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5 English 6 简体中文 21 繁體中文 32 한국의 43

6 6 English Introduction Congratulations on your purchase and welcome to Philips! To fully benefit from the support that Philips offers, register your product at With VisaPure Advanced you will enjoy a range of benefits to reveal a radiant, revitalized and refreshed skin. Thanks to Intelligent Head Recognition, the appliance recognizes which head you put on and automatically activates a customized DualMotion program, with dedicated levels of rotation, duration and vibration. This means you get great skincare results! VisaPure Advanced comes with a diverse set of heads that can be easily integrated into your skincare routine. You can use all heads with your current skincare products like cleansers, creams, oils and serums. This user manual contains usage instructions for the device and information about the recommended cleansing process. In the box you find separate leaflets with usage information and instructions for the other attachments. Why cleansing? Cleansing is an essential part of the daily skincare routine. VisaPure Advanced cleanses your skin better compared to cleansing by hand*. It cleanses your skin thoroughly and removes dead skin cells and make-up. Through research we found out that your skincare products will be absorbed better after you have used VisaPure Advanced. Therefore your skin feels clean and soft after you used VisaPure Advanced. * Internal study performed in the Netherlands in 2015 with 15 women. General description (Fig. 1) 1 Handle 2 Charging light and battery low indication 3 Intensity setting indication - Intensity setting 1 - Intensity setting 2 4 On/off button 5 Connection pin 6 Charging pins English

7 English 7 7 Anti-roll ridge 8 Brush head 9 Socket for small plug 10 Protection cap 11 Charging stand 12 Small plug 13 Adapter 14 Travel pouch (specific Visapure types only) 15 Storage palette (specific Visapure types nly) 16 Fresh Eyes head (specific Visapure types only) 17 Revitalising Massage head (specific Visapure types only) Important Read this user manual carefully before you use the appliance and save it for future reference. Danger - Keep the adapter dry. Warning - For the purpose of recharging the battery, only use the detachable supply unit provided with this appliance. Adapter reference number SSW-2082 or SSW Do not use the appliance, an attachment or the adapter if it is damaged or broken to avoid injuries. - If the adapter is damaged, always have it replaced with one of the original type in order to avoid a hazard.

8 8 English - The adapter contains a transformer. Do not cut off the adapter to replace it with another plug, as this causes a hazardous situation. - Fully charge the appliance at least every 3 months to sustain battery lifetime. - This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a person responsible for their safety. - Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with the appliance. - Do not insert metal-containing material into the socket for the small plug to avoid short circuiting. Caution - Only use VisaPure attachments from Philips as described in this user manual. - For hygienic reasons, we advise you to not share the appliance and the heads with other people.

9 English 9 - Do not clean the appliance with water that is hotter than shower temperature (max. 40 C/104 F). - Do not put the appliance or any part in the dishwasher. - Charge, use and store the appliance at a temperature between 10 C/50 F and 40 C/104 F. - Do not use the appliance on chapped skin, open wounds, healing wounds, skin recovering from surgery or if you suffer from a skin disease or skin irritation, such as severe acne, sunburn, skin infection, skin cancer, inflammation, eczema, psoriasis, nylon allergy etc. - Do not use the appliance if you are taking steroid-based medication. - If you wear piercings on your face, remove the piercings before you use the appliance or make sure that you do not use the appliance on or near the piercing.

10 10 English - Please make sure that no loose hair gets trapped in the attachment during use by wearing a headband, tying your hair or holding it back with your hands. - If you wear jewelry or glasses, take them off before you use the appliance, or make sure that you do not use the appliance on or near jewelry or glasses. - Do not use the appliance with self-made cleansers, creams, oils or cosmetic products containing harsh chemicals or rough particles. - Select intensity setting 1 the first few times you use the appliance or when you use a new type of attachment. If you do not experience any skin reactions, you can start using the appliance at intensity setting 2. Your skin might need to get used to the new treatment just like it normally does with a new skincare product.

11 English 11 - If your device has intelligent attachments with NFC tag, please follow the usage instructions described in their separate leaflets. General - Please note that the condition of the skin varies throughout the year. Facial skin can get dryer during the winter season. In that case you may reduce the treatment time or frequency, depending on the needs of your skin. - Regular cleaning of the appliance ensures optimal results and a longer life of the appliance. - The appliance complies with the internationally approved IEC safety regulations and can be safely used in the shower and cleaned under the tap. - The appliance is equipped with an automatic voltage selector and is suitable for mains voltages ranging from 100 to 240 volts.

12 12 English Electromagnetic fields (EMF) This Philips device complies with all applicable standards and regulations regarding exposure to electromagnetic fields. Features Intelligent Head Recognition VisaPure Advanced has Intelligent Head Recognition. Each attachment that comes with VisaPure has specific levels of rotation and vibration. When you attach a different intelligent attachment and switch on the appliance, it recognizes the intelligent attachment. You hear a beep and the intensity setting indications flash alternately. The device then activates a customized program for the attachment in use (Fig. 3). Intensity settings You can choose between 2 different intensity settings depending on your personal preference. - Intensity setting 1 for a gentle treatment (Fig. 4). - Intensity setting 2 for an intensive treatment. The first time you use the appliance, we advise you to select intensity setting 1. If you do not experience any skin reactions, you can start using the appliance at intensity setting 2. Note: your skin might need to get used to the new treatment just like it normally does with a new skincare product. The intelligent attachments with NFC tag may require other treatment settings. Consult the separate leaflets of the different attachments for the advised treatment settings or visit Skin zone timer The skin zone timer indicates when you need to move the appliance to another skin zone. For more information about skin zones, see chapter 'Using the brush head'.

13 English 13 Using the brush head You can either use VisaPure Advanced in front of the sink or in the shower. We advise you to use the brush head in combination with your favorite cleanser. You can cleanse your face with VisaPure Advanced twice a day. Other types of attachments may require other treatment frequencies. Consult the separate leaflets of the different types of attachments for the advised treatment frequencies or visit Facial cleansing with VisaPure Advanced Skin zones The face can be divided into two zones: the U-zone (cheeks, chin and the area between nose and upper lip) and the T-zone (forehead and nose). Always treat the zones one by one, in the following order (Fig. 5): 1 Right cheek, chin and area between nose and upper lip 2 Left cheek, chin and area between nose and upper lip 3 Forehead and nose Cleansing program The cleansing program consists of 3 treatment periods of 15 to 20 seconds. The exact duration depends on the type of brush head you have, so please consult the separate leaflets from your attachment for the advised treatment periods. The treatment periods for VisaPure Advanced intelligent brush heads are customized and vary from person to person. For optimal performance, start on the right cheek and switch to the left cheek after seconds. Use the last seconds to treat the forehead and nose (Fig. 6). Tip: You can also use the VisaPure Advanced cleansing brush heads for cleansing the neck and décolleté. Note: VisaPure Essential does not have Intelligent Head Recognition and therefore does not recognize the customized settings of intelligent attachments.

14 14 English Note: do not use the brush head on the sensitive skin area around the eyes. Tip: if you want to change the rotation direction of your attachment after you turned on the appliance, you can hold the button until the rotation direction changes. Cleansing procedure 1 Push the brush head onto the connection pin until it locks into position with a click. (Fig. 7) 2 Moisten the brush head with water. Do not use the appliance with a dry brush head, as this can irritate the skin. 3 Moisten your face with water and apply a cleanser to your face. 4 Place the brush head on your right cheek. 5 Press the on/off button once to switch on the appliance. The appliance starts to operate at intensity setting 1. If you want to use intensity setting 2, press the on/off button twice. Press three times to switch off the appliance or wait until it switches off automatically (Fig. 8). 6 Gently move the brush head across your skin from the nose towards the ear (Fig. 9). Tip: Do not push the brush head too hard onto the skin to make sure the treatment remains comfortable. 7 The face can be divided in different zones. The intelligent skin zone timer lets you know through a short pause when it is time to move to the next skin zone (Fig. 10). 8 After seconds, the appliance pauses briefly to let you know that you have to move the appliance. Gently move the brush head from left to right (Fig. 11). The appliance stops automatically after it has completed the program for the entire face. Note: We advise you to not overdo the cleansing and to not cleanse any zone longer than 20 seconds. 9 After the treatment, rinse and dry your face.your face is now ready for the next step of your daily skincare routine. 10 Clean the brush head with water and mild soap and allow it to dry properly.

15 English 15 Cleaning Never use scouring pads, abrasive cleaning agents or aggressive liquids such as petrol or acetone to clean the appliance. Cleaning the appliance and the brush head Make sure the appliance is switched off before you start cleaning it. Rinse the appliance and the brush head thoroughly with water and mild soap after each use, to ensure optimum performance. 1 Rinse the appliance and the brush head under the tap with warm water and mild soap (Fig. 12) (max. 40ºC/104ºF). 2 Remove the brush head from the appliance (Fig. 13). 3 Clean the bottom of the brush head and the connection pin of the appliance under the tap at least once a week (Fig. 14). 4 Dry the brush head and the appliance with a towel. 5 Place the attachment on the storage palette (if you have one) and leave it to dry. You can also leave the attachment on the handle placed on the charging stand without the protection cap and leave it to dry. Cleaning the adapter and the charging stand Danger: Always keep the adapter dry. Never rinse it under the tap or immerse it in water. 1 Make sure the adapter is unplugged when you clean it. Only wipe it with a dry cloth. 2 Always detach the charging stand from the adapter before you clean it (Fig. 15). 3 You can clean the charging stand with a moist cloth. Dry the charging stand before you reconnect it to the adapter (Fig. 16). Charging Charging the appliance Charging the appliance takes approximately 6 hours. A fully charged appliance can be used for at least 2 weeks without charging. 1 Make sure the appliance is switched off.

16 16 English 2 Insert the small plug into the socket of the charging stand (1). Put the adapter in the wall socket (Fig. 17) (2). 3 Remove the protection cap (Fig. 18). 4 Place the appliance upright into the charging stand, make sure that it is placed properly (Fig. 19). 5 The charging light flashes white to indicate that the appliance is charging. When the battery is fully charged, the charging light lights up white continuously for 30 minutes (Fig. 20). Battery-low indication When the battery is almost empty, the charging light flashes amber for 15 seconds. The battery still contains enough energy for a complete treatment (Fig. 21). Storage - Store the appliance in the charging stand (Fig. 22). - To store the appliance horizontally, place it on its anti-roll ridge (Fig. 23). - You can store the brush heads in the storage palette (Fig. 24) (specific types only). - If you are taking the appliance with you when you travel, put the protection cap on the dry brush head to protect the brush head filaments (Fig. 25). Note: Never put the protection cap on a wet brush head. - Put the appliance in the travel pouch (Fig. 26) (specific types only). Brush head replacement Damaged brush heads or worn filaments could lead to skin irritation. To ensure a hygienic skincare routine, we advise to replace the brush heads every 3 months, or earlier if the filaments are deformed or damaged. Replacement brush heads are available from our website or from the shop where you purchased your Philips VisaPure Advanced. If you have any difficulties obtaining replacement brush heads, please contact the Philips Consumer Care

17 English 17 Center in your country. You find its contact details in the worldwide guarantee leaflet. You can also visit Other attachments If you like to know more about other types of heads that are available for specific skincare needs, please visit for information. Recycling - This symbol means that this product shall not be disposed of with normal household waste (2012/19/EU) (Fig. 27). - This symbol means that this product contains a built-in rechargeable battery which shall not be disposed of with normal household waste (Fig. 28) (2006/66/EC). We strongly advise you to take your product to an official collection point or a Philips service centre to have a professional remove the rechargeable battery. - Follow your country s rules for the separate collection of electrical and electronic products and rechargeable batteries. Correct disposal helps prevent negative consequences for the environment and human health. Removing the rechargeable battery Warning: Only remove the rechargeable battery when you discard the appliance. Make sure the battery is completely empty when you remove it. 1 Remove the appliance from the charging stand, switch on the appliance and let it operate until it switches off after one minute. Repeat this action until the rechargeable battery is empty. 2 Insert a small flathead screwdriver between the silver-colored ring and the anti-roll ridge and pry loose the top part of the appliance. Carefully pull the top part with the battery holder out of the housing (Fig. 29). 3 Remove the rechargeable battery from the battery holder. Warning: Do not attempt to replace the rechargeable battery.

18 18 English Warning: Do not reconnect the appliance to the mains after you have removed the rechargeable battery. Warranty and support If you need information or support, please visit or read the international warranty leaflet. Troubleshooting This chapter summarizes the most common problems you could encounter with the appliance. If you are unable to solve the problem with the information below, visit for a list of frequently asked questions or contact the Consumer Care Center in your country. Problem Solution I do not know if the appliance is suitable for use on my skin. The appliance does not charge. Do not use the appliance on dry, chapped skin, open wounds, healing wounds, skin recovering from surgery or if you suffer from a skin disease or skin irritation, such as severe acne, sunburn, skin infection, skin cancer, inflammation, eczema, psoriasis etc. Do not use the appliance if you are taking steroid-based medication. Consult the chapter Charging the appliance for the correct placement into the charging stand. Make sure the socket to which you connect the appliance is live. Check whether contact pins on the appliance are in proper contact with the contact points in the stand. If you use a socket in a bathroom cabinet, you may need to switch on the light to activate the socket. If the charging light on the appliance still does not light up or if the appliance still does not charge, take it to your Philips dealer or the nearest Philips service center.

19 English 19 The appliance does not work anymore. I don t know which heads I can use with VisaPure Advanced. The brush head feels too harsh on my skin. Make sure that you have pressed the on/off button properly. Charge the appliance according to the instructions in this user manual. Verify whether there is a power failure and if the wall socket is live. Check if the charging light on the appliance lights up to make sure the appliance is charging. If it does not light up or if the appliance still does not work, take it to your Philips dealer or the nearest Philips service center. All standard or intelligent cleansing brush heads, the Revitalising Massage head and the Fresh Eyes head can be used with VisaPure Advanced. To find out more about the range of VisaPure attachments consult our website or the shop where you purchased your Philips VisaPure Advanced. If you have any difficulties obtaining information on replacement brush heads, please contact the Philips Consumer Care Center in your country. You find its contact details in the worldwide guarantee leaflet. You can also visit If you experience the brush head as too harsh, we advise you to start using one of the brush heads specially developed for sensitive or extra sensitive skin. The Sensitive and Extra Sensitive brush heads have softer bristles. We recommend the Sensitive brush head for sensitive skin and the Extra Sensitive brush head for extra sensitive and dry skin. For the best treatment for your sensitive skin, we advise you to use the Intelligent Sensitive brush head. Thanks to the NFC tag in the brush head, the brush is programmed with lower levels of rotation, vibration and duration that are tailored to your delicate skin. Enjoy the benefits of a customized brush head that is adapted to your needs, with the intensity levels that are right for your skin.

20 20 English I don t know with which cleansing products I can use the brush head. Is the smart brush head compatible with all VisaPure models? What is the difference between a Smart brush and a standard brush? We advise you to cleanse your skin with your favorite cleanser. You can use cleansing gel, foam, oil, milk or lotions. Please do not use scrub cream or gel with particles. The Intelligent brush is compatible with all VisaPure models. However, we recommend to use it with VisaPure Advanced, as thanks to the Intelligent head recognition function in VisaPure Advanced, the Intelligent brush will start a customized cleansing program adjusted to your skin needs. The Intelligent brush head can also be used on VisaPure Essential, but the program is similar to the program for standard brushes and takes the regular 1 minute. There are no extra benefits if the Intelligent brush head will be used on VisaPure Essential. The intelligent brush head has a NFC tag incorporated in it, which makes it possible to have customized programs for specific skin type for you to achieve the best results for your skin type. Thanks to the Intelligent head recognition function in VisaPure Advanced, the Intelligent brush head gets recognized by the appliance and specific program with dedicated rotation, vibration and program duration settings will start. The standard brush head does not have a NFC tag incorporated, and will always run on the standard 1 minute program. The Intelligent brush head is compatible with all VisaPure models, but for optimal use we recommend you to use it with VisaPure Advanced to achieve the most benefits. The standard brush head is compatible with both VPA and VPE.

21 简体中文 21 介绍 感谢您的惠顾, 欢迎光临飞利浦! 为了让您能充分享受飞利浦提供的支持, 请在 上注册您的产品 使用 VisaPure Advanced, 您可以享受一系列益处, 从而帮助肌肤焕发神采 再现活力并清爽舒畅 借助智能刷头识别科技功能, 本产品可识别所安装的刷头并自动启动定制双重振旋科技程序, 提供专用的旋转 振动级别和程序时长 这意味着您可以获得出色的护肤效果! VisaPure Advanced 配有各种刷头, 易于融入您的日常肌肤护理中 所有刷头均可与您当前使用的洁面乳 护肤霜 精油和精华液等护肤品配合使用 本用户手册包含产品使用说明和建议洁面流程的相关信息 包装盒中提供了其他附件的使用信息和说明单页 为何要清洁肌肤? 清洁是日常护肤的必要环节 与用手清洁相比,VisaPure Advanced 的洁肤效果更佳 * 其可以彻底清洁肌肤, 去除死皮细胞和化妆品残留 我们通过研究发现, 使用 VisaPure Advanced 后, 护肤品的吸收效果更好 因此, 使用 VisaPure Advanced 后, 您的肌肤会倍感洁净, 柔软光滑 * 2015 年在荷兰对 15 名女性进行的内部研究 基本说明 ( 图 1) 1 手柄 2 充电指示灯和电池电量不足指示灯 3 强度设置指示 - 强度设置 1 - 强度设置 2 4 开 / 关按钮 5 连接端子 6 充电端子 7 防滚棱 8 洁肤刷头 9 小插头插座 10 保护盖 11 充电座 12 小插头 13 适配器 14 旅行软袋 ( 仅限 Visapure 的特定型号 )

22 22 简体中文 15 存储板 ( 仅限 Visapure 的特定型号 ) 16 双眸提亮按摩头 ( 仅限 Visapure 的特定型号 ) 17 肌底焕活按摩头 ( 仅限 Visapure 的特定型号 ) 注意事项 使用本产品之前, 请仔细阅读本使用说明书, 并妥善保管以备日后参考 危险 - 保持适配器干燥 警告 - 为电池充电, 请使用提供的可拆卸电源 电源参 考号码 SWW2082 或 SWW 如果本产品 附件或适配器出现损坏或毁坏, 请勿继续使用, 以免受伤 - 如果适配器已损坏, 则务必更换原装型号适配器, 以免发生危险 - 适配器中包含一个变压器 请勿剪下适配器并更换为其他插头, 否则将导致严重后果 - 至少每 3 个月为产品进行一次完全充电, 以保持电池寿命 - 产品不建议由有肢体 感官或精神能力缺陷或缺少使用经验和知识的人 ( 包括儿童 ) 使用, 除非有负责他们安全的人对他们进行与产品使用有关的监督或指导 - 请照看好儿童, 本产品不能用于玩耍

23 简体中文 23 - 请勿将含金属的材料插入小插头的插孔, 以免发生短路 警告 - 只能使用本用户手册中所述的由 Philips 提供的 VisaPure 附件 - 出于卫生考虑, 建议您不要与他人共用本产品和刷头 - 不要使用高于淋浴温度的热水 ( 最高 40 C/104 F) 清洁本产品 - 请勿将本产品或其任何部件放在洗碗机中 - 充电 使用和存放本产品的温度应介于 10 C/50 F 和 40 C/104 F 之间 - 如果皮肤出现皲裂 撕裂伤口 正在愈合的伤口 皮肤处于术后恢复期或存在严重粉刺 晒伤 皮肤感染 皮肤癌 发炎 湿疹 牛皮癣 对尼龙过敏等皮肤病或皮肤过敏, 请勿使用本产品 - 如果您正在服用类固醇类药物, 请勿使用该产品 - 如果您的面部带有穿环, 则需卸下穿环后再使用产品或确保不要在穿环上或附近使用产品 - 请确保使用期间没有任何松散的头发缠入附件, 对此, 您可以佩戴头箍 扎住头发或用手将头发向后挽

24 24 简体中文 - 如果您戴有首饰或眼镜, 则需取下后再使用产品或确保不要在首饰或眼镜上或附近使用产品 - 请勿将本产品与自制洁面乳 护肤霜 精油或含有刺激性化学物质或去死皮微粒的化妆品一起使用 - 前几次使用本产品或使用新型附件时, 请选择强度设置 1 如果您的皮肤未出现任何刺激反应, 则可以选择强度设置 2 您的皮肤可能需要一段时间来适应新的护理方式, 这正如其平常适应新的护肤产品一样 - 如果您的设备配有带智能刷头识别科技标签的智能附件, 请遵循其单页中所述的使用说明 概述 - 请注意, 在一年之中, 皮肤状况是有变化的 面部皮肤在冬季会更干燥 这种情况下, 请根据皮肤的实际需要, 减少护理时间或频率 - 定期清洁本产品可确保最佳的效果和更长的产品使用寿命 - 此产品符合国际认可的 IEC 安全规范, 可在淋浴过程中安全使用, 可直接用自来水冲洗 - 本产品配有一个自动电压选择器, 适合 100 至 240 伏范围内的电源电压

25 简体中文 25 电磁场 (EMF) 本飞利浦设备符合所有有关暴露于电磁场的适用标准和法规 功能 智能刷头识别科技 VisaPure Advanced 具有智能刷头识别科技功能 VisaPure 随附的每个附件均具有专用的旋转和振动级别 连接不同的智能附件并启动产品时, 产品会识别智能附件 您会听到一声蜂鸣, 并且强度设置指示灯会交替闪烁 然后, 设备激活使用 ( 图 3) 中的附件自定义程序 强度设置 您可以根据个人喜好选择 2 种不同的强度设置 - 强度设置 1 用于轻柔护理 ( 图 4) - 强度设置 2 用于强力护理 首次使用产品时, 建议您选择强度设置 1 如果您的皮肤未出现任何刺激反应, 则可以选择强度设置 2 注意 : 您的皮肤可能需要需要一段时间来适应新的护理方式, 这正如其平常适应新的护肤产品一样 配有智能刷头识别科技标签的智能附件可能需要其他护理设置 请查阅不同附件的单页, 以了解建议的护理设置, 或者访问 皮肤区定时器 皮肤区定时器指示何时需将产品移至其他皮肤区 有关皮肤区的更多信息, 请参见 使用刷头 一章 使用刷头 您可以在水槽前或沐浴时使用 VisaPure Advanced 建议您结合自己喜爱的洁面乳使用刷头 您可以每天使用 VisaPure Advanced 洁面两次 其他类型附件可能需要按其他护理频率使用 请查阅不同型号附件的单页, 以了解建议的护理频率, 或者访问

26 26 简体中文 使用 VisaPure Advanced 清洁面部 皮肤分区 面部可分为两个区域 : U 区 ( 脸颊 下巴以及鼻子和上唇之间的部位 ) 和 T 区 ( 前额和鼻子 ) 始终按以下顺序逐个护理这两个区域 ( 图 5): 1 右颊 下巴以及鼻子和上唇之间的部位 2 左颊 下巴以及鼻子和上唇之间的部位 3 前额和鼻子清洁程序 清洁程序包含 3 段 秒的护理期 确切持续期间取决于您所用的刷头类型, 因此, 请查阅附件单页, 了解建议的护理期 VisaPure Advanced 智能刷头的护理期可定制且因人而异 为确保最佳性能, 请从右颊开始护理, 再在 秒后换至左颊 用最后 秒护理前额和鼻子 ( 图 ) 提示 : 您还可以用 VisaPure Advanced 清洁刷头清洁颈部和颈肩部 注意 : VisaPure Essential 没有智能刷头识别科技功能, 因此不会识别智能附件的定制设置 注意 : 请勿在眼睛周围的敏感皮肤部位使用刷头 提示 : 开启产品后, 如果您想更改附件的旋转方向, 则可以按住按钮直至旋转方向发生改变 清洁步骤 1 将刷头推入连接端子, 直至其锁定到位 ( 可听到 咔哒 一声 ). ( 图 7) 2 用水湿润洁面刷头 切勿在洁面刷头干燥的情况下使用产品, 否则可能会刺激皮肤 3 用水润湿面部, 并将洁面乳涂抹到脸上 4 将刷头置于右颊 5 按一下开 / 关按钮打开产品 产品以强度设置 1 开始工作 如果要使用强度设置 2, 则需按两次开 / 关按钮 按三次可以关闭产品或等待产品自动 ( 图 8) 关闭 6 在鼻子至耳朵的皮肤上轻轻地移动刷头 ( 图 ) 提示 : 请勿太过用力地将刷头压在皮肤上, 以确保舒适护理 7 可将面部划分为不同区 智能皮肤区定时器通过短暂暂停告诉您何时将产品移至下一皮肤区 ( 图 10)

27 简体中文 秒后, 产品会暂停片刻, 提示您须移动产品 轻轻将刷头从左向右 ( 图 11) 移动 产品会在完成整个面部程序后自动停止 注意 : 建议您不要过度清洁, 任何部位的清洁时间不要超过 20 秒钟 9 护理后, 洗脸并擦干 现在您可以进行日常面部护肤的下一步了 10 请用水和中性肥皂清洁刷头, 然后将其以正确方式晾干 清洁 切勿使用钢丝球 研磨性清洁剂或腐蚀性液体 ( 例如汽油或丙酮 ) 来清洁本产品 清洁产品和刷头 开始清洁之前, 确保产品电源已关闭 每次使用后, 用水和中性肥皂彻底冲洗产品和刷头, 以确保最佳性能 1 在水龙头下用温水 ( 最高 40ºC/104ºF) 和中性肥皂 ( 图 12) 冲洗产品和刷头 2 从产品 ( 图 13) 上取下刷头 3 每周 ( 图 14) 至少一次直接在水龙头下冲洗刷头的底部和产品的连接端子 4 用毛巾擦干刷头和产品 5 将附件搁在存储板 ( 如有 ) 上, 将其晾干 您还可以将附件搁在未装保护盖的充电座中的手柄上, 将其晾干 清洁适配器和充电座 危险 : 务必保持适配器干燥 切勿放在水龙头下冲洗, 也不要浸入水中 1 在清洁产品时, 应确保已取下适配器 只能用干布擦拭 2 清洁产品 ( 图 15) 前, 请始终从电源适配器拔下充电座 3 可用湿布清洁充电座 充电座干燥后再将产品重新连接到适配器 ( 图 16) 充电 为产品充电 为产品充电大约需要 6 小时 充满电的产品至少可以使用 2 周而无需充电

28 28 简体中文 1 确保产品电源已关闭 2 将小插头插入充电座 (1) 的插座中 将电源适配器插入电源插座 ( 图 17) (2) 3 取下保护盖 ( 图 18) 4 将产品竖直放入充电座, 确保产品已放置正确 ( 图 19) 5 充电指示灯呈白色闪烁, 表示产品正在充电 电池充满电时, 充电指示灯将呈白色持续亮起 30 分钟 ( 图 20) 电量不足指示 电池电量即将用尽时, 充电指示灯会呈琥珀色闪烁 15 秒 电池仍有足够电量来完成整个护理过程 ( 图 21) 存放 - 将产品存放在充电座 ( 图 22) 中 - 要水平存放产品, 请将其放在其防滚棱 ( 图 23) 上 - 您可以将刷头存放在存储板 ( 图 24) 中 ( 仅限特定型号 ) - 如果您在旅行时随身携带产品, 请将保护盖盖在干刷头上, 以保护刷 头的刷毛 ( 图 25) 注意 : 切勿将保护盖盖在湿刷头上 - 将产品放入旅行软袋 ( 图 26) 中 ( 仅限特定型号 ) 刷头更换 损坏的刷头或磨损的刷毛可能刺激皮肤 为确保肌肤护理程序清洁卫生, 建议每 3 个月更换一次刷头, 如果刷毛出现变形或损坏, 则应提前更换 替换刷头可从我们的网站 或您购买飞利浦 VisaPure Advanced 的商店购得 如果您购买替换刷头有困难, 请联系您所在国家 / 地区的飞利浦客户服务中心 可在全球保修卡中找到其详细联系信息 您还可以访问 其他附件 如果想了解有关适用于特定肌肤护理需求的其他类型刷头的详情, 请访问 获取相关信息 回收 - 弃置本产品时, 请不要将其与一般生活垃圾放在一起, 应将其交给政府指定的回收中心 这样做将有利于环保

29 简体中文 29 拆下充电电池 警告 : 仅在丢弃产品时取出充电电池 在取出电池时请确保电池电量已耗尽 1 从充电座取出产品, 开启产品并让产品一直运转, 直到一分钟后产品关闭 重复此操作, 直至充电电池电量耗尽 2 在银色环和防滚棱之间插入小平头螺丝刀, 橇松产品的顶部部件 小心地从外壳 ( 图 27) 中拉出带电池舱的顶部部件 3 从电池舱中取出充电电池 警告 : 请勿尝试更换充电电池 警告 : 取出充电电池后, 不要再将本产品与电源相连. 保修和支持 如需信息或支持, 请访问 或阅读国际保修卡 故障种类和处理方法 本章归纳了使用本产品时最常见的一些问题 如果您无法根据以下信息解决问题, 请访问 查阅常见问题列表, 或联系 您所在国家 / 地区的客户服务中心 问题解决方法 我不知道本产品是否适合我的皮肤 产品不能充电 如果皮肤出现干燥皲裂 开放伤 正在愈合的伤口 皮肤处于术后恢复期或存在严重粉刺 晒伤 皮肤感染 皮肤癌 发炎 湿疹 牛皮癣等皮肤病或皮肤过敏, 请勿使用本产品 如果您正在服用类固醇类药物, 请勿使用本产品 参阅章节 为产品充电 以将产品正确插入充电座 确保产品所连接的插座供电正常 检查产品触针是否与充电座上的触针正确接触 如果您使用浴室中的插座, 则可能需要通过开灯来接通插座电源 如果产品上充电灯仍未亮起或者产品仍然没有充电, 则将其送至 Philips 经销商或最近的 Philips 服务中心

30 30 简体中文 产品无法工作 我不知道哪款刷头可与 VisaPure Advanced 配合使用 确保您已正确按下开 / 关按钮 根据本用户手册中的说明为产品充电 确认是否存在电源故障, 电源插座是否有电 检查产品上的充电指示灯是否亮起, 以确保产品正在充电 如果充电指示灯仍未亮起或者产品仍然无法工作, 请将其送至 Philips 经销商或最近的 Philips 服务中心 所有标准或智能洁面刷头 焕发新生按摩刷头以及清新双眸刷头均可与 VisaPure Advanced 配合使用 要了解有关 VisaPure 附件系列的更多信息, 请参阅我们的网站 或咨询您购买 Philips VisaPure Advanced 的商店 如果您获取替换刷头的信息有困难, 请联系您所在国家 / 地区的飞利浦客户服务中心 可在全球保修卡中找到其详细联系信息 您还可以访问 感觉刷头太粗糙 我不知道刷头可与哪款清洁产品配合使用 智能刷头是否与所有 VisaPure 型号兼容? 如果感觉刷头太粗糙, 建议您先使用一款专为敏感或超敏感皮肤开发的刷头 敏感和超敏感刷头的刷毛更柔软 建议您在敏感皮肤上使用敏感刷头, 在超敏感和干性皮肤上使用超敏感刷头 为向您的敏感肌肤提供最佳护理, 建议您使用智能敏感刷头 通过刷头中的智能刷头识别科技标签, 可以专为您的柔嫩皮肤定制洁面刷设置, 采用更低级别的旋转 震动以及更短的护理时间 设定适合您肌肤的强度, 享受适应您的需求的定制刷头所带来的好处 建议您使用自己喜爱的洁面乳清洁肌肤 您可以使用清洁凝胶 泡沫 精油 牛奶或乳液 请勿使用带微粒的磨砂膏或凝胶 智能刷与所有 VisaPure 型号均可兼容 但我们建议将其与 VisaPure Advanced 配合使用, 这是因为, 通过 VisaPure Advanced 中的智能刷头识别科技功能, 智能刷将启动按您的皮肤需求调整的定制洁面程序 智能刷头还可在 VisaPure Essential 上使用, 但其程序与标准刷所采用的程序类似, 通常费时 1 分钟 在 VisaPure Essential 上使用智能刷头不会令您额外受益

31 简体中文 31 智能刷和标准刷之间有什么不同? 智能刷头内部整合了智能刷头识别科技标签, 这使其能够为您按特定皮肤类型安排定制程序, 以便就您的皮肤类型取得更好护肤效果 得益于 VisaPure Advanced 中的智能刷头识别科技功能, 本产品可识别智能刷头, 并将启动具有专门的旋转 震动和程序时长设置的特定程序 标准刷头未整合智能刷头识别科技智能刷头识别科技标签, 将始终使用标准的 1 分钟程序 智能刷头与所有 VisaPure 型号兼容, 但为了获得最佳使用效果, 建议您将其与 VisaPure Advanced 配合使用以发挥最大效用 标准刷头与 VPA 和 VPE 均可兼容

32 32 繁體中文 簡介 感謝您購買本產品 歡迎來到飛利浦的世界! 為充分享受飛利浦為您提供的好處, 請至下列位址註冊產品 : VisaPure Advanced 擁有各式好處與優點, 助您打造出極致煥采活力清爽美肌 本產品配備 Intelligent Head Recognition, 不僅能夠辨識出安裝的刷頭種類, 還可自動啟動自訂式 DualMotion 設定, 提供專屬的旋轉和震動幅度 您可以因此獲得絕佳的護膚效果! VisaPure Advanced 隨附的刷頭組能輕鬆融入日常的護膚程序 所有刷頭均可搭配您現在的護膚產品使用, 如洗面乳 乳霜 護膚油與精華液 本使用手冊包含本產品的使用說明以及有關建議清潔程序的資訊 您會在包裝盒中看見其他配件使用資訊及指示說明 為什麼要清潔? 清潔是日常護膚程序中非常重要的一環, VisaPure Advanced 清潔皮膚的效果比使用雙手清潔更好 * 它能徹底清潔您的肌膚, 去除老廢皮膚細胞與化妝品 經研究發現, 使用 VisaPure Advanced 後, 肌膚會更能吸收護膚產品 因此, 開始使用 VisaPure Advanced 以後, 您的肌膚將常保潔淨柔嫩 * 2015 年在荷蘭針對 15 名女性所進行的內部調查 一般說明 ( 圖 1) 1 握柄 2 充電指示燈, 具備電力不足顯示功能 3 強度設定指示燈 - 強度設定 1 - 強度設定 2 4 開關按鈕 5 連接插座 6 充電插座 7 防滾動突出物 8 刷頭 9 小插頭插座 10 保護蓋 11 充電座 12 小插頭 13 電源轉換器

33 繁體中文 旅行袋 ( 限特定 Visapure 機型 ) 15 收納多層袋 ( 限特定 Visapure 機型 ) 16 清爽眼部護理刷頭 ( 限特定 Visapure 機型 ) 17 活力滾輪按摩頭 ( 限特定 Visapure 機型 ) 重要事項 在使用本產品前, 請先仔細閱讀本使用手冊, 並保留使用手冊以供日後參考 危險 - 電源轉換器請保持乾燥 警示 - 为电池充电, 请使用提供的可拆卸电源 电源参考号码 SWW2082 或 SWW 如果產品本身 配件或轉換器損壞或破損, 則請勿使用以免受傷 - 如果轉換器損壞, 請務必使用原型號的轉換器更換, 以免發生危險 - 電源轉換器內含一個變壓器 請勿切斷電源轉換器而以其他的插頭取代, 否則會造成危險 - 至少每 3 個月為產品充飽電力一次, 以維持電池壽命 - 本產品不適合供下列人士 ( 包括孩童 ) 使用 : 身體官能或心智能力退化者, 或是經驗與使用知識缺乏者 他們需要有負責其安全的人員在旁監督, 或指示產品的使用方法, 方可使用 - 孩童使用本產品須有人監督, 以免孩童將本產品當成玩具

34 34 繁體中文 - 請勿將金屬物品插入小插頭, 以避免短路 警告 - 僅可依本使用手冊說明使用 Philips 提供的 VisaPure 配件 - 基於衛生考量, 我們建議您不要和其他人共用本產品及刷頭 - 請勿以高於淋浴溫度 ( 最高 40 C/104 F) 的水溫清洗本產品 - 請勿使用洗碗機來清潔本產品或任何零件 - 請在溫度介於 10 C/50 F 至 40 C/104 F 間的環境中充電 使用及收納本產品 - 請勿將本產品用於有裂口的皮膚 開放性傷口 癒合中傷口 手術後恢復中的皮膚上, 或者如您患有皮膚疾病或皮膚刺痛 ( 例如嚴重的面皰粉刺 曬傷 皮膚感染 皮膚癌 發炎 濕疹 牛皮癬或尼龍過敏 ) 時, 也請勿使用本產品 - 如果您正在服用類固醇藥物, 則請勿使用本產品 - 如果您的臉部有穿環, 請在使用本產品前取下穿環, 或確保您不會在穿環部位或其周圍使用本產品 - 在使用過程中, 請使用髮帶 綁住頭髮或用手將頭髮固定在後方, 以避免頭髮卡入配件中

35 繁體中文 35 - 如果您配戴珠寶或眼鏡, 請在使用本產品前將其取下, 或確保您不會在珠寶或眼鏡配戴部位或其周圍使用本產品 - 請勿將本產品與自製洗面乳 乳霜 護膚油或含有刺激性化學物質或質地較粗的化妝品一起使用 - 開始使用本產品的前幾次或換用新類型的配件時, 請選擇強度設定 1 如果您沒有感覺皮膚出現任何反應, 則可以開始使用本產品的強度設定 2 您的皮膚可能需要適應新的療程, 就如同皮膚通常必須適應新的護膚產品 - 如果您的產品包含具備 NFC 標籤的智慧型配件, 請依照配件說明文件的指示使用 一般 - 請注意, 皮膚的狀況因季節變換而異 臉部肌膚在冬天可能會比較乾燥 這種情況下, 您可能必須根據皮膚需求, 減少使用的時間或頻率 - 定期清潔本產品可確保最佳效果, 並延長產品的使用壽命 - 本產品符合國際公認的 IEC 安全標準, 可以在淋浴時安全使用, 也可安全地直接在水龍頭下清洗

36 36 繁體中文 - 本產品配備有自動電壓選擇器, 適用 100 到 240 伏特的插座電壓 電磁波 (EMF) 本飛利浦裝置符合所有電磁波暴露的相關適用標準和法規 功能 Intelligent Head Recognition VisaPure Advanced 具備 Intelligent Head Recognition VisaPure 隨附的每個配件皆有特定程度的旋轉與震動 當您連接不同的智慧型配件以及開啟產品電源時, 產品就會辨識該智慧型配件 您將聽到嗶聲, 強度設定指示燈會交互閃爍 接下來, 本產品會啟動適用於使用中 ( 圖 3) 配件的自訂設定 強度設定 本產品提供 2 種不同的強度設定, 您可根據個人喜好來選擇 - 強度設定 1 為溫和療程 ( 圖 4) - 強度設定 2 為強效療程 第一次使用本產品時, 我們建議您選擇強度設定 1 如果您沒有感覺皮膚出現任何反應, 則可以開始使用本產品的強度設定 2 注意 : 您的皮膚可能需要適應新的療程, 就如同皮膚通常必須適應新的護膚產品 具備 NFC 標籤的智慧型配件可能需要其他療程設定 請參閱各種不同配件的說明文件以了解建議的療程設定, 或請瀏覽 肌膚分區計時器 肌膚分區計時器會顯示您何時需要將產品移動到另一個皮膚部位 如需有關肌膚分區的更多資訊, 請參閱 使用刷頭 單元 使用刷頭 您可以在洗手台前或淋浴時使用 VisaPure Advanced 我們建議您搭配您最愛的洗面乳來使用刷頭 一天可用 VisaPure Advanced 清潔臉部兩次 其他類型的配件可能需要不同的療程頻率 請參閱各種不同類型配件的說明文件以了解建議的療程頻率, 或請瀏覽

37 繁體中文 37 使用 VisaPure Advanced 進行臉部清潔 皮膚部位 臉部可區分為兩個部位 : U 字部位 ( 臉頰 下巴和鼻子與上唇之間的部位 ) 及 T 字部位 ( 額頭和鼻子 ) 請依序分別護理上述兩個區域 ( 圖 5): 1 右臉頰 下巴以及鼻子與上唇之間的部位 2 左臉頰 下巴以及鼻子與上唇之間的部位 3 額頭和鼻子 清潔設定 清潔設定包含 3 組療程, 每組療程時間為 15 至 20 秒 實際的療程時間依據您的刷頭類型而定, 因此請參考配件的說明文件以了解建議的療程時間 VisaPure Advanced 智慧刷頭的療程時間可以自訂, 每個人都可以有不同的療程時間 為達到最佳效果, 請從右臉頰開始, 然後在 秒後更換至左側臉頰 在額頭和鼻子 ( 圖 ) 使用 秒, 以進行護理 提示 : 您也可以使用 VisaPure Advanced 清潔刷頭清潔肩頸前胸 注意 : VisaPure Essential 不具備 Intelligent Head Recognition, 因此無法識別智慧型配件的自訂設定 注意 : 請勿將刷頭用於眼睛周圍的敏感肌膚區域 提示 : 如果在開啟本產品電源之後, 您想要改變配件的旋轉方向, 可以按住按鈕直到旋轉方向改變 清潔程序 1 將刷頭推入連接插座, 直到聽到 喀噠 一聲完全卡入定位為止. ( 圖 7) 2 請以清水沾濕刷頭 請勿使用乾刷頭直接清潔皮膚, 這樣可能會刺激肌膚 3 以水潤溼您的臉部, 然後在臉部抹上洗面乳 4 將刷頭放在右臉頰上 5 按一下開 / 關 (On/Off) 按鈕, 開啟產品電源 產品一開始以強度設定 1 運作 如果您想要改用強度設定 2, 請按開關按鈕兩次 按三次可關閉產品電源或等待產品自動 ( 圖 8) 關閉 6 輕輕在皮膚表面移動刷頭, 從鼻子往耳朵 ( 圖 ) 移動

38 38 繁體中文 提示 : 為確保使用過程舒適, 請勿將刷頭用力壓於皮膚上 7 臉部可區分為不同的部位 : 智慧型肌膚分區計時器可透過短暫的暫停, 讓您知道何時應該移動至下一個肌膚部位 ( 圖 10) 秒後, 本產品會短暫停頓, 讓您知道您必須移動產品 請從左至右 ( 圖 11) 輕輕在皮膚表面移動刷頭 本產品在完成整個臉部的療程後, 會自動暫停 注意 : 建議您不要過度清潔, 也請勿在任何部位清潔超過 20 秒 9 療程結束後, 請洗淨並擦乾臉部 這時您便可以進行日常臉部護膚程序的下一個步驟了 10 以清水與軟性肥皂清潔刷頭, 並等待其充分乾燥 清潔 絕對不可使用鋼絲絨 磨蝕性的清潔劑或侵蝕性的液體 ( 例如汽油或丙酮 ) 清潔本產品 清潔本產品及刷頭 在您開始進行清潔之前, 請確定將產品的電源關閉 每次使用後請用水及軟性肥皂徹底清洗產品及刷頭, 以確保最佳效能 1 將產品與刷頭放在水龍頭下, 以溫水及軟性肥皂 ( 圖 12) 加以清洗 ( 最高 40ºC/104ºF) 2 將刷頭從產品 ( 圖 13) 中取出 3 請在水龍頭下清潔刷頭底部和產品的連接插座, 每週 ( 圖 14) 至少清洗一次 4 以毛巾擦乾刷頭與產品 5 將配件放入收納多層袋 ( 如果有 ) 並待其乾燥 您也可以將配件留在把手上並放置於充電座, 不蓋上保護蓋, 待其乾燥 清潔轉換器和充電座 危險 : 請隨時將轉換器保持乾燥 切勿在水龍頭下沖洗轉換器, 或將轉換器浸泡到水中 1 清潔時, 請確保先將轉換器拔離電源插座 只能用乾布擦拭轉換器 2 進行清潔前, 請務必拔離與轉換器連接的充電座 3 您可以使用濕布來清潔充電座 重新將充電座連接至轉換器 ( 圖 16) 前, 請先擦乾充電座

39 繁體中文 39 充電 為產品充電 本產品充電時間約需 6 小時 充飽電的產品至少可以使用 2 週, 其間無需充電 1 確定關閉本產品的電源 2 將小插頭插入充電座 (1) 的電源插孔 將電源轉換器插入插座 ( 圖 17) (2) 3 卸下保護蓋 ( 圖 18) 4 請將產品直立插入充電座, 確認其妥善 ( 圖 19) 放置 5 充電指示燈閃白光, 表示產品正在充電 當電池充飽電力後, 充電指示燈會持續亮白光 30 分鐘 ( 圖 20) 電量不足指示燈 電池電力即將用盡時, 充電指示燈會閃爍黃光 15 秒 此時電池仍有足夠電力能完成療程 ( 圖 21) 存放 - 請將本產品保存在充電座 ( 圖 22) 中 - 如果要水平收納, 請將本產品放置在其防滾動突出物 ( 圖 23) 上 - 您可以將刷頭收納在收納多層袋 ( 圖 24) ( 限特定機型 ) 內 - 如果您旅行時隨身攜帶本產品, 請將保護蓋蓋在乾燥的刷頭上, 以保 護刷頭的刷毛 ( 圖 25) 注意 : 切勿將保護蓋蓋在潮濕的刷頭上 - 將本產品存放在旅行收納袋 ( 圖 26) ( 限特定機型 ) 內 更換刷頭 損壞的刷頭或磨損的刷毛會造成皮膚刺痛 為確保護膚療程符合衛生, 建議每 3 個月更換一次刷頭, 若刷毛已經變形或損壞, 則應盡早更換 您可以在我們的網站 或當初購買飛利浦 VisaPure Advanced 的商店購買替換刷頭 如果您在購買替換刷頭上遇到任何困難, 請聯絡您所在國家 / 地區的飛利浦客戶服務中心, 您可以在全球保證書上找到聯絡詳細資料 您也可以造訪

40 40 繁體中文 其他配件 如果您想要深入了解針對特定護膚需求所提供的刷頭類型, 請造訪 以了解相關資訊 回收 - 本產品使用壽命結束時請勿與一般家庭廢棄物一併丟棄 請將該產品放置於政府指定的回收站, 此舉能為環保盡一份心力 取出充電式電池 警告 : 請僅在棄置本產品前取出充電式電池 取出電池前, 請確認其電力已完全耗盡 1 將本產品從充電座取下, 開啟產品電源並讓其不斷運作, 直到一分鐘後產品自動關閉電源為止 重複這樣的操作, 直到充電式電池耗盡電力 2 將小型平頭螺絲起子插入銀色環圈與防滾動突出物之間, 然後撬開產品頂部 小心地將頂端部分與電池固定座從外殼 ( 圖 27) 中拉出 3 從電池固定座取出充電式電池 警告 : 請勿嘗試更換充電式電池 警告 : 取出充電式電池後, 請勿再次將產品連接至電源. 保固與支援 如需資訊或支援, 請造訪 : 或參閱全球保固說明書 疑難排解 本章概述了使用本產品最常遇到的問題 如果無法利用以下資訊解決遇到的問題, 請造訪 瀏覽常見問題清單, 或聯絡 您所在國家 / 地區的飛利浦客戶服務中心 問題解決方法 我不知道此產品是否適合我的肌膚使用 請勿將本產品用於乾裂皮膚 開放性傷口 癒合中傷口 手術後恢復中的皮膚上, 或者若您患有皮膚疾病或皮膚刺痛 ( 例如嚴重的面皰粉刺 曬傷 皮膚感染 皮膚癌 發炎 濕疹或牛皮癬 ) 時, 請勿使用本產品 如果您正在服用類固醇藥物, 也請勿使用本產品

41 繁體中文 41 產品無法充電 產品無法運作 我不知道 VisaPure Advanced 可使用那些刷頭 刷頭對我的皮膚好像太過刺激 我不知道刷頭該搭配哪種清潔產品 請參閱 為產品充電 單元, 了解如何正確將產品插入充電座 請確認產品連接的插座是否正常供電 檢查產品上的接觸接腳與充電座的接點是否正確密合 如果您使用浴室櫥櫃的插座, 可能必須打開電燈才能啟動插座供電 如果產品上的充電指示燈仍未亮起或產品仍舊無法充電, 請將本產品送至您的飛利浦經銷商或最近的飛利浦服務中心 請確認您已正確按下開關按鈕 請根據本使用手冊中的說明為產品充電 檢查是否停電以及牆上插座是否正常運作 檢查產品上的充電指示燈是否亮起, 以確定產品是否正在充電 如果指示燈並未亮起, 或者產品仍舊無法運作, 請將本產品送至您的飛利浦經銷商或最近的飛利浦服務中心 所有標準型或智慧型清潔刷頭 舒活按摩刷頭及清爽眼部護理刷頭, 都可搭配 VisaPure Advanced 使用 若要進一步了解 VisaPure 的各種配件, 請瀏覽我們的網站 或洽詢您當初購買 Philips VisaPure Advanced 的商店 如果您在取得替換刷頭的資訊時遇到任何困難, 請聯絡您所在國家 / 地區的飛利浦客戶服務中心, 您可以在全球保證書上找到聯絡詳細資料 您可以瀏覽 如果您感到刷頭過於刺激, 我們建議您先從敏感膚質或超敏感膚質刷頭開始使用 敏感膚質與超敏感膚質刷頭的刷毛較柔軟 建議您針對敏感肌膚使用敏感膚質刷頭, 並於特別敏感且乾燥的肌膚使用超敏感膚質刷頭 為了讓您的敏感膚質獲得最佳療程, 我們建議您使用智慧型敏感肌刷頭 在刷頭內的 NFC 標籤的輔助下, 此刷頭具有較溫和的旋轉 震動和療程時間, 完全為您的敏弱肌量身打造 盡情享受依個人需求客製的刷頭, 搭配您的膚質, 使用最適合的強度等級 我們建議您使用您最喜愛的洗面乳清潔肌膚 您可以使用清潔凝膠 泡沫 潔膚油 乳霜或乳液 請勿使用去角質霜或含有顆粒的凝膠類產品

42 42 繁體中文 智慧型刷頭是否相容於所有 VisaPure 型號? 智慧型刷頭與標準刷頭之間的差異為何? 智慧型刷頭相容於所有 VisaPure 型號 但是, 我們建議搭配 VisaPure Advanced 使用, 因為 VisaPure Advanced 具備 Intelligent Head Recognition 功能, 智慧型刷頭將根據您的肌膚需求啟動自訂清潔設定 智慧型刷頭也可用於 VisaPure Essential, 但是設定會類似標準刷頭, 並進行 1 分鐘的一般療程 如果將智慧型刷頭用於 VisaPure Essential, 將無法發揮刷頭特有的優點 智慧型刷頭內建 NFC 標籤, 因此可提供針對特定肌膚類型的自訂設定, 讓您的肌膚類型獲得最佳的療程結果 因為 VisaPure Advanced 具備 Intelligent Head Recognition 功能, 所以可以辨識智慧型刷頭, 啟動專屬的旋轉 震動和持續時間的特定設定 標準刷頭不具備內建的 NFC 標籤, 只能執行標準 1 分鐘療程 智慧型刷頭相容於所有 VisaPure 型號, 但是為了獲得最佳效果, 我們建議您搭配 VisaPure Advanced 使用以充分發揮刷頭的優點 標準刷頭相容於 VPA 與 VPE 保留备用 发行日期 : 2016/07/07

43 한국의 43 소개 필립스제품을구입해주셔서감사합니다! 필립스가드리는지원혜택을최대한누리시려면 에서제품을등록하십시오. VisaPure Advanced 가드리는다양한혜택을통해빛나고활력이넘치는상쾌한피부로가꾸어보십시오. 제품에는 Intelligent Head Recognition 기능이있어헤드의종류를자동으로인식한후이에적합한회전및진동속도의 Customized DualMotion 프로그램이작동합니다. 이를통해최고의스킨케어효과를누리실수있습니다. VisaPure Advanced 는일상적인스킨케어에쉽게적용할수있는여러종류의브러시헤드와함께제공됩니다. 모든브러시헤드는사용하시는스킨케어제품 ( 클렌저, 크림, 오일및세럼 ) 과함께사용할수있습니다. 이사용설명서에는기기사용지침과추천클렌징과정의정보가포함되어있습니다. 제품상자안에는다른어태치먼트의사용정보및지침이적혀있는별도의제품안내서가들어있습니다. 클렌징의중요성 클렌징은일상적인스킨케어에서가장기본적인부분입니다. VisaPure Advanced 를통해손세안보다더효과적인클렌징이가능합니다 *. 꼼꼼하게클렌징할뿐만아니라각질및메이크업잔여물도제거해줍니다. 연구조사결과 VisaPure Advanced 를사용한후에스킨케어제품이더잘흡수되는것을알수있었습니다. 그러므로 VisaPure Advanced 를사용함으로써깨끗하고부드러운피부를경험할수있습니다. * 2015 년네덜란드에서 15 명의여성을대상으로한내부연구 구성품명칭 ( 그림 1) 1 핸들 2 충전표시등및배터리부족표시등 3 강도설정표시등 - 강도설정 1 - 강도설정 2 4 전원버튼 5 연결핀 6 충전핀 7 굴림방지걸이

44 44 한국의 8 브러시헤드 9 소형플러그콘센트 10 보호캡 11 충전대 12 전원플러그 13 어댑터 14 여행용파우치 ( 특정 VisaPure 모델만해당 ) 15 보관거치대 ( 특정 VisaPure 모델만해당 ) 16 프레쉬아이헤드 ( 특정 VisaPure 모델만해당 ) 17 리바이탈라이징마사지헤드 ( 특정 VisaPure 모델만해당 ) 중요사항 본제품을사용하기전에이사용설명서를주의깊게읽고나중에참조할수있도록잘보관하십시오. 주의 - 어댑터에물이묻지않도록주의하십시오. 경고 - 배터리를충전하려면제품과함께제공된분리형전원공급장치 (SSW-2082/SSW-2600) 만사용해야합니다. - 제품, 액세서리또는어댑터가손상되거나고장난경우사용하지마십시오. 부상의위험이있습니다. - 어댑터가손상된경우위험할수있으므로반드시정품으로교체하여사용하십시오. - 어댑터에는변압기가내장되어있습니다. 위험할수있으므로, 어댑터를잘라내고다른플러그로교체하지마십시오. - 배터리수명을유지하려면적어도 3 개월에한번씩제품을완전히충전하십시오. - 신체적인감각및인지능력이떨어지거나경험과지식이풍부하지않은성인및어린이는혼자제품을사용하지말고제품사용과관련하여안전에책임질수있도록지시사항을충분히숙지한사람의도움을받으십시오. - 어린이가제품을가지고놀지못하도록지도해주십시오. - 누전을방지하기위해전원플러그콘센트에금속이포함된물질을삽입하지마십시오.

45 한국의 45 주의 - 반드시사용설명서에따라필립스의 VisaPure 어태치먼트를사용하십시오. - 위생상제품및헤드를다른사람과함께사용하지않는것이좋습니다. - 샤워시에사용하는물의온도보다뜨거운물 ( 최대 40 C/104 F) 로제품을세척하지마십시오. - 제품이나부품을식기세척기로세척하지마십시오. - 제품은 10 C - 40 C(50 F F) 사이의온도로충전, 사용및보관하시기바랍니다. - 갈라진피부나벌어진상처, 치유중인상처, 수술후회복중인피부또는심한여드름, 화상, 감염, 피부암, 염증, 습진, 건선, 나일론알레르기등피부병이나피부질환을앓고있는경우이제품을사용하지마십시오. - 스테로이드기반약물을복용하고있는경우제품을사용하지마십시오. - 얼굴에피어싱을하고있다면제품을사용하기전에제거하거나피어싱이있는부위에는제품을사용하지마십시오.

46 46 한국의 - 헤드밴드를착용하거나손으로머리를뒤로넘겨서사용중느슨한체모가어태치먼트에걸리지않도록주의하십시오. - 안경이나액세서리를착용하고있다면제품사용전에벗거나안경이나액세서리를착용한곳에는사용하지마십시오. - 직접만든클렌저, 크림, 오일또는독한화학성분이나굵은입자가섞인화장품과함께제품을사용하지마십시오. - 제품을처음사용하거나새로운종류의어태치먼트를사용하는경우처음몇번은강도를 1 로설정하십시오. 특별한부작용이없으면강도를 2 로설정하여사용해도좋습니다. 새로운스킨케어제품을사용하는경우와마찬가지로피부가새클렌징에익숙해질필요가있습니다. - 기기에 NFC 태그가포함된지능형어태치먼트가포함된경우별도의제품안내서에설명된사용지침을준수하십시오.

47 한국의 47 일반 - 피부의상태는 1 년내내다릅니다. 겨울철에는얼굴피부가더건조할수있습니다. 이경우사용자피부의상태에따라사용시간이나빈도를줄일수있습니다. - 제품을정기적으로청소하면최적의효과를얻을수있으며제품도더오래사용할수있습니다. - 본제품은국제적으로공인받은 IEC 안전기준을따르고있으며샤워중에도안전하게사용할수있으며물로세척할수있습니다.>>> - 제품에는자동전압선택기능이있으며 100 ~ 240V 범위의전원에서사용할수있습니다. EMF( 전자기장 ) 이기기는 EMF( 전자기장 ) 와관련된모든기준및규정을준수합니다. 기능 Intelligent Head Recognition VisaPure Advanced 에는 Intelligent Head Recognition 이있습니다. VisaPure 에포함된각어태치먼트는특정수준의회전및진동을가지고있습니다. 다른지능형어태치먼트를부착하고제품을켜면해당지능형어태치먼트를인식합니다. 신호음이들리고강도설정표시등이번갈아깜박입니다. 그런다음기기가사용중 ( 그림 3) 인어태치먼트에맞춤화된프로그램을활성화합니다. 강도설정 2 가지강도설정중원하는설정을선택할수있습니다. - 강도 1: 부드러운클렌징 ( 그림 4).

48 48 한국의 - 강도 2: 딥클렌징. 제품을처음사용하는경우강도를 1 로설정하여사용하는것이좋습니다. 특별한부작용이일어나지않으면강도를 2 로설정하여사용해도좋습니다. 참고 : 새스킨케어제품을사용하는경우와마찬가지로피부가새클렌징에익숙해질필요가있습니다. NFC 태그가포함된지능형어태치먼트에는다른클렌징설정이필요할수있습니다. 권고클렌징설정에대한내용은다른어태치먼트의별도제품안내서를참조하거나 을방문하십시오. 스킨존타이머 스킨존타이머가다른피부부위로기기를이동해야할때를알려줍니다. 스킨존에대한자세한정보는 ' 브러시헤드사용 ' 장을참조하십시오. 브러시헤드사용 VisaPure Advanced 는세면대앞이나샤워기아래에서사용할수있습니다. 원하는클렌저와함께브러시헤드를사용하시면됩니다. 하루에두번 VisaPure Advanced 로얼굴을클렌징하십시오. 다른타입의어태치먼트에는다른클렌징빈도가필요할수있습니다. 권고클렌징빈도에대한내용은다른어태치먼트의별도제품안내서를참조하거나 을방문하십시오. VisaPure Advanced 를활용한페이셜클렌징 스킨존 얼굴은 U 존 ( 볼, 턱, 코와윗입술사이 ) 과 T 존 ( 이마, 코 ) 이렇게두부분으로나눌수있습니다. 항상그림 4 와같은순서로존을차례로클렌징합니다. 1 오른쪽볼, 턱, 코와윗입술사이 2 왼쪽볼, 턱, 코와윗입술사이 3 이마와코 클렌징프로그램 클렌징프로그램은 15~20 초씩 3 번의클렌징으로이루어져있습니다. 정확한지속시간은보유하고계신브러시헤드의타입에따라다르므로권고클렌징시간에대한내용은어태치먼트의별도제품안내서를

49 한국의 49 참조하십시오. VisaPure Advanced 지능형브러시헤드의클렌징시간은개인에따라변경되고맞춰집니다. 최상의효과를위해오른쪽볼부터시작해서 15~20 초후에왼쪽볼로옮기십시오. 마지막 15~20 초동안은이마와코를클렌징하면됩니다. 도움말 : VisaPure Advanced 클렌징브러시헤드를목이나어깨에도사용할수있습니다. 참고 : VisaPure Essential 에는인공지능형헤드인식기능이없으므로지능형어태치먼트의맞춤형설정을인식하지못합니다. 참고 : 눈가와같이민감한피부에는브러시헤드를사용하지마십시오. 도움말 : 제품을켠후어태치먼트의회전방향을변경하려면회전방향이변경될때까지버튼을누릅니다. 클렌징절차 1 브러시헤드가 ' 딸깍 ' 소리를내며제자리에고정될때까지브러시헤드를연결핀쪽으로미십시오.. ( 그림 7) 2 브러시헤드를물에적셔주십시오. 피부에자극을줄수있으므로브러시헤드가마른상태에서제품을사용하지마십시오. 3 얼굴을물에적시고클렌저를얼굴에바릅니다. 4 브러시헤드를오른쪽볼에댑니다. 5 전원버튼을한번눌러제품을켜십시오. 제품은강도 1 설정으로작동하기시작합니다. 강도 2 설정을사용하려면전원버튼을두번누르십시오. 전원을끄려면제품의버튼을세번누르거나자동 ( 그림 8) 으로꺼질때까지기다리십시오. 6 코에서귀 ( 그림 9) 까지피부를따라브러시헤드를부드럽게이동합니다. 도움말 : 피부에자극을줄수있으므로브러시헤드를피부에대고너무세게누르지마십시오. 7 얼굴은여러존으로나눌수있습니다. 지능형스킨존타이머에의한일시중지시간으로다음스킨존 ( 그림 ) 으로의이동시간을알수있습니다. 8 15~20 초가지나면제품이일시중지되어제품을이동하도록알려줍니다. 브러시헤드를왼쪽에서오른쪽 ( 그림 ) 으로천천히움직입니다. 얼굴전체에대한프로그램이완료되면제품이자동으로멈춥니다.

50 50 한국의 참고 : 과도한클렌징은권해드리지않습니다. 또한어떤부위든 20 초넘게클렌징하지마십시오. 9 클렌징후에는얼굴을씻고물기를닦습니다. 이것으로클렌징단계는모두마쳤습니다. 10 브러시헤드를물과중성비누로세척한다음완전히말리십시오. 세척 제품을세척할때수세미, 연마성세제나휘발유, 아세톤과같은강력세제를사용하지마십시오. 제품및브러시헤드세척 세척을시작하기전에제품의전원이꺼져있는지확인하십시오. 최적의성능을발휘할수있도록사용후에는항상제품과브러시헤드를중성비누와물로깨끗하게세척하십시오. 1 제품과브러시헤드는중성비누 ( 그림 12) 를사용해따뜻한수돗물 ( 최대 40ºC/104ºF) 로헹구십시오. 2 제품 ( 그림 13) 에서브러시헤드를분리하십시오. 3 브러시헤드하단과제품의연결핀을매주 ( 그림 14) 1 회이상수돗물로세척하십시오. 4 수건으로브러시헤드와제품의물기를닦고말리십시오. 5 어태치먼트를보관거치대 ( 있는경우 ) 에놓고자연건조하십시오. 또한어태치먼트를보호캡없이충전대에있는손잡이에놓고자연건조하십시오. 어댑터및충전대세척 위험 : 어댑터에물이묻지않도록항상주의하십시오. 어댑터를물에담그거나헹구지마십시오. 1 어댑터를세척할때는전원플러그를뽑으십시오. 항상마른천으로닦으십시오. 2 충전대 ( 그림 15) 를세척하기전에항상어댑터에서분리하십시오. 3 젖은천으로충전대를닦을수있습니다. 충전대를어댑터 ( 그림 16) 에다시연결하기전에먼저물기를닦으십시오.

51 한국의 51 충전 제품충전 제품을충전하려면약 6 시간이걸립니다. 완전히충전된제품은최소 2 주동안충전없이사용할수있습니다. 1 제품의전원이꺼져있는지확인합니다. 2 소형플러그를충전대의소켓에꽂으십시오 (1). 어댑터를벽면콘센트 ( 그림 17) 에꽂으십시오 (2). 3 보호용캡 ( 그림 18) 을제거하십시오. 4 제품을충전대에똑바로올려놓고제대로 ( 그림 19) 놓여졌는지확인합니다. 5 충전하는동안에는충전표시등에흰색불이깜박입니다. 배터리가완전히충전되면충전표시등이흰색으로약 30 분 ( 그림 20) 동안켜져있습니다. 배터리전력부족표시등 배터리가거의방전되면충전표시등이 15 초동안황색으로깜박입니다. 이때배터리에는한번시술 ( 그림 21) 할수있을만큼의전력이아직남아있습니다. 보관 - 제품을충전대 ( 그림 22) 에놓아보관하십시오. - 제품을수평상태로보관하려면굴림방지걸이 ( 그림 23) 에끼워놓으십시오. - 보관거치대 ( 그림 24) 에브러시헤드를보관할수도있습니다 ( 특정모델만해당 ). - 여행시제품을휴대하는경우마른브러시헤드에보호캡을씌워브러시헤드모 ( 그림 25) 를보호하십시오. 참고 : 젖은상태에서는브러시헤드에보호캡을씌우지마십시오. - 제품을여행용파우치 ( 그림 26) 에넣어보관하십시오 ( 특정모델만 해당 ). 브러시헤드교체 손상된브러시헤드나마모된브러시모는피부자극을일으킬수있습니다. 위생적인스킨케어를위해 3 개월에한번씩또는브러시모가

52 52 한국의 변형되거나손상되기전에브러시헤드를교체하는것이좋습니다. 교체용브러시헤드는웹사이트 또는필립스 VisaPure Advanced 를구입한매장에서구매할수있습니다. 교체용브러시헤드를구하기어려운경우에는해당국가의필립스고객상담실로문의하십시오. 연락처정보는제품보증서에나와있습니다. 를방문하셔도됩니다. 기타어태치먼트 피부타입별브러시헤드유형에대한자세한내용은 를참조하십시오. 재활용 - 수명이다된제품은일반가정용쓰레기와함께버리지말고지정된재활용품수거장소에버리십시오. 이를준수함으로써환경보호에동참할수있습니다. 충전식배터리를분리하는방법 경고 : 제품을폐기할때에만충전식배터리를분리하십시오. 제거시배터리가완전히소모되었는지확인하십시오. 1 제품을충전대에서분리하고제품전원을켜고 1 분후전원이꺼질때까지제품을작동합니다. 충전식배터리가방전될때까지이과정을반복하십시오. 2 은색링과굴림방지걸이사이에작은일자드라이버를끼우고돌려제품상단부가벌어지게합니다. 배터리함덮개가있는상단부를케이스 ( 그림 27) 에서조심스럽게꺼냅니다. 3 배터리함에서충전식배터리를분리합니다. 경고 : 충전식배터리를교체하지마십시오. 경고 : 충전용배터리를분리한다음에는제품을전원에다시연결하지마십시오.. 품질보증및지원 보다자세한정보나지원이필요한경우에는필립스웹사이트 ( 를방문하거나국제보증리플릿을참조하십시오.

53 한국의 53 문제해결 이장에서는제품을사용하면서접할수있는가장일반적인문제를다룹니다. 아래의정보로문제를해결하지못한경우 (FAQ) 목록을참조하거나해당국가의필립스고객상담실로문의하십시오. 문제점해결책 이제품이내피부에적합한지모르겠습니다. 건조하고갈라진피부나벌어진상처, 치유중인상처, 수술후회복중인피부또는심한여드름, 화상, 감염, 피부암, 염증, 습진, 건선등과같은피부병이나피부질환을앓고있는경우제품을사용하지마십시오. 스테로이드기반약물을복용하고있는경우제품을사용하지마십시오. 제품이충전되지않습니다. 제품이더이상작동하지않습니다. ' 제품충전 ' 란을참조하여제품이충전대에올바르게놓여있는지확인하십시오. 제품을연결한전원에전력이제대로공급되고있는지확인하십시오. 또한제품의접촉핀이충전대의접점과올바르게연결되어있는지확인하십시오. 욕실의콘센트를사용하는경우욕실전등을켜야콘센트에전류가흐르는경우가있습니다. 그래도제품의충전표시등이켜지지않거나제품이충전되지않으면필립스대리점이나가까운필립스서비스센터로가져가문의하십시오. 전원버튼을제대로눌렀는지확인하십시오. 이사용설명서의지침에따라제품을충전하십시오. 정전이되지않았으며콘센트에전원이공급되고있는지확인하십시오. 장치의충전표시등이켜져충전중임을알려주는지확인하십시오. 충전표시등이켜지지않거나제품이계속작동하지않으면필립스대리점또는가까운필립스서비스센터로가져가문의하십시오.

54 54 한국의 어떤브러시헤드를 VisaPure Advanced 에사용해야할지모르겠습니다. 브러시헤드가피부에너무자극적으로느껴집니다. 어떤클렌징제품을브러시헤드에사용해야할지모르겠습니다. 표준또는지능형클렌징브러시헤드, 리바이탈라이징마사지헤드, 프레시아이헤드를비롯한모든종류의브러시헤드를 VisaPure Advanced 에사용할수있습니다. VisaPure 어태치먼트의제품군에대한자세한내용은웹사이트 또는필립스 VisaPure Advanced 를구입한매장에문의하십시오. 브러시헤드교체에대한정보를얻기어려운경우에는해당국가의필립스고객상담실로문의하십시오. 연락처정보는제품보증서에나와있습니다. 또한 를방문할수도있습니다.. 브러시헤드가피부에너무자극적인경우민감한피부용또는아주민감한피부용으로특별하게개발된브러시헤드중하나를사용하는것이좋습니다. 민감한피부용및아주민감한피부용브러시헤드에는더부드러운브러시모가있습니다. 민감한피부에는민감한피부용브러시헤드를사용하고아주민감하고건조한피부에는아주민감한피부용브러시헤드를사용하는것이좋습니다. 민감한피부에가장효과적인클렌징을위해서는지능형민감한피부용브러시헤드를사용하는것이좋습니다. 이브러시는브러시헤드의 NFC 태그에회전, 진동및사용시간이민감한피부에적합한낮은수준으로프로그래밍되어있습니다. 피부에알맞은강도조절을통해맞춤형브러시헤드의혜택을즐기세요. 원하는클렌저를사용하시면됩니다. 클렌징젤, 폼, 오일, 클렌징밀크또는로션을사용할수있습니다. 스크럽크림이나입자가포함되어있는젤은사용하지마십시오.

55 한국의 55 스마트브러시헤드는 VisaPure 모델과호환되나요? 스마트브러시와표준브러시의차이점은무엇입니까? 지능형브러시는 VisaPure 모델과호환됩니다. 그러나지능형브러시는 Intelligent Head Recognition 기능을통해지능형브러시가피부에알맞은맞춤형클렌징프로그램을시작하는 VisaPure Advanced 와함께사용하는것이좋습니다. 또한지능형브러시헤드를 VisaPure Essential 에사용할수도있으나표준브러시의프로그램과유사하며 1 분이소요됩니다. 지능형브러시헤드를 VisaPure Essential 에사용하는경우추가기능은없습니다. 지능형브러시헤드에는 NFC 태그가포함되어있어특정피부타입에맞춤형프로그램을제공하여피부에최상의효과를가져올수있습니다. VisaPure Advanced 의 Intelligent Head Recognition 기능을통해지능형브러시헤드가제품에인식되면회전, 진동, 사용시간이설정된특정프로그램이시작됩니다. 표준브러시헤드에는 NFC 태그가포함되어있지않으므로표준 1 분프로그램이항상실행됩니다. 지능형브러시헤드는모든 VisaPure 모델과호환되지만최적의효과를얻기위해서는비자퓨터어드밴스드 (VisaPure Advanced) 와함께사용하는것이좋습니다. 표준브러시헤드는 VPA 및 VPE 와모두호환됩니다.

56 产品中有害物质的名称及含量 (Pb) (HG) (Cd) (Cr(VI))) (PBB) (PBDE)

57 sec sec sec x 2x 3x OFF 11 max 40 C 104 F hrs



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