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1 2014 학년도대학수학능력시험 6 월모의평가문제지 1 제 3 교시 1번부터 22번까지는듣고답하는문제입니다. 1번부터 20번까지는한번만들려주고, 21번부터 22번까지는두번들려줍니다. 방송을잘듣고답을하기바랍니다. 1. 대화를듣고, 남자의마지막말에대한여자의응답으로가장적절한것을고르시오. 1 That s my brother David. 2 She likes taking pictures. 3 He s playing in the yard. 4 He had a happy childhood. 5 There are four in my family. 2. 대화를듣고, 여자의마지막말에대한남자의응답으로가장적절한것을고르시오. 1 Really? I m proud of you. 2 Okay. You can come with me. 3 No. I ll be fine with some rest. 4 Oh, no! I ll get you some water. 5 Sure. What time should I do that? 3. 대화를듣고, 남자의마지막말에대한여자의응답으로가장적절한것을고르시오. 1 No, I don t have a computer. 2 Right, I ll call you when I m done. 3 Yeah, I saved it in my cell phone. 4 Yes, I ll buy you a new cell phone. 5 Sorry, you ve got the wrong number. 5. 다음을듣고, 남자가하는말의목적으로가장적절한것을고르시오. 1 제철과일소비를권장하려고 2 과일보관용기를광고하려고 3 얼룩제거용품을홍보하려고 4 과일껍질활용법을소개하려고 5 과일껍질의영양소를설명하려고 6. 다음을듣고, 여자가하는말의주제로가장적절한것을고르시오. 1 심포니의유래와역사 2 Mozart 음악의독창성 3 Mozart의삶에대한재조명 4 고전음악과현대음악의차이점 5 Mozart 음악이정서에미치는효과 7. 대화를듣고, 두사람이하는말의주제로가장적절한것을고르시오. 1 양초를만드는절차 2 등산시유의할사항 3 적절한휴식의필요성 4 취미생활을하는이유 5 스트레스의다양한요인. 대화를듣고, 여자의의견으로가장적절한것을고르시오. 1 아이와함께텃밭을가꾸면아이가채소를잘먹게된다. 2 텃밭에서채소를직접기르면가족경제에도움이된다. 3 가족의건강을위해유기농채소를구입할필요가있다. 4 지역농산물을구입하면경제활성화에기여할수있다. 5 채소위주의식습관은아이의두뇌발달을촉진한다. 9. 대화를듣고, 두사람의관계를가장잘나타낸것을고르시오. 1 상담교사 - 학생 2 여행사직원 - 여행객 3 수의사 - 애완동물주인 4 동물원사육사 - 관람객 5 국립공원직원 - 탐방객 4. 대화를듣고, 그림에서여자의집의위치를고르시오. 10. 대화를듣고, 그림에서대화의내용과일치하지않는것을 고르시오. 1

2 2 영어영역 (A 형 ) 11. 대화를듣고, 남자가여자를위해할일로가장적절한것을고르시오. 1 마중나가기 2 쿠키사다주기 3 도시락주문하기 4 교통사고신고하기 5 사무실에데려다주기 12. 대화를듣고, 여자가남자에게부탁한일로가장적절한것을고르시오. 1. 대화를듣고, 여자의마지막말에대한남자의응답으로가장적절한것을고르시오. [3점] Man: 1 You must have enjoyed the party a lot. 2 It s nice of you to take care of my baby. 3 I m so excited that your baby can walk now. 4 I can t wait to see what your baby will choose. 5 Thank you for inviting me to your graduation party. 1 책고르기 3 날씨확인하기 5 항공편예약하기 2 우산고쳐주기 4 우편엽서사오기 19. 대화를듣고, 남자의마지막말에대한여자의응답으로가장적절한것을고르시오. 13. 대화를듣고, 남자가언급한도서관이용의문제점을고르시오. 1 주차장공사소음 2 어두운조명시설 3 부족한편의시설 4 좁은열람실공간 5 느린인터넷속도 14. 대화를듣고, 여자가배낭여행을갈수없는이유를고르시오. 1 할아버지댁에서지내야해서 2 친구와만날약속이있어서 3 부모님이허락하지않아서 4 방학숙제를해야해서 5 제주도에가야해서 15. 대화를듣고, 여자가지불할금액을고르시오. [3점] 1 $25 2 $30 3 $35 4 $40 5 $45 Woman: 1 You should fill out the form first. 2 But practice will make you better. 3 Right, standing is good for your back. 4 I m sorry, but I can t go to the concert. 5 Okay, I ll try to get two front-row seats. 20. 다음상황설명을듣고, Julia가 Samuel에게할말로가장적절한것을고르시오. Julia: Samuel, 1 could you give me a ride home? 2 would you teach me how to park? 3 when did you get your driver s license? 4 what happened after you parked your car? 5 how many times did you take the road test? 16. 장학금에관한다음내용을듣고, 일치하지않는것을고르시오. [3점] 1 선정과정은두단계로구성된다. 2 면접관은학생들이추천한교사들이다. 3 개인별로학기당 $1,000가지급된다. 4 신청마감일은이번주금요일이다. 5 3명의수혜자는다음달에발표될것이다. 17. 다음표를보면서대화를듣고, 여자가선택한복사기모델을고르시오. [21~22] 다음을듣고, 물음에답하시오. 21. 여자가하는말의목적으로가장적절한것은? 1 강사채용을공고하려고 2 개정된학교규칙을설명하려고 3 개설교과목내용을소개하려고 4 학교행사일정변경을공지하려고 5 학습도우미프로그램을홍보하려고 22. 과목으로언급되지않은것은? 1 역사 2 생물 3 지리 4 수학 5 화학 이제듣기 말하기문제가끝났습니다. 23번부터는문제지의지시에따라답을하기바랍니다. 2

3 영어영역 (A 형 ) 다음글의목적으로가장적절한것은? Dear Mayor Johnson: I m a long-time resident of Pinewood, and I m really concerned about the traffic problem in my neighborhood. The traffic has been increasing for the past three years, and I ve seen many near-accidents. I feel the intersection at Burton Road and 3rd Street is very dangerous because there aren t any traffic lights. The city should consider installing traffic lights as soon as possible. I believe that this issue affects the safety of every driver or pedestrian who uses that intersection, so it deserves immediate attention. Nothing is as important as our citizens safety, so fixing this issue should be made a top priority. I would appreciate your sincere consideration. Best regards, 25. 다음글의주제로가장적절한것은? What do you think can make you a good tennis player? Suppose there are two different tennis pros giving you tennis lessons. The first pro says things like good shot and good swing all the time to encourage you. The second one says good swing only when you make a good swing. If just hearing good swing gives you a reward, then you will prefer the first instructor. But if what you want is to get better at tennis, you will prefer the second instructor. That s because the second instructor s feedback to you is much more informative than the first one s. You re not after good swing rewards; you re after a better tennis game. So feedback that simply makes you feel great will not help you develop tennis skills in the long run. 1 프로와아마추어선수간의기술적차이점 2 테니스실력향상을위한효과적인피드백 3 테니스가정신건강에미치는효과 4 운동시설과경기력의관련성 5 테니스의올바른스윙자세 Laura McPherson 1 교통사고후유증의심각성을알리려고 2 교차로에신호등설치를요청하려고 3 교통법규위반차량을신고하려고 4 무단횡단의위험성을강조하려고 5 자동차보험가입을권유하려고 24. 다음글의요지로가장적절한것은? Everyone would like to assume that their wonderful, creative ideas will sell themselves. But as Galileo, Edvard Munch, Toni Morrison, Sylvia Plath, and millions of others have discovered, they do not. On the contrary, creative ideas are usually viewed with suspicion and distrust. Thus, students need to learn how to persuade other people of the value of their ideas. This selling is part of the practical aspect of creative thinking. If students do a science project, it is a good idea for them to present it and demonstrate why it makes an important contribution. If they develop a plan for a new form of government, they should explain why it is better than the existing form of government. 1 공정한판단은타인의의견을경청하는데서시작된다. 2 창의적사고는문제점을분석하는것으로부터출발한다. 3 과학프로젝트는학생들의창의적사고형성에도움이된다. 4 학생들은창의적생각을남에게납득시키는방법을배워야한다. 5 학생들은창의적사고의가치를실용적측면에서분석해야한다 다음글의제목으로가장적절한것은? In much of Europe, many businesses close during the month of August when people go on vacation. Most Europeans believe this is time that they should spend with family or engaging in personal activities. The French, in particular, value their vacation time and prefer not to work overtime. They enjoy the longest vacations of any country in the world; French law states that employees must receive a minimum of five weeks of vacation a year. German companies appear to be moving in this direction as well. Despite the extended free time, people of both France and Germany are very productive when they work. To Europeans, their vacation time seems valuable. 1 No Work, No Vacation! 2 Keys to Keeping Your Job 3 Various Festivals in Europe 4 Vacation Matters to Europeans! 5 Europe: Most Popular Vacation Site

4 4 영어영역 (A 형 ) 27. 다음글의밑줄친부분중, 어법상틀린것은? [3점] When you have ideas you like, you often think everyone else should feel the same way. If they don t, it very often 1 becomes a matter of they just don t understand! If a colleague around you doesn t understand your idea, or its potential, you are 2 being given an important message. Maybe your view of a problem 3 that you think you are solving is not shared by other coworkers? If your colleague cannot see it, your consumers may not 4 either. Think about it. Make constant efforts until everyone you explain your idea to understands it. This is all to do with 5 find simple solutions to our daily communication problems. 29. Laketown Sports Camp 2013에관한다음안내문의내용과일치하는것은? Laketown Sports Camp 2013 June 24th - August 23rd (Monday - Friday, 9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m.) The city of Laketown offers a sports camp for all children seven and older. Campers take swimming lessons every afternoon. Our weekly activities include basketball, soccer, tennis, badminton, and much more. Campers have the option to bring their own lunch from home or purchase lunch from the snack bar. 2. (A), (B), (C) 의각네모안에서문맥에맞는낱말로가장 적절한것은? [3점] England s plan to establish colonies in North America, starting in the late sixteenth century, was founded on a (A) false / valid idea. It was generally assumed that Virginia, the region of the North American continent to which England laid claim, would have the same climate as the Mediterranean region of Europe, since it lay at similar latitudes. As a result, the English hoped that the American colonies, once established, would be able to supply Mediterranean goods such as olives and fruit and reduce England s (B) dependence / restriction on imports from continental Europe. One prospectus claimed that the colonies would provide the wines, fruit and salt of France and Spain... the silks of Persia and Italy. Similarly, (C) abundant / scarce timber would do away with the need to import wood from Scandinavia. In short, America was mistakenly expected to be a land of plenty that would quickly turn a profit. Registration Information Period May 27th - June 7th Fee $125 for a week (insurance fee included) For more information, visit or call (310) 참가자의연령제한이없다. 2 참가자는매일오전에수영강습을받는다. 3 점심은캠프에서무료로제공한다. 4 등록기간은 5월말까지이다. 5 보험료는등록비에포함되어있다. * latitude: 위도 ** prospectus: 사업설명서, 투자설명서 (A) (B) (C) 1 false dependence abundant 2 false dependence scarce 3 false restriction abundant 4 valid restriction scarce 5 valid restriction abundant 4

5 영어영역 (A 형 ) Wilson High School Library 에관한다음안내문의내용과 일치하지않는것은? 31. Monthly Observatory Nights에관한다음안내문의내용과일치하지않는것은? Wilson High School Library Monthly Observatory Nights We are very happy to announce that our library has been selected as one of the top 10 libraries in the nation this year. Hours Monday through Friday 9:00 a.m. - :00 p.m. Closed on weekends and holidays Check-out and Return Policy Each person is allowed to check out up to 5 books at a time. Books must be returned within 2 weeks from the check-out date. Special Events Meet the Author (June 14th) - Come and meet Janet Oxford, the author of the bestseller The Treasure of the Desert. Book Sale (June 21st) - All new books will be 20% off, and all used books will be 50% off. We offer a free educational program, Observatory Nights, on the third Thursday of every month. It features a lecture and telescopic observing from the observatory roof. Admission and parking are free. The lectures are intended for high school students. Seating is limited and available on a first-come basis. Doors open at 5:00 p.m.; the program begins at :00 p.m. If it is rainy on the day of the event, the program will be canceled. For more information, call the Education Affairs Office at (617) 올해 10대우수도서관으로선정되었다. 2 주말과공휴일에는도서관을열지않는다. 3 대출도서는 2주내에반납해야한다. 4 베스트셀러작가와의만남이 6월에있다. 5 도서판매행사에서새책은할인받을수없다. 1 매달셋째목요일에제공되는프로그램이다. 2 입장료와주차료는무료이다. 3 강연회는고등학생대상이다. 4 프로그램은오후 5시에시작된다. 5 행사당일에비가오면프로그램이취소된다. 5

6 6 영어영역 (A 형 ) 32. 다음도표의내용과일치하지않는것은? The above graph shows the comparison between the allocated budget and actual spending for six departments at Triton Ventures in The Customer Service department was allocated 60,000 dollars, which was greater than the amount allocated to any other department. 2 On the other hand, in terms of actual spending, the top two departments that spent the most were Marketing and Development. 3 The Customer Service and Information Technology departments spent the same amount of money, which was 20,000 dollars. 4 The actual spending by the Administration department was less than half the allocated budget. 5 The Sales department showed the largest gap between the allocated budget and its actual spending among the six departments. [34~36] 다음빈칸에들어갈말로가장적절한것을고르시오. 34. It is known that people are extremely limited in the amount of information that they can process at any given time. A common metaphor in early theories of attention is the concept of a bottleneck. This metaphor is especially appealing because it matches our understanding about attention. The narrow neck of a bottle restricts the flow into or out of the bottle. This kind of flow in the narrow passageway is similar to the way people process information. In other words, this bottleneck limits the of information to which we can pay attention. Thus, when one message is currently flowing through a bottleneck, the other messages must be left behind. [3점] 1 value 2 sources 3 quantity 4 reliability 5 familiarity * metaphor: 은유 35. Many people have pointed out that personal responsibility can often be. Consider how often you ve passed someone who is pulled over on the side of the road with car trouble. It is easy to justify your failure to help by telling yourself someone else will stop. Corporations add another layer of complication to the story of reduced personal responsibility in group settings because corporations are set up to assign legal responsibility to the corporation itself instead of to its members. There are other complex organizations in which the individual members are often not sure of their impact or power to bring about change. In this kind of culture, someone else will do it is a common excuse. [3점] 1 lost in groups 3 decreased by stress 5 shaped at an early age 2 easily recognized 4 strengthened by law 33. 다음글에드러난 Tom의심경변화로가장적절한것은? As Tom stood on stage at the school play, he could feel the watchful eyes of the audience. Being in the spotlight made him feel tense. He tried to deliver his lines as best as he could, but he could feel his voice shaking. Suddenly, he realized he had missed a sentence. Without going back, he went on as though nothing had happened. But by the time he finished, his hands felt sweaty and his heart was racing. No one commented on his mistake apart from his drama teacher. Well done, the teacher said. Acting is like learning to ride a bike. You may not get it perfect the first time. You may fall off a few times, yet each time you get back on you do it better. Your performance may not have been perfect, but it was great. His teacher s comforting words brought a smile to Tom s face. 1 bored excited 2 nervous relieved 3 delighted regretful 4 curious disappointed 5 envious embarrassed Appearance creates the first impression customers have of food, and first impressions are important. No matter how appealing the taste, an unattractive appearance is hard to overlook. As humans, we do eat with our eyes because our sense of sight is more highly developed than the other senses. The sense of sight is so highly developed in humans that messages received from other senses are often ignored if they conflict with what is seen. Yellow candy is expected to be lemon-flavored, and if it is grape-flavored, many people. Strawberry ice cream tinted with red food coloring seems to have a stronger strawberry flavor than one that has no added food coloring, even when there is no real difference. [3점] 1 cannot correctly identify the flavor 2 will not favor the grape-flavored candy 3 can clearly sense the difference in flavor 4 will be instantly attracted to the grape flavor 5 will enjoy the subtle difference between them

7 영어영역 (A 형 ) 다음글의빈칸 (A), (B) 에들어갈말로가장적절한 것은? When plants were first grouped together, it was merely for convenience. Even today, plants may be categorized together in unnatural groupings in order to make them easier to identify. (A), some wildflower books arrange together all white-flowered species or all yellow-flowered species. However, such groupings do not reflect natural relationships and make it difficult to recognize family characteristics. We don t infer that all persons with red hair are more closely related to each other than they are to those with dark hair; likewise, all long-haired dogs are not more closely related to each other than they are to short-haired dogs. Modern botanists, (B), try to group plants according to their natural relationships. * botanist: 식물학자 (A) (B) 1 For example moreover 2 For example therefore 3 In contrast however 4 In contrast therefore 5 Nevertheless however 39. 글의흐름으로보아, 주어진문장이들어가기에가장적절한곳은? [3점] But the ones in which he could get up and do things like industrial arts, drama, science projects, or P.E. were always his favorites. Jason always seemed to have a tough time in classes, except in the ones where he could do something. In the classes in which the teachers just stood and talked, or told everyone to read, he seemed to get bored and restless. ( 1 ) He soon realized that he was not a slow or unmotivated learner; he was a kinesthetic learner. ( 2 ) Once he figured this out, he started to use this information to his advantage. ( 3 ) He would draw out what he learned from class on notes, posters, and doodles. ( 4 ) He would act out things and work with other students on projects using role play and drama. ( 5 ) This helped his learning come alive, and he was less bored. As a result, he not only enjoyed school more, but his grades also went up. * kinesthetic: 운동감각의 40. 주어진글다음에이어질글의순서로가장적절한것은? 3. 다음글에서전체흐름과관계없는문장은? People believe that good books are educational and useful to academic success. However, it appears that the nature of written language itself helps increase academic achievement, regardless of a book s quality. 1 Even books that provide only pleasure will increase the confidence of students and encourage them to try to read more technical materials in school. 2 Comics, magazines, audiobooks, and topics of interest on the Internet are sometimes not considered real reading materials. 3 Students should try to guess the meaning of new words while they read rather than look them up in the dictionary. 4 However, these materials let students enjoy the pleasure of reading and gain information, literacy skills, and more. 5 This light reading is actually very beneficial because it is effortless reading, which improves reading fluency. Lemonade is the perfect refreshment on a sunny day, and it also contains a lot of vitamin C. Here s a quick and easy way to make lemonade. (A) Wash the lemons you ve prepared and cut them in half. Then, squeeze out as much juice as you can into a bowl. You can squeeze the lemons by hand, but it s easier if you use a lemon squeezer. (B) Then simply mix together the lemon juice, sugar, and water in a jug, and stir. Pour it into a glass, add some ice, and enjoy your lemonade! (C) Prepare four lemons, 100g of sugar, one liter of water, and some ice. You also need a bowl, a jug, and a spoon. Don t forget to prepare a cutting board and a knife. 1 (A) - (C) - (B) 2 (B) - (A) - (C) 3 (B) - (C) - (A) 4 (C) - (A) - (B) 5 (C) - (B) - (A) 7

8 영어영역 (A 형 ) [41~42] 다음글을읽고, 물음에답하시오. Because the Internet is free space where anybody can post anything, it can be full of all sorts of useless data. As a result, organized knowledge could easily get corrupted or lost in a sea of junk data. For books, there are various filters that help readers distinguish between reliable and unreliable information. On the Internet, the relation between the producer and the consumer of information tends to be direct, so nothing protects the consumer from polluted information. There are, of course, advantages to the free exchange of information, and I do believe any producers of data should have the freedom to make them available online. However, I am also convinced that users should be by intermediary services. There need to be some forms of guides and filters provided by responsible individuals and organizations. Otherwise, we may no longer be able to distinguish between the intellectual space of information and a polluted environment of meaningless data. Thus, reliable intermediary services will be needed in the future. * intermediary: 중개의 41. 윗글의제목으로가장적절한것은? 1 Why Do People Shop Online? 2 War Against Internet Addiction 3 We Need Guides on the Internet 4 How to Build Your Own Website 5 Cyber Space: Creating a New Identity 42. 윗글의빈칸에들어갈말로가장적절한것은? [3점] 1 given the right to vote 2 offered an online course 3 provided with more books 4 allowed to use their real names 5 protected from corrupt knowledge (B) To prepare for the race, both Zach and Tony bought a specially made swimming suit that could minimize resistance against water and help them swim faster. But they found out that this type of special suit had not been allowed in previous races. Both Zach and Tony asked the swimming coach if they could wear it. (b) He said that he would let them know before the race. (C) On the other hand, Zach s conscience whispered that a true victory comes from fair competition. After a long conflict, (c) he finally decided to be honest. He told Tony about the suit, and they both joined the race wearing the suits. Tony won the race, and Zach congratulated him. This was the sweetest second place Zach had ever won. (D) Nothing was decided during the morning, but shortly before the race, the coach told Zach that (d) he and Tony could wear the suit. He asked Zach to tell Tony about it. After hearing what his coach said, Zach faced a difficult choice. At first, he hesitated to tell (e) his friend about the news. He thought that if he did not tell Tony about it, he would definitely win the race. 43. 주어진글 (A) 에이어질내용을순서에맞게배열한것으로가장적절한것은? 1 (B) - (D) - (C) 2 (C) - (B) - (D) 3 (C) - (D) - (B) 4 (D) - (B) - (C) 5 (D) - (C) - (B) 44. 밑줄친 (a)~(e) 중에서가리키는대상이나머지넷과다른것은? 1 (a) 2 (b) 3 (c) 4 (d) 5 (e) 45. 윗글의 Zach 에관한내용과일치하지않는것은? 미터자유형결승전에진출했다. [43~45] 다음글을읽고, 물음에답하시오. (A) Zach was a 14-year-old boy, and he was a good swimmer. He advanced to the 100 meter freestyle final. Although there were many competitors, Zach knew that the winner should be between (a) him and Tony. They were best friends, but Zach considered him as his biggest competitor. They both were great swimmers and had won an equal number of races. 2 Tony를가장큰경쟁자로생각했다. 3 특수제작된수영복을샀다. 4 Tony의준우승을축하해주었다. 5 코치의말을듣고어려운선택에직면했다. * 확인사항 답안지의해당란에필요한내용을정확히기입 ( 표기 ) 했는지확인하시오.