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1 North London Collegiate School Jeju SENIOR SCHOOL

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3 Our School is committed to safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children and young people. The School expects all teaching staff, non-teaching staff, volunteers, students and visitors to our school to share and uphold this commitment. If a child cannot feel safe they cannot learn to their full potential. TABLE OF CONTENTS 4 0. Welcome from the Principal Philosophy of NLCS Jeju Term Dates Welcome from the Head of Senior School Academic Staff List Communication 6. Who should I contact? 6.2 Communication guidelines language 6.3 Speaking to your child in boarding 6.4 Monitoring your child s progress Daily Routines (Boarding & Day) Day Students 8. The school day 8.2 School Bus The Curriculum 9. The Curriculum in Years The Curriculum in Years Homework The Co-curricular Programme 0. After-school activities 0.2 The Bryant Programme: Saturday morning 0.3 The House Competition 0.4 Societies and Enterprises 0.5 Trips and Tours 0.6 The Music Conservatory 0.7 Community Action Service 0.8 Engage Activities 0.9 Colours 0.0 Sunday 47. Student Leadership The House System & Boarding 2. The House System 2.2 When should my child arrive at school? 2.3 When should my child leave from school? 2.4 Boarding Policies School Clothing and Equipment Safety and Support 4. Emotional Counsellors 4.2 Child Protection 4.3 Security and Safety 4.4 Medical Information 4.5 The Individual Needs Department Punctuality & Leaving the School Site Rules of the School 6. The Code of Conduct for Students 6.2 The School Rules 6.3 Appearance 6.4 Student Use of Personal Electronics 7 7. Information related to student behaviour 7. Rewards 7.. School Colours and Half-Colours 7.2 Disciplinary Procedure Summary 7.3 Anti-bullying Policy 7.4 Racism Policy 7.5 Student Relationships Policy 7.6 Student Use of and the Internet Fee & Refund Policy The Friends of NLCS Jeju (FONJ) Withdrawals FAQs 03


5 North London Collegiate School Jeju is a school that draws on a long and established history of educational excellence. The pioneering work of Frances Mary Buss, 60 years ago, in North London, paved the way for an exciting and inclusive movement in the education of young women. NLCS UK has gone on to build on this innovative approach to education and prides itself on its clear vision of academic excellence and passion for subject knowledge and integrity, as well as its holistic approach to all aspects of an exceptional education. Here at NLCS Jeju we are building on these foundations to create an optimal environment for our community. If you were to ask current parents why they chose NLCS Jeju, they would tell you that the students here are cheerful, balanced, at ease with themselves and each other - yet excited and enthused by the challenges before them. They might add that we succeed in combining academic excellence with a wealth of co-curricular opportunities, all underpinned by a deep commitment to the individual needs and enthusiasms of each student. As Principal, I believe passionately in the importance of the individual. Every student at NLCS Jeju is valued in their own right, encouraged to develop his/ her talents to the full in a community where there are no stereotypes and where every achievement, however small, is celebrated. This care and focus on the individual extends to our philosophy of pastoral care, where we commit that no child will ever feel unsupported at our school, and that no child will ever slip through the net. Whilst we enjoy excellent facilities in a prime location, it is our people that make our School a special place. Our staff embodies a wide range of experience and a wealth of enthusiasm. Our parents are tremendously supportive and contribute a huge amount of time and energy to supporting our activities and events. Our students throughout the School are a real delight to teach and have a genuine appetite for learning. Paul Friend Principal 5

6 02 PHILOSOPHY of NLCS JEJU We are a school that prides itself on the ambitious education we deliver. In part, this is possible due to the inspiration we draw from our mother school, NLCS UK and the important bond that has developed between the two institutions. We are fortunate that our relationship is genuine and close. We have benefited greatly from NLCS UK carrying out regular inspections and monitoring visits of our school, as well as interviewing and training all our new staff at NLCS UK. As the school has grown and developed, it is inevitable that we have carved out our own identity and we are proud of how this is emulated in our own aims which, whilst rooted in the pioneering work of NLCS UK, have been adjusted to fit our own sense of what makes for a world class, holistic, international education in Korea. Our aims and objectives are true: 6

7 02. AIMS Our aims are based on those of NLCS UK and signal our overall intention and where we aspire to be. 0 To provide an exceptional educational experience, based on the traditions, ethos and practices of North London Collegiate School, UK. 05 To create a home where individuals are nurtured and the whole personality can grow. 02 To provide an ambitious academic education and to enable each student to make the most of their gifts. 06 To foster a caring and respectful community characterised by excellent relationships between staff and students and between the students themselves, of whatever age, culture and background. 03 To maintain a team of teachers to whom each student is important and who can inspire subject passion and enthusiasm. 07 To encourage all students to take risks and try something new in an environment which embraces all aspects of educational challenge. 04 To enable all students to recognise academic excellence and realise that it is attainable. 08 To develop an outward looking, internationally minded, community of young people who have a clear understanding of the value of commitment and service to others OBJECTIVES Our objectives are a more specific embodiment of our aims and represent the specific ways in which our aims will be achieved, related to student outcomes ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE Our students will graduate with exceptional academic skills across a broad range of disciplines. They will have the opportunity to develop a depth of knowledge in areas that they are passionate about and will fully realise their potential. Our students will have confidence in their own abilities and will be aspirational thinkers who have confidence in their own abilities BROAD EXPERIENCES Our students will leave us with a clear sense of where their passions and interests lie having experienced a wide variety of activities and opportunities outside of our formal curriculum SCHOOL VALUES Our students will develop a strong set of moral and ethical values that determine how they act and interact with others. FUTURE SUCCESS Our students will not only access leading universities around the world, but they will be equipped with the skills, attitudes and attributes needed to be successful, happy and healthy for the rest of their lives. CHARACTER Our students will leave us as resilient and confident young people who think independently. 03 GLOBAL CITIZENSHIP Our students will be prepared for a world with continuously fading borders and where international mindedness is essential. Our students will be compassionate and have a commitment to serving others. 7

8 03 TERM DATES 208 /9 8

9 AUGUST 8 S M T W T F S JANUARY S M T W T F S SEPTEMBER 9 S M T W T F S FEBRUARY 2 S M T W T F S * OCTOBER 0 S M T W T F S MARCH 3 S M T W T F S * NOVEMBER S M T W T F S APRIL 4 S M T W T F S DECEMBER 2 S M T W T F S MAY 5 S M T W T F S Boarders arrive / New student induction Boarders arrive Non-Contact Saturday Bryant Activities Open House Friday 2-6pm Open house Saturday 9-4pm Founder s Day JUNE 6 S M T W T F S * To be used as teaching days in the event of days lost to adverse weather etc. 9


11 It is my pleasure to welcome you to the Senior School at NLCS Jeju. The Senior School provides a rigorous academic education taught by highly qualified, knowledgeable and inspiring teachers through lively, active lessons. Students are challenged to think for themselves and to develop their minds independently. In the Senior School we aim for academic excellence and exceptional outcomes. Our students study a broad and balanced curriculum including English, mathematics, languages, humanities, the sciences and creative subjects such as art, dance and drama. In Years 7-9 students study all of these disciplines and this leads to specialisation in Year 0 and, through our IGCSE program. In Year 2 our student progress into the Sixth Form to study the International Baccalaureate (IB) diploma. With its emphasis on developing inquiring, internationally minded, caring young people, the IB philosophy is closely aligned with the aims of NLCS Jeju. The rigour and breadth provided by the programme and the critical thinking and research skills it develops, mean that it is recognised by the best universities in the world. Through our curriculum we aim to develop an enthusiasm for learning in all of our students as they are challenged to develop their ideas and push their thinking further. We also want our students to enjoy their learning and develop a genuine passion for the subjects they study. Our co-curricular programme is a thriving and substantial part of the NLCS Jeju Senior School. There is an expectation that all students commit to a range of activities that challenge them in every way. All of our students take part in an extensive range of after school and Saturday morning co-curricular activities. We encourage students to try something new and discover new interests in addition to developing their talents in those areas for which they have a passion. As well as helping our students grow and develop we know that it s these additional skills, passions and interests that the world s best universities also look for when selecting their students. Pastoral care is at the heart of what we do.students in the Senior School are supported by pastoral care structures that focus upon the needs of each individual student. Student welfare, social and academic development are closely monitored within a preventative framework that strives to ensure that no student is ever alone and that no student slips through the net All students belong to a Tutor group, linked to the House system, which consists only of students in that Year group. They have daily contact with their Tutor, who is also a member of the teaching staff. The Tutors report to their respective Housemaster or Housemistress, who have overarching responsibility for the pastoral care of our students, be they day students or boarders In the Senior School we pride ourselves on working closely with families and students to ensure that all children in the Senior School have high academic aspirations and achieve the success needed to ensure they can enter the best universities in the world. I very much look forward to working with all parents and students in our Senior School community. Samantha Sweeney Head of Senior School


13 TEAM NAME ROLE Senior Team Assistant Heads in the Senior School Senior School Boarding Staff Friend, Paul Sweeney, Samantha Tamlyn, Neil Earl, Rob Waterson, Toby Cunningham, Hannah Graham, Sula Powell, Frances Cox, Simon Miles, Ryan Bate, Toby Machin, Douglas Malley, Richard Marsh, Charlotte Fowler, Nicholas Taylor, Stella Scargill, Peter Tamlyn, Kerrie Brown, Stuart De Carteret, Katie Long, Daniel Jones, Julie Wood, Alistair Collison, Elizabeth Baker, Stephen Dangerfield, Alison Crebier, Sebastien Quinn, Jenna Hill, Kevin Kenny, Caroline McCue, Adam Löser, Shellen Cranwell, Greg Chala, Carole Youell, Patrick Rogers, Lauren Davies, Scott Bacon, Helen Meyer, Johan Foley, Tania Principal Senior Vice Principal (Head of Senior School) Vice Principal Vice Principal (Academic) Vice Principal (Pastoral) Vice Principal (Head of Junior School) Assistant Head (Pastoral) Assistant Head (Pastoral) Assistant Head (Pastoral) Assistant Head (Academic) / IB Co-ordinator Assistant Head (Academic) Assistant Head (Beyond the Classroom) HM Sarah HM Sarah HM Geomun / Geography HM Geomun HM Jeoji HM Jeoji HM Mulchat HM Mulchat HM Noro HM Noro HM Halla North HM Halla North HM Halla East HM Halla East AHM Sarah AHM Sarah AHM Geomun AHM Geomun AHM Jeoji AHM Jeoji AHM Mulchat AHM Mulchat AHM Noro AHM Noro AHM Halla North AHM Halla North AHM Halla East AHM Halla East / EE coordinator

14 TEAM Senior School Teaching Staff NAME Kwon, Jinyoung Heo, Mi Ri ROLE Head of Korean Korean Language & Korean History Kang, Byeong Gyu Korean Language and Literature Lim, Young Koo Korean Language and Literature Shin, Yeon Jeon Korean Language and Literature Park, Sangduk Korean Language and Literature Kim, Yeonha Korean History Kim, Jae Shin Korean Language and Literature Kim, Jeanhee Korean Language & Korean History Park, Misun Korean Language Kim, Dajung Korean Language Kim, HyeHyang Korean Second Language Jung, Yeonhwa (Erica) Korean Second Language Liu, Jenny (Chen Yin) Head of Mandarin Cai, Yuanyuan (Monica) Mandarin Zhang, Li Rong (Mary) Mandarin Hu, Mingyu (Echo) Mandarin Wang, Dan Mandarin Luo, Lai Lai Mandarin / Chinese Parents Relations Nesbit, Judy Latin / Mathematics Baird, Margaret Latin / English Choi, Laetitia Head of European Languages Karamalla, Maxton Spanish & French Dominguez, Carolina Spanish Navas-Queved, Luz-Divina Spanish & French / TOK Co-ordinator Kennington, Sharon Head of Art Brown, Andy Art Sein, Joseph Art Davidson, Stephen Art Peirson, Ian Head of Drama Hamilton-Scott, James Drama / Arts Festival Coordinator Taylor, Stella Head of Dance Ryznar, Lauren Dance Kennedy, John Head of Mathematics Yardley, Liam Mathematics / Second in Department Cha, Minsoo Mathematics Hebbron, Will Mathematics Van Beek, Monique Mathematics Kurgansky, Ilia Mathematics/Computer Science Bulut, Duygu Mathematics 4

15 TEAM NAME ROLE Senior School Teachers Staff Pettifor, Thomas Martin, Frederick Shin, Grace Robbins, Jason Boeri, Valentino Singh, Tajvir Towner, James Scarlett, Niall Ramsey, Mark Hall, Geoff Dillon, Michael Bradshaw, Gareth Wilson, Sam Fernandes, Martyn Zahid, Omer Holden, Tyshea Braddell, Emily Harrison, Gareth Sannegadu, Caroline Hamilton Scott, Michelle Allen, Dorthe Wu, Pei Chen Chaddock, Nick Curtis, Ramsey Cornes, Robyn Liscott, Kiki Dowling, Tobias Parks, Anthony Lake, Colin Prichard, Kym Youell, Patrick McCosker, Catherine Michalchuk, Jacob Gillings, Nick Jogi, Bharat Scott, Paul Davis, Simon Levett, Richard Maher, Raymond Paliwal, Arunima Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics Mathematics Head of Computer Science Computer Science Computer Science Computer Science Head of English English English English English English English English English English Head of EAL EAL EAL EAL Head of Chemistry Chemistry Chemistry Chemistry Chemistry Chemistry Head of Biology Biology Biology Biology Head of Physics Physics Physics Physics Physics Head of PPE Economics 5

16 TEAM Senior School Teaching Staff NAME Grout, Ian Canning, Nicholas ROLE Economics TOK / Philosophy Carter, Tom TOK / History Tipney, James Head of History Löser, Dylan History Abbate, Tanino History Sannegadu, Jason History / Professional Tutor Fowler, Katherine Head of Geography Hogan, Padraig Geography Lyons, Chris Geography Ruskovich, Mindy Head of Music Herbison, John Music / Instrumental Lesson Coordinator De Carteret, Katie Music De Martino, Tricia Head of Physical Education Stevens, Gemma Physical Education Carter-Stead, Thom PSD Co-ordinator Other Senior School Responsibilities Scarlett, Niall Trips and Visits Coordinator Whole School Responsibilities Hadley, Amber Roberts, Cai Director of Libraries Director of Sport / PE Stevens, Graeme Director of IT Director of IT Milligan, Fiona Head of Individual Needs Head of Individual Needs Senior School Individual Needs Department Milligan, Fiona Randhawa, Raj Park, Kyung Soo Head of Individual Needs Learning Support Emotional Counselling Kublay, Ebru Emotional Counselling Robertson, Aimee Emotional Counselling Senior School University Guidance Team Kim, Boyoung Baek, Sung Hyun Waugh, Tannis Director of University Guidance and Outreach University Guidance Counsellor University Guidance Counsellor Cho, Victor University Guidance Counsellor Nesbit, Alan University Guidance Counsellor 6


18 06. WHO SHOULD I CONTACT? EMERGENCY In an emergency in the school day, please call the Main Reception on /, option 0. If your child is a boarder, beyond the school day please call the House office number in the table below which will forward to the duty staff s mobile phone. NON-EMERGENCY About your child If you have a general question about your child, boarder or day students, please contact the Housemaster or Housemistress. For contact details see page below. If you have a specific question about your child s class, please contact the subject teacher and/or HM using the Engage Parent Portal. In most cases, HMs are the first point of contact for all general matters that relate directly to your child and they can be contacted by telephone or the Engage Parent Portal during term time. Our HMs and/or teachers will contact you directly within 24 hours, usually by with a Korean or Mandarin translation, to inform you of any academic, pastoral or medical concerns regarding your son or daughter. If your HM, subject teacher, or Tutor does not respond within 24 hours, please contact his/her line manager (see Communication Chart on page 23). Each House will send a termly newsletter to all parents with an update on the activities within the House. Administrative If your question relates to a more general school matter such as finance and school events, please contact the Main Reception who will refer your call or to appropriate department or individual. Once Main Reception or HMs have referred your initial call or contact, they may help you establish contact with another member of staff, from which point please communicate with them. Absence & Lateness Day students Parents of day students should contact the Attendance Officer if their child is late or absent by calling the school Main Reception, option 2 or directly on If the School has not been informed by 8:40 am, the school will call home to ascertain the reason for that absence. Day students, who arrive late for school after 08:20, should go to Senior School Office to register. All students-request for leave (planned) It is advised that family holidays should be organised only during school holiday time. The school will generally authorise absence for certain situations:. Student is representing the school in a competition/event 2. Student is representing their country in a competition/event 8

19 3. Student is required for a family gathering of importance, eg funeral 4. Student requires medical attention that cannot wait until holidays Please make any requests to take your child out of school during term time in advance to the Housemaster/Mistress (HM) via the Parent Portal to the Housemaster/Mistress (HM). Please do so at least a week in advance. We would encourage you to avoid requesting leave of absence during term time as far as possible. Request for Leave Forms can be found and submitted on the Parent Portal under My Notices. Parents of boarding students should contact the HM if their son or daughter will not be returning at the usual time the beginning of a term or half term. Leaving the school site before the end of the school day Your child will need to collect a Permission Slip to leave campus before the end of the school day which will be issued to them by a member of staff. If the departure has been agreed in advance then parents do not need to take any further action. If an unplanned need arises whereby your child needs to leave school earlier than the end of the school day in progress, parents should call Main Reception and will be directed accordingly. There is no need to contact the CCA office or Housemaster/mistress in this circumstance. Boarding students Exeats (weekend leave) Time away from the boarding House us called an exeat and can be arranged with HMs. Students can leave the school after Saturday activities at 2:00 midday and should return to school by 6:30 on Sunday. Parents can use all or part of this time slot. At times extended exeats are possible when no Bryant activity runs on a Saturday. Written permission should be sought from the HM 48 hours in advance of the leave being requested. The full Leaving the School Site Policy is available on the school website. Request for Leave and Exeat Forms can both be found on the Parent Portal (daybook forms) and website. The school asks that parents do not request for their children to be absent for important end of term events such as Founder s Day and Arts Festival. OTHER POINTS OF CONTACT AHMs and Tutors Assistant Housemasters and Mistresses (AHMs) support HMs and may also contact you. Your child also has a Tutor who sees your child daily and Tutors support HMs monitoring each child s progress and engagement. Tutors may see day students more frequently than HMs, and so Tutors are particularly encouraged to develop a relationship with parents of day students. Your child s Tutor will you at the start of the academic year, with an informal introduction. You should expect to hear informally from your child s Tutor once a term or more often if there is an issue of concern or celebration. You may contact your child s Tutor with any questions or concerns you have about their overall social or academic progress. House Blogs House Blogs are frequently updated and communicate many House activities. House Blogs can be found on the homepage of the school website: 9

20 ADMINISTRATIVE CONTACT POINTS Finance Parents will receive their tuition fees and other Beyond the Classroom activity invoices through the and billing system during the school year. Depending on the method of payment, the tuition fee is paid once for a lump-sum payment or three installments (for this option parents are required to apply for installment payment before enrollment). Parents will receive an invoice for other Beyond the Classroom such as music lessons, co-curricular activities and the Bryant program. If you receive an invoice after applying for additional activities, please pay the account number provided on the invoice before the student ID number and the deadline after the name entry. (Please reference section 0 for an explanation of Co-curricular activities and the Bryant Programme) The billing system ( is a system that allows you to conveniently check information and payment related to the activity cost. Using the online billing system Please visit NLCS Jeju billing system: Input your information: ID: Student Number (6 digits) PW: Click to Click Here button and receive the temporary password via . After copying, please copy the temporary password to access the password. Please change your password. If you have any inquiries regarding billing system or resend invoice, please contact the Finance Department (Tel: , at any time. For inquiries regarding invoice history, please contact the relevant department. Fees and Billing (Finance Dep.) TEL BEYOND THE CLASSROOM ACTIVITIES These enrichment activities including trips, Monday House Competition, the Bryant Programme, Community links, Tuesday to Thursday activities, Sport, Music and Performing Arts events are all organised in school by teachers. Should you have a query about the co-curricular programme, please contact the relevant teacher, as detailed at the end of this section. As previously explained, there will be a short translation delay but it is very important that your enquiry reaches the relevant teacher, as they will be able to provide you with an accurate response. If you are unsure whom to contact please phone Main Reception who will be able to advise you. Please note, questions about fees and billing for trips, co-curricular activities or music lessons should be directed to the Finance team, not the co-curricular leaders. ROLE NAME Assistant Head Beyond the Classroom including Bryant activities Head of Co-curricular Activities (for after school activities, Tuesday to Thursday only) Mr. Douglas Machin Mr. Tanino Abbate 20

21 Engage Parent Portal and App The Engage Portal and App are designed as a personalized education management and communication tool. All families must have one portal account to access parent notifications, book parent s events and oversee CCA and Bryant, as well as monitor your child s progress. Accessing Engage The Engage parent portal can be found at the following address: The App is downloadable via Apple itunes store or Google Play for Android If you are experiencing difficulties with either the app or portal, please immediately contact the following people: NAME TEL Engage Helpline (English) Engage Helpline (Korean and Chinese) Mr. Graeme Stevens Miss. Ahrom Kim About the Portal and App The portal and app are combined to produce one parent communication and management tool. The following table outlines what each of these tools is designed to do: TASK Send and Receive messages from/to staff View all assessment reports on your child Check Attendance data Check your childs timetable Book Open House appointments Confirm, check or choose CCA /Bryant activities Update address, phone or TOOL Portal or App Portal or App Portal or App Portal or App Portal Only Portal Only Portal Only Safeguarding The safeguarding and welfare of your child is very important to us. Using the My Details page in your parent portal you can check the telephone numbers, addresses and postal addresses we have on file. In the event any of these details change or are incorrect, parents can edit telephone numbers or addresses in the portal by clicking on the pencil tab. No notices to staff are necessary, the system auto updates this information across all linked systems. Postal addresses changes can be requested via the request a change box. Simply complete the new address information and press send. This automatically informs us of the change and we can update this for you. Alternatively, if your child is in a homestay or your child is a day student but we were not able to capture those addresses at admissions time, you can go to daybook in your portal and complete this information for us. To use daybook, simply click on Daybook Pupil daybook in the menu. Select Add new entry and choose either Jeju Address Form or Homestay address form as appropriate. Complete the form and then press Save and Close then Home. We will be automatically notified that you have done this and update our records accordingly. Open House All open house parent-teacher conferences are through Engage. When open house is activated you will receive a notification to book appointments. A button book open house will appear below the image of your child on the home page, press this and then as appropriate press book for each subject in your preferred time slot. 2

22 Bryant and CCA You can view activities your child has chosen and confirm and give consent for them to take part by clicking Activities review under the activities tab on the home page. If an activity requires you to confirm consent, a confirm button will appear. Click this and it will confirm your consent. In the event you change your mind, you can click again to indicate non-consent. MEDICAL CENTRE Please always contact the relevant Housemaster or Housemistress, as well as the Medical Centre, to inform them of any developments in the health or medical requirements for your child. It is very important that House staff are kept fully informed. The Medical Centre will contact you directly if your son or daughter requires emergency medical attention, or if there is a question regarding their regular medication or prescription. It is very important that your contact details on our Engage database are correct for this purpose. You can amend these details through the Engage Parent Portal. Medical Centre contact or UNIVERSITY GUIDANCE ADVISORS If your question relates to university applications in general (not relating specifically to your son or daughter), the question should be directed to one of our University Guidance Counsellors. NAME Kim, Boyoung Baek, Sung Hyun Waugh, Tannis Cho, Victor Nesbit, Alan ROLE Director of University Guidance and Outreach University Guidance Counsellors University Guidance Counsellors University Guidance Counsellors University Guidance Counsellors FURTHER POINTS OF CONTACT Admissions Office Main Reception Junior School Office Senior School Office Head of Parent Relations Assistant Head Beyond the Classroom (including Bryant) Trips Head of Co-curricular Activities (Tuesday to Thursday) Community Service and Charity Director of Sport Head Nurse Fees and Billing (Finance Dep.) / Mr. K.Yi Mr. D. Machin Mr. N. Scarlet Mr. T. Abbate Mr. G. H. Im Mr. C. Roberts Miss. M. Jeon

23 NORTH LONDON COLLEGIATE SCHOOL JEJU ORGANISATION CHART Paul Friend Principal Samantha Sweeney Senior Vice Principal /Head of Senior School Hannah Cunningham Vice Principal/Head of Junior School Harry O Hare Bursar Rob Earl Vice Principal (Academic) Toby Waterson Vice Principal (Pastoral) Stewart Smith Assistant Head (Teaching & Learning) *** Richard Swingler Assistant Head (Pastoral) Neil Tamlyn Sula Graham Vice Principal Assistant Head (Pastoral) Ryan Miles Frances Powell Assistant Head (Academic) Assistant Head (Pastoral) Toby Bate Assistant Head (Academic) Heads of Department * Housemaster & Housemistress ** IMPORTANT NUMBERS Main Reception Junior School Office Senior School Office Attendance * Senior School Faculty - Senior School Parent Handbook, Page 3 ** Housemaster & Housemistress List - Senior School Parent Handbook, Page 24 *** Junior School Faculty List - Junior School Parent Handbook, Page 3 23

24 HOUSE STAFF CONTACT LIST If dialing from overseas please dial +82 and do not dial the first becomes HOUSE BOYS CONTACT DETAILS GIRLS Geomun Mulchat Jeoji Sarah Noro Halla North Halla East HM AHM HM AHM HM AHM HM AHM HM AHM HM AHM HM AHM Mr. N Fowler Mr K Hill Mr. S Brown Mr. G Cranwell Mr. P. Scargill Mr. A. McCue Mr. R Malley Mr S Crebier Mr D Long Mr P Youell Mr. A. Wood Mr. S. Davies Mr. S. Baker Mr. J Meyer Mrs. S. Taylor Ms. C. Kenny Mrs. K. de Carteret Ms. C. Chala Mrs. K. Tamlyn Mrs. S. Löser Mrs. C. Marsh Miss. J. Quinn Mrs. J. Jones Miss. L. Rogers Mrs E. Collison Miss. H. Bacon Mrs. A. Dangerfield Miss. T. Foley CONTACT DETAILS HM Housemaster / Housemistress AHM Assistant Housemaster / Assistant Housemistress 06.2 COMMUNICATION GUIDELINES - LANGUAGE We will translate any written in Korean or Mandarin into English, so please do not worry. Please understand that there will be a short delay whilst your message and our reply is translated. If you have not received acknowledgment of your message within 24 hours (during the working week and in term time) please contact Senior School Office and explain the situation. TELEPHONE Korean-speaking school receptionists are able to answer practical questions about the school such as those relating to the school calendar. They will also be able to refer you to the correct member of staff on matters related to bursarial/ financial questions or questions about school policy and procedure. Main reception will endeavor to respond to all calls and s within 24 hours within term time. Main Reception / 24

25 MEETINGS Translators will always be available in school for any meeting appointment made in advance. Translators work Monday Friday 8 am to 5 pm. Outside of these times the school cannot guarantee the availability of translators SPEAKING TO YOUR CHILD IN BOARDING WHAT TIMES CAN I CALL MY CHILD? Monday to Friday Saturday Sunday 7:5-9:5 2:5-2:45 2:30-2:45 09:30-9:30 Between end of lessons and study time Between the end of prep and bedtime (times vary for each Year group) Between activities and lights-out Free time on Sunday but Houses run prep time from 6:00 to7:30 STUDY TIME (PREP) Whilst students need and appreciate consistent communication with their parents and guardians, we would ask that unless there is an emergency, parents should refrain from phoning their children during study time to avoid disruption to work. In an emergency, always contact reception or the boarding House first MONITORING YOUR CHILD S PROGRESS GRADE CARDS The Parent Assessment Guide provides detailed information about reporting progress. In summary, every term, you will receive feedback on your child s academic progress. There will be reports provided at different points during the year, containing Attainment Grades and Attitude to Learning Grades for every subject. Once per year the reports are accompanied by Subject Teacher comments that focus on academic progress in each of your child s subjects. Additionally, once per year your child s report will be accompanied by Tutor and HM comments that discuss overall development of your child and their engagement with all opportunities the school offers. Reports are accessible through the Engage Parent Portal and a printed version of their report can be requested, should you wish to have one. The reporting schedule is published in the school calendar and is detailed in full in the Assessment and Reporting Guide. If parents have any questions about their son s or daughter s attainment, we encourage you to contact the HM. OPEN HOUSES Open Houses are events when parents are invited to NLCS Jeju to meet with each of their child s subject teachers, tutor and HM. These will all take place on a Friday afternoon or during Saturdays. If your child is in boarding you may take them out on an exeat weekend after Bryant should you so wish. If on the day you feel you need longer to talk with a particular teacher then do let the teacher know and they will try to find a suitable time to continue the discussion. Open Houses on a Friday will start at 4:00. and run until 8:00. The 25

26 Open Houses that run on a Saturday will begin at 09:00 and run until 6:00. However, due to the nature of our school there will be times where some teachers will not be able to see parents due to other commitments. If you are struggling to get an appointment time with a particular teacher, please do not hesitate to contact us and we will endeavour to find a suitable time. Finally, we will ensure that there are translators available to assist you at Open Houses, should you require it. Please note Friday bus times on Friday Open House days are the same as other Fridays; 5:45 and 6: Open House dates: Group Open House Year 7 Friday 30 th of November 208 Year 8 Saturday 24 th November 208 Year 9 Saturday 24 th November 208 Year 0 Saturday 24 th November 208 Year Friday 5 th October 208 Year 2 Friday 9 th November 208 Year 3 Friday 4 th September 208 Open House 2 Saturday 27 th April 209 Saturday 27 th April 209 Friday 8 th January 209 Options Events Saturday th May 209 Friday 25 th January 209 Options Events Saturday th May 209 Friday 25 th January 209 INFORMATION DAYS Information Days are organised so that you are able to come and experience a school day from a student s perspective. They are fun! You will also have the opportunity to attend relevant talks and ask staff questions. You will be notified about these in advance. You will also find them on the school calendar. SCHOOL TRACKING OF STUDENTS You should expect us to contact you if we are concerned about your child s progress in a range of areas. After every reporting period, we look at the pattern of grades and the HM will contact you if specific academic targets have been set. If your son or daughter is struggling to meet these targets consistently, you will be invited to come into school for a meeting to discuss the best way forward for your son or daughter. These meetings are intended to be supportive and informative. You should also expect to hear from us if your son or daughter has performed particularly well over the course of the whole academic year, either in terms of progress made, Attitude to Learning or Achievement. 26


28 The spirit of NLCS Jeju is one of high energy and achievement. Our students combine academic excellence and a deep love of learning with a wealth of co-curricular opportunities, to develop into exceptional individuals who believe that anything is possible. To achieve this, our students schedules are full and varied. In this section you will find typical daily routines of Senior students. Please note that days can vary and this is subject to change. DAY ROUTINE YEAR 7 - MONDAY TO THURSDAY FRIDAYS 7:00 Wake-up 7:00 Wake-up 7:30 Breakfast 7:30 Breakfast 8:00 Bus arrives 8:00 Bus arrives 8:0 Registration & Assembly or Tutor time 8:0 Registration & Assembly or Tutor time 8:40 Lesson 8:40 Lesson 9:20 Lesson 2 9:20 Lesson 2 0:00 Lesson changeover 0:00 Lesson changeover 0:05 Lesson 3 0:05 Lesson 3 0:45 Lesson 4 0:45 Lesson 4 :25 Break :25 Break :50 Lesson 5 :50 Lesson 5 2:30 Lesson 6 2:30 Lesson 6 3:0 Lunch 3:0 Lunch 4:0 Lesson 7 4:0 Lesson 7 4:50 Lesson 8 4:50 Lesson 8 5:30 Lessons End 5:30 Lessons End** 5:45 Registration in House 5:45 Year 7 Boarders Register in House Day students leave. 6:5 7:5 CCA Activities 6:5 Year 2 & 3 lesson finish and day students leave. 7:30 Bus departs* 5:45 & 6:30 Buses depart 7:45 Dinner 7:45 Dinner 8:30 Last bus departs (some CCAs finish at 8:5) *only 7:45 bus on Mondays **or earlier on Open House days 28

29 YEAR 2-3 MONDAY - THURSDAY FRIDAY 7:00 Wake-up 7:00 Wake-up 7:30 Breakfast 7:30 Breakfast 8:00 Bus arrives 8:00 Bus arrives 8:0 Registration & Assembly or Tutor time 8:0 Registration & Assembly or Tutor time 8:40 Lesson 8:40 Lesson 9:20 Lesson 2 9:20 Lesson 2 0:00 Lesson changeover 0:00 Lesson changeover 0:05 Lesson 3 0:05 Lesson 3 0:45 Lesson 4 0:45 Lesson 4 :25 Break :25 Break :50 Lesson 5 :50 Lesson 5 2:30 Lesson 6 2:30 Lesson 6 3:0 Lunch 3:0 Lunch 4:0 Lesson 7 4:0 Lesson 7 4:50 Lesson 8 4:50 Lesson 8 5:30 Lesson 9 5:30 Lesson 9 6:5 8:5 Activities 6:5 Day students leave*** Boarders Register in House 7:45 Dinner 7:45 Dinner 8:30 Last bus departs 9:30 Boarders programme in House ***or earlier on Open House days EVENING ROUTINE House Meeting and Registration 9:00 9:5 Prep Lights Out Year 7 & 8 Year 9-0 Year, 2 & 3 Year 7 & 8 Year 9 & 0 Year Year 2 & 3 9:30 2:00 9:30 2:30 9:30 22:00 2:30 22:00 Lights out by 23:00 (or earlier) Lights out by 23:30 (or earlier) 29

30 WEEKEND ROUTINE SATURDAY Breakfast Bryant Activity Programe Lunch House registration Afternoon activities / school commitments / free time Supper House Activity Lights Out 08:00 08:30 09:00 2:30 2:30 3:30 3:30 7:45 8:45 9:00 2:00 30 minute extension for all but Year SUNDAY Brunch Presbyterian service Catholic service House reading Dinner Preps Lights Out :00 3:30 0:00 :00 09:00 departure (offsite) 6:30 7:30 7:45 8:45 as per weekday as per weekday All students from Year 7 to 3 (day and boarding) register in their Tutor rooms at 08:0 to 08:40. Here the roll for the day is confirmed, any notices are given out and then monitoring, support and Tutor activities take place on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays and assemblies on Mondays and Fridays (at 08:20). Classroom teachers take registers at the beginning of each lesson but there is an additional register taken in Houses after academic lessons at 5:45 for all students in Years 7. Boarders can reclaim electronic devices after activities. All electronic devices are handed into House staff before bedtime, for safe keeping overnight. Houses have special rules in place for Year to encourage self-regulation regarding electronics use. Years 2 & 3 have access to their electronics at all times but may lose this privilege if they are not able to regulate their use and keep healthy sleep patterns. See Section 6.4 for more details about electronics rules. 30

31 08 DAY STUDENTS Day students, whilst not living with the rest of their House are very much a part of the House System. They will join the House for House Meetings, for some House social events and with House Competitions on a Monday afternoon. 3

32 08. THE SCHOOL DAY To ensure appropriate supervision at all times there are limits to the day student experience. MONDAY TO THURSDAY Day students are allowed onsite from 07:50 Monday to Fridays and should be in their Tutor room by 8:0. All Year 7 to day students should go to the boarding House at 5:30 before their CCA activity. Years 2 and 3s often have lessons until 6:0 and so can go directly to CCAs. Most CCAs finish at 7:5 though some have a longer duration and thus a late bus runs at 8:30. Day students should not arrange private music lessons that finish later than 8:5. Some Monday House Competition events can run until 7:30 so the bus leaves at 7:45. FRIDAYS Fridays are the same as Mondays to Thursdays except day students will normally leave school at 5:30 (Years 7-) or 6:5 (Years 2 & 3). Friday afternoons are reserved for Open Houses and staff meetings. Some significant events such as production and House Competition Performance and Drama will take place of Fridays and due provision will be made. Occasionally Friday afternoons can be used for after-school activities that satisfy the supervision and leaving/entering site requirements. Such activities will always be communicated to parents and guardians in advance. SATURDAYS Day students can be onsite from 8:50 and offsite by 2:30 on Saturdays. Day students can be part of Saturday afternoon activities if they are invited by a member of staff. This member of staff is responsible for day students on site on Saturday afternoons; in this case day students should be off site by 7:30. SUNDAYS Day students should not routinely be part of Sunday activities which are reserved for boarders (this includes Sunday worship services which are provided for boarders). Day students may be invited by HMs to join weekend events or Sunday House activities (such as calendared events House oreum walks, full tech rehearsals). These events do not normally number more than one per term. OTHER TIMES Day students should enter the school site by the main security gate and show their ID card. Day students are not allowed on site beyond the school day to use facilities such as the Sports Centre, library, astroturf, Junior School playground or any other school equipment. Day students are not permitted to visit the Medical Centre outside the normal school day. Neither day students nor boarders are usually permitted to use the school site in school holidays unless by prior agreement with a member of staff. Day students are not allowed upstairs in the boarding Houses without explicit HM/AHM permission. All Senior School students waiting to catch the bus home should wait in the Senior School Library on the ground floor where they should be reading or completing homework quietly. Day students are not permitted to leave the school site and then return to school unless they have permission to do so. When students have left the school site, their safety and 32

33 welfare becomes the responsibility of their parents. CATERING Day students are encouraged to eat school lunches with the rest of the community. They are able to bring their own packed lunches and eat in the Dining Hall if he or she so wishes. Day students are also able to buy snacks at short break (:25 :50). Day students should not be eating breakfast or supper unless invited on site for activities as detailed above. 8.2 SCHOOL BUS A daily bus service for those day students attending the school is operated by an external provider. Our bus routes are designed to serve as many of our students as possible, whilst keeping journey times to no more than one hour. Buses operate from Jeju City and Seogwipo and arrive at school no later than 8:00 am and depart at either 7:45 on Mondays, 7:30 and 8:30 Tuesday to Thursday and 5:45 and 6:30 on Fridays. Later buses are for students who participate in certain after-school activities only. Saturday departure is 2:30. Parents who are interested in using this service should contact with the Bus co-ordinator. Our main priority is the student s safety when travelling on any of our buses. We also like to ensure that the service we offer is run efficiently, cost effectively and of a high standard. In support of this our Bus Co-ordinator ensures that all of our buses regularly undergo full safety checks, are cleaned daily and are maintained to a standard that ensures a comfortable environment for the students. The school buses are fully insured and the school carries a maximum insurance policy for each bus rider. In addition to the driver, the buses have a Bus Monitor on board. Whilst we are not able to offer a door-to-door service, we will always ensure that students are dropped off and picked up at a safe point in each residential area that we schedule. A student who no longer requires school bus service must be requested with written notifications by Application for Refund, 7 days written notification in advance to the bus co-ordinator, So Young Jung on or 33


35 The curriculum at NLCS Jeju is based largely on that of NLCS, London. In Key Stage 3 (Years 7 to 9) departments write their own Programmes of Study that aim to provide students with the knowledge base and skills to take the subject further but also develop a love of learning for that subject. In Key Stage 4 (Years 0 to ), students work towards the IGCSE course and the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme at Key Stage 5 (Years 2 & 3). At all times, the curriculum at NLCS Jeju should seek to challenge, enthuse and interest our students. We believe that the curriculum subjects have the power to fascinate young people. Lesson content should be up to date, based on the latest discoveries and understanding within each field. The stories behind the knowledge should be explored and subjects brought to life, that capture a student s imagination. We aim to engender students who have a passion for the subjects that they study and are motivated to learn through this passion. Senior Societies are an important feature of education at NLCS Jeju. Here senior students, who have a passion for a certain subject, will organise events and activities for other, often younger, students to help pass on their passion. Visiting speakers, competitions and newsletters based on recent subject specific publications are just some of the channels exploited by senior societies to achieve their core purpose. 35

36 THE DIAMOND MODEL 09. THE CURRICULUM IN YEARS 7- - Year 7- have eight 40 minute lessons per days, totaling forty lessons per week. Saturday Bryant is part of our formal curriculum time from 9:00 to 2:00. - In Years 0 and students complete a 2 year course to gain a number of IGCSEs. - IGCSEs are taken in all subjects except Personal and Social Development (PSD) and Physical Education - Our curriculum includes Korean Language and Korean History as it is mandatory for all Korean Nationals to study these subjects. We offer Mandarin First Language or Korean Second Language lessons for non-korean students. 36

37 YEARS SUBJECTS AND LESSONS SUBJECT YEAR 7 YEAR 8 YEAR 9 Maths English Science (Physics, Chemistry and Biology) 5 5 (2, 2, 2) Korean Language Mandarin First or Korean Second Language (if not Korean) Korean History 2 Languages Geography History Computer Science 2 2 Art 2 2 Dance Drama Music PE PSD YEARS 0 & The vast majority of external exams that are taken in Year are Cambridge IGCSEs (some students may take Edexcel or AQA exams, such as GCSE Dance and Art exams). Cambridge IGCSE is the world s most popular international qualification for 4 to 6 year olds. It is recognised by leading universities and employers worldwide, and is an international passport to progression and success. Developed over 25 years ago, it is tried, tested and trusted by schools worldwide. Find out more about the Cambridge IGCSE 37

38 At NLCS Jeju, students can study: Mathematics English Physics Chemistry Biology Physical Education (not examined) Personal and Social Development (not examined) Korean Language (mandatory for Korean citizens) Korean History (mandatory for Korean citizens) History or Geography In addition, options of 3 (or 4 if not Korean citizens) other subjects including: History or Geography, Languages, Computer Science, Art, Music, Dance and Drama THE CURRICULUM IN YEARS 2-3 International Baccalaureate Diploma NLCS Jeju offers the International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme to its Year 2 and 3 students. The school s philosophy, programmes and policies are closely aligned to the philosophy of the IB. The IB learner profile is the IB mission statement translated into a set of learning outcomes for the 2st century. The learner profile defines the type of learner the IB and NLCS Jeju hope to develop. It is important that all members of the school community (students, staff, leaders, governors and parents) work together to implement the learner profile throughout the IB LEARNER PROFILE school. IB learners strive to be: Knowledgeable Inquirers Thinkers Communicators Principled Open-minded Caring Risk-takers Balanced Reflective 38

39 Year 2 and 3 students have up to nine 40 minute lessons per day, plus Saturday morning. I.B. Diploma students must complete the core components of TOK, (Theory of Knowledge), a 4000 word Extended Essay and also carry out Creativity, Action, Service activities throughout the two years they study the IB diploma. Students choose one subject from each of the six subject groups below, 3 at Higher Level and 3 at Standard Level: Group Studies in Language and Literature Group 2 Language Acquisition Group 3 Individuals and Societies Group 4 The Sciences Group 5 - Mathematics Group 6 The Arts Further detailed information about the I.B. Diploma at NLCS Jeju is available in the I.B. Handbook the IBO s website, HOMEWORK(PREP) Homework plays a vital role in supporting student learning and helping students develop as autonomous and responsible learners. Homework is a mandatory part of the study programme at NLCS Jeju. A homework timetable is provided for each year group (7 - ) at the start of the academic year. The timetable will ensure an even spread of work across subject areas. Teachers are required to follow the timetable but can set their own deadlines and may set an assignment to be completed across several homework slots. We believe that reading in English is a vital way to improve language skills and there is time allowed for this in the Year 7-9 homework timetables. The timetable will be available to staff, students and parents. All teachers at NLCS Jeju are required to set regular homework. When homework is set, teachers will give clear instructions and set a due date. Students must write the instructions and the due date in their planner. Students must bring their planners to study so that tutors and boarding House staff can see what work needs to be done each evening. Homework is compulsory and it is the responsibility of students both to complete the homework on time and to ensure that the work is ready to hand in to the teacher. If a student fails to do homework or hands in incomplete work without good reason, the teacher will speak to the student about the reasons for failing to do the work and require the student to hand the work in by the next weekday morning. Persistent homework problems will be referred to the relevant Assistant Head in line with the school s Behaviour Policy. Year 7 Three subjects per evening, 30 minutes per subject. Years 8 and 9 Three subjects per evening, 40 minutes per subject. 39

40 Years 0 and Two or three subjects per evening; 40 minutes per subject or 60 minutes depending on whether the homework is one of two or one of three set for a particular evening. Years 2 and 3 There is no homework timetable for Sixth Form students. However they are expected to have 2 hours homework for each Standard Level subject, and three hours homework for each Higher Level subject each week. Sixth Form students will also have TOK, and Extended Essay work to complete during prep time. HOMEWORK DURING THE HOLIDAYS Years 7 to 9 As a general rule, no homework is set for Years 7 to 9 during the holidays but all students are encouraged to read in English during the holidays. Years 0 and As a general rule, for half-term holidays of a week or other national holidays of less than a week (e.g. Chuseok) no homework is set. For holidays of longer than one week (Autumn half-term; Christmas and Easter) the equivalent of one extra week of homework may be set which equates to about forty minutes of work. The assumption is that, within a three-week holiday, two of these weeks can be used to relax, read and spend time with family but that students will have a week of homework to complete over the break. Again, all students are encouraged to read in English during the holidays. Years 2 and 3 (Sixth Form) As a general rule, for half-term holidays of a week or other national holidays of less than a week (e.g. Chuseok) no homework is set. For holidays of longer than one week (Autumn half-term; Christmas and Easter), the equivalent of one extra week of homework may be set. Across all subjects, therefore, students should expect to spend at least fifteen hours on work during the holiday. IB students are encouraged to be self-directed, independent learners. As such, there is an expectation that they will work independently during the holidays beyond specific homework set with the aim of becoming independent learners who follow their subject passion. SUPPORTING STUDENTS Homework assists students in becoming more autonomous in their learning. Through homework we help students develop disciplined study habits and take increasing responsibility for their own learning. The responsibility for completing and handing in homework lies with the student. Nevertheless, all staff and parents have a role to play in supporting students. Parents (particularly of day students) can help support students by:. checking and signing planners 2. discussing homework tasks with students 3. insisting that homework is given priority in the evenings 4. providing a quiet place where homework can be done without distraction 5. ensuring that homework is kept within suggested limits and that their child goes to bed at a reasonable time so that he/she is refreshed for the next day 40

41 The school strongly suggests parents consult with their child s HM before enrolling their child for extra-tuition or hakwon and academy type courses. The programme at NLCS Jeju can be compromised if a child is not getting enough sleep or doing extra work in addition to the homework set in school. If you wish to find ways to support your child out of school hours or during the holidays, the House staff will always be willing to offer suggestions. SETTING WORK DURING ABSENCE If students are absent from school for sickness then it is advisable that they rest, read a book, but do not complete schoolwork as this may lead to a prolonged illness. If a student is not well enough to work in school, then we would consider that they are not well enough to work at home. For authorised absence,and having established the time frame of future absence, parents can request that work be sent home that has been missed by the student.parents should contact the HM or Tutor. The Tutor will collect the work and Heads of Department (HoD) will ensure the work set by the individual subject teacher is, in as far as this is possible, appropriate. The work will be ed to the student or delivered by hand if possible. If students take unauthorised absence during term time or time off at parents request, there is no requirement for staff to set work or for Tutors to collect and collate work. It is the responsibility of the students in all cases above to catch up on work missed during their absence. Staff will do everything possible to assist with this process, where the student has been absent from school for reasons of sickness or related reasons. It must be remembered that work completed at home does not compensate for learning that takes place in a school environment. Should students be suspended from school, work will be sent home by the House team. 4

42 0 THE CO-CURRICULAR PROGRAMME (BEYOND THE CLASSROOM) At NLCS Jeju, we understand that personal development doesn t come from the classroom alone - it s what students can do beyond the curriculum that defines them as a person. That s why we offer an exceptional Co-curricular programme with more than 80 different activities to choose from every week. We encourage students to try something new and take opportunities to grasp new passions with both hands. As well as helping them grow and develop as future leaders, it s these additional skills, passions and interests that the world s best universities look for when selecting their students. The core philosophy is one of opportunity (giveing all students access to a wide base of activities) and of excellence (ensuring that those who find a passion can excel). Opportunity Excellence Discovery (excitement & wonder) Passion (focus & determination) Excel (confidence & flow) 42

43 The Co-curricular program has many strands, that can be seen in the diagram below: NLCS JEJU CO-CURRICULAR PROGRAMME Educational Trips and Outdoor Education N - Y3 House Competition Y - Y2 Sports Squads Y5-Y3 After School Activities Y - Y3 Community Service Y7 - Y3 Bryant Programme Y3 - Y3 NLCS Jeju Conservatoire Y6-Y3 Societies & Enterprises Y0 - Y3 Community Action Service Y2 - Y3 0. AFTER SCHOOL CO-CURRICULAR ACTIVITIES From 6:5 7:5 every weekday, except Fridays, there is a full programme of after school Co-curricular activities (CCAs) for all students. Monday is House Competition day (see Section 0.3). During Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday CCA time a huge variety of activity options are offered to students. There are 3 blocks of activities throughout the year. At the end of each block, students follow the process to choose new activities (see Section 0.8). These are the dates for the academic year: CCA & Bryant Block Start Date Finish Date Block Block 2 Block 3 Monday 27 th August Monday 26 th November Monday th March Thursday 22 nd November Thursday 7 th March Thursday 3 th June Students are encouraged to maintain a balance between creative, action and service activities throughout the year. 0.2 THE BRYANT PROGRAMME: SATURDAY MORNING The Bryant programme is a unique and extensive programme of different co-curricular activities that the school provides on a Saturday morning, which is compulsory for all senior school students in Years 7 to 2. However, year 3 students may choose to spend this time completing academic assignments or preparing university applications. All activities run from 09:00 to 2:00. These activities vary from scuba diving to knitting and the scheme is so broad that we are confident there is something for everyone. Students will select a number of activities and then be allocated three Bryant activities throughout the year based on their preference. 43

44 Students are expected to challenge themselves to try things they have not done before, as well as to meet new people and go to new places. A key part of both the Bryant and Co-curricular programmes, is that students learn from their experiences and become more reflective individuals. The Bryant programme also allows students to focus on a particular activity in order to develop their passion and expertise in that activity. There is a charge for some activities and students should discuss this with their parents before making their choices. Parents can now pre-approve all chargeable activities. Invoices for fee paying Bryants are sent during each Bryant block. Sports fixtures may be held on a Saturday afternoon and across weekends, as well as other residential activities, such as International Award camping trips. In addition, Performing Arts rehearsals are scheduled for Saturday afternoon. 0.3 THE HOUSE COMPETITION The House Competition takes place on a Monday from 6:5 7:30, although it can, at times, also happen at weekends and occasionally in the evening depending on the events Most of the students in the House will take part each week. The types of event are arranged so throughout the year so there is always an event for students with particular interests and skills to get involved in. There are a large number of competitions in which students participate, either in small groups or as a whole House, a few of which are listed below. Senior students organise teams and entries for some of these competitions under the guidance of the House Staff and Tutors. Competitions may include House Performance Cross Country, Chess, Public Speaking, Spelling Bee, Art, General Knowledge, Football, Basketball, Swimming and Athletics to name a few. The House Competition runs throughout the year and the points total is updated after each different competition. The students enjoy this competition enormously and there is some very healthy rivalry between the Houses about who wins each competition. The most successful House at the end of the academic year is awarded the House Shield which is seen as a very prestigious achievement. The Houses have strong individual identities, of which the students are very proud. The competition promotes three key skills for the students: communication, leadership and teamwork. These are life-skills which will benefit them as they grow older. Most students feel that the House Competition it is a highlight of their week and it is a big part of House life and House bonding. 0.4 SOCIETIES AND ENTERPRISES One of the defining features of a North London Collegiate School is its academic societies. Students have the opportunity to get involved in groups focused on a plethora of academic subjects that provide challenge and extension beyond the regular curriculum. These societies are student led and act as a means of broadening knowledge beyond the curriculum, improving Academic English and preparing your child for the demands of the University Interview process. Societies operate with the help of a link teacher, and most noticeably contribute to the wider school through the following two initiatives. The society groups are currently hosting topical discussions every lunchtime to help improve academic English and to help broaden subject knowledge in preparation for university applications and Oxbridge interviews. 44

45 Examples of these discussions include: Should we gamble on the existence of God? (The Philosophy Society) How Quantum Physics inspires Mathematics How has literature mirrored society in pasta? In conjunction with these discussions we also have a programme of weekly lectures to add to the enrichment experience for our students, from teachers and external speakers. Examples of these include: Cancer Research, by Dr. Gareth Miles Applying for Medicine, by Ms. Styler 0.5 TRIPS AND TOURS We want our students to reach for the possibilities and opportunities of life. Sometimes this can t be done from a classroom which is why we offer a wide variety of opportunities for learning adventures locally, nationally and internationally. 0.6 THE SATURDAY MUSIC CONSERVATORY The Music Conservatory will take place during Bryant Activity time on Saturday mornings and is designed and curated for our school s most passionate and talented musicians. It is an opportunity to rapidly develop their musicianship through a comprehensive music programme, which caters for individual progression. Students attending the Music Conservatory will have exclusive opportunities to work with visiting specialists, perform for the local community and prepare for ABRSM Ensemble exams. We value depth and diversity in music education with the aim of creating thinking musicians. NLCS Jeju Conservatoire. Inspired by passion. Driven by excellence. Music Conservatory Programme (Saturday mornings): 09:00 09:45 09:45 :00 :5 2:00 Musicianship Sight-reading Quick Study Technique Solo Accompaniment Session Ensemble Ensemble Rehearsal Ensemble Coaching ABRSM Ensemble Exam Preparation Public Performance Preparation Performance class Master Class Viva Voce Aesthetics and Criticism Twice per Bryant block this timetable will collapse to provide students with additional opportunities. Specialist musicians will visit the school to inspire participants and there will also be high profile performances arranged for the group. 45

46 0.7 CREATIVITY ACTION SERVICE(CAS) CAS is an integral element of the IB programme, where students can challenge themselves outside of their academics. The three strands of CAS are characterized as follows: Creativity arts, and other experiences that involve creative thinking. Activity physical exertion contributing to a healthy lifestyle. Service a voluntary exchange that has a learning benefit for the student. Additionally, students must have a clear goal and record and reflect on all of their activities. 0.8 ENGAGE ACTIVITIES The school uses the MIS Engage Activities to facilitate the CCA and Bryant selection and approval process. Engage Activities is used because it allows parents to login to see the plethora of activities on offer. Parents can access detailed information relating to each CCA and Bryant activity. This information includes: Any associated costs Qualifications and professional membership of external providers Structured plan for the CCA / Bryant for the block This selection and allocation process follows these steps:. Confirmation of CCA and Bryant activities with staff and external providers. This is an on-going process throughout the year and is coordinated by the Assistant Head Beyond the Classroom and also the Head of Co-curricular Activities. 2. Promotion of CCAs and Bryants on offer. All information is readily available to students through their Engage portal. There is also a start of year assembly that sets out the year and explains how students can try-out for the various squads, performances and musical activities on offer. 3. Students choose their CCA and Bryant activities on Engage Activities Students choose 4 activities for Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday. If a student has been selected for an activity, this will show as pre-approved. This sign-up phase is normally open for 3-4 days. 4. Allocation of CCA and Bryant activities After sign-up has closed, activities are allocated by student preference using Engage Activities. For popular activities, when sign-up reaches the critical point of double the available spaces, then sign-up for that activity will automatically close. 5. Bryant Payment Arrears For 208-9, if a student has Bryant payment arrears, then the only Bryant options available to that student will be the free Bryants. 0.9 SUNDAY On a Sunday, we offer a Presbyterian service on site and escorted transport to a Catholic service off-site (at St. Isadore s). Parents are asked, at the beginning of the school year, to indicate whether they wish their child to participate in these religious services. These services are intended for boarding students. A boarder s brunch is offered instead of breakfast and lunch. Houses run Sunday afternoon recreational activities for boarders. Day students may occasionally be invited by their HM to participate. 46


48 As students move through the school we very much hope that their progress is linked to a greater understanding of the values and needs within the community. There is a range of positions that provide opportunities for our students to develop leadership and social responsibility. THE BIG EIGHT The Big Eight are a group of Halla students who lead and represent the school in the following capacities: Leaders of the School Council Global Awareness Ambassador (leads the student Cultural Committee) Sports Ambassador Student Welfare Ambassador (leads Student Welfare Awareness Group) Service Ambassador (leads Toweraid, the school s service and charity committee) SEC Chair (Societies Executive Committee) Two of the Big Eight also carry the roles of Head Girl and Head Boy. The tenure begins at the end of Term, Year 2, and runs for twelve months. SIXTH FORM PREFECTS In addition to the Big Eight, Year 2 students have the opportunity to apply to become prefects in which they join with members of staff on duties and help out in a supervisory or ambassadorial capacity as appropriate. THE SCHOOL COUNCIL This group sits at the heart of the school s pastoral structure as they represent the interface between the student voice and the management of the school. Students nominate themselves to represent their Tutor Group and if successful, they then are chosen by their peers and staff to serve a twelve-month tenure on the Council itself. The School Council discuss a variety of topics, which include academic and pastoral matters and school events. HOUSE CAPTAINS AND HOUSE COMMITTEES In each Senior Year 7 to House, a male and female Year student will be elected House Captain at the start of the academic year. The House Captains will lead the House Committee, which will comprise of elected representatives from each Tutor group within the House. The House Captain post runs for a full academic year from April. The House Committee meets weekly with the HM and is an opportunity for students to take responsibility for the community in which they live. Their views and opinions are important to the House staff and will feed into the development and future of each House. There are two House Committee elections each year. Other responsibilities for Year students in House are Deputy House Captain and House Competition Captains, Sports and Creative Captains and Day student liaison. ACADEMIC SOCIETIES One of the defining features of a North London Collegiate School is its academic societies which provide many leadership opportunities and roles; these same opportunities also exist at NLCS Jeju (see Section 0.4). 48

49 PEER MENTORING Older students have the opportunity to train as a Peer Mentor. These students provide a listening and mediation service for students who may be experiencing social or emotional difficulties at school. The Peer Mentor s role operates in conjunction with the School Counsellor, who will always take over cases that require more specialist support. Peer mentors are trained to work with and support individual students over a sustained period. They also fulfill a number of other duties in support of our student body, from academic reading support to designing systems to combat bullying in the school. BUDDY SYSTEM The Buddy System aims to ensure that each new student has a named student to support his or her induction into the school and House. This relationship enables each student to be able to seek advice and guidance from their buddy and seeks to avoid disorientation and isolation in the first few weeks after joining the school. Buddies are allocated from within a student s House by the HM. RESPONSIBILITIES OF OLDER STUDENTS We expect our older students to take an interest in the welfare of younger students within their House as well as by being positive role models and building positive, supportive relationships. We encourage all senior students to take on a role of responsibility in order to build their personal portfolio, which is an essential feature of the university application process. 49


51 NLCS Jeju is a boarding school and we are proud that our students come to see us as a home away from home. More than 500 boarding students, from Years 7 to 3, enjoy the unique benefits of living in this learning environment. This leads to many useful life-skills, including independence, self-confidence, resilience, teamwork skills and tolerance. As well as engaging in the English language environment young people enjoy cultivating friendships for life. For students who board with us, transitioning into university life is a natural step. Please do note that the school has provision for day students to take advantage of the boarding House for a limited number of nights. The cost is 70,000 won per night and can be arranged easily through the HM. 2. THE HOUSE SYSTEM Every student in Years 7 to (whether day or boarding) belongs to one of five Senior Houses. These Houses are named after local oreums: Geomun, Mulchat, Jeoji, Sarah and Noro. Boarding students from Years 7 to live in one of these Houses. The two Sixth Form Houses, called Halla North and Halla East, are where the Year 2 and 3 Boarders are accommodated. The Sixth Form students will keep their former House connection and may get involved with some of the House competitions that run throughout the year. The Sixth Form students are busy engaged on the IB Diploma and therefore their involvement in the House Competition will be less than in Years 7 to. Some students will, however, be keen to involve themselves in those competitions where they have a particular interest or ability. Each House is separated into a boys and girls side, which function independently and are run separately, though they share a common identity and ethos and collaborate socially and academically. There is a communal area, or atrium, in the middle of the House where boys and girls from that House can come together and socialise, as well as meet at one of the regular House meetings. Each House will provide a House Handbook to students and parents that contains further information about the operation and life in each House. 2.2 WHEN SHOULD MY CHILD ARRIVE AT SCHOOL? At the start of each school term or half-term, parents of existing boarding students should ensure that they arrive at school between 5:00 and 8:00 on the day preceding the first day of school. Parents are expected to leave the school site by 8:00. Shuttle buses will be provided from Jeju International airport between 4:30 and 7:00 on the day preceding the start of academic lessons for all returning students. New students and their parents are invited to Houses earlier in the day and the school will send out a letter before the beginning of the term with details. Each term arrival for new studentsfor new students is usually from 2:00 until 4:00 but in August there is an earlier start time for the induction process as detailed in communication sent to parents in advance. Induction and orientation activities will be organised to help students to settle into their new Houses. There will be an opportunity to meet House staff on arrival. They will provide parents with the allocation of bedroom for their son/daughter and help each student to settle in their room. On arrival at the boarding House, students should hand their passport, pocket money in a sealed and named envelope, along with the return airline ticket/e-ticket details (for the next holiday) to a member of the House staff for safekeeping. (Remaining pocket money, airline tickets and passports are returned to students on their day of departure.) All medication should be clearly labeled and taken immediately to the Medical Centre. 5

52 2.3 WHEN SHOULD MY CHILD LEAVE THE SCHOOL SITE? Unless by prior arrangement with an HM, boarders must plan to leave on the day term ends and flights to the mainland should be arranged after 7:30 on the day of departure. Buses to the airport are provided from 6:00 onwards and can take approximately one hour, depending on traffic. Students should pack up all their belongings at the end of every term, as room allocations will change termly. If parents find that this presents travel problems for their child, they should contact the HM who can help make alternative arrangements. Before leaving for the holidays, boarding staff should be made aware of the time and flight number for the student s return after the holiday. Please always let us know of your transport details with as much notice as possible. The boarding House will not be staffed during the holidays. 3 SCHOOL CLOTHING & EQUIPMENT 52

53 Where marked *, please ensure all school uniform is purchased from the school suppliers to ensure uniformity of style and fabric. Substitutes are not acceptable. Where marked **, the item is not essential for the start of the school year and can be bought subsequently if necessary. NAME Skoolooks Jeju Agency / ADDRESS 2F , Ido-dong, Jeju CONTACT NO +82 (0) , +82 (0) SCHOOL UNIFORM (ALL STUDENTS) Black socks and / or skin coloured stockings Black or dark-coloured shoes Minimum of 0 pairs (either ankle or knee) pair, smart - lace up or slip on. Low healed. Soles should not be white or very light coloured. Year 7-3 Year 7 - Shirt / Blouse* Trouser / Skirt* Blazer* Tie* Sweatshirt* Cardigan* (blue for girls, brown for boys) School Waterproof Jacket* Minimum of 5 Minimum of 2 Year 7 - Year 7 - Years 7 - Years 7 - Year 7 - Boys Year 7 - Optional EQUIPMENT FOR SCHOOL (ALL STUDENTS) School Bag* Pencil Case SHOULD INCLUDE: One ink pen, 5 biros (blue or black), 2 pencil, eraser, pencil sharpener, 5 or 30cm ruler, pair of scissors, glue stick, coloured pencils, protractor& compass NO CRAFT KNIVES. 2 coloured pencils Dictionary Korean/English, Oxford Mini Dictionary & Thesaurus Senior students can choose their own smart bag Year 7-3 Optional Optional 53

54 Calculator USB Memory Sticks Laptop/Smart Tablet PE KIT (ALL STUDENTS) The following models are required: Years 7 to, the Casio FX85GTPLUS(or similar), required for the IGCSE examinations. Years 0-3, the TI Nspire CX handheld, required for the IB. 2, No specified storage limit Whilst this is not compulsory, we strongly advise all students completing external exam courses have access to a laptop or smart tablet. Year 7-3 Year 7-3 Year 0-3 Sports Kit Bag* NLCS Jeju Boot Bag* NLCS Jeju Hoodie* NLCS Jeju Track-suit * NLCS Jeju polo shirts* PE Shorts* White socks Sky blue football/rugby socks* Trainers for indoors Trainers for outdoors Football boots Mouth guard Shin pads Black swimming costume / fitted swim shorts* Swim hat* Goggles* Specialist sports kit** Team Kit** co-curricular kit, link Leotard* Leggings and black shorts Swimming Towel and Swim Bag 2 Minimum of 2 (No pattern), Non -marking soles (indoor badminton or squash trainers.) Optional - for use on astro-turf (blades not studs) 2 set Black or dark blue NLCS Swim Shorts optional Rugby boots, football boots etc. Squad sports kit to be advised by House and Sports Department html?cate=m Optional Year 7 - Optional Year 7 - Year 7-3 Year 7-3 Year 7-3 Year 7-3 Year 7-3 Year 7-3 Year 7-3 Year 7-3 Year 7-3 Year 7-3 Year 7-3 As required Team sportsmen and women Year 7-9 girls Year 7-9 girls Year

55 HOUSE KIT (ALL STUDENTS) House sport shirt* House sport shorts/skort* Thick socks Sturdy walking boots for working outside Warm trousers Warm pullover or jumper Warm jacket Woolen hat and gloves Scarf Waterproof jacket and trousers Sunhat and Sunglasses Water Bottle* Sun Cream Specialist equipment** BEDROOM EQUIPMENT (BOARDERS ONLY) House shirt, more optional Clothing for Co-curricular, including the Saturday Morning Bryant Programme (All students) 2 pairs Pair pair For some co-curricular options you might want to bring: golf clubs, table tennis racquet, badminton racquet, squash racquet, musical instruments (these are not compulsory and we suggest waiting until your child is committed to a sport or activity) Year 7 - Year 7-3 Years 7-3 Years 7-3 Years 7-3 Years 7-3 Years 7-3 Years 7-3 Years 7-3 Years 7-3 Years 7-3 Years 7-3 Years 7-3 Years 7 3 Single Duvet Pillow Duvet Covers Pillow Covers Plastic drinking cup Alarm clock Laundry bags with zip Dressing Gown Pyjamas or other sleepwear Slippers for inside House Large beach / swimming towel Large Towels Toiletry Bag Personal medication or 2 as required 2 sets 2 sets 2 2 pair 2 Must include: Toothpaste and toothbrush, soap, shampoo, comb and brush, sanitary products for girls, razor for boys (as required) Years 7-3 Years 7-3 Years 7-3 Years 7-3 Years 7-3 Years 7-3 Years 7-3 Years 7-3 Years 7-3 Years 7-3 Years 7-3 Years 7-3 Years 7-3 Years

56 EQUIPMENT FOR YOUR DESK (BOARDERS ONLY) Hole puncher and files See through wallets and file dividers Dictionary Thesaurus External Hard Drive Glue Stick Sellotape Desk Tidy Stapler and Staples Pads of lined paper CLOTHING FOR THE HOUSE (BOARDERS ONLY) Underwear Casual clothing for weekends Smart outfit for formal occasions** No specified number No specified number or type Korean / English and English / English (Electronic or paper) English / English Backup for computer files - no specified storage limit No specified type No specified type No specified number or type Minimum of 0 changes Might include: Skirts, Trousers, Shorts (no shorter than mid-thigh), sensible casual shoes (not heels), jeans, t-shirts, polo shirts, sweatshirts. One outfit is required * Available from Skoolooks ** Please note that clothing for Sixth Formers is different and will be advised separately in the Halla Handbook Years 7-3 Years 7-3 Years 7-3 Years 7-3 Years 7-3 Years 7-3 Years 7-3 Years 7-3 Years 7-3 Years 7-3 Years 7-3 Years 7-3 Years 7-3 All possessions (including electronic items) should be clearly labelled with a student s full name. Please discourage your children from bringing an excessive number of valuables, craft knives or banned items. ELECTRONIC ITEMS Laptops can be brought to school but the students access will be limited throughout the day. It remains the responsibility of every student to care for any valuable items and to use them in accordance with relevant school policies. Music streaming equipment is permitted but students must bring headphones and you should be aware that these will only be accessible at certain times. POCKET MONEY It will be needed for certain optional activities and Sunday trips. We suggest 50,000 won for each term. Pocket money will be handed in to the HM in a named sealed envelope at the start of each term, students can withdraw their money from their HM at certain times each week. FOOD AND DRINK All students are expected to eat their meals in the Dining Hall. Meal attendance may be monitored if deemed appropriate. In House the students can use the Brew Rooms where fresh snacks are provided each evening by the kitchen staff. There are opportunities within the day to make a hot or cold drink or something to eat. Snacks can be bought during the school day at break time :25 - :50 from the school Dining Hall. Boarders are provided with a snack at short break which does not need extra payment. Students are encouraged not to supplement school meals with bought food such as pot noodles and sweets. 56

57 DRINKING WATER Water dispensers are positioned in a many areas of the main school building for the students to access during the day. There is regular maintenance of these dispensers and students have access to these throughout the day. The boarding Houses are also well equipped with water dispensers on each floor. Water dispensers can also be found in the Sports Centre on both floors. Students are encouraged to drink water regularly to keep hydrated. LOST PROPERTY Lost property is brought to the Main Reception. Students are advised to check the list and reclaim their property from the Main Reception. If, at the end of the school term, items have still not been collected, they will be distributed to local charities or to the Friends of NLCS Jeju for second-hand uniform sales. 57

58 4 SAFETY & SUPPORT At NLCS Jeju, we believe that a happy student is a successful student. We aim to ensure that all of our students feel safe, supported and lead a balanced life while maintaining outstanding academic performance. 58

59 4. EMOTIONAL GUIDANCE COUNSELLORS At NLCS Jeju, we have a team of counsellors who are employed to provide support for our students. Counselling is offered in both Korean and English. We support students with a multitude of concerns including but not limited to, behavioural, emotional and social needs. We also provide extensive support with issues such as homesickness, anxiety, stress and depression. Students can self-refer or be referred to the department by their friends, teachers or parents. Due to its nature, counselling is always voluntary but something the student must be willing to try. Counsellors are available to students for drop in (no appointment needed) counselling every lunchtime from Monday to Friday. We have a great team of counsellors who do an excellent job of supporting our students. If there is a case for discussing a student s medical or counselling support plan, please make an appointment for a meeting; if necessary the school may also request a meeting. Translators are available in school for any meeting appointment, Monday to Friday, 08:00 to 7: SAFEGUARDING(CHILD PROTECTION) The school endeavors to maintain the highest standards of child protection practices and works with external agencies such as Child Protection agencies and the police. Should parents have any child protection concerns they should report them immediately to the school s Designated Safeguarding Lead (DSL), Fiona Milliigan (Head of Individual Needs). In her absence concerns should be passed to one of the school s Deputy DSLs, such as Toby Waterson, Vice Principal (Pastoral) or others identified in the school s safeguarding policy. As parents you can help protect the students by following these simple guidelines: DO NOT Do not be alone with a child. Do not touch a child or invade their personal space. Do not take photographs of children on site at any time. Do not give personal information such as your full name, phone number or address to a student, and in return do not accept personal information from a student. Do not use student toilets and changing rooms please use designated visitor or staff toilets and changing rooms. Do not enter a Boarding House unless accompanied by the Housemaster or Housemistress (HM). Do not go upstairs in the Boarding House without being accompanied by the Housemaster or Housemistress. Do not attempt to resolve instances of physical or verbal abuse from a student by yourself, instead report it immediately to a member of NLCS Jeju staff. DO Do sign in at the security gate on arrival to the school. You will be given a visitor s pass if you do not have your parent pass. 59

60 Do sign out when you leave and hand the visitors pass back to the guards if you have one. Do ask questions of our staff if you need any help. Do report any concerns you have about the safety or students to one of our Safeguarding Focal Points (these are on the posters around the school). Do be aware that your physical actions or verbal interactions with pupils may be misconstrued by students and taken as inappropriate or offensive, even if this was not your intention. Do be aware of your actions towards NLCS Jeju students off site. Any verbal or physical contact with students off site may also been taken as inappropriate by the student and lead to your interaction being misinterpreted. Do be aware our school is monitored by CCTV at all times. 4.3 SECURITY & SAFETY VISITORS TO SITE Access to the school site is controlled by the security positioned at the main school gate. All parents are asked to notify the HM in advance if they wish to visit the boarding House. They must report to security on arrival who will issue them with a visitor s pass that needs to be worn and be visible. BUILDING The boarding Houses are secured so that the students feel safe at all times. The main entrances have magnetic locks, which are activated at certain times of the day, and night to ensure access is limited to those authorised. In an emergency the magnetic locks are released automatically. There is CCTV coverage in all the Houses to protect entrances and exits. The Emergency Procedures are displayed for all on the House notice boards. Each House is equipped with an intercom (phone) which can be used by visitors to notify House staff of their arrival. All visitors must report to a member of staff before going beyond the first floor. SAFEGUARDING VALUABLES We try to ensure that all possessions can be kept secure at all times, so please ensure all items of clothing and personal belongings are named. A lockable space is provided for all students in their rooms. Each student is also given a locker in the main school building for books and kit, which is used during the school day. The students should never hold large sums of money. Money, passports, tickets etc should be passed to the HM as per the arrival procedures. At the start of each holiday period all valuables should be taken home. Students are discouraged from bringing unnecessary valuables to school, to avoid the risk of damage or loss. The school carries no insurance for students personal belongings. Students are expected to be strictly honest with regard to money and/or property that they find and which does not belong to them. They should hand in anything that they find at the soonest possible opportunity either to their HM or another member of staff. Theft erodes trust within a community and if borrowing of items takes place without permission of the owner, then this is deemed to be reckless borrowing, which is regarded by the school as theft. Theft is treated as a severe offence by the school and it could result in serious sanctions being placed on the student. On suspecting theft a student should always first check rigorously in case the item has been mislaid or lent to someone and then forgotten. The matter should be reported to the HM who will investigate. A search may be carried out in line with the School s Searching Students Policy PC

61 4.4 MEDICAL INFORMATION THE MEDICAL CENTRE AND NURSING STAFF The Medical Centre is located next to Mulchat House. It is staffed 24 hours a day. EMERGENCIES Hospitals and Ambulance access - There is an ambulance on call 24 hours a day, based in the Global Education City HQ. There are clear procedures for when children are referred to hospital. A member of staff will always accompany them. Parents will be informed as soon as possible. DISTRIBUTION OF MEDICATION It is imperative that we know in advance of any medication being taken by your child. Upon arrival at the school, all parents whose children are taking prescribed medicine must visit the Medical Centre to hand-over all drugs to the medical staff and discuss dosage. Also please discuss this medication with the HM. No child at NLCS Jeju is permitted to selfmedicate. If in doubt, diet supplements and oriental medicines should be discussed with the medical staff or House staff. STAFF TRAINING In addition to First Aid training that is offered annually to staff at NLCS Jeju, House staff are also trained to deal with any life-threatening conditions that have been identified in during the admissions process or communicated by parents since admission (eg asthma, epilepsy, diabetes). INFORMATION SHARING Students with serious medical conditions are identified at a staff meeting at the beginning of the academic year and a list is made available for staff of all students with medical problems to enable them to identify those they teach. Updates are made to the Individual Needs Department s list of longstanding medical issues and notified to staff. SPECIAL MEDICAL DIET AND ALLERGIES Special medical diet programmes linked to medical conditions such as diabetes can be implemented in liaison with the catering company Hanwah Foodist Service. Any food allergy should be clearly stated on the Student Information Form which parents submit prior to their child entering the school. ACCESS AND AVAILABILITY All students have access to the Medical Centre throughout the day and night with permission from a member of teaching staff, although this is an on-call service for emergencies only between 9:30 and 07:00. RECORDS AND INFORMATION On entry to the School, Parents/Guardians complete a Student Information/Acceptance Form. This seeks information regarding the student s Medical History, any current medical issues, vaccinations and permission for selected over-thecounter medications to be administered whilst at school if necessary. Consent for treatment with simple remedies in a first aid or emergency situation is also obtained. All information is held and used in accordance with strict data protection procedures. Medical information is kept for each child in the Medical Centre. Access to this is limited to the relevant staff. All visits to the Medical Centre are logged. This records the date, time and nature of the condition as well as any treatment resulting. This information may be made available to outside agencies in terms of medication administered or 6

62 referrals. When new conditions, illnesses or any medical problem arises which may affect a student s ability to access the curriculum, this is communicated to all staff. MEDICATION Students with long term conditions requiring medications must start the term with enough medication to last 8 weeks if there is not a short expiry time. The nurse will always administer these medications. Parents must ensure that any medicines provided for use at school are in date and replacements provided prior to their expiry. Expired medication cannot be administered and will be returned to parents for disposal. Medicines will not be given without written consent indicated on the annually returned parental information form, this includes Ibuprofen. SECURITY OF MEDICINES The medicine must be provided in its original container. Students must not carry medicine on their person (except in specific circumstances as agreed with Medical Centre staff) The HM will hold certain medical items in cases of emergency. Medication will be stored in a locked cupboard or fridge as necessary. Parents should ensure that any medicines (especially controlled substances such as Concerta or Ablify) are given directly to the Medical Centre and never handed to the student. Similarly, at the end of each half-term, any medicines to be returned home should be given directly to a parent or sent via courier. DISPOSAL OF MEDICINES All medicines with the exception of EpiPens are required to be collected by parents at the end of the Academic Year in June. Any medicines not collected by the last day of Term will be disposed of. IMMUNISATIONS It is the responsibility of parents to ensure that their child is fully up to date for all immunisations, including travel vaccinations for school trips. SPORT AND PHYSICAL EDUCATION Teaching staff will assume fitness for participation if a student is in school unless incapacitated by physical injury or has a signed doctor s note, which prohibits taking part. Colds, coughs, and minor ailments will not be accepted as reasons for withdrawal from such lessons if the student is in school. 4.5 INDIVIDUAL NEEDS DEPARTMENT(IND) The Individual Needs Department supports students with a tailor made programme depending on the needs of individuals. NAME Fiona Milligan Raj Randhawa Kyung Soo Park Aimee Robertson Ebru Kublay ROLE Head of Individual Needs Learning Support Teacher Counsellor (Korean Speaking) Counsellor (English Speaking) Counsellor (English Speaking) The school endeavors to maintain a high level of pastoral care and therefore practices reflect our ethos: 0. Individual needs are met within the school where possible 02. The school works closely with parents and outside agencies to give each child the best chance of success. 03. The individual needs provision is delivered on a needs-led basis and is aimed at removing barriers to learning. 04. This provision takes place in the school day and will sometimes take precedence over lessons (staff will be informed in the most appropriate manner). 62

63 5 PUNCTUALITY & LEAVING THE SCHOOL SITE NLCS Jeju promotes high levels of punctuality across the school. All members of the school community need to work together to create a culture in which students are consistently on time to lessons and other school related events. 63

64 5. LATENESS Lateness is a form of truancy and a matter of discourtesy to members of the school community. When students are late, without an acceptable reason, their Tutor or supervising House staff will speak to them. Repeated absence will result action taken in line with the Behaviour Policy. 5.2 LEAVING THE SCHOOL SITE BOARDERS Instances when students and parents may need to follow school protocol to leave the school site include: Requests for weekend leave from parents (exeats). Time out of boarding can be arranged with the House staff (HM or AHM) and should be arranged in advance to avoid any miscommunication. When a child takes leave on an exeat responsibility is taken by the parent or nominated representative. Exeats usually take place after Bryant on Saturdays to 6:30 on Sunday. Requests by parents for leave during the school week Again, parents should simply contact the House staff to arrange time out of boarding in the week, for example, to go for supper with their parents. Students leaving the school site under such circumstances will be picked up and returned to the Houses by the parents. Departing school on the final day of each half-term Students need to submit travel details their HM. Those students not taking a school bus to the airport should ensure that parents confirm their travel plans in writing with the relevant HM. Student names will be added to a list and passed to the member of staff escorting the bus. In this case, students do not need to sign out at the gate. Parents collecting their children should usually do so from the House. If meeting at the main gate, a member of the House team should escort the student and see that they are collected safely. Students should sign out at the gate. Canons Village Shops Boarding students may leave the site to visit the Canons Village shops at designated times. At the time of publication these times are under review and will be circulated with the updated policy in due course. Visiting the Global Education City (GEC) - Year, 2 & 3 only. Similarly, this is under review and the school is seeking to extend this privilege to younger year groups and will confirm details once the policy is approved in the new academic year. Currently, Year to 3 students may leave the school site to visit GEC on Saturday, between 2:00 and 9:00, and Sunday, between :00 and 6:00, if they have a signed parental permission pro forma (to be completed and returned to the HM). Students must request permission from their HM and sign out of their House with precise details of where they intend to go and a clear indication of the time they will return (pro forma held by HM). Year students may request a GEC pass from their HM if parents have completed a permission slip. They are allowed to visit the GEC for up to two hours between 2:00-8:00 on Saturdays and :00 and 6:00, on Sundays. Students must ensure that their GEC pass is signed by their HM/AHM before leaving school and carry the pass on them whilst off 64

65 campus. The pass stipulates areas that are in bounds and out of bounds. HMs will have the final decision on whether an individual can go out or not. Students will need to be in groups of at least three to a maximum of six. Within each group, there needs to be at least one mobile phone per three students. No students are to be left alone without a mobile phone. Students should sign out at the security gate (and in again on their return). In all the above instances, students may only leave the site if they have completed all their academic and co-curricular commitments. All School rules apply offsite as well as on it and authorisation for visits to private accommodation follow standard exeat rules. If any student is found to be in breach of the school rules whilst off-site or their behaviour is inappropriate, in addition to the associated sanction, they will also lose this privilege for a full term. Students should report to HM/AHM on their return to school. Weekend pass: Saturday evening and Sunday afternoon trips to Daejeong, Shinhwa World, Seogwipo City or Jeju City (Year 2 & 3 only). Students in Years 2 & 3 may also apply for a Weekend Pass for Saturday evening or Sunday afternoon if they have prior parental permission (see above). Year 2 & 3 students may request a maximum of two Saturday evening offsite passes a term. Curfew 22:00. Year 2 & 3 students may request a maximum of three Sunday afternoon offsite passes a term. Curfew 9:00. Again, this privilege is under review and the school is seeking to extend this privilege to younger year groups and will confirm details once the policy is approved in the new academic year. Parental Permission for a Weekend Pass Students will require written permission from their parents in order to apply for a Weekend Pass; a pro forma will be completed and signed at the start of each academic year and sent to the HM. If parental permission has been secured, students will discuss their proposed evening plans with their HM and present an itinerary to include timings, destination(s), mode of transport, costs, a proposed sequence of the evening and a risk assessment. HMs will have the final decision on whether an individual can go out or not. HMs will monitor the number of passes a student takes per term. All school rules will apply offsite. If any student is found to be in breach of the school rules whilst off-site or their behaviour is inappropriate, in addition to the associated sanction, they will also lose this privilege for two terms. DAY STUDENTS Day students should leave the campus at the end of the school day. Day students may visit the Canons Village shops once they have left school at the end of the day but are not permitted to return to school. Day students must sign-in (and out when they leave again) if they return to campus after 7:5 on a weekday, 2.30 on a Saturday and at all times on a Sunday. 65


67 The Rules of the School and the Code of Conduct are designed to ensure safety, happiness and well being of all members of our school community. Central to the code is that we all treat each other with respect. The Code of Conduct is supported and partially implemented by simple set of school rules. These rules are kept to a minimum and exist on the grounds of safety and of ensuring that all members of the school community can live and work together in a supportive way. 6. THE CODE OF CONDUCT FOR STUDENTS ATTITUDE 0. NLCS Jeju is primarily a place for scholarship and learning, we therefore expect all students to take their studies seriously. 02. We value good relationships between all school staff and students and expect all members of the community to actively establish and maintain an atmosphere of mutual respect. Always try to understand the other person s point of view. 03. Remember the importance of manners: speak courteously to everyone and respect all property. 04. Celebrate and value the diversity of our international community. We want70 everyone to feel happy and supported at NLCS Jeju. ACTIONS 0. Make it as easy as possible for everyone to learn and for the teacher to teach. This means prompt arrival at lessons with all the correct equipment as well as sensible co-operative behaviour in lessons. 02. All schoolwork must be completed to the best of your ability and be handed in on time; all teacher-set deadlines must be adhered to. 03. If you need further support or help with any aspect of the lesson or your work, approach your teacher as soon as possible to communicate your difficulties. 04. After any absence, it is your responsibility to make up work missed and hand in all work that is outstanding. Your teacher will be happy to help and advise you. 05. Adhere to the school s Academic Honesty Policy and observe the principles of academic honesty. 06. Respect the fabric of the school and the natural environment of Jeju by keeping your personal possessions tidy, clearing away litter and behaving in an environmentally conscious way. 07. Plan ahead for the day, pack all you need and leave enough time to be punctual. 08. Always seek to include, rather than exclude others, in your actions. 09. Be punctual; lateness is a form of truancy and a matter of discourtesy to members of the school community. 0. Do not tamper with the school s IT network. 67

68 APPEARANCE 0. Inside and outside school, remember that the public will judge all members of the school on your behaviour and appearance. 02. Clothing and appearance should be smart and appropriate for the occasion. Ask for guidance from staff if unsure what is appropriate. 6.2 THE SCHOOL RULES Actions - In the boarding House: 0. Boarders are responsible for waking themselves up in the morning and going to bed at night. Silence should be maintained after lights out and electronic devices should be handed in to duty staff for locking away. 02. All students must attend registration, both morning and night, and all meals. 03. No students are allowed into bedrooms other than their own without permission and no students from other houses are allowed upstairs in different boarding houses. (Students must observe House visiting rules when visiting the ground floor). 04. Any stated boundaries between the boys and girls houses must be respected at all times 05. No students are allowed to enter any of the residential staff accommodation at any time, including the Gap or Grad Assistant flat. 06. Preparation of snacks in boarding kitchens must only take place at the times set out in the Boarding House. 07. No age-restricted films are to be watched by those students under that age. 08. Chewing gum is not permitted in the boarding Houses. 09. Personal music in bedrooms must be listened to through the use of headphones. 0. Study time must be used solely for the purpose of academic work.. No student should leave the school site before the end of the school day with a permission slip and boarders must follow school rules regarding leaving the school site outside of the school day. 2. After lights out, no student is permitted to leave the boarding House under any circumstances, unless directed by a member of the boarding staff or in the event of fire. 3. Tampering with smoke alarms, fire alarms, fire equipment is strictly prohibited. 4. Nobody is to use the sports facilities unless supervised by a member of staff. Actions - In school, during the day: 0. Except for Halla students, mobile phones and other personal electronic devices (such as tablet computers) are not allowed in the school buildings between 08:00 and 5.30 on weekdays or during Saturday activities They should be locked in the boarding House, left at home, or handed to the Main Reception. Both staff and Halla students are discouraged from using phones in public areas. 02. Attendance at school assemblies is compulsory. 03. At break time and lunchtime, bags should be left in appropriate places (lockers, classrooms with teacher permission, 68

69 Bag Drop Zones or bag shelving) ie: NOT in front of lifts, on chairs or in front of doors. Bags should not be brought into the dining hall at mealtimes. 04. Students are expected to behave appropriately during school hours; they should avoid public or private displays of affection such as hugging, kissing or holding hands. 05. Whilst moving around school, never run in corridors or on the stairs as this is potentially very dangerous. Always let a member of staff through a door first and hold doors open for those following behind you. 06. Students should not act in a manner that excludes others. 07. Drinking or eating in classrooms and corridors is not allowed except from water fountains. Actions that can cause harm: 0. The use or possession of drugs, alcohol, solvents or tobacco is strictly forbidden. They should not be brought into school for any reason. If you disregard this rule you may be suspended or expelled from NLCS Jeju. 02. In addition, the following items are not allowed onto the school site at any time: Matches or lighters Knives or weapons (including craft knives) Explosive devices Pornography DVDs or CDs where the age limit inappropriate for the child. Any racist, sexist or prejudiced material of any kind 03. The internet must only be used appropriately and must not be used to access violent, pornographic, prejudicial or inciteful websites, nor should it be used to spread malicious gossip for harassment or bullying. 04. Bullying or physical aggression towards another student or member of staff is never acceptable. 05. Exclusive emotional or physical relationships between students are not permitted in school. 06. No pairs of students should seek to conceal or hide themselves away from the supervision of staff; this includes arranging to meet after lights out and before breakfast. 6.3 APPEARANCE Uniform during the school day: 0. Jewellery: students are allowed only a simple chain necklace or a religious symbol under the uniform. Girls are allowed a pair of simple stud earrings. No piercings at all for boys to be worn in the school day. 02. Make-up, if worn, should be natural and minimal (as should nail varnish). 03. Long sleeved shirts must be tucked in at all times, summer short shorts may be worn out. 04. Ties must be done up properly. 05. Trousers should not be altered to narrow their width. 06. Hair should be neat and tidy and not longer than collar length for boys. Girls hair should always be neat and tidy. Girls should be tied back long hair with blue, black or brown hair bands for practical lessons (PE, science and dance as required). Hair should also be tied back for formal events and occasions such as Founder s Day. Hair should be 69

70 clipped back from the face at all times. Hair should be no shorter than grade 4. There should be no eccentric hairstyles including lines or colours for girls or boys. Hairstyles that attract unnecessary attention are not allowed. If dyed, hair should be as close to natural hair colour as possible. Hair should not have shades or blue, green grey etc. 07. Boys must be clean-shaven. 08. Girls should wear skirts of a decent length, i.e. no more than 5 cm above the knee. 09. Shoes should not be white soled plimsolls (Toms, for example). 0. No white socks.. Winter coats should not worn instead of the school blazer and sweatshirt. What to wear after activities and at weekends: 0. Students may wear their own clothes after activities during the week and weekends. 02. Clothing should be decent and appropriate for school (ie no sleepwear and no underwear visible). 03. Shorts/skirts should be no shorter than mid-thigh length. 04. Make-up and cosmetics should be minimal; boarding staff will ask students to remove inappropriate make-up. 05. Follow staff advice and wear appropriate clothing for Saturday and Sunday activities. 6.4 STUDENT USE OF PERSONAL ELECTRONIC DEVICES 0. Except for Year 2 and 3, mobile phones are not allowed in the school buildings during the school day on weekdays or during Saturday activities 09:00-2:00. They should be locked in the boarding House, left at home, or handed into Main Reception. Electronic items can be collected from the Main Reception at 5:30 and carried in bags. Both staff and Halla students are discouraged from using phones in public areas (Dining Hall, corridors etc). Halla students should not be using headphones or earphones whilst moving through the school. 02. Years 7, 8 & 9 are not allowed to use personal electronic devices (such as tablets or laptops) in the school buildings during the school day on weekdays or during Saturday activities This includes co-curricular time and library sessions. They should be locked in the boarding House, left at home, or handed into the Main Reception. Electronic items can be collected from the Main Reception at 5.30 on weekdays or 2:00 on Saturdays. Devices should be carried in bags. 03. Year 0 and are permitted to bring laptops for work with IGCSE coursework or similar projects. It is up to the discretion of staff if Year 0 and students can use these electronic items in class. Should Year 0 or students be caught using their laptops inappropriately they will be warned and may have their electronics confiscated if staff feel it is justified. 70


72 In addition to the School Rules and Code of Conduct for students, there are explicit policies which are clearly communicated to staff, parents and students. Here you will find a short summary of the principles behind and the operational essence of these policies. Please refer to the school s website for the full text of any of these policies or contact the school which will be able to provide you the detail you need. The main document relating to how the school seeks to inculcate positive behaviour is the Behaviour Policy (PC009). 7. REWARDS High standards of behaviour are expected at NLCS Jeju. Positive attitudes, behaviour and effort are all recognised by staff whenever possible. Students are encouraged to take risks and push themselves. Staff reward students who do their best and contribute to the school community. Rewards at NLCS Jeju are awarded in the form of: 0. Academic Merits for excellent academic achievement or effort in a subject area 02. Commendations for service to the school, House or any other aspect of school life 03. School Colours for commitment shown to a co-curricular activity (see below Section 7..) 04. Letters home, formal praise and other forms of reward It is acknowledged that students will also make mistakes and break rules. At NLCS Jeju students are encouraged to learn from their mistakes they might make with the guidance and support from teachers. Sanctions are sometimes imposed. NLCS Jeju s reward system is an integral part of the Behaviour Policy. The Policy provides a clear guidance about how the school will respond when the Code of Conduct and School Rules are broken. If a student breaks the School Rules or Code of Conduct the school will respond using one of the five stages in the Behvaviour Policy. Students who persist in making mistakes and errors of judgement will find that the school escalates response accordingly. Parents are either informed or involved and play a crucial role in supporting their child learning to make correct choices and act responsibly. 7.- SCHOOL COLOURS AND HALF COLOURS Colours are awarded for sustained commitment to a co-curricular or Bryant programme. They are awarded for Sports, Music, Drama, Debating, Community Service, Service to CCA, Dance, Theatre and Societies. Both School Colours and Half Colours are awarded during end-of-term assemblies, three times per year. School Colours consist of a gold pin badge in the shape of the Buss ship. Half Colours consist of a blue pin badge in the shape of the Buss ship. Colours are only available to students in Years 0 to 3. The criteria for awarding School Colours is as follows: Considerable commitment to that activity beyond that which is normally expected Shown initiative, planning and organisational skills Act as a role model for that activity and support other students involved Have considerable aptitude for that particular activity Involved themselves in the given area for more than one year and in more than one capacity Be a link between parents, students and staff member 72

73 Half Colours are awarded under similar criteria to School Colours but require slightly less in terms of the time commitment and a slightly lower degree of aptitude. 7.2 ANTI-BULLYING POLICY(PC05) All members of the NLCS Jeju community are valued as individuals and have the right to feel safe and happy within the school environment. NLCS Jeju has an anti-bullying policy which is fully committed to both preventing bullying in the first place and also to robust and effective actions when it is discovered bullying has occurred. A full copy of this policy is available to parents on the website or on request to the school. NLCS Jeju maintains a raised awareness amongst staff and students of any vulnerable individual who is found to have low self-esteem and who is excluded or humiliated by others. Further the school promotes an ethos which deplores anyone being left out, being unsupported or being humiliated. NLCS Jeju will actively involve any of all of the following parties: the student of concern (both victim and those perpetrating the bullying, the school counsellor, the pastoral team (including the Tutors and HMs), and where appropriate the student s own peer group, Sixth Form peer mentors, parents and the relevant AHs and VPs. The keystone of the anti-bullying policy is that all members of the NLCS Jeju community should know that: 0. no one has to put up with bullying and that every person has the right to tell an individual who is bullying that the behaviour unacceptable. 02. bullying can cause psychological damage to victims, in extreme cases, suicide. 03. bullying is increasingly recognised as a criminal offence 04. bullying should be reported to a trusted adult/teacher. 05. the matter will be dealt with appropriately, quickly and such that any possible retaliation is prevented Bullying can be verbal, visual, or physical. Commonly it can also include exclusion from friendship groups and may take place on the internet or social media (in or out of school time). This called cyber-bullying and is specifically referred to in a sub section below. We ask parents to help identify if the child is the victim of bullying. We also ask that parents take a responsible approach which is aligned to the school s anti-bullying policy. In particular, we specifically request that parents do not contact other parents directly but channel their concerns and or other communications through the school and work with the school to a solution. Parents should actively remind children that they have a right to feel safe and valued and the school can and will (with the student consent) deal with any difficult situation. Those students who are found to be perpetrating bullying will be dealt with firmly but also be given a chance to understanding the harm their actions are causing and given a chance to reform. NLCS Jeju has a number of anti-bullying initiatives which include coverage of the issues in the PSD programme, active lesson planning (eg. seating plans), staff and Sixth Form training (in particular the Peer Mentor programme), House Codes of Conduct, and active whole school work towards the avoidance of passivity in the presence of bullying behaviours. The procedure to deal with bullying is specific to the nature and personnel involved. The procedure is specifically designed to support and protect the victim in the short term while finding a long-term solution and imposing appropriate sanctions, usually through the formation of a Behaviour Management Committee. 73

74 Often, after an appropriate amount of preparatory work has been completed, a resolution might involve either a Restorative Justice session or a Shared Concern session (both of which are staff are trained to deliver). Parents are kept fully informed during the process (Stage 3 and above). All conversations, witness statements and school actions are documented and held on file. SPECIFIC NOTES ON CYBER-BULLYING Cyber-bullying refers to inappropriate text messaging or ing and inappropriate use of societal network sites, as well as sending offensive imaging by phone, internet or . Cyber bullying may involve transferring and / or sharing of personal, abusive, nasty, threatening, intimidating, harassing, embarrassing, inappropriate or humiliating messages and / or images. Parents should remind their child to use the internet carefully and responsibly, in particular not sharing passwords, not retaliating, but reporting issues. They should be reminded to think carefully before sending any message that may have a negative connotation. As a parent please be alert to your child being upset after using the internet of mobile phone. This might involve subtle comments or changes in relationships with friends. 7.3 ANTI-RACISM POLICY(PC04) Racism is not tolerated at NLCS Jeju and will be dealt with as a serious misdemeanor in line with the Anti-Racism Policy. 7.4 STUDENT RELATIONSHIPS One of the strengths of our school is the opportunity that boys and girls have to work and socialise together in and out of the classroom. In every aspect of school life, students collaborate together to produce excellent academic results and performances and to enhance their leadership skills. This collaboration enriches the school experience for them and prepares them for the realities of university life and their careers beyond it. Whilst encouraging boys and girls to be comfortable in each other s company and to become friends; our approach is to be designed to protect them from forming what we term an exclusive relationship with each other, where they are deemed to be spending a lot of their free time in each other s company to the exclusion of others. In essence an exclusive relationship is one in which the two students in questions will tend seek out situations where they can be alone together. Students who develop this type of relationship will be challenged and asked to stop the behaviour. The HM and possibly the school counsellor will be involved. If the behaviour continues it is likely escalation of response will be needed. Parents of both students will be informed at an early stage by letter. 7.5 STUDENT USE OF AND THE INTERNET Student use of phones and other electronic devices are restricted (please see Section 6.4 of this handbook and the School Rules and E-safety Policy for more information). NLCS Jeju recognises that Information Communication Technology (ICT) in the twenty-first century is seen as an essential resource to support teaching and learning, as well as playing an important role in the everyday lives of children, young people and adults. Consequently, it is important to build in the use of these technologies within the school in order to develop the skills of students and staff and foster a culture of lifelong learning. All use of technology must be in support of education and research and be consistent with the educational purposes of NLCS Jeju 74

75 School technology policies have the following aims: To enable all members of the school community to use electronic communications in an appropriate, responsible and professional way. To safeguard all users from the risks associated with access to the Internet and . Student users must not: Deliberately access or try to access material that could be considered illegal Make unauthorised use of non-educational sites during lessons Make unauthorised or inappropriate use of mobile phones, digital cameras or other mobile devices Make unauthorised or inappropriate use of social media or messaging apps Make unauthorised downloading or uploading of files Allow others to access school network by sharing username and passwords Attempt to access or accessing the school network, using another student s account Attempt to access or accessing the school network, using the account of a member of staff Corrupt or destroy the data of other users Send an , text or message that is regarded as offensive, harassment or of a bullying nature Carry out actions which could bring the school into disrepute or breach the integrity of the ethos of the school. This includes through personal social media activity. Subvert the school s s filtering system Hack, attempt to hack any school system or disrupt any ICT service. Receive or transmit material that infringes the copyright of another person or infringes the Data Privacy Laws Deliberately access or trying to access offensive or illegal material. Any accidental accessing of such material must be reported immediately to a member of teaching staff or IT staff Share details of their school accounts and passwords, and should take every precaution to protect their individual access to school services Student users who violate these rules and regulations may have their Internet use privileges suspended or revoked and may be subject to appropriate school disciplinary action consistent with the NLCS Jeju Code of Conduct. Student users who violate these rules and regulations may have their Internet use privileges suspended or revoked and may be subject to appropriate school disciplinary action consistent with the NLCS Jeju Code of Conduct. Any user who is suspected to have engaged in an illegal activity while using school systems may be referred to the appropriate legal authorities. All school systems are monitored to safeguard staff, students and the wider school community. Parents and Carers: Use of Social Media When accessing school systems please read the Social Media Policy. At school events and when on school property please respect the privacy of our students and staff. We ask you not to post images on social media of students without express permission. You are encouraged to comment or post appropriately about the school. In the event of any offensive or inappropriate comments being made, the school will ask the author to remove the post and invite them to discuss the issues in person. 75

76 8 FEE & REFUND POLICY APPLICATION FEE KRW 400,000 Non-refundable This is payable immediately upon receipt of the registration number. REGISTRATION FEE KRW 400,000 Non-refundable This is only applicable to new students. Students are only required to pay the Registration Fee once while attending NLCS Jeju. This is payable upon acceptance of your child and before the student enters the school. It is due according to the date as stated on the letter of admission. ACCEPTANCE DEPOSIT KRW 2,800,000 Refundable This is applicable to new students and re-enrolled students. This is payable when the parents return the Acceptance Form to the school. It is due according to the date as stated on the letter of admission. It will be refunded when the student graduates or withdraws. CAPITAL FEE KRW 3,000,000 Non-refundable This is only applicable to new students. Students are only required to pay the Capital Fee once while attending NLCS Jeju. This is payable upon acceptance of your child and before the child enters the school. It is due according to the date as stated on invoice. BOARDING CAPITAL FEE KRW 500,000 Non-refundable This is applicable to only new boarders. Boarders are only required to pay the Boarding Capital Fee once while they are attending NLCS Jeju boarding school. It is due according to the date as stated on invoice. TUITION FEE The tuition fee consists of both KRW portion and USD portion. The tuition Fee should be paid in both currencies, KRW and USD for designated portions in the payment table. Tuition fee can either be paid in full or in three installments. There is a 2.5% discount if you choose the lump-sum payment plan. Year Group Annual Lump-Sum 50% st Installment 25% 2 nd Installment 25% 3 rd Installment Junior School (N ~ R) KRW USD 6,800,000 9,737 6,380,000 9,493 8,400,000 4,868 4,200,000 2,434 4,200,000 2,435 Junior School (Y ~ Y6) Middle School (Y7 ~ Y9) Upper School (Y0 ~ Y) Sixth Form (Y2 ~ Y3) KRW USD KRW USD KRW USD KRW USD 8,666,000 0,89 9,545,000,328 22,224,000, ,550,000 3,645 8,99,350 0,548 9,056,370,044 2,668,400 2,554 22,96,250 3,303 9,333,000 5,409 9,772,500 5,664,2,000 6,438,775,000 6,822 4,666,500 2,704 4,886,250 2,832 5,556,00 3,29 5,887,500 3,4 4,666,500 2,706 4,886,250 2,832 5,556,000 3,29 5,887,500 3,42 Due Date 8 th Jun th Jun th Oct rd Feb 208 *Note: The amount of payment of each installment does not mean tuition of the term but means payment by 3 installments. 76

77 BOARDING FEE The boarding fee consists of KRW portion only. The boarding fee can either be paid in full or in three installments. There is a 2.5% of discount if you choose the lumpsum payment plan. If joining boarding before the start of a half term break, a student needs to pay for one term s full boarding fees. If joining boarding after the start of a half term break, only 50% of one term s full boarding fees will be charged. (*Note : Payment method is the same as tuition fee.) (*Note 2 : Activities indicated on a list of Extra-curricular activities as free of charge.) (*Note 3 : Meals will be charged separately by the canteen operator.) Year Group Middle School (Y7 ~ Y9) Upper School (Y0 ~ Y) Sixth Form (Y2 ~ Y3) Annual Fee Lump-Sum st Installment 2 nd Installment 3 rd Installment 5,4,000 5,025,720 5,37,000 5,37,000 5,4,000 5,025,720 5,37,000 5,37,000 5,786,000 5,39,350 5,262,000 5,262,000 5,37,000 5,37,000 5,262,000 Due Date 8 th Jun th Jun th Oct rd Feb 208 TEXTBOOK DEPOSIT KRW 400,000 Refundable The textbook deposit will be refunded when a student leaves school and all books are returned in good condition. BUS SERVICE KRW 2,850,000 (Annual fee, KRW 950,000 Each Term) This only pertains to students who live in Jeju Island. All bus service fees are annual fees and must be paid in full at once. The school will provide a secure bus service from the school to the airport only for boarders on the last school day of each term (including half terms) at no charge. The registrations for those wishing to use the school bus service are available during term time, but the fees will be different depending on the start date of using the service; if a student wishes to use the service before the start of a half term break, payment is needed for one term s fee. If a student decides to use the service after a half term break, only 50% of one term s fee will be charged. BILLING Annual tuition and boarding fee will be paid either in full or in three installments as above, throughout the school year, in accordance with the billing schedule. Tuition and boarding fee may be paid in three installments. There is 2.5% of discount if you choose the lump-sum payment plan. ANNUAL REVIEW Fees are normally reviewed once per year. The school reserves the right to increase fees or impose surcharges at other times if circumstances warrant it. EAL EAL lessons are not chargeable. MEALS Invoice will be issued by the canteen operator. EXPEDITIONS AND TRIPS There will be opportunities for field courses, educational visits, cultural visits, sporting and outdoor pursuits throughout the year. If appropriate, costs will be billed as these events take place. BRYANT PROGRAM AND CCA FEES Fees are issued per session, 3 times per year. MUSIC FEES Pre-payment, invoice will be issued termly. *Note: Applications for music lessons that were not paid within the specified payment period will be cancelled. 77

78 MEDICAL APPOINTMENT If a student has to be taken to a doctor, dentist, and hospital or see any other specialist, the cost of providing a car and driver is charged on medical bills. OVERNIGHT ACCOMMODATION Day students who stay overnight are charged KRW 70,000 per night. *Note: Meals will be charged separately by the canteen operator. LATE PAYMENT Simple interest may be charged on a day-to-day basis on fees which are unpaid. The rate of interest charged will be at up to.5% per month which is a genuine pre-estimate of the cost to the School of a default. Cheques and other instruments delivered at any time after the first day of term will be presented immediately and will not be considered as payment until cleared. COSTS All costs incurred in the collection of unpaid fees including the School s administrative costs and any costs and disbursements paid to agents acting on behalf of the School shall be recoverable in full. REFUNDS The school only excepts refund requests submitted in writing. Refunds are based on the items and criteria in the table below. If a student whose tuition and boarding fees are not paid within the 6 weeks prior to the first day of a term is leaving the school or the boarding House, all outstanding payments for tuition and boarding fees are still required. Refunds will only be made according to the following criteria. Date of refund reasons occur Tuition Items Boarding Fee Coach Fee Other Before the start of term 6 weeks before Full Full (Based on Application Date) After the start of term (Based on Transferred Date) Within 6 weeks Within 4 weeks After 4 weeks 60% refund / 40% pay 30% refund / 70% pay Non-refundable 60% refund / 40% pay 30% refund / 70% pay Non-refundable Full Non refundable Non refundable *Note: If students submit the withdrawal application before the start of the next term and still attend the school after the start of term, After the start of term refund policy will be applied. SIBLING DISCOUNT The school offers a sibling discount to those who currently have two or more children enrolled in the school. The sibling discount is applicable for the second or third child etc. Year Group Nursery ~ Y6 Y7 ~ Y3 Targets and Amount milion won on the Capital Fee 6% of the Boarding Fee of each term will be discounted 78

79 9 THE FRIENDS of NLCS JEJU (FONJ) Established in 206, this group works to strengthen the NLCS Jeju community. All parents and staff are automatically members and will be contacted by the FONJ when they join the school staff or their child joins the school. The FONJ contact details are 20 WITHDRAWALS We don t like to lose any students but we understand that sometimes it is necessary to withdraw your child from school. If you would like to discuss changing schools, in the first instance, we suggest you speak with your child s HM. If you require references to be written for your child or you have a confirmed withdrawal date, parents should inform the Vice Principal Pastoral, Mr. Toby Waterson. The school will support applications to other schools by completing recommendation forms etc and please note these will be passed onto the destination school, not to student, parent or third parties. Parents should give the school at least a week of notice to prepare this information and bear in mind that during school holidays, more time may be needed. If you have any questions about this process please call the Senior School Office on FAQS Q What if I want my child to change status from day to boarding of vice versa? A Contact your HM who will oversee the process for you. Q What if I am thinking about withdrawing my child from NLCS Jeju? A Please contact your child s HM, as in Section 20. Q Can my child stay just a few nights in the boarding House? A Yes, we offer this service for day students. If there is no adult supervising at home or your child just wants to try boarding, we can arrange this. Contact your child s HM. 79

80 Q My child has told me they are being bullied, what should I do? A You should tell them to speak to a member of staff they feel they can trust, perhaps their tutor or HM. Parents should write immediately to the HM and try to be as specific as possible about the information. If parents do not hear back in 24 hours, they should contact the Vice Principal Pastoral, Toby Waterson. Q I d like my child to change Year group, House or class what should I do? A Generally we do not make changes to a child s House or class or Year group without considering the matter thoroughly and considering all the advantages and disadvantages. Whilst we want all children in our care to be happy, we also want them to learn to deal with problems constructively and with confidence. Changing House is sometimes seen as way to avoid a friendship issue, but this does not prepare young people well for life after school. If you do want to discuss the matter, please contact your child s HM in the first instance. Q Can my child attend a Korean school or university after studying at NLCS Jeju? A Of course, we have students who have attending Korean universities, including competitive institutions such as Seoul National and Yonsei. We also have students who have withdrawn and enrolled in the Korean middle or high schools, though some of them change their mind and come back to NLCS Jeju. Once they have been to our school, they often prefer it! Q How do I purchase PE kit and co-curricular kit? A Parents should contact Skoolooks to buy kit. We would like every student in the school to have school and House kit. (see Section 3). Q I am considering sending my child to an academy (Hakwon) to help them study, is this a good idea? A In general we do not recommend that children spend evenings or holidays at these type of institutions (see Section 9.3). However, there may be benefits of choosing to do this if it compliments the provision offered by the school. What we do recommend is that parents discuss their concerns and motivation for considering extra support with the House staff in the first instance. Q I am considering using the services of a homestay what do I need to do? A The experience children have in homestays varies a lot. We would prefer you to discuss the reasons why you are not choosing boarding for your child in the first instance so there are no misunderstandings about the service we provide. Should you opt for homestay provision, you must inform the school of this arrangement and provide the contact details so we can update our records. The school also has a Homestay Policy which should be read and adhered to. Q I don t speak English, how will I communicate with the school about my child? A Parents should not worry about communication. We have full time Korean translators and we have staff who can facilitate Mandarin translation. We also translate written communication or have a translator present in school hours for any meeting you attend. s can be sent in Korean or Chinese and our team will ensure they are translated as soon as possible. 80

81 North London Collegiate School Jeju SENIOR SCHOOL 학부모안내책자

82 82 04

83 학교는아동및청소년의복지를보호하고증진해야할의무가있습니다. 학교에서는재직중인교직원, 자원봉사요원은물론재학생, 그리고저희학 교를방문하시는분들까지모두이를실천해주시기를바랍니다. 어린이들이보호받지못한다고느낄때, 그들의무한한잠재력을발휘할수없기 때문입니다. CONTENTS 교장선생님의환영인사 NLCS Jeju의철학 학사일정 시니어스쿨교장환영인사 교사진소개 연락시스템 6. 학교연락망 6.2 커뮤니케이션가이드 - 통번역지원 6.3 기숙학생자녀와연락 6.4 자녀의학습진보상황모니터 하루일과 ( 기숙학생 & 통학학생 ) 08. 통학학생 8. 학교일과시간 8.2 스쿨버스 NLCS Jeju 의교과과정 9. 7-학년교과과정 학년교과과정 9.3 과제 CCA 프로그램 0. 방과후활동 0.2 브라이언트프로그램 : 토요일오전 0.3 기숙사대항전 0.4 소사이어티와엔터프라이즈 0.5 현장학습 0.6 토요뮤직컨서바토리 0.7 창의성활동, 신체활동, 봉사활동 (CAS) 0.8 인게이지 (Engage) 0.9 일요일 27. 학생리더쉽 하우스 ( 기숙사 ) 시스템및생활 2. 기숙사시스템 2.2 기숙사입실시간 2.3 기숙사퇴실시간 교복및교구 안전문제및학생지원 4. 상담교사 (Emotional Counsellors) 4.2 세이프가딩 ( 학생안전보호 ) 4.3 보안 4.4 의료정보 4.5 학생상담도움부서 (IND) 학교출결규정 학교규칙 6. 학생행동강령 6.2 학칙 6.3 복장 6.4 전자기기사용 학생행동관련정보 7. 수상제도 7.. 스쿨칼라 & 하프칼라 7.2 학교폭력방지 7.3 인종차별 7.4 학생들간의교우관계 7.5 이메일및인터넷사용 수업료및기타비용 & 환불규정 The Friends of NLCS Jeju (FONJ) - 학부모와교원의친목단체 자퇴 ( 전학 ) 자주묻는질문 (FAQs) 83

84 0 WELCOME from THE PRINCIPAL _ 총교장선생님의환영인사 84

85 NLCS Jeju는오랜세월인정받은영국본교의학문적우수성을토대로설립된젊은학교입니다. 60년전, 초대교장프란시스메리블리스가젊은여성들에게흥미진진하고우수한교육을제공하기위해런던북부지역에 NLCS UK를세웠습니다. NLCS UK 의이런혁신적교육은오늘날까지이어지고있으며, 학문적우수 성과교과목에대한열정뿐만아니라도덕적의지와우수한학습을이끌어내 기위한통합적인접근법에대해자부할수있는학교입니다. NLCS Jeju 역시이를토대로우리사회를위한최상의교육환경을조성하고자설립되었습니다. 현재재학중인학생의학부모에게왜 NLCS Jeju를선택하였는지묻는다면, 우리학생들이밝고균형잡힌생활속에서자신에대한안정감은물론타인에대한편안한마음속에서도도전정신에대한열정을가지고있다는이유를듣게될것입니다. 또한, NLCS Jeju의우수한교과과정과더불어학생개개인의요구사항과관심이반영된다양한교과외활동을손꼽을것입니다. NLCS Jeju의교장으로서저는학생개개인이중요하다는것을누구보다열정적으로믿고있습니다. NLCS Jeju의모든학생은개인의특성을인정받으며, 아무런편견도없는공동체속에서작은성취하나하나인정받으며, 한학생도뒤쳐짐없이자신의능력을최대한발휘할수있도록학교가장려하고있습니다. 최적의위치에최고의시설을갖춘 NLCS Jeju가정말특별한이유는학교와관련된모든사람들때문입니다. NLCS Jeju의교직원은다양한경험과넘치는열정으로일에임하며, 학부모님은학교의활동과행사에적극적인참여하여지원해주십니다. 그리고학생들은교직원모두가가르치는데즐거움을느낄정도로배움에대해진지합니다. 총교장 Paul Friend 85

86 02 PHILOSOPHY of NLCS JEJU _NLCS JEJU 의철학 NLCS Jeju 는최고의교육을제공한다는자부심을가지고있는학교입니다. 이것이가능한이유중하나는모교인 NLCS UK 의전통을이어받고, 두학교사이에특별한유대감이형성되어있기때문입니다. 두학교의관계가긴밀한것을큰행운이라생각하고있습니다. NLCS UK 는정기적으로검사와모니터링을실시하고, 새로운직원채용시 NLCS UK 에서면접을진행하며, 채용후직원들은모두 NLCS UK 에서연수를받게됩니다. 뿌리는 NLCS UK 에두되, NLCS Jeju 가성장하면서고유의특징도분명히생겼습니다. 한국에서세계적수준의, 통합적안목을키우는, 국제교육의 현장이된것입니다. 86

87 2. 목표 NLCS Jeju 의목표는 NLCS UK 의전통에기반을두고있으며, 본교의전반적인의도와목표점을제시합니다. 0. NLCS UK의전통과교육철학에기초한우수한교육을제공하는것입니다. 02. 각학생들이능력을최대치로발휘할수있는교육을제공하는것입니다. 03. 각학생들을중요시여기고과목에대한열정을불어놓어줄수있는교사팀을유지하는것입니다. 04. 모든학생들이학업적우수성을인식할수있게하며이우수성은성취가능하다는것을일깨워주는것입니다. 05. 각학생들이잘보살펴지고완전한인격체로성장할수있는보금자리를만들어주는것입니다. 06. 나이, 국적등의배경에상관없이학생들과교직원, 학생과학생간의끈끈한관계가성립되는공동체를조성하는것입니다. 07. 모든학생들이교육적인도전을받아들이는분위기에서새로운시도를하기를두려워하지않게독려하는것입니다. 08. 타인을배려하고헌신할수있는가치를분명하게이해하는열린글로벌마인드의청년공도체를만드는것입니다. 2.2 목적 NLCS Jeju 는다음의구체적인방법들을통하여위목표를달성하고자합니다.. 학문적우수성우리학생들은졸업시까지다양한분야에서탁월한학문적성취를이루게됩니다. 학생들은열정을느끼는분야에대해심도깊은지식을쌓을수있는기회를가지게되고, 그들의잠재력을깨닫게될것입니다. 학생들은자신의능력에자부심을가질것이며, 그로인해열정적인사고를하게될것입니다. 2. 다양한경험 우리학생들은공식적인교과과정이외의광범위한활동을통해, 스스로열정을느끼며관심있는분야를찾게될것입니다. 3. 글로벌시민의식 우리학생들은국경이의미없어지고국제적마인드가필수적인글로벌시대에걸맞은준비를하게됩니다. 우리학생들은타인을배려하고봉사할 줄아는사람이될것입니다. 4. 학교의가치 우리학생들은타인과소통하고상호작용할수있는뛰어난도덕성과윤리적가치를갖춘이들로성장할것입니다. 5. 미래의성공 우리학생들은명문대학에진학할뿐아니라, 성공적이고행복하며건강한인생을살아가기위한실력, 사고방식과자질을갖게될것입니다. 6. 인격 우리학생들은어려움을극복할줄알고자부심이강하며독립적인사고를하는젊은이로졸업할것입니다. 87

88 03 TERM DATES 208 /9 _ 학사일정 88

89 AUGUST 8 S M T W T F S JANUARY S M T W T F S SEPTEMBER 9 S M T W T F S FEBRUARY 2 S M T W T F S * OCTOBER 0 S M T W T F S MARCH 3 S M T W T F S * NOVEMBER S M T W T F S APRIL 4 S M T W T F S DECEMBER 2 S M T W T F S MAY 5 S M T W T F S Boarders arrive / New student induction Boarders arrive Non-Contact Saturday Bryant Activities Open House Friday 2-6pm Open house Saturday 9-4pm Founder s Day JUNE 6 S M T W T F S * To be used as teaching days in the event of days lost to adverse weather etc. 89

90 04 WELCOME from THE HEAD OF SENIOR SCHOOL _ 시니어스쿨교장환영인사 90

91 NLCS Jeju 시니어스쿨에오신것을환영합니다. 시니어스쿨의교육과정은최고의실력을갖춘교사진들의활발한수업을통해진행됩니다. 학생들 은스스로생각하는법을배우게되며독립적으로생각을개발할수있게됩니다. 시니어스쿨에서학문적우수성과뛰어난학문적결과를목표로하고있습니다. 시니어스쿨재학생들은영어, 수학, 제 2 외국어, 사회, 과학, 미술, 무 용, 드라마등다양한과목들을균형잡힌교과과정을통해배웁니다. 7-9 학년학생들은이모든과목을배우며 0- 학년에는 IGCSE 프로그램을 통해보다전문적으로배우게됩니다. 또한 IB(International Baccalaureate) 시험준비프로그램을통해학생들은질문하는, 국제적인안목을가진, 배려심있는젊은사람들로성장하게 됩니다. 전세계명문대학에서높게인정을이시험을준비하는과정에서학생들은비판적사고방식과연구실력을기르게됩니다. NLCS Jeju 는이러한교과과정을통해모든학생들이배움의즐거움을느낄수있도록안내해주고자하며, 학생스스로자신의생각을발전시킬뿐만 아니라공부하는과목에대한열정을느낄수있도록하는것이우리학교의목표입니다. NLCS Jeju 시니어스쿨의교과외활동은학교생활에서매우중요한부분을차지합니다. 이활동들을통해학생들은다방면에서도전의식을키우게됩 니다. 모든학생들은방과후및토요일활동에참여합니다. 우리학교는학생들이이미열정을가지고있는분야외에도새로운것을시도해볼것을 권장하며, 이러한교과외활동은학생의개인적성장에도도움을주지만, 전세계명문대학에서학생모집시주목하는부분이기도합니다. 학생들에게개별적인생활지도 (pastoral care) 제공하는것은학교생활의기본이됩니다. 시니어스쿨학생들은생활부의도움을받아개개인의필요 한사항들에대한조언및안내를받을수있습니다. 학생복지, 사회성, 학업등모든분야에있어서단한명의학생도빠뜨리지않도록철저하게모니 터링을하고있습니다. 모든학생들은기숙사와연계된 Tutor group 에속하게됩니다. 같은학년학생들끼리만함께하며지정된 Tutor 선생님과매일만나며생활을지도받 게됩니다. Tutor 선생님은사감선생님에게학생들 ( 통학학생, 기숙학생모두 ) 에대해보고할의무가있습니다. 시니어스쿨에서는학교가학부모님과학생들과긴밀히협력하여모든학생이높은학업목표를설정할수있도록하고, 전세계최고의대학에진학하 기위해필요한성과를낼수있도록지도하고있습니다. 앞으로도시니어스쿨학부모님과학생모두와학교공동체내에서함께하기를바랍니다. Samantha Sweeney 시니어스쿨교장 9

92 05 ACADEMIC STAFF LIST _ 교사진 92

93 팀성함역할이메일 시니어팀 Friend, Paul 총교장 Principal Sweeney, Samantha 시니어부교장 ( 시니어스쿨교장 ) Tamlyn, Neil 부교장 Earl, Rob 부교장 ( 아카데믹 ) Waterson, Toby 부교장 ( 학생생활지도 ) Cunningham, Hannah 부교장 ( 주니어스쿨교장 ) 시니어스쿨부학장 Graham, Sula Powell, Frances 부학장 ( 학생생활지도 ) 부학장 ( 학생생활지도 ) Cox, Simon 부학장 ( 학생생활지도 ) Miles, Ryan 부학장 ( 아카데믹 ) / IB 코디네이터 Bate, Toby 부학장 ( 아카데믹 ) Machin, Douglas 부학장 ( 정규교과외활동 ) 시니어스쿨기숙사교원 Malley, Richard Marsh, Charlotte 사라기숙사사감사라기숙사사감 Fowler, Nicholas 거문기숙사사감 / 지리학 Taylor, Stella 거문기숙사사감 Scargill, Peter 저지기숙사사감 Tamlyn, Kerrie 저지기숙사사감 Brown, Stuart 물찻기숙사사감 De Carteret, Katie 물찻기숙사사감 Long, Daniel 노로기숙사사감 Jones, Julie 노로기숙사사감 Wood, Alistair 한라노스기숙사사감 Collison, Elizabeth 한라노스기숙사사감 Baker, Stephen 한라이스트기숙사사감 Dangerfield, Alison 한라이스트기숙사사감 Crebier, Sebastien 사라기숙사부사감 Quinn, Jenna 사라기숙사부사감 Hill, Kevin 거문기숙사부사감 Kenny, Caroline 거문기숙사부사감 McCue, Adam 저지기숙사부사감 Löser, Shellen 저지기숙사부사감 Cranwell, Greg 물찻기숙사부사감 Chala, Carole 물찻기숙사부사감 Youell, Patrick 노로기숙사부사감 Rogers, Lauren 노로기숙사부사감 Davies, Scott 한라노스기숙사부사감 Bacon, Helen 한라노스기숙사부사감 Meyer, Johan 한라이스트기숙사부사감 Foley, Tania 한라이스트기숙사부사감 / 소논문 (EE) 코디네이터 93

94 팀성함역할이메일 시니어스쿨교과목지도교사 Kwon, Jinyoung Heo, Mi Ri Kang, Byeong Gyu 한국어부장한국어 & 한국사한국어, 한국문학 Lim, Young Koo 한국어, 한국문학 Shin, Yeon Jeon 한국어, 한국문학 Park, Sangduk 한국어, 한국문학 Kim, Yeonha 한국사 Kim, Jae Shin 한국어, 한국문학 Kim, Jeanhee 한국어 & 한국사 Park, Misun 한국어 Kim, Dajung 한국어 Kim, HyeHyang 제 2 한국어 (Korean Second Language) Jung, Yeonhwa(Erica) 제 2 한국어 (Korean Second Language) Liu, Jenny(Chen Yin) 중국어부장 Cai, Yuanyuan(Monica) 중국어 Zhang, Li Rong(Mary) 중국어 Hu, Mingyu(Echo) 중국어 Wang, Dan 중국어 Luo, Lai Lai 중국어 / 중국학부모님담당 Nesbit, Judy 라틴 / 수학 Baird, Margaret 라틴 / 영어 Choi, Laetitia 유럽언어부장 Karamalla, Maxton 스페인어 & 프랑스어 Dominguez, Carolina 스페인어 Navas-Queved, Luz-Divina 스페인어 & 프랑스어 / 지식이론코디네이터 Kennington, Sharon 미술부장 Brown, Andy 미술 Sein, Joseph 미술 Davidson, Stephen 미술 Peirson, Ian 드라마부장 Hamilton-Scott, James 드라마 / 아트페스티벌코디네이터 Taylor, Stella 무용부장 Ryznar, Lauren 무용 Kennedy, John 수학부장 Yardley, Liam 수학 / 부부장 Cha, Minsoo 수학 Hebbron, Will 수학 Van Beek, Monique 수학 Kurgansky, Ilia 수학 / 컴퓨터 Bulut, Duygu 수학 94

95 팀성함역할이메일 시니어스쿨교과목지도교사 Pettifor, Thomas Martin, Frederick Shin, Grace 수학수학수학 Robbins, Jason 수학 Boeri, Valentino 수학 Singh, Tajvir 컴퓨터부장 Towner, James 컴퓨터 Scarlett, Niall 컴퓨터 Ramsey, Mark 컴퓨터 Hall, Geoff 영어부장 Dillon, Michael 영어 Bradshaw, Gareth 영어 Wilson, Sam 영어 Fernandes, Martyn 영어 Zahid, Omer 영어 Holden, Tyshea 영어 Braddell, Emily 영어 Harrison, Gareth 영어 Sannegadu, Caroline 영어 Hamilton Scott, Michelle EAL 부장 Allen, Dorthe EAL Wu, Pei Chen EAL Chaddock, Nick EAL Curtis, Ramsey 화학부장 Cornes, Robyn 화학 Liscott, Kiki 화학 Dowling, Tobias 화학 Parks, Anthony 화학 Lake, Colin 화학 Prichard, Kym 생물학부장 Youell, Patrick 생물학 McCosker, Catherine 생물학 Michalchuk, Jacob 생물학 Gillings, Nick 물리학부장 Jogi, Bharat 물리학 Scott, Paul 물리학 Davis, Simon 물리학 Levett, Richard 물리학 Maher, Raymond PPE 부장 Paliwal, Arunima 경제학 95

96 팀성함역할이메일 시니어스쿨교과목지도교사 Grout, Ian Canning, Nicholas Carter, Tom 경제학지식이론 / 철학지식이론 / 역사학 Tipney, James 역사학부장 Löser, Dylan 역사학 Abbate, Tanino 역사학 Sannegadu, Jason 역사학 / 프로페셔널튜터 Fowler, Katherine 지리학부장 Hogan, Padraig 지리학 Lyons, Chris 지리학 Ruskovich, Mindy 음악부장 Herbison, John 음악 / 악기레슨코디네이터 De Carteret, Katie 음악 De Martino, Tricia 체육교과부장 Stevens, Gemma 체육 Carter-Stead, Thom PSD 코디네이터 기타시니어스쿨담당자 Scarlett, Niall 견학및현장학습코디네이터 각부서별총괄책임 Hadley, Amber 도서관장 Roberts, Cai 스포츠 /PE 총괄부장 Stevens, Graeme IT 부장 Director of IT Milligan, Fiona 학생안전보호사무관 Head of Individual Needs 시니어스쿨학생상담부서 Milligan, Fiona Randhawa, Raj 학생상담부서장학습지원교사 Park, Kyung Soo 심리상담교사 Kublay, Ebru 심리상담교사 Robertson, Aimee 심리상담교사 시니어스쿨대학진학상담팀 Kim, Boyoung Baek, Sung Hyun 대학진학상담부장대학진학상담교사 Waugh, Tannis 대학진학상담교사 Cho, Victor 대학진학상담교사 Nesbit, Alan 대학진학상담교사 96

97 06 COMMUNICATION _ 연락시스템 97

98 06. 학교연락망 비상시 학교일과시간중에는메인리셉션 / 로연락하신후옵션 0을선택하여주시기바랍니다. 귀하자녀가기숙학생일경우, 아래에나온기숙사사무실번호로연락하여주시기바랍니다. 당직사감교사의휴대폰으로연결이될것입니다. 비상이아닌경우 귀하자녀와관련된문의사항자녀에대해궁금하신점이있으시다면기숙사학생이거나통학학생이거나상관없이귀하자녀의사감교사에게연락주시기바랍니다. 연락처는하단에있습니다. 귀하자녀의학급클래스관련한문의사항이라면, 교과담당교사또는사감교사에게인게이지학부모님포털사이트를통하여연락해주시기바랍 니다. 자녀와직접적인관련이있는모든사항에관해가장먼저연락할분들이사감선생님입니다. 학기중에는전화또는인게이지학부모님포털로연락하여주시기바랍니다. 사감교사또는해당교과목교사가학부모님께 24시간이내에이메일로회신을드릴것이며한국어또는중국어번역도가능합니다. 자녀에관하여학업, 생활, 의료관련우려되는사항이있을경우직접연락을취할것이며, 주로번역문 ( 한국어, 중국어 ) 과함께이메일로연락을할것입니다. 24시간이내에회신을받지못하신다면, 해당교사의라인매니저에게연락해주시기바랍니다. ( 커뮤니케이션챠트는 03페이지에나와있습니다.) 또한매학기뉴스레터형식의가정통신문을발송하여기숙사내활동에대한업데이트를알려드릴것입니다. 행정 일반적인질문 ( 예 : 스쿨버스, 학비, 학교활동, 등등 ) 에대해서는메인리셉션에연락을주시기바랍니다. 전화또는이메일로연락을주시면담당직원 에게전달할것이며, 필요시담당직원과별도로연락을하실수있도록연결해줄것입니다. 결석 & 지각 통학학생통학학생의학부모님은자녀가지각을하거나결석을할경우학생출결담당직원에게연락바랍니다. 메인리셉션으로전화를건뒤옵션 2 를누르시거나또는 으로전화해주시기바랍니다. 당일 08:40 까지연락이없을시에는학교에서귀댁으로전화를하여결석또는지각사유를묻게될것입니다. 08:20 이후에등교를하는통학학생은시니어스쿨행정실로가서출석체크를하기바랍니다. 모든학생 :( 계획된 ) 결석신청 가족여행은가급적방학중으로계획해주실것을당부합니다. 다음과같은경우에는결석이일반적으로허용됩니다. 0. 학생이학교를대표하여대회 / 행사에참석할경우 02. 학생이나라를대표하여대회 / 행사에참석할경우 03. 장례식과같은중요한가족행사에학생이참석해야하는경우 04. 방학전에치료해야만하는의학적상태인경우 학기중계획된결석의경우, 인게이지학부모님포털을통해미리알려주시기바라며늦어도일주일전에는알려주시기바랍니다. 하지만가급적이면 학기중에학생이결석하지않는것을권장합니다. 학부모포털내 My Notices 에서결석신청서를다운받으실수있습니다. 기숙학생중에, 학기초 98

99 또는하프텀초에학교로복귀를하지못하는학생의학부모님께서는사감교사에게직접연락하셔서이를알려주시기바랍니다. 학교일과시간이마치기전에하교를해야하는경우학생은학교일과가마치기전에 하교허가증 을담당교원으로부터받아야합니다. 학생이조퇴하는것에대해사전에미리동의를받았다면학부모님께서별도로다른초치를취하실필요는없습니다. 하지만, 사전에계획이되어있지않던일로조퇴를해야될경우, 학부모님께서메인리셉션에바로전화로알려주시고, 담당교원이알려드리는지시사항대로따라주셔야합니다. 이러한경우, CCA 사무실이나사감교사에게별도로연락하실필요는없습니다. 기숙학생 외출 Exeats( 주말외출 ) 기숙학생들이외출하는것을 Exeats 라고명하며, 학생의담당사감교사로부터반드시허락을받아야외출이가능합니다. 학생들은토요일활동이종료된이후정오 2시이후부터외출이가능하며일요일 6:30까지반드시학교로복귀해야합니다. 외출가능한전체시간을다사용하여외출하여도가능하고또는해당시간부분만사용하여외출하여도됩니다. 토요일에브라이언트활동이없는주말에는상기시간에추가로외출을할수도있습니다. 외출하기 48시간전에사감교사로부터서면허가서는받아야합니다. 학교캠퍼스외출관련규칙은학교홈페이지상에서확인하실수있습니다. 외출허가및연장을위한신청서는학부모님포털사이트또는학교홈페이지에서참조하시기바랍니다. 개교기념일이나예술축제와같이중요한날에는자녀들이결석을하지않도록당부드립니다. 기타연락망 기숙사부사감 (AHM) 및튜터부사감교사는사감교사를써포트하게되며, 학부모님께부사감교사가직접연락을하는경우도있을수있습니다. 귀하자녀는튜터교사를매일만나게되며튜터교사는학생들의진보상황을모니터하면서해당학생의담당사감교사를써포트합니다. 학생은사감교사보다는튜터교사와더자주만나게되기에통학학생의경우튜터교사가중요한연락망이됩니다. 학사년도초에귀하자녀의튜터교사가학부모님께본인을소개하는이메일을송부해드릴것입니다. 같은방식으로한학기에한번또는그이상튜터가학부모님께자녀에대한축하할일이나우려되는사항이있을시연락드릴것입니다. 자녀에대한전반적인사회성이나학업능력에대한질문을튜터에게하실수있습니다. 기숙사블로그 기숙사블로그는자주업데이트되며학부모님께서기숙사활동에대해손쉽게보실수있는공간입니다. 행정업무연락망 재정관련학부모님께서는이메일로수업료관련청구서와교실밖에서이루어지는 (Beyond Classroom) 기타비용관련한청구서를이메일과청구시스템 (Billing System: 빌링시스템 ) 을통해받게됩니다. 납부방법에따라, 수업료는일시납으로납부가되거나또는 3회분할로납부하실수있습니다. 3 회분할납부를희망시, 등록전에분할로수업료를납부하시겠다는신청을해주셔야합니다. 또한학부모님께서는학생들의음악레슨, CCA 활동, 브라이언트프로그램과같은교실밖에서 (Beyond classroom) 이루어지는교과외활동에대한청구서를받으시게됩니다. 정규교과외활동관련한추가적인활동에관련한청구서를받으시게되면, 청구서에기재된해당계좌로송금하여주시기바랍니다.(0 번섹션에나온 CCA 활동과브라이언트에관한설명참고해주십시오.) 빌링시스템 ( 을통해관련활동비를손쉽게확인하고결제할수있습니다. 온라인청구시스템 (Billing System: 빌링시스템 ) 사용하기 NLCS Jeju 빌링시스템 에접속하신후아래의정보를입력하십시오. 99

100 ID: 학생번호 (6 자리 ) PW: Click Here 버튼을클릭하시면, 임시비밀번호 (PW) 가이메일로발급됩니다. 임시비밀번호를제공받으신후비밀번호를변경하여주시기부탁드립니다. 청구시스템관련하여문의사항있으시거나청구서를다시받아보기를원하실경우, 재무부서 (Tel: , 로연락해주시기바랍니다. 기청구내역 (invoice history) 관련하여서는해당부서로연락하여주시기바랍니다. 비용및청구서 ( 재무부서 ) 전화번호 이메일 교실밖 ( Beyond the Classroom ) 활동 교과외활동 현장학습, 월요일기숙사대항전, 브라이언트프로그램, 커뮤니티활동, 화-목요일활동, 스포츠, 음악, 예술공연이벤트를포함한모든활동이학교교사들에의해운영됩니다. 교과외활동에관한질문이있으시면아래에상세히기재된연락처로해당교사에게연락주시기바랍니다. 앞서언급된바와같이질문내용이번역되는데약간의시간이소요될수있지만정확한답변을제공하기위해서는해당교사에게질문사항이전달되는것이중요합니다. 누구에게연락해야할지확실히알수없는경우는리셉션에전화주시면안내해드리겠습니다. 여행, 특별활동, 음악레슨비용에대한문의는특별활동지도자가아닌회계부서로연락하시면됩니다. 역할이름이메일 브라이언트 & 모든교과외활동총책임자 Mr. Douglas Machin CCA 활동부서장 ( 화요일 목요일까지방과후활동 ) Mr. Tanino Abbate 인게이지학부모포털웹사이트및모바일앱 (Engage Parent Portal /App) 인게이지학부모포털및모바일앱은학부모님들께개별화된교육서비스및소통창구를제공해드리기위한목적으로설계되었습니다. 한가족당포털 ID가배정되며, 학부모알림확인, 학부모행사참가신청, 그리고 CCA 와브라이언트활동확인을포함하여자녀의학업진보내역을모니터링하실수있습니다. 인게이지에접속하기 다음주소를통해인게이지학부모포털에접속하실수있습니다. 모바일앱은애플스토어 ( 아이폰전용 :Apple itunes store) 와구글플레이 ( 안드로이드전용 :Google Play) 에서다운로드받으실수있습니다 모바일앱또는포털사용에어려움이있으신경우즉시아래담당자에게연락주시기바랍니다. 이름 전화번호 이메일 인게이지헬프라인 ( 영어 ) 인게이지헬프라인 ( 한국어및중국어 ) Mr. Graeme Stevens Miss. Ahrom Kim

101 학부모포털사이트및모바일앱 학부모포털및모바일앱은학부모님께일대일소통창구와교육서비스를제공해드립니다. 다음표를통해포털사이트와앱의사용목적을확인하실 수있습니다. 용도 교직원에게메시지발송및수신자녀의모든평가결과및성적표확인출결확인시간표확인오픈하우스참석예약 CCA/ 브라이언트 (Bryant) 활동확정, 확인및선택전화번호및이메일주소변경 전용프로그램 학부모포털및모바일앱학부모포털및모바일앱학부모포털및모바일앱학부모포털및모바일앱학부모포털전용학부모포털전용학부모포털전용 학생안전보호 (Safeguarding) 저희 NLCS Jeju 는학생의안전과복지를중요한가치로삼고있습니다. 학부모포털의 개인정보 페이지를확인하셔서학부모님의전화번호, 이메 일주소및포털주소가정확히기재되어있는지확인하여주시기바랍니다. 위의정보가변경되었거나기재된내용이부정확한경우연필모양아이콘을클릭하시어학부모님께서직접수정하실수있습니다. 시스템이자동적으로해당정보를전체시스템이전달하므로, 변경사항에대하여학부모님께서교직원에게직접알리시지않으셔도됩니다. 학부모포털주소변경을원하시는경우 변경요청 (request a change) 란을통해신청하실수있습니다. 간단하게새로운주소정보를기입하시고보냄 (send) 버튼을클릭해주시면자동적으로변경내역이저희에게전송되며저희가변경내역을반영해드립니다. 또한하숙 (Homestay: 홈스테이 ) 생활을하거나통학생인자녀의주소를입학시저희에게알려주시지않으신경우, 학부모포털의 데이북 (daybook) 페이지에접속하셔서해당정보를작성하여주시면저희가확인할수있습니다. 데이북 (daybook) 을사용하시려면간단하게메뉴에있는 Daybook-Pupil Datbook( 학생데이북 ) 버튼을차례로클릭하시면됩니다. Add new entry( 새로운정보기입 ) 을클릭하셔서 Jeju Address Form( 제주도내주소 ) 또는 Homestay address( 홈스테이주소 ) 를선택하십시오. 해당란을기입하시고 Save and Close( 저장및닫기 ) 를누르신뒤 Home( 홈으로돌아가기 ) 를누르시면됩니다. 위작업이완료되면저희가자동으로알림을받게되며교내시스템에변경저장됩니다. 오픈하우스모든오픈하우스와교사-학부모컨퍼런스는인게이지학부모포털 ( 인게이지 ) 을통해참가신청하실수있습니다. 오픈하우스메뉴가활성화되면참석예약에대한알림을받게되십니다. 홈페이지에서자녀의사진아래 book open house( 오픈하우스예약하기 ) 메뉴가나타나면클릭하셔서상담을원하시는과목의원하시는시간표에 book( 예약하기 ) 버튼을누르시면됩니다. 브라이언트및CCA 홈페이지의 activity( 활동 ) 탭아래에있는 Activities review( 활동확인 ) 메뉴를통해자녀가선택한 CCA 및브라이언트활동을확인하시고허가하실수있습니다. 학부모님의동의가필요한활동의경우 confirm( 확인 ) 버튼이생성됩니다. 이버튼을클릭하셔서동의확인해주시기바랍니다. 동의하신내용을취소하기원하시는경우다시한번클릭하셔서반대의사를표시하여주시기바랍니다. 메디컬센터자녀의건강에관한문제나의학적요청사항이있을경우언제든지사감선생님이나메디컬센터에알려주시기바랍니다. 반드시기숙사교원에게상세한내용을알려주셔야합니다. 학생에게응급상황이발생할경우또는학생들이복용하는약품에관한질문이있을경우메디컬센터에서학부모님께직접연락을드립니다. 이를위해인게이지 (Engage) 데이터베이스에부모님의연락처를정확히입력하시기바랍니다. 인게이지학부모포털을통해서연락정보를수정하실수있습니다. 메디컬센터연락처

102 대학진학상담 특정학생에대한구체적인사항이아닌전반적인대학지원에관한질문은대학진학상담교사에게문의해주십시오. 역할이름이메일 대학진학상담부장대학진학상담교사대학진학상담교사대학진학상담교사대학진학상담교사 Kim, Boyoung Baek, Sung Hyun Waugh, Tannis Cho, Victor Nesbit, Alan 기타연락망 역할 입학사무처메인리셉션주니어스쿨오피스시니어스쿨오피스학부모협력관장브라이언트 & 교실밖활동 (beyond the Classroom- 교과외활동 ) 총책임자현장학습 CCA 활동부서장 ( 화요일 목요일까지방과후활동 ) 봉사활동스포츠부장보건교사요금및청구서 ( 회계부서 ) 전화번호 / Mr. K. Yi Mr. D. Machin Mr. N. Scarlet Mr. T. Abbate Mr. G. H. Im Mr. C. Roberts Miss. M. Jeon 이메일

103 NORTH LONDON COLLEGIATE SCHOOL JEJU ORGANISATION CHART Paul Friend Principal Samantha Sweeney Senior Vice Principal /Head of Senior School Hannah Cunningham Vice Principal/Head of Junior School Harry O Hare Bursar Rob Earl Vice Principal (Academic) Toby Waterson Vice Principal (Pastoral) Stewart Smith Assistant Head (Teaching & Learning) *** Richard Swingler Assistant Head (Pastoral) Neil Tamlyn Sula Graham Vice Principal Assistant Head (Pastoral) Ryan Miles Frances Powell Assistant Head (Academic) Assistant Head (Pastoral) Toby Bate Assistant Head (Academic) Heads of Department * Housemaster & Housemistress ** IMPORTANT NUMBERS Main Reception Junior School Office Senior School Office Attendance * Senior School Faculty - Senior School Parent Handbook, Page 93 ** Housemaster & Housemistress List - Senior School Parent Handbook, Page 04 *** Junior School Faculty List - Junior School Parent Handbook, Page 69 03

104 기숙사스탭연락처 해외에서전화를하실때는 +82 를누르시고맨앞의 0 을누르지마십시오 로전화하시려면해외에서는 을누르시면됩니다. 기숙사남학생담당연락처여학생담당 거문 물찻 저지 사라 노로 한라 ( 북 ) 한라 ( 동 ) HM AHM HM AHM HM AHM HM AHM HM AHM HM AHM HM AHM HM Housemaster / Housemistress 사감 Mr. N Fowler Mr K Hill Mr. S Brown Mr. G Cranwell Mr. P. Scargill Mr. A. McCue Mr. R Malley Mr S Crebier Mr D Long Mr P Youell Mr. A. Wood Mr. S. Davies Mr. S. Baker Mr. J Meyer AHM Assistant Housemaster / Assistant Housemistress 부사감 Mrs. S. Taylor Ms. C. Kenny Mrs. K. de Carteret Ms. C. Chala Mrs. K. Tamlyn Mrs. S. Löser Mrs. C. Marsh Miss. J. Quinn Mrs. J. Jones Miss. L. Rogers Mrs E. Collison Miss. H. Bacon Mrs. A. Dangerfield Miss. T. Foley 연락처

105 06.2 커뮤니케이션가이드 통번역지원 이메일 한국어나중국어로이메일을보내시면영어로번역하여전달해드리니염려하지마십시오. 다만, 부모님의메시지및답변이번역되는데시간이소요될수있음을이해해주시기바랍니다. 만약학기중주중에 24시간이내로답변을받지못하시면시니어스쿨사무실로연락을주셔서상황을설명해주시기바랍니다. 전화 한국어를구사하는행정직원이학부모님의전화를받게되며, 학사일정에관한일반적인질문에대해답변해드릴수있습니다. 그밖에비용에관한문제라든지학교정책이나업무처리과정에관한문제는해당담당자와연결해드립니다. 학기중에리셉션은모든전화연락및이메일에대한답변을 24시간내에하도록최선을다할것입니다. 역할전화이메일 메인리셉션 / 면담 사전에약속한면담에서는통. 번역업무담당자의도움을받을수있습니다. 통. 번역업무담당자근무시간 ( 월 - 금요일, 08:00-7:00) 이정해져있으므로 해당업무시간동안면담을신청해주시기바랍니다 기숙학생자녀와통화하기 기숙사에서생활하는자녀와통화가능한시간은? 요일시간내용 월요일 - 금요일 7:5-9:5 정규교과수업후학습시간전까지 2:5-2:45 학습시간종료후부터취침전까지 ( 학년별로시간이다름 ) 토요일일요일 2:30-2:45 09:30-9:30 토요일활동종료후부터취침소등전까지일요일자유시간에통화가능. 참고로하우스에서 6:00-7:30 학습시간을가집니다. 6.4 자녀의학습진보상황모니터 성적표 학부모님을위한학교평가안내서를통해자녀의학업성취도에관한상세한정보를확인하실수있습니다. 매학기학생의학업과정에대한피드백을받을수있습니다. 모든교과목에대한학생의학업성취도점수와학습태도를포함한성적표가학사년도중에제공될것입니다. 일년에한번씩발급되는성적표에는과목별로자녀의학업성취에관한담당선생님의의견이들어있습니다. 아울러, 일년에한번발행되는성적표에는자녀의전반적발전사항과학교생활에대한튜터와사감선생님의의견도포함됩니다. 성적표는 인게이지학부모포탈사이트 를통해확인할수있으며, 요청시인쇄된성적표도발행해드립니다. 05

106 208 9 학년도성적표발급예정일자는학사일정에기재되어있으며세부내용은평가안내서에기재되어있습니다. 학부모님께서자녀의성취도 에대하여궁금하신점이있으실경우기숙사사감선생님에게연락주시기바랍니다. 오픈하우스 오픈하우스는학부모님들께서자녀의교과목교사와, 튜터교사, 사감교사와직접만나서상담을하실수있는날입니다. 금요일오후또는토요일에열립니다. 귀하자녀가기숙학생일경우, 브라이언트프로그램을마친후자녀들을데리고외출할수있습니다. 금요일오픈하우스는오후 4시에시작하여 8시까지진행되며, 토요일은오전 9시부터오후 6시까지진행됩니다. 그러나예기치못한상황으로인해일부교사가오픈하우스에참석을못하게될수도있습니다. 특정교사와면담시간을예약하는데어려움이있으시면학교에알려주시기바랍니다. 또한, 오픈하우스행사동안, 요청시통역이준비될수있도록하겠습니다. 오픈하우스가진행되는금요일버스 ( 학생하교버스 ) 시간은평상시금요일과동일하니참고하여주시기바랍니다 (5시 45분출발 & 6시 30분출발 ) 학사년도오픈하우스일정 : 학년 Open House Open House 2 7학년 8학년 9학년 0학년 학년 2학년 3학년 208년 월 30일금요일 208년 월 24일토요일 208년 월 24일토요일 208년 월 24일토요일 208년 0월 5일금요일 208년 월 9일금요일 208년 9월 4일금요일 209년 4월 27일토요일 209년 4월 27일토요일 209년 월 8일금요일선택과목 (Options) 안내행사 209년 5월 일토요일 209년 월 25일금요일선택과목 (Options) 안내행사 209년 5월 일토요일 209년 월 25일금요일 인포메이션데이 인포메이션데이는학부모님들이학기중에학생의관점에서학교를경험할수있도록준비된행사입니다. 즐거운시간을보내실수있을겁니다! 행 사당일, 관련된프리젠테이션을들을수있으며, 교원에게질문할수있는시간도주어집니다. 이행사에관해서미리연락을드릴것이며학사일정에 도표시되어있습니다. 학생관리 자녀의성취도에우려되는사항이있을시에본교는학부모님께연락을드리게됩니다. 성적표가발송될때마다학생의성적패턴을관찰하고구체적인학업목표설정에관하여사감선생님이연락을드릴것입니다. 만약자녀가지속적으로목표에도달하는데어려움을겪는다면학부모님을학교에모시고이를해결할방법에대해논의할것입니다. 이러한면담은학생에게도움이되고자부모님께정보를알려드리는자리입니다. 또한자녀가한학년동안뛰어난성취도, 학습태도, 성적을보인경우에도학부모님께이를알려드릴것입니다. 06

107 07 DAILY ROUTINES BOARDING & DAY _ 하루일과 ( 기숙학생 & 통학학생 ) 07

108 NLCS Jeju 는성취율이높은학교입니다. 본교 (NLCS Jeju) 학생들은학업적우수성과교과에대한열정, 그리고다양한교과외활동을통한자아발전 으로무엇이든가능하다는믿음을가지고있습니다. 그러나높은성취율을달성하기위해서는잘구성된시간표를따라규칙적인생활을해야합니다. 다음은시니어스쿨의전형적인하루일정입니다. 요일별일정은사정에따라조정될수있습니다. 하루일과 7 학년 - 학년 월요일 - 목요일 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:0 8:40 9:20 0:00 0:05 0:45 :25 :50 2:30 3:0 4:0 4:50 5:30 5:45 6:5 7:5 7:30 7:45 8:30 기상 아침식사 버스도착 출석확인 & 조회또는튜터시간 수업 수업 2 수업체인지 수업 3 수업 4 쉬는시간 수업 5 수업 6 점심식사 수업 7 수업 8 수업종료 하우스에서출석체크 CCA 활동 버스출발 * 저녁식사 마지막버스출발 ( 일부 CCA 가 8:5 에마칩니다.) 금요일 7:00 7:30 8:00 8:0 8:40 9:20 0:00 0:05 0:45 :25 :50 2:30 3:0 4:0 4:50 5:30 5:45 6:5 5:45 & 6:30 7:45 기상아침식사버스도착출석확인 & 조회또는튜터시간수업 수업 2 수업체인지수업 3 수업 4 쉬는시간수업 5 수업 6 점심식사수업 7* 수업 8 수업종료 ** 7학년 학년기숙사생출석확인통학학생하교 2학년 & 3학년수업종료통학학생하교버스출발저녁식사 * 월요일에는 7:45 버스만있습니다. ** 오픈하우스당일에는버스가좀더일찍출발할수도있습니다. 08

109 2 학년 - 3 학년 월요일 - 목요일 금요일 7:00 기상 7:00 기상 7:30 아침식사 7:30 아침식사 8:00 버스도착 8:00 버스도착 8:0 출석확인 & 조회또는튜터시간 8:0 출석확인 & 조회또는튜터시간 8:40 수업 8:40 수업 9:20 수업 2 9:20 수업 2 0:00 수업체인지 0:00 수업체인지 0:05 수업 3 0:05 수업 3 0:45 수업 4 0:45 수업 4 :25 쉬는시간 :25 쉬는시간 :50 수업 5 :50 수업 5 2:30 수업 6 2:30 수업 6 3:0 점심식사 3:0 점심식사 4:0 수업 7 4:0 수업 7 4:50 수업 8 4:50 수업 8 5:30 수업 9 5:30 수업 9 6:5 8:5 활동 6:5 통학학생들하교 *** 기숙학생들기숙사에서출석확인 7:45 저녁식사 7:45 저녁식사 8:30 마지막버스출발 9:30 기숙사학생을위한프로그램 *** 오픈하우스당일에는버스가좀더일찍출발할수도있습니다. 저녁생활 기숙사미팅및등록 9:00 9:5 자습시간 취침시간 Year 7 & 8 Years 9 & 0 Year, 2 & 3 Years 7 & 8 Years 9 & 0 Year Year 2 & 3 9:30 2:00 9:30 2:30 9:30 22:00 2:30 22:00 23:00 까지 ( 혹은그이전 ) 23:30 까지 ( 혹은그이전 ) 09

110 주말생활 토요일 아침식사브라이언트프로그램점심식사기숙사출석확인오후활동 / 학교에서맡은책무 / 자유시간저녁식사하우스활동소등시간 08:00 08:30 09:00 2:30 2:30 3:30 3:30 7:45 8:45 9:00 2:00 추가 30분이후가능 (학년제외 ) 일요일 브런치주일예배주일미사독서시간저녁식사학습시간소등시간 :00 3:30 0:00 :00 09:00 출발 ( 교외 ) 6:30 7:30 7:45 8:45 주중과동일주중과동일 모든 7 학년부터 3 학년학생 ( 통학학생과기숙학생 ) 들은 08:0 부터 08:40 까지튜터교실에서출석체크를합니다. 여기서하루일과를확인할수있으 며수업이시작되기전에공지사항도확인할수있습니다. 화요일, 수요일, 목요일에는튜터그룹활동이있고매주월요일, 금요일 08:20 에는어셈블 리 ( 조회시간 ) 가있습니다. 매수업시작시선생님이출석체크를하며 7-학년학생들은수업종료후 5:45에기숙사에서다시한번체크를합니다. 학생들은활동종료후전자기기를돌려받을수있습니다. 모든전자기기는취침전에기숙사사감선생님에게반납하여야합니다. 기숙사 (house) 에서는 학년학생들이전자기기사용하는것에있어서스스로통제하는능력을길러주기위하여별도의규정이있습니다. 2학년 3학년학생의경우, 전자기기사용하는것에대한별도의규정은없으나학생의건강한수면습관에방해가된다면자유롭게전자기기를사용하는특권을상실하고지도교사로부터통제를받게됩니다. 전자기기사용에관한세부내용은 6.4 섹션을참고하십시오. 0

111 08 DAY STUDENTS _ 통학학생

112 통학학생은기숙사생활을하지않지만기숙사소속입니다. 모든학생들은기숙사모임및행사에참석하게됩니다. 또한월요일오후에열리는기숙사대항전도함께하게됩니다. 8. 학교일과시간 감독문제로인하여통학학생들의활동이제한됩니다. 월요일부터목요일까지 통학학생들은 07:50부터등교할수있으며 08:0까지각자의튜터교실에도착해야합니다. 7학년부터 학년까지모든통학학생들은방과후활동 (CCA) 시작하기전 5:30까지기숙사 (House) 로가야합니다. 2학년 3학년학생들은 6:0까지수업을하고수업직후바로방과후활동 (CCA) 장소로이동합니다. 대부분의 CCA 활동은 7:5에종료가되나, 일부좀더늦은시간에종료가되는활동도있습니다. 따라서마지막버스는저녁 8:30에출발합니다. 통학학생이개인음악레슨을신청하는경우, 8:5 보다더늦은시간에레슨이마치지않도록해야합니다. 월요일기숙사대항전은 7:30까지진행되기도하여월요일에는버스가 7: 45 에출발합니다. 금요일 통학학생들은금요일에는 5:30(7학년-학년 ) 또는 6:5(2학년 & 3학년 ) 에하교합니다. 금요일오후는오픈하우스와직원회의가계획되어있습니다. 프로덕션또는기숙사대항전공연및드라마같은중요행사를하게될것이며관련된규정이준비될것입니다. 가끔금요일방과후활동도진행되면해당스케줄에따라학교출입이제한됩니다. 행사가있을경우반드시학부모님과보호자들께사전안내를드립니다. 토요일 토요일에는통학학생들은 8:50 부터교내출입이가능하며 2:30 분에하교해야합니다. 담당교직원의초청이있을시통학학생들도토요일오후활 동및행사에참석할수있습니다. 담당직원이토요일오후동안초대한학생을지도감독해야하며 7:30 에는하교해야합니다. 일요일 기숙학생을위해준비된정기적인일요일활동에는통학학생은참여할수없습니다. ( 기숙학생을위한교회예배도이에포함됩니다.) 통학학생은사감선생님이초대할경우, 주말활동또는일요일하우스액티비티 ( 오름산책, 리허설등 ) 에참여할수있습니다. 이러한행사는한학기당 회로제한됩니다. 기타시간 통학학생은 ID 카드를보여주고정문으로등교해야합니다. 통학학생은등교일외에스포츠센터, 도서관, 인조잔디, 주니어스쿨놀이터등의학교시설을사용할수없습니다. 통학학생은등교일외에메디컬센터를방문할수없습니다. 통학학생이나기숙학생모두방학기간동안에는사전허락없이학교시설을사용할수없습니다. 통학학생은시감 / 부사감교사의허락없이기숙사위층에올라가서는안됩니다. 시니어스쿨학생들은 층에있는도서관에서조용히독서를하거나숙제를하면서버스를기다려야합니다. 통학학생들은허락없이학교를밖으로 외출해서는안됩니다. 학생들이하교한이후안전에관한모든책임은학부모님께있습니다. 2

113 교내식당 통학학생들은다른학생들과함께점심식사를하기를권하고있습니다. 학생이원할경우각자의도시락을준비해학교식당에서식사를할수도있습니다. 통학학생들은쉬는시간때 (:25-:50) 간식을구입할수도있습니다. 통학학생들은상기내용에있는특별한활동에초청을받은경우를제외하고는교내식당에서아침식사나저녁식사를할수없습니다. 8.2 스쿨버스 통학학생들을위한버스는교외업체를통해운영이되고있습니다. 버스노선은통학시간을 시간이내로유지하면서최대한많은학생들이이용할수있도록짜여있습니다. 버스는제주시와서귀포에서출발하며오전 8시이전에학교에도착하고 ; 하교시학교에서월요일에는 7시 45분, 화요일 ~ 목요일에는오후 7시 30분과 8시 30분에출발하며, 금요일에는 5시 45분과 6시 30분에출발합니다. 늦은시간출발하는버스는 ( 화 ~ 목요일 : 저녁 8 시 30 분 / 금요일 : 오후 6 시 30 분 ) 방과후에실시되는특정 CCA 활동에참여하는학생들을위한버 스입니다. 즉, CCA 종료시간이늦어져일찍출발하는하교버스에탑승하지못하는학생을위한버스입니다. 스쿨버스이용에관심이있으신분은 학교메인리셉션으로연락해주시기바랍니다. 버스이용시항상학생들의안전을최우선시하고있습니다. 또한효율적이고경제적으로운영하면서우수한서비스를제공하기위해노력하고있습니다. 정기적인안전점검을실시하고있으며청결유지와학생들의안락한통학을위해힘쓰고있습니다. 스쿨버스는보험에가입되어있으며학교측에서탑승객에대한보험도가입하였습니다. 버스운전기사뿐만아니라버스마다버스모니터요원이동승합니다. 학생들을태우러집앞까지갈수는없지만버스노선에따라안전한장소에서탑승하고하차할수있도록최선의노력을다하고있습니다. 버스서비스를더이상필요로하지않는학생은서면으로서비스중단 7 일전까지버스담당자에게환불요청서 (Application for Refund) 를제출하 여야합니다 또는 로연락하시기바랍니다. 3


115 NLCS Jeju의교과과정은전반적으로 NLCS London의커리큘럼에기초를둔것입니다. 7-9학년프로그램은학생들이과목에대해흥미를느끼고깊이있는학습을할수있도록지식의기초와기량을연마하는과정입니다. 0-학년학생들을위해서는 IGCSE (International General Certificate of Education) 과정을진행하고있고, Key Stage 5(2-3학년 ) 과정은 IB(International Baccalaureate) 디프로마를취득하는프로그램으로실시되고있습니다. NLCS Jeju 는학생들이늘도전하는자세로열정과흥미를느낄수있는교육을제공합니다. 본교의교과과정이학생들로하여금학문의 매력을느끼게할수있다고믿고있습니다. 지식의배경이탐구되며과목이실생활에적용되는상상력을학생들이발휘하게끔합니다. 본 교교과과정의목표는학생들이공부하는과목에열정을가지게하는것이며그열정을통해서배움에대한열의를불러일으키는것입니다. 시니어소사이어티 (Senior Societies) 는 NLCS Jeju 의중요한활동입니다. 시니어학생들은관심있는주제에대해서행사를조직하고다 른학생들이나후배들과자신들의열정을공유하게됩니다. 최신이슈에관해강사를초청할수도있고, 대항전을열거나, 뉴스레터등을통 해서자신들의목적에맞는행사를주관합니다. 5

116 다이아몬드모델 학년교과과정 7-학년학생들은하루에 40 분씩 8교시수업을하게됩니다. 일주일수업은총 40 교시입니다. 토요일브라이언트프로그램은 정규과정에포함되며시간은 09:00 부터 2:00 까지입니다. 0-학년학생들을위해서는 2 년동안 IGCSE 과정을진행하게됩니다. PSD(Personal and Social Development) 수업과체육을제외한모든과목의 IGCSE 과정을공부하게됩니다. 한국국적학생의경우한국어및한국사를필수적으로공부해야합니다. 한국국적이아닌학생에게는제 언어로서의중국어또는 제 2 언어로서의외국어한국어수업을제공합니다. 6

117 7-9 학년교과목및수업 과목 7 학년 8 학년 9 학년 수학 영어 과학 ( 물리, 화학, 생물 ) 5 5 (2,2,2) 한국어 제 언어중국어 / 제 2 언어한국어 ( 한국국적학생이아닌경우 ) 한국사 2 언어 지리 역사 컴퓨터 2 2 미술 2 2 무용 드라마 음악 체육 PSD 7

118 0- 학년 학년때응시하게되는대부분의교외시험은 Cambridge IGCSE 입니다. ( 하지만, GCSE 무용이나미술교과시험은 Edexcel 또는 AQA 입니다.) Cambridge IGCSE는만 4세에서 6세학생들이치를수있는세계에서가장인기있는국제수학능력자격시험입니다. 전세계명문대및기업에서인정을하며, 국제무대에서의성공을위한여권이나다름없습니다. 25년이상의역사를가진이시험은이미전세계많은학교에서신뢰하는시험입니다. Cambridge IGCSE에대해더궁금하신점은아래웹사이트를확인하여주시기바랍니다. NLCS Jeju 에서학생들은 다음과목을공부할수있습니다 : 수학영어물리학화학생물학체육 ( 시험평가없음 ) PSD 수업 ( 시험평가없음 ) 한국어 ( 한국국적학생필수 ) 한국사 ( 한국국적학생필수 ) 역사학또는지리학 그외역사학, 지리학, 언어, 컴퓨터, 미술, 음악, 무용, 드라마수업중 3 개과목선택가능 ( 한국국적이아닌학생은 4 개과목선택가능 ) 학년교과과정 IB 학습개요 NLCS Jeju는 2학년-3학년학생들에게 IB Diploma 프로그램을제공하고있습니다. 본교 (NLCS Jeju) 의철학, 프로그램, 정책들은 IB의철학과밀접하게연계되어있습니다. IB 학습은 2세기교육에걸맞은학습결과물을나타내는 IB 교육의강령이라고할수있습니다. 이러한것들이 IB 프로그램과 NLCS Jeju가학생들에게바라는모습입니다. 학생, 교직원, 지도자, 운영자, 학부모같은모든학교구성원들이협력하여학교생활을통하여이러한학습을구축해야합니다. IB 프로그램학생들은다음항목을위해노력해야합니다. 8

119 IB 학습자프로파일 IB 학습자가갖추어야할조건 : - 지식이있는사람 - 탐구하는사람 - 생각하는사람 - 소통하는사람 - 신념을가진사람 - 열린마음을가진사람 - 배려하는사람 - 도전하는사람 - 균형있는사람 - 자아성찰을하는사람 2, 3 학년학생들은하루에 40 분분량의수업을총 9 교시수업을하며, 학생들이참여해야할토요일오전활동도있습니다. IB 디프로마를이수하기위해서는학생들은지식이론, 4000 단어분량의소논문 (EE), CAS( 창의성활동, 신체활동, 봉사활동 ) 활동을 IB 규정에맞게 이수해야합니다. 학생들은하단에나온 6 가지교과그룹가운데각그룹에한과목씩총 6 교과목을선택해야합니다. 3 과목은심화단계과정 (HL), 3 과목은표준단계과정 (SL) 으로선택하게됩니다. 그룹 언어와문학 그룹 2 언어습득 그룹 3 개인 & 사회 그룹 4 과학 그룹 5 수학 그룹 6 예술 NLCS Jeju 의 IB 디플로마에관한더상세한내용은 IB 핸드북과 IBO 웹사이트 ( 참고하여주시기바랍니다. 9.3 과제 (PREP) 과제는학생들이자발적인습관을기르고스스로책임감있는학습을하게도와주는중요한부분입니다. 과제는 NLCS Jeju 프로그램에있어필수적 인부분입니다. 각학년 (7-학년) 을위한과제일정표는학년초에배부될것입니다. 일정표상에과목별로균등하게배정된과제를확인할수있습니다. 대부분일정표에따라진행되지만교사들이별도의제출일을정하는경우도있습니다. 영어로된도서를읽는것이영어능력을향상시키는데가장효과적인방법으로생각하고있습니다. 따라서 7학년-9학년과제일정표상에영어도서읽는시간이지정되어있습니다. 교직원, 학생, 학부모님모두일정표를확인하실수있습니다. 9

120 NLCS Jeju 선생님들은정기적으로과제를요구할것이며명확한기준과제출날짜를공지할것입니다. 학생들은플래너에과제수행방법과제출일 을기록해두어야합니다. 학생들은튜터와기숙사교직원에게플래너를제시하여매일저녁어떤과제를수행할지의논할수있을것입니다. 학생들은제출일이전에반드시과제를준비하여교사에게제출할책임이있습니다. 만약정당한이유없이과제를완성하지못하면교사는학생에게 이유를물어볼것이고다음날까지제출하도록요구할것입니다. 학생이지속적으로과제를제출하지않을경우 NLCS Jeju 학생행동강령에따라해당부학장 (Assistant Head) 에게알리게됩니다. 7 학년 하루 3 과목, 과목당 30 분 8 학년 & 9 학년 하루 3 과목, 과목당 40 분 0 학년 & 학년 하루 2-3 과목, 3 과목일경우과목당 40 분, 2 과목일경우과목당 60 분 2 학년 & 3 학년 식스폼학생들은정해진과제일정표가없지만, 매주 IB 표준단계 (SL) 교과목 개당 2 시간, IB 심화단계과정 개당 3 시간이소요되는과제가있습 니다. 또한 Sixth Form 학생들은과제시간을이용해서지식이론 (TOK) 및소논문 (Extended Essay) 을작성해야합니다. 방학중과제 7 학년 - 9 학년 일반적인기준으로는방학중 7-9 학년들에게과제는주어지지않습니다. 그러나영어로책읽기를꾸준히해주시기바랍니다. 0학년 & 학년학기중간방학이나추석연휴와같은 주일이내의단기방학중에과제는주어지지않습니다. 가을학기중간, 크리스마스또는부활절등의긴방학중에는 주일분 ( 주당 40분 ) 정도의과제물을부여합니다. 가령 3주의긴방학동안 /3은과제를 2/3는과제없이쉬면서가족들과휴가를즐길수있습니다. 즉, 주일분량의방학과제를 3주에걸쳐완료할수있고, 나머지 2주는쉴수있습니다. 그러나방학중에도꾸준히영어독서를할수있도록배려해주십시오. 2학년 & 3학년 ( 식스폼 ) 학기중간방학이나추석연휴와같은 주일이내의단기방학중에과제는주어지지않습니다. 가을학기중간, 크리스마스또는부활절등의긴방학중에는 주일분 (5시간) 정도의과제물을부여합니다. 방학중모든과목에걸쳐각 5시간정도를할애하여야합니다. IB과정에있는학생들은자신의관심분야에대한열정을가지고각과목의과제물을독립적으로수행하면서자기주도학습능력을계속키우기바랍니다. 학생지원 학생들은과제수행을통해서자율적인습관을기르게되며책임감을기를수있습니다. 학생들이직접과제를완성하고제출하는과정을책임져야하 지만모든교직원들과학부모도학생들을지원하는역할을하고있습니다. 학부모님 ( 특히통학학생의학부모님 ) 은학생에게다음과같이도움을주실수있습니다 : 0. 플래너확인및싸인 02. 학생들과과제에대한논의 20

121 03. 과제가우선순위임을강조하기 04. 방해없이과제를수행할수있는조용한장소제공 05. 반드시기한내에과제를제출하도록하며다음날학교생활에지장이없도록충분히수면을취하도록하기학교에서는기숙학생들이자신의선택과필요에따라학교외수업이나학원에등록하기전에사감선생님과상의하시기를바랍니다. NLCS Jeju는학생들의학교에서교육프로그램을수행하는동안충분한수면을취할수있도록배려하고있습니다. 자녀가학교에서혹은방학중에학습관련지원을더받고싶으시다면기숙사에계신선생님들과상의하면조언을들을수있습니다. 결석시과제 학생이아파서결석을한경우과제를하는것은건강회복을늦출수있으므로휴식을취하고독서를하는것을권장하며, 학교에서수업을받지못할 만큼아프다는것은집에서과제수행에어려움이있을것이라는것을선생님들도이해할것입니다. 정식으로보고된병가로결석기간을미리알려주신경우라면, 학부모님은놓친과제를가정으로보내줄것을요청할수있습니다. 튜터선생님또는 사감선생님께연락주시면튜터선생님과과목부장선생님이각과목선생님으로부터적절성과수행가능성을확인받아잘세팅된과제인지확인 후이메일또는학생에게직접전달해줄것입니다. 정식으로보고되지않은결석의경우그리고학부모님이따로과제물에대한요청을하지않을경우, 튜터선생님은학생의과제물수합에대한의무 가없습니다. 병결석또는관련결석기간동안학업의공백을극복하기위한노력은학생개인의책임입니다. 결석기간동안의과제수행이학교등교내용과같을 수는없다는것을잊지마시기바랍니다. 등교금지조치를당한학생들의경우하우스팀에서과제물을보내드립니다. 2

122 0 THE CO-CURRICULAR PROGRAMME _CCA 프로그램 ( 교실밖에서이루어지는교과외프로그램 ) 22

123 NLCS Jeju 는학생개인의발달이교실수업에서만이루어지는것이아닌교과외활동을통해학생들이한개인으로서의자아를정립해갈수있다고 믿습니다. 이에우리학교에서는학생들이매주 80 개이상의우수한교과외활동프로그램을선택할수있도록제공합니다. 학생들에게더욱더새로 운것을배우고열정을사로잡을수있도록독려하고있습니다. 학교는학생들이미래의리더로성장하고개발을지속하도록도와주며, 세계최고의대학들은능력, 열정과관심으로가득한우리학생들을선택할것 입니다. 모든학생들이폭넓은선택의활동에참여할수있는 기회 는우리의핵심교육철학의하나이며, 학생들의자신의열정을우수함으로승화시킬수있게하는것입니다. Opportunity Excellence 발견 ( 새로운것에대한즐거움과궁금증 ) 열정 ( 전념 & 의지 ) 뛰어남 ( 자신감 & 더향상된단계로이동 ) CCA 프로그램의다이어그램 NLCS JEJU CCA 프로그램 현장학습 ( 트립 ) N - Y3 방과후활동하우스대항전 Y - Y3 Y - Y2 봉사활동스포츠스쿼드 Y7 - Y3 Y5-Y3 브라이언트프로그램 Y3 - Y3 NLCS Jeju 컨서바토아 Y6-Y3 소사이어티 & 엔터프라이즈 Y0 - Y3 창의성활동, 신체활동봉사활동 Y2 - Y3 0. 방과후 CCA 활동 금요일을제외한매일 6:5 7:5 에는모든학생들이방과후활동 (CCAs) 에참여하게됩니다. 월요일은하우스대항전 (0.3 항참조 ) 가있습니 다. 화, 수, 목요일에는더욱다양한방과후활동 (CCAs) 이준비되어, 학생들이선택할수있습니다. 방과후활동및브라이언트활동은한학사년도안에세블록으로진행됩니다.(0.8 항참조 ) 학사년도날짜 : CCA & 브라이언트시작날짜종료일 블록 8월 27일월요일 월 22일목요일 블록 2 월 26일월요일 3월 7일목요일 블록 3 3월 일월요일 6월 3일목요일 학생들은창의력, 활동성, 봉사활동등의세영역에균형을맞추어학기중에적절한방과후활동에참여하도록독려받습니다. 23

124 0.2 브라이언트프로그램 : 토요일오전 브라이언트프로그램은토요일아침 7 학년에서 2 학년모든학생들이필수적으로참가해야하는교과외활동입니다. 3 학년학생의경우, 해당시 간에교과목학습 ( 과제 ) 나대학진학준비를하게될수도있습니다. 브라이언트프로그램은토요일아침 09:00 ~2:00 에진행되며, 스쿠버다이빙에서뜨개질에이르기까지폭넓은활동이가능하기때문에모든학생 들이흥미로운뭔가를찾을수있을것입니다. 학생들은수많은동아리활동중원하는것을선택할수있고 년동안 3 개의브라이언트활동에참여 하게됩니다. 학생들은새로운사람을만나고새로운장소에가보게되며, 새로운일을시도할수있는도전정신을배우게될것입니다. 브라이언트프로그램의핵 심은경험을통해서학생개개인이자신을돌아보게하는것입니다. 브라이언트프로그램을통해학생들각자해당활동에대한열정과전문성을기를수있게됩니다. 비용이발생하는활동들도있으며학생들은활동을선택하기전에부모님과상의를한후에결정해야합니다. 비용이발생하는활동의경우학부모님 의사전승인이필요합니다. 각각의브라이언트블록때마다청구서가발송됩니다. 인터내셔널어워드캠핑트립활동및스포츠활동은토요일오후나주말에이루어집니다. 연극리허설역시토요일오후에하게됩니다. 0.3 기숙사 (HOUSE: 하우스 ) 대항전 하우스대항전은보통월요일 6:5 7:30에열립니다. 주말과저녁시간에열릴때도있습니다. 대부분의학생들은매주하우스대항전에참석하게되며자신의능력을발휘하면서더깊은소속감을가지게됩니다. 하우스대항전의종류는매우다양하며소그룹또는하우스전체가참석하는경우도있습니다. 시니어학생들은팀을조직하고하우스담당교사와튜터의관리하에경쟁에참가하게됩니다. 하우스공연, 크로스컨트리 ( 장거리달리기 ), 체스, 발표, 스펠링대회, 미술, 퀴즈대회, 풋볼, 농구, 수영, 육상등을포함한다양한경기가이루어질수 있습니다. 하우스대항전은연간진행되며상점은매경기이후업데이트됩니다. 학생들은하우스간의치열한경쟁을즐기며건전한라이벌의식을경험하게 됩니다. 학년말에우승을차지한하우스에게하우스쉴드를수여하게되며하우스쉴드를수여받는것은큰영예와성취감을보여줍니다. 하우스는각각개성을가지고있으며학생들은자신이소속한하우스에대해자부심을가집니다. 하우스대항전은학생들에게커뮤니케이션, 리더쉽, 팀워크이라는세가지기술을키울수있게해줍니다. 이는학생들이성장하면서도움이될기술들입니다. 많은학생들이하우스대항전을학교생활에서가장흥미로운경험으로꼽습니다. 하우스대항전을통해하우스에속한학생들을하나로연결해주며하우스생활에큰부분을차지하는활동입니다. 0.4 소사이어티와엔터프라이즈 NLCS Jeju 의자랑할만한특색프로그램의하나는바로학생들의소사이어티활동입니다. 학생들은정규교과과정에따른학과목중수업시간이외에도여러과목들중심층학습이필요하다고여겨지는과목에대해그룹을결성하여집중학습을합니다. 이소사이어티들은학생중심으로결성되어교과학습이외의폭넓은지식의확장, 심층아카데믹영어습득, 그리고우수한대학입학면접준비를위한학습에중점을두고있습니다. 또한소사이어티는학생들을지원해주는교사그룹과긴밀하게연결되어있으며, 아래에제시한두가지방법을통해학생들은보다폭넓고유익한학교생활을하게됩니다. 24

125 현재소사이어티활동에참여하는학생들은점심시간을활용해서아카데믹영어능력과대학입학에필요한각과목별지식을넓히기위해주제별토 론회를열고있으며, 이는대학지원및옥스브리지인터뷰 (Oxbridge Interview) 준비에도움이되는활동입니다. 토론회는다음과같은주제를포함하고있습니다. 인간은신의존재를인정해야하는가?( 철학소사이어티 ) 양자물리학이수학에미치는영향은무엇인가? 문학이어떻게사회를반영하였나? 상기토론들과연계하여학생들의경험을더욱풍부하게지원하기위해교내교사진또는외부강사들을초빙한강연프로그램도운영하고있습니다. 외부초빙강사에는아래와같은분들이계십니다. Gareth Miles 박사 ( 암연구소 ) Ms. Style( 의학지원 ) 0.5 현장학습 (TRIPS & TOURS) 학교는학생들이많은가능성과기회를누릴수있기를원합니다. 그러나교실수업에서얻을수없는많은것들이있기에학교에서는교실밖, 국내그 리고국제적인견학과여행을통해학생들에게자신의가능성과기회를찾을수있도록프로그램을구상하였습니다. 0.6 토요일뮤직컨서바토리 정규교과목이외의토요일 뮤직컨서바토리 가토요일오전브라이언트프로그램을통해운영되어음악에대한열정과재능이있는학생들에게기회를줍니다. 개인적인연습을통해실력을연마해온학생들이음악가로서의기량을급격히발전시킬기회가되는포괄적인음악프로그램입니다. 이프로그램에참가하는학생들은전문음악가초청협연, 지역사회연주회참가, 영국국립음악학회 (ABRSM) 앙상블시험준비등에참여하게됩니다. 학교는학생들이음악가로서창의적인사고를하도록목표를세워학생들이심층적이고다양하게음악수업을받는것이매우중요하다고생각합니다. NLCS Jeju 뮤직컨서바토리를통해학생들은열정과우수함을펼칠수있습니다. 뮤직컨서바토리프로그램 ( 토요일오전 ): 09:00 09:45 09:45 :00 :5 2:00 음악적재능오선지독보 / 개요학습 / 솔로테크닉 / 반주연습앙상블앙상블리허설 / 앙상블코치 ABRSM 앙상블시험준비 / 공연준비공연교실마스터클라스 / 구두시험 / 미학과비평 본시간표는브라이언트프로그램한블록당두번에걸쳐운영되어학생들에게추가기회를줍니다. 음악전문가가학교로초빙되어참가학생들에게영감을주고학생그룹은대중들에게관심을끌만한공연을볼수있습니다. 25

126 0.7 창의성활동, 신체활동, 봉사활동 (CAS) CAS 는 IB 프로그램의필수요소로, 학생들이교실에서배울수있는단순한교과내용지식이상의것을익히고지속적으로개발시킬수있는영역 입니다. CAS 는다음과같은세가지영역으로분류됩니다 : 창의성활동 창의적인사고를요하는미술및다른활동 신체활동 건강한라이프스타일을위한신체활동 봉사활동 학생들에게많은유익이되는봉사활동경험 학생들은각자의활동에대해명확한목표와활동내용을기록해야합니다. 0.8 인게이지 (ENGAGE) 학교는방과후활동 (CCA) 과브라이언트프로그램의참여시선택을원활히하기위해경영정보시스템 (MIS) 를활용하고있습니다. 학부모님들께서도 로그인하셔서수많은활동내역을보실수있습니다. 학부모님들이접속해서찾아볼수있는방과후활동 (CCA) 과브라이언트프로그램의세부내용 에는다음과같은정보도포함되어있습니다. 프로그램경비 외부강사, 프로그램진행자들의자격 방과후활동 (CCA) 과브라이언트프로그램의구성안내 활동선택을위한진행과정은다음과같습니다 : 0. CCA 와브라이언트활동을담당할교원과외부강사결정. 학사년도내에계속진행하게되며 교실밖 (Beyond the Classroom) 프로그램부학장 (Assistant Head) 이자 CCA 활동총책임교원이총 괄합니다. 02. CCA 및브라이언트활동프로모션홍보. 인게이지포털을통해학생들이참여가능한모든활동을확인하실수있습니다. 학사년도초학교조회시간에학생들이참여할수있는다 양한스포츠팀, 공연, 음악활동에관해안내받을수있습니다. 03. 학생들은인게이지로본인들의희망 CCA 활동과브라이언트활동을선택합니다. 학생들은화요일, 수요일, 목요일, 토요일에희망하는활동을 4 가지씩선택합니다. 만약학생이어떤특정활동을하도록요청받은것이있다 면, 사전승인된것으로표기가될것입니다. 일반적으로 CCA 활동이나브라이언트활동신청은 3-4 일동안이루어집니다. 04. CCA 활동및브라이언트활동학생배치 CCA 및브라이언트활동신청이마감되면, 학생들은 CCA 및브라이언트활동에배치됩니다. 인기있는활동의경우, 참여가능한학생수보 다 2 배이상의학생이신청하게되면자동으로해당활동은신청마감이됩니다. 05. 브라이언트수업료연체 학생이 학사년도브라이언트를신청할때, 기존브라이언트수업료연체금이있다면, 학생은비용이발생하지않는브라이언트활 동만선택가능합니다. 0.9 일요일 일요일, 학교캠퍼스안에서기독교예배가있으며, 천주교학생들을위해서는성이시돌로차량으로이동하여미사를드립니다. 학사년도초에학부모 님들께학생이일요일에상기종교 ( 기독교예배, 천주교미사 ) 모임에참석하는지여부를알려주셔야합니다. 일요일에기숙사학생에게아침식사와점심식사를대신하여브런치를제공합니다. 기숙사에서는일요일오후기숙학생들을위한레크레이션활동을운영합니다. 통학학생들도사감선생님이초대할시참석할수있습니다. 26


128 학생들이성장하면서커뮤니티의가치와필요성을이해하기를바랍니다. NLCS Jeju 에서는학생들이리더쉽을발휘하고사회적책임을다하는방법 을배울수있는다양한기회가제공됩니다 빅에이트 (Big Eight) 빅에이트는한라하우스에소속된학생들로구성되어있으며, 학교의사절단으로아래와같은분야에서학교를대표하는학생그룹입니다 : 학생회 (School Council) 대표 글로벌의식고취 ( 문화담당위원회총괄 ) 스포츠 학생복지 ( 학생복지인식그룹총괄 ) 봉사활동 (Toweraid, 학교봉사활동위원회총괄 ) 소사이어티위원장 ( 소사이어티위원회총괄 ) 빅에이트학생들중남학생, 여학생각 명씩학교헤드보이, 헤드걸로임명됩니다. 임기 : 2 학년 학기말부터시작하여 2 개월동안활동합니다. 식스폼프리펙 (Prefect 대표학생 ) 빅에이트이외에도, 2 학년학생들은학교를대표하는역할을하거나다른교원을도와후배학생들을지도하는프리펙에지원할수도있습니다. 학생회 (School Council) 학생회는학생들의목소리와학교간의소통을주재하는핵심적인그룹입니다. 학생회에소속되기를원하는학생은각자의튜터그룹을대표하여해당튜터그룹대표자로출전하고, 본튜터그룹대표학생들중에선출된학생들이학생회에소속됩니다. 학생회일원으로 2개월동안활동합니다. 학생회는학생들의관심사, 학교행사, 향후계획을포함한다양한주제에대해논의하는기구입니다. 기숙사대표와기숙사위원회 학년남학생과여학생이학년초에기숙사대표로선출됩니다. 기숙사위원회는기숙사의각튜터그룹이선출한대표들로구성되며기숙사대표가 이를이끌게됩니다. 기숙사대표의임기는 4 월부터 년간입니다. 기숙사위원회는매주사감선생님과만나며자신들의커뮤니티를위한책임을다하게됩니다. 기숙사위원회에속한학생들의시각과의견은기숙사 사감교사에게매우중요하며기숙사의발전을위해서중요한자양분이될것입니다. 기숙사위원회선거는 년에두번실시됩니다. 기숙사 학년학생들이맡는다른직책들로는기숙사부대표, 기숙사대항전대표 ( 스포츠및창의성담당 ), 통학학생연락담당자가있습니다. 아카데믹소사이어티 소사이어티는 NLCS Jeju 의특징을잘보여주는학생중심의활동입니다. 학생들은소사이어티활동을통해서도전적인경험을할수있고, 정규교과 과정을뛰어넘는다양한학문을접할수있는기회를가집니다. 소사이어티에는회장, 총무, 홍보부장의직책이있습니다. (0.4 섹션참고 ) 28

129 피어멘토링 (Peer Mentoring) 고학년학생들은피어멘토 (Peer Mentor) 로트레이닝을받을수있습니다. 이학생들은학교에서친구관계또는감정적으로어려움을겪는다른후배학생들을위해서학생들의어려움을들어주고도움을주는역할을합니다. 피어멘토는학교상담교사의관리안에서활동하며, 상담교사의전문적인도움이필요하다고판단될경우에는언제든지학교전문상담교사가인계받게됩니다. 피어멘토들은학습적으로도움이필요한학생들을도와주는역할도하게됩니다. 또한아카데믹리딩써포트 (academic reading support) 부터학교 폭력예방을위한방법구상까지학생회의활동에보조적인역할도하게됩니다. 버디시스템 (Buddy System) 버디시스템은학생들이각각지정된신입생들을도와서학교나기숙사생활을잘할수있게지원하는제도입니다. 학생들은버디에게조언을구할수있고, 학교생활에익숙해지기위해도움을받을수있으며, 서로잘어울릴수있는기회를갖게됩니다. 버디는사감선생님에의해기숙사내학생들로배정됩니다. 기숙사의시니어학생들도특정학년그룹으로새로들어오는학생들에게시니어버디로배정될수있습니다. 선배학생들의의무 기숙사안에서선배학생들은후배들의생활에관심을갖고어린학생들에게모범을보이며도움을주어야합니다. 이는대학지원과정에서꼭필요 한 학생의포트폴리오 에기록될수있으므로책임감있는역할이중요합니다. 29

130 2 THE HOUSE SYSTEM & BOARDING _ 기숙사 ( 하우스 ) 시스템 & 생활 30

131 NLCS Jeju는기숙학교입니다. 본교 (NLCS Jeju) 학생들에게학교는제2의집입니다. 7학년부터 3학년까지 500명이상의학생이기숙사생활을하고있으며, 이곳에서만만끽할수있는학습환경을즐기게됩니다. 기숙사생활을하면서학생들은독립심, 자존감, 어려운일에대한극복능력, 시간관리, 팀워크, 그리고인내력을배웁니다. 뿐만아니라영어를생활화하게되며평생친구를사귀게됩니다. 기숙사생활을한학생들은대학생활에좀더쉽게적응을하게됩니다. 참고로, 통학학생들을위한 기숙사체험 이있습니다. 하루 7만원의비용 ( 식비별도 ) 이소요되며, 구체적인내용은사감선생님에게문의하실수있습니다. 2. 기숙사 ( 하우스 ) 시스템 모든 7학년-학년학생들 ( 통학학생및기숙사 ) 은 5가지의하우스중하나에속하게됩니다. 7학년부터 학년까지의학생들이속하게되는하우스의이름은거문, 물찻, 저지, 사라, 노로이며, 이기숙사들의명칭은제주도오름의이름에서따온것입니다. 2-3학년학생들인 Sixth Form 학생들의기숙사는한라북관과한라동관입니다. Sixth Form 학생들은 IB 디프로마준비로바쁘기때문에 7-학년때보다는기숙사대항전참여의횟수가줄어듭니다. Sixth Form 학생들은이전시니어스쿨하우스에속하여가지며하우스대항전에참석하기도하는데특별한관심이있거나자신의능력을발휘할수있는분야에참석할수있습니다. 기숙사는남학생과여학생쪽으로분리되어있고서로독립적으로운영됩니다. 그러나각기숙사들은같은교육관과기풍을공유하고있으며서로협력관계를유지하고있습니다. 남학생기숙사와여학생기숙사가운데위치한아트리움에서학생들은친목도모를하며서로교류할수있습니다. 이공간은정기적인기숙사모임을위한장소이기도합니다. 각하우스별로학생과학부모님을위한핸드북이제공되며, 핸드북속에각하우스가어떻게운영되고학생들이어떠한생활을하는지나와있습니다. 이날부모님들과학생들은기숙사사감교사를만나게되며, 이교사들이자녀들의침실배정을돕고부모님들에게자녀들의침실을안내할것입니다. 기숙사에도착하면학생들은여권, 용돈, 귀가를위한항공권 ( 또는 e 티켓 ) 을밀봉한봉투에넣어기숙사사감교사에게안전하게맡겨야합니다.( 남은용돈과항공권, 여권은학생이떠나는날돌려줍니다.) 모든의약품은정확한명칭을기재한후메디컬센터로제출해야합니다. 2.3 기숙사퇴실시간 기숙사퇴실시간에관해, 기숙사사감교사과사전에동의된것이아니라면, 모든기숙학생들은학기마지막날학교캠퍼스를떠나서각자의집으로돌아가야합니다. 각자의집이있는도시로떠나는비행기는 7:30 이후출발로계획하기바랍니다. 공항으로가는버스는 6:00부터제공되며교통상황에따라 시간정도소요됩니다. 기숙사방배정이학기마다변경되므로학생들은매학기마지막에모든소지품을가지고집으로돌아가야합니다. 학생들이방학을맞아떠나기전에기숙사담당교사들이돌아오는시간과항공권번호를확인할것입니다. 학생들의교통편에대해서학교에최대한빠른시일내에미리알려주시기바랍니다. 방학기간에는기숙사에담당교원들이상주하지않습니다. 2.2 기숙사입실시간 새로운학기또는하프텀이시작될때, 기존재학생들은반드시 5:00-8:00 사이에학교에도착해야합니다. 학부모님들은 8:00까지학교캠퍼스밖으로나가셔야합니다. 기존재학생들이새학기또는하프텀이시작되는첫날수업에출석하도록수업시작하기전날, 제주국제공항에서출발하는셔틀버스가 4:30-7:00 사이에운영됩니다. 신입생들과학부모님들은학기시작전에학교로부터자세한안내편지를받을것입니다. 모든신입생들은보통정오 2시-오후 2시사이에학교에오게되며기숙사생활에도움이되는오리엔테이션활동에참가하게됩니다. 3


133 * 표시된것은지정된업체에서구입해야합니다. 모든학교교복은스타일이나재질에있어통일성을유지해야하기에반드시지정된곳에서구입하기바랍니다. 지정한곳이외의다른구입처는허용되지않습니다. ** 표시된것은학사년도시작부터필요한것은아니며차후필요시구입하면됩니다. 등교시동복에서하복으로입어야하는시기또는혹은하복에서동복으로입어야하는시기는인게이지를통해학교에서공지해드릴것입니다. 업체명 : 스쿨룩스제주지점주소 : 제주시이도 동 층전화번호 : +82(0) , +82(0) 교복 ( 모든학생 ) 검정양말 / 살색스타킹 검정색또는어두운색신발 0 켤레이상 ( 발목또는무릎길이 ) 켤레 - 묶기편한끈또는슬립온, 굽이낮은신발, 신발바닥은흰색이나밝은색상은피해야합니다. 7-3 학년 7- 학년 셔츠 / 블라우스 * 바지 / 스커트 * 자켓 * 넥타이 * 스웨트셔츠 * 가디건 *( 여학생은파란색, 남학생은갈색 ) 학교방수자켓 * 교구 ( 모든학생들 ) 스쿨백 * 필통계산기 USB 메모리스틱랩탑 / 태블릿 PC 5 벌이상 2 벌이상 잉크펜 개, 볼펜 5 개 ( 검정또는파랑 ), 지우개연필깍기, 30cm 자, 가위, 딱풀각 개씩색연필, 각도기, 칼은필요없음 2 색색연필한영사전, Oxford Mini Dictionary & Thesaurus 계산기는아래에기재된제품으로준비해야합니다. : 7학년에서 학년까지는 Casio FX85GTPLUS ( 또는유사제품 ) 으로준비해주십시오. IGCSE 시험칠때필요합니다. 0학년-3학년은 TI Nspire CX 핸드헬드 (handheld 들고다닐수있는소형 ) 으로준비해야합니다. IB 시험을칠때필요합니다. 2개, 저장용량제한없음. 의무적인것은아니지만학생들은랩탑 (lap top) 이나스마트태블릿을사용하여과제를할수있습니다. 7-학년 7-학년 7-학년 7-학년 7-학년남학생 7-학년선택사항시니어학생들은단정한가방을자유롭게선택 7-3학년선택사항선택사항 7-3학년 7-3학년 0-3학년 33

134 체육용품 ( 모든학생들 ) 스포츠키트백 * NLCS Jeju 부트백 * NLCS Jeju 후디 * NLCS Jeju 트랙수트 * NLCS Jeju 폴로셔츠 * PE 반바지 * 흰양말하늘색풋볼 / 럭비양말 * 실내운동화실외운동화 2 2개이상 ( 무늬없는것 ) ( 바닥에자국남지않는운동화, 실내배드민턴또는스쿼스, 실내운동화 ) 선택사항 7-학년선택사항 7-학년 7-3학년 7-3학년 7-3학년 7-3학년 7-3학년 축구화마우스가드정강이보호대검정수영복 / 몸에붙는수영복반바지 * 수모 * 수경 * 스페셜리스트스포츠키트 ** 팀키트 ** 교과외활동키트, 링크리어타드 ( 체조, 발레타이즈 )* 레깅스및검정반바지수영타월과수영가방 선택사항 - 인조잔디에서사용됨 ( 징없는블레이드 ) 2 세트 검정색또는남색 벌 NLCS 팀수영반바지선택사항 럭비부츠, 풋볼부츠등 스쿼드스포츠키트는하우스나스포츠부서에서안내할것입니다. 자세한내용은 skoolooksuniform.com 이나아래링크확인하십시오 html?cate=m 학년 7-3학년 7-3학년 7-3학년 7-3학년 7-3학년필요시팀스포츠의경우 7-9학년여학생 7-9학년여학생 7-3학년 하우스복장 ( 모든학생 ) 기숙사스포츠셔츠 * 기숙사스포츠반바지 / 치마바지 * 벌, 추가 벌은선택 7- 학년 7-3 학년 토요일오전브라이언트프로그램을포함한교과외활동복장 ( 모든학생 ) 두꺼운양말토요일야외활동을위한산책화따뜻한바지따뜻한풀오버또는점퍼따뜻한재킷털모자와장갑 2 켤레 켤레 벌 7-3학년 7-3학년 7-3학년 7-3학년 7-3학년 7-3학년 34

135 목도리방수재킷과바지모자와썬글래스물병 * 썬크림스페셜리스트장비 ( 특별활동전문장비 )** 기숙사침실용품 ( 기숙사생 ) 싱글침구베개침대커버베게커버플라스틱컵알람시계지퍼가있는세탁주머니가운파자마또는잠옷실내용슬리퍼큰비치 / 수영타월큰수건욕실용품주머니개인상비약책상사무용품 ( 기숙사생 ) 펀치, 파일투명지갑, 파일디바이더사전유의어사전외장형하드드라이브딱풀스카치테이프책상정리함스템플러및스템플러심선이있는노트묶음기숙사복장 ( 기숙사생 ) 속옷주말평상복공식석상을위한정장 골프클럽, 테니스라켓, 배드민튼라켓, 스쿼시라켓, 악기 ( 이장비들이필수적인것은아니며특별활동이결정된후준비하시기바랍니다.) -2 개 2 세트 2 세트 2 2 켤레 2 치약, 칫솔, 비누, 샴푸, 빗, 솔빗, 위생용품 ( 여학생 ), 면도기 ( 남학생필수 ) 개수무관개수및종류무관한영사전, 영영사전 ( 전자사전또는종이사전 ) 영영사전컴퓨터파일백업용-용량제한없음종류무관종류무관개수및종류무관 0벌이상스커트, 바지, 반바지 ( 허벅지중간이상덮어야함 ), 편안한신발 ( 높은굽금지 ), 청바지, 티셔츠, 스웨터등정장 벌필수 7-3학년 7-3학년 7-3학년 7-3학년 7-3학년 7-3학년 7-3학년 7-3학년 7-3학년 7-3학년 7-3학년 7-3학년 7-3학년 7-3학년 7-3학년 7-3학년 7-3학년 7-3학년 7-3학년 7-3학년 7-3학년 7-3학년 7-3학년 7-3학년 7-3학년 7-3학년 7-3학년 7-3학년 7-3학년 7-3학년 7-3학년 7-3학년 7-3학년 ** Six Form 학생들의경우 (2 학년 & 3 학년 ) 다른학년과는복장이다르며한라핸드북에서확인하실수있습니다. 35

136 모든소지품 ( 전자제품포함하여 ) 에는반드시학생의이름과하우스명이기재된라벨을부착해야합니다. 학부모님께서는자녀가지나치게많은귀중 품또는공예용칼그리고다른금지물품들을학교에반입하지않도록안내부탁드립니다. 전자기기 학생들은학교에랩탑을가져올수있으나제한된시간만사용이가능합니다. 학교규정에따라학생의모든귀중품및소지품은학생이잘관리해야하는책임이있습니다. 뮤직스트리밍기기는가져올수있지만하루일과중에는사용이제한됩니다. 학생은반드시헤드폰을사용해야하며특정시간에만사용이허가됩니다. 용돈 일요일체험활동이나다른활동에용돈이필요한경우가있습니다. 각학기마다 50,000원정도가적당한금액입니다. 용돈은봉투에넣어서학기초에사감선생님에게맡기게되며매주받아갈수있습니다. 전자기기를포함한모든소지품들은한국어이름을표기해야합니다. 귀중품, 공예칼, 또는다른금지된물품들을학교에가져오지않도록주의하기바랍니다. 음식및음료 모든학생들은다이닝홀에서식사를합니다. 필요할경우식사에참석하는지체크하게됩니다. 기숙사에서는다과실 (Brew Room) 을이용할수있으 며매일저녁이곳에서식당직원이간식을제공합니다. 낮시간에도음료및간단한음식을먹을수있습니다. :25-:50 사이에다이닝홀에서간식을살수있습니다. 기숙사학생들에게는휴식시간에추가금액없이간식이제공됩니다. 학생들이급식이외에라면이나과자종류를섭취하지않도록권장하고있습니다. 식수 학생들이낮시간에이용할수있도록정수기 ( 급수대 ) 가메인빌딩곳곳에비치되어있습니다. 정기적으로정수기를점검하고있으니언제든지식수로 이용하면됩니다. 기숙사각층과스포츠센터각층에도정수기가설치되어있으므로학생들이물을자주섭취하기바랍니다. 분실물 분실물은메인리셉션에보관합니다. 학생들은이리스트를확인하고리셉션에와서분실물을찾아가면됩니다. 학년말까지찾아가지않은물품들은 지역자선단체에기부되거나 NLCS Jeju Friends 에게중고교복판매로전달됩니다. 36

137 4 SAFETY & SUPPORT _ 안전문제및학생지원 NLCS Jeju는행복한학생이성공하는학생이라고믿습니다. 학교는모든학생이안전하고, 지원을받는다고느끼면서, 탁월한학업성적과함께조화로운삶을이루어나갈수있도록노력하고있습니다. 37

138 4. 상담교사 ( 학생심리및정서 ) NLCS Jeju에서는학생지원을위해심리상담사선생님의팀을채용하여운영하고있습니다. 상담은영어와국어로진행되고있습니다. 저희는행동, 감정, 교우관계등다양한부분에서제한을두지않고상담을지원하고있습니다. 특히향수병, 불안, 스트레스등에집중적인지원을하고있습니다. 학생들은본인이직접혹은친구, 선생님혹은부모님에의해상담실을찾습니다. 상담은자발적으로원해야하는것이므로, 학생들스스로직접상담을시도해볼수있어야합니다. 학생들은월요일부터금요일까지점심시간때언제든지 ( 사전예약없이 ) 상담교사와상담을할수있습니다. NLCS Jeju 에는학생들을써포트하고도 움을줄수있는우수한상담팀이있습니다. 학생의의료적인문제관련하여상담이필요하거나또는상담써포트세션계획에관하여상담이필요한경우에는면담예약을해주시기바랍니다. 학생문제관련하여필요시학교에서학부모님께상담을요청드리는경우도있습니다. 월요일부터금요일 (08:00 ~ 7:00) 까지미팅에통역을제공 해드릴수있습니다. ( 필요시 ) 4.2 세이프가딩 ( 학생안전보호 ) 본교 (NLCS Jeju) 는아동의권리를보호하기위해서귀포시 / 제주시아동보호기관및경찰같은외부기관과협력하여최선의노력을기울이고있습니 다. 자녀의안전에관해염려되는사항이있으시면즉시학교에알려주시기바랍니다. 학생안전사무관 (Designated Safeguarding Lead) Fiona Milligan 선생님이학생안전관련한총책임자입니다. DSL 의부재시에는학교세이프가딩규정에따라, 학생안전부사무관 (Deputy DSL) 인 Toby Waterson 부교장선생님 ( 학생생활관리 ) 또는다른지정교원이도와드릴것입니다. 학부모님들은아래와같은안전수칙을유념하여학생 ( 아동 ) 들을보호해주시기바랍니다. 하지말아야할것 아동과단둘이있어서는안됩니다. 아동의신체를만지거나아동의영역을침범하지마십시오. 아동의사진을함부로찍지말아주십시오. 아동에게이름, 전화번호, 이메일주소등개인정보를주거나받지말아주십시오. 학생화장실이나탈의실을사용하지말아주십시오. 직원과방문객을위한지정된화장실과탈의실이있습니다. 사감선생님의허락없이기숙사출입은안됩니다. 사감선생님과의동반없이기숙사 2층에올라가면안됩니다. 학생의신체적언어적폭력사용에직접대응하지말아주세요-NLSC Jeju 교원에게즉시보고해주십시오. 해야할것 학교방문시정문보안카드에서명해주십시오. 학부모패스가없다면방문객패스를드립니다. 돌아가실때정문보안카드에서명해주십시오. 방문객패스를돌려주시기바랍니다. 도움이필요하면학교직원을찾아주십시오. 학생안전에대해우려되는부분을알려주십시오. 학생보호담당위원은학교게시판을보면확인할수있습니다. 학부모님의언행이의도하지않게오해를받을수도있으니주의바랍니다. 학부모님의의도와는다르게학부모님의행동을어린 학생들이잘못판달할수있습니다. 38

139 NLCS Jeju 밖에서도많은주의를부탁드립니다. 학교밖에서학생들과언어적신체적접촉을하게될때학부모님의의도와는 다르게부적절한행동으로오해를받을수있습니다. 학교에서는 CCTV를통해모니터링되고있습니다. 4.3 보안 방문자 학교정문에서보안요원이모든학교출입을통제하고있습니다. 학부모님들께서기숙사를방문할시에는미리사감선생님 (HM) 에게알려주셔야하며보안요원에게내용이전달될것입니다. 학교방문시정문에서방문자등록후받으시는방문자출입증을학교에계시는동안반드시착용해주시기바랍니다. 학교건물 기숙사건물들은보안이유지되고있으므로학생들은항상안전하게생활할수있습니다. 건물의주출입문은자기잠금장치 (magnetic locks) 가설치되어있으며주간에는작동하지만야간에는접근이제한됩니다. 위급한상황에는잠금장치가자동으로열리게됩니다. 출입을감시하기위해서기숙사모든곳에 CCTV가설치되어있습니다. 비상시조치방법이기숙사안내판에게시되어있습니다. 기숙사방문객은각기숙사에설치된인터콤 ( 전화기 ) 을통해방문사실을알려야하며, 층이외다른층에방문하실경우에는반드시교원에게알려야합니다. 귀중품보관 학교측에서도모든소지품을안전하게보관하도록노력하고있으며, 각학생들은모든옷이나개인소지품에이름을기입하기바랍니다. 학생들의방에각자잠금장치가있는공간이있습니다. 수업일에책과장비들을보관할수있는사물함이학교건물에있습니다. 학생들이많은현금을지니고있어서는안됩니다. 현금, 여권, 티켓등을기숙사도착시사감선생님에게맡기도록합니다. 방학기간에는모든귀중품을집으로가져가야합니다. 분실및훼손의위험이있으므로학생들이불필요한귀중품을학교에가지고오지않도록지도바랍니다. 학생들의개인물품에대한보험은가입되어 있지않습니다. 학생들은자신의것이아닌현금이나물품을발견하였을때즉시사감선생님이나교직원에게알려야합니다. 절도행위는커뮤니티내에서신뢰를잃게되는행동입니다. 주인의허락없이물건을빌려가는것과같은부주의한행위도절도로간주될수있습니 다. 절도는학교차원에서매우심각하게다뤄질것이며학생에게제재가가해질수있습니다. 절도로의심되는사건이발생한다면먼저물건이다른장소에있는지찾아보거나다른학생에게빌려준후돌려받는것을잊어버렸는지먼저확인하 기바랍니다. 절도사건이발생했을경우사감선생님에게보고해야하며학교의 Searching Students Policy PC008 에따라조사가진행될것입니다. 4.4 의료정보 메디컬센터와간호진 메디컬센터는 24 시간담당자가상주하고있으며물찻기숙사옆에위치하고있습니다. 응급상황 병원, 앰뷸런스 제주영어교육도시본부에앰뷸런스가 24 시간대기하고있습니다. 학생이병원에가야할경우를대비하여준비가잘되어있으며 학교교직원이항상동반할것입니다. 부모님께도최대한빨리연락드릴것입니다. 39

140 의약품복용자녀가복용하는의약품에대해반드시미리알려주셔야합니다. 자녀가처방된약을복용하고있는경우부모님께서는학교에도착하자마자메디컬센터에의약품을전해주시고용량에대해서알려주셔야합니다. 사감선생님에게도약품에대해알려주시기바랍니다. NLCS Jeju학생들은마음대로약을복용해서는안됩니다. 교직원훈련 NLCS Jeju 스탭들과기숙사스탭들은매년응급처치방법을포함한생명을위협하는상황에어떻게대처할지에대한훈련을받습니다. 학생들의입 학과동시에질병 ( 천식, 간질, 당뇨 ) 에대한정보를인식하고이에대해대처할수있는준비를하게됩니다. 정보공유 심각한건강상의문제가있는학생들은학년초에교직원미팅에서정보를공유해야하며학생을가르치는교원들도이에대해인식하고있어야합니 다. 학생들의건강상태를반드시교원에게알려주셔야합니다. 특별병원식및알레르기 당뇨와같은건강상의문제로특별한식사가요구될때급식업체와의논할수있습니다. 음식알러지가있는학생은입학전에제출하는학생정보양 식 (Student Information Form) 에정확하게기입해야합니다. 이용시간 모든학생들은교사의허락하에언제든지메디컬센터를이용할수있습니다. 단 9:30-07:00 사이에는메디컬센터직원이대기상태이며응급상 황일때만서비스를받을수있습니다. 주니어스쿨학생들은메디컬센터출입시교직원이항상동반하게됩니다. 기록및정보입학시학부모또는보호자께서는학생정보양식을기입하셔야합니다. 이를통해학생의의료기록, 현재건강상태, 예방접종, 처방전이필요없는약의복용에관해학교에서관리할수있게됩니다. 응급처치를위한간단한치료약이나위급상황에대한동의서를제출해야합니다. 모든정보는엄격한정보보호정책하에처리됩니다. 각학생의의료정보는메디컬센터에보관됩니다. 이정보는관계자에의해서만접근가능합니다. 메디컬센터방문시방문기록이필요합니다. 날짜, 시간, 상태, 처리결과등을포함한메디컬센터출입은모두기록됩니다. 이기록은외부기관에서 약을처방하거나진료를받을때보내지게됩니다. 수업에영향을줄수있는건강상의새로운문제가발생할때에는반드시교원에게알려주셔야합 니다. 의약품 장기적으로약을복용하는학생은유통기한이짧지않다면학기가시작할때 6 주간복용할수있는약을준비해와야합니다. 보건교사가항상약을 관리할것입니다. 부모님들께서는학생들이복용하는약을날짜에맞추어제공해야하며유통기한이전에새약을준비해주셔야합니다. 유통기한이지난약은부 모님께서처리하시도록돌려보내집니다. 매년제출하는학부모정보양식에기록되지않으면학생들에게약을주지않을것이며이는소염진통제 (Ibuprofen) 를포함합니다. 의약품보관의약품은원래포장대로보내주셔야합니다. 학생들은스스로약을지참하고있어서는안됩니다 ( 메디컬센터교원의동의가있을경우는가능 ). 사감선생님은응급상황에필요한약을보유하고있을것입니다. 의약품은필요하다면자물쇠가있는보관함이나냉장고에보관될것입니다. 학부모님께서는모든의약품 ( 특히 Concerta 또는 Ablify와같은의약품 ) 을학생에게절대로직접주시지마시고메디컬센터에게제출하시기바랍니다. 마찬가지로, 각중간학기말에남는의약품이있다면반드시학부모님께직접전달하거나우편으로보낼것입니다. 40

141 의약품처리 급성알러지응급약 (EpiPens) 을제외한모든약품은학년말 (6 월 ) 에학부모님께서가져가셔야합니다. 가져가시지않은약들은폐기될것입니다. 예방접종 수학여행등을포함한여행시에자녀들에게필요한예방접종을철저히실행하는것은학부모님들의의무입니다. 경기및체육활동 부상을입은경우나의사의기록이있는경우가아니면모든학생들은체육활동에참여하게됩니다. 감기, 기침, 등의가벼운증상일경우는수업에참 석해야합니다. 4.5 학생상담도움부서 (INDIVIDUAL NEEDS DEPARTMENT) 학생상담도움부서각학생들이필요로하는부분에따라각학생에게맞게지원하는부서입니다. 주니어스쿨과시니어스쿨모든학생을위해운영 됩니다. 학생상담도움의조직은아래와같습니다 : 이름 Fiona Milligan Raj Randhawa Kyung Soo Park Aimee Robertson Ebru Kublay 역할 학생상담도움부서장학생학습지원교사상담교사 ( 한국어 ) 상담교사 ( 영어 ) 상담교사 ( 영어 ) NLCS Jeju 는학생들을위한최고수준의교육을제공하기위해다음과같이노력하고있습니다. 0. 학교내에서각각학생에게맞게개별적인필요한부분을채워주고자합니다. 02. 학교는학부모님및외부기관과긴밀하게협력하여학생이본인의재능을최대한발휘할수있도록돕고있습니다. 03. 학생개별지원은필요할경우제공되는것이며배움의장벽을제거하는데목표가있습니다. 04. 이제도는수업일에실시되는것으로정규수업보다우선되어실시될수있습니다 ( 교사에게양해를구해야합니다.) 4

142 5 PUNCTUALITY & LEAVING THE SCHOOL SITE _ 학교출결규정 5. 지각 지각은무단결석의일종으로학교구성원들에게도피해를주는행동입니다. 학생이정당한이유없이지각을할경우튜터또는기숙사담당교사와 상담을하게됩니다. 학생이반복적인지각을하게되면학습행동강령 (Behaviour for Learning Policy) 에따라조치가취해집니다. 5.2 귀가수칙 기숙학생 기숙사에거주하는학생과학부모님들은귀가시아래의사항들을포함한학교의규율들을준수해주시기바랍니다. : 주말외출신청 (exeats) 기숙사에서외출을하게될때사전에반드시기숙사교원 ( 사감교사또는부사감교사 ) 에게알려주셔야합니다. 학생이기숙사밖으로외출을하게될 경우해당학생의학부모님또는다른지정된보호자가학생의안전에관한책임을지게됩니다. 주말외출은일반적으로토요일브라이언트활동이 42

143 마친시간이후부터일요일 6:30 까지가능합니다. 주중귀가신청서 학부모님께서는기숙사사감교사에게미리요청하셔야합니다.( 예, 주중에부모님과함께저녁식사 ). 주중에학생이외출을하게되는경우학부모님 께서학생을학교에서픽업해주시고또한학생을학교로데려다주시기바랍니다. 각하프텀마지막수업일날하교학생들은귀가 ( 여행 ) 일정을사감선생님께제출해야합니다. 스쿨버스를이용해공항으로가는경우가아니라면학부모님께서직접사감선생님께학생의계획서 ( 교통편정보 ) 를제출해야합니다. 스쿨버스로통학하는학생들의명단은동반탑승교직원에게전달됩니다. 이경우정문에서출입기록부에서하게되어있는학생의서명은필요치않습니다. 부모님들께서는댁에서자녀를기다리시면됩니다. 만약학교정문에서자녀들을직접픽업하신다면기숙사운영진으로부터자녀를안전하게인계해드립니다. 이경우학생들은정문출입기록부에서명을해야합니다. 캐논스빌리지샵 기숙학생들은지정된시간에학교앞캐논스빌리지상가에있는가게에출입을할수있습니다. 방문가능시간은검토후업데이트될예정입니다. 영어교육도시 (GEC) 구역이내 - 학년, 2 학년, 3 학년만해당 기숙학생들이영어교육도시구역이내의가게에방문하는것에검토중이며새학사년도부터는저학년학생들에게도허용을해야하는지허용여부 에대하여논의중입니다. 현재, 학년부터 3학년학생들은토요일에는학교밖으로외출하여영어교육도시구역이내에위치한가게에는방문할수있습니다. 가능한시간은토요일 2시 9시이며, 일요일 시 -6시입니다. 학생들은학부모님의서명이된승낙서를지침해야하며승낙서에관련내용을모두기입한후사감교사에게다시제출해야합니다. 학생들은학교를나서기전에반드시사감교사로부터허락을받아야하며학생들이방문할장소와목적, 학교복귀시간을상세히기록해야합니다.( 관련서식은사감교사가보유하고있습니다.) 학년학생들은 GEC 패스가필요하며학생이학교밖으로외출을하기전에사감교사또는부사감교사로부터서명을받아야합니다. 학교캠퍼스 밖에있을때에는해당패스를항상소지하고있어야합니다. 본패스에는출입가능지역이명시되어있습니다. 사감선생님들은개별학생들의외출가능여부에대한최종결정을내립니다. 학생은최소 3명에서최대 6명까지한그룹으로묶여 있고, 그룹내에서는학생 3 명단최소 대의휴대폰을가지고있어야합니다. 한명의학생이라도연락가능한휴대폰없이혼자남겨지는일은없어야합니다. 학생들은외출시학교정문으로출입하며, 매번출입학생기록부에반드시서명을해야합니다. 귀가와외출관련상기모든내용들은학생들이교과학습이나교과외활동에대한학업및과제물등을모두완수한후에야해당됩니다. 모든학교내수칙들은학교밖에서도적용되며, 개인숙소방문에대한권한은 귀가수칙표준 을준수합니다. 학교밖에있는동안교칙을어기 거나부적절한행동을하는학생들이적발되면학기중내내특혜를박탈당하거나추가적인제제를받을수도있습니다. 학생들은학교로복귀하면사감. 부사감선생님께복귀사실을보고해야합니다. 주말외출패스 : 토요일저녁시간과일요일오후대정, 신화월드, 서귀포시, 제주시방문 (2 학년 3 학년만해당 ) 2-3 학년학생들은토요일저녁과일요일오후에외출가능한패스를신청할수있습니다. 상기에안내드린바와동일하게학부모님들의사전승낙 을받아야하며, 학기당학교밖토요일외출은최대 2 회까지신청가능합니다. 22:00 전까지반드시귀숙사로복귀하여야합니다. 일요일외출은학 기당 3 회까지가능하며일요일에는 9:00 까지반드시기숙사로복귀하여야합니다. 표제 ( 주말외출패스 ) 관련하여서도새학사년도부터는저학년학생들에게도허용을해야하는지논의중입니다. 최종결정이승인이되면안내해드리 도록하겠습니다. 43

144 주말외출패스를위한학부모님승낙학생들이주중에학교에서외출을신청하기전에학부모님의승낙을우선받아야합니다. 매학기초지정된양식에따라작성, 서명한뒤사감선생님께제출합니다. 학부모님의승낙서를받은학생들은시간대, 방문장소, 교통편, 비용, 활동일정, 위험요소평가등의정보를담은저녁활동계획안을작성하여사감선생님과함께의논합니다. 사감선생님들은개별학생들의외출가능여부에대한최종결정을내립니다. 그리고학생들이외출허가증 ( 패스 ) 발급횟수에대해학기별로모니터링 을합니다. 모든학교내수칙들은학교밖에서도적용되며, 개인숙소방문에대한권한은 귀가수칙표준 을준수합니다. 학교밖에있는동안교칙을 어기거나부적절한행동을하는학생들이적발되면 2 개학기에걸쳐특혜를박탈당하거나추가적인제제를받을수도있습니다. 통학학생 통학학생들은매일방과후에학교캠퍼스를떠나야합니다. 일단학교밖을나가게되면캐논스빌리지에위치한가게는 (Canons Village Shops) 자유롭게출입가능합니다. 그러나학교안으로다시들어올수는없습니다. 통학학생들평일오후 7:5이후또는토요일오후 2: 30이후, 일요일에학교에다시들어오려한다면정문출입기록부에서명을해야하고, 나갈때도역시서명을해야합니다. 44

145 6 RULES of THE SCHOOL _ 학교규칙 45

146 학교규칙및행동강령은학교구성원모두가안전하고만족스러운생활을하기위해만들어진것입니다. 행동강령의핵심은타인을존중하는것입니 다. 학교구성원모두가서로협력하여안전하게생활할수있도록하는최소한의규칙들이므로학생들이학교규칙을잘따르기바랍니다. 6. 학생행동강령 태도 0. NLCS Jeju는학문과학습을위한곳입니다. 모든학생들은진지한태도로학습에임해야합니다. 02. 모든교직원들과학생들간에좋은관계를유지하고서로존중하는분위기를형성하는것이중요합니다. 항상타인의입장을이해하도록노력하기바랍니다. 03. 예의범절의중요성을기억하기바랍니다. 언행을예의바르게하고모든물건을소중히다루기바랍니다. 04. NLCS Jeju 내에서로다른국적의다양성이존재함을감사히여기며서로를존중한다면모두가행복한생활을할수있을것입니다 규범 0. 학생들모두가즐겁게배우고선생님도가르치시기편안한환경이되어야합니다. 이를위해서는학생들이수업시간을지키고, 준비물을 02. 잘챙기며수업에협조적이어야합니다. 03. 모든학습과제는최선을다해서완성하고기일내에제출하기바랍니다. 교사가정하는마감시간을잘지켜야합니다. 04. 수업이나과제에도움이필요한경우에는즉시교사와의논하기바랍니다. 05. 수업에빠졌을경우학습내용을보완하고과제를제출하는것은학생의책임입니다. 도움이필요한경우에는교사가기꺼이조언을해줄것입니다 06. 학교의아카데믹윤리규정을잘준수하고정직한태도로학업에임해야합니다. 07. 개인물품을잘정리하고주변을깨끗이유지함으로써학교시설을아끼고환경을보존하는자세로제주의자연환경을보호하도록합니다. 08. 하루일과를사전에계획하고준비물을준비해두며시간에늦지않게미리교실로출발하기바랍니다. 09. 다른친구들을소외시키는일이없도록항상함께하는자세를갖도록합니다. 0. 시간을잘지켜야합니다. 지각은같은공동체안에다른이들을배려하지않는행동입니다.. 학교 IT 네트워크를함부로조작하지않아야합니다. 복장 0. 학교내부및외부에서학생들의모습은곧학교의얼굴입니다. 개개인의행동과복장에신경을쓰기바랍니다. 02. 복장과차림새는상황에맞게적절하게유지하기바랍니다. 어떻게하는것이적절한지잘모를경우및궁금한내용이있으면교직원에게물어보기바랍니다. 6.2 학칙 기숙사내규범 : 0. 기숙사학생들은아침에스스로일어나고밤에는잠자리에듭니다. 소등이후에는조용히해야하며전자기기는교직원에게맡겨야합니다. 02. 모든학생들은아침, 밤, 모든식사시간마다출석체크를해야합니다. 03. 허락없이다른학생의침실에가서는안되며, 학생본인의기숙사가아닌다른기숙사위층에가서는안됩니다. 층을방문할때도기숙사방문규칙을따르기바랍니다. 04. 남학생과여학생은서로의기숙사를오갈수없습니다. 05. 학생들은갭어시스턴트 (Gap Assistant) 또는그래드어시스턴트 (Grad Assistant) 의숙소를포함한교직원들의숙소에들어가서는안됩니다 46

147 06. 기숙사부엌에서간식을준비하는것은정해진시간에만가능합니다. 07. 영화관람시연령등급에맞는영화만보도록합니다. 08. 기숙사내에서껌을씹는것은금지되어있습니다. 09. 기숙사방에서음악을들을때는이어폰을이용해야합니다. 0. 공부시간에는학습활동만해야합니다.. 학생은허가증없이는학교일과가마치기전에하교할수가없습니다. 기숙학생들은학교정규일과가마친후에외출하는것에관하여기숙사규칙에따라야합니다. 2. 소등이후에는교직원의지시가있거나화제의경우를제외하고는어떠한경우에도기숙사밖으로나가서는안됩니다. 3. 연기탐지기, 화재경보기및화재방지시설을불필요하게만지면안됩니다. 4. 교직원의감독하에서스포츠시설을이용할수있습니다. 학교일과중규범 : 0. 한라기숙사학생들을제외한나머지학생들은주중에는 08:00에서 5.30까지, 토요일에는 09.00부터 2.00까지학교내에서휴대폰이나태블릿 PC 같은전자기기를사용할수없습니다. 기숙사에따로보관하거나, 집에두고와야하며그렇지않을경우는메인리셉션에맡겨야합니다. 한라학생들및교직원들도가능하면공공장소에서전화를사용하지않도록합니다. 02. 학교조회참여는의무사항입니다. 03. 쉬는시간과점심시간에는가방을적합한장소에두어야합니다.( 사물함, 선생님허락하에교실, 백드롭존 ). 즉, 승강기앞이나의자위, 문앞등에놓지말아야합니다. 식당에가방을가지고가서는안됩니다. 04. 학생들이교내에서학생답게행동해야합니다. 05. 학교안에서이동시복도나계단에서절대뛰어서는안됩니다. 이는매우위험합니다. 항상교원이먼저문을통과하도록양보하고뒤에오는사람을위해문을잡아주도록합니다. 06. 학생들은다른학생들을따돌리는행동을해서는안됩니다. 07. 식수대를제외하고교실이나복도에서음식 ( 음료 ) 을먹어서는안됩니다. 위험을초래하는행동 : 0. 약물, 알코올, 용해제 ( 아세톤, 시너등 ), 담배는엄격하게금지되어있습니다. 어떠한이유로도학교에이러한물품을가지고와서는 안됩니다. 만약이규칙을어길시에는정학또는퇴학될수있습니다. 02. 다음과같은물품들도교내에서금지됩니다. 성냥또는라이터 칼또는무기 ( 공예용칼포함 ) 폭발물질 음란물 학생의연령제한에맞지않는 DVD 또는 CD 인종차별적, 성차별적, 편견적내용을포함하고있는모든물품 03. 인터넷은알맞은용도로만사용되어야합니다. 폭력물, 음란물, 편견적내용또는선동적내용의웹사이트에접속해서는안됩니다. 또한인터넷을통해서다른사람을괴롭히기위한악의적인소문을퍼뜨려서도안됩니다. 04. 다른학생또는교직원을괴롭히거나신체적상해를가하는것은결코용납되지않습니다. 05. 학생간의감정적또는육체적교제는학교내에서허용되지않습니다. 06. 학생들이교직원의감독을피하거나숨는행위는허용되지않습니다. 소등후그리고아침식사전에따로만나는행동역시허용되지않습니다. 47

148 6.3 복장 등교일교복착용 : 0. 장신구 : 교복착용시단순한체인목걸이나종교적인장신구정도만허용됩니다. 여학생들은단순한모양의스터드귀걸이 ( 귀에붙어서흔들거리지않는형태 ) 만착용할수있습니다. 남학생들은피어싱을해서는안됩니다. 02. 화장은과해서는안되며자연스럽고최소한으로만합니다.( 매니큐어도동일하게적용됩니다.) 03. 긴팔상의는반드시하의속에넣어서입고, 반팔상의는밖으로내어입어도됩니다. 04. 넥타이를제대로착용해야합니다. 05. 바지의폭을줄여입어서는안됩니다. 06. 남학생의머리길이는옷깃밑으로내려와서는안되며항상단정하고깔끔한상태를유지하기바랍니다. 여학생의머리는항상단정하고깔끔한상태여야합니다. 활동적인수업 ( 체육, 과학, 댄스 ) 시간에긴머리는검정, 파랑, 갈색헤어밴드를사용하여뒤로묶어야합니다. 개교기념일 (Founder s Day) 같은공식행사가있는날에도머리를뒤로묶기바랍니다. 머리가얼굴을덮지않도록핀으로고정시켜야합니다. 머리카락길이는 Grade 4( 약.27 cm) 보다짧아서는안됩니다. 염색시, 본연의머리색에최대한자연스러운색상이어야합니다. 파란색, 녹색, 회색등등의같은색상의염색은금지되어있습니다. 또한부분염색 (Shades) 도금지되어있습니다. 07. 남학생들은깨끗하게면도해야합니다. 08. 여학생들은적당한길이의스커트를착용해야합니다.( 예 : 무릎위 5cm 보다짧아서는안됨 ) 09. Toms 같은흰색캔버스화를신지않도록합니다. 0. 흰색양말을신지않도록합니다.. 교복재킷이나스웨터를대신해서겨울코트를교내에서착용할수없습니다. 교과활동이후와주말복장 : 0. 학교활동이끝난주중이나주말에학생본인의옷 ( 사복 ) 을입을수있습니다. 02. 학교에서입기에적합한수준의옷을입기바랍니다.( 예 : 잠옷을입거나속옷이노출되어서는안됩니다.) 03. 치마바지 / 치마길이는허벅지중간보다길어야합니다. 04. 화장은최소한으로제한합니다. 적절하지못한화장을한학생은기숙사교직원이화장을지우도록요구할것입니다. 05. 토요일과일요일활동시에교직원의조언을잘따라서적합한복장을하기바랍니다. 6.4 전자기기사용 0.. 2학년과 3학년을제외하고, 주중등교일이나토요일활동시간인 09:00-2:00 동안학생들의학교내휴대전화소지가금지됩니다. 기숙사에따로보관하거나, 집에두고와야하며그렇지않을경우는메인리셉션에맡겨야합니다. 전자기기는메인리셉션에서 5:30 이후찾을수있으며가방에넣어서가지고들어갑니다. 스탭및한라기숙사학생모두공공장소 ( 식당, 복도, 등 ) 에서전화기사용은지양해야합니다. 한라기숙사학생들은학교에서이동중에헤드폰또는이어폰을사용해서는안됩니다 학년학생들은개인전자기기 ( 태블릿PC, 노트북컴퓨터 ) 를학교건물내에서주중등교일이나토요일활동시간인 09:00-2:00 동안사용할수없습니다. CCA 활동시간과도서관세션에도동일하게적용됩니다. 기숙사에따로보관하거나, 집에두고와야하며그렇지않을경우는메인리셉션에맡겨야합니다. 전자기기는메인리셉션에서평일에는 5:30 이후에, 토요일에는 2시이후부터찾을수있습니다. 이동시전자기기는항상가방에넣어야합니다 학년 IGCSC 코스워크나비슷한프로젝트등을위해노트북컴퓨터를학교에가져올수있습니다. 교직원의판단하에수업중사용여부가결정됩니다. 0-학년학생들이부적절하게노트북컴퓨터를사용하는것이교직원에게적발되면경고를받거나, 전자기기를압수당할수있습니다. 48

149 7 INFORMATION RELATED to STUDENT BEHAVIOUR _ 학생행동관련정보 학교규칙과행동강령이외에도교직원, 학부모, 학생들에게분명히전달되는규칙들이있습니다. 이안내서에이러한규칙 들이요약되어있으며, 전문은학교웹사이트에게시되어있으니참조하시기바랍니다. 필요하신정보가있으면학교로연 락주시기바랍니다. 학생행동규정은학교가학생들의태도를긍정적으로이끌기위함입니다. 49