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5 안카 RC It's Real 안우엽 - [ 진단평가 ] 01. When you arrive, please review the printed document and let me know if has changed. (A) other (B) either (C) any (D) whatever 02. A key attribute that employers look for in job applicants is (A) reliability (B) reliable (C) reliably (D) relying of the two project planners will be available on Monday afternoon for the meeting. (A) Whichever (B) Each other (C) Anywhere (D) Neither 04. If registers for the risk management workshop, the session can be rescheduled for a different workday. (A) few (B) some (C) one another (D) no one 05. At TA Financial Academy, all teachers must take quarterly professional development classes, fulfilling strict national requirements. (A) whereas (B) in order that (C) thereby (D) if only 06. The owner of the famous Italian Bistro is considering the restaurant to a commercial district in downtown. (A) to relocate (B) relocation (C) has relocated (D) relocating the press conference, Ms. Moon announced plans for the expansion into the Brazilian market. (A) About (B) Against (C) At (D) Along 08. Farmers in Orange County region have started growing a wider variety of organic fruits in to customer demand. (A) respond (B) responsive (C) response (D) responded 09. According to opinion polls, Whiteville residents are in favor of expanding parking areas to accommodate larger volume of vehicles. (A) overwhelms (B) overwhelm (C) overwhelming (D) overwhelmingly 10. It remains to be seen the aggressive marketing will turn out to be positive. (A) although (B) as if (C) whether (D) while has been written about the outcome of newly released products by SonyApp on the first quarterly report. (A) Little (B) Who (C) Few (D) Any chooses to apply for the summer intern program will need to submit a resume and employer references. (A) Somebody (B) Another (C) Anyone (D) Whoever 13. If any information is incorrect or has changed since you joined our web-site, you can make all of the necessary online. (A) revised (B) revises (C) revisions (D) to revise 14. Mr. Ahn needs more training for his new position at Sydney, he will be responsible for handling all international goods. (A) in which (B) together with (C) for example (D) moreover you are coming to the gym to lose weight or to gain muscles, we can develop an exercise plan that can work for you. (A) Besides (B) Either (C) Often (D) Whether to articles that appear in Daily News Papers must be documented and sent to the editor before 6 p.m. (A) Correcting (B) Corrections (C) Correct (D) Corrected 17. While official evaluations of the staff are done quarterly, branch managers may hold monthly reviews with employees they supervise. (A) informal (B) unfinished (C) plain (D) accidental 18. The shipping costs indicated on our catalogs are an and may not match the actual charge. (A) attempt (B) estimate (C) omission (D) objective 19. Ms. Mia has successfully completed the training program at our laboratory and is now for the promotion to permanent analyst position next month. (A) eligible (B) possible (C) decisive (D) significant 20. Stock price of raw materials rose again last week but industry experts expect a sharp decrease in the coming weeks. (A) highly (B) slightly (C) rarely (D) previously - 1 -

6 안카 RC It's Real 안우엽 - Chapter 1. 문장의구조 (1) 품사와역할 필수 Check Box 문장이란대문자부터마침표까지이다. 하나의문장은주로수많은단어들로만들어져있다. 각각의단어는품사와의미를가지며문장에서반드시하나의역할을해야한다! 단어 < 품사 < 의미 < 역할 접속사가있는 S+V 를종속절, 접속사가없는 S+V 를주절 ( 문장 ) 이라고한다. 영어의 8품사 ⓵ 명사 : 사람과사물, 추상적인개념을나타내는단어 ⓶ 대명사 : 명사를대신하는단어 ⓷ 동사 : 동작 ( 행동 ) 과상태를나타내는단어 ⓸ 형용사 : 사람과사물의성질이나상태를나타내는단어 ⓹ 부사 : 장소, 방법, 시간등을나타내는단어 ⓺ 전치사 : 장소, 방법, 시간위치등을나타내는단어 ( 홀로안쓰이며전치사구로쓰인다 ) ⓻ 접속사 : 단어와단어, 구와구, 절과절을이어주는단어 ⓼ 감탄사 : 감정을표현하는단어 토익 Point 하나의단어는여러개의품사가될수있다. Part 5, 6 에서토익은이런 Point 를묻는다! remains 동사 ( 단수 ) 명사 The case remains unsolved. Its remains have been examined

7 안카 RC It's Real 안우엽 - (2) 상당어구란? ( 준동사, 전치사구, 종속절 ) 필수 Check Box 구란? 여러개의단어들이모여함께하나의역할을하는것이다. 절이란? S+V로이루어져혼자문장 ( 주절 ) 이되기도하고역할 ( 종속절 ) 을할수도있다. 상당어구란 : 하나의품사 ( 절 ) 를다른품사화시킨개념이다. 구 : 명사구, 형용사구, 부사구종속절 : 명사절, 형용사절, 부사절 1 전치사구 = ( 명사기반 / 명사 X) 전치사 + 명사 형용사 보어 ( 전치사의목적어 ) 부사 동사, 형용사, 부사, 절수식 2 준동사 = ( 동사기반 / 동사 X) to 부정사 (to+v) 명사, 형용사, 부사 동명사 (V+ing) 명사 분사 ( 현재분사 V+ing) ( 과거분사 V+ed) 형용사 부사 3 종속절 = ( 절기반 / 문장 X) 명사절 형용사절 명사접속사 S+V 형용사접속사 S+V 부사절 부사접속사 S+V - 3 -

8 안카 RC It's Real 안우엽 - 문장 ( 절 ) 의구성요소 영어는명, 형, 부사에동사 ( 수, 태, 시제 ) 를더한개념이다. to 부정사 1. 주어 (S) 명사, 대명사, 명사상당어구 동명사 명사절 2. 동사 (V) 동사 ( 술어 ) 3. 목적어 (O) 명사, 대명사, 명사상당어구 to 부정사 4. 보어 (C) 명사, 대명사, 형용사, 명사상당어구, 형용사상당어구분사 형용사절 5. 수식어 형용사 명사수식 형용사상당어구 부사 동사형용사, 부사, 절, 부사상당어구 전치사구 ( 상당어구참고 ) to 부정사 분사 부사절 6. 연결어접속사 [ 진단평가정답 ] 01 BADDC / DCCDC 11. ADCAD / BABAB - 4 -