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1 2011 학년도교양교육과정편성 ( ) 교양필수 [5 과목] 영어 (English) 본강좌는학생들의영어사용능력을향상시키고영어와그문화에좀더가 까이다가갈수있는기회를제공하고자크게두부분으로나누어진행된다. 그첫번째부분은일상생활에서나여행다닐때자주쓰이는영어표현들을 Listening 을통하여익혀나갈것이고, 필수적인 Grammar 를문제풀이와함께배우게될것이다. 나머지한부분은영어를이해하는데 This course consists of two main parts, Conversational English and English Grammar which will be helpful for the improvement of students' English proficiency. And it will also give the opportunity to come closer to the language and its culture. Conversational English will offer key expressions for conversation and travel by listening. English Grammar to understand English sentence structures includes questions for students to solve. 정보사회와윤리 (Ethical Issues in Informations Society) 정보사회에서나타나는다양한윤리적문제점에대한분석을통해정보화의역기능에따른피해를줄이고, 정보사회를살아가는사회구성원으로서갖추어야할바람직한가치관과행동양식을이해함으로써올바른정보윤리를정립시키려는목적을가지고있다. This course aims to (1) reduce harms of information dysfunction by analyzing ethical issues in information society; (2) establish proper ethics through understanding value and patterns of behaviors in information society.

2 중급퍼스컴응용 (Advanced Practice in Personal Computers) 중급퍼스컴응용은기초과목인퍼스컴응용보다더다양한소프트웨어의활용법을 제공한다. 고급 MS-Office 사용법을비롯, 나모웹에디터, 통계패키지, 그래픽 S/W 등의사용법이본과목을통해제공된다. This course provides usages of more various softwares than Personal computer application, a foundational course. This includes advanced usage on MS-Office, Namo Web-editor, statistic packages and graphic software. 퍼스컴응용 (Introduction & Application of Personal Computer) 본과목은 PC 활용과관련된기초적인내용을다루게된다. 우선, PC의기본 을이루는하드웨어/ 기술들에대한설명이제공될것이며, PC활용에있어가 장빈번하게, 그리고유용하게활용된핵심소프트웨어들의활용에대해서도 공부할수있게될것이다. 아울러, 생활을보다윤택하게할수있는 PC를 통한멀티미디어활용및인터넷을통한정보활용등에대해서도쉬운설명 과예제를통한강의가이루어질것이다. This course is designed to provide basic information on using PC practically. It will cover the key softwares including O/S, office suites, and other useful utilities as well as the hardwares and technologies that are frequently used in PC. In addition, it will also provide the examples and easy explanation on the use of PC for improving daily lifes such as using multimedia services and collecting valuable information via the Internet.

3 21 세기문화세계창조론 (Creation of 21C Cultural World) ' 인간은무엇인가' 하는화두를중심으로세계적석학인버클리대학드라 이퍼스교수등교내외석학을모시고더좋은삶, 더의미있는삶에대해 생각해보는시간을가진다. 본강좌는 21세기가요구하는미래지향적인지 성과교양을집중적으로함양하고경희학원의 ' 문화세계' 비전을이해하는 데매우큰도움이될것이다. This course aims to understand and to explore the theory and practices of "creation of cultural world," the foundational idea of our school. It will be lectured by great scholars within and without our school who are professional in their own fields. Therefore, it will be very helpful to increasing future-oriented intelligence and cultures required by 21st century. 교양선택 언어영역 [10 과목] 문학의이해 (Understanding The Literature) 시 소설 희곡 수필 논설문등여러장르의문예이론과문학적특징을이해하며 궁극적으로좋은글을향유하고쓸수있는능력을배양함으로써, 건전한문예상 식과균형잡힌인문학적교양을습득하도록한다. By understanding the literary theory and characteristics of poetry, fiction, drama, essay, and article, and ultimately practicing the ability of enjoying and producing good writings, one can learn positive literary senses and balanced education in humanity.

4 글쓰기와표현 (Writing & Expressions) 훌륭한시민의덕성을갖추기위해서는자신을표현하는글과말은필수적이다. 이과목은단지글쓰기에대한기술을익히는것이아니라글을통해자기내면에대한성찰과치유, 비판적사고와표현력을키우는것을목적으로한다. Using written and spoken words to express one s opinion is an obligatory element to cultivating virtuous citizens. This course not only helps students acquire writing skills but also provides opportunities to enhance critical thinking as well as expressing oneself through writing for introspection and healing of one s inner side 비즈니스영어 (Practical English for Business Workshop) 국제문화및통상분야에서자주접하는 Business letter, 무역서신, 영어 interview, Presentation skills 등다양한실무사례분석과상황에알맞은영 문서류해독및작성, 국제의사소통능력을길러준다. 특히영어와관련된 국가공인자격증인무역사, 국제회의기획사를준비하는학생을위해서무역 통상영어, 국제회의기획영어도다루게되어그들에게는실무영어와영어 자격증이라는두마리토끼를잡는데큰도움이될것이다. The aim of this course is to help the students to cultivate the practical capability and English proficiency for business skills in the international society. They can also study the expert knowledge on how to understand, analyze, and use the related information of correspondence letter, interview, and documents etc about such various situations as "Presentations, Meetings, Travels, and Calls." Especially, this is to help them to equip with the public certificate of qualification for "International Trader" or "Convention Coordinator."

5 현대인과생활한자 (The Morderns and Life Chinese Character) 본교과목은현대인들이알아두면좋을생활한자를익히는과목이다. 현대인 들은말을할때나글을쓸때많은한자를활용한다. 그리고그들중에는모 르면의사소통이어려운말도있고, 또효과적으로사용하면그사람의지식 과교양을높여주는것들도많다. 따라서본교과목에서는일상생활에서많이 사용되는한자나한자어들을대상으로, 그것의뜻과유래, 그속에담겨있는 이야기, 그리고실생활에서사용되는예등을중심으로공부하게된다. We study Koreans' everyday Chinese characters in this course. Knowledge on everyday Chinese characters does language user good. And it does knowledge accumulation good. We study life Chinese character's meaning, origin, example etc. 영화영어 (Screen English) 영화와팝송의대사와가사에서실용적인영어표현문장과단어를선택하여 학습하고, 영어듣기규칙( 동화, 연음) 과발음법을학습한다. The Screen English course is for learning the followings: 1) useful expressions and vocabulary items selected from different movies and pop-songs; 2) rules on listening including assimilation and liaison and ) methods of pronunciation.

6 일어 (Japanese) 일본어를처음으로시작하는단계로서기본적인문법을바탕으로하되, 문법위주가아닌살아있는생활일어를말할수있도록구성하였다. 인사말부터시작하여숫자와계절의변화를공부하다보면자연스럽게말문이트이는체험을할수있다. This course is designed for Japanese beginners to speak the real Japanese used in everyday life while providing the basis for basic grammar. You can experience your conversation skills' gradually improving while speaking from greetings to the numbers and the changes of the seasons. 중국어 (Basic Chinese) 중국어를처음시작하는학생들을위해전반부에서는중국어의기원, 중국의방언, 중국의표준어의개념등의일반적인중국언어에대한설명을중심적으로구성하였으며, 중반부이후의강의는중국어의발음부터시작하여가장초보적인회화를할수있는내용으로구성하였다. 본강좌를통해중국의언어에대한기본적인상식을전달하고, 또한초보적인회화가가능하게할수있다. This Course is targeted to beginners in Chinese. The course consists of lessons on pronunciation, basic grammars, and basic dialogue. It aims that after completed this course, participants will have correct pronunciations, develop the self-studying skills on Chinese and master the basic Chinese for travel.

7 Public Speaking in a Global Society (Public Speaking in a Global Society) 실생활의다양한상황에서활용될수있는영어의사소통능력과스킬향상 에대한학생들의요구가늘어나고있다. 이수업은실제말하기상황에서커 뮤니케이션능력을효과적으로발휘하기위한자신감을심어주는데목적을 두고있으며, 아울러효과적으로듣는법, 자신의생각으효과적으로조직화 하여말하는법, 다양한말하기상황에서비판적으로사고하는능력의향상에 초점을두어의사소통을효과적으로구현하는원레에대해구체적으로살펴 본다 Korean learners are aware of the need for learning English speaking skills for different purposes(e.g., job interview, academic presentation, traveling, business proposals, etc.). This course is designed to develop students confidence to be a better communicator in the real-world public speaking situations. The course introduces students to the effective principles of oral communication focusing on hands-on skills, listening skills, critical thinking and organizing ideas into spoken words. 기초스페인어 (Basic Spanish) 이강좌는스페인어입문자를위한초급과정으로개설되었다. 따라서처음배우는외국어수업에있어가장중요한기초단어문법과초급회화를중심으로진행하되호기심과흥미를유발할수있도록스페인. 라틴아메리카제국가의이해를도울수있는문화를함께학습한다. This course is designed to improve students vocabulary, grammar, conversation and listening comprehension, as well as students cultural understanding of the spanish -speaking world.

8 글로비쉬와세계시민 (Globish & World Citizens) 이강의는미국식영어가아니라전세계인들이다양하게사용하는영어, 즉 글로비쉬는무엇인가, 이는실용적으로어떤도움이되는가를학습한다. 이 강의를통해우리는뉴요커의영어를구사하지않고도얼마든지세계인과소 통할수있으며열린세계시민으로가는방법이될수있음을배우게된다. This course deals with not only American English, but English spoken by the people from all over the world for its practicality known as Globish.Through this course students will be able to communicate with citizens from around the world and realize other options of communication with out necessarily having to speak the New Yorker s English. 일반영역 [22 과목] 디지털포토그라피 (Digital Photography) 디지털세계로변화하는 21 세기를살아가는지금, 포토샵을다룰줄안다고 쉽게말하는사람들이많다. 하지만그들이정말포토샵의중요한특성들이나 포토샵이실생활에끼치는영향이얼마나위대한지알고있을까? 이수업의 목표는포토샵이가지고있는하나하나의장점들을자세히전달해주기위한 것이다. 따라서기본메뉴들을익힌후실생활에도움이되는예제를통하여 수업이진행될것이다. 그리고이과정을거친여러분들은 1주후에포토샵 의강자가될수있을것이다. Many people tell that they are experts on Photoshop; however, it is not certain that they know well the real impact of Photoshop on everyday life. This course aims to deliver every advantage of Photoshop by practicing for daily life. After finishing this course, everybody can be a master of Photoshop.

9 매너와이미지메이킹 (Manner and Image Making) 인간관계를아름답게만들기위해꼭알아두어야할교양과목으로올바른 매너에대한이해를통하여성공적인리더가갖추어야할이미지를만들기위 하여표정과화법, 워킹, 메이크업, 옷차림그리고자세등을익힘으로서개성 있는이미지연출법을습득하게한다. This course aims to improve each individual relationship better. Based on understanding on proper manners, students can acquire how to make their own image by learning looks, walking, make-up, outfit and attitude. 미디어와사회 (Media in the Society) 급변하는미디어환경에초점을맞춰, 매스미디어( 신문 TV 라디오 web 등) 의 일반적인본질과현대사회에미치는기능과효과에대해초점을두었다. To provide understanding of mass media, this lecture will cover current situations of media rather than the expert theories. Based on the radically changing environment of media, essential mass media such as newspaper, radio, TV and Web will be learnt in the course. Also, the major function of mass media and its effect on the society will be taught.

10 현대인의성과사랑 (The Moderners' Sexuality and Love) 성( 性 ) 과사랑을과학적으로조망하고, 열린공간에서토론을통해생활속에 서의성과사랑에대해이야기해본다. 궁극적으로성정체성을주체적으로정 립하고, 데목표를둔다. 친밀한관계에대한폭넓은이해와의사결정에도움이되도록하는 In this course, sexuality and love will be viewed scientifically and discussed in routines. Ultimately the purposes of Sexuality and Love are divided into two categories: to find healthy sexual/gender identity and to enrich understanding and determination on the close relationships. 일상생활의심리학 (The Psychology of Everyday Life) 일상생활의심리학 은인간이자신의인생을살아가는데기본을이루는인간 의 행동과정신과정 에대한심리학적원리를탐색하여삶을보다효율적으 로통제하고잠재력을개발하는방법들을제시한다. This course aims at the better understanding on personal behavior and mental process which are the base of one's life. Based on this, it leads students to control their life effectively and to develop own potential.

11 여행과생활 (Travel & Life Style) 현대인으로서갖추어야할여행에대한기본지식과여권과비자, 여행준비물, 여행상품선택기준, 관광지정보등에대해강의함으로써, 보다나은삶을향 유하는데도움이되고자한다. This course aims at enjoying better life by learning about travel, passport and visa, preparations of travel, standards to choose travel packages and tourist destinations. 차생활문화 (Life Culture of Tea) 차생활에관한이론적학습과行茶를통해올바른차생활을이해하고, 내면적 덕성을함양하고원만한대인관계를형성한다. This class aims to teach every aspect of tea life including basic etiquette of way to drink tea, tea preparation, suitable tea selection for special occasions, and so on. Life culture of Tea properly would help you inspire your own soul as well as promote personal relations.

12 이야기한국사 (Korean History Narratives) 세계시민이되기위해서한국의역사와정체성에대한인식이필수적이다. 이과목은지루한연대기의역사가아니라주제별로다양한분야의학문이융합되어우리의현재와미래삶의통찰력을얻는방식으로구성한다. In order to become a world citizen, one should be aware of his/her identity and Korean history. Rather than dealing with tedious series of chronological events, the course helps students become intuitive of the present and the future by integrating various fields of studies based on selected themes. 일본의문화와생활세계 (Japanese Culture and Life Style) 일본문화를단편적수용이란측면에서벗어나일본의생활문화전반에걸친특징을구조적으로이해하고, 일본문화에대한객관적인판단능력을기르는것을목적으로한다. The purpose of this course is to understanding characteristics of the Japanese culture related to all aspects of Japanese daily life beside fragmented acceptance on the Japanese culture and to increase the objective judging ability on it.

13 예술기행론 (Theory on Trip of Art) 예술기행론은한국은물론세계적인범주에서의고전문학과음악, 미술등의본원지를살펴보고그미적가치와역사적배경을탐색하는것을목적으로한다. 따라서예술기행론은학생들에게폭넓은예술적교양과문화적소양을넓히는데도움이될것이다. This course aims to view the origins of classics, musics and arts worldwide. Under this aim, this lecture will discuss their artistic values and historical background. Therefore, it will be very helpful for students to widen their artistic and cultural grounding. 현대정의의이해 (Understanding Modern Justice) 이강의는하버드최고명강의를베스트셀러서적으로출간한마이클샌델의 ' 정의란무엇인가' 에대한쉬운해설을통해정의에대한다양한생각의계 기를마련하고자한다. 이강의는나아가서샌델의정의론과함께센, 프레이 저등의석학들의정의에대한다양한해석을비교하여자신만의시각을가 지게하는목적을가진다. The objective of this course is to motivate students to think diversely on the definition of justice by providing explanation from the best-selling book, Justice : What s the right thing to do? by Michael Sandel based on one of his best lectures at Harvard University. Along with his suggested definition on justice, the course will compare various interpretations of justice by great scholars such as Nancy Fraser and Amartya Sen to help and shape students own view points on justice.

14 세계화시대와문화 (The Age of Globalization and Culture) 세계화시대와문화 는오늘날급변하는세계화시대에창조적으로대응하고 선도할수있는균형잡힌문화적소양과지성을함양하는것을목표로한다. 특히이강좌는각학과교수님들의강의를수강할수있는기회를제공함으 로써, 학생들과교수님과의친화력을확보하고아울러학생들의학교에대한 소속감과결속력을고취하는데도움을주고자한다. This course offers the cultural grounding and intelligences balanced to lead and to react on globalization creatively. Especially it gives chances to be taught by professor from various majors; therefore, it will enhance relationship between professors and students and instill affinity and bonds into students. 소통의문화와제도 (Culture of Communication and System) 2 이강의는인터넷, 소셜미디어등다양한미디어매체에서인간간갈등과 소통의문제에대해다룬다. 왜인터넷은기존의갈등구조를악화시키는가? 페이스북등소셜미디어가갈수록확대되는뉴미디어사회에서인간간의 소통은더나아질수있는가? 갈등을해결하기위한문화적, 법적노력들을어 떻게이해할것인가등을다룬다. This course deals with conflicts among individuals and communication problems arising in various media such as the Internet and social media. The course will deal with the questions as follow: Why does the Internet aggravate the existing conflicts? Will social media such as Facebook improve communication among individuals in this ever-expanding new media society? How should we understand the cultural and legitimate efforts attempted to deal with conflicts?

15 Hallyu, South Korean Pop Culture (Hallyu, South Korean Pop Culture) 이과목은한류의대표적인대중음악과텔레비전드라마를중심으로한국의 역사적배경과그생성과정을접근하는만큼주로시청각자료를많이사용 하게된다. 그러나한국학의한교과목으로서의 한류 를천착하기위하여결 코문헌자료를소홀히할수는없다. 한류에관한선행연구논문 1편과기사 자료및문화사관련역사연구서를학생들의 reading requirement 로준비했 다. 대중음악은한국이아직개발도상국가시절미국식 rock and roll 음악과 한국고유음악을접목시킨신중현이야말로한류대중음악의원류로보고그 의작품을집중적으로분석하는기회를가졌다. 말하자면신중현음악의후 손들인서태지, H.O.T., B Boys, 박진영, Rain 등한류음악을하나씩감상하 게된다. 텔레비전드라마는일본에서히트한 겨울연가 와중국과동남아그 리고중동지역까지확산된 대장금 을보면서각각현대와전통한국의사회 사를강의하게된다. This course is designed for students to approach to contemporary Asian popular culture through South Korean popular culture productions: music and television drama. Firstly, students learn through audio-visual data of selected pop artists how the Hallyu popular music has been molded with the American hip hop music since the 1970s. And students research mentality and sensitivity of mass media audience in Asia with the two hit Hallyu television dramas: Winter Sonata and Jewel in the Palace. Students understand contemporary Korean people s sensibility and sentiment by listening Hallyu music and dance. Students understand contemporary Korean history by viewing the television drama Winter Sonata and traditional Korean history by viewing another television drama Jewel in the Palace.

16 영어로익히는글로벌지식인의에티켓 (Learning Global Etiquette through English) 언어란사회적문화적산물이기때문에고유한상황에서능숙하게대처할수 있는문화적지식을아울러배워야한다. 본과목은세계각국의문화, 휴일, 종교, 전통등 14개분야에걸쳐개발된내용으로영어학습을효과적으로 할수있도록개발된과목이다. 영어란새로운지식을얻는훌륭한도구임을 인식하며, 다른종교문화적관습을영어학습과함께습득할수있다. 타민 족문화에대한올바른인식으로국제적인예절을함께학습한다. 듣고쓰고 말하고읽기의 4가지언어영역을다루면서영어학습의흥미와동기감을갖 고, 배운내용을중심으로온라인상에서토론과발표를두려움없이할수있 도록지도한다. This course comprises 14 themes regarding cultural events, holidays, and religious tradition of many countries. Discussions will be centered on global etiquette and appreciating various cultural practices. Lectures will focus on increasing students awareness about culture and improving their motivation to study English. Studying the four language skills including pronunciation, vocabulary, and communication strategies, students will be encouraged to use the English language and the knowledge that they are learning in various contexts. 시민교육론 (Theory on Civic Education) 지금까지한국사회에서시민이란용어는이에합당한자격을갖춘사람을가 리키는의미심장한용어가아니라한국가에법적으로소속된사람의의미에 지나지않았다. 하지만시민이란태어나면자동으로주어지는명칭이아니라 체계적교육을통해습득해서새롭게태어나야할덕성이다. 이과목은시민 의자격을갖추기위해서민주공화국이란무엇인가? 세계시민이란무엇인가? 한국가를사랑하면서동시에세계시민일수있는가? 시민의영역에서배제 되는이들은누구인가? 등의이슈를다룬다. The word citizen in Korean society did not refer to an individual who properly meets certain qualifications. Rather, the termh as been used to refer to an individual who legally belongs to a nation. However, not everyone automatically becomes a citizen; systematic education is needed. Education has been seen as avirtue through which an individual experiences rebirth. This course deals with issues related to the making of a citizen in the light of following questions: What is a republic of a democratic society? Who is a world citizen? Can an individual love his/her own country and become a world citizen at the same time? Who are excluded from world citizens?

17 미래대학과공부론 (Future College and Theory on Studies) 지금까지우리는무엇이가슴으로하는공부인가에대해한번도배워본적 이없다. 이강의는배울수록무지해지고삶이메말라가는공부가아니라삶 과실용능력이보다성숙해지는공부의관점과방법을배우는목적을가진다. 큰배움을의미하는 ' 대학' 이란무엇인가? 협업은왜 21세기에중요하고어떻 게진행되어야하는가? 이과목은기존의공부에대한모든고정관념을깨뜨 리는계기가될것이며평생공부실력의기초를형성할수있을것이다. We have never learned about what it means to study from our hearts. This course focuses on the methodology and perspectives on studies that can nurture practical skills and help us experience mature learning rather than the kind of study that makes our life ignorant and dry. What is a university - literally meaning great learning? Why has collaboration become important in the 21 st Century and how should it be done? Through this course students can expose their preconceived notions on study and work to wards building a foundation for lifetime learning. 몸, 마음, 문명 (Body, Mind and Civilization) 조선시대서당들은낭독을통해온몸으로천자문을익혔다. 왜그들은그러한 공부법을택했을까? 동양의전통에서몸은마음과불가분의연관성을가지는 것으로여겨몸을수양하는것을중요시했다. 하지만지금까지문명의패러다 임을지배해온서구의문명은몸을천대하고이성을최고의가치로취급해왔 다. 오늘날몸과이성의이분법에기초한문명은근본에서부터도전받고있다. 이과목은몸이인간의사고와문명을형성하는것에서왜중요한역할을수행 하는지를영화나소설등다양한소재를통해살펴본다. Village schools in the Joseon Dynasty period adopted a teaching method of helping students learn the Thousand-Character Classic using their whole body while reciting. Why would they choose such a way? In the Eastern tradition, body and mind are considered inseparable, therefore, cultivating one s body was believed to be important. However, the western civilization, which has been dominating the paradigm of civilization, has looked down upon the body and put the highest value on the mind (rationality). A civilization established on the dichotomy between body and mind is now being challenged at its foundation. With various materials ranging from movies to novels, this course will examine how body plays the influential roles in forming thoughts and civilization of humankind.

18 미술관기행 (Museum Trips) 이강의는세계의미술관으로직접여행을가지않고도프랑스의루브르, 영 국의테이트, 네델란드의반고호등세계적미술관으로여행을떠난다. 재 미있는해설을통해각미술관의역사나주요작품, 그리고시대적배경에얽 힌에피소드등을다룬다. This course will take students to world-class art galleries including the Louvre Museum in France, the Tate Gallery in the United Kingdom and Van Gogh Museum in Netherlands. No actual visits will be made. Instead, the course will deal with the history, major works and episodes from different time periods of each art gallery accompanied with interesting explanations. 고전에서배우는실용 (Learning Practicum from the Classics) 고전과실용. 서로어울리는단어의조합이아니다. 하지만고전이야말로단 지철학과문학만이아니라오늘날실용적지혜와정보의보물섬이라할수 있다. 예를들어세익스피어의작품은리더십과경영학등다양한실용능력 을키우는교재로활용되고있다. 이강의를통해우리는고전을새롭게창조 적이고재미있게읽는법을배우게될것이다. Classics and practicality are two words that do not make a good match. However, the classics are a treasure island filled with not only philosophy and literature but practical wisdom and information we need today. For example, the works of Shakespeare are largely used as teaching materials for various practical skills such as leadership and business administration. Through this course students can learn how to read the classics creatively with pleasure.

19 여가생활의이해 (Understanding Leisurely Living) 근대사회는노동중독사회이다. 근대사회를비판한마르크스조차노동자체를숭상한것으로비판받고있다. 반대로근대이후의사회는노동을넘어여가가갈수록삶의중요한부분으로의미를지닌다. 이강의는여가와삶의의미에대한통찰, 여가를가치있게보내는법등다양한삶의지혜를배운다. The modern society is addicted to labor. Even Karl Marx is now being criticized for revering labor itself even though he had criticized modern society. In the post modern society leisure is becoming more important than labor. This course will help students gain wisdom on living life. It will also suggest ways to develop insights into seeking meaning in leisure and life and how to create, own and enjoy valuable leisure time. 동서문명의교류사 (History of Cultural Exchanges between East & West) 전쟁은인간과문명을파괴하는재앙이다. 하지만전쟁은때로는문명의발전을가져오기도한다. 예를들어끔찍한살육의역사를가진십자군전쟁은동서문명의교류와확산의결정적계기이기도했다. 이강의는동서문명간교류의재미있는역사를통해인간과문명에대한통찰력을키운다. A war is a disaster that destroys mankind and civilization. However, a war sometimes brings about a development of civilization. For example, the crusades, though it left a terrible carnage, brought about an opportunity for trade and the expansion of the East and West civilizations. Through investigating interesting aspects of civilization exchange between the East and the West civilizations in history, this course will provide students opportunities to develop intuitions about mankind and civilization.

20 사회과학영역 [18 과목] 여성 CEO론 (A study on the CEO for Woman) 여성의관점에서필요한기본적인경영학이론을바탕으로자신의인생을설 계하고창출할수있는능력을고양시키고나아가서는성공적인여성 성장할수있는비전을살펴보고자한다. CEO로 The purpose of this course is to grow ability for women's own to design and to cultivate their life and to develop women's career to be a successful female CEO(Chief Executive Officer) based on basic business administration theories. 결혼과가족 (Marriage and the Family) 사회를구성하는기본집단인 가족 에대해이해하고결혼에대한올바른지식 을학습함으로써, 현대사회에서나타날수있는다양한결혼및가족현상에 대한올바른가치관정립과건전한가족생활을영위할수있는태도및기술 함양을목적으로한다. This course aims to understand "family" as a basic group consisting of the society and to learn proper knowledge on marriage; therefore, it allows students to develop attitudes and skills for finding right values on various marriage types and family phenomena in the present and maintaining sound family life.

21 기업정보의이해 (Understanding of Business Information) 기업정보란기업의내외부정보를포함하고있다. 이러한정보를이해하는데공인회계사와같은전문가만이가능하다고생각하는사람이많다. 그러나천리길도한걸음부터라고기초지식이며손쉽게확보할수있는기업의외부공시용정보인재무제표의해석능력을평이하게습득하도록한다. 따라서기업의영업활동이나재무상태를이해하고응용하는사회교양인으로서기업행동을이해시키고자한다. Business information on inside and outside company is sometimes considered too difficult to be understood by ordinary people. However, this course allows students to understand financial statements easily. By this, this course aims to let students as social individuals understand organizational behaviors of company. 생활과법률 (Life and Law) 생활과법률이라는과목은법률전반에관한법이라고할수있다. 하지만우 리생활과밀접한관련이있다고생각되는법제를중심으로다루고있다. 부동산매매및임대차, 교통사고법률, 가족법, 소송절차등을중심으로강의하 는과목이다. 우리가일상생활에서흔히접할수있는법률상식에가까운것 만을다루므로꼭필요한과목이라고할수있다. 즉 This lecture focuses on overall laws; nonetheless, it puts the main emphasis on laws related to our daily life such as real estate closing and lease, laws on traffic accidents, family law and legal procedure. This lecture is definitely necessary because it deals with just common knowledge very close to our everyday life.

22 스포츠마케팅 (Sports Marketing) 일반적으로스포츠마케팅은스포츠조직( 스포츠팀, 스포츠센터등) 의마케팅활동을의미하나, 본강의에서다루는스포츠마케팅은일반기업이마케팅목적( 기업이미지제고, 매출증대등) 을달성하기위해스포츠를활용하여수행하는마케팅을의미한다. 본강의에서는스포츠산업과소비자에대한이해와기업에서활용가능한구체적마케팅수단들에대한이해와응용을위해강의및실습을행한다. In general, sports marketing means marketing activities of sports organizations; however, in this lecture, sports marketing is defined as the marketing of ordinary companies through sports aiming at raising company image, increasing sales and so forth. Under this definition on sports marketing, this course provides understanding on sports industry and consumers and comprehension and practices on concise marketing methods usable by companies. 자기개발과리더십 (Self-Development and Leadership) 역사속에성공한기업인, 정치가, 장군, 스포츠감독, 탐험가등다양한형태 의리더십유형을고찰해봄으로서자신을개발하고나의발전방향의나침 반이되는리더적자질을함양시킨다. The course focuses on the practical aspects of self-development and leadership. Its emphasis is on development of an understanding concepts, methodologies, and techniques that can be effectively applied to the design, analysis, and management of self-development in personal life and the upscale leadership in society.

23 혁신경영 (Innovation and Management) 시시각각으로변화하는혼란스러운세계에서개인이나조직이살아남을수있는유일한생존전략은지속적인혁신이다. 이러한환경변화에대응하고자본과목은모든조직이지속적으로혁신을추구하도록만들기위해사용되는경영기법들을소개한다. The only strategy for survival in this constantly changing world is a continuous innovation. To face this social changes, this course will introduce business operating techniques used for lasting innovation of every company. 생활과회계 (Accounting in Life) 회계의기능은기업의이해관계자인경영자, 투자자, 채권자등에기업의유 용한재무정보를제공하여경제적이고도합리적인의사결정을할수있도록 하는것이다. 생활속에서회계에대해잘알고응용할수있도록한다. The function of accounting is to help stakeholder of company such as owner, investor and creditor make a decision economically and reasonably. By understanding its function, this course aims for students to develop the ability of using accounting in their daily life.

24 인물로배우는정치학 (Politics in Political Thinkers) 독립학문으로서정치학과관련된모든분야에대한기본지식을제공함으로 써 NGO 학과, 행정학과, 사회복지학과등과같은사회과학전공학생들은물 론영미학과, 중국학과, 일본학과와같은지역학과는물론다른학과학생들 의정치학전반에대한기본이해력의수준을강화하여본인의전공지식습 득을위한기초를튼튼히하는기회는물론정치학에대한지적인흥미를제 공하게될것이다. By offering fundamental knowledge related to Politics, it will enhance students' basic understanding on Politics who majors in area studies as well as social sciences. With this knowledge, it will provide not only chances to increase the base of students' own majors but also their intellectual interests in Politics. 현대국제사회의이해 (Understanding of Modern International Society) 현대국제사회의이해는현대국제사회의전반적인지식을습득할수있는과 목이다. 현대국제사회의전쟁과평화, 국제기구, 국제사회의주요이슈등에 대해학습하고한반도를중심으로한국제정세를학습한다. This course will provide students with the general knowledge about modern international society. Students will learn war and peace, international organizations, important issues of international society and international situation for Korean Peninsula.

25 e- 비즈니스와우리생활의변화 (Our Life Changes by e-business) 우리가일상에서접하는웹환경변화를이해하는것을목적으로한다. 기존의 인터넷역사나정보기술의이해를바탕으로 22e-비즈니스기술동향과다향 한사례를살펴봄으로서보다편리해지웹환결을이해하고활용할수있다. 툭히, 웹2.0과 UCC를중심으로 e-비즈니스변화에따른우리생활의변화를 이해한다. The primary objective of this course is to understand the change of Web environment. We will learn not the history of Web abd information technology but also new technologies and various cases. Through this overall Understanding of the trend of Web environment, we can enhance our activity in Web environment. Web2.0 and UCC will be the primary focus in this course. Introduction to Business Administration (Introduction to Business Administration) 해당과목은 21세기글로벌리더로서의경영인이직접적역할을수행하는데 필요한지식과스킬등을향상시키는데목적을두고있다. 전문적경연인의 역할과관련된이론, 개념, 전문지식, 스킬등을살펴보며아울러의사결정, 의사소통, 경영적사고의변화, 국제적경영, 비즈니스윤리, 사회적책임, 개 인과조직의발전과변화등의내용에관해탐구할것이다. This course will focus on developing an understanding and skills in carrying out the work responsibilities of a manager. In this course we will explore the theories, concepts, terminology and skills relevant to the role of the professional manager. Additional topics covered include decision making, motivation, staffing, communication, history of managerial thought, information technoligy, international management, business ethics, social responsibility, and change in personal and organizational development. we will explore current trends that affect today's manager through the use of various media cover that goes beyond the textbook.

26 21 세기문화트렌드읽기 (Cultural Trend in 21th Century) 영화, 대중음악, 미술작품등우리의정서를풍부하게해주는문화적산물 뿐아니라스포츠, 패션, 스타에이르기까지일상과불가분의관계에있는요 소들의트렌드를정밀하게분석함으로써국내외문화흐름을파악하고이들 을비판적으로수용할수있게하는데에이강의의목적이있다. This lecture aims to analyse not alone the trend of cultural products like film, popular music and work of art which enrich our life, but also the trend of sports, fashion, star in our everyday life. On the basis of this analysis we can understand and criticize domestic and global cultural stream synthetically. 행복의조건과인생성장 (Conditions of Happiness and Life Development) 행복해야한다는명제는현대인들에게강박관념처럼다가온다. 심지어행복감 을위한제약회사의알약까지개발되는것이자본주의문명의특질이다. 강의는하버드대학의행복학강의와교재에기초하여진정한행복의조건은 무엇인가를탐구한다. 우리는언제행복감을느끼는가? 타인을위한삶은정 말행복감을증진시키는가? 어느국가의시민이가장행복한가? 이러한질문 등을통해우리는행복에대한관점과체계적훈련의기회를제공받고성숙 해지는경험을하게된다. The proposition that one should be happy now seems to be an imperative idea for the modern people. Even pharmaceutical companies are manufacturing pills that claim to satisfy one s sense of happiness. This is being described as one of the characteristics of a capitalistic society. This course, based on lectures and teaching materials of a course dealing with the science on happiness offered at Harvard University, will investigate genuine conditions for happiness. When do we feel happy? Does life devoted for the well being of others really promote a sense of happiness? Citizens of which country are the happiest? By pondering these questions we can enhance our views on happiness along via a systematic training and experience maturation. 이

27 직장내정치의심리 (Psychology behind Politics at Work) 직장도다른모든인간사회가그러하듯이권력과정치가작동하는공간이다. 하지만한국사회의대학들은직장에서어떻게인간과권력관계에접근해야하는지를제대로가르치지않는다. 이강의는직장내정치학의관점과실용적지식을배워실제삶의성장에도움이되도록하는목적을가진다. Like any other venues in human society, workplace is where power and politics come alive. However, universities in Korean society do not properly teach interpersonal skills needed to deal with conflicts against authority figures and other coworkers. The objective of this course is to deal with maturity and help students become more aware of how politics in workplaces manifest and gain practical knowledge. 21 세기사회적책임 (Social Responsibility for the 21st Century) 기업의주된목적은이윤창출이라는명제는더이상 21세기에타당하지않 다. 심지어일부기업은사회공헌을위해이윤을창출한다. 이강의는 21세기 시민이라면반드시배워야할사회적책임에대한지구적추세, 사회적기업론 등다양한이슈와실용적지식을배운다. The principle that the purpose of business is to produce profit is no longer valid in the 21 st century. There are certain business entities that yield profit in order to contribute to the public welfare. This course deals with various issues and relevant practical knowledge to understand the global trend of social responsibility and social enterprises. It is a must know for the citizens of the 21 st century.

28 인문경영 (Humanity Management) 인문과경영. 서로어울리지않는단어의조합으로들린다. 하지만경영이란 결국인간간의관계를다루는것이고그런점에서인문학적통찰력은매우 중요하다. 오늘날학제간경계를넘어서는통섭의관점이중요해지는데이 강의는인문학의교재를통해실용적경영의지혜를배운다. Humanities and management. These two words don t seem to match. However, management in the end deals with relations among individuals. In that sense, insights gained from humanities are considerably important. This course helps students learn practical wisdom on management through humanities textbooks. The perception of integration transcending the interdisciplinary boundaries is becoming more important in the world today. 어울림속의행복 (Happiness in Socializing) 타자에대한공감능력을가진시민이라면장애에대한다양한이슈를이해하는것이중요하다. 이과목은내마음속의장애를넘어서고함께더불어사는구성원으로서의가치를인식하는체험을제공한다. As for citizens with sympathy for others, understanding various issues concerning those with disabilities will be crucial. This course will provide students the opportunities to become aware of valuing others as members of society as well as to overcome the invisible barriers in the mind.

29 자연과학영역 [11 과목] 건강한식생활의비밀 (The Secret of Healthful Dietary Life) 본과목은건강의개념을정확하게이해하고올바른식생활을통해건강한 삶을영위하는방법에대해알아본다. 구체적으로다음의 4가지에대해구체 적으로살펴보게된다. 1 2 식품을구성하고있는영양소의본질에대한이해 삶의주기에미치는식생활의영향 식생활과질병과의상관관계파악 4 식품의기능적요소와건강기능식품 In this lecture, we will consider the exactly meaning of health and then find out how we can live the healthful life. In detail, we will discuss four main contents below Considering the nature of the nutritional ingredients in foods. Influence of the food on a life cycle. Understanding of the correlation between foods and diseases. Functional ingredients in foods and health foods. 인간과환경 (Human and Environment) 대량생산및소비로인한자원의낭비와자연환경, 생활환경의오염으로인하여인간과환경의터전인지구가위태로워지고있다. 인간과환경과목은하나뿐인지구를보존하고물려주기위해서실천가능한지역및지구환경지식을쌓고윤리의식을높이는데중점을두고있다. The Earth environment forming the basis of our livelihood is in danger because of the wasting resource and the pollution of environment caused by mass production and consumption. 'Human and Environment' focuses on enhancing ethical consciousness and improving knowledge in order to leave the sound Earth to posterity and to preserve the only Earth.

30 한방과건강생활 (Life in Korean Medicine) 한방과건강생활은여러분들이한의학에대하여좀더쉽게다가설수있도 록하자는데그목표가있습니다. 한의학에서의양생법을비롯하여한의학의 기본이론을강의하고, 난치병에대한한의학적견해, 한방각과에대한소개 및주로보는질환에대하여강의합니다. This course is designed for better understanding of oriental medicine. It will provide you with general knowledge on oriental medicine as well as many related guidelines to keep yourself healthy. It also covers oriental medical approaches to serious diseases and introduces departments of oriental medicine and their main dealing diseases. 현대인의건강관리 (Promoting Health, Knowledge and Practice) 현대의급변하는사회환경은과거에비해다양한보건문제를초래하고있으 며, 그어느때보다도건강에대한관심을증대시키고있다. 건강이란보다 능동적인삶을영위하는데필수적인것이므로개인, 가족및지역사회의건강 은그자체가풍요로운사회를위한목표일뿐만아니라, 국가발전의원동력이 된다. 보건교육을통해보건에대한지식, 태도및행동을새롭게하고이를 일상생활에습관화하는것을목표로한다. Rapidly changing social environment has been resulting in various health-related problems. Concerns of health related issues are increasing more than ever. Health is essential to live an active daily life. The health focused on individuals, families and communities is in itself the aim to achieve a more affluent society and is also the basic energy to develop a country. This course has the aim to educate students to understand the knowledge of health improvement, to change attitudes toward health-related behaviors and eventually to habituate themselves to healthy lifestyles.

31 동양사상과풍수지리 (The Oriental Thought and Feng-shui) 풍수지리사상은중국과한국의전통적인지리사상이다. 한국의경관과문화 및생활방식을이해하기위해서는풍수를반드시이해해야한다. 풍수는도시 의선정, 취락과주택의선정에커다란영향을미쳤으며사찰과탑, 기념물 등의입지에큰영향을미쳤다. 이교과목은풍수지리사상의공간적인적용사 례( 입지론, 토지이용, 문화경관, 도시계획, 가옥의배치등) 를중심으로살펴 보고이를현대적으로재해석하고새롭게적용할수있는방안을모색해볼 것이다. Feng-shui is a traditional geographic thought in China and Korea. It is necessary to understand Feng-shui in order to understand Korean landscape and cultural geography. Feng-shui has had a tremendous impact on Korean landscape through selective buildings of cities, settlements, houses, monuments, temples, pagodas, and so on. This course aims to investigate the traditional Korean Feng-shui theory and its practical application to living space. This course also seeks to teach the selection of ideal living space, the layout of house, and interior design conformed with Feng-shui. 인터넷정보기술의이해 (Introduction to Internet Technology) 분야별인터넷정보기술의추세와현황을소개, 학생들의인터넷기술에대한 전반적이해를돕는다. 또한 HTML, Java-Script 와같은인터넷언어들에 대한실습을통해, 한학기동안홈페이지를직접구축해본다. By introducing trends and situation of Internet technology in each sector, students can increase overall understanding on Internet technologies. Also during classes, Internet languages including HTML and Java-Script will be practiced and students will make homepage by themselves.

32 주역의현대적이해 (Modern introduction to the Book of Changes) 주역( 周易 ) - 역경( 易經 )-은동서양을막론하고가장중요한경전중의 하나이다. 자연 한원리를음양( 陰陽 ) 의상징으로표현한 주역 은기초학문 이자종합학문으로서의성격을지니고있다. 이강좌의목적은 주역 연구를 통하여현대사회와인간성의발전을도모하는데있다. The Book of Changes -I Ching- is one of the most important books in the world's sacred-book list. The I Ching which represents a system of symbols of the yin-yang principles is not only the principal science but also the composite science. This lecture is designed for the development of the modern society and the humanism through the I Ching study. 과학기술문명의이해 (Science Technology Civilization and the Future) 오늘날과학기술문명은현기증나는속도로인간의삶과인간의존재자체를급격히변화시키고있다. 과학기술에대한지식은이제더이상일부전문가들만의이슈가아니라현대인모두의필수적삶의지혜로간주되어야한다. 이강의는과학기술의추세와다가올미래의이슈에대한이해와감수성을가지도록훈련하는것을목적으로한다. Science technology civilization today is rapidly changing life and the very existence of humankind. The knowledge on scientific technology is no longer exclusive to the experts, rather it should now be deemed as obligatory knowledge for modern people. The objective of this course is to help students understand and become sensible to the current trends of scientific technology and imminent issues.

33 생활속수의세계 (World of Numbers in Daily Living) 지금까지한국중등교육과정에서수학은실제삶과유리된수험공부의대상으로만존재해왔다. 하지만갈수록복잡해지는현대사회에서수에대한감수성은실용적능력의기초가된다. 이강의는재미있는삶의에피소드속에서현대사회를살아가는시민들이삶속에서필요한수학적지식을배운다. Mathematics in Korean secondary education was used only for testing; it had no place in daily life. However, in today s complicated society sensibility of numbers has become the foundation for practical skills. Based on interesting episodes in daily life this course deals with applying math knowledge in daily living. 화학에서배우는인생 (Learning Life from Chemistry) 지금까지중등교육에서화학은수험공부의대상으로만존재해왔다. 하지만화학의신비롭고오묘한세계는우리인간의삶에보석같은지혜를준다. 이강의는화학과우리의인생을대비하여그유사점과시사점을공부한다. Chemistry in Korean secondary education was used only for testing. However, the mysterious and delicate world of chemistry has much to offer, including practical wisdom. This course compares daily life with chemistry to uncover their similarities and their implications.

34 고양이의물리학 (Cat s Physics) 지금까지물리학은우리일상삶에무관한난해한영역으로만여겨져왔다. 하지만갈수록과학기술이발전하는미래사회에서물리학에대한지식은의 료, 컴퓨터등많은영역에서필수적이다. 이강의는대중적사례를통해양 자역학등물리학의핵심개념들과우리삶의연관성을다룬다. Physics has been considered a difficult domain irrelevant to daily living. However, in the future society where scientific technology will be far more advanced, knowledge of physics will become mandatory in many fields such as medical sciences and computers. This course, citing popular cases, will deal with core concepts of physics such as quantum mechanics and examine how they are related to our daily living.