IBM System Storage IBM Global Services 전자문서보관소사업을위한 IBM 솔루션 박대성 (Solution & Sales Leader) Copyright IBM Corporation 2006

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1 IBM Global Services 전자문서보관소사업을위한 IBM 솔루션 박대성 (Solution & Sales Leader)

2 1 IBM Agenda DR550 DR550

3 2 85% of information is unstructured Infrastructure Management Multiple Vendors Explosive Growth High Costs Transactions Customers Employees Average billion-dollar company: 48 disparate financial systems 2.7 ERP systems 79% of companies: have 2 + repositories 25%: have 15 + Business Continuity Products Multiple Sites Availability s Organizations Databases Financials Data Retention/Life Cycle Management Unstructured & Structured Data Growth Data Mining Reports Regulatory ComplianceDocuments 30-50% of design time is copy management Media Partners Web content Sources: IBM & Industry Studies, Customer Interviews 30% of people s time: searching for relevant information

4 3? e mail relational, IT

5 CAGR% Business Continuity $3,670 $4, % Device & Resource Management $1,665 $2, % Data Retention $349 $1, % Virtualization $168 $ % Source: GMV-2H05, Distributed

6 5 - Risk and Compliance Sarbanes- Oxley USA PATRIOT Act Basel II SEC 17a-4 HIPAA Many others

7 6 - JIC Just In Case Fast/High Accessibility Speed/Frequency Slow/Low Regulatory Request Mortgage Loan Payoff Legal Discovery Request Storage Migration Storage Migration Life Insurance Policy Payoff Data becomes Just In Case Storage Migration Active Semi-active 1 Day 1 Hour 1 Month 5 Years 20 Years 50 Years 100+ Years Time Record Life Cycle Source: Cohasset Associates, Inc.

8 7 JIC Tier 2 TCO / / (Remove, Delete),,

9 8???????,?? Today s Focus DR550

10 9 IBM (ILM Play)

11 10 HSM vs. ILM HSM Hierarchical Storage Mgmt ILM Information Lifecycle Mgmt Business Risk & Compliance ILM 4 business ILM HSM drivers. access.. application Content Management Records Management Risk.

12 11 IBM ILM 3 1 : Planning and Assessment 2 : Active Data Management 3 : In-active Data Management Knowing your data Automation and Efficiency Long Term Disposition

13 12 ILM : ( ) Current Data Active Historical Online Archive Offline Archive 1+ years 2-3 years 4-7 years 8+ years Production Database Archive Archive Reporting Database Non DBMS Retention Platform DS4100 with SATA DR550 Off-line Retention Platform DR550 Tape Archive/Restore Archive File Management

14 13 : ILM.Best Practices 1. Pool (Enterprise, Mid-Range, and SATA Technologies -DR550, Tape, ) ( / ) Pool 4. ( ) from any array to any array 5. Hosts Policies Analysis Remaining Storage Capacity Reclaim more of this Leave this alone Gold Storage Pool System Files Non Business Files Duplicate data Delete this Delete/share this Silver Storage Pool Bronze Storage Pool Invalid Data Redundant application data, log files, dump files, temporary files Stale / Orphan Data Valid Data Clean this - often Delete/Archive this - often Invest in storing, accessing, managing and protecting this LTO Tape Virtualization Layer

15 14 IBM 시스템어젠다 Virtualize Everything Commit to Openness Collaborate to Innovate

16 15 Product Differentiation DR550 Advantage

17 16 IBM DR550 Take AIIM Best of Show Awards (2 년연속 ) 2006 AIIM EXPO Conference & Exposition IBM DR550 Gartner Integrated Document Archive and Retrieval Systems Magic Quadrant 2005 IBM highest in ability to execute! IBM DR550 Express

18 17 DR550.. 이메일, 이미지, 문서, 리포트, 보존이필요한각종파일 DR550 IBM,, ISV Content Management Application IBM SSAM API,, IBM pseries Power5, 1TB PB, 3995 IBM DR550 ISV Content Management Software IBM DR550

19 Add Tape/Optical for broader Tiered Storage Archive Solution Adding tape/optical provides: Backup for DR550 operational files Integrated media migration to lower cost storage Portability of media Scalability to petabytes Unique differentiation versus competition IBM DR550 Attached tape, optical examples IBM DR550 Express IBM 3592 NEW! IBM 3996 Library 18

20 DR550 Software AIX 5.3 TL4 HACMP APARs SSAM (no change) SM Client (no change) Atape , atldd DS4100 Firmware no change Global Mirror DR550 IBM POWER5+ ( A) Two 1.9 GHz CPUs (Single partition) 1 GB memory Two 73 GB HDD OS function only mirrored 3 FC adapters FC graphics adapter FC dual port Ethernet FC 1983 (TX) or FC 1984 (SX) 4U Rack mount enclosure 19

21 20 DR550 DR TB. Single Node 5.6TB 11.2TB, Dual Node 5.6TB, 11.2TB, 22.4TB, 44.8TB, 89.6TB. RAID 5, RAID 10 Optional. 최대 89.6TB

22 21 DR550 Customer Business Application (Object Creation) Independent Software Vendor Appl, Middleware, Content Management Appl (Indexing and Repository Management) System Storage Archive Client Open / Published API (no-charge download) (Storage Management) IP IP network Imbedded System Storage Archive Manager API (Policy Management and Enforcement) DR550 Storage Devices Disk, Tape, WORM Tape, Optical, DVD

23 22 DR550 데이터암호화 Archive Manager는데이터암호화기능을제공합니다. 이는아카이브되는동안에도데이터의안전성을보장하며권한이없는사용자가악의적으로데이터를읽을수없도록합니다. 지원되는암호화는 AES128과 DES56입니다. System Storage Archive Manager Client AES128* Inputs Data String (variable length) Key String (128bits) Advanced Encryption Standard (128bit Block) Outputs Data String (multiple of 128bits) DES56* Inputs Data String (variable length) Key String (56bits) Data Encryption Standard (64bit Block) Outputs Data String (same length as input)

24 23 다양한아카이브옵션 다음과같은다양한아카이브옵션을제공하여고객환경에맞도록유연하게아카이브정책을설정할수있습니다. 연대기적연대기적보존보존기간기간정책정책 -특정 -특정시간시간간격간격동안동안오브젝트오브젝트보관보관 예 >3 >3 년 이벤트이벤트기반기반보존보존보호보호 -이벤트가발생했을때 -이벤트가발생했을때,, 오브젝트오브젝트만료만료카운트카운트다운이다운이시작됨시작됨 예 > > 사망사망 삭제삭제 hold/release hold/release -삭제 -삭제 hold hold 가 release release 될때까지때까지오브젝트를오브젝트를 hold hold 하여하여삭제되지삭제되지않도록않도록함 예 > > 법정법정소송이소송이 close close 됨 API Delete issued Admin issued Delete filespace Archive Manager API Minimum Day 0 retention Data stored in Archive Manager Server API Hold issued API Event issued Retention period after event occurs API Release issued X Automated Expiration Data deleted from Archive Manager

25 24 DR550 Advanced 기능 Business Application 1. 아카이빙소프트웨어의 쓰기 이중화 + 최단복구시간 + IP 네트워크 + 아카이빙소프트웨어어플리케이션의기능 Archiving Software SSAM Client IP IP network SSAM Client 2. 메트로, 글로벌미러 + 동기식, 비동기식복제 + 파이버광네트워크 1 SSAM Server DR550 SSAM Server DR550 2 Metro or Global Mirror SSAM Server DR550 Remote Site Local Site Remote Site

26 25 DR550 Total Cost of Ownership Analysis (vs. EMC Centera) Example Start with 2 TB 25% annual growth (low average) Data archived after 12 months Retain for 7 years (typical for US) Compare equivalent IBM DR550 and EMC Centera configurations over 12 years

27 26 DR550 Total Cost of Ownership Analysis (vs. EMC Centera) TCO Quick Compare Analysis for New TCO Model & Defaults Input Required Average (Mean) Retention Duration 7 (Whole # Years) (Anticipated average retention duration for data W hich will be stored in the RMD Storage TCO Cost Component Analysis High Performance Access Duration (minimum time data is to be kept on DASD for higher performance access) 12 (Whole # Months) Annual RMD Data Creation Growth Rate 25.00% (%) (Used to calculate Year 2-10 RMD creation; use target business growth rate as proxy if unknown) Retention Managed Data Created in Year (Anticipated Year 1l amount of RMD created, used to calculate storage requirement) 2.00 (TB) Centera DR550 Hardware $598,315 $594,489 Prod + DR Carts 0 17,000 Maintenance 51, ,236 Software Licenses 366, ,854 Software MA 478,570 69,122 Storage Admin 0 0 Power & Cooling 30,224 36,471 Floorspace 45, ,125 B/U Configuration 1,569,134 1,209,296 Estimated Cost $3,138,269 $2,435,591 $3,500,000 $3,000,000 $2,500,000 $2,000,000 $1,500,000 $1,000,000 $500,000 $0 Centera DR550 Solution Alternative B/U Configuration Floorspace Power & Cooling Storage Admin Software MA Software Licenses Maintenance Prod + DR Carts Hardware Note that actual comparison using the TCO tool may provide different results based on required customer provided Centera pricing input. This comparison is based on list pricing.

28 27 DR550 (vs. EMC Centera) DR550 Performance - Archive Objects per Second Single Threaded Benchmark Objects per I/O Single (only) point of published EMC Centera performance

29 28 DR550 Depository Trust IBM Content Manager Porsche (Automotive) Ceyoniq IBM Customer Support Organization IBM Content Manager Hudson Valley Credit Union Hyland Boehringer (Pharmaceutical) Documentum Large UK Bank IBM Content Manager on Demand Large US-based Financial Services Company IBM Content Mgr Large Semi-conductor company IBM CommonStore for SAP Leading Logistics provider d.velop document mgmt software

30 29 Prudential Financial ILM A large U.S. financial services company improves operational availability while reducing operating costs when it implements an Integrated ILM Solution Challenge IT. Solution Compliance (ILM) IBM TotalStorage DS4000 IBM TotalStorage Enterprise Storage Server IBM TotalStorage DR550 hardware IBM Tivoli Storage Manager software Benefits

31 30 Questions?

32 31 Solution, a new way to view your business. Please visit for more information or to