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1 Published by THE KOREA TRAVEL TIMES ASTA 007 International Destination Expo Jeju, KoreaDaily News Jeju is the perfect location for IDE-Asia, says Cheryl Hudak E Program of E vents TUESDAY, MARCH 7 Registration is open every day starting Sat., March 4 Access to the Cyber Cafe is available every day. IDE is more important to travel agents now than ever before because of the ever-changing needs of the travel industry, said Cheryl Hudak, CTC, ASTA President. IDE is ready to offer intense, destination-specific education that cannot be obtained through classroom education alone, as research forecasts indicate that Asia is one of the fastestgrowing tourist destinations, she said. She made these points while attending the opening ceremony of 007 ASTA IDE Asia, on March 5 in Jeju, Korea. She then congratulated the Korea Tourism Organization on a job well done in making this event a success, extending her special thanks to Kim Jong-Min, president of the Korea Tourism Organization and Kim Tae Hwan, governor of Jeju Special Self- Governing Province. The more agents know about a particular destination, the better equipped they are to provide clients with a specialized experience. So, she added, ASTA is proud to be able to introduce so many of our members to Jeju this week to do just that. In his welcoming address, Park Yang-woo, vice minister of the Ministry of Culture and Tourism, noted that the Korean tourism industry has shown impressive and dynamic growth in recent years as acknowledged by the World Tourism Organization. He expressed hopes that the cooperative ties between Korea and ASTA would, through the 007 ASTA IDE Asia, be enhanced further in the months to come. In his address, Kim Jong-min, president of the Korea Tourism Organization, noted that Korea and ASTA have enjoyed a cooperative relationship that has endured for over 30 years. We look forward to a strong and lasting friendship with ASTA by making positive strides in the tourism industry, he said. KTO values each and every one of you and your efforts to promote tourism, Kim added, and we believe your role as leaders in the American tourism market will help us to achieve our goal of attracting more visitors, as well as promoting the positive aspects of tourism worldwide. The ASTA IDE was organized by the Korea Tourism Organization and Jeju Special Self-Governing Province, and more than 1,00 Korean and foreign travel industry people are participating. Other prominent figures who are attending the conference include Marriott International Global Sales Vice President Fred Miller and Sabre Travel Network Senior Vice President Chris Kroeger. During the dinner show after the opening ceremony, the Jeju Province Art Troupe performed traditional Korean dances featuring various aspects of the island, local culture, and traditional Korean-style cuisine was served. A promotional film featuring the new country branding name of Korea, Sparkling was shown during the dinner. Post-tours are scheduled for March 9, connecting Jeju and other Asian destinations. 8:00am~6:00pm Registration 8:30am~9:15am Product Seminars Enjoy A Slice of The Destination Wedding + Honeymoon Cake! Delivering Hotel Excellence! in 007 9:30am~1:00pm Trade Show(Event Hall and Foyer) 1:00pm~3:00pm Destination Certification India: Selling the Nuances Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar in Dollars and Sense Thailand, Unforgettable 3:15pm~4:15pm General Session Travel Agents Fighting Back Welcome to the future: Welcome to Asia Pacific Ceremonial Transfer of Official IDE Conference Trophy 4:30pm~5:30pm Niche Seminars Matching the Right Cruise Experience to the Client-and Selling More Asia/Pacific Exotic Cruises in the Process! Creating the Buzz About Asia Soft Adventure Opportunities in South- East Asia& That You Never Knew Existed! 7:30pm~10:00pm Lyon Farewell Gala Lyon International Destination Expo 008 Presentation WEDNESDAY, MARCH 8 Complimentary Half/Full Day Jeju Sightseeing THURSDAY, MARCH 9 All Day Departures -Post Tours HANJIN TRAVEL SERVICE, the subsidiary company of HANJIN TRAVEL SERVICE provides a top-quality service born of rich travel experience and konw-how for incoming & outcoming travelers 5F, HANJIN NEW BLDG.,51,SOGONG-DONG, JUNG-GU, SEOUL , KOREA

2 ASTA delegates join half-day tour of Jeju Trade Show opens to facilitate travel business The 007 ASTA IDE-Asia Trade Show, designed to connect hundreds of consumers, travel agents and travel suppliers, opened Monday at the International Convention Center Jeju. Joining the two-day show, the highlight of IDE-Asia in Jeju, are 75 organizations from ASTA member countries worldwide, including NTOs and travel agents. Of the 130 booths installed, the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) opened eight independent booths under the new branding name of Korea, Sparkling, which was developed to promote Korea as a new tourism destination to the increasing number of American and European travelers. The provincial governments of Jeju, Seoul, Gangwon-do and Gyeongsangbukdo also opened independent booths. Gangwon-do is competing to be the venue of the Winter Olympiad 014. Other participating NTOs include Czech Tourism, the China National Tourist Office, Guam Visitors Bureau, Department of Tourism of the Philippines, Japan National Tourism Organization, and Tourism Malaysia. About 00 ASTA delegates joined the half-day tour of Jeju on Sunday, which was jointly organized by the Korea Tourism Organization and Jeju province to explore the sights, sounds and tastes of the host island. The ceramicmaking experience program at Illchulland was particularly popular among delegates. Jeju Island, as Korea s largest island, is a popular honeymoon getaway for couples and school children on field trips. But within the next few years, Jeju aims to be more than just that; currently, the island is undertaking a multi-level development plan to invigorate its tourism industry. Traveling to Jeju has often been described as a journey to the past, and one cannot truly experience the island without taking the time to look into its colorful surroundings. Jeju came into existence 700,000-1,00,000 years ago when lava spewed from a sub-sea volcano and surfaced above the water. Then 100, ,000 years ago, other volcanic eruptions formed Mt. Hallasan. A final eruption took place approx imately 5,000 years ago and created Baengnokdam Lake in the crater of the dormant volcano, which, at 1,950 m, is the highest point in South Korea. The rest of the island, measuring 73 km wide and 41 km long with a total area of 1,845km, slopes down from Mt. Hallasan s summit and is covered with dark gray volcanic rocks and volcanic ash soil. Jeju Island has a mild climate throughout the year and the lowest average annual temperature range in the country. Highs for the hottest summer months average no more than 33.5 degrees Celsius and winter lows no colder than 1 degree Celsius. Relatively isolated from rest of the world, much of the island s natural environment has been preserved in its prehistoric state. Lyon to host 008 IDE Attendees of ASTA s IDE- Lyon scheduled for April 1-16, 008, will experience the historical sites and villages for which Provence is famous. Lyon is an exquisite French city located between Paris and Marseille, and although it is one of the largest cities in France, it maintains a Parisian charm that keeps visitors coming back. The Rhone and Saone rivers carve their way through the city and the rolling hills located within the city boundaries offer fantastic scenery. Of course, there are plenty of amazing sites to explore. But, one of the highlights when visiting Lyon is indulging in its fantastic cuisine. No worries though, œ Vincent Formica /Office du Tourisme de Lyon there are enough places for you to walk to work off those extra pounds. Enjoy strolling through the picturesque Provencal towns of Saint Remy de Provence, Les Baux de Provence, and Vaison la Romaine. Or, see the amazing contrasts in landscape, history and architecture in the southeast corner of France. Start with Nice and explore the most famous coastline of the French Riviera. Head north to Annecy and finish the tour with a cable car visit to the Aiguille du Midi for a magnificent view of the Mont Blanc Massif. From Lyon travel to Beaune, the wine capital of Burgundy, where you will tour the Hospice de Beaune with its stunning colored tiled rooftop. ASTA announces results of 007 summer hot spots survey ASTA has announced the results of its survey conducted on the most popular domestic and international destinations being booked for the summer of 007. For the fifth year in a row, Orlando, Las Vegas and New York City remained the most popular summer destinations booked by travel agents. Orlando came out on top with a 1% share of responses; Las Vegas maintained the second spot with 19.1% of the votes; and New York City maintained its place in the top three, posting an 11.8% share. Travel agents are con stantly analyzing travel trends to help their clients make decisions that meet their needs, said Cheryl Hudak, CTC, ASTA president and CEO. In this age of exploration, travel agents are introducing their clients to destinations that offer new experiences as well.

3 Discussion points for destination certification Learn about this undiscovered island getaway and help your clients make a beautiful escape. So said Suh Yong- Kun and William Cannon Hunter at the Jeju Session entitled: Jeju Emerging into the Dynamic World. Once known as The Island of Mystery, Jeju is now called The Island of World Peace, and is home to a world-class convention center. This destination offers an amazing range of services and attractions to meet the diverse travel needs of your clients. Take a virtual tour and get to know more about the mysterious stone grandfathers and the legendary women divers at Canada gears up for Korean FITs Canada has emerged as one of the most popular destinations for Korean tourists. Canada will continue to sustain its share of the Korean outbound market by diversifying its tour products to keep apace with economic and demographic changes, said Ms. Jessica H.J. Son, Korea Manager of the Canadian Tourism Commission Office in Seoul. As to target groups in Korea, she said that Canada would focus on finding a way to appeal to FIT, among others. These people are younger, Internet savvy, she said, and likely to be well the same time as appreciating the natural beauty of the four seasons of Mt. Hallasan and her 365 secondary volcanoes (oreum). Investigate the opportunities available in Jeju an island that provides for a rich future while preserving its cultural past, and a destination that contains a tourism infrastructure unparalleled in East Asia. At the same time as the previously mentioned seminar, Fred Gebhart presented his paper on How to Sell Emerging Destinations: Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar in Dollars and Sense. Emerging destinations are the hottest, most exciting, educated with a wider knowledge of world current affairs, culture and history. Korea is one of the ten major international markets for Canada in terms of twoway air traffic. She said that is why Korea and Canada are now considering an open-air agreement to facilitate two-way tourist traffic. Asked if she has any advice to ASTA members towards successful business in Korea, she said that finding the right business partner is most important, with better understanding of Korean ways of practicing business and corporate culture ranging from business card exchange to table manners at a Korean restaurant. yet most vexing travel products on the market today. From backpackers to six-star luxury lovers, clients want to be the first to bring home tales and photos of their latest adventures just beyond the far edge of the civilized world. The same features that make emerging destinations so alluring to adventurous travelers also make them difficult to get to and harder to get around. Information can be sparse and sometimes contradictory, and visa issues, spotty infrastructure development, political controversy, and health and safety concerns also make them tougher to sell. But a tough sell can equal a profitable sell. In fact, longhaul emerging destinations can be some of the most profitable sales a travel retailer can make. Most travel sellers don t know which emerging destinations are selling well, don t know how to find out, and don t know how to sell them. Learn how emerging destinations build profits, how to find the travelers who love and buy emerging destinations, and how to sell them. Hint: maximize interest by combining an easy, exotic gateway like Thailand with forays into Cambodia, Laos, and Myanmar (Burma). In another session on Southeast Asia: Island Destinations, Sue Wilder said, Discover why travelers seeking sun, sea, or city find much to explore in some of Southeast Asia s most spectacular tropical destina tions. Also she recommended that travelers should develop their skills in planning creative itineraries that combine the best that these fascinating Southeast Asia destinations have to offer. The Best Individual Hotel in Asia Lotte Hotel Seoul Lotte Hotel Seoul was recognized as the Best Individual Hotel in Asia through an extensive 8-month survey conducted by Global Traveler magazine.


5 8:00am - 6:00pm 8:30am - 9:15am 9:30am - 1:00pm 1:00pm - 3:00pm 3:15pm - 4:15pm 4:30pm - 5:30pm 7:30pm


7 MAR 7, 일 제주공항 앞, 제주도외국 어자원봉사단이 ASTA 참가자들 을 친절하게 안 내하고 있다. ASTA제주총회 성공 개최를 위해 행사장인 ICC 인근 천제 교에 설치된 깃발 조형물. 천제교 양쪽 160m 공간에 깃발 8000장을 10m 높이 대나무 00개에 매달에 제작했다. 관광교역전에서 참가자들이 모의 카지노 게임을 하며 즐거운 표정을 짓고 있다. 제주특별자치도 김한욱 행정부지 사<사진 오른쪽>와 김두호 국제행 사지원총괄본부장이 미디어실을 찾아 기자들을 격려했다. 진주관광대학 80명 의 학생이 ASTA에서 참가자들에게 인사 준비를 하고 있다. 관광교역전이 시작되자 입장을 하는 ASTA참가자들 오세훈 시장과 ASTA 참가자들이 함께 사진을 찍고 있다. 관광교역전을 찾은 한 참가자 부부가 주몽 부스에서 한국 전통의상을 입고 입맞춤을 하고 있다. 서울 부스에서 한자리에 모인 KATA와 여행사 사람들. 대구세미나가 끝나고 모델들과 사진을 찍는 ASTA 참가자들.

8 8 MAR 7, Kosmo Sleeper Seat Relaxation Excellence in Relaxation