executive Director of RESO ( ), a community economic development corporation, devoted to the economic and social renewal of southwest Montreal. Ms Neamtan is recognised internationally as an expert on the social and solidarity economy, working in collaboration with international organisations such as the International Labour Organisation and the OCDE's Forum on social innovation. She is a member of the Board of Directions of RIPESS, the Intercontinental Network for the Promotion of Social and Solidarity Economy. In 2012, Ms Neamtan was appointed Officer of the Ordre National du Québec. 070 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 071

38 ROUND TABLE PARTICIPANTS Nicolas HAZARD Vice-Chairman, Le Comptoir de l Innovation & Vice-Chairman, Groupe SOS, France Tae-in JUNG Advisory Committee Chair, GSEF 2013 Organising Committee, Korea After a European education in Politics and Economics (Sciences Po Paris, F.U. Berlin, HEC Paris), Nicolas Hazard worked as an advisor for L Unione, with Romano Prodi, former President of the European Commission and President of the Italian Council. He is now Vice-Chairman at Groupe SOS, the European leading social enterprise ( employees, $750 M turnover) and Chairman at Le Comptoir de l Innovation, company which invests, supports and promotes the development of social enterprises around the world. He is also part of the European Commission social business expert group (GECES). Nicolas is the co-author of the essay L'entreprise du XXIe siècle sera sociale (ou ne sera pas) published in Director of Research Institute for New Society. He studied in Economics at Seoul National University and Graduate school of Seoul National University. In Participatory Government, he filled in Presidential secretary for the national economy and Chief of Planning Office of Presidential Committee on Northeast Asian Cooperation Initiative. After leaving from the Participatory Government, he filled the Director of NOFTA nationwide movement headquarter. With pride as the best pupil of the late Hyunchae PARK, he strives to make the society where the people s life gets any better as his master said. He plans to strive for social economy which stands on the basis of confidence and cooperation as transcending the limit of Mainstream economy, public economy completed by deliberate democracy, and the ecological economic study considering future generation and ecosystem. Shinya KOIBUCHI Director General of the Child and Youth Bureau, City of Yokohama, Japan Teresa MARZOCCHI Deputy Governor for the Promotion of Integration and Social Policies, Immigration, Volunteers, Associations and Third Sector, Emilia-Romagna Regional Government, Italy Mr. Koibuchi entered the City of Yokohama in He has pursued his main career in the field of welfare, including elderly welfare. Since 2010, he has headed the measures to reduce the number of children on the waiting list of daycare centers as the Director General of the Child and Youth Bureau and promoted a variety of projects for the healthy growth and independence of children and youth by cooperating and collaborating with citizens, relevant organizations, private associations, etc. Organisation - EMILIA-ROMAGNA REGION Education - Master s Degree in Pedagogy Professional Experience - Teacher - Founder and responsible of a shelter for drug addicts and people in need - Government consultant (health and social issues) - Vice president of CNCA (Coordinamento Nazionale delle Comunità d Accoglienza) - Member of the Bologna City Council 072 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 073

39 ROUND TABLE PARTICIPANTS Virginio MEROLA Mayor of Bologna, Italy PARK Wonsoon Mayor of Seoul, Korea Virginio Merola, 57, was born in the province of Caserta (Campania region), but has been living in Bologna since the age of five. He graduated in Philosophy at the University of Bologna and after his first job and subsequent commitment as a unionist in the CGIL Trade Union, in 1989 he accepted the proposal by Walter Vitali, at the time Bologna s Deputy Mayor for Finance, to be the regional secretary of the Local Governments League, the Italian association of Municipalities, Provinces and Regions. His true political commitment in the city government started in 1995, when he was elected President of the Savena District of Bologna for two subsequent terms. In June 2004 he was elected in Bologna s City Council and soon after was appointed Deputy Mayor for Urban Planning and Housing. From July 2009 until February 2011 he was President of the Provincial Council and on May 16th 2011, Virginio Merola was elected Mayor of Bologna, as the candidate for the Democratic Party, with more than 50% of votes at the first ballot. Park Won Soon was born in a village in Changnyeong, South Gyeongsang Province, South Korea, on March 26, He graduated from Kyunggi High School in 1974 and entered Seoul National University in Shortly after entering university, he was arrested for participating in a student rally against the militant dictatorship of President Park Chung Hee and imprisoned for 4 months and expelled from university. Later, he entered Dankook University and earned a bachelor s degree in history. Park passed the state bar examinations in 1980, and worked as a public prosecutor in the Daegu District Court in Gyeongsang Province from 1982 to Returning to Seoul from Daegu, he launched into private law practice. He worked as a human rights lawyer and defended many political activists in the 1980s and 1990s. In 1991, Park traveled with his family to London and earned a diploma in international law at the London School of Economics and Political Science in the University of London in In 1993, he went to the US to take up a position as visiting research fellow in the Human Rights Program of the School of Law in Harvard University. Back in South Korea, in 1994, Park founded the People s Solidarity for Participatory Democracy, a non-profit, non-partisan civic organization formed with the purpose of promoting participatory democracy and securing human rights in South Korea. In 2000, Park founded the Beautiful Foundation, with the aim of promoting a culture of philanthropy in South Korea. And in 2002, he founded the Beautiful Store, a secondhand store aiming to spread the culture of giving and sharing with others. In 2006, Park founded the Hope Institute, a think-tank with the goal of applying policy alternatives based on the ideas of ordinary citizens. Park was elected as Mayor of Seoul, South Korea on October 26, He was elected as an independent candidate, with the support of the Democratic Party and the Democratic Labor Party. He joined the Democratic United Party on February 23, Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 075

40 Wonjae LEE Director of International Relations, GSEF 2013 Organising Committee Economy Journalist, Korea Wonjae Lee is Director of International Relations, GSEF 2013 Organising Committee. He is also running Social Fiction Lab, a social venture to help social entrepreneurs develop their imagination to make a difference. Prior to the current position, he was the President of HERI (Hankyoreh Economic Research Institute), a leading economic think tank in Korea. Before HERI, he worked as a researcher at Samsung Economic Research Institute, a think tank run by Samsung, and as an economic journalist at Hankyoreh Newspaper, a leading media group based in Seoul. Wonjae Lee has been leading various social enterprise consulting and education projects. He designed and operates MBA for Social Entrepreneurs, a management educational program for social entrepreneurs in Korea. In addition, Wonjae Lee works as a journalist. Every morning, he talks about new economic thinking on the most popular radio show for businesspeople in Korea. He writes columns for various newspapers and magazines in Korea. He also uses Twitter and Facebook to publicize his thoughts. He earned an MBA at MIT Sloan School of Management in Cambridge, Massachusetts (USA), and a B.A. in Economics at Yonsei University in Seoul (Korea). SESSION SPEAKERS 076 Global Social Economy Forum 2013

41 SESSION SPEAKERS Bokyung MOON Executive Director, Korea Social Economy Network, Korea - Expert Adviser / Division of Cooperative Planning, Ministry of Strategy and Finance - Secretary / Korea Foundation for Social Investment - Representative, Secretary / Supporting Center for Social Enterprise - Team Manager / Buyout supporting team, EBO(Employee Buyout) Supporting Center Brian WALSH Executive Director, Liquidnet for Good, Ireland Brian Walsh works at the intersection of social impact and business value. As Executive Director of Liquidnet For Good, he oversees corporate impact for Liquidnet, the New York-based global institutional trading network. In 2007 Brian helped launch Liquidnet For Good, which is re-imagining the total impact that a company can have in support of the common good. The mission of Liquidnet For Good is to leverage the full range of the company s resources human capital, technology, creative capital, convening capabilities and financial capital in pursuit of a better world. Beyond extensive employee engagement programs to maximize local impact and a comprehensive partnership with a youth village for orphans in Rwanda to achieve global impact, Liquidnet s support of Markets for Good applies the company s core competency using technology to make markets more efficient to realize systemic impact. Liquidnet is collaborating with others, including the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, to help build a social sector powered by information. A regular speaker about philanthropy, impact investing, and corporate impact, Brian graduated from Georgetown University and previously consulted philanthropic organizations. Directory 079

42 SESSION SPEAKERS Byung Hoon LEE Director, Socio-culture Team, Hyundai Motor Group, Korea Chang Gue (Joshua) LIM Secretary-general, Korea Social Investment, Korea - Education : BA in Department of Metallurgical Engineering, Pusan National University(1985) - area of Expertise : Marketing strategy, CSR - Employment : Domestic Marketing Planning, Hyundai Motor Group Marketing Strategy Planning, Hyundai Motor Group - Others : Expert Adviser / National Brand Committee 09 Director Lee, Byung Hoon was in charge of domestic sales, domestic marketing, and marketing strategy and successively worked as the director of new media team. As the director of the socio-culture team that generalizes the current social contribution and cultural business of Hyundai Motor Group, he has conducted various businesses including social contribution marketing connected to public interest, cultural art social contribution, and global youth leader fostering, and business startup and job creation, etc. Based on his activities and experiences in corporate social contribution, he will give a presentation on 'Hyundai Motor Group's strategy to foster and establish the platform for youth's social enterprise across its stage of growth' in order to share the cases of innovative value creation through the activities of enterprise social contribution. Byung Sun YU Chairman/Representative Director, Seeds, Korea Education M.A., Department of Asian History, Korea University B.A., Department of Asian History, Seoul National University Joshua Chang Gue Lim, secretary-general of Korea Social Investment, has earned a master s degree in Economics from Yonsei Graduate School after graduating in Economics from Yonsei University. After graduation, he worked for Samsung Economic Research Institute as a domestic economy analyst, and then took charge of the small financial group strategic planning as a stock market analyst in Samsung Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Based on these experiences, he also handled all of management planning, domestic stock fund management and global fund management in Samsung Asset Management Co., Ltd. He has actively worked as an investment expert by cooperating with local personnel in Hong Kong, India and ASEAN as well as Korea. Furthermore, he has established a fund management team in the local subsidiaries in Hong Kong and Singapore and has supervised their businesses as a person in charge of the HQ global management. As a financial expert, he has deep understanding of and experiences in various industries in Korea and experienced the rise and fall of new types of businesses and new firms, and the creation, development and regression of each business model through various cases of many firms. He has participated in fund contest of National Pension Service, which claims to support social responsibility investment (SRI) and sustainability management investment. Then, he has learned various fields of knowledge including green energy, alternative energy and micro finance. In particular, he has experienced the business models with the value of both investment and social responsibility by regularly taking part in knowledge community called GANANHAN FORUM of which he is one of the founding members and participating in the forum-type roundtable called DIIN (D3 Impact Investing Network) which introduces various promising social ventures. Based on his knowledge and experiences, he is currently working for Korea Social Investment as a secretary-general. Employment ~ Chief Director / The Seeds Corporation ~ Editorial writer / The Kyunghyang Shinmun Head of Department / International Department, The Kyunghyang Shinmun 1999 Journalist / Editorial Department, The Kyunghyang Shinmun Publication Millennium.COM, Bonobo Revolution 080 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 081

43 SESSION SPEAKERS Chang Jin KIM Professor, SungKongHoe University, Dept. of Social Science, Korea - academic background: Majored in Politics in Yonsei University (bachelor) and Korea University (graduate school) - Doctor's degree in politics in Russia Academy of Science (1996) - Used to be a visiting professor in the University of Washington (in Seattle) - (present) Professor of social science in Sungkonghoe University and dean of NGO Graduate School Chawanad LUANSANG Community Architect, Coordinator of Community Architects Networks(CAN), Asian Coalition for Housing Rights(ACHR), Thailand Education Bachelor of Architecture Silpakorn University,Bangkok, THAILAND ( ) Majored in politics in Yonsei University and Korea University Graduate School Took the doctor's degree in politics in Russia Academy of Science Started to study cooperatives in earnest in the early 1990s as he fixed his doctor's thesis subject as "Mutual relations between the nation and cooperatives before and after Russian Revolution ( )" Having interest in and studying the cooperative policies of governments, social economy development model and community development, international development and cooperation in the form of cooperatives and social economy, and unique characteristics of Korea's cooperative movement Participating in education as he thinks that liberal arts knowledge of cooperation and solidarity, and enhancement of citizen's public values are socially and fundamentally important Writing a research paper based on his several field studies as he recently paid attention to the social economy development model, cooperatives, and social innovation cases in Quebéc, Canada Main writings related to cooperatives and social economy - Socialism and cooperative movement (Hanul Academy, 2008) - Credit association and cooperative bank (Living Cooperative Association Review, 2012 Summer) - Quebéc model: cooperative, social economy, social innovation (recent publication) Chung Yeap RYM Mayor of Wanju-gun, Korea Under the motto of If a city is a flower, a farming village is the root, Mayor Rym chung-yeap has done his best to help the social economy take root in Wanju-gun. With a goal of establishing a cooperative-style economic system, he has helped make Wanju famous as Local Food Paradise and Agricultural Capital Full of Vitality through the continuous promotion of related policies. He has been the Mayor of Wanju-gun since He is a visiting professor in the Graduate School of Public Administration at Jeonju University as well. He has also filled various government posts including secretary to the Governor of Jeollabuk-do, director of the Planning Office at the Kim Dae-jung Peace Foundation for the Asia-Pacific Region and the Director of Political Affairs at the Presidential Secretariat. He was born and went to middle and high schools in Wanju-gun. He earned a Master s degree in law from Jeonju University. 082 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 083

44 SESSION SPEAKERS Dae Sik KIM Director, Ph.D. Korea Institute of Procurement, Korea Dongsoo YANG Secretary-general, Korea Social Investment, Korea EDUCATION - BA on University of Seoul, - MA & PhD on University of Seoul (Law) EXPERIENCE: - Korea Research Institute of Human Settlements (Researcher), 2006~ Korea Institute of Procurement (Research Fellow), 2007~2010 (in office) PROJECT PERFORMANCE - Laws and Regulations Search System Development for Korea Public Procurement (2009~2010, Public Procurement Service) - Eligibility Search System Development For Public Procurement Procurement (2009~2010, Public Procurement Service) - KOICA International Bidding and Overseas Office Bidding Procedure Establishment Research (2009, KOICA) - The Negotiation Strategy for International Procurement Market Access (2009, Ministry of Strategy and Finance) ACTIVITIES: - Korea Association of Procurement and Supply Management, member of board of directors - The National IT Industry Promotion Agency, advisory committee member - international Public Procurement Conference 2010, paper review board member ARTICLES & PRESENTATION: - a Progressive Approach of WTO Agreement on Government Procurement : Focusing on Harmonization between Trade Norms and Value for Money (Feb. 2009, A Thesis Submitted to the Department of law, Graduate School of the University of Seoul for Ph. D) - improvement of Government Procurement Market Approach (July. 2009, APEC Public Procurement Conference Seminar) - Legislation Issues in Korea for untied aid expansion (May Korea Legislation Research Institute International Aid Conference) - a Study on the Government Procurement Provisions of Korean Free Trade Agreement (Aug. 2010, International Public Procurement Conference 2010) - The Strategy for the Establishment of E-procurement System (Sep.2010 Public Procurement Service E-Procurement System Establishment Training Program) - The Feasibility Study Partner on Establishing an e-procurement system in Tunisia (Nov.2010, Koica) Education - Korea University Law School (LL.B., 1998) - Judicial Research and Training Institute, Supreme Court of the Republic of Korea (2008) Experience - attorney, Bae, Kim & Lee LLC Dongcheon Foundation ( present) - adjunct Professor, Korea University, Yonsei University, Ewha Womans University Law School (2011-present) - advisor, National Human Rights Commission of Korea ( ) - Director, Seoul Social Economy Network Association, Inc. (2012-present) - Promoter, Korea Social Investment Foundation, (2012) - advisor, Social Enterprise System Improvement TF supervised by Ministry of Employment and Labor (2011) - attorney, HMP LLC ( ) - admitted to the Bar, Korea (2008) - Passed the Bar Exam, Korea (2005) Author - Consulting Guide on Foreign Workforce Related Law and System (co-author, 2010, Human Resources Development Service of Korea) - Identifying Agenda for Social Enterprise System Improvement (2011, Ministry of Employment and Labor) - Improving Legislation for Social Enterprises (2011, Office of Legislation) - Social Enterprise Financing Manual (2012, Korea Social Enterprise Promotion Agency) - Establishing Basic Plan for Social Enterprise Promotion Act (2012, Ministry of Employment and Labor) - Current Status and Improvement Measures of Domestic Legislation for Promoting Social Enterprise (co-author thesis, Monthly Law Bupjo) - Transforming Institutional Forms of Social Enterprise (Cooperative) (2012, Korea Social Enterprise Promotion Agency) - Plan of Social Procurement for Social Economy (2013, Seongbuk-Gu Government) - issues on the Revision of the Framework Act on Cooperatives (thesis, YGBL) - Introducing Special Law on Support for the Purchase and Market for Social Economy Enterprise ( in progress, National Assembly Social Economy Forum) 084 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 085

45 SESSION SPEAKERS Doug LEE CEO, D3 Jubilee, Korea Esther AHN Head consultant at Merry Year Social Company, Korea Doug Lee is an angel investor in Korea and the San Francisco bay area, and moved to the space of impact investment in He is a former CFO of Gmarket (acquired by ebay). Prior to Gmarket, he was an investment banker with Schroders, Citigroup and Credit Suisse. He holds a master's degree in Accounting and Finance from London School of Economics and a bachelor's degree from Seoul National University. En LEE Esther Ahn May is currently working as a head consultant at Merry Year Social Company. She is in charge of setting strategic directions for the organization, facilitating cooperation with external experts, and building internal capability on strategic problem-solving/analysis. She also reviews investment opportunities to scale up social enterprises that are committed to educating and empowering at-risk population to become independent and proficient economic participants; primary focus on North Korean defectors who are newly adjusting to the free market system. Before that she was part of Insight Marketing team, Global Marketing Office of LG Electronics. She started her career as consultant at McKinsey & Company working on strategies for various multinational Telecom, Electronics, and Banking clients." Co-Head, Asia Pacific for LGT Venture Philanthropy, Singapore En Lee is Co-Head, Asia Pacific for LGT Venture Philanthropy, a global impact investor supporting organisations with outstanding social and environmental impact. Established in 2007, LGT VP has an international team of investment professionals across 5 continents and supports over 25 portfolio organisations improving the quality of life of millions of less advantaged people. As former Director and Head of Investor Team at Impact Investment Exchange Asia, En led several successful investments in education, renewable energy and inclusive finance; he also helped launch Impact Partners and Impact Exchange, the world's first social stock exchange. Previously, En was an Executive Director at Goldman Sachs advising Asia focused funds and before that, a Corporate Associate at Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer specializing in private equity, M&A and capital market transactions. Pioneering impact investing in Asia, En is committed to helping investors and philanthropists create positive, sustainable and scalable impact. He advises several social enterprises, is an appointed Mentor at The HUB Singapore, a social startup incubator, and serves as a Board Adviser to BagoSphere, an award-winning vocational social enterprise in the Philippines. He is a member of several investor networks and holds a Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst (CAIA) designation. He has been invited to speak at numerous industry conferences and has been quoted in various media on the topic of impact investing including Forbes, South China Morning Post and The Business Times. Prestige Magazine recently named him as one of the Top 40 under 40 leaders in Singapore. A native Singaporean, En is an avid traveller and has spent over 2 decades living and working overseas in London, Hong Kong, Beijing and Sydney. Franca GUGLIELMETTI President of Cadiai, Member of the Presidency Office of Legacoop Bologna, Italy Franca Guglielmetti has been Chairman of CADIAI since Born in Bologna (Italy) in 1957, after having graduated in Pedagogy at the University of Bologna in 1981, she joined in Cadiai in She specialized in planning of interventions on disabled people and elderly people and children. From 1995 to 2001 she was the Supervision and Quality Manager of the pedagogical paths of the cooperative in the different sectors. Since 2001, she headed the Service for Marketing and Development within CADIAI. Guglielmetti collaborated with Emilia-Romagna Department and the National Health Care System as a lecturer in a series of Continuing Education Courses on welfare related activities. On the 23th May 2008 Guglielmetti was appointed as Chairman of Cadiai, a cooperative operating in the Social and Health Care Sector in Emilia Romagna Region. Cadiai has today employees and a turnover of ,443 Euros. Since 2008 Guglielmetti is chairman of Karabaks Consortium, one of the moste innovative project for the child care construction and management. Since 2011 Gualielmetti is also president of the consortia Kedos which manages the residences for the elderly people and INRETE, which manages social assistance services. Franca Guglielmetti is a board member at Legacoop Bologna and is in the direction of National Legacoop Social department. 086 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 087

46 SESSION SPEAKERS Gunna JUNG Professor, Hanshin University, Dept. of Economics, Korea Gyeongseop JUNG CEO, Mapo animal hospital cooperative (Wo-ri-dong-saeng), Korea - Academic background: Doctor s degree in Economics in Seoul University (1993) - Area of specialty: Economics, regional research - Main career: (present) Professor of economy in Hansin University - Member presenting public interests in Gyeonggi Regional Labor Relations Commission (past) - (present) Director of Seoul Lifelong Education Institute, assistant director of the Hope Institute - (present) Director of Academy of Democratic Society and Policy affiliated with Democratic University Consortium Majored in economics in Seoul University. He has earned a master's and doctor's degree in the research of the urban poor's and workers' life and is recently studying community development plan through social innovation, strengthening of civil society capabilities and establishment of social and economic ecosystem. He is participating in northeastern Seoul's 4 districts (Gangbuk, Nowon, Dobong, Seongbuk) grass-root activist forum ("Gangpul Forum") and "Seoul northeast district 4 Development Council" as planning and coordinating member as he has interest in cooperative regional governance. He is making efforts to 'pursue a new paradigm for Seoul city planning' and to 'design an advancement strategy to be a sustainable city.' He is going to present 'social innovation and regional governance - the cooperative regional development case of Seoul northeast district 4' in this <forum> based on his researches of Seoul northeast district 4's regional development strategy and cooperative regional development case. Gunna Jung's main research results are as follows Democracy, region and social economy, trend and prospect No Changes and development of modern Ansan (Ansan Sisa Vo.6) (joint authorship) Korea social-area research 2: Ansan at the turning point, issue and prospect (joint authorship) Dilemma and solution of regional development, democratic society and policy research, No Korean peninsula economy - Looking for a new development model (joint authorship), Changbi Publishers. - Education: Department of Photography, Seoul Institute of the Arts - Employment: Representative / Mapo People s House Executive Director / Mapo Medical Cooperative Chief Director / Woori Animal Hospital Cooperative Chair of Advisory Committee / Federation of Mapo Merchant Association - Over 10 years of working under the theme of region and movement - Graduated from Department of Photography in Seoul Institute of the Arts and started the Progressive Party (Democratic Labor Party) movement - Ran for the general election as a candidate for the Progressive Party in 2004 and Studied the People s Houses in Sweden and Italy and established the first Korea People s House in Published a book called <People s House> after visiting the People s Houses in Spain, Sweden, and Italy in after publishing the book, he gave over 100 lectures at Chosunv University, Chonnam National University, Busan University, Korea National University of Arts and civil and social organizations such as icoop Korea. - Prepared to establish a hospital by gathering various regional forces while working as an executive director of Mapo medical cooperative. (planned to be opened in November) - Started preparatory meetings for the animal hospital cooperative early this year, held an inaugural assembly in May 25th, and an animal hospital will open in early He will give the stories about the community where animals and people can coexist at this forum. - Followings are his representative writings. - People s House (Gyeongseop Jeong, Redian, 2012) - We are on the same boat (co-authorship, Imagine, 2012) - Korean Society in a Crisis, local is an alternative (co-authorship, Mayday, 2011) 088 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 089

47 SESSION SPEAKERS Gyong-Su MUN Professor, Ritsumeikan Center for Korea Studies, Korea Hugh DONNELLY Director, Co-operative Education Trust Scotland, UK - Born in 1950 in Tokyo - (current) professor, the Faculty of International Relations, Ritsumeikan University Ph.D. (Regional Policy) - Graduated from Politics, the Faculty of Laws, Chuo University (1977) - Main writings Korean Modern History Iwanami Shoten, 2005, Root Causes of Korean Residents in Japan (Crane)2007, Jeju April 3rd Massacre Heibonsha, 2008, Beyond Candlelight Vigil Co-author, The Eastern Publishing Co., Ltd., 2009, Citizen s activities in the times of crisis Co-author, The Eastern Publishing Co., Ltd., 2012, etc. BA Hons Economics University of Strathclyde years promoting and assisting worker co-op creation, employee buyouts and coops, employee ownership and mutuality in its broadest sense. - Employee Ownership Scotland (formerly Scottish Co-operative Development Company) - EOS Consultancy (CEO of employee owned operation) - Co-operative Development Scotland (subsidiary of Scottish Enterprise) Current director of the European Federation of Employee Share Owners and numerous directorships of co-operative bodies including non- executive positions with many worker co-ops in their start up phase. Hoi Wai CHUA Chief Executive-Designate, The Hong Kong Council of Social Service, Hong Kong Mr. Chua Hoi Wai will assume the position of the Chief Executive of the Hong Kong Council of Social Service in December 2013, and is now its Business Director (Policy Research and Advocacy). He set up the HKCSS HSBC Social Enterprise Business Centre in 2008 to provide capacity building, joint marketing and an exchange platform for local social enterprises. Mr. Chua has participated in a number of advisory or statutory bodies of the Government of the Hong Kong Special Administrative Region. He is currently a member of the Commission on Poverty and chairs its Special Needs Group Task Force. He is also an Associate Member of the Central Policy Unit. Mr. Chua is a social worker by profession. He was the President of the Hong Kong Social Workers Association ( ), Founding Director of Hong Kong Social Entrepreneurship Forum and Dialogue-in-the-Dark Hong Kong. 090 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 091

48 SESSION SPEAKERS Hyun-Sook LEE Director, Hankyoreh Economic Research Institute, Korea Hyungsik EUM Data Analyst, CICOPA, Korea Education M.A. in Sociology at Hong Kong University Area of Interest Education on sustainability Professional Experience - President at HERI (Hankyoreh Economic Research Institute), present - Vice President and Research Fellow at HERI - Chief Editor at Think Money, a weekly investment journal, Researcher at Daewoo Economic Research Institute, Lee graduated with a master s degree in Sociology at Hong Kong University. Lee is the President of HERI (Hankyoreh Economic Research Institute) where she contributed as Vice President and Research Fellow. Previously, Lee was the Chief Editor at Think Money, a weekly investment journal, and has worked at Daewoo Economic Research Institute as a researcher. Lee has conducted various research and development programs on cooperative associations, social enterprises, economics education, cases of corporate social responsibility and etc. Highlighted activities that Lee has led includes: - Researched for Seoul Metropolitan Office of Education s study on plans to enhance socially responsible procurement, Carried out Live together: Happy Economics Class, an education program to help disabled families to be self-reliant, Directed selecting best practices of children-friendly management for Save the Children and UNICEF, Contributed in making HERI to be funded by the Seoul City as an organization running social economy education programs in the first half of the year, Directed support/educational programs for public disclosure of social enterprises, 2013non- executive positions with many worker co-ops in their start up phase. Education - (Present) PhD candidate, Sociology, University of Liège - 06, Completion of PhD courses, Sociology, Hallym University - 03, Master, Sociology, Hallym University - 99, BA, French language, Hankook University of Foreign Studies Professional Experience - (since 2007) CICOPA - (since 2007) Centre d Economie Sociale, University of Liège Chuncheon Labour Welfare Center Social Enterprise Development Center, Korea Association of Self-sufficiency Support Centers Chuncheon Self-sufficiency Support Center Jaz CHOI Defuty Director, Urban Informatics Research Lab at Queensland University of Technolgy, Australia Jaz Hee-jeong Choi is the Deputy Director of the Urban Informatics Research Lab and ARC Australian Postdoctoral Fellow (Industry) in the School of Design, Creative Industries Faculty at Queensland University of Technology. Her research interests are in playful technology, particularly the ways in which various forms of playful interaction are designed, developed, and integrated in different cultural contexts. In her research, she has developed a new conceptual approach to urban sustainability that recognises play as the core of transformative interactions in cities as technosocial networks. Her current research explores designing and developing playful ubiquitous technologies to cultivate sustainable food culture in urban environments. She has collaborated with leading international researchers and published in books and journals across various disciplines, and given invited talks at major international conferences including the opening keynote at the 2010 UNESCO Creative Cities Conference. She is the Chair of ACM SIGCHI FoodCHI (Food Computer-Human Interaction) Community. She is the lead editor of the upcoming book titled Mixing Human-Computer Interactions with Human- Food Interactions to be published by MIT Press in Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 093

49 SESSION SPEAKERS Jong-Joo KIM(John Brown) Seoul Agro-fisheries & Food Corporation, New Business Dept., Korea Kudo KUMIKO Chairwoman, Nekodasuke, Japan Mr. Jong-joo Kim, Director of New Business Department in Seoul Agro-Fisheries & Food Corp. is an agricultural food expert with 30 years of experience, leading various activities to ensure food safety and develop healthy diets. This year, he carried out a project to provide vegetable garden boxes to Seoul Child Welfare Center, senior citizen centers, etc. He is also helping urban residents understand the relations between agriculture and food and restore their affection for the nature through ecology education conducted in weekend farms and other urban agricultural activities He will continue to strive to help Seoul citizens learn more about food through diverse food culture projects. Juwon LEE CEO, Toadhousing Inc. Social Enterprise, Korea - Education: M.A., Graduate School of City Real Estate, Sejong University - Ph.D Candidate, Graduate School of Urbanology, Sejong University - Employment: CEO / Toad Housing, Inc. (Present) - Executive Director / Seoul Urban Regeneration Supporting Center Kudo Kumiko, the Chairwoman of Nekodasuke, started carrying out a trap-neuterreturn (TNR) activity for cats personally in the neighborhood of her house in Shinjuku where many wild cats were living in 1995 and established Nekodasuke as a volunteer group with neighbors who conducted similar activities. With the expansion of community cat activities and growing confidence from such experience, the organization acquired the status of an NPO corporation in Since her appointment in the same year, she has served as the Chairwoman of the corporation, In 2003, she was appointed one of the first members of Tokyo animal welfare protection committee by Tokyo Metropolitan Area, and in 2009, she took office as the Chairwoman of the liaison council for making a village where people and cats live in harmony in Shinjuku of which secretariat is under the Shinjuku Public Health Center. Representing this organization, she is participating in local government activities or public-private partnership projects, such as Community Cat Seminar and Counseling for Everything about Cat, making efforts to promote awareness about practical measures for community cats. Particularly, she has provided active cooperation for the project, model plan for coexistence with homeless cats started by Tokyo Metropolitan Area in For past three years, she has contributed to designating 20 coexistence model districts including 4 districts in Shinjuku. The project is currently ongoing. The first CEO of urban regeneration social enterprise in Korea, and the Executive Director of Seoul Urban Regeneration Supporting Center CEO Lee Ju Won acquired an MA at Graduate School of City Real Estate, Sejong University and is now a Ph.D candidate in Urbanology at Sejong University. As a civic activist, he has pioneered the field of urban regeneration in civic movement, and is now acknowledged as an expert in this field with a significant influence. Followings are his representative writings: - Who can enter the apartment, new Town! Knowledge is power, an Alternative Model for Residential Environment Improvement of Low-rise House Residential Area: Combination of Public Sector Development and Maintenance Control, a Study on the measures of village-type housing welfare connection based on village community project: focusing on Sansae Village, Sinsa-dong, Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul, Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 095

50 SESSION SPEAKERS Michael K. HANSEN Ph.D., Senior Scientist, Consumers Union, Policy and Advocacy Division of Consumer Reports, USA Michel ROHART Director, AGF Scop Enterprises(Regional Union Scop Rhone Alpes), France Michael K. Hansen Ph.D., a Senior Scientist with Consumers Union, Policy and Advocacy Division of Consumer Reports, currently works primarily on technology and food safety issues. He has been largely responsible for developing CU positions on safety, testing and labeling of genetically engineered food and mad cow disease. Since 2003, he has worked on a multi-state effort to ban the use of food crops to produce pharmaceutical drugs and industrial chemicals. Dr. Hansen has testified at hearings in Washington, D.C., many states, and Canada, and has prepared comments on many proposed U.S. governmental rules and regulations on food safety issues. He also represents Consumers International, a federation of more than 220 organizations in 110 countries, at Codex Alimentarius and other international fora on issues. Dr. Hansen speaks on CU s concerns on mad cow disease, GMOs, pest management, and antibiotics in animal feed, at meetings and conferences throughout the world. He is widely quoted in the media. Dr. Hansen served on the USDA Advisory Committee on Agricultural Biotechnology from , and on the California Department of Food and Agriculture Food Biotechnology Advisory Committee, from He was appointed to a FAO/ WHO Joint Consultation on Genetically Engineered Animals in 2003 and to a second FAO/WHO Joint Expert Consultation of Safety of Genetically Engineered Animals in He also served as an international expert on recombinant bovine growth hormone for a February, 1998 meeting of the FAO/WHO Joint Expert Committee on Food Additives. In June 2005, he joined the Board of ETC Group, previously known as RAFI. After a university curriculum in History, economic and urban Geography, Michel ROHART started his professional life in a cooperative company, being one of its founding members and working as Advisor in land settlement. He later joined the French Ministry of Work, and then a real estate development company, firstly for operational mission, then as associate director, leading regional activities in Rhône- Alpes. He then founded with three other partners a real estate development group. In 1992, he comes back to the cooperative world joining the cooperative company SADAG, as Chief Financial Officer, in charge of the company s reorganization. He soon became a member of its board of directors. In 1994, he joined the Regional Union of cooperative companies team of consultants, taking care of cooperative buyout operations, and accompanying the first activity and employment cooperatives (CAE). He became in 2005 Chief Executive Officer of the Regional Union (12 employees, 220 cooperative members back then) and launched the application of the development plan settled by the Union board of directors, based on 3 main themes: advising and supporting the cooperative members, developing the CAEs and the cooperative buyout operations. On September 30th 2013, the Regional Union of Cooperative Companies counts up 351 cooperative members, and a team of 24 employees. Dr. Hansen received his undergraduate degree with Highest Distinction from Northwestern University and his doctorate in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology from the University of Michigan. He did post-graduate study at the University of Kentucky on the impacts of biotechnology on agricultural research. 096 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 097

51 SESSION SPEAKERS Miyea OH Chairperson, icoop Consumer Activities, Korea Namkyung JANG Professor, Hansei University, Korea Academic background - Graduated from Sookmyung Women's University German Language and Literature (1983) Main career - Former executive director of Goyang icoop - Former president of icoop Korean Agriculture Protection Mutual Aid Society - (present) President of icoop Consumer Activities - (present) Standing representative of Korea Social Economy Network Started cooperative activities in earnest in 1998 by participating in the Byeollae Coop Preparatory Committee in Seoul. Being the head director of Goyang Coop from 2005 to 2010, have worked for spreading of cooperative movement by collaborating with cooperative members and communities. Contributed to mutual aid between cooperative members and producers and tried to protect Korean agriculture as the president of icoop Korean Agriculture Protection Mutual Aid Society from 2008 to 2010 Currently leading various activities to improve our society along with 180,000 members across the nation as the president of icoop Consumer Activities. Dedicating herself to the development of Korean cooperative movement and social economy as the standing representative of Korea Social Economy Network which is the standing solidarity organization of cooperatives and social economy in Korea, and was organized in In the icoop Korea session, she will introduce icoop Korea's activities and performances for the development of social economy, such as social sharing of the infrastructure built by icoop Korea for co-development and co-growth of social economy as well as cooperatives and collaboration with universities in order to nurture cooperative researchers, based on her long-term activities in icoop Education B.A. in Fashion Design, 1991 Ewha Womans University, Seoul, South Korea M.A. in Fashion Design, 1993 Ewha Womans University, Seoul, South Korea Ph.D in Fashion Design, Fashion Product Development, Fashion Branding, 2001 University of Missouri Columbia, Dept. of Textile & Apparel Management Employment Non-executive Director / Fair Trade Korea, Inc., Editorial staff / TIN News Director / The Korean Society of Fashion Design Director / The Korea Fashion & Culture Association Professor / Hansei University, Division of Design, Present Started with studying fashion design and acquired Ph D in fashion product development Registered in Marquis Who's Who in the World, NJ, USA (2007) Published over 50 articles in domestic and foreign journals including The Journal of Textile Institute, The Journal of Fashion Marketing & Management, etc. Participated in over 60 domestic and foreign exhibitions including Gwangju Bienale, International Fashion Art Exhibition, Hong Kong Fashion Week, MODA Prima, etc. Conducted various academic research related to ethical fashion including working model based on the review of the overall process of a product and fair trade and also suggested experimental and commercial fashion design. At this forum, Professor Jang will give a presentation on networking and certification of ethical fashion for its diffusion and clear settlement. 098 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 099

52 SESSION SPEAKERS Pierre MORRISSETTE Executive Director, RESO(Regroupement Économique et Social du Sud-Ouest), Canada Ramona RAMOS Regional Director, World Fair Trade Organization Asia, Inc., Philippines PROFESSIONNAL EXPERIENCES Since 06/2006 Executive director REGROUPEMENT ÉCONOMIQUE ET SOCIAL DU SUD-OUEST (RESO) Community economic development corporation (CDEC) commissioned by The City of Montreal and the Québec government to act as the Local development centre (CLD) to provide technical and financial support to small and medium businesses and social economy enterprises, job training and job seeking support for the unemployed, youth vocational and job seeking support and community advocacy on local urban development and planning issues in the Sud-Ouest Borough in Montreal. Yearly Budget : 4M$, 50 employees. ( 09/ /2006 Community development and social economy director Responsible for RESO's department providing technical and financial support to community groups and social economy enterprises. Management of the Social economy fund and a team of 5 development agents. 09/ /2006 advisor on community partnership and empowerment processes Coordinator of various community capacity and awareness building processes like public forums and community workshops on local development and urban planning issues such as the renovation of an abandoned industrial canal into a touristic attraction, a Casino touristic complex, the redevelopment of an old train building plant and rail yard, etc. 11/ /2000 Community development officer Providing technical and financial support to community groups and social economy businesses. 05/ /1997 Coordinator LOCAL ENSEMBLE FAMIJEUNES SAINT-HENRI (Montréal) Community centre supporting families with young children in a poor neigbourhood, providing daycare and popular education activities 09/ /1997 Research officer, coordinator and community organizer for various short term projects 09/ /1997 CHAMBRE DE COMMERCE DE SALABERRY-DE-VALLEYFIELD CONSEIL QUÉBÉCOIS SUR LE TABAC ET LA SANTÉ RÉGIE RÉGIONALE DE LA SANTÉ ET SERVICES SOCIAUX LAVAL FÉDÉRATION QUÉBÉCOISE DES CENTRES COMMUNAUTAIRES DE LOISIRS (FQCCL) 01/ /1993 Executive director COMITÉ D ÉDUCATION AUX ADULTES DE LA PETITE-BOURGOGNE ET DE SAINT-HENRI (CÉDA) (Montréal) Popular education centre. Budget : 750K$, 25 employees. 01/ /1990 Project manager PARC DE LA RIVIÈRE BATISCAN (Saint-Narcisse, Champlain) Planning and development of a regional natural and recreational park - Certified Public Accountant - Graduate, Bachelor of Science in Commerce - Polytechnic University of the Phils - 13 years of FAIR TRADE experience advocating FAIR TRADE standard and 10 principles, creating market for Fair Trade products, program development and implementation, FAIR TRADE Training, preparing organization for FAIR TRADE membership and certification; Skilled in easily building rapport with individuals from diverse cultures. - More than 25 years' management experience in organizational leadership and relationship building with clients and team members. - More than 25 years superior skills in systems design and development, operation, finance, accounting and audit; Skilled in easily building rapport with individuals from diverse cultures. - Regional Director, World Fair Trade Organization Asia Inc. since Managing Director, Filipininas Fair Trade Ventures for three years - Deputiy Executive Director, Advocate for Philippine Fair Trade Inc. for five years - assistant Vice President for Finance and Controllership/Chief Finance Officer in five private corporations for 15 years 100 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 101

53 SESSION SPEAKERS San KO CEO, TIDE Institute, Korea TIDE Institute and Fab Lab Seoul; Fostering entrepreneurship and shared fabrication laboratory - Educational Background : Master of Harvard University graduate school of Administration - Special Area : Science-technology, fostering entrepreneurship - Experience : Rep. of TIDE Institute - Researcher at Korea Aerospace Research Institute - Researcher at Dept. of Artificial Brain Development, Samsung Advanced Institute of Technology After obtaining his degree at Harvard University graduate school of Administration and finishing his duty as a researcher at Korea Aerospace Research Institute, Ko, San established a non-profit corporation "TIDE Institute" for fostering global entrepreneurship based on Technology at Seunsangga. (this is the name the place in Seoul) The purpose of TIDE Institute is to introduce information for new markets and the trend of high technology into the domestic market. It holds various events for fostering entrepreneurship, and sponsors an annual entrepreneurship competition named Star-Up Springboard throughout the world. Also, it opened Fab Lap Seoul, a Public-digital Factory (new business incubator) that helped small venture manufacturers to produce what they wished to make by 3D printer, laser cutter and CNC(Computerized Numerical Control) in April, The name, TIDE comes from the first initials of Technology, Imagination, Design, and Entrepreneurship. In this forum, we hope to share examples of creating public value and the directions of support for Social Start-ups on the basis of the experience of founding Fab Lap Seoul, a Public-digital Factory. Sarah DITTY Editor in Chief of SOURCE Intelligence and Strategic Director of Ethical Fashion Forum, UK Sarah is a leading figure in the Ethical Fashion movement in the UK and beyond. For over 10 years she has played a key role in driving forward fashion and sustainability, as a strategist, journalist, and speaker. SOURCE Intelligence is the premier B2B platform for fashion industry intelligence and sustainability, reaching thousands of fashion professionals globally. As Editor in Chief, Sarah heads up strategy and content, manages an international research team, and develops and delivers training internationally. Recognised as a leading thinker and expert on social and environmental issues in fashion, Sarah regularly presents at global industry events, as well as on TV and radio. Sarah is also Head of Policy for the Bangladesh Call to Action, uniting industry leaders to work together to build an ethical manifesto for the industry. As a writer Sarah has contributed to a wide range of publications from the BBC to CNN, Drapers, Fibre2Fashion, and Vogue. Prior to her role with the Ethical Fashion Forum, Sarah worked in management or strategic roles at Worn Again, Source4style, and Trading for Development, all of which are innovating best practice in the fashion business sector. Sarah holds a master s degree in Globalization and International Development with a focus on sustainability, international trade and political economy. Major Activity of TIDE Institute - to hold TIDE Academy - to hold TIDE Workshop - to run Fab Lab Seoul(Public-digital Factory) - to hold Start up Springboard - to hold GGOC : GrandGreen Challenge 102 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 103

54 SESSION SPEAKERS Seongon JUN (Johnson SG) Adjunct Professor, KAIST Technology Management & CEO, M Technology Business Group, Korea - Area of Expertise Technology Management - Employment adjunct Professor / Department of Business and Technology Management, KAIST (The Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology) CEO, Founder / Molecular Technology Commercialization Group Business Director / KAIST Innovation Center General Manager / Molecular Diagnostics & Imaging Initiative CTO / Daedeok Technology Holding Company Ph.D. / Engineering MBA / Business Administration Professor Seongon Jun studied material engineering (nano bio-electronics) in the United States and acquired MBA in the Department of Business Administration at Georgia Institute of Technology. As a founding member of the best technology commercialization group in Korea, he is now teaching convergence technology commercialization at the department of business and technology management while leading the technology commercialization group. His main interest is Connect & Business Development (C&BD) that discovers various convergence technologies in NT-IT-BT (nano-information & communication-bio) and connects to healthcare industry and creative industry. Recently, he is developing a sustainable technology commercialization model with public interest, having deep interest in creative cultural industry and youth business start-ups. Shuk Ying LAU, Teresa LIN Executive Director, L plus H Community Interest Company Limited, Hong Kong Teresa has extensive experience in banking and financial industry in the region. She is a veteran commercial and corporate banker with expert knowledge on strategic planning, supply chain financing and small and medium enterprises. Prior to her retirement from DBS Bank, she was North Asia Business Head, Institutional Banking Group; Vice Chairman and CEO DBS (China) Ltd. Teresa has held senior and/or director positions at financial institutions including Citibank, Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited and Dah Sing Bank. She was appointed Honorary Advisor of The Hong Kong institute of Bankers and Senior Advisor for McKinsey & Co. On services appointed by HKSAR she was a member of the Small & Medium Enterprises Committee, member of the Banking Industry Training Advisory Committee and a Lead Person of the Corporate and Commercial Banking Sector. On retirement she turned to philanthropy and is the Executive Director of L plus H Group of companies. She is responsible for strategic direction s and management of two social enterprises for job creations and craftsmanship retention. The charity foundation under management supports under-privileged children in Hong Kong. In support of music, she is the Honorable Treasurer and Director of Opera Hong Kong. Soojung HAN Producer Partnership Team Leader, BeautifulCoffee, Korea Seungok PARK Chairman, Seoul Citizen Solar Power Plant, Korea - academic background: Graduate from the department of French at Seoul University - Specialty: cooperative, energy-agriculture - Career: (present) head director of Seoul Citizen s Solar Power Coop (past) CEO of Civil Development - Senior researcher of Korea Democracy Foundation Writings - Common sense: Korea goes broke (2010) - What we eat after the party ends? (2007) - Sungkyunkwan University Business School - Fair Trade, Beautiful Coffee, Head of Producer Partnership Team - Conducted a project on quality enhancement and business empowerment of Nepalese coffee maker Main contents of the presentation The presenter has confirmed the potential of fair trade movement by means of social enterprises and development & cooperation NGOs as she has worked for Beautiful Coffee for 5 years. Why is a cooperative association important in farming community in underdeveloped countries? Cooperatives are the enterprises that are based on farming, and NGOs that defend the positions of farmers. Let us figure out how agricultural cooperatives are managed and how they need to be reinforced, and what kinds of challenges that they have until they start their businesses, by referring to the case of the coffee cooperatives in Nepal. 104 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 105

55 SESSION SPEAKERS Sung-Kee KIM SungKongHoe University Professor, SungKongHoe University Social Enterprise Research Institute, Korea He is a researcher and activist in social enterprise and cooperative area. He teaches in SungKongHoe University, and carry out the chairman of SE EMPOWER(social cooperative). He has published some books on social enterprises, <Community based Social Enterprises>(2013, Edited by Sung-Kee Kim), <Issues on Social Enterprises>(2011, Sung-Kee Kim) and so on. He has concentrated on the studies of action researches and training programs of action learning to search alternatives within the relative fields and has studied social economy and community, business model of social enterprise and cooperative, evaluation of social value and so on. Supawut Boonmahathanakorn Takeshi AKIBA Associate Professor, Ritsumeikan Center for Korea Studies, Japan Takeshi AKIBA graduated from Meiji University School of Political Science and Economics in He completed the doctoral course at Meiji University Graduate School of Political Science and Economics (majored in Cooperative Studies) in His research subject was Microfinance. Takeshi AKIBA has taught an organization theory of NGOs and NPOs at Ritsumeikan University since He also currently serves as a researcher of some co-operative research centers, as a NGO consultant, and as a Chairman of Nara City Volunteer Information Center Review Committee. He is a trustee of the Public Resources Foundation and a director of the Kyoto Green Fund. His research interests center on Management and Marketing of NPO/NGO, Cooperatives and Social Enterprises. He is an Editorial Board member of the Japanese Co-operative Societies and an Editor of Journal of the Cooperative Studies. He is the co-author of the Consumer Co-operatives Theory in the 21st Century-Type (2006; Japanese and Korean), Civil Activities in a Crisis: the front line of the Social Enterprise in Japan and Korea (2012; Japanese), and Learning Co-operatives(2012: Japanese). His papers has been published in many academic journals and magazines. Architect and Coordinator of Community Architects Network (CAN), Asian Coalition for Housing Rights (ACHR), Thailand Master of Architecture (Architectural Conservation) School of Planning & Architecture, New Delhi, INDIA ( ) Under the scholarship of Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) Bachelor of Architecture Chiang Mai University, Chiang Mai, THAILAND ( ) 106 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 107

56 SESSION SPEAKERS Toshio KIKUCHI Professor, Japan Organic & Natural Foods Association, Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan Yee Ching YEUNG, Noel General Secretary, Kwun Tong Methodist Social Service, Hong Kong Undergraduate Student, Institute of Geoscience The University of Tsukuba Graduate Student, Institute of Geoscience The University of Tsukuba B.Sc. Geography, 1978 The University of Tsukuba M.Sc. Geography, 1980 The University of Tsukuba D.Sc. Geography, 1988 The University of Tsukuba Assistant Professor, Department of Geography Faculty of Education, Gunma University Visiting Researcher, Department of Geography The University of Auckland (N.Z.) Associate Professor, Department of Geography Faculty of Education, Gunma University Associate Professor, Department of Geography Faculty of Science, Tokyo Metropolitan University Visiting Researcher, Institute of Geography Chinese Academy of Science Visiting Researcher, Department of Geography University of Sydney (N.S., Australia) Professor, Department of Geography and Tourism Graduate School of Urban Environmental Sciences Tokyo Metropolitan University Ms. Noel Yeung graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 1984, gaining social service experiences both in Hong Kong and Canada. A registered social worker and welfare administrator by profession, she has been working as the General Secretary of Kwun Tong Methodist Social Service since With her leading, the Agency is known to be a district based multi-social services agency serving the vulnerable through food bank service, employment projects, social enterprises, support service for grassroots families and community support service for students with special learning difficulties. At present, she serves as the Member of the Standing Committee on Public Engagement and Partnership and Member of the Steering Committee on Work In Mainland China of the Hong Kong Council of Social Service, Member of the District Welfare Council of the Social Welfare Department Kwun Tong District Office, Member of the Kwun Tong Healthy City Steering Committee of the Home Affairs Department Kwun Tong District Office and Board Member of the Pentecostal Lam Hon Kwong School. Youngdeok JOO Director, Cooperative Support Center of Hwarang Credit Union, Korea (present) (present) Committee member / Gyeong-gi Regional Cooperative Council auditor / Gun-po icoop. Happy Medical Cooperative, Resident Dure Cooperative Secretary-general / Ansan Cooperative Council Director / Ansan Medical Cooperative Director / The Federation of National Cooperatives national Credit Union Federation of Korea 108 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 109

57 Yu Jin LEE Planning Researcher, EnerZINE, Korea Lee Yujin is a researcher at the Energy & Climate Policy Institute. She currently works gives lectures and works on research and writing for regional energy policy. She believes that the local government needs to promote decentralized energy policy by energy demand management and distributed energy generation that raise its energy self-sufficiency. In 2011 she participated in the One Less Nuclear Power Plant policy of the Seoul Metropolitan Government, and now works as an assistant administrator on the executive committee. In Bucheon-si and Suncheon-si, Nowon-gu in Seoul, Wanju-gun and so on, she proceeded with the local government s energy planning and consulting. She also works as a co-director of the policy committee, Green Party of Korea. GSEF 2013 Secretariat Eun Ae LEE EXHIBITION COMPANIES C.E.O of Seoul Social Economy Center She graduated from Ewha Woman s University majoring in Social Welfare Studies both as BA and MA. She is now studying for PhD at graduate school of business administration at the same university. She had spent ten years establishing and managing Mixed Stakeholder s Day Care Cooperative. At the same time, she was promoting for amendment of Child Welfare Act and enactment of Infant Care Act under the mission called Giving Right to Work to the women, Right to Receive Protective Education. Confronted with the 1997 Asian financial crisis, she concentrated herself on Creating Alternative Works for the Jobless and Women without Family through Social Economy, thus pioneering in establishment of Social Enterprise Finance, Social Enterprise Business School and Conglomerate s CSR and Partnership at Work Together Foundation which is the main backup institution in Korea. In 2010, she established SEED:S corporation, encouraging the youth to become the main agents of local social innovation through social economy. She also participated in the works of Presidential Committee on Social Inclusion as an expert adviser and in TFT of Social Enterprise Promotion Act pushing forward with policy suggestions. From the beginning of this year, she has been in charge of the role supporting inclusively the social economy institutions and policies of Seoul. 110 Global Social Economy Forum 2013

58 EXHIBITION COMPANIES ASIA FAIR TRADE NETWORK(AFN) Tel Address 1F, Asia Fair Trade Network, 13-1, Seoulsup 4-gil, Seongdong-gu, Seoul Homepage Corporate CI AFN in lower case which is the acronym for Asia Fair Trade Network is in the circle of the symbol on the left. As you can see in the letters of the symbol, its visual motive is a skein of thread. A skein of thread is wound loosely round on itself in order to be loosened easily and be arranged well. It explains that AFN is an organization arranging complicated interests in the Asian trade like tangled thread. The symbol also represents the future of the Asian trade network which will be a harmonious community like a skein of thread by tying fair relations to other fair relations like thread. Four colors (dark green, bright blue, bright green, bright yellow) are used for AFN s CI. Dark green: balance, harmony Bright blue: improvement Bright green: freshness, abundance Bright yellow: benefit, energy Asia Fair Trade Network (AFN) is a fair trade social enterprise working with manufacturers in the Asian underdeveloped countries including Vietnam. It is a delightful playground which connects poor farmers with Korean consumers, and links the Asian fair trade organizations with the Korean civil societies. Mission Asia Fair Trade Network (AFN) aims at sustainable development and sharing of profits by eradicating poverty caused by unfair trade in Asia, through a social innovative business which creates a fair trade order. It is a movement protecting the dignity of man, and business arousing humankind s conscience. AFN tries to be a net knot of confidence and respect that ties manufacturers and consumers together, and makes the world better with self-reliance and dignity. Core Businesses - Preliminary fair trade social enterprise that puts in practice Vietnam-focused fair trade in Asia - an organization established by CEO Gangbaek Lee, the former secretary general of Beautiful Store which brought fair trade products for the first time in Korea, by combining with the Korean social enterprise, A-MAP in Vietnam - March, 2012 Visited the cashew nut manufacturer cooperative, passion fruit manufacturer cooperative and mango manufacturer cooperative in Vietnam - From May, 2012 Imported and distributed Bình Phước cashew nut and tea (black tea) cultivated by a minority race in the northern mountainous region in Vietnam - July, 2012 Launched fair trade cashew nut - Early October, 2013 Launched Kenyan brewed coffee - Early and mid-november, 2013 Planned to launch Vietnam MAROU chocolate Directory 113

59 EXHIBITION COMPANIES Association of Korean Local Governments for Social Economy and Solidarity Tel Address Bldg #21, 5 Nokbeon-dong, Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul , South Korea Beautiful Coffee Tel Address 5F, 225-5, Yongdap-dong, Seongdong-gu, Seoul Homepage The Association of Korean Local Governments for Social Economy and Solidarity is a membership organization which consists of 27 local governments (Si, Gun, Gu) in Korea. The mission of the Association is to foster social economy as a strong policy agenda and to develop a cooperative network among local governments for the benefit of local communities as well as Korean society. The Association was established in March 2013, based on Article 152 of Local Autonomy Law, and the membership is voluntary. The current president of the Association is Chung Yeap Rym, Mayor of Wanju-gun, and seven mayors of other local governments serve as vice presidents and a general secretary. The current members of the Association are : Seongbuk-gu, Dobong-gu, Nowon-gu, Eunpyeonggu, Seodaemun-gu, Gangseo-gu, Geumcheon-gu, Gangdong-gu in Seoul; Seo-gu in Daegu; Nam-gu, Namdong-gu; Bupyeong-gu in Incheon; Gwangsan-gu in Gwangju; Yuseong-gu in Daejeon; Dong-gu in Ulsan; Suwon-si, Bucheon-si, Gwangmyeong-si, Osan-si, Siheung-si, Seongnam-si in Gyeonggi-do; Hongcheon-gun in Gangwon-do; Asan-si, Nonsan-si, Seocheon-gun in Chungcheongnam-do, Naju-si in Jelloanam-do; and Wanju-gun in Jellabuk-do. Brand name: Beautiful Coffee Type: nonprofit foundation/social enterprise Mission: Using trade that worsens poverty, as a means of eradicating poverty We try to use the current trade, which deepens poverty, as a means of eradicating poverty through Fair Trade. We think that the unfair trade structure preventing the poor from emerging from poverty is one of the main causes of poverty. We believe that if trade is fair, it can be a great means of distributing wealth and solving poverty. To eradicate poverty through trade, we try to support marginalized producers selfreliance through partnership based on communication and respect, raise questions about unfair trade structure and corporate practices based on the support of consumers and citizens, and prove that we can realize righteous and sustainable business as a pure fair trade. Core Businesses 1) Distribute fair trade products to about 1,300 online and offline stores - Brewed coffee brand Gift : A gift from Himalayas, A gift from Andes, A gift from Kilimanjaro - Organic fair trade brand Equal : Equal Americano Black/Sweet, Equal Chocolate Real Dark/Sweet Dark - Others: fair trade coffee mix mocha, honest hot chocolate (10T/20T) 2) Core activities supporting the area of coffee production Business Name Period Contents Social Premium (community development fund) 2010~present Provide Gulmi Nepal, Naranjillo Peru and Gumutindo Uganda cooperatives with social premium Support sapling equipment 2009~2010 Provide coffee sapling to increase the income of farming families in Nepal Support some of the costs of purchasing cooperative vehicles for coffee transportation and visit to village Rebuild schools 2009~2010 Provide scholarship 2009~2011 Rebuild Kalika school in Pidim, Nepal the area of black tea production Gulmi cooperative (2009) Provide KTE (Kanchenjangha Tea Estate) scholarship (2011) Coffee quality improvement project 2011~ Provide coffee producers in Gulmi cooperative with training on coffee quality (method of cultivation, cupping, etc) 114 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 115

60 EXHIBITION COMPANIES THE BIG ISSUE KOREA BOOKFARm Tel Address 2F, 76 Dangsan-dong, 1-ga, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul Homepage Tel Address Haenuri Town 8F, Sinjeong-dong, Yangcheon-gu, Seoul, South Korea Homepage THE BIG ISSUE KOREA. Just You Read, Change the World. The Big Issue, a social entertainment magazine that helps homeless people lead a life of their own, started its publication in The magazine is published by young volunteers and talent donors and sold by the homeless. Around the world, 120 member companies in 40 countries including U.K., Japan, and Australia share articles and contents for the magazine targeting women in their 20s or 30s. Overall aspects of popular culture including star stories, life and thoughts of the young generation in their 20s and 30s, movie, book, performance and alternative lifestyle are featured in the magazine. Celebrities donate their talents for the publication of the magazines. Core Businesses The Big Issue vendors are homeless, who decided to come out in the world to stand on their own feet. They are vulnerably housed people who want to communicate with the public and get a rental house and a job with the money they make from selling the magazines so as to earn their own way and return to the society successfully. Our vendors are selling the magazines in 50 areas in downtown Seoul and the areas keep expanding, centering on places, where young people in their 20s and 30s gather, such as major subway stations and university towns. Meeting our readers in person, the vendors become independent emotionally as well as financially. Readers stop and talk to our vendors amid their busy life and encourage them. The Big Issue vendors work voluntarily demonstrating the potential of the homeless. Book Farm was incorporated based on our aspiration to play a part in making society where people can read whenever and wherever they want. The company develops goods and services that induce people to read books and carries out many book culture activities in an effort to help them feel closer to books. Core Businesses The reading tent is a product targeted towards children aged between 3 and 7, an age group where children are known to develop their reading habits. The idea of the reading tent came out after a close observation of children. Our discovery led us to believe that children love to have a secretive and cozy space of their own even if the space is a bit dangerous and even unsanitary. The reading tent, which is equipped with functions that increase children's familiarity with books, will help children develop their reading habits. In addition, the reading tent is structured in a way that children can easily change the shape of their own space. Many of us have experiences of creating our own space using cardboard boxes from childhood. The reading tent is made of double-layered corrugated cardboard and is stronger and safer than other cardboard materials. Also, cardboard is a recycled material for nature. It will not only allow children to decorate the space using creativity, but also help them develop good reading habits. 116 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 117

61 EXHIBITION COMPANIES SOCAR eco11 Tel Address 4th floor, I.O Bldg , Seogyo-dong, Mapogum, Seoul Korea Homepage Address Seocho Creative Hub Center, 114-3, Banpo-dong, Seocho-gu, Seoul Homepage SOCAR is a social venture company which provides economic and ecofriendly car sharing service and therefore proposes a flexible and reasonable alternative for the use of automobiles. It relieves the economic burden of owning a car by social approching of sharing ecomomy. It improves the traffic condition and helps enlarging the parking space by decreasing the need for owning a car. Energy reduction in sustainable methods and solutions to air pollution through the decline in traffic need. Core Businesses SOCAR provides a convenient and reasonable car-sharing service to people. A car-sharing is a service that people can rent a car for the time they want per hour from residential streets or places where it is easy to transfer. SOCAR is Cost-effective : use a shared car only as needed by 10 minute. Convenient : access to lots by walk or public transportation. Easy : join and drive within 5 minutes. eco11 is an environment-style preliminary social enterprise in the urban agriculture sector. eco 11, founded by 11 people, promotes its business with the following long-term visions in order to solve urban problems based on the plural values of urban agriculture. Run a community-centered urban agriculture social enterprise which First, Spreads social entrepreneurship by creating jobs in urban agriculture Second, Strives to enlarge opportunities of education and training on urban agriculture, to study to develop resource-recycling urban agricultural methods, to provide CSR-donated vegetable gardens and to develop school farm programs and eco-friendly agricultural tools and materials Third, Supports anyone to easily tend various forms of vegetable gardens adapted to each one s conditions. Core Businesses Product 1 Good Soil Eco-friendly culture soil called Good Soil contains nutrition required for any kinds of plants. Mainly composed of cocopeat, vemiculite, bottom ash and sintering red clay, it helps plants to possess nutrient better and promotes their physical condition so that it creates the ideal conditions for growing plants. It can prevent various physiological disorders by technically mixing handpicked materials and prescribing antibacterial materials. It can be used easily for repotting and no more materials are required for reporting than the soil. We try to create healthy and pleasant growth and development environment by manufacturing the ideal artificial soil for farm products. Product 2 Microorganism for compost, compost cafe It is a fermented microorganism fertilizer which is made by adding and fermenting zymogen and antagonistic microorganism in coffee waste. It contains a lot of useful microorganism because it goes through a postmaturity process after fermentation process. It significantly stimulates growth and development of plants, improves physical chemical properties and stabilizes soil organism. Since it has antagonistic microbe, it restrains pathogenic bacteria and some harmful insects such as snail. It stimulates the effect of organic fertilizers and decomposition of immature organism, and relieves salt stress. It can decompose heavy metal (chrome, cadmium, lead) in soil. Product 3 CSR program, Smiling vegetable garden We can customize CSR programs for each enterprise by making a box-type vegetable garden made of recycled waste wood with vegetables planted, and delivering the garden to community child centers or senior welfare centers. Corporate 1 Contribute to the society effectively at a low cost 2 Build an eco-friendly corporate image 3 High satisfaction level of the programs 4 Good program for training freshmen 5 Available at any time, and also available indoors and outdoors Organization 1 High satisfaction level of the products 2 Available all year round 3 Reusable every year 118 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 119

62 EXHIBITION COMPANIES Ethical Fashion Network Ethical Fashion Network Tel Happy Dosirak Social Cooperative Tel ~6 Address 2F, Inhwa Bldg, , Hapjeong-dong, Mapogu, Seoul Homepage Ethical Fashion Network Five social fashion enterprises, which are realizing social values such as ethical production, fair trade, eco wedding, and recycling, gathered to establish the network in INTENT To seek developmental direction between the social enterprises in the ethical fashion network and create foundation for the creation of the ethical fashion ecosystem by making an effort for consumer spending revitalization. GOAL We will convey the contents and meaning of ethical fashion to the citizens, and cooperate for the development of the ethical product and service market. AFFILIATED GROUP - Orgdot: clothing made of recycled fabric - Sewing for the soil: eco wedding dress and baby products - Fair Trade Korea gru: fair trade products - Reblank: up-cycling bags and accessories - Cornsox: socks made of corn thread Started Happy Dosirak Social Cooperative in February, 2006 (29 Happy Dosirak centers across the nation, as of June, 2013) (started as a social contribution activity of SK Group) August, 2012 Held Happy Dosirak Social Cooperative s general meeting of initiators November, 2012 Held Happy Dosirak Social Cooperative s inaugural assembly January, 2013 Authorized as Happy Dosirak Social Cooperative (No. 1) April, 2013 Designated as a donation organization by the Ministry of Strategy and Finance Core Businesses 1. Provide meals to poorly-fed neighbors (free lunch box for poorly-fed children/the elderly, mass feeding in community child center, etc.) 2. Lunch boxes for events (provide price- and consumer-customized lunch boxes) 3. Catering services (various product compositions by seasons/prices, refreshments also available) 4. Consigned institutional feeding (run the cafeterias of corporate and public organizations on consignment) 5. Provide food supplies (provide food supplies to the cafeterias of corporate and public organizations) Happy Dosirak Social Cooperative is the first social cooperative that was established to improve the quality of mass feeding provided to poorly-fed neighbors and the competitiveness of our cooperative members. We conduct various businesses in order to enhance the quality of mass feeding, not just solving the feeding problems in the community. We try to improve the quality of mass feeding and raise economic feasibility of cooperative members by stably purchasing healthy food supplies and by reducing costs through group purchase. We are developing menus and recipes to provide poorly-fed children and senior citizens with balanced nutrition through a research and development project. We also provide the qualified results of our research and development projects to the organizations in need of the results. We secure the fundamental competitiveness of our members by enhancing their core abilities through our training programs, and provide educational programs required for the community such as a child nutrition training program in order to enhance the quality of mass feeding in the community. 120 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 121

63 EXHIBITION COMPANIES Inspect Social Welfare Cooperative KOREA HOUSING CO-OPERATIVE Tel Address 4F, Social Enterprise Hub Center, 80-8, Jongamdong, Seongbuk-gu, Seoul Homepage Tel Address 52, Eunpyeong-ro 21-gil (Nokbeon-dong), Eunpyeong-gu, Seoul Homepage Inspect Social Welfare Cooperative is a self-help welfare community in which working mothers among the vulnerable, such as single mother, single parent, careerinterrupted woman, pursue coexistence of childcare and work. We dream of hopeful days when children will become the hero of the future society by creating jobs through social enterprises and sharing with local communities. In the traditional welfare system, the patron supporting finance and volunteers and companies supporting talents caught and gave fish to the welfare beneficiaries. However, Inspect Social Welfare Cooperative is a multiple stakeholder cooperative, in which the vulnerable working mothers as well as all people participating in the traditional welfare have joined as its members, and helps its members catch fish on their own to be self-reliant. Core Businesses Entrusted with call center and other various services by enterprises and public institutions Sell used clothing donated by general people and the cooperative members Manufacture and sell handmade tea, and traditional herbal tea and extract by using fruit and medicinal herb Korea Housing Co-operative has been holding monthly forums to study examples and theories related to housing coop since September At the event of the general meeting for establishment in June 2013, we started the activities to seek for solution for Korea s housing problems. Korea Housing Co-operative was initiated by professionals with various backgrounds including co-op experts, professors and researchers of housing and real estate studies, professional engineers in construction, civil organization specialists and so on. We were also advised and educated by several organizations such as Seoul City, research institutes for national policy, and civil groups. Abiding by the definition, values, and principles of a co-op proposed by the ICA (International Cooperative Alliance) and the cooperative spirit of helping each others, we are providing a basis for housing consumers to retain safe, beautiful, and environment-friendly house at a reasonable price. This can be accomplished through independent, self-reliant, and self-governing co-op activities. Furthermore, we expect to contribute to raising the value of interdependence among the community, conserving the sustainable ecosystem, and making an economic environment where entities can co-prosper based on humanism. We would like to suggest a new paradigm for our members to solve Korea s housing issues in a cooperative way by providing a new culture of housing supply which is economic and collaborative. Core Businesses - Housing Development: a consumer-participative program after seeking co-op members publicly. (At present, we are promoting Bulgwang-dong Cooperative Housing Pilot Program.) - Housing on Rented Sites Plan: a plan to develop public and private housing on rented sites - Consulting on Cooperative Housing Development: provide project management of cooperative housings (assessing business feasibility, advising on operation, and CM etc.) - Consulting on How to Support Future Residents: consult and coordinate the activation of future residents community. - Research Service: conduct policy development and research service related to establishment of a research institute for housing, and facilitation of housing cooperatives. - Education and Public Relations: run periodical forums, Eun-pyeong forum, and educational programs for residents and co-op members. - Support for Co-op Members: provide professional consultation of diverse disciplines - law, tax, planning, design, construction, supervision, and housing finance, etc. 122 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 123

64 EXHIBITION COMPANIES Korean Social Investment La Fontaine Bakery & Café Tel Address 7 Supyo-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul Korea Homepage Tel Address Hanmaeum Welfare Foundation, , Hwagok 8-dong, Gangseo-gu, Seoul Homepage Korea Social Investment is a foundation established with the object of contributing to sustainable welfare and regional development through social finance Its vision is Finance that Invests in a Sustainable Future, and we will contribute to inclusive and virtuously cyclical development of our society Our foundation has managed Seoul Social Investment Fund, the first private-public joint social investment fund in Asia, assigned by Seoul Metropolitan Government Seoul Social Investment Fund is the financial resource for the purpose of public interest to improve the quality of its social members communal life and promote people s welfare It virtuously circulates the fund in the way of investment and loans to solve social problems without the additional budget of the government and citizens. In the long term as a financial resource it aims to tackle the social issues such as welfare, environmental and cultural problems Core Businesses Korea social investment takes a role of a pioneer in a social finance sector with those main businesses 1) Support social enterprises and others - Make investment and loans to social enterprises, corporates, non-profit organizations and others - Provide sustainable social services and create jobs 2) Treat pending social issues - investments and loans to support business expenses to solve pending social issues and support businesses through affordable non-profit organizations - Find proper ways to mitigate massive social problems base on the partnerships with Korean government and others 3) Improve vulnerable People s housing issues - improve the quality of vulnerable people's life through the management of tenement house construction projects and construction loans. - Contribute to housing welfare and promote social enterprises in the construction field. 4) Develop and apply the index of social value evaluation - Build up an expert networks to develop and apply the measurement indicators of social benefits. - Provide sustainable social services and create new jobs. 5) Diffusion of social investment concept - Share the perception related to social investments and social finance through the hosting of international conferences, surveys and research. - Raise social investment funds through the spreading of awareness about social investments. La Fontaine, meaning pure spring in French, is a Seoul-style social enterprise with the purpose of economic self-reliance and social integration by offering education and jobs to the mentally challenged and vulnerable social group. Core Businesses 1. Running a baking confectionery factory 1) Develop new baked goods: develop well-being menus for baking of various products with excellent quality 2) Produce and sell customized baked goods 2. Running a café Sell coffee and beverages 3. Offer jobs to the vulnerable social group and local residents 4. Vocational rehabilitation training and education 1) Train the mentally challenged, vulnerable social group and local residents to acquire the baking & pastry certificate 2) Provide the mentally challenged, vulnerable social group and local residents with the employment and barista training program in the local cafe 5. Provide a youth with employment training program as an organization participating in the donation training and education programs for the local youth Social Responsibilities 1. Create jobs for the mentally challenged, vulnerable social group and local residents 2. Train the mentally challenged, vulnerable social group and local residents to acquire the baking & pastry certificate 3. Provide a youth with employment training program as an organization participating in the donation training and education programs for the local youth Overviews of Social Finance It is a sustainable finance where funds are circulated to meet the demand for the creation of social, environmental and cultural values and the promotion of public welfare. - it raises capital through available financial services and pursues a virtuous cycle of funds in the way of investment and loans to solve massive social problems. - it utilizes social finance to perform social investments for the fundamental solution of welfare and social problems beyond of the scope of short-term and ex-post responses. 124 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 125

65 EXHIBITION COMPANIES Les graines MOTIVE HOUSE Tel Address 1st Basement, Building Joy, 644-2, Irwon-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul Homepage Tel Address Gongreung-dong, Nowon-gu, Seoul Homepage Les Graines means wheat berry in French. Les Graines became a seed for making many places that support the handicapped to be self-reliant. Les Graines was established in May, 2010 to help people with autism spectrum disorders to stand on their feet by hiring the handicapped as its main workers. Starting as Seoul-style social enterprise in 2010, it is also taking the lead in the improvement of perception toward the handicapped and in the creation of social values as it was designated by Seoul as an excellent social enterprise and certified as the Ministry of Employment and Labor social enterprise in May, Core Businesses - Bakery & Pastry Business Les Graines cookies are made by people with autistic disorders under the supervision of professional patissiers. its cookies are handmade as its all processes such as dough division, cookie molding and packaging, except for cookie dough-making and oven-cooking, are manually done. Motive House is a professional career education organization dedicated to help adolescents discover their unique values and dreams through playing. Motive House intends to refrain from a conventional adolescent career education which is aimed only at entering university or finding a job in a fast, accurate and efficient manner. We envision a career education which is at a slower pace; require more thinking and cooperation with each others. In order to achieve it, our programs are full of a series of questions. We ensure the students to more deeply think about life, find their own way of living, and come up with self-motivated career goals and plans. We believe that making one s dreams come true is not only about personal accomplishment, but also a process to complete oneself. Core Businesses <Main Program> Program to discover 6 dreams: YOU CAN FLY It helps plan one s dreams through exploring 6 desires to go, eat, meet, have, and share. - Running Les Graines cafe Warm-hearted space where you can enjoy flavored coffee and Les Graines cookies and bread at the same time <Other programs> Lecture: Dream Gallery Camp: Dreaming Together Camp Workshop: Growing Dreams Classroom 126 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 127

66 EXHIBITION COMPANIES NEMONE OTB CreativeS AARROW Ad Tel Address Social Venture Incubating Center Nemone, 8F, Haenuri Town, , Sinjeong-dong, Yangcheongu, Seoul Homepage Tel Address #401, OZ Building Seogyo-dong, Mapogu, Seoul Homepage Nemone is a donating social commerce with the slogan of Shopping the hope, that was established to build a delightful and interesting culture of donation. It is a leading ethical consumption culture that makes consumption be connected to donation by combining public interest-related marketing of enterprises as part of sustainable management with social commerce where consumers can buy products cheaply. As part of this, the service named Maet-eum (Tying) is an urban package business of Seoul city, which sells social economy enterprises products to its members for sustainable social economy, and convenient purchase of consumers who pursue responsible consumption. It suggests a new consumption platform to public organizations, nonprofit organizations, social economy-related organizations and corporate social contribution organizations which share the necessity of reliable consumption and have concerns about it. Core Businesses Maet-eum is a new distribution network which supplies social enterprises products to its members in order to boost social economy with priority given to public organizations, nonprofit foundations, social economy-related organizations and corporate social contribution organizations. It forms a structure of virtuous circle in the local economy through local network made by solidarity and cooperation of participating enterprises, and pursues social economy enterprises sustainable growth by helping them to secure self-reliance. - It promotes to use social economy products such as office supplies or refreshments for meetings, entertainment and events that are regularly consumed, through Maeteum. - Suppliers and consumers can realize sustainable social economy together. - It is possible to open a new market for products manufactured by social enterprises, village enterprises, cooperatives, self-support enterprises in Seoul, which had difficulties in using the existing distribution network. - Consumers can conveniently use the products of various social economy enterprises by ordering them once. - It is a membership network so that consumers can use the products of social economy enterprises at a more rational price. - It is possible to get easy access to the products of and information about social economy enterprises. Arrow Ads Korea is a youth ad agency which was started up by university students in We are expanding the business by introducing innovative ad items from foreign countries to Korea. Our Arrow Ads Korea Youth Support Program is contributing to job creation by training and employing young adults and teenagers left unprotected in the social blind spots. These workers are promoting commercial advertisements as well as public campaign. We have signed a business cooperation contract with organizations such as the Salvation Army and welfare centers. This accelerated the job creation for underprivileged teenagers and young adults, and enabled us to execute more public service ads along with commercial ads. Our goal is to expand regional offices in Korea and create more job opportunities. As of 2013, we have the head quarter in Seoul and a branch office in Busan. Other than the ad service currently being provided, we are developing new business areas such as producing ad materials, and implementing events. Core Businesses Sign Spinning arrow Ads Korea offers ad service for companies and organizations through an alternative outdoor adverting medium, sign spinning. This service is different from the conventional medium in that the message is delivered through a performance by a person using the ad material. We are the only agency which implements sign spinning in Korea and thus can provide scarce, unique, and differentiated ad service. Promotion and Event Execution Based on the various on-site experiences, we plan and implement commercial or public outdoor advertisements through diverse methods and integrated system. Our vast human resources pool is a competency to ensure flexibility when implementing promotions and events. With our young point of view which does not solely rely on theories, Arrow Ads Korea guarantees a new approach to ads and events. Ad Material Production For public and governmental organizations, we provide ad materials such as posters, displays, and hand-outs at a price lower than the market rate by collaborating with many outsourcing companies. As an agency that plans and executes ads, we provide services from producing, setting up or handing out the ad materials. 128 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 129

67 EXHIBITION COMPANIES Picture Book Writer Cooperative POSCO Tel Address 72-71, Seongsu 1-ga 1-dong, Seongdong-gu, Seoul Homepage Tel Address POSCO Center, 892, Daechi 4-dong, Gangnamgu, Seoul Homepage ntroduction Picture Book Writers Co-op is an organization aimed for the protection of picture book writers rights, interests and welfare. Through the cooperative movement, we promote the improvement of the members well-being, and balanced development of the publishing culture. Picture Book Writers Co-op supports the members with their picture books creation through continuous education and specialized management. Our business scope ranges from supporting online and offline picture book publishing, OMSU activities, and picture book contents for the public good and so forth. Core Businesses 1. Education Provides education, training, and information to the picture book writers - Helps and informs the writers of publishing - ` Offers basic and advanced education on picture book planning, publishing and copyright issues - Provides necessary support and information to create content 2. Cooperation with Co-ops Promote cooperation with other co-ops - Carries out work collaboration and cooperative activities with related cooperatives - Promotes co-marketing with other co-ops 3. Collaboration with the Local Community Activities in collaboration with the local community - Supports the small libraries in the area through book and author programs - Supplies illustrated content to the small local companies - Participates in the local events 4. Writer and Content Management Picture book writer and content management - Provides comprehensive management service to the members (offers tax, law, and writing advices) - Systemically manages copyrights through picture book content archive 5. Publishing and Copyright Export Book publishing and e-publishing - Publishes picture books with associated publishers and also in-house - Global e-publishing (supporting foreign languages) - Project publishing Foreign export of members content - Helps with exporting copyright (in alliance with a professional company) - Bids and hosts copyright export program funded by the Government 6. Infrastructure for writing and children programs Residency for writers - Offers work space for picture book writers (including studios, meeting rooms, seminar rooms, and office equipments) - Provides regular educational and participative programs - Expects the infrastructure to be facilitated due to the strengthening writer s community Picture Book Café - Makes the local community active through the picture book café - Runs vast programs such as storytelling with the picture book writer for kids and parents, picture book class, everyday and art product craft class etc. - Holds exhibitions and sells art products of the writers 7. Art Products Shopping Mall Online shopping mall that carries everyday and art products of the writers - Realizes diversified distribution through operating an online website to sell merchandise made by the picture book writers - Will run parents community programs utilizing picture book content POSCO is a national firm which was established by our people s desire. It has become the most competitive steel maker in the world after growing and developing along with the local communities since its foundation in 1068, and Pohang and Gwangyang city have also grown into the international steel city. POSCO declared its social contribution vision, for a better world, celebrating the 10th anniversary of its volunteer group in 2013, and has selected and is promoting its theme of global talent, community, environment of the earth, multiculture and cultural heritage for systematic social contribution. * global talent: local talent, scientific and technical talent, establishment of Asian talent network, fostering of sharing talents * community: sisterhood relationship, establishment of POSCO volunteer group, establishment of local infrastructure * Environment of the earth: running the largest volunteer group dedicated to ocean purification in Korea called clean ocean volunteer group * Multiculture: Creating jobs and providing language education programs for multicultural families to settle down and get on their own feet * Cultural heritage: Recovering and supporting cultural heritage from which we can learn our ancestor s wisdom and take it our wisdom of life In the initial step of its social contribution activities, POSCO focused on build infrastructure in the local communities. Then, it concentrated on volunteer and sharing activities by establishing its volunteer group and having sisterhood relationships with local communities. Currently, it is supporting disadvantaged people s self-reliance by providing support to the establishment of social enterprises as it judges that helping the local communities independence is the best social contribution. It helps the social weak and the vulnerable to be self-reliant by establishing 4 independent social enterprises including the first standard establishment for the disabled in Korea called POSWITH, POS Eco Housing hiring the local low-incomers, posplate and Songdo SE hiring North Korean defectors, and by providing them with jobs. In addition, POSCO divides most of its shares into NGOs to help them be independent, and integrated them into 3 enterprises including POSCO Humans (With Plus section and Eco Housing section), posplate and Songdo SE. The enterprises hire 752 persons in total, providing 448 vulnerable people (60% among the total employees) with jobs. In terms of support for social enterprises, it initially tried to build a sustainable self-reliant model by directly establishing self-reliant social enterprises. Currently, it adopts an indirect supporting method. It currently has social services such as 1 company purchasing 1 social enterprise s products in which 16 affiliates are participating, Multicultural social enterprise fostering business helping the multicultural families and vulnerable social group to start up a business or get a job, and Creative Hub Center creating a marketplace for cultural and educational social enterprises, which have good contents but have no market to sell them, to find a market, and based on this, providing good quality education and culture to the disadvantaged people in vulnerable areas with insufficient public education system. In addition, it helps local residents self-reliance in overseas regions through agriculture training center, children development center and Sending Saemaeul volunteers. In particular, it strives to establish a self-reliant village with 100 households in Vietnam. POSCO employees will continue to make efforts to volunteer in, share with and express its gratitude to the communities and to live together with the communities in the future. 130 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 131

68 EXHIBITION COMPANIES Seongsu Shoemakers' Union / Tel / Address #302, Seongsuillo 11 (Seongsudong 1ga), Seongdong-gu, Seoul Homepage 서울광역자활센터 Seoul Province Self-sufficiency Center Seoul Province Self-sufficiency Center Tel Address ( ) 43 Bongeunsa-ro, 114-gil, Gangnamgu, Seoul (2F New Building, Seoul Medical Center in Samseong-dong) Homepage <Mission> Seongsu Shoemakers' Union aims to be a co-op which is financially self-reliant by creating a competent hand-made shoes co-brand, KRIS JIN in the mid-long term. This is based on the shared workshop space for developing and manufacturing co-op s handmade shoes. We want to contribute to the local community by creating new job opportunities, achieving job security, and realizing social contribution through successful growth of the co-op and expansion of the membership. <Objectives> Seongsu Shoemakers' Union will try to play a part in the development of Korean handmade shoe industry. This will be realized by raising the self-esteem of the artisans and expanding the foundation to create premium products through organizing cultural programs and hosting field trips to the handmade shoes workshop. <Activities> Held photo exhibition, Hope of a small village, hands of the handmade shoemakers Participated in The 2nd Hope Seoul Buying Expo Participated in The 1st Co-op Expo Opened the co-op s retail outlet, Evergreen Hall ~ Hosting field trips to handmade shoes workshops, Sharing(Nanoom) program ~ Hosting visiting the co-op program ~ Planning mentoring and work experience program for adolescents Product and Business Overview <Business Overview> 1. Commercial Business a. International Export through the global network (i.e. E-bay and Rakuten) ODM export b. Local Expand distribution network of the co-brand Business collaboration through group buying, co-production, and joint product development 2. Business Collaboration Launched a new total fashion co-brand based on manufacturing shoes, handbags, purses, jewelries, belts, and apparels 3. Social Contribution [Step 1: Culture] Photo exhibition, Hope of a small village, hands of the handmade shoemakers [Step 2: Education] Field trips to handmade shoes workshops, Sharing (Nanoom) program [Step 3: Society] Vision Incubation Program for the socially isolated class to formulate a new vision. <Product Overview> Below are some examples of Seongsudong handmade shoes. These high quality products are created by Korean handmade shoes artisans. Regional self-support center is a social welfare organization specializing in providing selfsupport assistance, established with the approval by the Ministry of Health and Welfare in order to help low-income people with the ability to work to stand on their own feet. Starting from five pilot projects in 1996, the organization expanded its scope based on the National Basic Living Security Act effectuated in 2000, and now it has 247 regional centers across the country and 31 self-sufficiency centers in Seoul. They are carrying out self-support assistance activities aiming at creating jobs, increasing income, providing services beneficial to communities and society, and making society where social communities can flourish. Seoul Province Self-sufficiency Center was organized in November 2010 to enhance the effectiveness of self-support assistance projects by helping 31 regional self-support centers in Seoul to improve their competitiveness, developing and distributing new projects, devising and operating systematic training curriculums, and establishing support structures. Core Businesses What is a self-support assistance project? The project provides customized training and opportunities to work to low-income people with the ability to work whose income and asset are less than a certain standard (calculated based on the minimum living cost) because of various reasons including long-term unemployment or disease. In other words, the government and society help them to lead a life of their own by giving them a job, not unconditional benefits. What does the regional self-support center do? The center carries out diverse activities such as house repair (construction, interior design, installation of heating systems, etc.), nursing care, cleaning, bicycle and recycling projects, farming (organic, eco-friendly farming), car washing, food service (catering, delivery, processed foods, etc.), manufacturing of traditional crafts, sewing products, accessories, recycled products, furniture, etc. Recently, the center has expanded its scope of business into social services such as longterm care of the elderly, senior citizen care, afterbirth care, home nursing care, assistance for learning of the people with disabilities, and development of public markets for residents who want to be economically independent. Furthermore, the center offers a variety of job trainings and programs designed to help them become emotionally and psychologically independent, including capacity-building programs for those who want to get a job or start up a business, self-esteem enhancement programs, promotion of a sense of community, leadership development, family counseling, etc. - Korean paper art: Eco-friendly traditional crafts using light, durable and 100% natural materials - Macrame: Contemporary ornamental works such as broach, bracelet and hair accessories and Korean traditional ornaments by knotting - Yilang Yilang soap and natural soap making: Natural soap good for individual skin type and hypoallergenic and hyper-moisturizing soap that alleviates atopic dermatitis and skin trouble and improves skin regeneration and antibiosis - Sewing product: Bag, pouch, cotton sanitary pad, apron, wallet, etc. - Handcraft: Products for home and office interior decoration, napkins in various forms and colors, felt products, and accessories made of natural gemstones - Recycled products: Denim slippers with the function of controlling odor, absorbing sweat and restraining the propagation of germs, made of donated jeans and denim jackets (supplied to Korean Womenlink and Hansalim stores) - Quilt product: Door mat and slippers made of quilt fabric which is absorbent and soft, and accessories such as bags, etc. made using patchwork patterns 132 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 133

69 EXHIBITION COMPANIES Social Solidarity Bank SweeT Co-kkiri Tel Address 7F, Inseong Bldg, 7, Supyo-ro, Jung-Gu, Seoul, Homepage Tel Address 2F, 20-99, Changcheon-dong, Seodaemun-gu, Seoul Homepage Social Solidarity Bank is an alternative finance institution that creates social values through advocating for social economy. We support social finance such as microcredit, and select and facilitate social entrepreneurs. Core Businesses 1. Support for Social Finance Social Solidarity Bank strengthens the base of social finance market by providing integrated services such as financial support, education, seminars, and consulting through a social capital created to nurture social companies and businesses. 2. Facilitation of Social Entrepreneurs Social Solidarity Bank creates a start-up environment consisted of work space, fund, networking, and mentoring service to the youth preparing to start a social company. 3. Research & Development Social Solidarity Bank develops financial products demanded by social companies, and makes supporting model for participative social companies backed by social funding. We also propose plans for companies to achieve strategic corporate social responsibility. Sweet Co-kkiri Co., Ltd. is a youth start-up store that was established to contribute to youth s social self-reliance and to improve the quality of their life through 1) operation of café selling organic cupcakes and dessert 2) on-site vocational training program teaching practical businesses such as baking, barista and management 3) re-training for the improvement of work ability and specialty 4) program of supporting the disadvantaged youth s start-up and running of baking workshops 5) operation of youth community Sweet Co-kkiri Co., Ltd., founded by young director, is the 2nd store of the alchemist project. Core Businesses Cupcake We make handmade cupcakes using organic flour without using artificial dyes. We have 12 types of cupcakes, and also make customized cupcakes with special designs for events and gifts. Natural scone We make natural scones using organic flour, soybean milk and vegetable oil. It has clean and light taste, and we have walnut, chocochip, cranberries, black tea and green tea & adzuki beans scones. Nut brownie We make natural brownies using organic flour, soybean milk and bean curd without using animal ingredients such as butter, milk and eggs. It is moderately sweet with bittersweet taste of chocolate and flavor of nut. Cuor di Mela (heart of apple) It is an Italian cookie made of organic flour. We make it by boiling down apple and putting it in the heart of the cookie. You can feel better if you have a bite of this cookie. We make it by cooperating with an Italian friend who is working around youth camps across the world. Cookies We make cookies using organic flour. We have frozen cookie called sabre, earl grey cookies and green tea cookies that you can eat anytime anywhere. Sandwich We have ham & egg sandwich and tuna sandwich as a meal substitute. We make them like mother makes. We also have chicken sandwich using fair trade cashew nut and chicken breast. You can eat it for brunch. 134 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 135

70 EXHIBITION COMPANIES Actus Cooperatives THE RICE CAKE PRINCE Tel Address 6F, Sangkyung Bldg, , Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul Homepage Tel Address 19-4, Yangnyeon-ro 30-gil, Dongjak-gu, Seoul Homepage Actus, as a corporation founded in 2009, was willing to change into a cooperative in 2012 to make a more secure, humane, and fun place to work at. In 2013, Actus became a cooperative with 9 members and 4 non-members. We are striving to make an organization where people come first. Core Businesses The cooperative conversion process for Actus required much learning and training. We sought to find a way to make the education more entertaining, which resulted in a concept for a board game. After going through trials and errors, we created Let s coop, a board game for cooperative education that would appeal to Koreans, with alliance of an international partner, Co-opoly. As a result, it contributed to help people understand by participating and enjoying cooperative which was difficult to understand before. The rice cake prince is a social enterprise which provides 28 hearing-impaired persons with the opportunities of vocational rehabilitation and employment, and makes and sells delicious rice cakes. We help the disabled to learn how to live with the non-disabled in our society with bright and sound thinking and to stand on their own feet. Our vision is to help hearing-impaired persons to share trust, sharing and joy and to achieve their dreams. We will grow into a better facility in the community in order to help the disabled to share thoughts with and live together with the non-disabled. Core Businesses The rice cake prince is making various healthy and reliable rice cakes based on its principle of sanitation and cleanliness by using only Korean rice. It is a facility of confidence since it received ISO22000 certificate/ministry of Labor social enterprise certificate and is recognized as a facility with products manufactured by severely disabled persons and as a trustworthy rice cake facility by Seoul City. We will make more efforts such as strict food control to make people think that hearing-impaired persons can make more delicious rice cakes. 136 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 137

71 EXHIBITION COMPANIES TODAK-TODAK FINANCIAL COOPORATIVE Tel Address 2F, Work Together Foundation Building, 203-4, Donggyo-dong, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Korea Homepage YMCA peacecoffee cafetimor Tel Address 428-1, Dorim-ro, Yeongdeungpo-gu, Seoul Homepage Toto Co-op is an alternative social safety network by and for the youth, to comfort and empower each others. We have chipped in money to create the cooperative fund in order to provide microcredit loans to the members in financial needs. Our youth finance consultants offer consultancy to develop a healthy financial habit and recover economic self-esteem. Furthermore, we are experiencing the real value of cooperation and relationship as many small groups related to different aspects of daily life are being formed within the co-op. Core Businesses 1. Toto Co-op s Financial Cooperation - Microcredit, cooperative fund saving, financial consulting and education 2. Toto Co-op s Everyday Talent Cooperation - Talent sharing, voluntary works, stuff sharing, and small groups Members receive Todak seeds when they participate in talent cooperative activities, which serves as credit standards. Toto Co-op s financial cooperation such as loaning money is forming a virtuous cycle with everyday talent cooperation. This is meaningful because the youth themselves are being each others alternative social safety network. Café Timor is a company established by YMCA Korea based on the knowhow and experiences in East Timor fair trade coffee businesses, on-site social development activities and NGO establishment activities that YMCA Korea has continuously conducted since It aims to improve the livelihood of fair trade coffee farmers in a material way rather than just working for the economic values, and to promote and encourage good and ethical consumption with safe and fresh products. Core Businesses * Running a coffee academy Provide training on coffee, fair trade coffee, fair trade and ethical consumption to the vulnerable social group including single moms and children of families without parents, and prep entrepreneurs * Running a store Store under direct management (café Kkumaru, providing various citizen-participating culture programs as well as selling coffee and other beverages on the 1st floor and 3rd floor in the Children s Grand Park in Seoul) Consignment store (café Yettre, Café Yein at the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts. A good model of social cooperation, by entrusting management to social enterprises) * Catering Provide coffee with espresso machine, for various meetings, seminars and forums * Roasting and distributing brewed coffee It roasts East Timor s coffee beans imported by fair trade every day and sends them to cafes, organizations and individuals across the nation. Products * Brewed coffee tea bag (4.5g x15 packs) * Brewed coffee drip bag (7.5g x 8 packs) * Peace Americano (1.6g X10T) *Peace sweet Americano (5.5g x10t) * Whole brewed coffee beans 200g / Ground brewed coffee 200g Reason why peace coffee (East Timor s coffee) is special 1. Coffee that is not grown in the farms but is collected from the nature!! Rawganic coffee!! 2. Coffee that is manually sorted out after collecting ripe coffee cherries!! 3. Coffee that you can feel the pure taste since it is collected from the virgin forest!! Coffee without artificial cultivation such as genetic manipulation, agricultural pesticides and chemical fertilizers!! 4. Fair trade coffee that supports self-reliance of coffee makers and makes the world warmer!! YMCA Korea sends a practitioner to the manufacturing site to manage the coffee production and coffee quality along with coffee farmers, and contributes to the financial stability of coffee farming families by paying for coffee beans in advance through discussion with the farmers. 138 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 139


73 목차 2013 국제사회적경제포럼 147 참여도시 기관 203 라운드테이블참가자 219 세션발표자 253 전시참가기관 본책자의번역은 " 번역협동조합 " 에서도와주셨습니다.

74 참여도시 기관

75 참여도시 기관 교토시 (Kyoto City) 전화 주소 Public Relations Section , 488, Teramachi-Oike,Nakagyo-ku,Kyoto-city, Kyoto, Japan 홈페이지 일반개요일본의옛수도교토는삼면이산으로둘러싸인분지에자리잡고있다. 교토는 1,200년이넘는오랜역사를통해다양한문화가혼합되어있는곳으로, 일본인들의정신적고향으로불린다. 교토중심부의도로와골목은동서남북으로이어져격자무늬를형성하고있다. 니조성을비롯한유네스코세계유산총 14곳을보유하고있는교토는 2,000개가넘는신사와사찰이있는곳이기도하다. 길게뻗어있는산지와삼림이교토지역의약 4분의 3을차지하고있으며, 나머지 4분의 1에해당하는평지는황궁을중심으로발달한도시지역이다. 분지기후특성상교토는일교차와연교차가커서계절의구분이뚜렷한아름다운곳으로알려져있다. Directory 149

76 참여도시 기관 국제노동자협동조합 / 사회적협동조합연맹 (CICOPA) 이메일 전화 주소 Avenue Milcamps Brussels, Belgium 홈페이지 그룹에스오에스 (Groupe SOS) 이메일 전화 주소 7 bd. Voltaire, Paris, France 홈페이지 일반개요 1947년에설립된 CICOPA ( 국제노동자협동조합 / 사회적협동조합연맹 ) 는국제협동조합연맹 (ICA) 의부문조직이다. 회원조직들은노동자협동조합, 사회적협동조합및장인협동조합을대표하는각국의연합체들이다. 현재 31개국에 46개회원조직이있으며, 한국의경우, 한국대안기업연합회가 2008년이후회원조직으로가입되어있다. 사무국은벨기에브뤼셀에위치하고있다. 일반개요그룹 SOS(Groupe SOS) 는비영리사회적기업이다. 본기업은보건및사회복지, 아동권익과교육, 사회적 직업적포용, 저소득근로자를위한숙소, 지속가능한발전, 공정무역등을아우르며, 보건과주택에서부터실업에이르기까지모든형태의사회적빈곤을해결하고자한다. 이모든활동에서는본그룹의핵심가치인수혜자에대한존중을전달한다. 그룹 SOS(Groupe SOS) 는 1984년설립되었고, 현재직원이 1만 1천명이며, 수혜자는 1백만명에달한다. 연생산가치는 8억미달러이고, 사회적통합분야에서능력이검증된인재들이 30여개국에서활동하고있다. 임펙트포럼임펙트포럼 (the impact² forum) 은전세계사회적기업을양성하기위해기업주와정책입안자, 금융기관과함께빈곤과사회적배제를타파하고자시행하는일련의국제행사이자네트워크이다. 임펙트행사는혁신카르텔 (Le Comptoir de l Innovation, CDI) 이주최한다. 150 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 151

77 참여도시 기관 네코다스케 (Nekodasuke) 서울도시농업 전화 주소 도쿄도신쥬쿠구다이쿄쵸 홈페이지 홈페이지 일반개요특정비영리활동법인 (NPO) 네코다스케는동물의생명에대한옹호와보호정신으로사람과고양이가공생하기위한각종사업을통해동물과사람이더불어쾌적하게살수있는도시및환경보전에기여하는것을목적으로한다. 도시정비의추진이나환경보전을도모하는활동을펼치고있으며, 또한이러한사업을추진하는단체의운영또는활동에관한네트워크및조언과지원등을실시하고있다. 본단체는 1997년부터길고양이를구조하는자원봉사단체 네코다스케 를발족하여, 개인적인구조활동의네트워크화를추진한것이그시작이었다. 1998년지역개발활동을진행하고있는개인과그룹, 단체들이늘어나면서점차사무국기능이필요하게되었다. 이에 1999년네트워크회원이 350명을넘어서면서본격적인사무국의관리체제가필요하여특정비영리활동법인 (NPO) 으로서네코다스케를설립하여오늘에이르고있다. 네코다스케의주요사업은다음과같다. 회원및전국의동물관련행정부서를위한회보 홍보물제작발행, 인터넷홍보활동, 도내행정이나지방행정과 지역고양이세미나 또는 상담회 의협동개최, 전화및메일을통한지역고양이대책상담, TNR을위한포획도구대여그리고지역고양이대책과관련한각종의현장활동등이그것이다. 비전한국의도시농업은양적으로빠르게성장하고있으나도시농업을사회적경제로바라보고사회적관계로지속가능성을찾고자하는노력은미약했다. 우리는이번국제포럼을통해도시농업의다양한사회적경제적사례를찾아보고도시농업의지속가능성을사회적경제에서찾고자한다. 1회는도시농업분야가사회적경제로싹틔움, 2회는사회적경제로가지뻗기, 3회는사회적경제로꽃피우기, 4회는사회적경제로씨앗맺기, 5회는사회적경제로자손퍼트리기라는비전으로 5년을즐겁게사회적경제활동을할것이다. 주요사업분야에코11이주축이되어여성이만드는일과미래, 서울도시농업네트워크, 서울시농수산식품공사와함께국제사회적경제포럼을준비하는모임, 도시농업네트워크이다. 에코11은환경형예비사회적기업으로커피퇴비, 업사이클텃밭, 퇴비제조용미생물등자원순환형농자재를보급하고기업CSR 및학교텃밭프로그램연구하고있으며, 여성이만드는일과미래는여성들에게일자리를제공하기위해푸른원예사업단및자원순환학교를운영하고, 상암텃밭, 삼각지텃밭등다양한텃밭프로그램을진행하고있다. 서울도시농업네트워크는구단위지역별도시농부학교를운영하고텃밭강사를양성하여도시농업을확산하고있으며, 서울시농수산식품공사는지역사회도시농업활성화를위하여폐목자재를재활용한기부텃밭을만들어지역사회에보급하고, 도시농업분야사회적기업을지원하고있다. 에코11- 여성이만드는일과미래 - 서울도시농업네트워크 서울시농수산식품공사 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 153

78 참여도시 기관 동물과공존하는사회적경제네트워크 레가콥볼로냐 (Legacoop Bologna) 이메일 이메일 전화 주소 Legacoop Bologna, Viale Aldo Moro 16, Bologna, Italia 홈페이지 일반개요 < 동물과공존하는사회적경제네트워크 > 는반려동물및유기동물을위해노력하는여러사회적경제단체가뜻을모아결성한네트워크조직이다. 이네트워크에는서울에서활발하게활동하고있는반려동물의료협동조합, 동물행동치료사회적기업과같은사회적경제조직들과동물보호단체, 동물보호정책연구모임등이참여하고있다. 동물보호와지역커뮤니티, 사회적경제를공동연구하고있으며, 오는 11월 5일부터 7일까지서울에서개최하는 "2013 사회적경제글로벌포럼 " 에 동물과사람이공존하는동네 (Community for All life) 을주제로세션진행을준비하고있다. 네트워크소속단체소개 1. 우리동물생명협동조합 ( 우리동생 ) : 서울마포구지역주민들이모여직접설립한동물병원의료협동조합 Site : 일반개요레가콥 (Legacoop) 는국제협동조합연맹과 2006년 11월맨체스터 (Manchester) 에설립된가장큰유럽협동조합대표기관인협동조합유럽 (Cooperatives Europe) 의회원이다. 레가콥의연합구조는전국, 지역, 영토별단계로구성되어있는데, 각각자주적인법적지위를갖고있다. 이연합구조는자주적부문협회들로도나누어지는데, 각부문별활동에따라각자협동조합을조직한다. 레가콥볼로냐는에밀리아로마냐 (Emilia-Romagna) 의주요지역단위중하나로, 90억유로이상규모의생산가치를갖고있는관련업체 200개와조합원 500,000명, 직원 16,500명으로구성되어있다. 레가콥볼로냐의일부조합원들은사회, 소비자, 서비스관련시장의선도자들이다. 2. 은평반려동물커뮤니티 반반 : 서울은평구지역주민들이모여만든지역반려동물커뮤니티 Facebook : 3. 사회적기업폴랑폴랑 : 동물행동심리전문교육, 서비스프로그램을운영하는사회적기업 Site: Facebook : 4. 반짝반짝동물의료생활협동조합 5. 동물사랑실천협회 : 유기동물구조, 보호활동을펼치는전국규모의동물보호단체 (NPO) Site : Facebook : Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 155

79 참여도시 기관 레가콥에밀리아로마냐 (Legacoop Emilia Romagna) 이메일 전화 / 주소 Viale Aldo Moro Bologna 홈페이지 로컬리티 (Locality) 이메일 전화 주소 33 Corsham Street, London N1 6DR 홈페이지 일반개요레가콥에밀리아로마냐지부 (Legacoop Emilia Romagna) 는, 에밀리아로마냐지역의협동조합을대표해다양한분야에산재한협동조합과그자회사를결속시키는주요단체이다. 에밀리아로마냐지역은이탈리아에서가장많은협동조합이모여있는곳이기도하다. 이지부는총 1,500개기업을회원으로두고있으며, 조합원 250만명과직원 15만 6천명을비롯, 약 300억유로의생산가치를자랑한다. 이와같은현황은 1850년대에시작되어지금까지이어진일련의과정덕분이다. 레가콥에밀리아로마냐지부는이탈리아전역과모든경제부문 ( 산업, 농업, 서비스부문 ) 을아우른다. 각지역과지구에기반하여세심하게설계되고조직화된레가콥지부네트워크를통해협동조합에기반한문제해결방안을찾음으로써회원들 ( 생산자, 노동자, 소비자, 주민, 사용자, 소매업자등 ) 의요구에대응하고있다. 레가콥조합 (Legacoop Association) 은협동조합을대표해정부당국, 기타사업단체및노동조합을상대하는역할을하고있다. 레가콥의과제중하나는협동조합운동을촉진하는것이다. 본과제달성을위해레가콥에밀리아로마냐지부는최근협동조합운동홈페이지인 it를만들어, 협동조합에관심있는사람들과조합을만들준비가된사람들이더욱많은정보를얻어협동조합에관심을가질수있도록돕고있다. 이외에도경제및기업개발을위한구조상담과같은높은수준의서비스를협동조합에제공하여, 자체기업제도를검정하고혁신하는과제도수행하고있다. 조직소개레가콥는국제협동조합연맹 (International Co-operative Alliance) 과영국맨체스터 (Manchester) 에 2006년 11월설립된유럽에서가장거대한협동조합대의기관, 협동조합유럽 (Cooperatives Europe) 의회원이다. 레가콥조직구조는국가별, 지역별, 영토별단계로구별되어있으며, 각단계는자주적인법적지위를가지고있다. 또한, 이는각자의협동조합을활동영역에따라조직하는자주적인지구조직으로도나누어져있다. 레가콥볼로냐지부 (Legacoop Bologna) 는에밀리아로마냐의주요지역지부중하나로, 총 90억유로이상의생산가치와회원 50만명, 직원 16,500명을보유한 200개관련기업을대표하고있다. 이지부의조합원중에는사회, 소비자, 서비스시장의선도자도있다. 일반개요로컬리티는 DTA(Development Trusts Association 마을만들기사업체연합 ) 와 BASSAC(British Association of Settlements and Social Action Centres) 가합쳐져 2011년 4월탄생했다. 현재로컬리티는지역개발신탁, 세틀먼트, 사회적운동센터, 공동체기업인들을연결하는영국의대표적인네트워크로영국에서가장야심차고혁신적인지역공동체단체들이회원으로가입해있다. 영국전역에걸쳐 700개이상의회원단체가있으며 ( 잉글랜드에 450개 ) 로컬리티의운동을지지하는기타단체와개인이 3,000개이상있다. 로컬리티의비전은모든지역공동체의가능성을열어주는것이다. 우리는지역공동체구축및재건을중심으로실질적인변화를가져올수있는새로운기업정신을함양할수있다고생각한다. 우리는지역주민들이스스로의삶을주도하고, 그들이행복하고안전한삶을살아가며, 자부심과주인의식을가질수있는지역공동체를만들고자한다. 우리의목적은사회정의와지역공동체의자주성에기반한운동을전개하는것으로, 한지역씩변화시켜결국전세계의변화를이끌어내고, 사람들의참여를유도하며, 지역공동체에대한긍지를심어주고그들이사는지역을자랑스럽게여기도록하기위해헌신하고있다. 로컬리티의목적 우리의운동을대변하는목소리가되자 : 회원들의의견이정부의최고위층과기타의사결정권자들에게전달될수있도록한다. 회원들에게현재와미래를위한직접적인지원을제공하자 : 회원단체들의조직강화, 자산증대, 새로운거래기업확보를돕는다. 동료간학습을촉진하자 : 지역공동체단체들이서로교류하고경험을공유 학습하며도움을나눌수있도록한다. 공공부문과제3섹터는로컬리티를통해이렇게특별한지식기반을공유할수있으며각자의새로운성공사례및성과로부터학습한내용을전파하고지역공동체가스스로미래를책임질수있도록한다. 그러한경험을바탕으로우리가하는모든일에회원들이참여하도록함으로써로컬리티는공공부문과제3섹터에서혁신적이고영향력있는기관으로빠르게자리매김할수있었다. 더자세한정보는 을방문해주기바란다. 156 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 157

80 참여도시 기관 론알프스지방협동참여조합연합회 (AGF SCOP) 이메일 전화 주소 Union Regionale de SCOP Rhone-Alpes Immeuble Woopa 10 avenue des canuts Vaulx-en-Velin 홈페이지 일반개요론알프스지방협동참여조합연합회 ( 이하 AGF SCOP) 는다양한인적, 제도적, 재정적수단을통해론알프스지방의협동참여조합 (SCOP) 및공익협동조합 (SCIC) 의조합원을연합하고대표하며자문을제공한다. 또한, 협동조합의기업가정신을활성화하고, 협동조합들과그제도적대표간의교류를증진시킨다. 리츠메이칸대학교한국학연구소 (Ristumeikan Center for Korea Studies) 전화 홈페이지 일반개요한반도는동북아시아뿐만아니라세계안전과평화에있어서중요한위치를차지하는곳으로서세계의관심을모으고있다. 이러한가운데한일관계는예전의적대적관계를넘어지속적으로긴밀해지고있지만한편으로는심각한과제도드러나고있다. 그러나한일관계의긴밀한발전이한일양국에게불가결하고, 세계에서가장역 동적인발전을이루고있는동북아시아지역의협력 공동이라고하는미래의전망 이러한목표를달성하기위해, AGF SCOP는협동조합의설립 매수프로젝트의각단계에서전폭적인지원을제공한다. 우선, 전문가평가를통해아이디어와그실행가능성을검증한다. 뿐만아니라법적문의에대해답변하고, 협동조합운영의모든세부사항을마무리한다. 또, 자체보유한재정도구를통해다양한종류의프로젝트에맞는솔루션을제공한다. AGF SCOP는행정도구및영구적인모니터링 (permanent monitoring) 을통해모든협동조합원에게자문과지원을제공하고, 필요시적절한재정적솔루션을제시한다. 속에서한일관계는한층그중요성을더해가고있다. 본대학에서는법학부교수들을중심으로 1998년이후과학연구비보조금을받아 현대한국의민주화와법 정치구조의법사회학적연구 등한국의연구자들과함께대규모공동연구를수년에걸쳐진행하는한편, 북동아시아전문가회의 를시작하여현대한국에대해동북아시아지역과관련하여연구활동을실시해왔다. 2005년 6월, 현대남북한및한일관계연구의중요성, 그리고그긴급성을인식해종합적인현대코리아학술연구센터, 남북한관계의교육교류센터, 한반도이해를위 한지역사회에열린센터로서 리츠메이칸대학코리아연구센터 를설립하기에이르 2013 년 9 월 30 일현재 AGF SCOP 에가입한협동조합은 351 개이며, 직원은총 렀다. 5298명이다. 이는2000년이후 2배증가한수치이며, 이로써론알프스지방이프랑스에서최대규모의협동조합을보유한지역이되었다. 158 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 159

81 참여도시 기관 몬트리올시 (Montreal) 전화 홈페이지 일반개요세계의다른어떤곳과도견줄수없는도시통계적으로봤을때몬트리올 (Montreal) 은북미대륙에서 16 번째로큰도시이자프랑스어사용도시들중세계에서두번째로큰규모를자랑하는, 역동적인문화대도시이다. 400 년전에 500 km2크기의섬 ( 맨해튼 (Manhattan) 의약 10 배 ) 위에처음으로터를잡은이래, 현재는고풍스러운미와북미특유의효율성이융합된장으로서, 그가치와창조적에너지는시에입주해있는기업과투자자, 전문가들에게성공을보장하고있다. 놀라운수치들 - 주민 180 만명 ( 전체수도권지역주민은 360 만명 ) - 국제공항 1 개소 - 병원 10 개소및연구센터 210 개소 - 유학생 1 만 7 천명을비롯대학생총 16 만 6 천명 - 74 개의대학시설과전문대학 - 연간관광객수 1400 만명 - 객실총 2 만 4 천개의숙박시설 362 개 높은가치 - 지식, 창조성과혁신 - 친환경적개발 - 질높은삶과공동체결속력및포용성 - 민주주의, 형평성, 투명성과세계를향한개방성 전위적인개성몬트리올은 UNESCO 가디자인도시로지정했으며, 상상할수있는모든분야에있어서창조적이다. 태양의서커스 (Cirque du Soleil), 몬트리올시립교향악단 (Montreal Symphony Orchestra), 가수셀린디온 (Celine Dion), 감독로베르르빠주 (Robert Lepage), 현대무용단랄랄라휴먼스텝스 (La la la Human Steps), 가수레나드코헨 (Leonard Cohen), 밴드아케이드화이어 (Arcade Fire) 등, 수많은예술가와단체가몬트리올을기반으로활동하면서세계적인찬사를받고있다. 몬트리올은그외에도비디오게임이나애니메이션, 약학및의학연구와같은, 창조와혁신이주요성공요소인기타모든분야에서도두각을나타내고있다. 볼로냐대학 (The University of Bologna) 이메일 전화 주소 Floriana Naldi Largo Trombetti, Bologna, Italy 홈페이지 일반개요볼로냐대학은아마서양최초의대학일것이다. 볼로냐대학의역사는과학과인문학에있어위대했던사상가들의역사중일부분으로, 장구한유럽문화역사에있어서항상빠지지않고언급되어왔다. 오늘날우리가말하는 대학 이라는교육기관은 1088년볼로냐市에서문법, 수사학, 그리고논리학의대가들이법학연구에전념하면서부터구체적인모습을갖추기시작하였다. 볼로냐대학의명성은전유럽으로퍼져나갔고, 곧걸출한인사들의목적지가되었다. 그중에는교회법연구에헌신한피코델라미란돌라 (Pic-della Mirandola) 와레온바티스타알베르띠 (Leon Battista Alberti) 와같은저명한학자들과학생들도있었다. 니콜로코페르니코 (Nicolò Copernico) 는교황법을연구하던중에천문관측을시작하였다. 파라첼소 (Paracelso) 와라이문도드페냐포르트 (Raimundde Pegñafort), 알브레츠뒤레 (Albrecht Dürer), 성카를로보로미오 (St. Carl- Borromeo), 토르콰토타소 (Torquat-Tasso), 카를로골도니 (Carl- Goldoni) 등은모두볼로냐대학을거쳐갔다. 오늘날, 8만 7천명이볼로냐대학에진학하고있으며, 볼로냐대학은이탈리아에서가장인기있는대학으로거듭나고있다. 강의와과외활동은볼로냐를비롯체제나와포를리, 라벤나, 리미니지역에소재한총 93.4km2에이르는캠퍼스에서이루어지고있다. 총 33개학부에서 6천명의교직원이근무하고있으며, 이들은매년 1만2천여건의연구성과를올리고있다. 컴퓨터 7만대가대학네트워크에연결되어있고, 도서관시스템은 24만 4천여건의온라인정기간행물과, 15만건의전자도서및 5백여개의데이터베이스에접속이가능하도록되어있다. 국제적일수밖에없는도시 85 개소의영사관과대표단이있는몬트리올은해당분야에있어북미에서뉴욕다음으로거대한규모를자랑하는도시이며, 다음기관을포함한국제기관 60 개가본거지로삼고있는도시이다. - 국제민간항공기구 (ICAO) - 국제민간항공수송협회 (IATA) - 유네스코통계연구회 (UNESC-Institute for Statistics) - 세계반도핑기구 (World Anti-Doping Agency) - 벨기에브뤼셀 (Brussels) 에서몬트리올로 2008 년에이전한국제문화업무기관 (Institute of Cultural Affairs International) 다문화도시인종다양성은몬트리올의가장큰특징이며, 이는몬트리올의문화적, 경제적활력의원동력이되고있습니다. 주민 180 만명중 50 만명이상이소수민족공동체에소속되어있다. 160 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 161

82 참여도시 기관 볼로냐시 (Bologna) 사단법인씨즈 이메일 전화 주소 Piazza Maggiore, 6 홈페이지 이메일 전화 주소 서울시서초구반포동 서초창의허브 홈페이지 일반개요거주민 38만명과수도권인구백만명에이르는도시볼로냐는, 이탈리아중심부의전략적위치에자리하고있다. 1088년에설립되어세계에서가장오래된역사를자랑하는볼로냐대학이있으며, 현재 8만 7천명의학생들이수학하고있다. 볼로냐는이러한오랜문화유산과더불어, 교통의중심지역할을하면서물자와인력이드나드는교차로로써북이탈리아의주요경제도시중하나로손꼽히고있다. 또한볼로냐市에시민단체 ( 총 1,400개, 이중 400개는사회및보건단체 ) 가상당히많다는사실은시민들이열심히, 그리고효율적이며적극적으로참여한다는것을증명한다. 이러한시민단체들은시당국으로부터직 간접적인지원을받고있으며, 사회정책의주요원천이되고있다. 볼로냐경제의대부분은서비스분야가차지하고있으나, 농업및산업또한 패키징밸리 를비롯한기타여러산업단지에서대표적인분야로자리잡고있다. 볼로냐시의사회적경제는수도권내사회적목적을추구하는많은민간단체들과매우밀접하게연계되어있다. 이단체들에는자원봉사단체와협동조합, 사회적기업, NG-및재단들이있다. 볼로냐시사회적경제의규모뿐만아니라, 이러한민간단체들이사회적약자를적극적으로포용하기위해시행하는서비스와조정, 특정사업에있어매우중요한역할을하고있다는점에주목해야한다. 위단체들중약 500여개가볼로냐시당국과협력하고있는것으로추정된다. 목표 Seed:s는청년사회적기업가를키우며사회적기업의혁신모델을만들고미래를연구하는비영리사단법인이다. 시민사회자발성가창의성에기반한한국적이며지속가능한사회적기업의정착을위하여청년사회적기업가양성, 한국형사회적기업의발전모델개발, 사회적기업을위한시민기반조성, 사회적기업실천연구를추진하고있다. 주요사업분야 01. 사회적기업및청년사회적기업가육성 02. 시민기반조성및투자자네트워크구축 03. 섹터간자원중개 04. 지역화모델개발 05. 한국형사회적기업모델해외보급 06. 사회적기업연구및발전모델개발 162 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 163

83 참여도시 기관 샹티에 (Chantier de l économie sociale) 이메일 전화 rue Adam Montreal, Quebec H1V 1S9 홈페이지 ( 사 ) 서울사회적경제네트워크 이메일 전화 , 4404 주소 서울시은평구녹번동 5번지 21동 2층 홈페이지 일반개요샹티에 (Chantier de l économie sociale) 는퀘벡의사회적경제기반의필수요소이자새로운발전모델의핵심적인구성요소로서의사회적경제를도모하고증진하기위한독립적인조직이다. 샹티에는비영리법인으로서, 퀘벡의건실한사회적경제를구축하기위해주정부와협력하고있는다양한분야의주주들과함께일하고있다. 샹티에는기존네트워크와지역구조를기반으로다양한회원을보유하고있다. 샹티에의이사회는사회적기업네트워크 ( 협회와협동조합 ) 에서선출된 35 명의대표로구성되어있으며, 이들은각각다양한경제부문과, 도시및지방의지역개발단체네트워크, 노동과여성단체, 연구공동체및퀘벡의원주민단체퍼스트네이션스 (First Nations) 와같은사회운동을대표하고있다. 샹티에의이사회는조직을지도하고전략적방향을제시한다. 샹티에는퀘벡지역을지원하는사회적경제기업과지역단체로주로구성되어있는 22 개지역거점과의직접제휴협약을체결함으로써퀘벡주내의여러지역과견고한관계를맺고있다. 이들지역거점은사회적경제를도모하고사회적연대경제의활동방안을조율하며그영향력을극대화하기위해, 사회적경제를촉진하고사회적경제의현지및지역이해관계자들간의원활한대화와협력을이끌어나가는것을목표로하고있다 년 10 월, 퀘벡주의회는새로운사회적경제기본법을채택하였다. 이새로운사회적경제법은샹티에를퀘벡의사회적경제를지속적으로지원하고발전시키기위한주정부의주요협력기관의하나로인정하고있다. 샹티에의영향력샹티에는설립이래홍보, 단결, 연계활동을통해사회적경제를위한대대적인움직임을꾀하는데중요한역할을했다. 샹티에는사회적경제기업이퀘벡전지역공동체에서기업활동을증진하는데있어보다나은환경을창출하는데중점을두고있다. 샹티에는퀘벡주정부및주의회와함께사회적경제를지원하는공공정책을공동으로구성하는데있어주도적인역할을해오고있다. 샹티에는 2009 년, 몬트리올시와 몬트리올사회적경제파트너십 을체결했다. 샹티에의회원은새로운복지, 문화접근성, 빈곤감소, 공동체활성화, 작업장민주주의, 환경보호및젊은세대를포용하는정책개선등다양한활동을통해, 퀘벡주경제발전의여러분야를담당하고있다. 또한, 샹티에는사회적경제발전에보다유리한환경을조성하기위한여러가지도구를지속적으로개발하였다. 샹티에는 1997 년 사회적경제와공동체부문을위한노동력개발의회 (CSMO-ESAC: the Workforce Development Council for the Social Economy and the Community Sector) 를출범시켰고, 사회적경제기업을대상으로하는첫투자기금인 RISQ( 퀘벡의사회투자네트워크 (Social Investment Network of Quebec)) 를설립하였다. 뒤이어 2007 년에는, 공동기업에장기투자자본금을지원하는혁신적인투자기금인 샹티에신탁 을설립하였다 년에는, 업무적인발판으로서의상업연대를통해사회적경제단체의상업화지원을새로운계획에착수하였다. 샹티에는또한국제교류에도긴밀히관여하고있으며, 사회적연대경제의촉진을위한대륙간네트워크인 RIPESS 의회원이기도하다. 샹티에는 2011 년사회적연대경제에관한국제회의를주최한이후, 사회적연대경제를위한공공정책참조와네트워킹을위한국제센터 (RELIESS) 를설립하고, 사회적연대경제를국제적인수준으로확대하기위해지속적으로노력하고있다. ( 현재퀘벡주에는사회적경제기업들이약 7 천여개있는데, 이들은주로협동조합및비영리단체들로예술과문화, 식품, 소매업, 환경산업, 공동부동산업, 여가및관광, 정보통신산업, 언론, 제조, 개인서비스분야등 20 여개경제부문에서활동하고있다.) 일반개요 ( 사 ) 서울사회적경제네트워크는서울은물론한국의사회적경제가튼튼하게성장할수있는기반을마련하기위해사회적경제분야에서활동해온개인과단체가함께만든민간조직이다. 호혜, 연대, 소통, 혁신 의사회적경제기본정신이서울시민에게이해되고지역에뿌리내릴수있도록여러사회적경제조직들과네트워크를구성하여다양한사업을진행하고있다. ( 사 ) 서울사회적경제네트워크는서울시의사회적경제정책수립과정에서민-민의협력체계구축과연대를이루어왔으며, 그를통해민-관거버넌스의한축을책임져왔다. 사회적기업, 협동조합, 자활기업, 마을기업등사회적경제조직들과그협의체들이이러한노력에함께하고있으며, 지역거버넌스구축, 사회적경제활성화를위한법 제도개선, 사회적경제활성화를위한국회, 지방정부, 지방의회등과의교류및협력등을해왔다. 특히서울시로부터서울시사회적경제정책을실천하는기관인서울시사회적경제지원센터운영을위탁받아사회적경제현장을지원하고있다. ( 사 ) 서울사회적경제네트워크는앞으로도사회적경제를바탕으로모두가행복한경제구조가우리사회에뿌리내릴수있도록계속노력할것이다. 주요사업분야 1. 사회적경제민간네트워크의연대를통한사회적경제생태계강화 2. 사회적경제활성화를위한정책개발및법 제도개선추진 3. 서울시사회적경제의민관거버넌스구축및운영 4. 사회적경제조직간교류및공동사업을통한사회적경제조직역량강화 5. 사회적경제전국연대체구성및운영을통한사회적경제저변확대 6. 국민의사회적경제에대한인식제고를위한홍보및교육제공등 164 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 165

84 참여도시 기관 서울특별시 서울시민햇빛발전협동조합 전화 02) 120 주소 대한민국서울특별시중구세종대로 110 홈페이지 이메일 전화 주소 서울시은평구녹번동 5번지 18동 1층 홈페이지 일반개요서울은한국의수도인동시에동북아비즈니스의중심지이며한국산업의집적지로아시아최대시장인중국과일본사이에위치해있다. 1960년대부터시작된경제개발계획을기점으로서울은대한민국의경제중심으로서우리경제를눈부시게발전시키며여러분야에서급속한성장을거듭하였다. 오늘날서울은금융과물류의높은효율성과첨단디지털산업및지식산업의강한경쟁력을갖고동북아비즈니스의허브역할을수행하고있다. 서울시는도시성장에따른중산층의붕괴, 사회공동체의약화, 청년실업등의사회, 경제적문제를해결하는방법으로사회적경제에주목하고사회적기업, 협동조합, 마을기업등사회적경제조직의활성화를통해사람이중심이되는모두가행복한서울공동체구현을위해노력하고있다. 일반개요목적독립, 자주, 자립, 자치의정신을바탕으로상부상조의협동조합운동을통하여구성원의복리증진과국민경제의균형있는발전을꾀하고, 에너지 자원고갈, 기후변화시대에대비하여서울지역에서에너지절약자립체제를실천하고협동과평화의협동사회경제를실현하기위해지속가능한재생에너지발전소를확대해나감으로써우애와환대의마을공동체를복원하는것을목적으로한다. 연혁 월서울시민햇빛발전협동조합설립 월서울시-서울시교육청과업무협약 월서울시민햇빛발전협동조합법인등록 월전국시민참여형햇빛발전의현황과미래국회토론회개최 월서울시민발전협동조합연합회 ( 준 ) 주관서울시민햇빛발전소본격시행기자회견 월서울시민발전협동조합연합회 ( 준 ) 설립을위한워크숍개최, 부지타당성조사 주요사업분야 1. 조합원과직원에대한상담, 교육, 훈련과정보제공 2. 조합간협력을위한사업 3. 조합의홍보와지역사회를위한사업 4. 서울시원전하나줄이기정책의일환으로, 서울시공공기관과학교에지속가능한재생에너지발전소건립사업 5. 4의사업에따라생산된전기판매사업 6. 재생에너지, 환경에관련된홍보, 교육사업 7. 위사업과관련한기타사업 166 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 167

85 참여도시 기관 서울특별시사회적경제지원센터 서울지역협동조합연합회 이메일 전화 주소 서울은평구녹번동 동 1층 홈페이지 이메일 전화 주소 서울은평구녹번동 동 1층 일반개요 서울시의정책이현장의제안과참여를통해실제적효과로이어질수있도록지원 하는민 관거버넌스기관으로 2013년 1월 23일설립됐다. 사회적경제조직들이각각의업종과부문을넘어협력하고연대할수있도록지원 하며, 개별적으로진행하기어려운사업을종합적으로기획, 운영함으로써사회적경 제의자생적, 자립적생태계조성을촉진한다. 부문 업종간협력사업지원 시민사회협동촉진을위한 공유자원확대 자원공유망구축및활용플랫폼마련 사회적경제허브 (Co-working Office) 운영 지속가능한생태계조성 공공구매활성화등시장기반마련 사회투자금융연계지원 소셜프랜차이징모델개발 인재육성로드맵수립및교육과정지원 사회적경제주체형성및 공감대확산 사회적경제온라인포털구축 시민홍보 정책개발과연구사업 사회적경제정책연구 사회적경제가치평가시스템개발 서울시은평구녹번동옛질병관리본부자리에위치한서울시사회적경제지원센터 내공간은서울의사회적경제기업및중간지원기관들이모여서일하고협력할수 있는 허브 이다. 서울시사회적경제아이디어대회수상팀들이입주해있으며, 사회적기업, 협동조 합, 공정무역부문별협의회와창업팀및청년들을멘토링할수있는협력기관들이 상주해있다. 2013년 4월 11일사회적경제허브공간개소 ( 서울시은평구舊질병관리본부 1동 1층 ( 면적 1,163m2 ) 주요시설 : 카페형오픈오피스, 입주기업오피스, 공동교육장, 사회적경제매장등 설립의필요성과목적필요성 - 민간주도협동조합운동의활성화및정체성확보를위해기존한국협동조합운동성과계승및협동조합간협력으로민간진영주체형성한다. - 협동조합진영공동과제실현, 개별단위협동조합의힘으로해결할수없는과제 ( 협동기금, 내부거래활성화, 협동조합연간발전전략및계획수립, 제도개선등 ) - 민민협력에기반한수평적인민관파트너십형성하여당면협동조합관련이슈대응, 법률및행정적지원체계구축한다. 목적 - 협동조합의가치와 7대원칙등을준수하는협동조합으로발전시킨다. - 협동조합간협력으로지속적인성장의토대형성한다. 주요사업분야 1. 조직사업 * 지역협의회구성활성화를위한지원사업 - 지역별협동조합협의회구성연내 5곳이상 - 지역별협동조합협의회활동사례초청간담회, * 협의회회원확대및네트워크강화 - 지역별협동조합협의회회원가입증대, 업종별모임구축 - 매월협동조합인의날 : 초청간담회, 워크숍개최등 ( 신규협동조합애로사항취합, 신규협동조합지역네트워크안내, 현안및정책사항논의등 /7월,9월,10월,11월) 2. 교육사업 * 교육프로그램개발 * 신규협동조합설립이후조합원대상기초교육 : 지역협동조합협의회가주관하는지역사업일환으로진행함 (8월 ~12월, 매월개최 ). 3. 조사연구사업 * 내부거래활성화를위한조사연구 * 협동조합진영의주요사업, 내부거래욕구, 가능한물품과서비스조사, 실행방안제안 4. 서울시와정책파트너십형성 * 서울시사회적경제과와분기별 1회회의및필요시회의개최 * 서울시장과함께하는정책토론회연 1~2회개최 168 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 169

86 참여도시 기관 성공회대학교 전화 주소 서울시구로구연동로 320 홈페이지 성공회대학교사회적기업연구센터 전화 서울특별시구로구항동 1-1 성공회대학교열림관 주소 홈페이지 일반개요성공회대학교는 1914년 성미가엘신학교 로부터출발하여개교 100주년을맞이하게되는종합대학이다. 성공회대는 열림 나눔 섬김 의교육이념을바탕으로이웃과공유하고서로소통함으로써평화로운사회를형성하고, 서로섬김으로써서로존중하는공의로운사회를이룩하는것을교육목적으로삼고있다. 이러한교육이념의구현은자발적이며창의적인교육방법을통해가능하다. 이정신은성공회대학교가지향하는진보적이며비판적인학풍의초석이다. 성공회대학교는학부에신학과, 사회과학부, 경영학부, 사회복지학과, 영어학과, 일어일본학과, 중어중국학과, 멀티미디어시스템공학과등 13개전공, 대학원에사회복지학과, 사회학과, 협동조합경영학과, 아시아비정부기구학, 인터아시아문화학등 5개전공, 그리고 NGO대학원과교육대학원, 문화대학원, 시민사회복지대학원, 신학전문대학원등특수대학원이있다. 성공회대학교는인권, 평화, 민주주의, 사회적경제와협동조합등의주제에대한연구와교육에초점을두고있으며, 인권과평화 의대학으로알려져있다. 일반개요성공회대학교사회적기업연구센터는사회적기업과사회적일자리정책의발전을위한연구활동과사회적기업가인적자원개발을위한교육프로그램개발을위해 2007년 9월에설립된성공회대학교부설연구기관이다. 연구분야는사회적기업에대한연구및조사사업, 사회적기업가육성을위한교육프로그램개발사업, 사회적기업연구자및사회적기업가육성을위한해외연수, 시민사회복지대학원의자활및사회적기업전공과정과의연계사업, 사회적기업발전을위한국내외심포지움및세미나개최, 사회적기업관련시민사회운동단체와의연대및협력사업, 사회적기업에관한해외연구자와의교류협력사업등을진행하고있다. 연혁 Term Project 센터개소식 ( 초대센터장 : 이영환성공회대사회복지학과교수 ) 현재 사회적기업및사회적경제관련해외연수실시 ( 영국, 일본, 인도, 러시아, 베트남캐나다, 프랑스등 ) -105 명참가 현재 사회적기업및사회적경제관련국내연수실시 ( 강원, 남도, 충청, 제주, 전남, 부산, 택백, 아산등 ) 명참가 현재 성공회대사회적기업아카데미사업시행 ( 기초과정, 창업과정, 전문가과정등 ) - 약 1000 여명졸업생배출 현재사회적기업관련연구프로젝트진행 ( 약 7 개과제진행 ) ~ 현재까지 구로구청, 금천구청, 남양주구청과사회적기업가학교연계진행 ~4.23 경기도사회서비스제공사회적기업모델개발연구실행 ~ 현재제 2 대센터장취임 ( 정원오사회복지학과교수 ) 170 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 171

87 참여도시 기관 세계공정무역기구아시아지부 (WFT-Asia) 이메일 전화 주소 Ground Floor Marisan Building, No. 48 West Avenue, Quezon City 1104 Philippines 홈페이지 일반개요세계공정무역기구 (WFTO) 의아시아지역사무소인세계공정무역기구아시아지부 (WFT-Asia) 는아시아태평양지역 18개국 ( 방글라데시, 캄보디아, 중국, 홍콩, 인도, 인도네시아, 일본, 한국, 라오스, 몽골, 네팔, 파키스탄, 필리핀, 스리랑카, 대만, 태국, 동티모르, 베트남 ) 내 150개가넘는생산 마케팅 개발단체로이루어진컨소시엄이다. 세계공정무역기구는모두에게이익이되는지속가능한공정무역경제를일구기위해모인선구적이며열정적으로변화를만드는사람들의글로벌커뮤니티이다. 세계공정무역기구아시아지부에서는식료품에서공예품에이르기까지다양한공정무역제품을취급한다. 주요품목으로는마스코바도비정제설탕, 커피, 말린과일, 코코넛설탕, 코코넛오일, 견과류, 퓨레, 지역생산와인, 과일주스등이있으며, 장인들이현지천연재료와재활용재료로만든실내장식품, 일상생활용품, 패션 액세서리및선물용수공예품등이있다. 비전 미션및목표세계공정무역기구아시아지부는글로벌세계공정무역기구의구조를강화하고, 그목적과목표를실현시키는한수단이다. 이와더불어, 세계공정무역기구아시아지부는아시아단체로서의강한집단정체성을바탕으로역동적이고의미있는조직이다. 우리가지향하는목표는다음과같다. - 개인 국가 지역적차원에서공정무역원칙에대한생산자와소비자의의식을높이고, - 아시아지역의공정무역단체간협력을강화하여국내 지역내시장의연결고리와네트워크를구축하며, - 지역적차원의무역정책결정자들이남남무역 (South-South trade) 활동을촉진할수있도록영향을미치며, - 능력개발, 기술이전, 정보접근분야의회원단체들간협력을촉진하며, - 회원국을아시아지역의모든국가로확대한다. 주요사업분야세계공정무역기구아시아지부는지속가능한공정무역을통해소작농과소규모장인들의생계와커뮤니티발전에도움이되도록전념하고있다. 정책, 지지, 캠페인, 마케팅및모니터링활동을통해공정무역시장접근을도모한다. 소비자연맹 ( 미국 ) 전화 주소 101 Truman Avenue Yonkers, NY 홈페이지 일반개요컨슈머리포트 (Consumer Reports) 는독립적인비영리전문가조직으로, 모든소비자에게공평하고공정하며안전한시장을마련해주고, 소비자가스스로를보호할수있는힘을기르도록돕는다. 컨슈머리포트는대중매체에광고가넘쳐나기시작할때인 1936년에설립되었다. 소비자에게는과장광고와사실을구별하고좋은제품과나쁜제품을구별하는데필요한신뢰할만한정보원이없다. 그이후, 신뢰할만한정보원이없는그빈공간에컨슈머리포트가다양한소비자정보를채워넣기시작했다. 컨슈머리포트는독립성과공명정대함을유지하기위해, 외부광고와무료샘플을받아들이지않으며, 미스터리쇼퍼와기술전문가를수백만명고용하여평가할제품을구매하고테스트하고있다. 컨슈머리포트는국내최다발행부수를자랑하는잡지이며, 건강에관한컨슈머리포트 (Consumer Reports on Health) 와컨슈머리포트머니어드바이저 (Consumer Reports Money Adviser) 뿐아니라, 같은종류의웹사이트중가장많은회원을보유하고있다. 이세잡지의유료구독자는총 8백만명이넘는다. 연례설문조사는세계에서가장규모가크고광범위한소비자연구로, 연례설문조사에응답하는구독자 1백만여명이컨슈머리포트활동을알리고있다. 2008년컨슈머리포트는컨슈머리포트건강측정센터 (Consumer Reports Health Ratings Center) 를포함, 여러가지계획안을개시했다. 컨슈머리포트건강측정센터는소비자를교육하고소비자가권익을확보하도록도움으로써, 소비자가보다많은정보를바탕으로건강관리에관해결정하고시장을변화시킬수있도록돕는기관이다. 더나아가, 정책 행동조직인소비자연맹또는컨슈머리포트는소비자에게유리하도록법안과시장을바꾸기위해, 로비스트와풀뿌리조직인을비롯해, 컨슈머리포트온라인활동가 1백만여명과함께일하는봉사전문가를고용하고있다. 컨슈머리포트의수익은 2억달러이상이며, 총 600명이상의직원이뉴욕주용커스에소재한 50개의최첨단연구소와사무실, 코넥티컷주이스트해덤에소재한면적 327에이커 ( 약 1324km2 ) 의자동차테스트센터, 워싱턴과텍사스주도오스틴, 샌프란시스코에소재한홍보사무실 3곳에서일하고있다. 컨슈머리포트는컨슈머리포트회원이선출한이사진이운영하며 1년에 3번이사회회의를연다. 172 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 173

88 참여도시 기관 소셜트레이더스 (Social Traders) 이메일 전화 주소 101 Truman Avenue Yonkers, NY 홈페이지 스코틀랜드교육신탁 (CETS) 이메일 전화 주소 Newhouse Distribution Centre, 401 Edinburgh Road, Newhouse, ML1 5GH 홈페이지 일반개요소셜트레이더스 (Social Traders) 는호주를대표하는사회적기업개발기구이다. 2008년에설립된이래, 상업성있는사회적기업의개발지원에전념해오고있다. 소셜트레이더스는사회적기업에게역량, 창업 (start-up) 을위한투자와자원, 시장진입과성장등과같은각종지원을제공함으로써다음과같은효과를기대한다. 일반개요스코틀랜드교육신탁 ( 이하 CETS) 은스코틀랜드에등록되어스코틀랜드자선단체규제청 (OSCR) 의감독을받는교육자선단체이다. CETS는스코틀랜드교육의중심에협력의가치및원칙, 협동조합모델을확산하는것을목표로한다. 설립초기에는초 중등학교교육에주안점을두었지만, 2010년부터는지식이전파트너십 (Knowledge Transfer Partnership) 지원으로고등교육자료를개발하였다. CETS 의 - 사회적기업에대한인식과이해고조 - 사회적기업의사업능력향상으로투자준비창출 - 사회적기업제품과서비스를위한시장확대 모든자료는자발적공유의표시방식 (CCL: Creative Commons License) 을통해무료로다운로드받을수있다. CETS는학교나학생에게직접지원금을제공하거나협동조합과연결시켜주기도한다. 본신탁의주요후원자는스코틀랜드협동조합운 동 (Co-operative Movement in Scotland) 이며, 주요공헌자는글로벌 300 위이내 소셜트레이더스는온라인사업계획안내서, 사회적기업빌더 (BUILDER), 사회적기업온라인디렉토리, 사회적기업파인더 (FINDER), 사회적기업사례연구집등맞춤형도구및자원을개발했다. 소셜트레이더스는신생회사와아직창업초기단계인사회적기업을위한맞춤형 의협동조합들인협동그룹 (The Co-operative Group) 과스콧밋 (Scotmid) 이다. 최근에는스코틀랜드협동조합개발 (Co-operative Development Scotland) 과스코틀랜드농민단체사회 (SAOS) 로부터개별프로젝트에대한지원을받았다. 현재스코틀랜드및영국정부는본신탁에직접적인재정지원을제공하지않는다. 사업개발및코칭프로그램을제공하고있으며, 신규사회적기업에게다른사회적투자자와연계하여창업투자를제공하는역할을하기도한다. 소셜트레이더스는사회적기업워크숍, 견학및회의는물론, 연례호주사회적기업시상프로그램 (annual Australian Social Enterprise Awards Program) 도진행한다. 보다자세한사항은 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 175

89 참여도시 기관 아시아주거권연합 (ACHR) 이메일 전화 주소 73 Soi Sonthiwattana 4, Ladprao 110, Ladprao Rd Bangkok 10310, THAILAND 홈페이지 아시안벤처기부네트워크 (AVPN) 이메일 주소 33A Circular Road, Singapore 홈페이지 일반개요아시아주거권연합 (ACHR) 은 20년이상아시아도시내에서도심빈곤개선과정에적극참여한풀뿌리지역사회조직과비정부기구 (NGO), 전문가의지역네트워크이다. 본지역네트워크에는 공동체건축가네트워크 (CAN) 라는프로그램이있는데, 이는젊은전문가와학자들에게도심빈곤공동체와적극적으로함께일할수있는기회를제공하고, 아시아 17개국에서공동체주도프로세스와주거및공동체개발에대해기술적인지원을제공하는것을목표로한다. 공동체건축가네트워크는아시아의공동체건축가와계획가, 엔지니어, 젊은전문가, 강사, 교육기관의지역네트워크이다. 2010년창립된본네트워크는공동체행동을위한아시아연대프로그램 (Asian Coalition for Community Action programme, ACCA) 이시행하는공동체주도프로젝트를지원해왔다. 이프로그램은주택과범도시개발, 재해복구와관련해 ACHR이지원하고또촉진하는프로그램이다. 공동체건축가의역할은사람들이자신만의해결책을찾도록하는참여적설계와계획프로세스를통해사람들의역량을향상시키는것이다. 일반개요아시안벤처기부네트워크 (The Asian Venture Philanthropy Network: AVPN) 는아시아태평양전지역에걸쳐역동적이고보다영향력있는벤처자선공동체를만들어나가고있다. AVPN은 20여개국 130개이상의회원단체가활동하고있으며, 회원정보와행사내용은 AVPN은보다폭넓은자선사업및사회적투자공동체분야에서벤처자선사업을펼치고있으며, 회원의요구에발맞추어특정네트워크와교육서비스를지원하고있다. 저희 AVPN는싱가포르에본부를두고있고아시아전지역에회원이있는비영리기관으로, 보조기금과후원, 파트너기관등의지원을받고있다. 저희는금융, 경제, 사회분야의기관과개인을아우르는, 전부문에걸친네트워크를구축하고있다. AVPN의회원은벤처자선기관인실무회원과, 서로다른네트워크와전문성, 경험을보유한준회원으로구성되어있다. 준회원에는사모펀드투자자와개인은행, 자산관리사, 기타금융기관, 전문서비스업체, 가족기업, 사회적책임을수행하는기업, 재단, 대학, 정부관련기관등이있다. AVPN은교육과모범사례를공유하기위해주로벤처자선사업에관한소식과행사의중심지역할을하고있다. 아시아전역에서이루어지는벤처자선사업의성과를가늠할수있도록, AVPN 지식센터를통해실무전문가중심의인적자원을개발해나갈것이다. AVPN에관한보다자세한정보를확인할수있으며, 문의사항은 AVPN은여러분이후원과보조기금, 기부, 또는회원단체나파트너기관참여를통해, 저희와함께하고저희활동을지원해주기를바란다. 176 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 177

90 참여도시 기관 아이쿱생협 (icoop KOREA) 이메일 전화 주소서울시신길동 층홈페이지 일반개요 icoop생협은 i _ 나 주체들이 ideal _ 생협의이상 ( 나눔과협동 ) 을위해 innocence _ 언제나초심을잃지않고 innovation _ 끊임없는혁신을통해생협운동을펼쳐가는 COOP(co-operative) _ 소비자생활협동조합이다. icoop생협은전국 77개회원조합, 19만명의조합원과 3,000여명의조합원활동가, 2,900여명의생산자, 2,500여명의직원들과함께협동으로행복한삶, 더나은사회를만들기위해노력하고있는소비자생활협동조합이다. 회원조합 (2013 현재 ) 77개조합원 (2013 현재 ) 189,589명조합활동가 (2012) 약 3,000여명생산자 (2012) 2,909명직원 (2012 / 지역조합, 연합조직 ) 2,476명매장 (2013 현재 ) 136개사업액 (2012) 3,449억원 에밀리아로마냐주 (Emilia Romagna) 이메일 전화 주소 Viale Aldo Moro 52, Bologna 홈페이지 일반개요에밀리아로마냐라는이름은고대로마의유산이다. 에밀리아는기원전 187년에완공된로마와이탈리아북부를연결하는로마의도로로, 집정관이었던마르쿠스아이밀리우스레피두스의이름을딴 via Æmilia에서유래되었다. 로마냐는서로마제국이사라지고라벤나가동쪽의전초기지였을당시 ( 년경 ) 롬바르드족이동로마제국을칭하던이름 Romania에서유래되었다. 로마인들이에밀리아로마냐를정복하기전에는에트루리아인을거쳐갈리아인들이이지역을소유했다. 처음기독교무역이성행하기시작한 1,000년동안문화와종교도부흥했는데이는지역내수도원덕분이었다. 이후볼로냐대학교 ( 논란이있기는하지만유럽에서가장오래된대학 ) 와북적대는도시가무역과지적생활의명맥을이어갔다. 이지역의불안정한정치역사는마틸데카노사같은인물과페라라의에스테공작령, 리미니의말라테스타가문, 로마교황, 파르마와피아첸차의파르네세공작령, 모데나레지오공국등힘겹게유지해온영지로대표된다. 16세기이들대부분은교황령으로귀속되었으나, 파르마, 피아첸차, 모데나영토는에밀리아로마냐가 1859년에서 1861년사이이탈리아왕국의일부가되기전까지독립을유지했다. 에밀리아로마냐지역은 9개의현으로구성되어있고면적은 22,446km2 (8,666 sq mi) 로이탈리아에서 6번째로큰지역이다. 평야가지역의절반가까이 (48%) 를차지하고, 27% 는구릉지, 25% 는산악지대로이루어져있다. 주정부 (Giunta Regionale) 는 5년임기로선출된주지사 (Presidente della Regione) 가이끌고, 주지사와부지사, 정무장관등 12인으로이루어진각료 (Assessori) 로구성되어있다. 주요사업분야 icoop생협은소비자조합원과생산자가함께운영하는사업체를기반으로윤리적소비와생산을실천하는협동조합이다. 조합원의참여와협동을통해생활속의요구와문제에대한대안을운동과사업으로만들어갑니다. 조합원이직접물품을선정하고, 투명한정보공개, 합리적인관리시스템으로한국사회의식품안전기준을높여간다. icoop생협은생협의모든구성원이함께행복한삶을위해 나와이웃과지구를살리는 윤리적소비를실천한다. 178 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 179

91 참여도시 기관 요코하마시 윤리적패션포럼 (EFF) 전화 주소 1-1 Minato-chō, Naka-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa-ken 홈페이지 일반개요요코하마시 당신의마음을사로잡을아름답고창의적인문화예술도시 요코하마시는할수있습니다! 여러과제에도전하고, 국제공동체와함께크며, 환경보호에앞장서서미래경제성장에투자하고여성의사회적진출과보육을지원합니다. 요코하마시소개 - 인구 : 3,702,551(2013년 10월 1일기준 )* - 가구 :1,606,256(2012년 6월 1일기준 )* - 등록된외국인 : 77,906(2012년 5월말기준 ) 약 150개국, 주로아시아국가 - 회사 :123,277(2009년 7월 1일기준 ) - 근로자 :1,552,882 (2009년 7월 1일기준 ) - 요코하마시에일본본사를둔외국기업 :174(2011년 3월기준 )* * 도쿄 23개구다음으로일본에서가장많음 이메일 전화 +44 (0) 주소 Unit CO2, Rich Mix, Bethnal Green Road, London, E1 6LA, UK 홈페이지 일반개요윤리적패션포럼 (EFF) 은지속가능한패션을지지하는비영리기구이다. 빈곤과환경피해를줄이고, 패션산업의수준을높이기위한지속가능한실천방식을지원 홍보하는것을목표로한다. 본포럼은여러협력관계를구축하고, 빈곤과환경피해에대한의식을높이며, 이를달성하기위한도구와자원을제공한다. 윤리적패션포럼은 2005년, 패션과지속가능성부문에서우수사례를만들고자모인 20 개사업체에의해설립되었다. 창립회원들은통합된접근방식, 효과적인의사소통과정보나눔, 자원및사례공유를통해영향력이증대되는것을경험했다. 윤리적패션으로연계된네트워크를통해공정무역 유기농 윤리적공급자가참여하는시장이형성될것이고, 패션업체들이지속가능한방식으로재료를조달하고, 제품을생산하기가쉬워질것이다. 현재윤리적패션포럼에는 130여개국 8천명이상의회원이있다. 윤리적패션포럼의 SOURCE 웹플랫폼방문횟수는매달 15만건이상이며, 1만 5천여명의패션전문가및업체들이국제적네트워크를구성하고있다. 세계적인패션단체등 50개이상의네트워크와파트너관계를맺고있으며, 전세계의 50개가넘는대학과도연계하고있다. 글로벌기업, 유수브랜드에서수백명의공급자에이르기까지윤리적패션포럼회원들은지속가능성과영리적사업목표를병행하려는목적을공유한다. 또, 윤리적패션포럼은산하에 SOURCE 컨설팅 (SOURCE consultancy) 이라는자문그룹을설립해패션과지속가능성분야의세계일류전문가들과선구적인실천가들을초빙했다. 주요사업소개윤리적패션포럼과산하자문그룹은이벤트및교육프로그램실시, 사업체및무역기관과의전략적협업, 2011 년에도입한 SOURCE 플랫폼관리등의업무를수행한다. 혁신적인온라인솔루션인 SOURCE 는가장지속가능한방법으로재료조달, 제품생산, 사업운영을시행한다. 이는공정무역재단 (Fairtrade Foundation), 세계무역공정기구 (World Fair Trade Organisation), 국제유기섬유기준협회 (GOTS) 등의기관들과협력하여만든웹사이트이다. SOURCE 플랫폼에서재료조달 경영데이터베이스, 온라인네트워크, 경영정보 (BI), 교육플랫폼, 글로벌이벤트정보등을이용할수있다. 그중 SOURCE 이벤트는윤리적패션산업의연계성을높이는우수사례로손꼽힌다. 아래에연간이벤트몇가지를소개하겠다. - SOURCE 엑스포 (10 월 ): 지속가능한공급자및공장을수천개의브랜드, 재료조달전문가와연결해주는온라인무역거래행사. - SOURCE 브랜드프리뷰 (2 월 ): 지속가능한브랜드를수천개의멀티브랜드바이어와연결해주는온라인무역거래행사. - SOURCE 회담 (6-7 월 ): 업계선두주자들이모여패션산업의지속가능성에대한협력을도모하는자리. - SOURCE 시상식 (12 월 ): 농장에서완제품까지윤리적패션산업의우수사례를시상하는행사. - 윤리적패션포럼은자문그룹을통해국제무역센터 (ITC), 영연방재단 (Commonwealth Foundation), BBC 방송국, 공정무역재단 (Fairtrade Foundation), 패션단체, 크고작은사업체등다양한고객에게시장접근성, 전략, 교육, 리서치등을제공해왔다. 180 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 181

92 참여도시 기관 Ethical Fashion Network 윤리적패션네트워크 이메일 전화 일본유기농및천연식품협회 (JONA) 전화 주소 Kyobashi, Chuo-Ku, Tokyo, JAPAN 홈페이지 윤리적패션네크워크윤리적생산, 공정무역, 에코웨딩, 재활용이라는사회적가치를실현하고있는패션분야다섯사회적기업이모여 2012년에결성취지윤리적패션네트워크는패션분야사회적기업들간의발전방향을모색하고소비활성화를위해노력하여윤리적패션생태계구축의토대를만들고자형성되었다. 목표윤리적패션에관한내용과의미를일반시민들에게전달하고윤리적상품및서비스시장이성장, 발전할수있도록협력하고자한다. 소개하는글일본유기농및천연식품협회 (JONA) 는 1992년부터제3자유기농인증을실시해왔다. 최근에는주로국내시장에서의유기농일본농림규격 (JAS) 인증과 JONA 원본인증, 그리고미국, EU, 캐나다에서의해외유기농인증과 JONA 세계유기농업운동연맹 (IFOAM) 인증을실시하고있다. JONA는세계유기농업운동연맹 (International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements, IFOAM) 의국제인증기준을증명할수있는믿을만한인증기구로인정받고있으며, 유기농제품에대한 JAS법이실행되기도전에시작된오랜인증경험에서비롯된많은노하우를갖고있다. JONA는일본 (JAS) 을포함해미국, EU 캐나다에서도규제인증을실시한다. JAS에서인증을받은일본기업은필요한절차를거친후자신들의제품을수출할수있다. 유기농 JAS 인증을원하는해외기업들에게도 JONA는열려있다. 소속단체 - 오르그닷 : 재활용원단으로제작한의류 - 대지를위한바느질 : 에코웨딩드레스와유아용품 - 페어트레이드코리아그루 : 공정무역제품들 - 리블랭크 : 업사이클링가방및소품류 - 콘삭스 : 옥수수원사로만든양말 주요사업생산자와가공업자를포함한운영자가일본에서농작물혹은가공식품에 유기농 이라고표기하기위해서는, 점검을마친후등록된인증기관으로부터유기농 JAS 인증을의무적으로받아야하며, 운영자가 JAS에인증되어있지않은경우유기농 JAS 마크를쓰거나본인의제품을유기농이라고주장할수없다. 불법으로제품에표기하는경우 JAS법에따라처벌을받게된다. 국가유기농기준은일본농림규격 (Japanese Agricultural Standards(JAS)) 상의유기농식물, JAS 유기농가공식품, JAS 유기농사료, JAS 유기농가축을사용하도록유기농음식의생산및가공방식을정해두고있다. 182 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 183

93 참여도시 기관 전국사회연대경제지방정부협의회 전국여성농민총연합 이메일 전화 주소 서울은평구녹번동 5번지 21동 2층 홈페이지 이메일 전화 홈페이지 일반개요전국사회연대경제지방정부협의회는전국 27개기초지방자치단체장들이지역사회의사회적경제활성화를위해 2013년 3월에출범한협의체이다. 참여와나눔, 협동과상호연대의정신을바탕으로시, 군, 구등기초지방자치단체의사회적경제정책을효율적으로추진하고, 사회적경제발전을위한제도기반조성을위해협력하는것을목적으로하고있다. 협의회의회장은현재임정엽전북완주군수가맡고있으며, 문석진서대문구청장을포함한 6명의부회장을맡고김영배성북구청장이사무총장으로있다. 협의회소속기초지방자치단체는서울특별시성북구, 도봉구, 노원구, 은평구, 서대문구, 강서구, 금천구, 강동구, 대구광역시서구, 인천광역시남구, 남동구, 부평구, 광주광역시광산구, 대전광역시유성구, 울산광역시동구, 경기도수원시, 부천시, 광명시, 오산시, 시흥시, 강원도홍천군, 충청남도아산시, 논산시, 서천군, 전라북도완주군, 경기도성남시, 전라남도나주시이다. 주요사업분야전국사회연대경제지방정부협의회는사회적경제정책방향을제안하고, 사회적경제에대한국민의공감대를확산하며, 사회적경제성장환경조성을위한정보공유와교류, 행정체계구축등을주요사업으로하고있다. 이를위해협의회는사회책임조달법제정사회적금융활성화를위한정책연구사업을추진하고, 협의회회원자치단체간협력을통해상호구매등도계획하고있다. 사회적경제에대한이해를높이기위해공무원등을대상으로한교육과토론회등을개최해왔으며, 사회적경제제품홍보를위해언론과협력하여다양한홍보사업도진행하고있다. 지방정부의정책수행에필요한제도기반조성및사회적생태계조성을위해서국회, 지방의회등국내외다양한기관과의협력사업도수행하고있다. 일반개요유전자조작씨앗과토종씨앗은이세상에양립할수없다. 현재우리나라는유전자조직식품에관해소비자의알권리를보장하고않고있다. 적어도내가먹는음식이, 식품이어디에서어떻게생산된무엇인지를알아야함에도불구하고, 우리는내가먹는것이무엇인지모르고먹고, 생활하고있다. 여기에문제의식을가지고, 이것을개선하기위해노력하는단체가있다. 생협, 농민단체, 환경단체, 급식단체, 소비자단체등 GMO에관심을가지고이에대한문제를해결하기위해노력하지만우리나라의법제도는아직도한계가많다. 이에소비자의알권리, 농민의생산할권리에대해우리는투쟁하고활동하고있다. 또한우리는대안에대해, 지속가능한삶에대해고민하고실천하고있다. 토종씨앗지키기, 식량주권실현이것이우리가하고있고해야할일이라고생각한다. 농민에게서농민으로전해져온씨앗은초국적농식품기업에의해사라지고있다. 하지만우리는농민의권리가보장되는, 농부권이인정되는토종씨앗을지키기위해심고가꾸고수확한다. 한국의 GMO반대활동과토종씨앗을지키는활동은전세계적으로도유례없는사례일것이다. 맨처음얘기했듯이유전자조작씨앗과토종씨앗이같은하늘에서살수없다는생각을가지고우리는 GMO반대활동과토종씨앗을지키는활동을하고있다. 씨앗의권리는그씨앗을심는사람에게있다. 184 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 185

94 참여도시 기관 주거재생혁신클러스터 ( 대표기관 : 두꺼비하우징 ) 이메일 전화 주소 서울시은평구은평로 21길 52 ( 녹번동 86번지 ) 1층 홈페이지 일반개요 주민참여형마을만들기로살기좋은마을공동체를만들어갑니다. 두꺼비하우징은지역의오랜전통과골목문화, 사라지는지역공동체를복원하기위하여단독, 다세대주택을관리하고고치는사업을통해주택환경을개선하고, 주민정주권을보호한다. 저소득취약계층에게안정적인일자리를제공하고, 지역상공인과연계하여지역경제활성화를위해힘쓰며, 참여와공개, 투명의원칙을실현하고기업윤리강화를통해사회적책임을수행한다. 두꺼비하우징은주민이주도하는마을계획을기반으로안전하고편안하고아름다운동네에서주민들과함께살기좋은마을공동체를만들고, 춥고살기불편한오래된주택을잘고치고관리해따뜻하게오래살수있도록건축, 주거복지분야의전문가들과현장기술인력이어우러져일하는도시재생정문사회적기업이다. 주요사업분야주민과함께마을만들기은평주거복지센터주택관리에너지진단 / 설계 / 시공실내건축공익집수리 콩코디아대학칼폴라니정치경제연구소 이메일 전화 주소 Concordia University 1455 de Maisonneuve West Montreal, Quebec, Canada H3G 1M8 (Mailing Only) 홈페이지 일반개요칼폴라니정치경제연구소는칼폴라니 (Karl Polanyi, ) 와그의업적을기리기위해 1988년캐나다몬트리올의콘코디아대학 (Concordia University) 에설립되었다. 칼폴라니는막스베버, 케인즈, 슘페터, 뮈르달등과함께 20세기사회과학에가장크게공헌하였다는평가를받는다. 사회과학인용색인 (Social Science Citation Index) 에따르면, 폴라니가 1944년에저술한고전인 거대한전환 은사회과학분야에서많이인용된문헌중하나이다. 본연구소의과제는 2가지이다. 하나는폴라니가남긴지적유산을보존하는것이고, 다른하나는국제질서에필요한신생또는개선된다자간협력기관과국부적및국제적으로필요한새로운개발전략에대한긴급정책논의에기여하는것이다. 칼폴라니정치경제연구소의핵심은칼폴라니기록보관소이다. 이곳은미발표논문과출간 미출간원고, 필기본, 강의노트, 글의개요, 발행기사, 다른학자의논문, 칼폴라니의제자를포함한유럽 북미지역의주요지식인및정치인물과주고받은서신, 기타기록등방대하고다양한자료를소장하고있다. 칼폴라니기록보관소의소장자료는일반에공개되어있다. 본연구소는출판물과국제회의, 협력연구, 공개강의, 세미나를통해 21세기에맞는민주사회 경제발전에대해세계적으로토론, 대화, 학문적인교류를할수있는광범위한국제적네트워크를구축했다. 폴라니가법학자, 과학자, 정책입안자, 활동가, 국제정치경제학자등사회학및인문학계에미치는영향은점점커지고있다. 특히, 많은비교정치학전공학도, 관련정책입안자및시민사회단체가폴라니의사상을따르고있다. 칼폴라니정치경제연구소는국제회의를 2년마다주관하며, 주최국과캐나다에서번갈아가며진행된다. 2012년 11월, 제12회칼폴라니국제회의는 칼폴라니와남미 라는주제로아르헨티나부에노스아이레스의로스폴보리네스에소재한국립헤네랄사르미엔토대학 (National University General Sarmiento) 에서진행되었다. 이회의는칼폴라니정치경제연구소, 국립헤네랄사르미엔토대학, 코누르바노연구소 (Conurban-Institute) 가공동주관하였다. 다음폴라니국제회의는 2014년가을몬트리올에서열린다. 자세한정보는웹사이트 ( 를참고하시고, 문의사항이있을경우이메일 로연락하면도움을받을수있다. 186 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 187

95 참여도시 기관 케이투인터내셔날그룹 퀘벡주 (Québec) 전화 주소 2381 Philmont Avenue Suite 101 Huntingdon Valley, PA 홈페이지 일반개요 K2 인터내셔날그룹은 1989년부터등교거부, 은둔형외톨이 ( 히키코모리 ) 등사회부적응약자에대한기초적인생활부터경제적인자립까지지원해온단체이다. 청년실업, 은둔형외톨이, 니트족, 발달장애, 지적정신장애, 괴로운삶속에서불안해하고고통받으며, 결국은주변사람에게상처를주는약자에대하여기존의교육및복지서비스와같이연계하면서민간단체로서지원하고있다. K2 인터내셔날그룹의지원활동은구체적으로, 안심하고살수있는커뮤니티만들기, 삶의어려움속에서도, 일할수있는곳으로만들기, 지원활동이돌고도는, 서로가돕는곳으로만들기 이렇게 3가지를모토로, 지속가능한사회적사업을전개하고있다. 요코하마에서는젊은이들이일할곳으로, 음식점, 청소사업, 육아사업등, 타업종으로의취업의장을만들고, 자립에따른다양한주거환경을만들고있다. 요코하마외에도, 국내에서는이시노마키재해지역지원, 해외에서는호주, 뉴질랜드에서는약자를위한공통생활과취업의장만들기를전개하고있다. 이메일 전화 / 주소 2, rue des Jardins C. P. 700, succ. Haute-Ville Quebec (Quebec) G1R 4S9 홈페이지 일반개요북미북동부에자리잡고있는퀘벡은지리적다양성과기후변화측면에서매우대조적인지역이다. 170만km2에달하는광대한토지의퀘벡주는캐나다 10개주중가장큰지역이다. 퀘벡을가로지르는세인트로렌스강은대륙으로통하는길이기도합니다. 인구 8 백만명중대부분은세인트로렌스강변을따라거주하고있으며그중절반은몬트리올지역에거주하고있다. 인구대부분이프랑스계이지만, 퀘벡인들중다수가영국이나유럽계입니다. 높은비율을차지하는, 전세계곳곳에서들어온이민자들과전체인구의 1% 이상을차지하고있는 10개의아메리카원주민부족및이누이트부족에게퀘벡은가족과도같은공동체이다. 독특하고역동적인사회퀘벡은불어를주로사용하고있으며공식언어는불어다. 퀘벡주민들은캐나다에서여러언어를가장많이쓰는사람들이다. 북미대륙에서유일한불어권지역이기때문에예술과문학은이러한정체성을토대로형성된다. 이러한불어중심의다국어문화는퀘벡인들이세계무대에서자신들의요구를피력하고번성할수있도록퀘벡의영향과명성에적극적으로기여한다. 널리알려진국제적정체성퀘벡은관할지역내에서널리활동할수있는완벽한합법성을지니고있다. 따라서, 퀘벡은중요한현안을해결하기위해적극참여함으로써이에대한관심을증진시킨. 16 개국약 30 개정부기관의네트워크로위활동들을수행하고있다. 고성능최첨단경제전세계어느곳에서든퀘벡기업은우주항공산업, 생명공학, 청정기술및정보통신기술분야에서뛰어난품질의제품과혁신으로부각되고있부. 캐나다에서퀘벡주는 R&D 및벤처자금분야에최고수준의투자를하고있다. (GDP 대비 ) 사회적경제 : 필수부문사회적경제는퀘벡의사회 경제적인구조에있어서필수적인부분다. 비록, 최근에일어나는현상은아닐지라도경제및사회전망에서그역할은점점커지고있다. 올해, 사회적경제기본법을채택함으로써퀘벡은주요국제흐름에동참하게되었으며, 이러한점에서퀘벡주는북미에서사회경제분야의선구자역할을하고있다. 사회적경제에속한협동조합과공제및비영리단체의특징은사회적목적에중점을두고기업적으로수행한다는것이다. 이러한단체는절대적으로이윤만을추구하지않고, 사회적임무의완성과그결과로인해얻는수익성을추구한다. 이단체는특정한방식으로단체를정의하는원칙과운영규정을가지고있다. 188 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 189

96 참여도시 기관 퀘존시 (Quezon City) 전화 주소 Quezon Provincial Government Center Lucena City, Quezon, Philippines 4301 홈페이지 일반개요면적16만1125.8km2 (1만6천112.58헥타르) 의퀘존시 (Quezon City) 는 16개시와 1개지자체로구성된도시집적지 (urban agglomeration) 인마닐라시 (Metropolitan Manila) 에서가장규모가큰도시이다. 수도권 (NCR) 인퀘존시는필리핀의정치, 경제, 사회, 문화, 교육의중심지이다. 퀘존시의규모는마닐라시 (Manila) 의약 4배, 마카티시 (Makati) 의약 6배, 만다루용시 (Mandaluyong) 의약 14배정도이다. 마닐라대도시에서가장인구가많은도시이기도하다. 2007년인구조사에서 267만9,450명으로집계되었는데매년시민수가증가하여 2010년에는296만627명으로마닐라대도시총인구의 24% 를차지하는것으로추정된다. 퀘존시인구는마닐라대도시와필리핀에비해빠르게늘어나고있다. 퀘존시의연간인구증가율은 2.92% 으로마닐라대도시평균 2.11%, 필리핀평균2.04% 보다높다. 더욱이퀘존시는필리핀에서가장빨리성장하고있는도심지역이다. 런던파이낸셜타임즈 (London Financial Times) 에서의뢰하고, 싱가폴의투자무역진흥컨설팅업체인아시아비즈전략 (AsiaBiz Strategy) 社가실시한 아시아도시 200 조사 에서퀘존시는 미래의아시아도시 10위권에들었다. 상위 3개도시인홍콩, 싱가폴, 타이페이에이어퀘존시는 7위로선정되었다. 동조사에서한부문을제외하고는필리핀의다른도시들보다상위에랭크되었다. 아시아도시중 경제적잠재력부문 5위, 비용효율성부문 3위, 인적자원부문 6위, 삶의질부문 10위를차지하였다. 가장최근 (2007년) 에실시된필리핀광역도시순위조사에서퀘존시는마닐라대도시에서 가장경쟁력있는도시 1위, 전국에서 가장경쟁력있는도시 2위로선정되었다. 이는세계경쟁력연감 (World Competitiveness Yearbook) 을발간하는스위스국제경영발전연구소 (International Institute for Management Development) 와동일한조사방법으로아시아경영연구소 (Asian Institute of Management) 가경영인들을대상으로한설문조사를근거로한결과이다. 퀸즈랜드공과대학교도시정보연구소 이메일 전화 주소 Urban Informatics Research LabQueensland University of Technology130 Victoria Park RoadKelvin Grove QLD 4059 Australia 홈페이지 일반개요 2006년부터도시정보학연구소 (UIRL) 는도시, 위치기반서비스및모바일기술을중점으로사람, 장소, 기술에대해연구 개발해왔다. 본연구소를구성하고협력하는대상은미디어연구학위를가진건축가, 도시사회학전문가인소프트웨어엔지니어, 문화학배경을지닌인간-컴퓨터상호작용 (HCI) 디자이너, 디지털미디어와소셜네트워킹에흥미를가진도시계획가등범학문적인재이다. 도시정보학연구소는퀸즐랜드공과대학 (QUT) 디자인대학창조산업학부소속으로기술, 소셜미디어, 디지털제작, 도시설계를아우르는다양한학문의창조적인에너지를수용한다. 퀸즐랜드공과대학의창조산업학부는창조산업정책, 응용창조산업연구, 디지털미디어디자인, 순수예술및공연예술에대한국제연구이니셔티브를선도하고있다. 190 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 191

97 참여도시 기관 한겨레경제연구소 (Hankyoreh Economic Research Institute) 이메일 전화 주소 서울시마포구공덕동 한겨레신문사 3층 별관한겨레경제연구소 홈페이지 목표미션 : 책임있는시장경제 를지향하는싱크탱크비전 : 최고의지식을생산하여기업과사회가상생할수있는방향을제시하고그들을잇는다리가되고자한다. 날짜 내용 한겨레경제연구소설립 HERI REVIEW 창간 아시아사회적기업활동가대회공동주관 HERI 사회적기업경영사례개발 아시아미래포럼 주요사업분야 한 중 일기업사회책임경영평가 East Asia 30 ( 사 ) 한국공정무역단체협의회 이메일 전화 주소서울시은평구통일로 684 1동 1층서울시사회적경제지원센터내협의회사무실홈페이지 일반개요사단법인한국공정무역단체협의회는한국사회내사회적경제와공익의실현을추구하는제3섹터기반의공정무역단체들간의협력과공정무역운동의영향력강화를위해설립되었다. 2008년부터매해 세계공정무역의날 (World Fair Trade Day) 을주최하고, 올해는 2015년이후의공정무역캠페인 (Fair Trade Beyond 2015 campaign) 을공동주관하는등국내외의주요공정무역캠페인을진행하며한국내공정무역운동을이끌어왔다. 주요사업분야한국공정무역단체협의회는주요사업인 < 공정무역도시운동 (Fair Trade Towns Movement)> 을중심으로공정무역과관련한다양한사업을진행하고있다. 진행사업으로는 1) 저개발국가생산자지원, 2) 국제교류및국제개발협력, 3) 공정무역단체연대활동, 4) 공정무역캠페인 ( 홍보, 교육, 지원, 연구사업 ), 5) 공정무역커뮤니티사업등이있다. 특히공정무역도시운동은현재 24개국가, 1,310개의마을과도시가참여하고있는국제적캠페인으로, 일상적으로공정무역제품을사용하는가운데많은이들이공정무역을이해하고참여할수있도록지자체, 다양한기관, 시민단체들이함께참여하는공동의공정무역운동이다. 192 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 193

98 참여도시 기관 한국노동자협동조합연합회 (KFWC) 한국대안기업연합회 이메일 전화 주소 경기도화성시장안면석포리 컴윈구내 일반개요취업취약계층 ( 빈곤계층, 장애인, 고령인, 장기실업자등 ) 의일자리창출을통해빈곤문제를해결하는데기여하고, 협동조합의정신을계승하고자하는기업들이모여 2003년 한국노동자협동조합연합회 를결성하였다. 관련법제도의부재와참여대상의확대를위해 2007년 10월 한국대안기업연합회 ( 회장 : 사회적기업컴윈권운혁대표 ) 로명칭을개정하였다. 대안기업은기업의목적이 수익만이아닌그이상 의사회적, 경제적, 친환경적가치를가지고있는기업을의미한다. 재활용 주거복지 돌봄서비스 청소등의업종연합회및개별기업을회원 ( 참여기업 105개, 고용인원 2,100명 ) 으로하고있는한국대안기업연합회는 2008년 12월 국제노동자협동조합연맹 (CICOPA) 에가입하였으며, 현재 국제협동조합연맹 (ICA) 의준회원의자격을가지고있다. 2012년 8월 27일협동조합기본법의시행을계기로대안기업연합회회원단체성원들중노동자협동조합을모색하는회원단체를중심으로 노동자협동조합연합회추진단 을구성하고, 2013년 1월 노동자협동조합연합회추진단 을출범하였다. 2013년 5월, 협동조합의양적성장과취약한창업지원환경을고려하여 노동자협동조합연합회추진단 을대안기업연합회에서독립된조직주체인 노동자협동조합연합회준비위원회 로전환할것을결의하고, 현재준비위원회결성에이르게되었다. 일반개요한국대안기업연합회는 1990년대초반부터이어지는노동자협동조합운동과 2000년대중반부터등장하기시작한사회적기업들이대안경제영역확장을통해사회양극화에대한대안을제시하고, 환경과사람을살리는지속가능한경제활동방식을구현하며, 참여와협동에기반한고용과분배의발전적기업모델실현을위해 2008년한국대안기업연합회를설립하였다. 한국대안기업연합회는대안기업의발굴및지원, 대안경제운동영역의확장, 대안사회를위한연대의확장을비전으로활동하고있으며, 2012년현재 4개의업종별연합회를포함하여 128개의기업들이참여하고있다. 2008년설립과함께국제협동조합연맹 (ICA) 및국제노동자협동조합 / 사회적협동조합연맹 (CICOPA) 에가입한회원조직이다. 주요사업분야 - 회원기업지원 - 대안적가치를지향하는다양한경제조직, 특히노동자협동조합과사회적기업을대표 - 사회적경제부문의활성화를위한연대활동 - 조사연구 - 국제협력 194 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 195

99 참여도시 기관 서울사회적기업협의회 한국협동사회경제연대회의 이메일 전화 주소 서울은평구통일로 684 1동 1층 홈페이지 이메일 전화 주소 서울시마포구망원1동 로얄플라자 803호 홈페이지 café 일반개요한국사회적기업협의회서울지부는사회적기업들간의협력적네트워크를기반으로사회적경제의확산을통해새로운경제모델구축, 사회적자본의형성등새로운경제공동체를만들어가면서사회통합에기여하고자하는비영리법인이다. 한국사회적기업협의회서울지부는사회적경제의주축이되어사회적기업상호간교류, 민민, 민관협의및조정, 정책건의, 조사연구, 교육등사회적기업의성장과발전을위해다양한활동을수행하고있다. - 서울지역 ( 예비 ) 사회적기업간의연대와교류를통해결속강화 - 정부와기업, 시민사회등다양한분야와협력하여사회적기업성장과발전에기여 일반개요 1. 역사 2012년 11월 21일출범한한국협동사회경제연대회의 ( 이하연대회의 ) 는 협동조합기본법 제정을위해시민단체들로구성된 < 협동조합기본법제정연대회의 > 와 사회적기업육성법 의올바른제정을위해구성되어 6년여동안활동한 < 한국사회적경제연대회의 > 가통합한연대단체이다. 2. 목적연대회의는협동조합과사회적기업등을비롯한사회적경제영역에서활동하는제단체들이연대하고협력하여사회적경제운동의자율성과주도성을지켜나가는것을목적으로한다. 3. 구성현재연대회의에는한국의사회적경제운동의활성화와지속적인발전을위해활동하고있는 40개회원단체가참여하고있다. - 연합조직 (19), 전문ㆍ연구조직 (11), 환경ㆍ금융등단위조직 (8), 지역네트워크 (2) 로구성 4. 운영구조 - 전체대표자회의 (40개단체로구성, 년 2회개최 ) - 공동대표단 (5명, 임기 3년, 상임대표오미예 icoop 대표 ) - 운영위원회 (17명, 격월개최 ) - 집행위원회 ( 집행위원장과분과장으로구성, 월 1회개최 ) - 5개분과 ( 정책분과, 제도개선분과, Coop연합회건설분과, 교육분과, 지역네트워크분과 ) 주요사업분야 - 협동조합 사회적경제운동의네트워크및연대지역연대를위한지역간담회 / 활동가대회 / 협동조합주간행사 - 주체역량강화를위한공동교육기획및지원활동협동조합ㆍ사회적경제교육과정개설 / 협동조합설립을위한상담및컨설팅지원 - 정보의소통과집중협동조합사회적경제의현장소식을공유할수있는장마련 - 협동조합ㆍ사회적경제조사, 통계연구단체조사, 통계정리 - 협동조합ㆍ사회적경제정책연구및대변활동정책연구및정책대변 / 협동조합ㆍ사회적경제관련법ㆍ제도개선 196 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 197

100 참여도시 기관 한살림연합 전화 홈페이지 행복중심생협연합회 (Happy Coop) 이메일 전화 홈페이지 일반개요지구를살리는뜻깊은생활실천한살림은사람과자연, 도시와농촌이생명의끈으로이어져있다는생각에서자연을지키고생명을살리는마음으로농사짓고물품을만드는생산자들과이들의마음이담긴물품을이해하고믿으며이용하는소비자들이함께결성한생활협동조합이다. 기후변화와자연재앙이날로심각해지고, 시장개방이확대되면서우리농업의자급기반이더욱위태로워지고건강한밥상을차리는일이날로힘겨워지고있다. 한살림은생명농업을바탕으로생산자와소비자간의직거래운동을펼치며어려운이웃과더불어살아가려는노력, 절제된소비, 자연과조화를이룬생활문화를통해생명을살리고지구를지키는뜻깊은생활실천을하고있다. 일반개요 1. 행복중심생협지난 1989년창립이후 24년동안친환경유기농산물등생활재공동구입사업과여성 환경 지역사회등다양한분야에서여성의삶을행복하게만들기위해노력해왔다. 조화와협동, 평등의가치를바탕으로참먹을거리를나누고, 생산자의지속가능한생산을보장하며생태계를보호하고, 우리사회를좀더인간화된사회로만들기위한활동들을펼치고있다. 2. 행복중심생협주요활동 1) 조합원의삶을책임지는생활재공동구입사업행복중심생협연합회는친환경유기농산물과친환경가공식품, 친환경생활용품등 1,500여가지다양한생활재를공급한다. 행복중심생협의특별한생활재 농약과화학비료를쓰지않는유기농쌀 100% Non-GMO 국내산잡곡 친환경유기농채소와과일 쾌적한환경에서건강하게자란무항생제축산물 방사성물질검사를마친수산물 원료와생산과정이보이는가공식품 환경친화적인국내산생활용품 행복한지구를만드는공정무역생활재 2) 지역사회기여활동토종씨앗지키기 자원전쟁 의시대라는 21세기. 행복중심생협은우리국민들의먹을거리기본권 ( 식량주권 ) 을지키기위해여성농민들과함께토종씨앗지키기운동을펼치고있다. 2009년에는 토종옥수수지키키캠페인 을 2012년에는홍천군여성농민회와토종씨앗채종포공동경작사업을펼치고있다. 도시지역여성소비자와여성농민들이힘을모아토종대파, 오이, 감자, 콩, 팥, 수수등토종작물을기르고그씨앗을받아확산시키는활동을한다. 핵없는사회만들기 2011년후쿠시마원전사고이후, 방사성물질로부터안전한생활재를공급하기위하여방사성물질취급기준에관한조합원과생산자와의토론을거쳐자체기준안을마련했다. 또한녹색병원노동환경연구소, 환경운동연합등 6개시민환경단체와함께 시민방사능감시센터 를공동으로설립하여생활방사성물질을감시하고있으며, 식품방사성물질국가기준치를강화하기위한노력을계속하고있다. 198 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 199

101 참여도시 기관 현대자동차그룹 홍콩사회서비스연합회 (HKCSS) 이메일 홈페이지 이메일 전화 주소 11-13/F, Duke of Windsor Social Service Building, 15 Hennessy Road, Wanchai, Hong Kong 홈페이지 현대차그룹주요사회공헌사업 - 서초창의허브, H-온드림오디션 등청년사회적기업가지원 - 사회적기업 ( 사 ) 안심생활, ( 주 ) 이지무브, 자연찬유통사업단지원 - 해피무브글로벌청년봉사단 ( 글로벌청년리더양성 ) - 기프트카 ( 소상공인창업용차량지원 ) - 현대코이카드림센터 ( 개도국자동차정비기술학교설립 ) - H.Art 드림페스티벌 ( 연극 / 뮤지컬전공대학생미래인재육성 ) 일반개요홍콩사회서비스연합회 (HKCSS) 는산하에 400개이상의회원기관을보유한조직이다. 홍콩전역에 3천개가넘는서비스국 (service unit) 을통해홍콩사회복지서비스의 90% 이상을제공한다. 입지본연합회는뚜렷한비전과전문성을바탕으로홍콩의사회복지를지속, 발전시키려는비정부복지기관들을대표한다. 가치본연합회와회원기관은사회적정의와평등, 개인의본질적인권리를핵심가치로둔다. 사회는개개인이잠재력을키울수있도록기본적인사회, 경제자원을제공해야하고, 개인은자립과자아실현을위해가족과사회에대한책임을다해야한다. 비전높은신뢰성, 효율성, 효과성으로사회적필요에대응할수있는사회복지부문을만든다. 또한, 장기적으로지속가능한사회발전과시민들의복지향상을도모한다. 과제회원기관들과함께사회복지발전을촉진하기위해다음과같은활동을한다. - 사회복지서비스기관의책임향상 - 사회복지서비스개선활동 - 여러기관이지역사회를위해더열심히일하도록촉진 - 평등, 정의, 사회적통합, 서로돌보는사회추구 - 국제사회에귀감이될수있는지역복지부문구축 주요사업분야 - 서비스개발 사회적필요에대응하기위한탁월하고, 혁신적인서비스개발 - 정책연구및지지활동 사회적정의와사회발전에공헌 - NGO부문강화및역량개발 비영리민간부문강화, 국제및지역협력도모 - 공공참여와파트너십 서로돌보는사회, 기업의사회적책임, 자선활동촉진 200 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 201

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103 라운드테이블참가자 낸시님탄 (Nancy Neamtan) 샹티에 (Chantier de l economie sociale) 의장및상임이사, 캐나다 - 사회적경제조직네트워크의리더, 사회 연대경제분야의국제적전문가 - RISQ의창립자이자의장 - ARUC-ES의공동대표 - TIESS의공동의장 사회적기업 ( 협동조합혹은비영리단체 ), 지역개발단체, 사회운동가들간네트워크를조직하는캐나다퀘백의비영리단체인샹티에 (Chantier de l économie sociale) 의소장을맡고있다. 샹티에는각기다른사회적단체들에의해축적된아이디어및기술의교류와발전을목표로한다. 또한, 낸시님탄은 1997년비영리단체와협동조합을위해투자기금 1,500만달러를조성한퀘백사회적투자네트워크 (Réseau d investissement social du Québec, RISQ) 을설립했으며대표직을맡았다. 2006년 11월부터사회적기업지원을위한 5,300만달러의투자기금인사회적경제협회샹티에기금 (the Fiducie du Chantier de l économie sociale) 의대표로활동하고있다. 1999년부터 2009년까지사회적경제지역사회대학연구연대인아루세스 (Community University Research Alliance on the Social Economy, ARUC-ÉS) 의공동대표직을맡았으며, 현재사회적혁신, 사회적경제와지역발전을위한정보공유센터단체인티에스 (TIESS) 의공동대표로일하고있다. 샹띠에가조직되기전에낸시는 1989 년부터 1998년까지캐나다몬트리올남서부지역의경제 사회재정비를위한지역사회경제발전기관인 RESO의이사장으로일했다. 낸시는유엔국제노동기구, 사회적혁신을주제로한경제협력개발기구포럼등주요국제기구와함께활동하는사회적경제전문가로써국제적으로알려져있으며, 동시에사회적경제및연대촉진을위한범대륙네트워크인리페스 (the Intercontinental Network for the Promotion of Social and Solidarity Economy, RIPESS) 이사회회원이다. 2012년퀘벡시국가훈장을받았다. Directory 205

104 라운드테이블참가자 니콜라아자르 (Nicolas HAZARD) 혁신카르텔 (Le Comptoir de l Innovation) 회장 & 에스오에스그룹 (Groupe SOS) 부회장, 프랑스 마거릿멘델 (Marguerite MENDELL) 콩코디아대학칼폴라니정치경제연구소 (Karl Polanyi Insitute of Political Economy at Concordia University) 소장, 캐나다 유럽지역대학 ( 파리정치대학 (Sciences Po Paris), 베를린자유대학교 (F.U. Berlin), 파리고등상업학교 (HEC Paris) 에서정치학, 경제학교육을받은뒤, 유럽위원회 (European Commission) 전의장이자이탈리아국무총리였던로마노프로디 (Romano Prodi) 와함께르니온 (L Unione) 의고문으로활동했다. 현재유럽의주요사회적기업인에스오에스그룹 ( 직원 10,000명, 매출약 7억5천만달러 ) 의부회장이며, 전세계사회적기업개발에투자 지원하는혁신카르텔 (Le Comptoir de l Innovation) 의회장이다. 또한, 니콜라스는유럽위원회의사회적기업전문가단체 (GECES) 의일원이기도하다. 2012년에출간한에세이 21세기기업은사회적인기업이될것이다 ( 또는사회적인기업이되지않을것이다 ) (L'entreprise du XXIe siècle sera sociale (ou ne sera pas)) 를공동저술하기도했다. 데이비드브룩스 (David BROOKES) 소셜트레이더스대표, 호주데이빗브룩스 (David Brookes) 는 2009년 1월소셜트레이더스 (Social Traders) 사의상무이사로취임했다. 현재이사회의상임이사직을역임하고있으며조직관리및전략, 기업거버넌스, 이해관계자참여전반을담당하고있다. 소셜트레이더스는많은사회적기업프로그램및서비스를개발하는호주의비영리단체이다. 데이빗브룩스는 2013년호주사회적기업시상프로그램 (Australian Social Enterprise Awards Program) 을비롯하여사회적기업개발이니셔티브를이끌고있다. 또한 2010년부터는사회적기업세계포럼 (Social Enterprise World Forum, SEWF) 의운영위원으로도활동중이다. 리오틴토 (Rio Tinto) 그룹, 도요타 (Toyota), 앰코 (Amcor) 등주요기업에서기업운영관련여러직책을역임하며 15년이상기업운영경험을쌓았다. 3사모두에서전략비즈니스지역사회파트너십프로그램개발에관여하였고기업의사회와환경에관한책임을강조해왔다. 또한주요산업협회및호주뉴사우스웨일스 (NSW) 지방의회와의협력경험을통해정책및경제개발에대한경험도겸비했다. 호주울런공대학 (University of Wollongong) 에서경영및경제학학위를취득하였으며호주대표이사협회 (Australian Institute of Company Directors) 과정을졸업했다. 경제학자이자캐나다컨커디어대학교 (Concordia University) 의지역사회및대외협력단과대학교수이며, 대학내설립된칼폴라니정치경제연구소 (Karl Polanyi Institute of Political Economy) 소장이다. 멘델은칼폴라니 ((Karl Polanyi) 에대한연구, 특히현대경제민주주의개발전략에관한연구를비롯, 퀘백 (Quebec) 市의사회적경제, 지역개발, 사회적금융, 경제민주주의와같은다양한주제의저서를출간했다. 현재멘델은사회적경제활동가들과함께퀘백시지방자치차원에서공공정책을개발하고있다. 멘델교수는 1990년캐나다의최초소액금융기구인몬트리올지역대부협회 (the Montreal Community Loan Association, ACEM) 의공동창업자이며, 수년간의공동연구 ( 사회적경제연구단체, ARUC) 끝에연대금융및개발자금네트워크인캡파이낸스설립에동참했다. 퀘벡의 사회적책임금융 진행과정과해외의 사회적금융 에관해기고하기도했다. 지역사회를기반으로몬트리올시의지속가능한발전을위한사회적경제파트너십의자문위원이며, 사회적경제발전을위한퀘벡정부의정책자문위원회인사회적경제협회, 샹티에 (Chantier de l'économie sociale) 의이사이다. 최근멘델교수는 사회적경제를통한지역구성원포섭개선방향 에관한연구에서한국, 폴란드, 프랑스, 슬로베니아의사회적경제를구현한공공정책을깊이있게다루었다. 멘델은중남미국가들과파트너십을맺고퀘백과아르헨티나의사회적경제연구원, 활동가, 정책입안자들의미대륙네트워크인레코 (ReCo) 의공동창업자이기도하다. 또한, 금융과몬트리올지역을연구하는사회적경제파트너십연구단체, 쿠라 (CURA) 의공동이사장이었으며, 현재는 CURA 파트너십책임투자 (CURA partnership on Responsible Investment) 의공동이사장이다. 멘델교수는 2012년프랑스지식협회 (Association francophone pour le savoir, ACFAS) 로부터피에르댄서로우상 (Prix Pierre-Dansereau) 을받았다. 라디오캐나다 (Radio- Canada) 의후원하는이상은지역사회발전에모범이되는개인혹은단체에게주어진다. 206 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 207

105 라운드테이블참가자 박원순 서울특별시장, 한국 비르지니오메롤라 (Virginio Merola) 볼로냐시장, 이탈리아 박원순은 1956년경남창녕에서가난한농부의아들로태어났다. 1975년서울대학교에입학, 한달만에교내민주화시위로구속, 제적당하고, 1979년단국대학교사학과에입학했다. 1980년사법고시에합격. 대구지검검사를거쳐인권변호사로활동한다. 부천경찰서성고문사건 서울대우조교사건 등의변호사로활동, 시대의아픔을함께했다. 변호사를하면서역사문제에도관심을가져 1986년역사문제연구소를설립한다. 1991년영국런던정경대학에서국제법을공부하고, 다음해하버드대로스쿨객원연구원을지냈다. 유학에서돌아와 1994년 참여연대 를통해본격적인시민운동을시작한다. 낙천낙선운동 소액주주운동 부패방지법 등을이끌며한국사회에본격적인시민운동의시대를열었다는평가를받는다. 2000년아름다운재단상임이사를맡으며나눔과봉사를한국사회의화두로제시했다. 2002년아름다운가게를만들어재활용과공정무역을통해생활속혁신을이뤄냈다 년희망제작소를만들어 소셜디자이너 로서지역, 마을, 시니어등을통한사회혁신을실천한다. 2011년 10월서울시장보궐선거에출마, 당선되어제35대서울시장에취임했다. 시민의삶을바꾸는첫번째시장, 시민이시장이다 라는생각으로지속가능한공동체, 행복한삶을향한유쾌한실험을계속하고있다. 특히서울시에 사회혁신 부서를신설하고, 사회혁신파크를조성하여다양한사회혁신정책을추진하고있다. 지은책으로 한국의시민운동-프로크루스테스의침대 야만시대의기록 (1~3) 성공하는사람들의아름다운습관 - 나눔 박원순의아름다운가치사전 세상을바꾸는천개의직업 정치의즐거움 등이있다. 버지니오메롤라 (Virginio Merola, 57세 ) 는카세르타지방 ( 캄파니아州 ) 에서태어났지만 5세부터볼로냐市에거주했다. 그는볼로냐대학철학과를졸업한후, 이탈리아노동총동맹 (CGIL) 노동조합에서조합원으로활동했다. 1989년, 볼로냐市경제부시장으로재직하던월터비탈리 (Walter Vitali) 의제안을받아들여, 이탈리아시당국과주 지방정부연합인, 지방정부연합의지역서기로일하게되었다. 버지니오메롤라는볼로냐市의사베나 (Savena) 구청장을연임하게된 1995년부터본격적으로시정부에서정치적활동을시작하게되었다. 그는 2004년 6월볼로냐시의원으로선출되었고, 곧도시계획주거정책부시장으로임명되었다. 2009년 7월부터 2011년 2월까지, 주의회장을역임했고, 2011년 5월 16일 1차투표에서 50% 이상을득표하여민주당후보로서볼로냐시장으로선출되었다. 송경용 GSEF 2013 공동조직위원장 ( 사 ) 서울사회적경제네트워크이사장, 한국 송경용조직위원장은성공회교회사제이자 ( 사 ) 서울사회적경제네트워크의이사장으로한국의사회적경제활성화를위한헌신해왔다. 상계동, 봉천동의 나눔의집 을설립하였고, 지역의빈곤과실업문제를해결하기위한지역자활센터의설립을주도하였다. 평생을사회문제해결을위해노력해온송경용조직위원장은, 현재서울시사회적경제민관정책협의회대표단의단장으로서울시사회적경제정책수립을위해민-관거버넌스를이끌면서사회적경제활성화를위해전국의민간, 공공조직을자문해왔다. 2010년걷는교회를창립하여주임사제로사역하고있으며, 주거복지를실천하는 ( 사 ) 나눔과미래의이사장도역임하고있다. 208 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 209

106 라운드테이블참가자 신야코이부치 (Shinya KOIBUCHI) 요코하마시아동청소년국국장, 일본 이와모토마미 (Iwamoto MAMI) NPO 법인휴먼펠로우십총괄책임자쇼난 요코하마청년서포트스테이션총괄코디네이터, 일본 신야코이부치는 1983년부터요코하마시를위해일했다. 노인복지를비롯한복지분야에서주로활동했다. 2010년부터아동청소년국국장으로서보육센터대기아동수를줄이기위해노력해왔다. 시민과관련기관, 민간기구와협력하고협조함으로써아동과청소년의건강증진과자립을위한다양한프로젝트를진행했다. 요한느라보이 (Johanne LAVOIE) 사회적경제국장, 몬트리올, 캐나다 2005년부터캐나다몬트리올시의경제발전서비스사회적경제부문국장으로서, 지역사회를바탕으로한지속가능한발전을이끌어내기위해사회적경제단체들과파트너십을만들어가고있다. 요한느라보이 (Johanne Lavoie) 를주축으로한정책프로젝트를통해사회적경제단체의대표들과몬트리올시는처음으로사회적경제를위한캐나다지방자치공공정책안을완성할수있었다 년캐나다정부가정책안을승인한후, 지역사회, 관련분야학자, 일반기업들이힘을모아몬트리올의사회적경제단체를육성하려고계속노력하고있다. 사회적경제부문의발전을위해노력하는해외각국인사들을언제나환영하는요한느는지역기금마련단체, 지역조정위원회에서도활동하고있으며, 2010년 2월캐나다사회경제적허브 (The Canadian Social Economy Hub) 가이달의인물로지명하기도했다. 퀘백대학에서사회학학사를, 몬트리올대학에서지리학석사를수료했다. 석사학위를이수하기전에는몬트리올의테크노폴엥거스 (Technopôle Angus in Montreal) 에소재한사회적경제기업에서이사직을맡았다. 1971년생 ( 가나가와현출신 ) 노무라증권주식회사재직시절, K2인터내셔널의전신인콜롬버스아카데미에서자원봉사를시작했다. 그후, 뉴질랜드에서공동생활 어드벤쳐스쿨스탭으로참가하고, 귀국후, 공동생활 어드벤쳐스쿨에근무했다. 1997년부터 2006년까지의 10년간을뉴질랜드 호주에서등교거부아동과공동생활을하면서취업지원을위한레스토랑, 서점등총 4개점포를만들어운영해왔다. 2006년 8월에일본으로귀국하여청년자립학원 Y-MAC의설립에참가, 총괄책임자로 170명이상의젊은이의자립취업을지원하고있다. 청년지원을통해지역살리기활동과지역과제의해결등을함으로써취업이어려운젊은이들의일자리를확대하고있다. 상가와연계한취업의장만들기, 고토부기초 ( 寿町 ) 와의연계, 복지사업과의연계에의한주거와일터만들기, 순환형농업과청년지원프로그램등. 소셜비즈니스컴페티션 STYLE 2004 우수상수상니케이우먼오브더이어 2008 수상인간력대상 2010 수상사회보장국민회의 (2008년 ~2009년 ) 소득확보 보장분과회위원요코하마시청년지원협의회위원 (2010년 ~) 후지사와시어린이문제협의회위원 (2011년 ~) 어린이 청년생활곤궁지원방안에관한연구위원회위원 (2012년 ~) 210 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 211

107 라운드테이블참가자 이원재 GSEF 2013 조직위원회국제협력분과장, 경제평론가, 한국 자크샤레 (Jacques CHAREST) 샹티에 (Fiducie du Chantier de l économie sociale) 사무국장, 캐나다 대학에서경제학을전공한뒤 한겨레 경제부기자로일했다. 기자시절 IMF 구제금융사태및닷컴기업들의성장과몰락을현장에서목격하고, 착한기업과좋은경영 을제대로공부하기위해신문사를떠나미국 MIT 슬론스쿨 MBA 과정에입학했다. 재학중뉴욕월스트리트의 Medley Global Advisors 에서인턴애널리스트로있던기간은그가한국경제의거대한잠재력을발견한뜻밖의행운의시간이었다. 이때의경험을바탕으로쓴 주식회사대한민국희망보고서 는당시대통령에게요약보고되고공직사회필독서가되기도했다. 귀국뒤삼성경제연구소수석연구원으로일하면서기업의사회책임경영과사회적기업을연구했고, 독립적인싱크탱크를만들겠다는꿈을안고한겨레경제연구소를설립해 5년반동안소장을지냈다. 한겨레경제연구소와풀뿌리사회적기업가학교등을통해사회적기업가들을교육하고자문했으며, 관련정책을자문하기도했다. 유엔글로벌콤팩트, 전국경제인연합회, 일본경제단체연합회등국내외기관및기업에서이와관련된강연을활발히진행하고다양한방송에출연하며 착한경제, 좋은경영 의꿈을전파했다. 현재는독립적경제평론가로서칼럼, 방송, 강연을통해더나은사회의비전을설파하고있다. 이상한나라의경제학, 이원재의 5분경영학, MIT MBA 강의노트, 전략적윤리경영의발견 등다수의저서가있다. 정태인 GSEF 2013 조직위원회자문위원장, 한국 새로운사회를여는연구원 의원장. 서울대와같은대학대학원에서경제학전공. 참여정부에서국민경제비서관과대통령직속동북아경제중심추진위원회기조실장을, 참여정부를나와서는한미FTA 저지범국민운동본부본부장을역임. 고박현채선생의수제자라자부하며, 선생의말대로민중의삶이조금이라도더나아지는사회를만드는데도움이되고자한다. 주류경제학의한계를넘어신뢰와협동을기반으로하는사회적경제, 숙의민주주의로완성되는공공경제 /, 미래세대와생태계까지고려하는생태경제연구에매진할계획이다. - 몬트리올대학, 사회학학사, 1982 졸업 - 퀘벡-몬트리올대학, 경영학석사 (MBA), 1994 졸업사회적경제기업의자금조달, 개발, 운영뿐아니라도시개발및프로젝트매니지먼트분야에서 30년경력을쌓았다. 현재샹티에신탁 (Chantier de l économie sociale trust) 의최고경영자로재직중이다. 2002년부터 2007년까지샹티에 (Chantier de l économie sociale) 신탁기금의프로젝트를담당했다. 2007년설립이후부터현재까지신탁기금의실행및운영전반을담당하고있다. 이신탁기금은사회적경제기업을위해조성된것으로 5천3 백만달러의초기투자자금으로설립되었다. 이벤처투자기금조성으로인해현재사회적경제기업에게가용한금융상품의종류에획기적인변화가생겼다. 서커스기획사인 TOHU사가대형상설서커스시설을설립하고운영하는데있어해당지역주민이혜택을누릴수있도록하였고이러한혜택은지역일자리창출정책을통해실업과사회적고립으로어려움을겪는지역주민에게취업전집중적인직업훈련을제공하는계기가되었다 년부터 2002년까지는앵거스개발협회 (Société de développement Angus) 의부동산및재무임원으로써비영리기관이운영하는산업단지개발프로젝트의첫단계에참여하기도했다. 사회경제및지속가능한개발이라는측면에서이개발프로젝트는몬트리올의중심지에있던산업황무지를탈바꿈시킨도심재생프로젝트였다. 마지막으로 15년동안비영리기관간연계를통하여건축가, 도시전문가, 프로젝트진행전문가, 직업훈련가등다양한분야의전문가와함께도심주거및재개발프로젝트를진행했다. 이프로젝트는수천에이르는저소득층가정에게주거공간을제공하는일을진행하였다. 212 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 213

108 라운드테이블참가자 제스스틸 (Jess STEELE) 로컬리티지역조직국 (Community Organising with Locality) 국장, 영국 조이벨몬트 (Joy G. BELMOMTE) 퀘존 (Quezon) 부시장, 필리핀 제스스틸은지역사회조직, 주거지재건사업을지원하기위한새로운아이디어및프로그램개발정책과그에따르는정책시행간의간격을최소화하는가교역할을한다. 또한, 영국지역사회조직프로그램을기획하고추진했으며, 현재는로컬리티지역조직국 (Community Organising with Locality) 의차장이다. 지역사회운동가이자에스이런던 (SE London) 의사업가인제스는봉사활동자선단체를설립해사회재건프로그램인 겟셋포시티즌십 (Get Set for Citizenship) 으로관련분야상을받았으며, 여러개사회적기업을조직하고지역역사책을출간하기도했다. 영국도시재건협회 (British Urban Regeneration Association) 부대표를지냈으며, 2007년이후에는개발신탁협회 (the Development Trusts Association, DTA) 에서활동하며활동가 (practitioner) 를위한상담서비스를구축하고더민와일프로젝트 (the Meanwhile Project) 를진행했다. 조세핀 ( 조이 ) 벨몬테알리무렁은부시장은퀘존시의회의장, 퀘존시관광개발책임관, 빈곤퇴치전담반위원장, 퀘존시재난위험관리위원회부위원장, 퀘존시주택청부청장, 퀘존시영화개발위원회공동위원장을겸임하고있다. 부시장은여성지위신장과아동개발증진, 사회적기업을지지하며, CSF (Congressional Spouses Foundation Inc.) 의이사장이기도하다. 벨몬테부시장은공연및국제대회에서입상한세계적인재들을모아퀘존시공연예술재단을설립하고, 이재단을통해빈민지역출신젊은이들이공연예술을통해희망을가질수있도록기회를제공하고있다. 벨몬테부시장은버밍엄대학교에서행정개발학석사과정을마쳤다. 고고학자겸박물관소장이기도한부시장은퀘존메모리얼서클에곧건립될퀘존시박물관의계획및설계에도주도적으로참여했다. 영국헤이스팅스 (Hastings) 를주요무대로, 제스스틸은 2006년부터헤이스팅스피어엔화이트락신탁 (the Treasurer of the Hastings Pier & White Rock Trust) 에서활동하고있다. 헤이스팅스항구복원사업을위해오랫동안캠페인을벌인끝에 1,400만프랑을성공적으로모금할수있었고그결실로 2013년 7월항구복원작업이시작되었다. 지난몇년간제스는자가개조동네 (self-renovating neighbourhoods) 개념을추진하고있으며최근에는마틴루터킹목사 (Martin Luther King) 의교훈에따라착한사마리아인 (Good Samaritan) 이되는것뿐만아니라 예리코로드 (Jericho Road) 를변화시켜그곳을지나는모든사람들이안전한곳이되도록노력해야한다 는주제아래예리코로드솔루션 (Jericho Road Solutions) 을시작했다. 예리코로드솔루션은이러한변화를가능하게만드는숨은자원개발에주력한다. 지오반니몬티 (Giovanni MONTI) 레가콥에밀리아 - 로마냐지부 (Legacoop Emilia- Romagna) 대표, 이탈리아 조반니몬티는 2013 년 10 월 9 일부터레가콥에밀리아로마냐지부 (Legacoop Emilia-Romagna) 의대표을맡고있다 년이탈리아라벤나 (Ravenna) 시에서출생하여에밀리아 - 로마냐 (Emilia-Romagna) 주의대규모농업회사에서경력을쌓은후, 1989 년레가콥의지역연합중하나인레가콥라벤나지부 (Legacoop Ravenna) 의농업협동조합관리자로협동조합업무를시작하였다. 이후 1998 년레가콥라벤나지부대표으로임명되었다 년, 조반니는이탈리아에서가장중요한유통망이자가장큰소비자조직인코프 (COOP) 네트워크의일부이자가장중요한협동조합인아드리아티카협동조합 (Coop Adriatica) 에서부대표을지냈다 년, 아드리아티카협동조합은 20 억유로이상의매출을올렸고, 이탈리아의여러지역에걸쳐상점 176 개와회원 121 만 760 명을보유하고있다 년 12 월아드리아티카협동조합직원은 8,974 명이었다. 조반니는이외에도여러유수이탈리아기관의이사를맡고있으며, 2013 년 4 월부터는이탈리아굴지의보험그룹인유니폴 (Unipol) 이 1998 년에설립한협동조합연계은행인 유니폴반카 (Unipol Banca S.p.a.) 의부대표직도겸하고있다 년 10 월 9 일조반니는유럽내가장많은협동조합을보유한에밀리아 - 로마냐주에서운영되는기업연합인레가콥에밀리아 - 로마냐지부의대표으로임명되었다. 본지부는 1,250 개의회사를대표하는조직으로, 총직원이 15 만명, 총회원이 280 만명이며, 매출합계는 32 억유로이다. 214 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 215

109 라운드테이블참가자 추아호이와이 (Hoi-wai CHUA) 최고경영지명자 (Chief Executive-Designate), 홍콩사회적서비스연합회 (The Hong Kong Council of Social Service), 홍콩 추아호이와이 (Mr. Chua Hoi-wai) 는 2013 년 12 월홍콩사회적서비스연합회 (The Hong Kong Council of Social Service) 의최고경영자로취임할예정이며, 현재는동연합회의업무관장 ( 정책연구와지원 ) 을맡고있다. 그는 2008 년, 지역사회적기업의역량강화및공동시판과교환플랫폼제공을목적으로 HKCSS-HSBC 사회적기업센터 (HKCSS-HSBC Social Enterprise Business Centre) 를설립하였다. 그는홍콩특별행정구정부의다양한자문회및법정기구에참가하였으며, 현재는빈곤대처위원회 (Commission on Poverty) 위원이자특수요구 TF 팀장 (Special Needs Group Task Force) 이다. 또한, 홍콩중앙정책국 (Central Policy Unit) 의준회원이기도하다. 전문사회복지사로서, 과거홍콩사회복지사협회 (Hong Kong Social Workers Association) 회장을지낸적이있으며 (2004~2008 년 ), 홍콩사회적기업가정신포럼 (Hong Kong Social Entrepreneurship Forum) 과어둠속의대화 (Dialogue-inthe-Dark) 전시회의설립이사를지내기도했다. 케빈테오 (Kevin Teo) 아시아벤처기부네트워크 (AVPN) 최고업무책임자, 싱가폴 아시아벤처기부트워크 (AVPN) 의최고업무책임자. AVPN 에서활동하기전, 런던과싱가포르의사회혁신기업인 Volans 를공동으로설립했으며세계경제포럼의사회적기업가정신과글로벌리더십프로그램을위한슈밥재단 (the Schwab Foundation) 의동남아시아지역이사직을맡기도했다. 케빈은 9 년간미국의실리콘벨리, 얼바인, 오스틴을무대로소프트웨어시장에서활약했으며이기간동안선마이크로시스템즈와시만텍이인수한두곳의세쿼이아캐피탈벤처기업에서활동하기도했다. 현재는 2004 년자신이설립한비영리기구인동남아시아서비스리더십네트워크 (SEALNet) 의이사이다. 또한싱가포르국립대학교경영학부의사회적기업및사회공헌활동아시아센터부수석연구원으로서, 사회적기업의활동방식에대한연구를진행중이다. 또한싱가포르정부부처의콤케어소셜엔터프라이즈펀드 (ComCare Social Enterprise fund) 의평가단이기도하다. 케빈은미국카네기멜론대학에서인포메이션네트워킹분야의이학석사학위를취득했으며런던의임페리얼칼리지에서컴퓨터분야의명예공학사학위를받았다. 클레어드롱지에 (Claire DERONZIER) 퀘벡주정부대표, 캐나다 도쿄주재퀘백관공서 (Québec Government Office in Tokyo) 2013~ 퀘벡대표단 (Québec Delegate General) 이민문화공동체부 (Ministère de l'immigration et des Communautés culturelles) 이민국차관보 (Assistant Deputy Minister for Immigration) 통합국차관보 (Assistant Deputy Minister for Integration) 통합이문화관계정책관 (Integration and Intercultural Relations) 공공문제정보통신부장 (Public Affairs and Communication) 사무차장대행 정보통신부서 (Communications Branch) 고문 시정부처 (Ministère des Affaires municipals), 지역및국토담당 (des Régions et de l'occupation du territoire) 대도시지역차관보대도시부 (Ministère de la Métropole) 공공기관업무부서 (Public and Institutional Affairs Branch) 고문퀘벡자동차보험협회 (Société de l'assurance automobile du Québec) 정보담당관보건복지부 (Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux) 정보담당관퀘벡영화연구소 (Institut québécois du cinema) 프로젝트담당자몬트리올대도시의공동체보건부통합 (Regroupement des départements de santé communautaire du Montréal métropolitain) 정보통신컨설턴트베르덴병원센터 (Verdun Hospital Centre) 1987 보건진흥, 조사관국제정열 / 문화제 (Folie/Culture international festival) 1987 정보통신부서책임자, 부서장 1984 홍보담당자, 공동부서장존프로덕션 (Zone Productions) 1986 책임자국제무선방송 15(Quinzaine de la radiophonie international) 1985 홍보담당자옵스큐어 (Obscure) 정보통신부서장, 책임자, 담당자퀘벡몬트리올국제영화제 (Festival international du nouveau cinéma de Montréal à Québec) 1983 총괄책임자 216 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 217

110 테레사마르조치 (Teresa MARZOCCHI) 에밀리아로마냐지방정부부지사, 이탈리아 직위에밀리아로마냐지방정부부지사, 통합과사회정책, 이민, 자원봉사, 협회, 제3부문촉진담당소속에밀리아-로마냐지방 - - 교육학석사경력 - 교사 - 마약중독자와빈곤층을위한보호소의설립자이자책임자 - 정부컨설턴트 ( 보건및사회복지 ) - 전국후원협동조합협의회 (Coordinamento Nazionale delle Comunità d Accoglienza, CNCA) 부사장 - 볼로냐시의원 세션발표자 후지타히로유키 (FUJITA Hiroyuki) 교토시부시장, 일본 취임일최종항력경력 2013년 4월 1일 1979년 3월교토대교육학부졸업 1982년 4월교토시채용 2005년 4월교육위원회사무국평생학습부장 2010년 4월우경구청장 * 우경구 = 교토시의구 2013년 4월교토시부시장 후지타히로유키 ( 藤田裕之 ) 교토 ( 京都 ) 시부시장은 2010 년부터 3 년동안맡았던교토시우쿄 ( 右京 ) 구구청장을그만두고, 2013 년 4 월부터카도카와다이사쿠 ( 門川大作 ) 교토시장을보좌하고있다. 구청행정업무를하며쌓은가치있는경험을바탕으로교토시민이 살기좋다 고실감할수있는카도카와교토시장의시정업무에기여하고있다. 후지타부시장은교토대학졸업이후, 오랜기간동안교육행정에종사하였다. 이러한경력을살려우쿄구청장을지낼때, 아이가자랄수있는환경 을만들기위해교육위원회, 학교, 학부모, 지역내여러단체와함께협력해구민들이 아이키우기좋다 고생각할수있는우쿄구의기반을다졌다. - 부시장취임이후인지금도, 국제관계뿐아니라, 교육, 보건복지, 문화, 스포츠등다방면에걸친분야를담당하고교토시의중요한정책을총괄하고있다. - 취미는피아노연주, 클래식음악감상, SNS( 페이스북 ) 등이다. 218 Global Social Economy Forum 2013

111 세션발표자 고산 타이드인스티튜트대표, 한국 학력하버드대학교케네디행정대학원석사전문분야과학기술, 창업지원주요경력타이드인스티튜트대표한국항공우주연구원연구원삼성종합기술원인공지능연구원 고산은항공우주연구원을거쳐하버드대케네디스쿨을마치고돌아와, 세운상가에기술기반글로벌창업촉진을위한비영리법인 타이드인스티튜트 를설립했다. 타이드인스티튜트는새로운첨단기술에대한트렌드와신시장에대한정보를국내에소개해창업을유도하는것이목표이며다양한기업가정신을위한행사를열고, 또매년세계곳곳을찾아가 StartUp Springboard라는창업대회를개최하고있다. 또, 2013년 4월에는소규모제조창업자들이만들고싶은형상을 3D프린터, 레이저커터기CNC 같은도구를사용해직접만들어볼수있도록지원하는공공디지털제작소팹랩서울을오픈했다. 타이드는기술 (Technology), 상상력 (Imagination), 디자인 (Design), 기업가정신 (Entrepreneurship) 을뜻하는영어단어앞자리를조합한말이다. 이번포럼에서는공공디지털제작소팹랩서울 (Fab Lab Seoul) 설립경험을바탕으로, 혁신적인창업확산을위한지원의방향성과공공을위한가치창조의사례를공유코자한다. TIDE Institute 주요활동 - 타이드아카데미 (TIDE Academy) 개최 - 타이드워크숍 (TIDE Workshop) 개최 - 공공디지털제작소 (Fab Lab Seoul) 운영 - 스타트업스프링보드개최 (Start up Springboard/ 창업경진대회 ) - 그랜드그린챌린지컨퍼런스개최 (GGCC:GrandGreen Challenge) Directory 221

112 세션발표자 김대식 한국조달연구원선임연구위원, 한국 김영배 성북구청장, 한국 학력서울시립대학교법학박사주요경력현한국조달연구원계약제도연구실장한국조달연구원선임연구위원국토연구원연구원한국구매조달학회이사한국조달연구원계약제도연구실장으로있는김대식박사는정부조달분야에대한연구활동을수행하면서중앙조달기관의새로운정책개발을지원해오고있다. 국토연구원연구원을거쳐한국조달연구원선임연구위원, 한국구매조달학회이사, 정보통신산업진흥원자문위원을역임하면서국내외조달제도와계약제도등에관한다수의논문을발표하였다. 김대식박사는서울시립대법과대학에서법학박사를취득하였다. 김성기 성공회대학교사회적기업연구센터교수 경력고려대정치외교학학사고려대정책대학원도시및지방행정석사시라큐스대행정학석사고려대대학원정치외교학과박사과정중주요경력현서울시성북구청장노무현대통령비서실민정수석실, 정책실장실행정관 (2003~2007) 청와대대통령비서실행사기획비서관 (2007) 시민주권사무처장 (2009) 고려대정경대학학생회장과전국최연소구청장비서실장을역임하는등젊은정치인재로일찍부터주목받았다. 노무현대통령취임후행정관으로청와대비서실에합류하여 2007년 5월부터정책기획위원회비서관으로일했고, 2007년 8월남북정상회담의실무를맡는행사기획비서관으로서남북정상회담의성공적개최를주도하였다. 2010년민선 5기성북구청장으로선출되어 생활정치 를모토로시민을위한공공성확대에주력해왔으며, 성북구를한국사회적경제의중심도시로변모시키는리더십을발휘했다. 전국사회연대경제지방정부협의회의출범을주도하여현재사무총장의역할도수행하고있다. 이번포럼에서는국내최초로사회적경제제품의우선구매에관한조례를제정한성북구의사회책임조달사례를발표한다. 김영배구청장의대표저서는다음과같다. - 동네안에국가있다, ' 작은민주주의, 친환경무상급식 ', 2011 사회적기업및협동조합분야의연구자이자실천가이다. 현재성공회대학교외래교수, 사회적협동조합 SE EMPOWER 이사장직을수행하고있다. 주요저서로 사회적기업의이슈와쟁점 (2011, 김성기저 ), 지역사회기반사회적기업 (2013, 김성기편 ) 등이있다. 현장과함께대안을모색하는액션리서치형연구와액션러닝형교육을중시하며, 관심분야는사회적경제와지역사회, 사회적기업및협동조합의비즈니스모델, 사회적가치평가등이다. 222 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 223

113 세션발표자 김종주 서울시농수산식품공사신사업팀팀장, 한국 더그리 (Doug LEE) 디쓰리주빌리 (D3 Jubilee) 대표이사, 한국 서울시농수산식품공사신사업팀김종주팀장은 30년경력의농식품전문가로서서울의올바른먹거리유통, 건강한식문화형성을위한다양한활동을이끌고있다. 올해는서울지역아동센터, 노인정등에텃밭상자를보급하고, 주말농장에서생태교육을진행하는등도시농업활동을통해도시민들이농업과먹거리의관계를이해하고, 잃었던자연감성을되찾을수있도록돕고있다. 앞으로도다양한식문화사업을통해먹을거리에대한올바른지식을갖춘 음식시민 사회서울을만들기위해노력할것이다. 더그리는한국과샌프란시스코만지역의천사투자가로, 2010년임팩트투자의세계로진입했다. 그는지마켓 (Gmarket, 이베이 (ebay) 에인수된회사 ) 의전재무담당최고책임자였다. 지마켓에서근무하기전에는슈뢰더 (Schroders) 와시티그룹 (Citigroup), 크레딧스위스 (Credit Suisse) 에서투자인수업자로일했다. 서울대학교에서학사학위를, 런던경제대학에서회계금융석사학위를취득했다. 김창진 성공회대학교교수, 한국 학력연세대 ( 학부 ) 와고려대 ( 대학원 ) 에서정치학전공러시아학술원정치학박사 (1996) 미국워싱턴대학교 ( 시애틀소재 ) 방문교수역임현재성공회대학교사회과학부교수겸 NGO대학원장연세대학교학부와고려대학교대학원에서정치학전공러시아학술원에서정치학박사학위취득 1990년대초반 러시아혁명전후 ( ) 국가와협동조합의상호관계 를박사학위논문주제로삼으면서협동조합에관한본격적인연구를시작하였다. 이후국가의협동조합정책, 사회경제의발전모델과지역사회개발, 협동조합과사회경제방식의국제개발협력, 한국협동조합운동의특수성등에관심을가지고연구하고있다. 사회적으로는협동과연대의인문학적바탕, 시민적공공성가치관의제고가근본적인중요성을가진것으로보고교육활동을펼치고있다. 최근에는캐나다퀘벡지역의사회경제발전모델과협동조합, 그리고사회혁신사례에주목하면서여러차례현장조사경험을가지고연구저서를집필중에있다. 협동조합및사회경제관련주요저작은다음과같다. 사회주의와협동조합운동 ( 한울아카데미, 2008) 신용조합과협동조합은행 ( 생협평론, 2012년여름호 ) 퀘벡모델: 협동조합, 사회경제, 사회혁신 ( 근간 ) 라모나라모스 (Ramona Ramos) 아시아세계공정무역기구 (World Fair Trade Organization Asia, Inc.) 지사장, 필리핀 공인회계사필리핀폴리테크닉대학 (POLYTECHNIC UNIVERSITY OF THE PHILS) 상업과학학사 공정무역분야경력 13년- 공정무역기준과 10여개의원칙을정립, 공정무역제품및프로그램개발을위한시장형성, 공정무역교육, 공정무역멤버십및인증기관준비, 다양한문화의사람들과친분을쌓는기술이탁월하다. 조직의리더십관리, 고객및동료와의관계형성경력 25년 시스템설계및개발, 운영, 자금관리, 회계, 감사경력 25년, 다양한문화의사람들과친분을쌓는기술이탁월하다. 2008년이후세계공정무역기구아시아지사장 필리핀공정무역벤처상무이사 3년 필리핀공정무역협회사무차장 5년 5개회사의회계관리팀부사장, 재무담당최고책임자 (CFO) 역임 15년 224 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 225

114 세션발표자 마이클 K. 한센 (Michael K. HANSEN) 소비자연맹, 컨슈머리포트정책활동부서 (Policy and Advocacy Division) 수석연구원, 미국 문경수 리츠메이칸대학한국학연구소교수, 한국 마이클 K. 한센 (Michael K. Hansen) 박사는소비자연맹 (Consumers Union, CU) 과컨슈머리포트 (Consumer Reports) 정책홍보부서의수석연구원으로, 현재기술과식품안전문제에대해주로연구하고있다. 한센박사는주로유전자조작식품과 광우병 의안전성, 테스트, 표시에대한소비자연맹의입장을밝히는역할을해왔다. 2003년부터한센박사는의약품과공업약품을생산하는데식용작물을쓰지못하도록다주적 ( 多州籍 ) 인노력을기울여왔다. 한센박사는워싱턴을비롯한미국의여러주와캐나다의청문회에서증언했으며, 식품안전문제에관해상정된미정부규정에대해논평을남기기도했다. 그는국제식품규격과기타국제포럼에서, 110개국 220여개조직의연맹인, 국제소비자연맹을대표해참석하고있고, 전세계회의와학회에서광우병과유전자조작식품, 해충관리, 동물성사료의항생물질에관한소비자연맹의우려를대변하고있다. 또한, 언론에도많이보도되고있다. 한센박사는 1998년부터 2002년까지미농무성 (USDA) 농업생명공학자문위원회 (Advisory Committee on Agricultural Biotechnology) 에서, 2001년부터 2002년까지캘리포니아농업식품부식품생명공학자문위원회 (California Department of Food and Agriculture Food Biotechnology Advisory Committee) 에서일했다. 2003년에는유전자조작동물에관한국제연합식량농업기구 (FAO)/ 세계보건기구 (WHO) 공동자문위원 (FAO/WHO Joint Consultation on Genetically Engineered Animals) 으로지명되었고, 2007년에는유전자조작동물의안전성에관한 FAO/WHO 공동전문가자문위원 (FAO/WHO Joint Expert Consultation of Safety of Genetically Engineered Animals) 으로지명되었다. 또한, FAO/WHO 공동식품첨가물전문가위원회 (FAO/ WHO Joint Expert Committee on Food Additives) 의 1998년 2월회의에재조합소성장호르몬 (recombinant bovine growth hormone) 국제전문가로참석했다 년 6월, 그는 ETC 그룹 ( 구 RAFI) 의이사가되었다. 한센박사는노스웨스턴대학교 (Northwestern University) 를수석으로학사졸업했으며, 미시간대학교 (University of Michigan) 에서생태학진화생물학박사학위를취득했다. 그후, 켄터키대학교대학원에서생명공학이농업연구에미치는영향을연구했다. 경력 1950년도교 ( 東京 ) 출생 현재, 리쯔메이칸 ( 立命館 ) 대학국제관계학부교수학력박사 ( 지역정책학 ), 중앙대학법학부정치학과졸업 (1977년) 주된저서 韓国現代史 岩波新書 2005 年 在日朝鮮人問題の起源 クレイン ( 크레인 )2007 年 済州島四 三事件 平凡社 2008 年 ろうそくデモを超えて ( 촛불시위를넘어서 ) 共編 東方出版 2009 年 危機の時代の市民活動 共編 東方出版 2012 등 문보경 한국협동사회경제연대회의집행위원장, 한국현사회투자지원재단부설사회적경제연구센터부소장기획재정부협동조합기획단전문위원사회투자지원재단사무국장역임사회적기업지원센터대표 / 사무국장역임노동자기업인수지원센터인수지원팀장역임 226 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 227

115 세션발표자 미셸로하 (Michel ROHART) 론알프스지방협동참여조합연합회 (AGF SCOP) 대표, 프랑스 박승옥 서울시민햇빛발전협동조합이사장, 한국 1975 수학및과학대학입학시험 1980 석사 1 경제 도시역사학및지리학 1981 DEA( 석사학위취득후이수하는 1년제교육과정, 석사 2) 경제 도 시역사학 CDI 임금조합 (SCOP Associe salarie), 국토정비고문 (consultant amenagement des territoires) 노동부, 노동감사 인베스터 SA(INVESTOR SA) 부동산프로그램담당자, 론알프주지 역부사장이후사장역임 시라크부동산 (SYSARC IMMOBILIER) 공동창립자- 부동산팀장 사다그협동조합 (SADAG SCOP SA) 경영및회계팀장, 이사 론알프스지방협동참여조합연합회 (AGF SCOP) 고문 SCOP 론알프스지방협동참여조합연합회부사장 Depuis 2005 론알프스지방협동참여조합연합회사장, ( 근로자 24명 ) 학력서울대인문대불물과졸업전문분야협동조합, 에너지-농업주요경력현서울시민햇빛발전협동조합이사장전시민발전대표민주화운동기념사업회수석연구원저서상식 : 대한민국망한다 (2010) 잔치가끝나면무엇을먹고살까 (2007) 브라이언월시 (Brian WALSH) 선의를위한리퀴드넷 (Liquidnet for Good) 전무이사, 아일랜드 브라이언월시는사회적임팩트와기업가치가만나는곳에서일하고있다. 그는선의를위한리퀴드넷전무이사로, 리퀴드넷의기업임팩트를관리한다. 리퀴드넷은뉴욕에소재한글로벌기관무역네트워크이다. 2007년브라이언전무이사는회사가공동의선의를추구하면서총체적인임팩트를재현하는, 선의를위한리퀴드넷 출범에참여했다. 선의를위한리퀴드넷의목표는인적자원과기술, 창의적자원, 소집능력, 금융자원과같은모든회사자원을총동원해보다나은세상을만드는것이다. 지역임팩트를극대화하기위해시행한대대적인직원참여프로그램과글로벌임팩트를얻기위해체결한르완다고아를위한신생마을과의광범위한파트너십이외에도, 리퀴드넷은체계적임팩트실현을위해 선의를위한시장 지원에회사의핵심능력 ( 시장을보다효율적으로만들기위한기술 ) 을쓰고있다. 리퀴드넷은정보로양성하는사회적부문을조성하기위해, 빌 & 멜린다게이츠재단등다른기관과협력하고있다. 자선과임팩트투자, 기업임팩트에대해발표할연사인브라이언전무이사는조지타운대학을졸업했고자선기관에서컨설턴트로근무한바있다. 228 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 229

116 세션발표자 사라디티 (Sarah DITTY) 소스인텔리전스 (SOURCE Intelligence) 편집국장, 윤리적패션포럼전략기획이사, 영국 양동수 재단법인동천상임변호사, 한국 영국및전세계많은국가에서진행되는윤리적패션운동의대표적인물이다. 10여년동안전략가, 언론인, 연사로서패션과지속가능성이라는개념을접목시키는데핵심역할을해왔다. 소스인텔리전스 (SOURCE Intelligence) 는패션산업지식과지속가능성에관한정보를전달하는기업간 (B2B) 플랫폼을제공하며, 전세계수천명의패션전문가들이이플랫폼을사용하고있다. 소스인텔리전스의편집국장인사라는전략및컨텐츠개발, 국제연구팀관리, 국제교육개발및보급을맡고있다. 패션산업에서사회적, 환경적문제에관한선도적인생각을제시하며기업의국제행사와라디오, TV 등방송매체에서도활동하고있다. 방글라데시콜투액션 (Bangladesh Call to Action) 의정책담당자로서기업이윤리적성명서를정립할수있도록돕기도한다. 또한, 비비씨 (BBC), 씨엔엔 (CNN), 드레이퍼 (Drapers), 화이버투패션 (Fibre2Fashion), 보그 (Vogue) 등다양한매체에서작가로활동하고있다. 윤리적패션포럼에서활동하기전, 사라는패션산업에모범경영사례를보여준원어게인 (Worn Again), 소스포스타일 (Source4style), 발전을위한교역 (Trading for Development) 에서경영또는전략적업무를담당했다. 사라는지속가능성과국제무역, 정치경제에중점을둔세계화 국제개발에관한석사학위를갖고있다. Rights, ACHR), 태국 수파웃분마핫하나콘 (Supawut BOONMAHATHANAKORN) 아시아주거권연합 (Asian Coalition for Housing Rights, ACHR), 아시아주거권연합 (Asian Coalition for Housing 건축학석사 ( 건축보존 ) 인도뉴델리, 학교계획 & 건축학 ( ) 인도문화관계위원회 (Indian Council for Cultural Relations, ICCR) 장학금수령 학력고려대학교법학학사주요경력현법무법인 ( 유 ) 태평양재단법인동천상임변호사국가인권위원회전문위원사단법인서울사회적경제네트워크이사고려대학교, 연세대학교, 이화여자대학교법학전문대학원겸임교수고려대법대를나와제47회사법고시를합격한후, 법무법인충정에서기업전문변호사로일하다가사법시험을준비할때가졌던초심을떠올리며, 좀더가슴뛰는삶을살기위해현재공익재단법인동천의상임변호사로일하고있다. 또한난민인권센터감사, 국가인권위원회전문위원과고려대, 연세대, 이화여자대학교겸임교수를역임중이다. 영리와비영리, 공익분야와전문가그룹을연결하는프로보노 (Probono) 매니저, 소셜커뮤니케이터라는새로운모델을만들어가고있으며, 우리사회의약자를돕는공익변호사로활발히활동하고있다. 저서등 외국인력관련법 제도상담길라잡이 ( 공저, 2010, 산업인력관리공단 ) 고용노동부, 사회적기업제도개선과제발굴 연구용역 ( 공동수행, 2011) 법제처, 사회적기업법제개선에관한연구용역 ( 공동수행, 2011) 한국사회적기업진흥원, 사회적기업자금조달메뉴얼작성연구용역 (2012) 고용노동부, 사회적기업육성법기본계획수립연구용역 (2012) 사회적기업육성을위한우리나라법제의현황과개선방안 ( 공저논문, 법조 ) 한국사회적기업진흥원 2012년도조직형태전환 ( 협동조합 ) 컨설팅 연구용역 ( 공동수행, 2012) 성북구청 사회적경제를위한사회책임조달제도도입방안 연구용역 ( 공동수행 ) 국회사회적경제연구포럼 사회적경제기업을위한구매지원및판로지원에관한특별법도입 연구용역 ( 공동수행 ) 협동조합기본법개정관련주요쟁점과입법방향논의 ( 논문, 연세글로벌비즈니스법학연구 ) 건축학석사태국치앙마이, 치앙마이대학교 (Chiang Mai University)( ) 230 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 231

117 세션발표자 엄형식 국제노동자협동조합 / 사회적협동조합연맹 (CICOPA) 애널리스트, 한국 은리 (En LEE) LGT 벤처자선재단 (LGT Venture Philanthropy) 아시아태평양지부공동지부장, 싱가포르 학력 ( 현 ) 리에쥬대학사회학박사과정 06 한림대사회학박사과정수료 06 한림대사회학석사 06 한국외대문학사 ( 불어 ) 주요경력 07 CICOPA 07 리에쥬대학사회적경제센터 춘천노동복지센터 한국자활후견기관협회부설자활정보센터 춘천자활후견기관 은리 (En Lee) 는 LGT 벤처자선재단 (LGT Venture Philanthropy) 아시아태평양지부의공동지부장이다. LGT 벤처자선재단은뛰어난사회적 환경적임팩트를가진기관을지원하는글로벌임팩트투자회사이다. 2007년설립된 LGT 벤처자선재단은 5개대륙에국제투자전문가팀을보유하고있고, 취약계층의삶의질향상을위해 25개포트폴리오기관을지원하고있다. 아시아임팩트투자거래소의투자팀장이자이사로일할당시, 엔리는교육과재생에너지, 포용금융에대한투자를성공적으로이끌었고, 세계최초사회적주식거래소인임팩트파트너 & 임팩트거래소설립에도참여했다. 엔리는골드만삭스에서아시아중심펀드를총괄한전무이사로근무했었고, 그전에는프레쉬필즈브룩하우스데링거 (Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer) 에서프라이빗에쿼티와 M&A( 인수합병 ), 자본시장거래를전문으로하는직원으로일했다. 에스더안 (Esther AHN) 메리이어사회적기업 (Merry Year Social Company) 선임컨설턴트, 한국 에스더안메이 (Esther Ahn May) 는현재메리이어사회적기업 (MYSC) 의선임컨설턴트로일하고있다. 외부전문가와의협력하여조직의전략적방향을정해주고, 전략적문제해결 분석능력을기르는일을담당하고있다. 위험한환경에처한사람들, 특히자유시장체제에처음적응하는탈북자가독립적이고능숙한경제참여자가되도록교육하고그들의권익신장을돕는사회적기업을확대하기위해투자기회를검토하는일도맡고있다. 에스더안은 LG전자글로벌마케팅의인사이트마케팅팀에서일한바있다. 그리고다양한다국적텔레콤과전자회사, 은행을상대로전략을세워주는맥킨지앤드컴퍼니 (McKinsey & Company) 에서처음으로컨설턴트로일하기시작했다. 아시아에임팩트투자를새로도입하면서, 엔리는투자자와자선사업가들이긍정적이고지속가능하며확대가능한임팩트를만들수있도록돕고있다. 그는여러개사회적기업에조언하고, 허브싱가포르 (HUB Singapore) 에서지명멘토로활동하고있으며, 필리핀에소재한수상경력을자랑하는직업사회적기업인바고스피어 (BagoSphere) 의이사회고문으로활동하고있다. 또한, 여러개투자네트워크의회원이며공인대안투자분석가 (Chartered Alternative Investment Analyst, CAIA)) 라는직함도보유하고있다. 그는수많은산업회의에서초청연설을해왔고임팩트투자를주제로포브스 (Forbes) 와사우스차이나모닝포스트 (South China Morning Post), 비즈니스타임스 (The Business Times) 등다양한언론에소개되기도했다. 최근저명한잡지에서싱가포르 40세이하최고인물 40명 중한명으로꼽혔다. 싱가포르인인엔리는여행을매우좋아해서지난 20년간런던과홍콩, 베이징, 시드니등여러해외도시에서거주하며근무했다. 232 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 233

118 세션발표자 오미예 icoop 소비자활동연합회대표, 한국 유칭융, 노엘 (Yee-ching YEUNG, Noel) 쿤통감리교사회복지사업 (Kwun Tong Methodist Social Service) 사무총장, 홍콩 학력숙명여대독어독문학과졸업 (1983) 주요경력전고양iCOOP생활협동조합이사장전 icoop우리농업지킴이상조회회장현 icoop소비자활동연합회 (icoop Consumer Activities) 회장현한국협동사회경제연대회의상임대표 1998년서울볕내생협준비위원회를시작으로협동조합활동을본격적으로시작하였다. 2005년부터 2010년까지고양생협의이사장을역임, 조합원및지역사회와연대하며협동조합운동의확산을위해활동하였다. 2008년부터 2010년까지 icoop우리농업지킴이상조회의회장으로써조합원과생산자의상호부조활동과한국의농업을지키기위해활동하였다. 현재는 icoop소비자활동연합회회장으로서전국의 18만조합원과함께보다더나은사회를만들기위한다양한활동을이끌고있으며또한 2012년에결성된한국의협동조합조직, 사회적경제조직의상설연대기구인한국협동사회경제연대회의의상임대표로서한국의협동조합운동, 사회적경제의발전을위해헌신하고있다. 이번 icoop생협세션에서는오랜생협에서의활동을기반으로협동조합만이아니라사회적경제분야의동반발전, 성장을위해 icoop생협이만들어온인프라를사회적으로공유하고있는사례, 협동조합의발전과연구자를육성하기위해대학과협력하고있는사례등사회적경제의발전을위한 icoop생협의활동과성과를소개할예정이다. 유병선 사단법인씨즈이사장, 한국 학력 서울대학교동양사학과졸업 ( 학사 ) 고려대학교동양사학과졸업 ( 석사 ) 경력 ~ 사단법인씨즈이사장 ~ 경향신문논설위원실논설위원 경향신문국제부부장 1999 경향신문편집국편집부기자 저서 밀레니엄키워드.COM, 보노보혁명 노엘융유칭 (Noel Yeung Yee-ching) 은홍콩중문대학교 (Chinese University of Hong Kong) 를 1984 년에졸업한후, 홍콩과캐나다에서사회복지사업에몸담았다. 전문사회복지사이자복지관리사인노엘은, 2000 년부터쿤통감리교사회복지사업 (Kwun Tong Methodist Social Service) 의사무총장직을맡고있다. 쿤통감리교사회복지사업은지역기반복합사회복지사업단체로, 가난한사람들을위한푸드뱅크서비스와취업프로젝트, 사회적기업, 풀뿌리가족지원서비스, 특수학습장애를가진학생들을위한사회지원등의사업을하고있다. 현재노엘은대중참여협력회 (Public Engagement and Partnership) 의상임위원회위원, 홍콩사회복지사업자문위원회 (Hong Kong Council of Social Service) 의중국본토에서일하기 (Work in Mainland China) 프로젝트운영위원회위원, 사회복지사업부쿤통지부 (Social Welfare Department Kwun Tong District Office) 복지협의회위원, 내부무쿤통지부 (Home Affairs Department Kwun Tong District Office) 의쿤통건강도시운영위원회위원, 오순절파램혼콩학교 (Pentecostal Lam Hon Kwong School) 이사등, 다양한직책을맡고있다. 이병훈 현대차그룹사회문화팀이사, 한국 학력부산대금속공학과학사 (1985) 전문분야마케팅전략, CSR 주요경력현대자동차국내마케팅기획, 현대자동차마케팅전략기획사외경력 09년국가브랜드위원회전문위원이병훈이사는현대자동차에서국내영업, 국내마케팅, 마케팅전략을담당하였으며, 뉴미디어팀장을역임하였다현재현대차그룹의사회공헌과문화사업을총괄하는사회문화팀의팀장으로공익연계사회공헌마케팅, 문화예술사회공헌, 글로벌청년리더육성, 창업및일자리창출프로젝트등다양한사업을수행해왔다. 이번포럼에서는그간의기업사회공헌활동의경험을바탕으로 ' 현대차그룹의청년사회적기업성장단계별육성플랫폼구축전략 ' 에대한발표를통해기업사회공헌활동을통한혁신적가치창조의사례를공유하고자한다. 현대차그룹주요사회공헌사업 서초창의허브, H-온드림오디션 등청년사회적기업가지원 사회적기업 ( 사 ) 안심생활, ( 주 ) 이지무브, 자연찬유통사업단지원 해피무브글로벌청년봉사단 ( 글로벌청년리더양성 ) 기프트카 ( 소상공인창업용차량지원 ) 현대코이카드림센터 ( 개도국자동차정비기술학교설립 ) H.Art 드림페스티벌 ( 연극 / 뮤지컬전공대학생미래인재육성 ) 234 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 235

119 세션발표자 이유진 에너지기후정책연구소기획연구위원, 한국 이주원 두꺼비하우징대표, 한국 학력 KID 국제정책대학원정책학석사 (2006), 서울대학교환경대학원박사수료 (2008) 전문분야에너지정책, 환경사회학주요경력현에너지기후정책연구소연구원, 서울시원전하나줄이기실행위원회간사경기도교육청환경생태자문위원녹색서울시민위원회위원녹색당공동정책위원장 이유진은지역에너지정책에관한강연, 연구, 집필작업을하고있다. 한국사회에서지자체가수요관리와생산을통해에너지자립도를높여가는분산형지역에너지정책이확산되어야한다고믿는다 2011년서울시 < 원전하나줄이기 > 정책수립에참여했으며, 부천시, 순천시, 노원구, 완주군등지자체에너지계획수립연구를진행했고, 정책자문을하고있다. 탈핵 과 에너지전환 을목표로하는녹색당공동정책위원장으로활동하고있다. 농촌형에너지자립마을사례에대한조사와연구를바탕으로 < 동네에너지가희망이다 >, < 태양과바람을경작하다 > 를집필했고, 2013년서울의에너지전환과에너지자립마을이야기를담은 < 전환도시 > 가곧출간될예정이다. 이번포럼에서는지역 공동체 가자발적이고창조적인에너지전환과정을펼쳐가는데있어서사회적경제가어떻게작동하는지를국내외사례를통해제시하고자한다. 에너지서비스의질을개선시키는과정에서녹색일자리창출을위한지자체의역할을제안하고자한다. 이유진의대표저서는다음과같다 동네에너지가희망이다 - 우리동네에너지농부이야기, 기후변화이야기 태양과바람을경작하다 원자력르네상스 < 공저 > 학력세종대학교도시부동산대학원석사세종대학교대학원도시학박사과정경력현 두꺼비하우징대표이사서울시주거재생지원센터센터장한국최초도시재생사회적기업대표이사, 서울시주서재생지원센터센터장. 이주원대표이사는세종대학교도시부동산대학원석사학위를받고현재세종대학교대학원도시학박사과정이수중이다. 시민운동가출신으로시민운동분야에서도시재생분야를개척했으며, 현재시민운동분야에서도시내생전문가로권위를인정받으며, 상당한영향력을행사하고있다. 이주원대표이사의대표저서는다음과같다. - 누가아파트에들어갈수있을까, 뉴타운! 아는것이힘이다, 도시저층주거지주거환경개선의대안모형 : 거점확산개발과유지관리의결합, 마을공동체사업에따른마을형주거복지연계방안연구 : 서울시은평구신사동산새마을을중심으로, Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 237

120 세션발표자 이현숙 한겨레경제연구소소장, 한국 임정엽 완주군수, 한국 학력홍콩대학교사회학석사관심분야지속가능경영교육주요경력현한겨레경제연구소소장한겨레경제연구소연구위원및부소장투자주간지씽크머니편집장 (2000~2003) 대우경제연구소연구원 (1987~1992) 이현숙소장은홍콩대학에서사회학석사를수료하였다. 현한겨레경제연구소소장이며, 한겨레경제연구소의연구위원및부소장, 투자주간지씽크머니편집장, 대우경제연구소연구원을역임하였다. 협동조합, 사회적기업, 경제교육, 기업의사회적책임사례등에대한다양한연구및개발사업을수행해왔다. 이현숙소장이담당한대표사업은다음과같다. - 서울시교육청사회적책임구매증진방안연구 (2012) - 장애인가정의자립을위한희망나누기교육더불어사는행복한경제교실 (2013) - Save the Children, UNICEF의아동친화경영우수사례개발총괄 (2013) 년서울시사회적경제상반기교육운영지원사업 (2013) 년도사회적기업경영공시지원총괄 (2013) 학력전주대학교지역정책대학원행정학석사전주대학교대학원법학박사주요경력현전라북도완주군군수김대중대통령비서실정무국장전국사회연대경제지방정부협의회회장 (2013~ 현재 ) 도시가꽃이라면그뿌리는바로농촌 이라는정책철학을갖고있는임정엽완주군수는완주군에사회적경제가뿌리내리도록힘쓰고있다. 지역에 협동조합식순환경제구조 를만들겠다는목표아래임정엽군수는지속적인정책추진을통하여완주가 로컬푸드 (local food) 1번지 와 농촌활력수도 로전국적인주목을받도록만들었다. 임정엽군수는 2006년부터전라북도완주군수로재임하면서전주대학교행정대학원에객원교수로있다. 전라북도도지사비서실장과아시아태평양평화재단기획실장, 국민의정부대통령비서실정무국장 ( 행정관 ) 을역임하였다. 전라북도완주군에서태어나완주군에서학창시절을거친임정엽군수는전주대학교대학원법학과를졸업하였다. 대표저서 바보군수의희망보고서, Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 239

121 세션발표자 임창규 ( 재 ) 한국사회투자사무국장. 한국 장남경 한세대학교교수, 한국 임창규 ( 재 ) 한국사회투자사무국장은연세대학교경제학과와동대대학원으로경제학석사학위를취득했다. 졸업후그는삼성경제연구소에서국내경제분석가로활동했으며, 이후삼성생명에서주식시장분석가로서금융소그룹전략기획을담당했다. 이러한경험들을바탕으로삼성자산운용에서운용기획, 국내주식형펀드운용, 글로벌펀드운용을총괄하기도했다. 그는국내뿐아니라홍콩, 인도, 아세안현지인력들과협업하며투자전문가로서활발한활동을했다. 더나아가, 삼성자산운용의홍콩및싱가폴현지법인의펀드운용팀을구축하고본사글로벌운용담당으로그들의업무를관리감독하기도했다. 금융전문가로서그는한국의각종산업에대한깊은이해와경험, 신규업종과신생기업의부상그리고각각의비즈니스모델이어떻게생성, 발전또는퇴보하는가를다양한기업사례를통해경험한바있다. 그는사회적책임투자 (SRI) 와지속가능경영개념의투자를표방하는국민연금의펀드공모에도참여한바있다. 이후녹색에너지, 대체에너지, 마이크로파이낸스등다양한분야에대한지식을접했다. 특히, 대학시절부터창립멤버로활동하고있는 GANANHAN FORUM 이라는지식공동체와여러유망한사회적벤처업체를소개하는포럼형태의라운드테이블인 DIIN(D3 Impact Investing Network) 에정기적인참석을통해, 투자로서의가치와사회적책임에서의가치를함께지니고있는비즈니스모델들을접하고있다. 이러한지식과경험들을바탕으로그는현재 ( 재 ) 한국사회투자에서사무국장으로서활동하고있다. 학력이화여자대학교미술대학장식미술학과패션디자인전공학사 (1991), 석사 (1993), 미국 University of Missouri Columbia, Dept. of Textile & Apparel Management 박사 (2001) 전문분야패션디자인, 패션상품개발, 패션브랜딩주요경력 ( 주 ) 페어트레이드코리아사외이사, TINnews 필진, ( 사 ) 한국패션디자인학회이사, ( 사 ) 한국패션문화협회이사, 현재한세대학교디자인학부섬유패션디자인전공교수패션디자인전공으로시작하여패션상품개발로박사학위취득 Marquis Who's Who in the World 세계인명사전, NJ, U.S.A. 등재 (2007) The Journal of Textile Institute, The Journal of Fashion Marketing & Management 등국내외학술지논문 50여편게재광주비엔날레, International Fashion Art Exhibition, Hong Kong Fashion Week, MODA Prima 등국내외전시참가 60여회윤리적패션과관련하여제품전과정리뷰를통한실행모델, 공정무역등다양한학술연구를수행하는한편실험적, 상업적패션디자인을제시이번포럼에서는윤리적패션의확산과명확한정착을위한윤리적패션네트워크화와인증에대해발표할예정이다. 240 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 241

122 세션발표자 재즈최 (Jaz CHOI) 퀸즈랜드기술대학도시정보연구소디렉터, 호주 전선곤 KAIST 기술경영겸직교수 & 분자기술사업화그룹대표이사, 한국 최희정 (Jaz Hee-jeong Choi) 은도시정보학연구소 (Urban Informatics Research Lab) 의부회장이자퀸즐랜드기술대학교 (Queensland University of Technology) 디자인창조산업학부의호주연구협의회박사후연구원 ( 산업부문 ) 이다. 최희정의연구관심사는유희적기술 (playful technology) 로, 그중에서도여러형태의유희적상호작용이어떻게형성, 발전되어다양한문화적맥락에융합되는지가주된연구대상이다. 최희정은연구를통해도시의지속가능성에대한새로운개념적접근법을개발하였는데, 이는 유희 를기술사회네트워크인도시간의변형적상호작용의핵심으로인식한다는것이다. 현재도시환경에서지속가능한음식문화를구축하기위한유희적유비쿼터스기술의설계와발전을연구하는중이다. 그는세계적수준의연구원들과공동작업을하고, 다양한학문분야의서적을출간하고저널에기고하였다. 2010년도유네스코창의도시회의 (2010 UNESCO Creative Cities Conference) 의기조연설을포함, 각종주요국제회의에초빙되어연설했다. 최희정은현재음식과컴퓨터, 인간의상호작용 (ACM SIGCHI FOODCHI) 커뮤니티의의장을맡고있으며, 2014년 MIT 출판사에서출간예정인저서 인간과컴퓨터의상호작용을인간과음식의상호작용과융합하기 (Mixing Human-Computer Interactions with Human-Food Interactions) 의수석편집자이기도하다. 전문분야기술경영주요경력 KAIST( 한국과학기술원 ) 기술경영학과교수 (Adjunct Professor) 분자기술사업화그룹대표이사 (CEO& Founder) KAIST이노베이션센터전문위원 (Business Director) 분자진단영상이니셔티브사무총장 (General Manager) 대덕기술지주회사이사 (CTO) 공학박사및경영학석사 (Ph.D. & MBA) 전선곤교수는미국에서재료공학 ( 나노바이오전자 ) 을전공하고이후조지아텍경영대학교에서기술경영을공부하였다. 현재대한민국 No.1 기술사업화그룹의창립멤버로서 KAIST ( 한국과학기술원 ) 기술경영학과에서융합기술사업화를가르치며, 동시에기술사업화그룹을이끌고있다. 주요관심분야는우수한 NT-IT-BT ( 나노-정보통신-바이오 ) 분야의다양한융합기술을발굴하여, 헬스케어 (Healthcare Industry) 및창조산업 (Creative Industry) 과연결하는비즈니스개발 (C&BD: Connect & Business Development) 이다. 최근에는문화창조산업과청년창업에깊은관심을가지고공익적이면서도지속가능한기술사업화모델을개발중이다. 242 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 243

123 세션발표자 정건화 한신대학교교수, 한국 정경섭 우리동물병원생명협동조합대표, 한국 학력서울대학교경제학박사 (1993) 전문분야경제학, 지역연구주요경력현한신대학교경제학과교수경기지방노동위원회공익위원 ( 역임 ) 현서울평생교육원장, 희망제작소부소장현민주대학컨소시움부설민주사회정책연구원원장경제학자로서지역문제, 고용문제, 사회적경제에관심을가지고지역거버넌스를통한서울동북4구의협력적발전전략수립을위한연구책임을맡아수행중이다. 서울대학교에서경제학을공부함. 도시빈민, 노동자생활연구로석사, 박사학위를받았으며최근에는사회혁신, 시민사회역량강화, 사회적경제생태계구축을통한지역사회발전방안에대해연구하고있다. 협력적지역거버넌스에관심을갖고서울동북4구 ( 강북, 노원, 도봉, 성북 ) 풀뿌리활동가포럼 ( 강풀포럼 ) 및 서울동북4구발전협의회 기획조정위원으로참여하고있다. 서울동북4구발전을위한연구 의책임을맡아 서울도시계획의새로운패러다임모색 과 지속가능한도시로의발전전략수립 에노력하고있다. 이번 < 포럼 > 에서는서울동북4구에서의지역발전전략, 협력적지역거버넌스에대한연구경험을바탕으로 사회혁신과지역거버넌스- 사회혁신과지역거버넌스 - 서울동북4구의협력적지역발전사례 에대해발표할예정이다. 정건화의주요연구성과는다음과같다 민주주의, 지역그리고사회적경제, 동향과전망제86호 현대안산의변화와발전 ( 안산시사제6권 ) ( 공저 ) 한국사회지역연구 2: 전환기의안산, 쟁점과전망 ( 공저 ) 지역발전의딜레머와해법, 민주사회와정책연구, 제12호 한반도경제론-새로운발전모델을찾아서 ( 공저 ), 창작과비평사. 학력서울예술대학사진과졸업주요경력마포민중의집대표, 마포의료생협상임이사, 우리동물병원생명협동조합이사장, 마포구상인회총연합회자문위원장 지역과운동이란주제로 10년넘게활동중 서울예술대학사진과를졸업하고진보정당 ( 민주노동당 ) 운동을시작 2004년, 2008년총선에서진보정당후보로선거에출마 스웨덴, 이탈리아민중의집을연구한뒤 2008년국내최초로민중의집을설립 2010년스페인, 스웨덴, 이탈리아민중의집을방문한뒤 < 민중의집 > 책출판 < 민중의집 > 출판이후아이쿱생협등시민사회단체와조선대, 전남대, 부산대, 한예종등에서 100여차례이상강연 마포의료생협상임이사로활동하며지역내다양한세력을묶어병의원개설 (11월오픈예정 ) 올해초동물병원협동조합준비모임을시작해 5월 25일창립대회를마쳤고 2014 년초동물병원을개원할예정 이번포럼에서는동물과인간이공존하는마을에대한이야기를풀어나갈예정 대표저서는다음과같다. - 민중의집 ( 정경섭, 레디앙, 2012) - 우리는한배를타고있다 ( 공저, 이매진, 2012) - 위기의한국사회, 대안은지역이다 ( 공저, 메이데이, 2011) 244 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 245

124 세션발표자 주영덕 화랑신협협동조합지원센터장, 한국 쿠도쿠미코 (Kudo KUMIKO) 네코다스케대표, 일본 현경기지역협동조합협의회운영위원현 1coop군포생협 / 행복한의료생협 / 주민두레생협감사안산협동조합협의회사무국장역임안산의료생협이사역임생협전국연합회이사역임신협중앙회근무 네코다스케의대표인쿠도쿠미코는 1995년부터많은고양이가거주하는신쥬쿠구내의자택주변부터개인적으로 TNR 활동을시작한것을계기로, 이와유사한활동을하고있는주민들과함께본사단체인 네코다스케 를만들었다. 지역고양이활동이점차확장되고, 지역활동의경험에서얻게된자신감을바탕으로 1999년에는 NPO법인의지위를득하였으며, 본단체의대표이사에취임하여현재까지대표로활동하고있다. 2003년에는동경도에의해 " 동경도동물애호추진위원 ( 제1기 )" 로임명되었고, 이후 2009년에는신주쿠보건소에사무국을둔 신주쿠구의사람과고양이가조화로운마을조성연락협의회 회장으로취임하였다. 현재본단체를대표하여일본각지의지방정부나또는민관의협력활동으로서 지역고양이세미나 나 고양이뭐든지상담회 등에참여하면서현장주의의지역고양이대책에대한홍보에노력하고있다. 특히 2001년에동경도가시작한 동경도주인없는고양이와의공생모델플랜 " 사업에적극협력하였고, 지난 3년간신주쿠구내 4개지구를비롯해도내 20곳의공생모델지구지정에공헌하였으며, 이사업은현재도계속되고있다. 차완루안상 (Chawand Luansang) 아시아주거연합 (Asian Coalition for Housing Rights, ACHR), 공동체건축가네트워크 (Community Architects Network, CAN) 부장, 건축가, 태국 건축학학사태국방콕, 실파콘대학교 (Silpakorn University)( ) 246 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 247

125 세션발표자 타케시아키바 (Takeshi AKIBA) 리츠메이칸대학교한국학연구소 ( Ritsumeikan Center for Korea Studies) 부교수, 일본 테레사린 (Shuk Ying LAU, Teresa LIN) L plus H Community Interest Company Limited 전무이사 (Executive Director), 홍콩 1994년메이지대학교 (Meiji University) 사회과학대학을졸업했으며, 1999년동대학원사회과학대학에서협동조합연구를전공으로박사과정을마쳤다. 타케시의연구주제는소액금융이다. 타케시아키바는 2001년부터리츠메이칸대학 (Ritsumeikan University) 에서비정부기구 (NGO) 와비영리단체 (NPOs) 의조직이론에관한강의를하고있다. 또한, 현재협동조합리서치센터의비정부기구컨설턴트및연구원으로활동중이며나라市자원봉사센터감독위원회 (Nara City Volunteer Information Center Review Committee) 회장을맡고있다. 공공자원협회 (Public Resources Foundation) 의이사이며교토녹색펀드 (Kyoto Green Fund) 의임원이기도하다. 타케시의연구는비정부기구와비영리단체, 협동조합과사회적기업의운영과마케팅에중점을둔다. 또한, 일본협동조합단체 (the Japanese Co-operative Societies) 에서편집위원으로활동중이며협동조합연구저널 (Journal of the Cooperative Studies) 의편집인이다. 21세기소비자협동조합이론 (the Consumer Co-operatives Theory in the 21st Century-Type, 2006년, 한국어판일본어판출간 ), 위기의시민운동 : 한국과일본의일선사회적기업 (Civil Activities in a Crisis: the front line of the Social Enterprise in Japan and Korea, 2012년일본어판출간 ), 협동조합배우기 (Learning Cooperatives, 2012년, 일본어판출간 ) 의공동저자이다. 그의논문은다양한학술저널및잡지에소개되기도했다. 테레사린 (Teresa Lin) 은아시아지역의뱅킹과금융분야에서다양한경력을쌓았다. 시중은행및기업뱅킹분야의오랜경험을바탕으로전략기획, 공급망파이낸스및중소기업에대한전문지식을가지고있다. DBS 은행에서은퇴하기전, DBS 중국지점의부회장이자최고경영자를역임했고기관뱅킹그룹에서북아시아지역을총괄관할했다. 시티은행 (Citi Bank), HSBC(Hong Kong & Shanghai Banking Corporation Limited), 다싱은행 (Dah Sing Bank) 등유수금융기관에서이사직등주요직책을역임했다. 홍콩금융연수원의명예고문, 맥킨지의수석고문으로위촉되기도했다. 홍콩특별행정구 (HKSAR) 의임명으로중소기업위원회의위원, 뱅킹산업훈련자문위원회의위원, 기업및상업뱅킹위원회의위원장직을역임했다. 퇴직후자선사업에몸담아 L plus H Group 의전무이사로활동중이다. 특히일자리창출및기술장인의명맥유지를위해활동하고있는 2 개의사회적기업에서전략적방향설정및경영에관한업무를수행하고있다. 이자선기관은홍콩의저소득층어린이를지원하고있다. 음악에도조예가깊어홍콩오페라의명예회계담당및이사직을겸임하고있다. 토시오키쿠치 (Toshio KIKUCHI) 수도대학도쿄 (Tokyo Metropolitan University) 도심환경과학대학원 (Graduate School of Urban Environmental Sciences) 지리관광학과교수, 일본 학력 츠쿠바대학 (The University of Tsukuba) 지구과학연구소 (Institute of Geoscience) 대학생 츠쿠바대학지구과학연구소대학원생 1978 츠쿠바대학이학사, 지리학 1980 츠쿠바대학이학석사, 지리학 1988 츠쿠바대학이학박사, 지리학 경력 군마대학교육학부지리학과부교수 오클랜드대학 (The University of Auckland( 뉴질랜드 )) 지리학과방문연구원 군마대학교육학부지리학과부교수 수도대학도쿄교육학부지리학과부교수 중국과학원지리학연구소방문연구원 시드니대학교 (University of Sydney( 뉴질랜드, 호주 )) 지리 학과방문연구원 수도대학도쿄도시환경과학대학원지리관광학과교수 248 Global Social Economy Forum 2013 Directory 249


07_À±¿ø±æ3ÀüºÎ¼öÁ¤ 232 233 1) 2) Agenda 3) 4) 234 Invention Capital Agenda 5) 6) 235 7) 8) 9) 236 10) 11) 237 12) 13) 14) 15) knowledge 16) 17) 238 239 18) 240 19) 241 20) 242 243 244 21) 245 22) 246 23) 247 24) 248 25)

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` Companies need to play various roles as the network of supply chain gradually expands. Companies are required to form a supply chain with outsourcing or partnerships since a company can not

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11¹Ú´ö±Ô A Review on Promotion of Storytelling Local Cultures - 265 - 2-266 - 3-267 - 4-268 - 5-269 - 6 7-270 - 7-271 - 8-272 - 9-273 - 10-274 - 11-275 - 12-276 - 13-277 - 14-278 - 15-279 - 16 7-280 - 17-281 -

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CDP_Korean-00 Carbon Disclosure Project Report 2008 Korea 50 On behalf of 385 investors with assets of $57 trillion Report written by CDP work Coordinated by MEMBER 2008 Carbon Disclosure Project 2008 Carbon Disclosure

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15_3oracle Principal Consultant Corporate Management Team ( Oracle HRMS ) Agenda 1. Oracle Overview 2. HR Transformation 3. Oracle HRMS Initiatives 4. Oracle HRMS Model 5. Oracle HRMS System 6. Business Benefit 7.

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12Á¶±ÔÈŁ Journal of Fashion Business Vol. 5, No. 4. pp.158~175(2001) A Study on the Apparel Industry and the Clothing Culture of North Korea + Kyu Hwa Cho Prof., Dept. of Clothing & Textiles, Ewha Womans University

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<C0CEBCE2BFEB5FBFACB1B85F323031342D32322D3528BAAFBCF6C1A4295F3135303431355FBCF6C1A42E687770> 연구보고서 2014-22-5 동아시아 국가의 다문화가족 현황 및 정책 비교연구 변수정 조성호 이상림 서희정 정준호 이윤석 책임연구자 변수정 한국보건사회연구원 부연구위원 주요저서 저출산 고령사회 대응 국민 인식 및 욕구 모니터링 시스템 운영 한국보건사회연구원, 2013(공저) 공동연구진 조성호 한국보건사회연구원 부연구위원 이상림 한국보건사회연구원 부연구위원 서희정

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歯1.PDF 200176 .,.,.,. 5... 1/2. /. / 2. . 293.33 (54.32%), 65.54(12.13%), / 53.80(9.96%), 25.60(4.74%), 5.22(0.97%). / 3 S (1997)14.59% (1971) 10%, (1977).5%~11.5%, (1986)

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06_À̼º»ó_0929 150 151 alternative investment 1) 2) 152 NPE platform invention capital 3) 153 sale and license back 4) 154 5) 6) 7) 155 social welfare 8) 156 GDP 9) 10) 157 Patent Box Griffith EUROSTAT 11) OTC M&A 12)

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¹ýÁ¶ 12¿ù ¼öÁ¤.PDF

¹ýÁ¶ 12¿ù ¼öÁ¤.PDF 논문요약 146 [ 주제어 ] 147 148 149 150 151 152 153 154 155 156 157 158 159 160 161 162 163 164 165 166 167 168 169 170 171 172 173 174 175 176 177 178 179 abstract Recent Development in the Law of DPRK on the

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<28BCF6BDC320323031352D31332920B0E6B1E2B5B520C1F6BFAABAB020BFA9BCBAC0CFC0DAB8AE20C1A4C3A520C3DFC1F8C0FCB7AB5FC3D6C1BE2830312E3036292E687770> 수시과제 2015-13 경기도 지역별 여성일자리 정책 추진 전략 연구책임자 : 최 윤 선 (본원선임연구위원) : 남 승 연 (본원연구위원) 연 구 지 원 : 이 상 아 (본원위촉연구원) 연 구 기 간 : 2015. 9 ~12 2015 발 간 사 여성 일자리는 사회 내 여성과 남성간의 차이를 좁히고 개개인의 삶을 윤택하게 만드는 중요 한 부분입니다. 이에 정부는

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삼성SDI_SR국문_최종 Sustainability Report 2008 Power to Imagine SAMSUNG SDI About Sustainability Report GRI G3 Tel 031) 8006-3366 Fax 031) 8006-3399 E-Mail Global Network

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강의지침서 작성 양식

강의지침서 작성 양식 정보화사회와 법 강의지침서 1. 교과목 정보 교과목명 학점 이론 시간 실습 학점(등급제, P/NP) 비고 (예:팀티칭) 국문 정보화사회와 법 영문 Information Society and Law 3 3 등급제 구분 대학 및 기관 학부(과) 전공 성명 작성 책임교수 법학전문대학원 법학과 최우용 2. 교과목 개요 구분 교과목 개요 국문 - 정보의 디지털화와 PC,

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레이아웃 1

레이아웃 1 Annual 2013 vol.15 th HOW ENGINEERING ANNIVERSARY Annual 하우인 2013 vol.15 하우엔지니어링과 자매사 우인엔지니어링은 경남, 부산지역 종합엔지니어링 업계의 선두주자로서 건설기술의 미래지평을 열어가고 있습니다. 행복한 삶의 공간 창출, 안전하고 튼튼한 도시기반시설의 건설을 위해 우수한 인력과 기술력을 바탕으로

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05_±è½Ã¿Ł¿Ü_1130 132 133 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 134 135 6) 7) 8) 136 9) 10) 11) 12) 137 13) 14) 15) 16) 17) 18) 138 19) 20) 21) 139 22) 23) 140 24) 141 25) 142 26) 27) 28) 29) 30) 31) 32) 143 33) 34) 35) 36) 37) 38) 39) 40) 144

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2017.09 Vol.255 C O N T E N T S 02 06 26 58 63 78 99 104 116 120 122 M O N T H L Y P U B L I C F I N A N C E F O R U M 2 2017.9 3 4 2017.9 6 2017.9 7 8 2017.9 13 0 13 1,007 3 1,004 (100.0) (0.0) (100.0)

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09김정식.PDF 00-09 2000. 12 ,,,,.,.,.,,,,,,.,,..... . 1 1 7 2 9 1. 9 2. 13 3. 14 3 16 1. 16 2. 21 3. 39 4 43 1. 43 2. 52 3. 56 4. 66 5. 74 5 78 1. 78 2. 80 3. 86 6 88 90 Ex e cu t iv e Su m m a r y 92 < 3-1> 22 < 3-2>

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04-다시_고속철도61~80p Approach for Value Improvement to Increase High-speed Railway Speed An effective way to develop a highly competitive system is to create a new market place that can create new values. Creating tools and

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Journal of Educational Innovation Research 2016, Vol. 26, No. 1, pp.1-19 DOI: *,..,,,.,.,,,,.,,,,, ( )

Journal of Educational Innovation Research 2016, Vol. 26, No. 1, pp.1-19 DOI:   *,..,,,.,.,,,,.,,,,, ( ) Journal of Educational Innovation Research 2016, Vol. 26, No. 1, pp.1-19 DOI: *,..,,,.,.,,,,.,,,,, ( ).,,,. * 2014. 2015. ** 1, : (E-mail:

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<B1E2C8B9BEC828BFCFBCBAC1F7C0FC29322E687770> 맛있는 한국으로의 초대 - 중화권 음식에서 한국 음식의 관광 상품화 모색하기 - 소속학교 : 한국외국어대학교 지도교수 : 오승렬 교수님 ( 중국어과) 팀 이 름 : 飮 食 男 女 ( 음식남녀) 팀 원 : 이승덕 ( 중국어과 4) 정진우 ( 중국어과 4) 조정훈 ( 중국어과 4) 이민정 ( 중국어과 3) 탐방목적 1. 한국 음식이 가지고 있는 장점과 경제적 가치에도

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①국문지리학회지-주성재-OK Development of the Korean Film Industry and Its Spatial Characteristics: Gangnam Region of Seoul as A New Cluster in A New Renaissance?* Sungjae Choo** : Abstract This study aims to explain the emergence

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182 동북아역사논총 42호 금융정책이 조선에 어떤 영향을 미쳤는지를 살펴보고자 한다. 일제 대외금융 정책의 기본원칙은 각 식민지와 점령지마다 별도의 발권은행을 수립하여 일본 은행권이 아닌 각 지역 통화를 발행케 한 점에 있다. 이들 통화는 일본은행권 과 等 價 로 연

182 동북아역사논총 42호 금융정책이 조선에 어떤 영향을 미쳤는지를 살펴보고자 한다. 일제 대외금융 정책의 기본원칙은 각 식민지와 점령지마다 별도의 발권은행을 수립하여 일본 은행권이 아닌 각 지역 통화를 발행케 한 점에 있다. 이들 통화는 일본은행권 과 等 價 로 연 越 境 하는 화폐, 분열되는 제국 - 滿 洲 國 幣 의 조선 유입 실태를 중심으로 181 越 境 하는 화폐, 분열되는 제국 - 滿 洲 國 幣 의 조선 유입 실태를 중심으로 - 조명근 고려대학교 BK21+ 한국사학 미래인재 양성사업단 연구교수 Ⅰ. 머리말 근대 국민국가는 대내적으로는 특정하게 구획된 영토에 대한 배타적 지배와 대외적 자주성을 본질로 하는데, 그

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000표지 04 Contents 1. Background 2. Outline 3. Schedule 4. Opening Ceremony (Sep.27(Tue)) 5. Sisterhood ceremony & Cultural performance (Sep.27(Tue)) 6. Movie- Jun-Ai / Banquet (Sep.27(Tue)) 7. Korea cultural

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20, 41..,..,.,.,....,.,, (relevant).,.,..??.,

20, 41..,..,.,.,....,.,, (relevant).,.,..??., , 41 (2007 12 ) * 1) *** ***,. IMF..,,,.,,,,.. I.. 1999 (,.),,. 2010 *. ** *** 19 20, 41..,..,.,.,....,.,, (relevant).,.,..??., 21.....,. II. 1967 G. G. Muller International Accounting. 1960. 1970... 1966,,,.

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Á¶´öÈñ_0304_final.hwp 제조 중소기업의 고용창출 성과 및 과제 조덕희 양현봉 우리 경제에서 일자리 창출은 가장 중요한 정책과제입니다. 근래 들어 우리 사회에서 점차 심각성을 더해 가고 있는 청년 실업 문제에 대처하고, 사회적 소득 양극화 문제에 대응하기 위해서도 일자리 창 출은 무엇보다도 중요한 정책과제일 것입니다. 고용창출에서는 중소기업의 역할이 대기업보다 크다는 것이 일반적

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<BFACB1B85F323030352D30335FB0E6C1A6C0DAC0AFB1B8BFAA2E687770> 연구보고서 2005-03 경제자유구역에서의 보건의료시장 개방의 파급효과와 정책방향 2005 韓 國 保 健 社 會 硏 究 院 머 리 말 우리나라는 2003년 경제자유구역의지정및운영에관한법률 을 제정하여 인천, 부산-진해, 광양만 등 3개 지역에 경제자유구역 개발을 추진하고 있다. 이 법에 는 경제자유구역에 외국 의료기관이 진출할 수 있다는 내용이 규정되어 있으

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..........07 CONTENTS Conferences Exhibitions and Fairs Events 3 40 41 63 64 92 Major Convention & Exhibition Centers in Korea COEX Convention & Exhibition Center World Trade Center, 159-1, Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu,

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Analysis of teacher s perception and organization on physical education elective courses Chang-Wan Yu* Korea Institute of curriculum and evaluation [Purpose] [Methods] [Results] [Conclusions] Key words:

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歯kjmh2004v13n1.PDF 13 1 ( 24 ) 2004 6 Korean J Med Hist 13 20 36 June 2004 ISSN 1225 505X * 1 1886 ( ) 1) 1905 * 1) 20 2) 1910 1926 1910 1926 1930 40 2 1899 1907 3) 4) 1908 1909 ( ) ( ) ( 2) 1995 1998 3) 1997 p 376 4) 1956

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세종대 요람

세종대 요람 Sejong University 2016 2016 Sejong University 4 SEJONG UNIVERSITY 5 8 SEJONG UNIVERSITY 2016 Sejong University 10 SEJONG UNIVERSITY 11 12 SEJONG UNIVERSITY

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,,,,,,, ,, 2 3,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, (2001) 2

,,,,,,, ,, 2 3,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, (2001) 2 2004- - : 2004 5 11 :?,,,,,? Sen (human capability) 1?,, I 1 2 1 Sen A Why health equity? Health Econ 2002:11;659-666 2 1991 p 17 1 ,,,,,,, 20 1 2,, 2 3,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 3 3 1 (2001) 2 1),, 2), 2),, 3),,,

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민속지_이건욱T 최종

민속지_이건욱T 최종 441 450 458 466 474 477 480 This book examines the research conducted on urban ethnography by the National Folk Museum of Korea. Although most people in Korea

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27 2, * ** 3, 3,. B ,.,,,. 3,.,,,,..,. :,, : 2009/09/03 : 2009/09/21 : 2009/09/30 * ICAD (Institute for Children Ability

27 2, * ** 3, 3,. B ,.,,,. 3,.,,,,..,. :,, : 2009/09/03 : 2009/09/21 : 2009/09/30 * ICAD (Institute for Children Ability 27 2, 71-90. 2009. 3 * ** 3, 3,. B 2003 4 2004 2.,.,,,. 3,.,,,,..,. :,, : 2009/09/03 : 2009/09/21 : 2009/09/30 * ICAD (Institute for Children Ability Development) ** ( : 72 한국교육문제연구제

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................-...... International Workshop on Biodiversity Conservation and Sustainable Development in North-East Asia with emphasis on the Role of Gangwon Province 2014. 6. 18-20 International Workshop on Biodiveristy Conservation

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?? 1990년대 중반부터 일부 지방에서 자체적인 정책 혁신 을 통해 시도된 대학생촌관 정책은 그 효과에 비자발적 확산 + 대한 긍정적 평가에 힘입어 조금씩 다른 지역으로 수평적 확산이 이루어졌다. 이? + 지방 A 지방 B 비자발적 확산 중앙 중앙정부 정부 비자발적

?? 1990년대 중반부터 일부 지방에서 자체적인 정책 혁신 을 통해 시도된 대학생촌관 정책은 그 효과에 비자발적 확산 + 대한 긍정적 평가에 힘입어 조금씩 다른 지역으로 수평적 확산이 이루어졌다. 이? + 지방 A 지방 B 비자발적 확산 중앙 중앙정부 정부 비자발적 제1장 정책의 혁신과 확산, 그리고 변형 중국 대학생촌관( 村 官 ) 정책 사례를 중심으로 Policy Innovation, Diffusion and Transformation The case of the College-graduate as Village Official Plan in China 유은하 한신대학교 유라시아연구소 학술연구교수 ?? 1990년대

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232 도시행정학보 제25집 제4호 I. 서 론 1. 연구의 배경 및 목적 사회가 다원화될수록 다양성과 복합성의 요소는 증가하게 된다. 도시의 발달은 사회의 다원 화와 밀접하게 관련되어 있기 때문에 현대화된 도시는 경제, 사회, 정치 등이 복합적으로 연 계되어 있어 특

232 도시행정학보 제25집 제4호 I. 서 론 1. 연구의 배경 및 목적 사회가 다원화될수록 다양성과 복합성의 요소는 증가하게 된다. 도시의 발달은 사회의 다원 화와 밀접하게 관련되어 있기 때문에 현대화된 도시는 경제, 사회, 정치 등이 복합적으로 연 계되어 있어 특 한국도시행정학회 도시행정학보 제25집 제4호 2012. 12 : pp.231~251 생활지향형 요소의 근린주거공간 분포특성 연구: 경기도 시 군을 중심으로* Spatial Distribution of Daily Life-Oriented Features in the Neighborhood: Focused on Municipalities of Gyeonggi Province

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untitled 국문요약....,,... 2,,. 3.,. 4. 5. Abstract Demographic change is greatly accelerating owing to the increasingly low birth rate and aging population in Korea. In particular, the increase in the number of elderly

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<32382DC3BBB0A2C0E5BED6C0DA2E687770> 논문접수일 : 2014.12.20 심사일 : 2015.01.06 게재확정일 : 2015.01.27 청각 장애자들을 위한 보급형 휴대폰 액세서리 디자인 프로토타입 개발 Development Prototype of Low-end Mobile Phone Accessory Design for Hearing-impaired Person 주저자 : 윤수인 서경대학교 예술대학

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50-5대지05장후은.indd 대한지리학회지 제50권 제5호 2015(515~526)? 인문사회계열의 산학협력과 지역발전: 일본 사례를 중심으로 장후은* 이종호** 허선영*** University-Industry Collaboration of Humanities and Social Sciences Majors and Regional Development: The Case of Japan

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_Prain Global 회사소개서_pt용

_Prain Global 회사소개서_pt용 PR-CENTERED INTEGRATED COMMUNICATION GROUP COMPANY PROFILE PRAIN GLOBAL POPE FRANCIS IN SOUTH KOREA In 2014, Prain Global proved once again to be the best PR agency by showcasing its capabilities to handle

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<BCF6BDC3323030392D31385FB0EDBCD3B5B5B7CEC8DEB0D4C5B8BFEEB5B5C0D4B1B8BBF3BFACB1B85FB1C7BFB5C0CE2E687770> ... 수시연구 2009-18.. 고속도로 휴게타운 도입구상 연구 A Study on the Concept of Service Town at the Expressway Service Area... 권영인 임재경 이창운... 서 문 우리나라는 경제성장과 함께 도시화가 지속적으로 진행되어 지방 지역의 인구감소와 경기의 침체가 계속되고 있습니다. 정부의 다각 적인

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Vol.258 C O N T E N T S M O N T H L Y P U B L I C F I N A N C E F O R U M

Vol.258 C O N T E N T S M O N T H L Y P U B L I C F I N A N C E F O R U M 2017.12 Vol.258 C O N T E N T S 02 06 35 57 89 94 100 103 105 M O N T H L Y P U B L I C F I N A N C E F O R U M 2 2017.12 3 4 2017.12 * 6 2017.12 7 1,989,020 2,110,953 2,087,458 2,210,542 2,370,003 10,767,976

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264 축되어 있으나, 과거의 경우 결측치가 있거나 폐기물 발생 량 집계방법이 용적기준에서 중량기준으로 변경되어 자료 를 활용하는데 제한이 있었다. 또한 1995년부터 쓰레기 종 량제가 도입되어 생활폐기물 발생량이 이를 기점으로 크 게 줄어들었다. 그러므로 1996년부

264 축되어 있으나, 과거의 경우 결측치가 있거나 폐기물 발생 량 집계방법이 용적기준에서 중량기준으로 변경되어 자료 를 활용하는데 제한이 있었다. 또한 1995년부터 쓰레기 종 량제가 도입되어 생활폐기물 발생량이 이를 기점으로 크 게 줄어들었다. 그러므로 1996년부 大 韓 環 境 工 學 會 誌 特 輯 - Special Feature - 263~268. 2008. 인구구조변화에 따른 생활폐기물 발생량 현황 및 전망 서울대학교 보건대학원 Status and Forecast of the Municipal Solid Waste Generation by the Change of Population Structure Sa-rah

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중국 상장회사의 경영지배구조에 관한 연구

중국 상장회사의 경영지배구조에 관한 연구 仁 荷 大 學 校 法 學 硏 究 第 18 輯 第 3 號 2015년 09월 30일, 261~295쪽 Inha Law Review The Institute of Legal Studies Inha University Vol.18, No.3, September, 2015 표현의 자유와 명예훼손 - 인터넷에서의 명예훼손을 중심으로 - * 박 윤 경 숙명여자대학교 법학박사

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Journal of Educational Innovation Research 2017, Vol. 27, No. 2, pp DOI: : Researc

Journal of Educational Innovation Research 2017, Vol. 27, No. 2, pp DOI:   : Researc Journal of Educational Innovation Research 2017, Vol. 27, No. 2, pp.251-273 DOI: : 1997 2005 Research Trend Analysis on the Korean Alternative Education

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에너지최종-수정(색변화) International Conference on Green House Gas Reduction & Energy Management 2011 November 23, 2011 Harmony Ballroom, InterContinental Seoul Coex Hosted by_ Ministry of Knowledge Economy Organized by_ Korea

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........pdf 16..

........pdf 16.. Abstract Prospects of and Tasks Involving the Policy of Revitalization of Traditional Korean Performing Arts Yong-Shik, Lee National Center for Korean Traditional Performing Arts In the 21st century, the

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DBPIA-NURIMEDIA 김진주 김수연. 초등학생대상장애이해교육에활용된동화에나타난장애인관분석. 특수교육, 2013, 제12권, 제2호, 135-160... 20.,,. 4.,,.,..... 주제어 : 장애이해교육, 동화, 장애인관 1. ( 1 ) Incheon Munhak Elementary School ( )(, E-mail: Dept. of

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2 - ABSTRACT The object of this study is to investigate the practical effects of Senior Employment Project, implemented by government as a part of sen

2 - ABSTRACT The object of this study is to investigate the practical effects of Senior Employment Project, implemented by government as a part of sen 1-2014 3 A Study on the Actual Participants of the Senior Employment Project for Public Interest Focusing on the Low-Income Participants in Junggok 3-dong, Gwangjin-gu, Seoul : (2012834062) : 2 - ABSTRACT

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歯 c PDF

歯 c PDF 97-11 1997 : ( ) : ( ) ( ) : ( ) ( ) 1 1 1. 1 1) 1 2) 2 2. 8 1) 9 2) (1926.10-1945.8) 14 3) (1945.8-1950.6) 19 4) (1950.6-1953.7) 23 5) (1953.7-1961.9) 28 6) (1961.10-1967.7) 34 7) 1 (1967.8-1973.4) 48

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국립국어원 20010-00-00 발간등록번호 00-000000-000000-00 국어정책 통계 조사 및 통계 연보 작성 연구책임자 이순영 제 출 문 국립국어원장 귀하 국어정책 통계 조사 및 통계 연보 작성 에 관하여 귀 원과 체결한 연 구 용역 계약에 의하여 연구 보고서를 작성하여 제출합니다. 2010년 12월 2일 연구책임자: 이순영(고려대학교 국어교육과)

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_ _ Reading and Research in Archaeology. _ Reading and Research in Korean Historical Texts,,,,,. _Reading and Research in Historical Materials from Ko

_ _ Reading and Research in Archaeology. _ Reading and Research in Korean Historical Texts,,,,,. _Reading and Research in Historical Materials from Ko 4. _ Culture of Korea: In the Present and the Past,.. _ Korean History and the Method of Psychoanalysis.,,. _ Politics and Ideas in Modern days Korea.,. _ Contemporary Korean History and International

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- iii - - i - - ii - - iii - 국문요약 종합병원남자간호사가지각하는조직공정성 사회정체성과 조직시민행동과의관계 - iv - - v - - 1 - - 2 - - 3 - - 4 - - 5 - - 6 - - 7 - - 8 - - 9 - - 10 - - 11 - - 12 - - 13 - - 14 - α α α α - 15 - α α α α α α

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GSTC Criteria for tourism sectors

GSTC Criteria for tourism sectors Mr. Randy Durband Chief Executive Officer GSTC Outline GSTC s Role in Sustainable Tourism GSTC Criteria Tour Operators A Leading Role for Destination Managers Q: What and Who is the GSTC? A: The leading

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Vol.259 C O N T E N T S M O N T H L Y P U B L I C F I N A N C E F O R U M

Vol.259 C O N T E N T S M O N T H L Y P U B L I C F I N A N C E F O R U M 2018.01 Vol.259 C O N T E N T S 02 06 28 61 69 99 104 120 M O N T H L Y P U B L I C F I N A N C E F O R U M 2 2018.1 3 4 2018.1 1) 2) 6 2018.1 3) 4) 7 5) 6) 7) 8) 8 2018.1 9 10 2018.1 11 2003.08 2005.08

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<313120B9DABFB5B1B82E687770> 한국민족문화 40, 2011. 7, 347~388쪽 1)중화학공업화선언과 1973년 공업교육제도 변화* 2)박 영 구** 1. 머리말 2. 1973년, 중화학공업화선언과 과학기술인력의 부족 3. 1973년 전반기의 교육제도 개편과 정비 1) 계획과 개편 2) 기술교육 개선안과 인력개발 시책 4. 1973년 후반기의 개편과 정비 5. 정비된 정규교육제도의 특징

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레이아웃 1

레이아웃 1 Disability & Employment 2011. 8. 제21권 제3호(통권 72호) pp.209~238 장애인의 직업재활을 위한 자기표현력 향상에 관한 집단미술치료 사례연구 임혜숙 서울사회복지대학원대학교 사회복지학과 교수 요 약 본 연구에서는 장애인의 직업재활동기를 강화시키고 지속시키는데 필요한 자기표현력 향상을 위한 집단미술치료의 영향에 관하여 사례연구를

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7 1 ( 12 ) 1998. 1913 ( 1912 ) 4. 3) 1916 3 1918 4 1919. ( ) 1 3 1, 3 1. 1.. 1919 1920. 4) ( ), ( ),. 5) 1924 4 ( ) 1. 1925 1. 2). ( ). 6). ( ). ( ).

7 1 ( 12 ) 1998. 1913 ( 1912 ) 4. 3) 1916 3 1918 4 1919. ( ) 1 3 1, 3 1. 1.. 1919 1920. 4) ( ), ( ),. 5) 1924 4 ( ) 1. 1925 1. 2). ( ). 6). ( ). ( ). 7 1 ( 12 ) : 1-11, 1998 K orean J M ed H ist 7 : 1-11, 1998 ISSN 1225-505X * **.,.., 1960.... 1) ( ) 1896 3 2 ( ) ( ) ( ) ( ) 2. 1), 14 1909 1,. 14 17 1913. 2)..,. ( ) ( ),. * 1998 (1998. 5. 7). ** 1).

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저작자표시 - 비영리 - 동일조건변경허락 2.0 대한민국 이용자는아래의조건을따르는경우에한하여자유롭게 이저작물을복제, 배포, 전송, 전시, 공연및방송할수있습니다. 이차적저작물을작성할수있습니다. 다음과같은조건을따라야합니다 : 저작자표시. 귀하는원저작자를표시하여야합니다. 비영리. 귀하는이저작물을영리목적으로이용할수없습니다. 동일조건변경허락. 귀하가이저작물을개작, 변형또는가공했을경우에는,

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13.11 ①초점

13.11 ①초점 11 2013 Health and Welfare Policy Forum 2 3 4 The Roles and Fiscal Responsibility on Social Security between the Central and Local Governments in Korea 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 16 17 18 19 20 21 22 Structure

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歯3이화진 Abstract Terrestrial Broadcasters Strategies in the Age of Digital Broadcasting Wha-Jin Lee The purpose of this research is firstly to investigate the

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10방송통신서비스_내지최종 Contents KOREA COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION Chorus Wholesale & lnternational Retail Gen-i AAPT Technology & Shared Services Corporate Centre

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Study on the Improvement of Management System through Analysis of golf semi- market: Focus on Physical Education Facility Act Ji-Myung Jung 1, Ju-Ho Park 2 *, & Youngdae Lee 3 1 Korea Institute of Sport

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- 2 -

- 2 - - 1 - - 2 - - 3 - - 4 - - 5 - - 6 - - 7 - - 8 - - 9 - - 10 - - 11 - - 12 - - 13 - - 14 - - 15 - - 16 - - 17 - - 18 - - 19 - - 20 - - 21 - - 22 - - 23 - - 24 - - 25 - - 26 - - 27 - - 28 - - 29 - - 30 -

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大学4年生の正社員内定要因に関する実証分析 190 2016 JEL Classification Number J24, I21, J20 Key Words JILPT 2011 1 190 Empirical Evidence on the Determinants of Success in Full-Time Job-Search for Japanese University Students By Hiroko ARAKI and

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2008ÄÁº¥¼ÇÃÖÁ¾ CONTENTS Conferences Exhibitions and Fairs Events 5 48 49 72 73 94 Major Convention & Exhibition Centers in Korea COEX Convention & Exhibition Center World Trade Center, 159-1, Samseong-dong, Gangnam-gu,

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Main Title

Main Title 2003 5140001 IMD WCY IMD 2003 (, 54 ), Competitiveness Valuation International, Inc. Korea Partner of IMD WCY page 1 2003, Jin-Ho Jeong, CVI, Korea Partner of IMD +41-25-618-0251 Fax

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2013<C724><B9AC><ACBD><C601><C2E4><CC9C><C0AC><B840><C9D1>(<C6F9><C6A9>).pdf 11-1140100-000102-01 9 93320 788988 807705 ISBN 978-89-88807-70-5 93320 2013 11 25 2013 11 28,,, FKI ISBN 978-89-88807-70-5 87 24 PREFACE CONTENTS 011 017 033 043 051 061

More information Abstract Competition and Concentration in the Market for the Multichannel Video Programming G h e e - Young Noh ( P r o f e s s o, rschool of Communication,

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05-08 087ÀÌÁÖÈñ.hwp

05-08 087ÀÌÁÖÈñ.hwp 산별교섭에 대한 평가 및 만족도의 영향요인 분석(이주희) ꌙ 87 노 동 정 책 연 구 2005. 제5권 제2호 pp. 87118 c 한 국 노 동 연 구 원 산별교섭에 대한 평가 및 만족도의 영향요인 분석: 보건의료노조의 사례 이주희 * 2004,,,.. 1990. : 2005 4 7, :4 7, :6 10 * ( 88 ꌙ 노동정책연구

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<3136365FB4EBB1B8BDC320BAB8B0C7BAB9C1F6C5EBB0E8BFACBAB820B9DFB0A320BFACB1B85FBEF6B1E2BAB92E687770> 연구보고서 2007 DAEGU-GYEONGBUK DEVELOPMENT INSTITUTE 대구시 보건복지통계연보 발간 연구 엄 기 복 대구경북연구원 차 례 차 례 요 약 ⅰ~ⅴ 제1장 서 론 3 1.연구의 목적 및 범위 3 가. 연구배경 3 나. 연구의 목적 4 2. 연구방법 및 내용 4 가. 연구방법 4 나. 연구내용 5 제2장 보건복지통계관리현황 9 1.

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00표지 2008 01 Vol. 381 01 Vol.381 004 008 014 028 036 040 042 045 046 048 050 007 008 036 COVER STORY 054 067 067 170 179 076 079 084 116 140 143 152 157 183 184 008

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퇴좈저널36호-4차, page 2 @ Preflight (2)

퇴좈저널36호-4차, page 2 @ Preflight (2) Think Big, Act Big! Character People Literature Beautiful Life History Carcere Mamertino World Special Interview Special Writing Math English Quarts I have been driven many times to my knees by the overwhelming

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<BFA9BAD02DB0A1BBF3B1A4B0ED28C0CCBCF6B9FC2920B3BBC1F62E706466> 001 002 003 004 005 006 008 009 010 011 2010 013 I II III 014 IV V 2010 015 016 017 018 I. 019 020 021 022 023 024 025 026 027 028 029 030 031 032 033 034 035 036 037 038 039 040 III. 041 042 III. 043

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2011´ëÇпø2µµ 24p_0628

2011´ëÇпø2µµ 24p_0628 2011 Guide for U.S. Graduate School Admissions Table of Contents 02 03 04 05 06 08 09 10 11 13 15 21 LEADERS UHAK INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS SERVICE Leaders Uhak International Students

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#Ȳ¿ë¼® A B yk u δ = 2u k 1 = yk u = 0. 659 2nu k = 1 k k 1 n yk k Abstract Web Repertoire and Concentration Rate : Analysing Web Traffic Data Yong - Suk Hwang (Research

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*5£00̽ÅÈ� . 2001.. 2. 1998... 21 :. 1998... 21 :. 2002. :.. :. :. 37, 2003. (: 2003-08-10) Annan, Kofi. We the People, the Role of the United Nations in the st Century, Secretary General

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<B0ADB9AE5F33B1C75F30315FC0CEBCE232C2F728B9DAC1D6BEF0295F303133305FB3AAB4AEC5EBB0E85FB0B3BCB1B9E6BEC85FC3D6C1BEBAB8B0EDBCAD28C3D6C1BE295FC3D6C1BE283230313230333237292E687770> 나눔통계 개선방안 1 나눔통계 개선방안 박주언 이희길 제1절 서 론 1. 연구배경 및 목적 최근 우리 사회에서 균등한 기회보장과 공정한 경쟁으로 대변되는 공정사회 수립이 중요한 국정과제로 제시되었다. 이에 따라 공정사회를 실현하기 위한 수단으로서 나 눔 (philanthropy)에 대한 사회적 관심이 급속히 증가하고 있다. 나눔 은 자신이 가진 가치 있는 자원을

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<B9AEC8ADC4DCC5D9C3F7BFACB1B82D35C8A32833B1B3292E687770> 독서문화 생태계 조성의 주요 거점으로서, 지역 서점 활성화 방안 연구 - 국내 국외 성공 사례에 기초하여 오선경 * 국문초록 매체 환경이 디지털로 전환해가면서 종이책 독서인구도 감소하고 있다. 더불 어 오픈 마켓이나 대형 서점, 온라인 서점 등의 공격적 마케팅은 보다 편리하고, 보다 빨리, 보다 싸게 라는 책 소비 패턴에 변화를 가져왔다. 이는 곧 규모나 자본

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우리들이 일반적으로 기호

우리들이 일반적으로 기호 일본지방자치체( 都 道 府 縣 )의 웹사이트상에서 심벌마크와 캐릭터의 활용에 관한 연구 A Study on the Application of Japanese Local Self-Government's Symbol Mark and Character on Web. 나가오카조형대학( 長 岡 造 形 大 學 ) 대학원 조형연구과 김 봉 수 (Kim Bong Su) 193

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2 동북아역사논총 50호 구권협정으로 해결됐다 는 일본 정부의 주장에 대해, 일본군 위안부 문제는 일 본 정부 군 등 국가권력이 관여한 반인도적 불법행위이므로 한일청구권협정 에 의해 해결된 것으로 볼 수 없다 는 공식 입장을 밝혔다. 또한 2011년 8월 헌 법재판소는

2 동북아역사논총 50호 구권협정으로 해결됐다 는 일본 정부의 주장에 대해, 일본군 위안부 문제는 일 본 정부 군 등 국가권력이 관여한 반인도적 불법행위이므로 한일청구권협정 에 의해 해결된 것으로 볼 수 없다 는 공식 입장을 밝혔다. 또한 2011년 8월 헌 법재판소는 일본군 위안부 피해자 구제에 관한 일고( 一 考 ) 1 일본군 위안부 피해자 구제에 관한 일고( 一 考 ) 김관원 / 동북아역사재단 연구위원 Ⅰ. 머리말 일본군 위안부 문제가 한일 간 현안으로 불거지기 시작한 것은 일본군 위안부 피해를 공개 증언한 김학순 할머니 등이 일본에서 희생자 보상청구 소송을 제 기한 1991년부터다. 이때 일본 정부는 일본군이 위안부

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2 KHU 글로벌 기업법무 리뷰 제2권 제1호 또 내용적으로 중대한 위기를 맞이하게 되었고, 개인은 흡사 어항 속의 금붕어 와 같은 신세로 전락할 운명에 처해있다. 현대정보화 사회에서 개인의 사적 영역이 얼마나 침해되고 있는지 는 양 비디오 사건 과 같은 연예인들의 사

2 KHU 글로벌 기업법무 리뷰 제2권 제1호 또 내용적으로 중대한 위기를 맞이하게 되었고, 개인은 흡사 어항 속의 금붕어 와 같은 신세로 전락할 운명에 처해있다. 현대정보화 사회에서 개인의 사적 영역이 얼마나 침해되고 있는지 는 양 비디오 사건 과 같은 연예인들의 사 연구 논문 헌법 제17조 사생활의 비밀과 자유에 대한 소고 연 제 혁* I. II. III. IV. 머리말 사생활의 비밀과 자유의 의의 및 법적 성격 사생활의 비밀과 자유의 내용 맺음말 I. 머리말 사람은 누구나 타인에게 알리고 싶지 않은 나만의 영역(Eigenraum) 을 혼자 소중히 간직하 기를 바랄 뿐만 아니라, 자기 스스로의 뜻에 따라 삶을 영위해 나가면서

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Journal of Educational Innovation Research 2017, Vol. 27, No. 3, pp DOI: (NCS) Method of Con

Journal of Educational Innovation Research 2017, Vol. 27, No. 3, pp DOI:   (NCS) Method of Con Journal of Educational Innovation Research 2017, Vol. 27, No. 3, pp.181-212 DOI: (NCS) Method of Constructing and Using the Differentiated National Competency

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<32303131C7CFB9DDB1E22028C6EDC1FD292E687770> 통일문제연구 2011년 하반기(통권 제56호) 전쟁 경험의 재구성을 통한 국가 만들기* - 역사/다큐멘터리/기억 - 1)이 명 자** Ⅰ. 들어가는 말 Ⅱ. 과 제작배경 Ⅲ. 과 비교 Ⅳ. 역사/다큐멘터리/기억 현대 남북한 체제 형성에서 주요한 전환점인 한국전 쟁은 해방 후 시작된 좌우대립과 정치적,

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2040 2010 6 11 - - - - - - 03 - -,,, - 08 8 15 < > - - -,, - / 04 2040 100,, -, 05 - -- - - KOREA 2040, 06 - - - - - - - 69(2010) 88(2040) - 2.56 2.10, 65 7.6% 14.2% 18% 15%, 65 16% 25% - -,, 56.7(2010)

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Vol.257 C O N T E N T S M O N T H L Y P U B L I C F I N A N C E F O R U M

Vol.257 C O N T E N T S M O N T H L Y P U B L I C F I N A N C E F O R U M 2017.11 Vol.257 C O N T E N T S 02 06 38 52 69 82 141 146 154 M O N T H L Y P U B L I C F I N A N C E F O R U M 2 2017.11 3 4 2017.11 6 2017.11 1) 7 2) 22.7 19.7 87 193.2 160.6 83 22.2 18.4 83 189.6 156.2

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<C1B6BBE7BFACB1B820323030342D303428B1E8BEF0BEC62920303128B8F1C2F7292E687770> 조사연구 2004-05 장애인 공무원 직무특성과 고용실태 연구 연구자 : 김언아 (고용개발원 선임연구원) 머 리 말 장애인 공직임용 확대 사업은 2004년 2월 5일 청와대에서 개최된 제 37차 국 정과제회의 결과 여성, 지방대 출신의 공직 임용 확대와 더불어, 참여정부에서 중점 적으로 추진하고자 하는 국정개혁의 일부라고 할 수 있다. 그동안 노동부와 공단에

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<BFACB1B85F323031332D333528C0CCC3B6BCB1295FC3D6C1BEC8AEC1A45FC0CEBCE2BFEB28313430323131292E687770> 연구보고서 2013-35 친서민정책으로서의 사회서비스 일자리 확충 전략 Ⅲ : 사회서비스 산업-제3섹터-고용창출 연계모델 이철선 박세경 권소일 책임연구자 이철선 한국보건사회연구원 연구위원 주요저서 협동조합 실태조사 및 기본계획 수립을 위한 기초연구 한국보건사회연구원, 2013(공저) 협동조합기본법 관련 현황조사 연구 한국보건사회연구원, 2012(공저) 공동연구진

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2011ÄÁº¥³»Áö3 MICE CALENDAR 2011 to 2020 Contents 05-54 International Meetings & Conventions 2011 to 2020 55-84 2011 International Exhibitions 85-98 2011 International Events Appendix 101-109 Professional Convention

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국내 디지털콘텐츠산업의 Global화 전략

국내 디지털콘텐츠산업의 Global화 전략 Digital Conents Contents Words, Sound, Picture, Image, etc. Digitizing : Product, Delivery, Consumption NAICS(, IMO Digital Contents Digital Contents S/W DC DC Post PC TV Worldwide Digital Contents

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111.pdf 2013 AUGUST CONTENTS 04 06 08 12 22 26 38 40 41 42 44 46 48 50 6 CHEIL AUGUST 2013 7 8 CHEIL AUGUST 2013 9 10 CHEIL AUGUST 2013 11 12 CHEIL AUGUST 2013 13 14 CHEIL AUGUST 2013 15 16 CHEIL AUGUST 2013

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Journal of Educational Innovation Research 2017, Vol. 27, No. 2, pp DOI: * Review of Research

Journal of Educational Innovation Research 2017, Vol. 27, No. 2, pp DOI:   * Review of Research Journal of Educational Innovation Research 2017, Vol. 27, No. 2, pp.79-102 DOI: * Review of Research Trends on Curriculum for Students with Severe and multiple

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웹진용 대한민국 사랑실명제 당신의 이름으로 세상이 아름다워집니다 서명할 때마다 아름다운 세상을 만드는 카드가 있습니다. 신한 아름다운 카드는 사용에 따라 적립된 포인트로 아름다운 세상을 응원하는 新 개념 기부카드입니다. I Believe... Warm World 따뜻한 관심, 풍요로운 나눔으로 더불어 함께 하는 아름다운 세상을 믿습니다. I Hope... Clean

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Output file

Output file 240 241 242 243 244 245 246 247 248 249 250 251 252 253 254 255 256 257 An Application for Calculation and Visualization of Narrative Relevance of Films Using Keyword Tags Choi Jin-Won (KAIST) Film making

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歯주5일본문.PDF ECO 2002-10 2002. 8 5, .. Tel : 3771-0496, Fax : 3771-0110, E-mail : < > 1 5 17. 19. 5 (2002. 5. 23) 22. (2002. 7. 22) 25 5 27. 29. 31. 36. 42 5 45. 47. 51. 52. 53 5 55. 57. 63. 65 . 71.

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untitled Logistics Strategic Planning Difference between 3PL and SCM Factors Third-Party Logistics Supply Chain Management Goal Demand Management End User Satisfaction Just-in-case Lower

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204 205 -Road Traffic Crime and Emergency Evacuation - 202 203 204 205 206 207 208 209 210 211 212 213 214 215 216 217 218 219 220 221 222 223 224 225 226 227 228 229 230 231 232 233 Abstract Road Traffic Crime

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사단법인 커뮤니케이션디자인협회 시각디자인학회

사단법인 커뮤니케이션디자인협회 시각디자인학회 소도시 공공디자인 기본계획의 실효성 및 지속성 제고에 관한 연구 - 고성군을 중심으로 - Study on Public Design Master Plan to enhance the effectiveness and sustainability - Focusing on Goseong-Gun - 주저자 김정범 Kim, Jungbum 경동대학교 디자인학과 교수 Professor

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