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1 외국 manuscript editor 교육과정을중심으로 조혜민 Board of Editors in the Life Sciences (BELS) American Medical Writers Association (AMWA) Council of Science Editors (CSE) European Association of Science Editors (EASE) Korean Council of Science Editors (KCSE) Korean Association of Medical Journal Editors (KAMJE) Association of Learned and Professional Society Publishers (ALPSP)

2 BELS; 생명과학분야의 manuscript editor의자질을평가하기위해 1991 년미국에서설립되었다. 미국, 캐나다, 유럽, 인도등에수백명의회원을가지고있으며 1) Editor in the Life Sciences (referred to as "certification"), ") 2) Diplomate Editor in the Life Sciences, 3) Honored Editor in the Life Sciences 의 3 가지자격증을발부한다. BELS 시험자격 : 학사이상, manuscript editor 2 년이상의경력 English usage and diction, syntax, organization, Internal consistency Numbers: knowledge of appropriate, accurate, and consistent presentation of numerical values in text; recognition of mathematical accuracy; recognition of standard forms of mathematical presentation. Bibliographic references: recognition of incompleteness, inconsistency, or inaccuracy of bibliographic references; recognition i of adherence to a model.

3 Tables and illustrations: knowledge of principles of graphic presentation of data, for example, appropriate use of graphic formats; terminology for parts of tables and figures; requirements for legends, captions, notes, and credit lines. Units of measure and scientific terms: appropriate use of common scientific terms; choice of appropriate units of measure; ability to judge the relative accuracy of data as presented in a passage; consistency in use of terms and units. (You will not be asked to convert to SI units.) Publishing requirements: adherence to a journal's or publisher's instructions, for example, formatting references, using headings and subheadings, and preparing tables and figures. (Knowledge of a particular style is not tested.) Traditional principles and ethics of scientific inquiry, writing, and publishing: fair use of copyrighted material; permissions, credits, and acknowledgments; issues of multiple authorship; ethical principles i and procedures in animal and human experimentation.

4 AMWA ( 는 Medical Writers 들의모임 생명과학 / 의학 / 약학관련분야에서논문작성및편집을담당하는사람들과제약회사, 공공기관, 온라인사이트등에서건강관련자료를작성하는사람들이주축이되어활동 AMWA 는 100 개이상의교육프로그램을가짐

5 ESSENTIAL SKILLS BUSINESS: Business Aspects of a Freelance Career, Making Effective Presentations COMPOSITION & PUBLICATION: 논문작성법 (eg, Witin Writing Abstracts) t CONCEPTS IN SCIENCE & MEDICINE: 의학, 과학자체에관한교육 (eg, Introduction ti to Basic Virology) REGULATORY AND RESEARCH: (eg. Writing an Informed Consent Form) ADVANCED: eg. Grant Editing, Teaching Techniques: Theory and Practice Outlining i for Writers and Editors Essential Ethics for Medical Communicators Basic Grammar and Usage Punctuation for Clarity and Style Sentence Structure and Patterns Effective Paragraphing Elements of Medical Terminology Statistics for Medical Writers and Editors Tables and Graphs Bibliographic Resources for Medical Communicators Effectively Searching Online Databases The Internet: How and Where to Find the Information You Seek

6 Certification: 자격증제도 (2015 년 ~ 시행 ) Certificate: 교육이수증명 ( 기본 8과목이수할경우제공 ), AMWA 교육참가 or Self-study 참여 미국과학편집인협의회 (CSE) CSE Publication Certificate t Program CSE annual conference 참석 (2회이상 /3년) CSE webinar 참석 (3 회이상 /3 년 ) CSE short course 수강 (Publication Management, Journal Editors, Publication Metrics, or Publication Ethics) Research project 수행. Annual Meeting 발표, Science Editor 에논문제출

7 학술자료전문출판사들의연합 E-Learning 코스 Introduction to Journals Publishing Introduction to Journals Marketing Fundamentals of eproduction Citation Analysis for Publishers International Copyright

8 해당분야 Style & Format AMA, CSE 등 기본영문법 ( 구두점중심 ) 정보검색 ( 참고문헌, 중복게재자료검색 ) 연구방법 ( 기본통계 ), Table/Figure 이해 출판 / 연구윤리 해당분야주요용어 출판동향 학술지분야새로운기술 (CrossMark, JATS XML 등 ) 인용분석등. Science Editing ( Science Editor ( org/i4a/pages/index cfm?pageid=3307) European Science Editing ( AMWA Journal ( Learned Publishing (

9 공부할책 ( 과학전반 ) Council of Science Editors Style Manual Committee. Scientific Style and Format: The CSE Manual for Authors, Editors, and Publishers. 공부할책 ( 생의학분야 ) American Medical Association. Manual of Style: A Guide for Authors and Editors.

10 공부할책 ( 정신과학, 간호, 복합학 ) American Psychological Association. Publication Manual.