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1 FREE MAN ENGLISH 독해모강 01 (A) 와 (B) 에들어갈단어를제대로연결한것은? As had been described to me thousands of times, the love, awe, and submission that a poor (A) aptly feels toward an exalted (B), or that a handsome young apprentice feels toward his master, was rendered here with such delicacy and deep compassion, from the extension of the subject s fingers holding the ball to his inability to summon the courage to look at the sovereign s face. 1 subject monarch 3 wife husband 2 object subject 4 friend enemy 02 다음글의내용을한문장으로요약할때 (A) 에들어갈말로가장적절한것은? Sarah Blakemore, a neuroscientist, scanned the brains of teenagers and adults while they were asked questions relating to decision-making. She found that teenagers responded using the rear part of the brain, where mainly self-centered actions are processed. A teenager s judgment on what to do was driven by the simple question: What would I do? In contrast, adults use the front part of the brain involved in more complex functions such as processing how decisions affect others. They made a decision with the question: How would the people around me feel as a result of my actions? The research showed teenagers were less likely to think about how they would feel in another person s shoes. Teenagers are more (A) than adults because they use a different region of their brain to make decisions compared to adults. 78

2 손샘가장쉽고빠르다 1 egocentric 3 tardy 2 cautious 4 flexible 03 다음주어진문장이들어갈가장적절한곳은? We would not like to put that in danger by the release of genetically manipulated(gm) organisms into our environment. 1 We need to build on the reputation we have as a country to produce clean, green, and uncontaminated good food. 2 The risks are far too high and the potential damage would be devastating for the whole country. 3 For this reason, we urge you to design and implement very strict rules and regulations on segregation and traceability for GM and non-gm crops. 4 We very strongly support regulations to ensure growers can continue to grow and market non-gm products without any fear of contamination. 04 다음의 they/them 이나타내는것은무엇인가? Researchers are beginning to wonder whether they, seen as a roadblock to their educational development, might actually be a solution to what troubles today's schools. Several researchers suggest that schools use them verified by educators to simulate real world situations in the classroom. They believe educationally valuable them help students develop critical thinking skills and enhance their understanding of science and math. Their belief is based on the idea that children can build confidence by stepping out of their real world identity of poor performer, which shifts their frame of self reference to a successful scientist in the virtual context. 1 portal sites 3 corporal punishments 2 parental interventions 4 video games 79

3 FREE MAN ENGLISH 05 (A), (B), (C) 의각괄호안에서어법에맞는표현으로가장적절한것은? All the shining stars we see at night are really like our sun in (A) [which / where] they are balls of flaming gases sending out rays of light in all directions from billions of miles in outer space. The light rays that (B) [reach / arrive] our earth have to pass through different layers of air in our atmosphere. The light waves from the edges of the beam travel through different thicknesses of air than the center waves. This causes an irregular arrival of the light waves, which (C) [give / gives] the viewer an impression of twinkling. (A) (B) (C) 1 which reach gives 2 where arrive gives 3 which arrive give 4 where reach gives 06 다음글의주제로가장적절한것을고르시오. Scientists have found interesting benefits to the meals. According to them, if they eat with family members an average of five to seven times weekly teenagers are seldom spoilt and less likely to suffer from eating disorder. Family dinners are also good for children s language development. One more thing to say is vegetables are certainly important for their health, and children eat more of them when dining with their families. Like most people, you probably have a busy schedule. Nevertheless, family dinners are clearly well worth the time. 1 The Merits of Family Meals 2 Pros and Cons of Family Meals 3 The Importance of Family Reunion 4 Conundrum of Family Meals 80

4 손샘가장쉽고빠르다 07 다음글의문맥상어색한단어가쓰인보기를고르시오. According to the Korea Tourism Organization, Japanese visitors accounted for almost half of 1 inbound tourists in 2007 with 2.3 million. Chinese travelers came in second with 420,467. The majority of foreign tourists visiting Seoul come from 2 non-english speaking countries, but English is still the dominant language in cyberspace offering information about Korea. Due to the lack of promotional web sites in foreign languages other than English, travelers whose mother tongue is not English have 3 free access to information about Korean tourism. It s time for the government to increase the budget for foreign language services online. More manpower needs to be allocated to provide 4 diverse language services for greater efficiency. [8~9] 다음글을읽고물음에답하시오. A nurse had a fractured pelvis because of an automobile accident. A few days later her lungs seemed to fill up; her urine stopped; her heart developed dangerous rhythm disturbances. So there she was in coma, on a breathing machine, her heartbeat maintained with an electrical device. One day, with a deep sigh, her husband told me that his wife was obviously going to die; she was a nurse and had told her family that she never wanted this kind of terrible death, being maintained by machines. At this, I told him that there was nothing intrinsically lethal about her situation. Soon, within a few days, the patient's pacemaker could be removed, and she awoke from her coma at last! About six months later I was in my office. The door opened and the husband with a big smile walked in, followed by a gloriously fit woman. 81

5 FREE MAN ENGLISH 08 이글에드러난글의남편의심경변화로가장적절한것은? 1 hopeless happy 2 annoyed fascinated 3 worried indifferent 4 terrified sympathetic 09 윗글의내용과가장일치하지않는것을고르시오. 1 A nurse had bone fractures. 2 The writer seems to be her physician. 3 She stayed in a hospital for about 6 months in total. 4 Her husband believed that his wife was going to die. 10 According to the passage, where in the atmosphere contains water most? Water is, meteorologically, the most important constituent of the atmosphere of the Earth. It is present up to altitudes of about 40,000 to feet, in amounts ranging from about zero over some mountains and deserts, to four percent over oceans and seas. Water exists in the atmosphere in three forms: as gaseous vapor, as liquid droplets, and as solid ice crystals, In the two latter states, it comprises visible precipitationrain, hail, sleet, snow. 1 in the ice level 3 on dry soil 2 over oceans and seas 4 over mountain ranges 82

6 손샘가장쉽고빠르다 11 According to this letter, which of the following is correct? Dear Madam: It is with regret that we now give you formal notice that your account has been closed. Your credit limit has been exceeded by over $1000. Customers are asked to apply in writing if they wish their credit to be extended, and this was not done. You were warned last month that this would be the result. In accordance with the conditions of use, a copy of which has already been sent to you, the whole of the balance is payable with immediate effect. You are required to return your credit card to us, but before doing so it should be cut in half for security. A pre-addressed envelope (not pre-paid) is enclosed. Yours faithfully, R. J. Box General Manager 1 The receiver of this letter applied for an extension of her credit. 2 The receiver of this letter should pay the whole of her credit card balance. 3 The receiver of this letter need not return her credit card. 4 This is the first warning regarding the possible closure of an account. 12 다음보기의문장이가장자연스럽게이어질수있는곳은? If the air pressure gets too low, the drivers may end up with no brakes at all. Air brakes are the brakes on large vehicles. 1 They use air pressure for their power. 2 Buses and trucks need to be cautious when going down long, steep hills. 3 If they ride the brakes too much, the air pressure in the brake system may drop. 4 83

7 FREE MAN ENGLISH 13 Which of the following is correct about the history of chewing gum? Far from being an invention of the 20th century, chewing gum can be traced to the Ancient Greeks. The Greeks chewed on mastiche, a gum made from the resin of the mastic tree. The Ancient Mayans chewed chicle, the sap from the sapodilla tree, and Early American settlers made a chewing gum from spruce sap and beeswax. The first machine for the manufacture of gum was devised by Thomas Adam, an American inventor who used chicle for his version of a flavored gum called Tutti-Frutti, while the first bubble gum, Blibber-Blubber, was invented in 1906 by Frank Fleer. mastic tree 유향나무 / chicle 치클 ( 껌의원료 ) / sapodilla 사포딜라 ( 껌의원료가되는나무 ) 1 Chewing gum is derived from the bark of various trees. 2 Chewing gum was invented in the United States. 3 Chewing gum has a history dating back to the Greeks. 4 Chewing gum is still made from an ancient Mayan recipe. 14 다음빈칸에들어갈가장알맞은것을고르시오. Usually we living in a city do not think much about where the water comes from. We just turn on a faucet when we want some. But think what would happen if none came. In that case, within a few days everyone would have to leave the city and go to a place where. 1 we can buy water 2 no one pays for water 3 water supply is government-owned 4 we can find water 84

8 손샘가장쉽고빠르다 15 다음빈칸에들어갈가장알맞은것을고르시오. If you could win an Olympic medal, which would you prefer - the silver or the bronze? Most people would assume the silver medal winners would be happier than the bronze medalists since they received a higher honor,. A study of Olympic medal winners produced some unexpected results. The bronze medalists were found to be happier than the silver medalists. The former Olympians explained how they felt about their medals. The third-place winners were thrilled just to have won a medal. The silver medalists, on the other hand, felt like losers because they didn't come in first place. 1 or it was worse than anything else. 2 and we had a bitter result. 3 but that wasn't the case. 4 and things happened in the same way. [16~17] 다음글을읽고물음에답하시오. Shakespeare wrote almost no original plots. He used an English poetic retelling of an old Italian tale: Arthur Brooke's The Tragical History of Romeus and Juliet. a ᄀ Despite its Italian setting, the language, attitudes, and customs are generally English. In one respect, Shakespeare altered the story in a way which is shocking to modern audiences: he lowered Juliet's age from sixteen to just under fourteen. b There are several reasons ᄂ he might have done so. c Shakespeare ᄃ was also notoriously inept at depicting children in his plays and he may not have had a really clear idea of ᄅ what would a fourteen-year-old girl be like. d The fact that the story is Italian may have fitted in with Northern European prejudices about hot-blooded early-maturing Southerners. 85

9 FREE MAN ENGLISH 16 다음글이들어가기에알맞은곳은? Boys played the female roles in Shakespeare's theater, and they might have been more convincing as young girls than as more mature women. 1 a 3 c 2 b 4 d 17 밑줄친부분중어법에옳지않은것은? 1 ᄀ 2 ᄂ 3 ᄃ 4 ᄅ [18~19] 다음글을읽고물음에답하시오. The old saying that you can get more with honey than vinegar is especially true in the workplace. In the past I've worked in a feather factory and in a transportation company. At the feather factory, despite the minimum wage, people appreciated their job and worked hard. The management gave us enough holidays and when overtime work was needed we were generally asked instead of being demanded to stay. At the transportation company I once worked for, we got paid more salary but the employees didn't put their heart into the job. The attitude of the management was like business is business and the managers handled the employees poorly and didn't treat them with respect. This caused employees' undue errors and much more cost for the company. 18 다음밑줄친문장이의미하는바로가장적절한것을고르시오. 1 business is business 2 high wage is as important as welfare programs 3 good management technique always works 4 appreciation in job is the factor that moves workers 86

10 손샘가장쉽고빠르다 19 윗글의내용과가장일치하지않는것을고르시오. 1 The writer used to work at least at two different companies. 2 The management at the transportation company didn t know how to handle the employees. 3 The workers at the transportation firm didn't not work hard due to low wage levels. 4 Despite the minimum wage, people at the feather factory appreciated their job and worked hard. 20 다음내용으로미루어보아문제가될만한사람이아닌것은? In America, there are many laws concerning alcohol. In many states, a person must be 21 years of age before he or she may buy or drink alcohol. If someone serves alcohol to a teenager, that person may be arrested. Parents may also be arrested if their teenage sons or daughters have a party where alcohol is drunk. If a person has been drinking alcohol, he or she must not drive a car. Drivers must not even carry open cans or bottles of alcohol in their cars. 1 A high school student trying to buy a bottle of beer 2 A bar owner who serves non-alcoholic beverage to a teenager 3 Parents allowing their kids to have a party with beer and cocktail 4 A taxi driver who left an empty beer can on the passenger seat 87

11 FREE MAN ENGLISH 독해모강 : 정답및해설 01 어휘해설정답해석 describe 묘사하다 / awe 경외심 / submission 복종 / aptly 적절히 / exalted 고귀한, 고상한 / apprentice 수습생, 견습생 / render 표현하다, 만들다 / delicacy 섬세함 / compassion 동정심 / extension 확장, ( 손등을 ) 뻗침 / summon 소환하다, ( 용기등을 ) 내다, 불러일으키다 / sovereign 군주, 주권이있는 / subject 피지배자, 백성, 주체 / monarch 군주 / object 대상제자가스승에게갖는경외감의또다른비교대상은 1이적절하며, 이글전반적으로도 subject( 피지배자 ) : sovereign( 군주 ) 의관계로표현되어있다. 1 나에게수천번설명된것처럼, 가난한 ( 가 ) 백성이고귀한 ( 나 ) 군주를향하여적절하게느끼는, 혹은잘생긴젊은제자가그의스승을향하여느끼는사랑, 경외, 공손함이여기서는, 백성이손가락을뻗어공을거머쥐고있는모습에서부터군주의얼굴을바로쳐다볼용기가없는것에이르기까지, 매우섬세하고아주깊이동정적으로묘사되어있다. 02 어휘 neuroscientist 신경과학자 / respond 반응하다 / rear 뒤의 / self-centered 자기중심적인 / process 처리하다 / complex 복잡한 / affect 영향을미치다 / in one's shoes ~ 의입장에서 / egocentric 이기적인 / cautious 조심스러운 / tardy 느린 / flexible 유동적인해설 10대들은의사결정을할때어른들과는다른뇌의부위를사용하고좀더자기중심적 (self-centered) 이라고이야기하고있다. 따라서이 self-centered의동의어가정답이된다. 정답 1 해석신경과학자인 Sarah Blakemore는청소년들과성인들이의사결정과관련된질문들을받는동안그들의뇌를정밀검사하였다. 그녀는 10대들이주로자기중심의행동을처리하는뇌의뒷부분을이용해서응답한다는사실을발견했다. 어떻게해야할지에대한 10대의판단은 내가어떻게해야하지? 라는단순한질문에의해이루어졌다. 대조적으로, 어른들은의사결정이다른사람들에게어떤영향을줄지를처리하는것과같은좀더복잡한기능을처리하는뇌의앞쪽을사용한다. 그들은 내가한행동으로인해내주변사람들이어떻게느낄까? 라는질문과함께의사결정을했다. 이연구결과는 10대들이다른사람의입장에서그들이어떻게느끼는지에대해덜생각하는경향이있다는사실을보여주었다. 03 어휘 genetically manipulated(gm) 유전자가변형된 / contaminate 오염시키다 / crop 농작물 / devastating 황폐화시키는 / implement 이행하다 / regulations 법규 / segregation 분리 / traceability 추적 / ensure 확실히하다해설 2 : 제시문의 that이결정적인힌트이다. 이 that은앞 1의 the reputation (= we have as a 88

12 손샘가장쉽고빠르다 정답 해석 country to produce clean, green, and uncontaminated good food) 을받는지시대명사이다. 2 1 우리는오염되지않은청정식량을생산해내는나라로서의우리가가지고있는명성을이용할필요가있다. 2 우리는유전자조작식품을우리의주변환경에풀어놓음으로써이러한명성을위험에빠지게하는것을원치않는다. 그위험은너무크며그잠재적인피해는온나라를황폐화시킬것이다. 3 이때문에우리는유전적으로조작된농작물과조작되지않은농작물에대한분리와추적에대한강력한법률과규제안을만들어시행할것을강력히촉구한다. 4 우리는농부들이오염에대한두려움없이비유전자조작농산물을계속해서재배하고사고팔수있도록해주는규제안을매우강력히지지한다. 04 어휘 roadblock 장애물 / verify 확인하다, 검증하다 / simulate 실제상황인것처럼가장하다 / critical 비판적인, 중요한 / enhance 향상시키다 / identity 정체성 / shift 옮기다 / virtual 가상의, 사실상의 / context 상황 / portal site 포털사이트 / intervention 간섭 / corporal punishment 체벌해설교육에장애물이될수도있고더불어도움이될수있는양면적인기능의선택지를고른다. 또한본문의 real world simulation, stepping out of their real world identity, virtual context 과같은단어가결정적인힌트가된다. 정답 4 해석연구자들은아이들의교육적성장에장애물로여겨지는비디오게임이실제로오늘날학교를곤란하게하는것들에대한해결책이될수도있지않을까생각하기시작한다. 몇몇연구자들은학교가교실에서실제상황인것처럼가장하기위해서교육자들에의해검증된비디오게임을활용할것을제안한다. 그들은교육적으로가치있는비디오게임이학생들로하여금비판적사고를기르고과학과수학의이해를증진시키는데도움을준다고믿는다. 그들의믿음은부진한학생들이실제세계의정체성에서벗어나서자신감을형성할수있다는생각에근거하고있다. 그런자신감형성은아이들이가지고있는자기기준의틀을가상적상황에서의성공적인과학자로바꾸어준다. 05 어휘해설정답해석 flaming 타오르는 / layer 층 / light wave 광파 / beam 광선 (A) : 관계대명사 (which) 와달리관계부사 (where) 는전치사의목적어로쓸수없다. (B) : 뒤에목적어가있는것으로보다타동사 (reach) 가들어갈자리이다. (C) : 앞의단수선행사 (arrival) 를받는단수동사 (gives) 가필요하다. 1 우리가밤에보는모든빛나는별들은수십억마일떨어진외계에서모든방향으로광선을보내는불타는기체들의덩어리들이라는점에있어실제로는태양과비슷하다. 지구에도달하는광선들은지구대기속의상이한공기층들을통과해야한다. 광선의끝부분에서나오는광파는중심부의광파보다다른공기층들을통과하여여행한다. 이로인해광파는불규칙적으로도달하며, 이것이보는사람으로하여금 ( 별들이 ) 반짝인다는인상을갖게한다. 89

13 FREE MAN ENGLISH 06 어휘 spoil 망치다, 버릇없이만들다 / suffer from ( 병등에 ) 걸리다 / eating disorder 식이장애 / dine 저녁식사를하다 / value 가치 / pros and cons 찬반 / reunion 재결합 / conundrum 수수께끼해설가족식사의장점에대해언급한글이다. 2 : 가족식사의단점은언급되어있지않다. 3 : 가족의재결합을언급한내용은아니다. 4 : 가족식사의장점이명료하게언급된글이므로 conundrum( 수수께끼 ) 은어울리는표현이아니다. 정답 1 해석과학자들은식사에대한흥미로운장점을알아냈다. 그에따르면, 매주평균 5회에서 7회정도가족구성원과함께식사를하면십대는버릇없어지는일이드물고섭식장애를덜겪는다. 가족식사는또한자녀의언어발달에도이롭다. 한가지더말하고자하는것은야채는틀림없이그들의건강을위해중요하고, 아이는가족과함께식사할때더많이섭취한다. 대부분의사람들처럼, 아마일정이바쁠것이다. 그렇다하더라도, 가족식사는분명충분한가치가있는시간이다. 07 어휘 inbound 입국한 / dominant 지배하는 / promotional 홍보의 / mother tongue 모국어 / budget 예산 / manpower 인력 / allocate 할당하다해설 3 : 모국어로영어를쓰지않는관광객들은영어로쓰인정보때문에제한된양의정보만을얻을수있을것이다. 따라서 free( 자유로운 ) 한접근은올바른보기가아니다. 정답 3 ( limited ) 해석한국관광공사에따르면, 일본방문객들이 230만명으로 2007년도에 1 입국한외국관광객수의거의절반을차지했다. 중국관광객들이 420,467명으로두번째이다. 서울을방문한외국관광객의대다수는 2 비영어권국가에서오지만사이버상에서한국에대한정보를제공하는데있어영어는여전히지배적인언어이다. 영어이외의외국어로홍보하는웹사이트의부족으로모국어로영어를쓰지않는관광객들은한국관광에대한 3 제한된정보를얻고있다. 정부가온라인상에서외국어서비스를위한예산을증가시켜야할때이다. 4 다양한언어서비스를더효율적으로제공하기위해서는더많은인력이할당되어질필요가있다. 08 어휘 fractured 골절된 / pelvis 골반 / lung 폐 / urine 소변 / disturbance 장애 / coma 혼수상태 / device 장치 / sigh 한숨 / intrinsically 본질적으로 / lethal 치명적인 / pacemaker 심장박동조절장치 / gloriously 멋지게 / fascinated 황홀한 / indifferent 무관심한 / terrified 공포에질린 / sympathetic 동정적인, 호의적인해설사고당한간호사의남편은처음에는죽음을당연시하며절망적인기분이었다. 그러나그후아내의병세가없어지자큰웃음을띠고의사를만나러온것을통해기뻐하는것을알수있다. 정답 1 90

14 손샘가장쉽고빠르다 해석한간호사가자동차사고로골반뼈가골절되었다. 며칠뒤에그녀의폐에물이차올랐고, 소변이멈췄으며, 심장박동이위험할정도로불규칙했다. 그녀의심장은위험스런박동리듬장애가발달했다. 그녀는산소호흡기로호흡하며, 심장박동은진기장치로유지된채혼수상태에빠졌다. 하루는그녀의남편이그의아내가분명히죽을것이며, 그녀가간호사이고가족들에게기계에유지된채이런끔찍한죽음을보여주기원치않는다는말을나에게하였다. 이말을듣고, 나는그녀의상황이본질적으로치명적인것은아니라고그에게말했다. 곧, 며칠이내에, 그환자의기계장치들이제거될수있었고, 그녀는마침내혼수상태에서깨어났다. 6개월쯤뒤에나는사무실에앉아있었다. 문이열리고그남편이함박웃음을지으며걸어들어왔고, 뒤이어아주건강한여자가뒤따랐다. 09 어휘 해설 정답 fracture 골절 / physician ( 내과 ) 의사 3 : 입원기간에대한정보는충분하지않다. 6개월이라는표현이본문에나오기는하나이는퇴원후 6개월쯤이지난후남편의방문을의미한다 어휘 meteorologically 기상학적으로 / constituent 성분, 구성 / atmosphere 대기 / present 존재하는 / up to ~ 까지 / altitude 고도 / ranging from A to B ( 범위가 ) A에서 B까지다양한 / gaseous 기체성의 / vapor 증기 / droplet 작은물방울 / solid 고체의, 단단한 / latter 후자의 / state 상태 / comprise ~ 로구성되다 / visible 눈에보이는 / precipitation 강수, 투하 / hail 우박 / sleet 진눈깨비 / molecule 분자해설본문중간의 ~ to four percent over oceans and seas 에잘드러나있다. 정답 2 해석물은, 기상학적인면에서, 지구대기의가장중요한구성요소이다. 물은약고도 4만에서 4 만 5천피트까지존재하는데, 산과사막에서는약 0%, 대양과바다에서는 4% 까지그양이다양하다. 물은대기중에세가지형태, 즉수증기, 액체물방울, 그리고단단한얼음결정체로존재한다. 후자의두가지상태에서물은눈에보이는강수인비, 우박, 진눈깨비, 눈등으로구성되어있다. 11 어휘 account 계좌 / extend 연장하다 / in accordance with ~ 에따라서 / payable 지불해야할, 지불할수있는 / enclose 동봉하다해설본문중하단의 the whole of the balance is payable with immediate effect. 에의해정답이되는선택지는 2이다. 정답 2 해석고객님께유감스럽게도우리는지금고객님의구좌가해지되었음을정식으로통보하게되었습니다. 고 91

15 FREE MAN ENGLISH 객님의신용한도가천달러이상초과되었기때문입니다. 신용한도를늘리시기를원하실경우서면으로신청해달라는폐사의요청을고객님은하지않으셨습니다. 지난달에폐사는이러한조처를취할것임을통보해드렸습니다. 이미보내드린약관조항에따라잔액은즉시전부지불되어야합니다. 보안을위해신용카드를둘로자른후폐사로보내주셔야합니다. 동봉된주소가적힌 ( 우편대금은지불되지않은 ) 봉투를이용하십시오. 부장 R. J. 박스올림 12 어휘 end up 결국 ~ 이되다 / vehicle 차량, 운송수단 / cautious 주의길은 / steep 가파른 해설 제시문은공기압력이심하게떨어질때를다루고있으므로, 공기압력이라는 key word를공 유하는 3의뒤즉, 4에위치하는것이옳다. 3 : air pressure ~ may drop 4 : If the air pressure gets too low ~ 정답 4 해석 에어브레이크는대형차에부착된브레이크이다. 1 그브레이크는동력으로공기의압 력을사용한다. 2 버스와트럭은길고가파른길을내려갈때에는조심할필요가있다. 3 만일브레이크를너무많이밟으면, 브레이크체계의공기압력이떨어지게된다. 4 만일공기의압력이너무낮아지면, 브레이크가전혀작동하지않을수도있다. 13 어휘 far from ( ing) ~ 하기는커녕, 결코 ~ 않다 / ancient 고대의 / mastiche 마스티케 / resin 송진 / mastic tree 유향나무 / chicle 치클 ( 껌의원료 ) / sap 수액 / sapodilla 사포딜라 ( 껌의원료가되는나무 ) / spruce 가문비나무 / beeswax 밀랍 / devise 고안하다 / flavor 맛을내다 / bark 나무껍질 / recipe 요리법, 조리법해설첫번째줄의 chewing gum can be traced to the Ancient Greeks. 이단서가된다. 정답 3 해석껌은 20세기보다훨씬전인고대그리스시대의발명품이다. 그리스인들은유향나무송진으로만든껌인마스티케를씹었다. 고대마야인들은사포딜라나무의수액으로만든치클을씹었고, 초기미국정착자들은가문비나무수액과밀랍으로만든껌을씹었다. 껌을처음으로제조한기계는토마스아담이라는미국발명가가고안해냈고그는치클을이용해맛이가미된투티프루티라는이름으로자신만의껌을만들어냈다. 한편, 최초의풍선껌인블리버블러버는 1906년프랭크플리어가발명했다. 14 어휘 faucet 수도꼭지 / supply 공급 해설 물이없으면물을찾아떠난다는것이가장일반적이고논리적으로도옳다. 정답 4 해석 도시에살고있는우리는물이어디서나오는지자세히생각하지않는다. 원할때수도꼭지 92

16 손샘가장쉽고빠르다 를틀기만하면나오니까말이다. 그러나물이전혀나오지않는다면무슨일이생기게될까를생각해보라. 며칠이내에모든사람은도시를떠나물을찾을수있는곳으로가야할것이다. 15 어휘해설정답해석 bronze 청동의 / assume 추정하다 / honor 명예빈칸앞에는은메달이동메달보다더행복할거라는가정을하고있다. 하지만빈칸을기준으로우측은그와반대되는뜻밖의결과를언급하고있다. 따라서앞의내용을반전시킬만한선택지가필요하다. 3 올림픽메달을딸수있다면당신은은메달과동메달중어느것을더좋아하겠는가? 대부분의사람들은은메달을딴사람들이더높은명예를얻었기때문에동메달리스트들보다더행복할것이라고생각할것이다. 그러나사실은그렇지않았다. 올림픽메달을딴사람들에관한한연구는몇몇뜻밖의결과들을보여주었다. 동메달리스트들이은메달리스트들보다더행복하다는것이밝혀졌다. 이전의올림픽선수들이그들의메달에대해어떻게느끼는지에대해설명했다. 3위우승자들은단지메달을딴것에감격하였다. 반면에은메달리스트들은첫번째로입상하지못했기때문에패자처럼느꼈다. 16 어휘해설정답해석 original 독창적인 / retelling 개작, 고쳐쓰기 / tale 이야기 / tragical 비극적인 / setting 배경 / in one respect 한면에서는 / alter 바꾸다, 수정하다 / in a way 어느정도 / audience 관객 / lower 낮추다 / convincing 설득력이있는 / mature 성숙한 / over-hastiness 지나치게성급함 / premature 너무이른 / notoriously 악명높게 / inept 서투른 (at) / prejudice 편견 / hot-blooded 저돌적인, 열렬한줄리엣의나이를 14세로낮춘이유에대한설명이다. 따라서이유를나타내는표현이있는 There are several reasons he might have done so. 뒤에이어져야가장자연스럽다. 3 셰익스피어는독창적인플롯을구상하지않았다. 그는이탈리아이야기인어서브룩스의로메우스와줄리엣의비극적이야기를영시 ( 英詩 ) 적으로재구성해내었다. a 배경은이태리였지만언어, 태도, 의상은대체로영국식이었다. 한가지면에서셰익스피어는이이야기에현대관객들에게는다소충격적인수정을감행했다. 즉줄리엣의나이를원래 16세에서 14세로낮춘것이다. b 그가이렇게한데에는몇가지이유가있다. c 셰익스피어시대의연극에서는소년들이여성역할을했는데, 소년들의나이때문에 (16세의) 성숙한여성역할을하는것보다소녀의역할을하는것이훨씬더어울렸을것이다. 셰익스피어는또한연극에서아이들을묘사하는데서툴렀던것으로잘알려져있는데, 그래서 14살짜리소녀가어떠한지정확하게파악하지못했을수도있다. d 그리고이이야기의이탈리아적인요소는혈기왕성하고일찍성숙하는남유럽사람들에대한북유럽인들의편견에잘들어맞았을것이다. 93

17 FREE MAN ENGLISH 17 해설 4 : of의목적어가되는간접의문문이다. 간접의문문은직접의문문과달리주어 + 동사의어순을바꾸지않는다. 정답 4 ( what a fourteen-year-old girl would be like ) 18 어휘해설정답해석 vinegar 식초 / transportation 운송, 수송 / overtime work 초과근무 / undue 불필요한단지높은급여등만으로는직원들의마음을얻을수없고, 대신존중과감사를통해직원을움직일수있다는속담이다. 이에가장근접한보기는 4이다. 4 식초보다꿀로더많은것을얻을수있다는옛말은특히직장에서딱들어맞는다. 예전에나는깃털공장과운송회사에서일을했었다. 깃털공장에서는최소임금에도불구하고사람들은자신의일에감사했고열심히일했다. 그경영진은우리에게충분한휴가를주었고초과근무가필요할때에는남으라고명령하기보다는일반적으로부탁을했다. 내가한때근무했던운송회사에서는월급을더많이받았지만직원들은일에마음을쏟지않았다. 경영진의태도는 일은일 이라는식이었고경영진들은직원들을형편없이대우했고그들을존중하지않았다. 이때문에직원들은저지르지않을수있는실수들을저질러회사는더많은비용을쓰게됐다. 19 해설 정답 3 : 본문중간의 At the transportation company I once worked for, we got paid more salary ~ 에서보듯이운송회사의급여는가죽회사보다높았다 어휘 concerning ~ 에관하여, ~ 에대하여 / serve 제공하다해설무알콜음료를제공하는것은문제가되지않는다. 정답 2 해석미국에는술과관련된법이많이있다. 많은주에서 21살이되어야술을사거나마실수있다. 10대에게술을제공하는사람은체포될수있다. 10대의자녀가술을마실수있는파티를열경우그부모도또한체포될수있다. 술을마신사람은차를운전하면안된다. 운전자들은차안에마개를딴캔이나술병을가지고다녀서도안된다. 94

18 손샘가장쉽고빠르다 [ 독해모강 : 독해어휘정리 ] allocate 할당하다 implement 이행하다 alter 바꾸다 in accordance with ~ 에따라서 altitude 고도 in one's shoes ~ 의입장에서 ancient 고대의 indifferent 무관심한 apprentice 견습생 latter 후자의 atmosphere 대기 layer 층 awe 경외심 lethal 치명적인 bark 나무껍질 manpower 인력 beeswax 밀랍 mature 성숙한 bronze 청동 meteorological 기상의 coma 혼수상태 molecule 분자 compassion 동정심 monarch 군주 comprise 구성되다 mother tongue 모국어 constituent 성분, 구성 notorious 악명높은 contaminate 오염시키다 pelvis 골반 convincing 설득력이있는 prejudice 편견 corporal punishment 체벌 pros and cons 찬반 critical 비판적인, 중요한 process 처리하다 crop 농작물 rear 뒤의 delicacy 섬세함 recipe 요리법, 조리법 devastating 황폐화시키는 regulations 법규 devise 고안하다 resin 송진 dominant 지배하는 sap 수액 eating disorder 식이장애 segregation 분리 egocentric 이기적인 shift 옮기다 enclose 동봉하다 sigh 한숨 end up 결국 ~ 이되다 sovereign 군주, 주권이있는 enhance 향상시키다 spoil 망치다 extend 연장하다 state 상태 far from ( ing) ~ 하기는커녕 steep 가파른 faucet 수도꼭지 submission 복종 flavor 맛을내다 urine 소변 fracture 골절 vapor 증기 GM 유전자가변형된 vehicle 차량 identity 정체성 virtual 가상의, 사실상의 95