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1 월 일시행사회복지직 9급필기시험영어기출해설 (A 책형) 해설 : 헤더진( 윈플스) 밑줄친부분의의미와가장가까운것을고르시오. [ ~ ]. Babies as young as one and two months of age have the capacity to discriminate speech sounds. distinguish dislocate disturb distribute. Students who click their ball-point pens in class drive me up the wall. distract me a lot annoy me greatly play up to me frequently take a big load off my mind. 어법상틀린것은? Surrounded by great people, I felt proud. I asked my brother to borrow me five dollars. On the platform was a woman in a black dress. The former Soviet Union comprised fifteen union republics.. 우리말을영어로가장잘옮긴것은? 소년이잠들자마자그의아버지가집에왔다. The boy had no sooner fallen asleep than his father came home. Immediately after his father came home, the boy fell asleep.

2 When his father came home, the boy did not fall asleep. Before the boy fell asleep, his father came home. 5. 밑줄친부분에들어갈가장적절한것은? A : Hi, Gus. I'm glad to see you up and about. B : Thanks. After that truck plowed into my car last mo nth, I thought it was all over for me. I'm really lucky t o be alive. A : That's for sure. It must have been quite a traumati c experience for you. Has your car been repaired yet? B : Yes, it has. But I won't be driving it anymore. I'm n ot taking any chances on being hit again. A : Come on, now. You can't let one unfortunate incide nt keep you from ever driving again. B : That's what people say, but for the time being, I'll b e taking public transportation. A squeaky wheel gets the oil. It is better to be safe than sorry. The grass is always greener on the other side. Lightning never strikes twice in the same place. 6. 다음글의요지로가장적절한것은? Supporters of positive computing make the case that t echnology should contribute to well-being and human potential. The real potential for positive computing to make a difference in our lives is in the next generatio n of wearable computing devices. One idea for how we arables might lead to increased well-being and mindful ness is in the current generation of fitness trackers a nd health devices. Designed to measure physical factor s such as heart rate and the amount of sleep we get, they could theoretically become positive feedback devic es for regulating moods. These devices would not just be ergonomically well-designed and aesthetically pleasi ng to the eye, but they would also lead to experiences that remove barriers to well-being.

3 Wearable computing devices can contribute to well-being. Positive computing can contribute to national power. Wearable computing devices increase living costs. Positive computing develops science. 7. ᄀ, ᄂ에들어갈가장적절한것은? Stress is a fact of life and can affect all aspects of our daily existence. Stress can have a negative impact on on e's mental, as well as physiological, functioning. An impo rtant issue here is the way that employees handle stres s. For some individuals, stress motivates and challenges them to excel; this is eustress. For others, ᄀ, exce ssive stress diminishes the capacity to function and can have severe medical ramifications; this is distress. Even though stress is inevitable, the negative and dangerous consequences associated with it are not. ᄂ, it is necessary to examine potential sources of stress, especi ally in the workforce, in order to prevent unnecessary a nd unhealthy outcomes for the individual as well as the organization. ᄀ ᄂ however Therefore in addition Furthermore thus Nevertheless for instance Accordingly 8. 밑줄친부분에들어갈가장적절한것은? In recent years, some Americans have been giving thei r children two last names. This is a direct result of so me women thinking it is sexist and outdated to take o n their husband's name. It is also sexist that the child would only carry the name of one parent, especially si

4 nce the unnamed parent is the one who carried the c hild for nine months. The only logical solution is to giv e the kid a split last name. As a result, we have childr en growing up named Elijah Sadler-Moore. As this is a recent phenomenon, we have yet to see what happens when one split-named person marries another split-na med person. Does their kid? go back to the mother's last name insist on three last names end up with four last names give up the first name 내용의흐름상적절하지못한문장을고르시오. [9 ~0] 9. Crying is the most powerful way that babies can let th e outside world know they need something. It s a vi tal means of communication and the first way that inf ants establish any kind of control over their lives. R esearch shows that babies whose cries are responded to seem to become more self-confident because they realize that they can affect their own lives. You may find listening to your baby cry is one of the hardest p arts of being a parent. By the end of the first year, ba bies whose cries have brought tender, soothing care c ry less and communicate more in other ways, while ba bies of less responsive caregivers cry more. So don t be afraid of spoiling your baby by responding to her when she cries. 0. Most of us who have ever cleaned a house would be much happier if there were less dust. However, with out dust there would be less rainfall and sunsets woul

5 d be less beautiful. Rain is formed when water molecu les in the air collect around particles of dust. When th e collected water becomes heavy enough, the water dr oplets fall to the earth as rain. This could decrease the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, allevi ating the threat of global warming. Thus, water vapor c ould be much less likely to turn to rain without the du st particles. The water vapor and dust particles also reflect the rays of the sun. At sunrise and sunset, whe n the sun is below the horizon, the dust and water va por molecules reflect the longer, red wavelengths of li ght such that we can see them for more time than an y of the other wavelengths. The more dust particles in the air, the more colorful the sunrise or sunset.. 밑줄친부분의의미와가장가까운것은? It is important to find a way to settle the issue before the meeting begins. resolve resume retrieve revoke. 밑줄친부분에들어갈가장적절한것은? Robert wasn't able to so he had to ask his parents to pay his rent and utility fees. hit the sack slack off keep his chin up make ends meet. 밑줄친부분중어법상옳지않은것은? A college girl was really upset with her father. She was ash amed of him because he didn't treat his workers well. She de manded that he shared the profits with the employees. She

6 explained to him how unfairly workers were treated.. 우리말을영어로잘못옮긴것은? 우리는그녀의행방에대해서아는바가전혀없다. We don't have the faintest notion of her whereabouts. 항구폐쇄에대한정부의계획이격렬한항의를유발했다. Government plans to close the harbor provoked a storm of protest. 총기규제에대한너의의견에전적으로동의한다. I couldn't agree with you more on your views on gun control. 학교는어린이들의과다한 TV 시청을막기위한프로그램을시작할것이다. The school will start a program designed to deter kids to watch TV too much. 5. 밑줄친부분에들어갈가장적절한것은? A : What do you say we take a break now? B : A : Great! I'll meet you in the lobby in five minutes. Okay, let's keep working. That sounds good. I'm already broke. It will take one hour. 6. 다음글의제목으로가장적절한것은? Anyone who wants to be a librarian must decide what typ e of work most interests him or her. As with any professi on, it is necessary to plan ahead. A good general educatio n is essential to someone who is going to guide and teac h others. So are a good reading background and a knowl edge of nonprint materials and computers. For specialist li brary work, training in that specialty is often required. An advanced degree is needed to teach in a library school or

7 to run a large library. All librarians must have at least a college degree and should attend library school beyond th at. Pamphlet material on library jobs and on scholarships is available in most libraries. How to Attend Library School The Librarian as a Person Librarianship: Pros and Cons Tips for Tomorrow's Librarian 7. 내용의흐름상적절하지못한문장은? Asian art and music have had profound influences on the We st across the centuries. Chinese porcelain, for example, wa s imitated not only by Persian ceramicists, but also by Englis h bone china designers. Japanese watercolors shown at Fa r East exhibitions in Paris in the late nineteenth century affec ted the compositions and palettes of Matisse and Degas. W hen Westerners collect non-western art or view it in a muse um, they probably miss much of its original context. Orient al musical modes also influenced composers like Mozart and Debussy. 8. 밑줄친부분에들어갈가장적절한것은? When daughters react with annoyance or even anger at the smallest, seemingly innocent remarks, mothers get the feelin g that talking to their daughters can be like : they have to watch every word. walking on air walking on a cloud walking on eggshells

8 walking on the grass 9. 다음글을쓴작가가장난감을살펴본이유로가장적절한것은? The first hint of spring floated across the East River, mixi ng with the soft-coal smoke from the factories and the st reet smells of the poor neighborhood. As I turned the cor ner on my way to work and came to Sheftel's, I was mad e once more aware of the poor collection of toys in the d usty window, and I remembered the approaching birthday of a small niece of mine in Cleveland, to whom I was in t he habit of sending modest gifts. Therefore, I stopped and examined the window to see if there might be anything a ppropriate, and looked at the confusing collection of unap pealing objects. The toy smelled like the writer's niece. The toy was as charming as the writer's niece. The birthday of the writer's niece was around the corner. The writer was impressed by the low prices and wide selection. 0. 다음글의주제로가장적합한것은? It may seem improbable that you can make money by selling to people who don't have much, but companies that have act ually bothered to try are flourishing. Hindustan Lever has buil t a lucrative business in Africa and India selling brand-name consumer goods, from lotion to salt. Casas Bahia, a departm ent-store chain, now sells more than five billion dollars' wort h of brand-name electronics and appliances to working-class Brazilians every year. Big companies often disdain what they think of as the low-end market, because they make a lot les s money on each sale than they do selling high-end goods. B ut, because of the sheer size of that market, they can still m

9 ake a lot of money on it. Poor people do not have high standards for their products. The objectives of big companies should not be solely based on profits. People in low-end markets can be a great opportunity for large businesses. The individual purchasing power is still very low in the developing countries.

10 정답 & 해설. 정답 해석한두달만큼어린아기들이말소리를구별할수있는능력을가지고있다. 어휘 discriminate 식별하다; 차별하다 distinguish 구별하다 dislocate 혼란에빠뜨리다 disturb 방해하다 distribute 나누어주다, 분배하다; 분포시키다. 정답 해석수업에서볼펜을누르는학생들은나를매우짜증나게한다. 어휘 drive sb. up the wall ~ 의이성을잃게하다; ~ 를궁지로몰아넣다 distract 산만하게하다, 주의를딴데로돌리다 play up to ~ 에게맞장구를치다, 아부하다 take a big load off one's mind 마음의큰부담을덜다. 정답 해설 borrow 는 빌리다 의의미로 형식동사로쓰지않는다. 문맥상 나에게 5달러를빌려주 는것 이므로 lend( 빌려주다) 로써야한다. surrounded의의미상의주어는뒤에이어지는절의주어 I 이므로 I' 는둘러싸여있는것으로 수동의의미를지닌과거분사구문이적절하다. 장소를나타내는부사구가문두로오면서주어( a woman) 와동사(was) 가도치되었다. comprise 는타동사로 ~ 로구성되다 의의미를지닌다. 해석 훌륭한사람들에게에워싸인채, 나는자랑스러움을느꼈다. 나는형에게 5 달러를빌려줄것을요청했다. 승강장에검정드레스를입은한여인이있었다. 구( 舊 ) 소련은 5 개의연합공화국들로구성되었다.. 정답 해설 no sooner~ than...(~ 하자마자... 하다)' 구조로완료시제에서부사의위치는 had와 p.p. 사이이므로 no sooner 의위치가올바르며, 시제는부정어가들어가는경우관용적용법으 로앞쪽은과거완료(had p.p.) 가, 뒤에는과거시제가온다. Immediately가접속사 as soon as의대용이므로중복해서접속사 after 가올필요가없다. / 문맥상우리말과일치하지않는다. 해석 그의아버지가집에왔을때, 그소년은잠들지않았다. 소년이잠들기전에그의아버지가집에왔다.

11 5. 정답 해석 A: 안녕, Gus. 네가움직일수있는것을보게되어기뻐. B: 고마워. 지난달트럭이내차를박은이후에나는끝이라고생각했어. 살아있다니정말운이 좋아. A: 확실히그렇지. 너에게는꽤나정신적인충격이큰경험이었을거야. 차는수리했니? B. 응, 했지. 하지만더이상은운전은하지않을거야. 다시차에치이는위험을감수하지않으 려고. A: 이제괜찮아. 불행한사건이네가다시운전을하는것을막도록해서는안돼. 번개가같은장소에서절대두번치지는않는법이야. B: 사람들이그렇게말하지, 하지만당분간은대중교통만탈거야. 해설 어휘 up and about 일어나서거동하는, 호전된 I'm not taking any chances. 어떤모험도하지않겠다. Lightning never strikes twice in the same place. 번개는같은장소에두번치지않는다. 불행은연이어오지않는다. A squeaky wheel gets the oil. 삐거덕거리는바퀴에기름칠한다. 우는아이젖준다. It is better to be safe than sorry. 나중에후회하는것보다미리조심하는편이낫다. The grass is always greer on the other side. 다른쪽잔디가늘더푸르러보인다. 남의떡 이커보인다. 6. 정답 해석적극적인컴퓨터사용을지지하는사람들은기술이행복과인간의잠재성에기여한다고변 론한다. 우리의삶에차이를만들어내는적극적인컴퓨터사용에대한실질적인잠재성은차세 대착용가능한컴퓨터에존재한다. 어떻게착용장비들이행복을증가시키고마음을쓰게하는가 (mindfulness) 에대한생각은현세대의건강을추적기와건강장치안에있다. 우리의심장박 동수와수면의양과같은신체적인요인들을측정하도록설계되어, 그것들은이론적으로기분을 통제하기위한긍정적인피드백장치가될수있다. 이장치들은인간공학적으로잘설계되고 미적으로눈으로보기에즐거울뿐아니라, 행복에대한방해물들을체거하는경험을이끌것이 다. 해설차세대착용가능한컴퓨터장치가인간의행복에영향을줄수있다는내용이주요골자 다. 어휘 mindfulness 명상, 주의깊음 theoretically 이론적으로, 이론상 regulate 규제하다,; 조절하다 ergonomically 인간공학적으로 aesthetically 미학적으로, 심미적으로 7. 정답 해석스트레스는삶의한요소이며우리의일상생활에모든측면에영향을미칠수있다. 스트 레스는생리학적인기능뿐아니라정신적기능에부정적인영향을미칠수있다. 여기서한가 지중요한문제는직원들이스트레스를다루는방식이다. 어떤사람들에게, 스트레스는그들이

12 잘할수있도록동기를부여하고도전하게만든다; 이것이 eustress( 긍정적결과를가져오는스 트레스) 이다. 하지만, 다른사람들에게과도한스트레스는기능을약화시키고심각한의학적영 향을미칠수있다; 이것은 distress( 고난) 이다. 스트레스가불가피하긴하지만, 이와관련된부정 적이고위험한결과들은그렇지않다( 피할수있다). 따라서조직뿐아니라개인을위해불필요 하고불건전한결과를예방하기위해서는, 특히 in the workforce, 스트레스의잠재적인원천들 을조사할필요가있다. 해설ᄀ을기준으로앞은 eustress가뒤에는 distress에대한설명이이어지고있으므로역접이 나대조의연결어가적절하며, ᄂ앞에서스트레스를피할수있다고언급했고뒤에는이에대 한방법이제시되었으므로결과를유도하는연결어 therefore 가적절하다. 어휘 physiological 생리적인, 생리학상의 ramification 세분화, 분기; 분파 inevitable 피할수없는, 필연적인 8. 정답 해석최근몇년동안, 일부미국인들은그들의자녀들에게두개의성을주었다. 이것은일부 여성들이남편의성을갖는것이성차별적이고구시대적이라고생각한것에대한직접적인결과 이다. 그아이가특히성이붙여지지않은부모( 엄마) 가그아이를 9개월동안품었던사람일 때, 단지한부모의성을따르는것역시성차별적이다. 유일한논리적인해결책은그아이에게 성을쪼개어주는것이다. 그결과, 우리는 Elijah Sadler-Moore 라고불리며성장하는아이들을 갖게된것이다. 이것은최근의현상이므로, 우리는아직두개의성을나누어쓰는사람이또 다른두개의성을나누어쓰는사람과결혼했을때무슨일이생길지를알수없다. 그들의자 녀들은결국네개의성을가지게될까? 해설자녀들이부모의성을모두쓰는최근의현상을설명하며, 빈칸앞에서부모의성을모두 쓰는사람들끼리결혼하는것에대해가정하고있으므로, 빈칸에가장적절한것은 이다. 어휘 logical 논리적인, 타당한 have yet to+ 동사원형아직 ~ 하지않다. 9. 정답 해석울음은아기들이외부세상에그들이무언가를필요로한다는것을알려줄수있는가장 강력한수단이다. 그것은의사소통의중요한수단이자유아가그들의삶에통제력을확립하는첫 번째방식이다. 연구원들은울음에대해응답을받는아기들이그들이그들자신의삶에영향을 비칠수있다는것을인식하므로좀더자신감이있어보인다는것을보여준다. ( 당신은아기의 울음에귀를기울이는것이부모노릇의가장힘든부분들중하나라는것을알게될수도있 다.) 첫해가끝날즈음, 울음이그들에게상냥하고달래는보살핌을가져오게한아기들은덜울 고다른방식으로더많이소통한다. 반면에덜반응을하는아기를돌보는사람들의아기들은 더많이운다. 따라서아기가울때반응을함으로써당신의아기를버릇없게한다는것에대해 걱정하지마라. 해설아기의울음에반응해주는것이나중에아기들이덜울수있고소통할수있게했다는 것이지문의요지이다. 아기의울음에반응하는것이부모가되는것의힘든부분이라고한 이흐름에일치하지않는다. 어휘 vital 생명의; 필수적인, 중요한 infant 유아 tender 부드러운, 다정한

13 soothing 달래는, 위로하는 spoil 망치다; 버릇없이만들다 0. 정답 해석집을청소해본적이있는대부분의사람들은만약먼지가덜하다면훨씬더행복할것이 다. 그러나, 먼지가없다면, 비도덜내릴것이고, 석양도덜아름다울것이다. 비는대기중의 물분자가먼지입자주변에모였을때형성된다. 모아진물이충분히무거워졌을때, 물방울들 이비로지상에떨어진다. ( 이것은대기중의이산화탄소의양을감소시킬수있으며지구온난 화의위협을약화시킨다.) 따라서수증기는먼지입자가없다면비로변할가능성이훨씬덜할 수있다. 수증기와먼지입자들은또한태양광선을반사한다. 일출과일몰에, 태양이수평선아 래에있을때, 먼지와수증기분자들이더길고붉은빛의파장을반사해서우리가다른어떤 파장들보다더오랜시간동안그것들을볼수있다. 대기중에더많은먼지분자들이있을수록, 일출과일몰은더욱더화려하다. 해설먼지와수증기입자가비를만들어내고태양광선반사를통해일출과일몰을더아름답게 해준다는것이지문의내용이다. 에서는이와상관없는지구온난화에대한내용이언급되었으 므로흐름에적절하지않다. 어휘 droplet 작은물방울 atmosphere 대기 alleviate 경감( 완화) 하다 water vapor 수증기 wavelength 파장, 주파수. 정답 해석회의가시작되기전에그문제를해결하는방법을찾는것이중요하다. 어휘settle 해결하다 resolve 결정( 결심) 하다; 해결하다 resume 다시시작하다; 요약; 이력서 retrieve 회수하다, 되찾다; 보상( 벌충) 하다 revoke 무효로하다, 파기하다; 폐지( 철회) 하다. 정답 해석 Robert 는생계를꾸릴수가없었다, 따라서그는그의부모님이그의집세와공공요금을 지불해줄것을요청해야만했다. 어휘 make ends meet ( 빚을지지않고) 수입내에서살다; 수지타산을맞추다 hit the sack 잠자리에들다, 자다 slack off 게으름을부리다 keep one's chin up 낙심하지않고버티다, 기운을내다. 정답 해석한여대생이아버지에대해매우화가났다. 그녀는아버지가수치스러웠는데, 그가그의 직원들에게대우를잘해주지않았기때문이다. 그녀는아버지가이익을직원들과공유할것을 요구했다. 그녀는그에게직원들이얼마나불공평하게대우받는지를설명했다. 해설 주절의동사가요구동사(demand) 가왔고종속절의내용이당위성의의미가있으므로

14 should share' 가와야한다. 이때 should 는생략이가능하다. 주격보어로형용사 타동사 upset 이적절하게왔다. explain 의목적어인명사절을이끌고있는의문부사이다. 직원들은문맥상 대우받는 것이므로수동태로왔다. 어휘 be ashamed of ~ 을치욕으로생각하다 unfairly 불공평하게, 부정하게. 정답 해설 deter 는 막다, 단념시키다 의의미로 5 형식불완전타동사로쓰지않는다. 따라서 to watch 를 from watching 으로바꿔야한다. 'I couldn't agree with you more~' 는부정적인의미가아니라 매우동의한다 는표현이 다. 5. 정답 해석 A: 우리지금휴식을갖는거어때? B: 좋은생각이네. A: 좋아! 5 분후에로비에서보자. 어휘 Okay, let's keep working. 좋아, 계속해서일하자. That sounds good. 좋은생각이야. I'm already broke. 나파산했어. It will take one hour. 한시간정도걸릴거야. 6. 정답 해석도서관사서가되기를원하는어느누구든어떤유형의일이그에게가장흥미를주는지를 결정해야만한다. 여느직업과마찬가지로, 미리계획하는것이필요하다. 훌륭한일반교육은 다른이들을이끌고가르치는누군가에게중요하다. 충분한독해배경지식과비인쇄물과컴퓨터 에대한지식도그러하다. 전문도서업무를위해, 그전문분야에대한수련이종종요구된다. 진보된단계의수련이도서관학교에서가르치기위해혹은큰도서관을운영하기위해요구된다. 모든사서들은최소한대학졸업장을지녀야하고도서관학교에다녀야한다. 도서관업무와 장학금에대한팜플렛자료들이대부분의도서관에서이용가능하다. 해설도서관사서가되고자하는사람들에게필요한정보를제공하는내용이다. 어휘 profession 직업, 직위 specialty 특수성, 전문 librarianship 사서직; 도서관학 7. 정답 해석아시아미술과음악은세기를거슬러서양에심오한영향을미쳐왔다. 예를들어중국자 기는페르시아도예가들뿐아니라영국의본차이나디자이너들에의해모방되어졌다. 9세기 후반파리의극동전시회에서전시된일본의수채화들은마티스와드가의작품가색체에영향을

15 미쳤다. ( 서양인들이비서양미술을수집하거나박물관에서그것을볼때, 그들은아마도원래의 전후관계의많은부분을놓칠것이다.) 동양의음계또한모차르트와드뷔시같은작곡가들에게 영향을주었다. 해설지문전체적으로아시아의예술이서양에미친영향을언급하고있으므로 절하지않다. 은흐름상적 어휘 profound 심오한, 깊은 porcelain 자기 ceramicist 도예가 composition 작품, 작곡 context 문맥; 전후사정, 배경 8. 정답 해석딸들이가장사소하고겉보기에악의없는말에짜증으로반응을하거나심지어화를낼 때, 엄마들은딸에게말을거는것이살얼음위를걷는것과같은기분을느낀다: 그들은모든 말에주의를기울여야만한다. 어휘 walk on eggshells 살얼음위를걷다, 조심조심하다 walk on air 무아지경에이르다 walk on a cloud 더없이기분이좋다, 황홀한느낌이다 9. 정답 해석봄에대한힌트는이스트강을가로질러떠다녔고, 그것은공장으로부터나온역청탄연기 와가난한인근지역의거리에서나는냄새들과섞였다. 내가일터로가는도중에모퉁이를돌 아 Sheftel 상점에왔을때, 나는더러운창가로형편없는장난감들을다시한번인식했다, 그 리고클리블랜드에있는내가사소한선물들을보내곤했던나의가장어린질녀의다가오는생 일을기억해냈다. 따라서, 나는멈췄으며, 적당한무언가가있는지를보기위해창을살펴보고 혼란스러운매력없는물건더미들을보았다. 해설지문중반에질녀의생일이다가오는것을기억하고가게를살폈다는내용이나온다. 어휘 be in the habit of R-ing ~ 하는습관이있다 modest 겸손한; 적당한, 수수한 appropriate 적당한, 적절한 0. 정답 해석당신이많은것을가지고있지않은사람들에게판매함으로써당신이돈을벌수있다는 것은그럴싸하지않아보일수있지만실질적으로노력하고자신경써온회사들이성공한다. Hindustan Lever 는로션에서소금에이르기까지유명상표소비제품을판매하면서아프리카와 인도에서수익성있는사업을한다. 백화점체인인 Casas Bahia는현재매년브라질의노동자 계층에 50 억달러이상의유명상표의전자제품과가전들을판매한다. 큰기업들은종종그들이 값이싼시장이라고여기는것을무시하는데, 그들이고급품을판매하면서그들이하는것보다 각판매에돈이훨씬덜들어가기때문이다. 그러나, 그시장의순규모때문에, 그들은여전히 그것에대해많은돈을벌어들일수있다. 해설저가의제품들도시장규모가있으므로사업가들에게있어수익성이있을수있다는내용 이주제이다.

16 어휘 improbable 일어날성싶지않은; 불가능한 lucrative 수지맞는, 돈벌이가되는 disdain 경멸하다, 멸시하다 high-end 최고급인, 고액의 sheer 완전한, 전적인; 순수한